Defense-oriented fighters with magic, too

  • Number of weapon types: 3
  • Primary Attribute: Strength

The Knight is a class highly effective in physical combat. They have many abilities associated with fighting and get specialized skills that help improve their survivability, as well as allow them to come to the aid of their allies. Knights are especially adept with shields, and they have the ability to conjure up a mighty steed in their evolved states.

At level 30, a Knight may evolve into either a Cavalier or a Templar.

Skills: shield slam, shield block, retort, rescue, vigilance, sizeup, whirlwind, ration, 2x-cut
Spells: Courage, Heroics


The Cavalier is one of two classes a Knight may evolve into at level 30. They say that the best offense is a good defense. Cavaliers aim to maximize their defenses through abilities that ensure they can survive even the most brutal attacks. Additionally, they are also capable of cutting down the offensive capabilities of their foes by disarming them. Cavaliers can even the odds against powerful spellcasters with their ability to worsen a mage's casting abilities and their effects.

Skills: indomitable, phalanx, disarm, crash, choke, 3x-cut, roadblock, defend, runic
Spells: Intimidate, Phantom Motorcycle, Vaccinate, Blazing Shield


The Templar is one of two classes a Knight may evolve into at level 30. When one tries to kill a Templar, they will only make him stronger, enabling him to kill them faster. The Templar is generous with groupmates, splitting any regenerative spells he receives with them, and allowing them to split the damage they take with him. Templars also have a few abilities that deal alignment-based damage.

Skills: distribute, 3x-cut, zeal, endure, repent, runic
Spells: Shelter, Inflame, Phantom Motorcycle, Smite, Soulblade, Bide


Purely physical, and can use combat styles

  • Number of weapon types: 3
  • Primary Attribute: Strength

The warrior is a class specialized for maximizing physical damage. Warriors get various in-combat abilities to increase their damage output, including the powerful suplex ability that can actually throw an enemy into an adjacent area. Warriors get 'style' abilities that grant them bonus stats and extra attacks in combat.

At level 30, a Warrior may evolve into either a Warlord or a Gladiator.

Skills: trip, overpower, parry, lunge, disarm, style, Koopa Boxing, grapple, Human Brawling, riposte, 2x-cut, smash, Saiyan Karate, suplex
Spells: None


Warlord is one of the two classes a Warrior may evolve to at level 30. They are masters of armed combat, using various weapons with great finesse. Warlords know the tricks of the trade of every kind of weapon, and can perform seemingly magical feats with them, from turning it into a mana lightning rod to making it dance and swing about without a wielder. In addition, Warlords gain access to the styles which accent their skillful, rhythmic techniques.

Skills: lord of war, entangle, dual wield, ultra jump, fling, trickshot, defend, shatter, Lobsterman Eskrima, Hylian Fencing, hammerhand, iaido
Spells: Dancing Weapon, Swords Dance, Earthtap


Gladiator is one of the two classes a Warrior may evolve to at level 30. Gladiators utilize a variety of wrestling and martial arts moves to perform combo attacks, and can unleash their own Super special move or recite their personal Mantra. Because of their immense physical strength, Gladiators prefer to brutally assault victims with styles like wrestling which put their burly physiques to good use.

Note that Gladiators may benefit from putting %B in their prompts.

Skills: berserk, super, joint lock, defend, taunt, piledriver, 3x-cut, mantra, Jumi Aikido, handspring, Giganto Wrestling
Spells: None


Comes armed with sneaky tricks

  • Number of weapon types: 1+
  • Primary Attribute: Dexterity

The Thief is a class adept at sneak attacks and avoiding the enemy. Thieves can move stealthily through areas and detect the stealth of others. They can pick locks, steal items, and do other generally underhanded things to assist them. Thieves do not get penalized experience points for fleeing combat.

At level 30, a Thief may evolve into either a Ninja or a Merchant.
Thieves get two weapon types in which to be proficient, however one of these weapon types is automatically short piercing (daggers).

Skills: steal, dodge, circle, kick, hide, sneak, dirt kicking, pick lock, sense hidden, fling, pry, 2x-cut, palm
Spells: None


The Ninja is one of two classes a Thief may evolve into at level 30. Trained in sabotage, espionage, scouting, and assassination, their expertise lies in doing a lot of damage and avoiding aggression through stealth or hit-and-run tactics. Ninjas rely on quick reflexes through their various reactionary abilities.

Skills: backstab, smokescreen, dual wield, envenom, shadow stalk, doppelganger, firetrap, fumes, double image, incite
Spells: Exit, Leeches, Shadow Step, Phantom Cloak, Jutsu


The Merchant is one of two classes a Thief may evolve into at level 30. Merchants love money, and obtaining things with their stash of money. The abilities of a Merchant focus on obtaining more bang for their buck. They are able to horde around lots of items, and improve the abilities of said items. While they easily accumulate wealth, the Merchant is still quite stingy, making sure to get the best deal possible at stores.

Skills: Gilgame Heart, gptoss, haggle, heave, peek, swindle, scuppered
Spells: Midas Glow, Create Booze, Scan, Floating Disc, Heat Metal, Aurum Aegis, Enchant Weapon, Enchant Armor


Magical artillery, possibly in a pointy hat

  • Number of weapon types: 1
  • Primary Attribute: Intelligence

The Wizard is a class which can cast offensive magic proficiently. Wizards get an array of spells to damage their enemies with. Wizards can charge spells to increase their damage, and they can summon elementals at higher levels. They have poor HP and defensive skills, but make up for this with their ability to do lots of damage in a short time.

At level 30, a Wizard may evolve into either an Archmage or an Elementalist.

