Homo sapiens: The standard, populous race

Considered to be the most common and variable race, humans are known for their remarkably adaptable nature. Through years of perseverance and cultivation, humans have permeated every corner of the Cleft, able to live in frozen tundra or on teacherous cliffs. Humans are thought to be the first foreign transplants into the realm, and they remain at the forefront of tenacity, spawning many empires and mastering many trades.

Part of being so resourceful has bred an innate cleverness into the human, and they are better than most at quickly solving problems and learning new abilities. As such, they have competent but unremarkable talent in every class. Because of their malleable nature, humans have better average stats across the board but no specific strength.

  • Base Stats: 13 STR 13 INT 13 WIS 13 DEX 13 CON
  • Max Stats: 19 STR 19 INT 19 WIS 19 DEX 19 CON
  • Humans get a 10% bonus to improving their skill adeptness.


Small, nature-loving creatures

Moogles are the teddy bear-like companions of the woods and caves which they inhabit. Their small, rotund bodies, tiny wings and bobbing antenna have inspired many to admire them for their cuteness and charming qualities. Moogles find themselves most at home in the wilderness, and have come to develop various styles of dance to worship and invoke their surroundings. The many dances of the Moogles are everywhere, famed for their delicate and precise movements and the fury of nature they can conjure.

Small in stature, they excel in the stealthy professions which require dexterity and speed. Moogles are the quickest of many races, possessing a natural aptitude for running, jumping and spinning. Because they have spent so much time in caves, mines and other subterranean places, they have adapted their sight accordingly. Although they have stubby wings, they are too small to fly with.

  • Base Stats: 13 STR 14 INT 13 WIS 14 DEX 13 CON
  • Max Stats: 18 STR 18 INT 18 WIS 20 DEX 17 CON
  • Moogles recieve a 15% reduction in spell and skill lag, but suffer from a 25% penalty to HP regeneration.
  • They also have automatic 'infravision', which lets them see warm-blooded monsters in the dark.


Belligerent shapechanging humanoids

The Saiyan race is an ape-human hybrid, naturally dominant and possessed of the will to conquer. Their physical might is unmatched for their size, leading them to be brutal and unforgiving against even the most daunting foe. However mighty their physical prowess, Saiyans lack the astuteness and wit of other races, making them often seem foolhardy and unperceptive.

Originating from a society based on sheer survival of the fittest, Saiyans rooted in their own culture are overflowing with natural arrogance. Their original habitat had much higher gravity than that of the cleft, leading Saiyans to be overall sturdier but less adaptable to the varied environs of the cleft. Thus, the Saiyan ideal is that of endurance, strength and mental rigidity.

  • Base Stats: 15 STR 11 INT 11 WIS 14 DEX 14 CON
  • Max Stats: 21 STR 16 INT 16 WIS 19 DEX 19 CON
  • Saiyans can transform into Oozaru form by looking at the sky during a full or mostly full moon. Doing so provides extra health, an extra attack, and extra damage.
  • Saiyans hunger twice as fast as other races.


Powerful magic beings

Crafted mainly from the strands of mana that weave between worlds, Espers are thought by many to be the very incarnation of magic. In the past, their race was amorphous and wildly powerful, taking on forms like a dragon king or a huge serpent. Over the years, Espers have slowly become more humanoid in both appearance and power. Their skin comes in a variety of hues, rarely opaque; their hair comes in an equally unnatural range of shades. Due to their magical nature, Espers have a natural curiosity and love of learning, spending most of their lifetime studying themselves and their surroundings.

As creatures made directly from magic itself, Espers have mastered the ability of commanding it; as such, they have made the most powerful wizards and priests. Although their knowledge and magical talents are expansive, Espers lack a naturally-developed physique and so are badly lacking in strength and endurance.

  • Base Stats: 11 STR 15 INT 13 WIS 13 DEX 13 CON
  • Max Stats: 16 STR 21 INT 19 WIS 18 DEX 17 CON
  • Espers regenerate mana 33% faster and resist some Energy-type attacks.
  • Espers are automatically affected by Detect Magic
  • Espers receive the 'Ferre Potest' spell for free, which lightens weapons.


