Mudlet is a cross-platform client for playing various MUDs, including the Cleft of Dimensions. Download Mudlet, then connect to port 4354!

A specialized Cleft of Dimensions package has been built for Mudlet that will automatically download once you connect to the game.

It has sound effects, graphical ASCII maps, and a little bit of pixel art. Game output is divided among several panels to improve readability.


Project Tuna 1.4 (1855kB)

This is the backup specialized Cleft of Dimensions MUD Client. You will require the Java Runtime Environment to run it!


Mudlet Protuna (79MB)

This is the experimental specialized Cleft of Dimensions MUD Client, based on Mudlet. Linux only.


GMud32 (213kB)

Instructions on how to connect to the Cleft of Dimensions included! Installs by default to "C:\Program Files\gmud".

Sound Packs

Project Tuna Official Sound Pack (1984kB)

A .zip file containing numerous .wav files for use with the Cleft of Dimensions. See the Project Tuna Documentation for information on making it work in other MUD clients.

These sound effects are already included in the Project Tuna link above.