Scholarly devotees of the gods

Hylians are slender, graceful beings closely resembling elves. Hylians originated from the land of Hyrule, called forth by three golden goddesses. They have thrived over the years and spread far throughout the land, much like the Humans. Hylians tend to be more lithe than their humanoid cousins, with long pointed ears and bright eyes. They are a devout people, most if not of all them faithfully worshipping the Gods.

With a deep innate wisdom and an above-average capacity for thought, Hylians are excellent priests and geomancers. Their slender bodies, however, have left them with a low endurance for the martial classes. Hylian thieves are not uncommon amongst these dexterous peoples, as they still retain their natural insight and quick wits.

  • Base Stats: 12 STR 13 INT 15 WIS 13 DEX 12 CON
  • Max Stats: 17 STR 19 INT 21 WIS 18 DEX 16 CON
  • Hylians can detect the alignments of others.
  • Hylians receive the 'Pray' skill for free, which has an unpredictable but usually beneficial affect.


Reclusive giants skilled in weaponry

With their origins shrouded in myth and legend, Gigantos were once considered to have been extinct. However, a few survived the natural and societal disasters of their time, remaining to begin the slow and steady process of repopulation. Gigantos are a proud and mighty race, substantially larger than a majority of others. Male and female Gigantos assume equal roles in their society, as strangely both sexes are equally matched in muscular strength.

Due to evolving slowly in the desertous, arid regions Gigantos are very susceptible to the chilling bite of the north and prefer to avoid traveling in such regions. This suits them just fine, as they are masters of hunting in the desert; In fact, Gigantos are so large and strong that even a two-handed sword is as light as a feather to them. Gigantos possess a mighty constitution to match their strength, but unfortunately seem to lack in both grace and education - leaving them largely untalented scholars and magicians.

  • Base Stats: 13 STR 11 INT 13 WIS 11 DEX 17 CON
  • Max Stats: 19 STR 16 INT 17 WIS 16 DEX 21 CON
  • Gigantos can wield two-handed weapons in one hand. They also thirst a bit slower than other races.
  • Gigantos resist Earth attacks, but are vulnerable to Cold.


Sentient mushroom folk

Creatures of mana and caretakers of the woods, Matangui are unique to the Cleft. Once nothing more than fungal growth, the power of mana changed them into sentient and bipedal versions of their former mushroom selves. Their bodies are smooth and porous, and appear in various colors though white, peach and yellow are most common. The predominate feature of the Matango is the oversized mushroom cap that crowns their bodies and bears a personal, unique design.

Matangui, as walking fungi, possess a natural hardiness and ability to regenerate that gives them the capability to be more enduring than other races. Due to their origins and affinity with nature, Matangui have come to understand the wisdom of Mana and their surroundings more deeply than others. However, due to their fungal structure, the Matangui have little strength. They are also short in stature and used to rooting in the quiet soil of the earth, leaving them lacking in dexterity.

  • Base Stats: 12 STR 13 INT 13 WIS 12 DEX 14 CON
  • Max Stats: 17 STR 18 INT 19 WIS 17 DEX 20 CON
  • Matangui gain a special spore attack, regenerate faster, and thirst faster.
  • Matangui resist Water attacks.


Sapient androids patterned after humans

Reploids, although machines created by humans, are more than mere automatons. Capable of emotion and learning, Reploids are just as variable as their creators in both body and mind. Their metal body structure and computerized minds grant them an incredible life span and an efficient thought process. Some have even 'reproduced,' designing and creating others of their kind. Many have taken to the stars, isolating themselves from the flesh and blood species of the Cleft; most still walk the face of the earth, however lonely they are in their mechanical uniqueness.

A Reploid can be constructed for any purpose or fit into any profession. Their excellent manual dexterity, comprehensive intelligence and moderate strength round them out nicely for anything requiring physical effort. Unfortunately, they lack the development in their early years that leads to true wisdom and insight. This leads many to mental instability and unusual perspectives on life - this could be, perhaps, why so few Reploids are talented with magic.

  • Base Stats: 14 STR 13 INT 11 WIS 14 DEX 13 CON
  • Max Stats: 18 STR 19 INT 15 WIS 20 DEX 18 CON
  • Reploids cannot eat, but they do not hunger.
  • Reploids resist Mental attacks, and take no damage from the Poison and Disease affects, but are vulnerable to Electric attacks.
  • Reploids get the Armcannon skill, granting them an innate weapon which can be toggled on and off.


Shelled, adaptable terrapins

Koopas are an unusual sort of cousin to the tortoise, but are quite sentient and walk upright. Their key characteristics are their thick, rough skin and the large domed shell on their backs. Although varied between magical and physical talents, the Koopa society is clearly divided between castes - Magikoopas, Paratroopas, and Lakitus among them.

The thick skin and durable shell of the Koopa provides excellent natural armor (Levelx1.05 AC). However, their clunky natural armor has left them with low mobility and agility. This has made the Koopa a sturdy adversary, standing their ground with above average strength and intelligence. Although they appear to be similar to turtles, the incredibly heavy shell gives them a disadvantage in water. It is, however, excellent insulation against fire.

  • Base Stats: 13 STR 13 INT 12 WIS 12 DEX 15 CON
  • Max Stats: 19 STR 18 INT 17 WIS 16 DEX 20 CON
  • Koopas are armored with shells that provide natural defense.
  • Koopas resist Fire, but are vulnerable to Water attacks.


Homunculus beings of witch Deneb

Often shunned or aliented from society, Pumpkinheads are looked down on as subhuman creatures. The origin of the Pumpkinhead is a horrible one, as the witch Deneb repeatedly experimented on human test subjects before perfecting the transformation process. Physically, the Pumpkinhead appears to be a regular human aside from the jack-o-lantern sitting on their shoulders.

Because of their twisted creation, Pumpkinheads have sub-par abilities compared to those of humans. Like any relative of the human, however, they have adapted well to their situation; Pumpkinheads have the ability to kick their heads, dealing permanent damage to their enemy's maximum health. Their hollow eyes can also see very well in the dark. Aside from these unique abilities, Pumpkinheads are just as average as humans, if slightly weaker.

  • Base Stats: 12 STR 12 INT 12 WIS 12 DEX 12 CON
  • Max Stats: 17 STR 17 INT 17 WIS 17 DEX 17 CON
  • Pumpkinheads gain a special pumpkin attack and can see anything in the dark.
  • Pumpkinheads resist Negative and Holy, but are vulnerable to Fire and Poison.


Soft, voracious balloons

Native to the planet Popstar, Kirbies enjoy spending their time eating and napping, letting their dreams carry them to worlds of joy. Pink and round, Kirbies have often been compared to creampuffs or marshmallows. Oustanding abilities of a Kirby include the ability to inhale enemies and steal their abilities as well as limited flight through puffing oneself with air.

With only flipperlike hands, a Kirby lacks much strength at all. However, their flexible composition allows them to manipulate themselves to increase motility and sustain blows.

  • Base Stats: 12 STR 13 INT 12 WIS 13 DEX 15 CON
  • Max Stats: 16 STR 18 INT 17 WIS 20 DEX 18 CON
  • Kirbies can fly. They need to eat more often, but gain enhanced effects from eating pills and magical food.
  • Kirbies receive the 'inhale' skill, instantly killing an enemy and possibly gaining a temporary skill to use.


Reclusive people with gemstone hearts

A group long persecuted for the value in their corpses, the Jumi are a humanoid race which has evolved with a gem core rather than a fleshy heart. This core imbues them with magical regenerative abilities, but is highly sought after by others due to the material they are made of, which has been known to range from pyrite to diamond.

Because they are often killed for their gem cores, nearly all remaining Jumi have gone into hiding and rarely, if ever, reveal their racial origins when they are in public. Consequently, the vast majority of the Cleft denizens have never encountered a Jumi to their knowledge. This has led many people to speculate that the Jumi are actually extinct. Following tradition, Jumi tend to travel in pairs, acting as a Knight (protective aggressor) and a Guardian (protective healer).

  • Base Stats: 11 STR 14 INT 13 WIS 12 DEX 16 CON
  • Max Stats: 17 STR 19 INT 18 WIS 18 DEX 21 CON
  • Jumi regenerate HP and mana faster, but are vulnerable to Poison and Disease.
  • Jumi have a permanently-equipped core which allows them to increase the health of others while worsening their own defense.


Intelligent homarid warriors

Lobstermen are bipedal crustaceans, hailing from a distant tropical island. They stand as tall as humans, are covered with a chitinous, mottled brown exoskeleton, and are equipped with antennae, compound eyes, and large, serrated pincers instead of hands. They shed their exoskeleton semi-annually as they grow.

Despite their secluded society, lobstermen are cunning and clever. Slow but strong, they enjoy ambush tactics. Obvious children of the sea, they are well-adapted to aquatic environments but their physiology doesn't cause them too much undue suffering on land, either.

  • Base Stats: 13 STR 14 INT 13 WIS 11 DEX 14 CON
  • Max Stats: 20 STR 19 INT 17 WIS 16 DEX 19 CON
  • Lobstermen can swim without boats, and do extra damage with unarmed attacks.
  • Lobstermen resist Water attacks, but are vulnerable to the Wood element.


Travelling, independent vegetation

Ranboobs are a reclusive race of cactuslike people found in isolated regions. Their skin is wholly green and covered in small thorns. A crown of leaves grows on every Ranboob's head, which are known to be shed during the fall. It is not uncommon for stems and shoots to sprout from a Ranboob's limbs, but many Ranboobs consider this unsightly and will trim themselves, especially if they lead social lives.

Despite being relatively unknown due to living in out-of-the-way places, Ranboobs are not rare and thrive throughout their habitat. They live either solitary lives or in bands of up to several dozen members. Self-sufficiency is a virtue among Ranboobs.

  • Base Stats: 13 STR 13 INT 13 WIS 13 DEX 13 CON
  • Max Stats: 17 STR 18 INT 20 WIS 17 DEX 19 CON
  • Ranboobs resist Light, but are vulnerable to Dark.
  • Ranboobs receive a bonus on all saving throws.
  • A ranboob's hunger decreases in sunlight. Their thirst decreases in rain.


Rotund, quiet mystics

A now scarce race of psychic creatures once found the world over, a Nu is an outstanding sight indeed. Short, wide, blue creatures with thin arms and legs, a Nu is not well suited for walking. As a result, they spend much of their time sleeping. With their mental power, Nu have performed such miraculous feats as switching bodies with others and clairvoyance into the nature of objects.

Due to psychic power and long life span, Nu have exceptional intelligence and wisdom. These same mental abilities give Nu good strength as well, as long as they can find a weapon they can easily hold. But due to their shape and composition, Nu don't have the capacity to exercise other physical feats.

  • Base Stats: 13 STR 15 INT 14 WIS 11 DEX 12 CON
  • Max Stats: 18 STR 20 INT 20 WIS 16 DEX 16 CON
  • The Nu can detect hidden and invisible creatures, and resist Mental attacks.
  • Nu get the Torpor skill, which lets them avoid thirst and hunger while asleep.


Fairy children of the woods

Closely resembling children of the Hylian race, Kokiri are a wood-dwelling race who never really grow up. There is an old myth that they will die if they leave the forests they are born in, but this is obviously not true. The power of the Mana Tree permeating the world gives strength to the Kokiri, granting them wisdom and intelligence. Kokiri are also very quick and agile, but lack the endurance and strength that sturdier, larger races enjoy.

Kokiri have a fairy which gives them extended information on monsters when they use the Consider command. They also regenerate HP and MP 33% faster when in a forest or other room with any level of overgrowth. This regen bonus stacks with Nature Empathy, if they have it.

  • Base Stats: 11 STR 13 INT 13 WIS 16 DEX 11 CON
  • Max Stats: 16 STR 18 INT 18 WIS 21 DEX 16 CON
  • Kokiri get extra information from their fairy when using Consider.
  • Kokiri regenerate a little faster in overgrown areas like forests.
  • Kokiri resist the Wood element, but are vulnerable to Negative attacks.