Skills: manashield
Spells: Air Blast, Gem Missile, Ice Smash, Fireball, Rhizome Lance, Darkside, Invisibility, Detect Magic, Charge, Sleep, Wizen, Detect Invis, Kundela, Blink, Syphon, Conjure Elemental, Read Magic


Archmagi are scholars of the highest caliber, who have refined the art of spellcasting into sheer masterpieces. Their level of control over mana is so fine they can ensure their spells are flawlessly cast, or even reverse the elemental damage the inflict. An Archmage's repertoire is one of detailed skill, from the echoing of spells to confining a spell into a sacrificial staff or wand. Their signature ability is the practice of combining spells to create an entirely new effect..

Skills: surecasting, combomagic, trance, echomagic, staffify
Spells: Five of: Wind Blade, Earthslide, Absolute Zero, Lava Wave, Maneater, and Void Ray; one of: Quartz Guard, Hailstone Barrier, or Thorn Aegis; Cure Osmose, Chrysalis, Megamagic, Reverse Polarity, Headology


Mana is raw power, and few understand this primal rule as well as the Elementalists. They are able to impose their will on this power so forcefully that they can turn their attacks back into usable mana, cast more with less, and even instinctively retaliate with spells. While their focus is more narrow than others, the results of their dedication to the elemental powers of mana can not be argued with.

Skills: wildcasting, feedback, power surge, counterspell
Spells: five of: Thunderstorm, Gyro Ball, Bubblebeam, Burst, Viro Plasm, and Lucent Beam; one of: Quartz Guard, Thorn Aegis, or Hailstorm Barrier; Cure Osmose, five of: Cyclone, Magnitude, Snowy, Pyroclasm, Petal Burst, and Nebula; Calm, Megamagic, Wall Change, Headology


Uses magic for defense and healing

  • Number of weapon types: 2
  • Primary Attribute: Wisdom

The Priest is a class which uses defensive and healing magic. Priests get spells with which they can restore health, cure status ailments, and boost defenses. For offense, Priests have a selection of attack spells that deal either holy or unholy damage depending on their alignment. Priests also have the ability to sacrifice money to restore mana.

At level 30, a Priest may evolve into either a Shaman or a Surgeon.
Priests can 'sacrifice' piles of money on the ground to recover their mana.

Skills: rebuke, anoint
Spells: Mend, Attack Up, Smite, Bless, Purify, Curse, Barrier, Heal Blind, Ray of Truth, Create Water, Belfry, Disruption Saber, Vitalize, Consecrate


The Shaman is one of two classes a Priest may evolve into at level 30. A Shaman's abilities are focused toward greatly boosting the ability of the caster and their allies to deal harm to the enemy, as well as reducing the damage they take. Their spells range from increasing the target's stats, to giving them an extra attack each round, to halving the damage they take. By calling upon the Gods, they can deal alignment-based damage to all enemies, and boost all allies with a divine blessing.

Skills: none
Spells: Mana Rage, Outrage, Frenzy, Limber, Valor, Brilliance, Sage Aura, Vigor, Haste, Attack Up, Extension, Protective Aura, Judgment, Madness, Indignation, Nayrus Love


The Surgeon is one of two classes a Priest may evolve into at level 30. Master of the healing arts, the Surgeon's array of spells consist almost entirely of regenerative abilities. Each healing spell has it's own set of advantages and disadvantages, allowing the caster to adjust their strategy to the current situation. In addition to their healing abilities, Surgeons can infect victims with zombification, allowing them to deal damage by healing them.

Skills: none
Spells: Regen, Cure Bleeding, Zombify, Gattling Prayer, Consecrate, Rejuvenation, Sarcosis, Esuna, Angel Whisper, Life Support, Giga Drain


Relies on minions to do dirty work

  • Number of weapon types: 2
  • Primary Attribute: Constitution

The purpose of the summoner is to have someone else fight for them all the time. Summoners can tame animals and hypnotize sentient beings, creating followers to do their bidding for a while. They can also cast spells to conjure creatures up from thin air to fight for them temporarily in combat. Their attack and defend and healing spells rely on an intermediary buddy to actually make the affect happen.

At level 30, a Summoner may evolve into either a Dollmage or a Necromancer.
Summoners are allowed to have one more summoned follower than any other class.

Skills: fallback, rescue
Spells: Tame, Legionnaire, Hypnotize, Illuminate, Orb User, Word of Recall, Machine Golem, Fairy, Bullet Bill, Analyze


The Necromancer is one of two classes a Summoner may evolve into at level 30. With the ability to resurrect the dead into followers, it is evident that Necromancers choose to take advantage of the disposability of their minions. Their pets are ephemeral, decaying after too long, and their strength depends on what kind of corpse was used. Necromancers have a variety of abilities that sacrifice one of their pets in order to boost the remaining. They get skills as they level up to allow them to control increasing numbers of minions. Between-battles is battlefield cleanup duty.

Skills: leadership, preeminence, embalm
Spells: Skeleton Crew, Death Coil, Corpus Levitas, Detonate, Resurrect, Death Pact, Deliver, Summon, Gather, Summon Minighost, Cleft Rift


The Dollmage is one of two classes a Summoner may evolve into at level 30. By carefully selecting the right equipment and later augmenting it, a Dollmage may construct and maintain a single powerful golem to fight in his place. They have the ability to junction with said golem (or others), increasing the stats of their target at the expense of their own power. Junctioning with a golem will also grant it extra abilities. Dollmages also have the ability to permanently enslave others.

Skills: None
Spells: Animate Golem, Recharge, Transfusion, Augment Golem, Deliver, Junction Spirit, Junction Might, Junction Health, Junction Heart, Summon, Gather, Enslave, Cleft Rift
Dollmages can use the 'storage' command to store their golem or any other pet.


Uses magic fueled by the earth

  • Number of weapon types: 2
  • Primary Attribute: Wisdom

The Geomancer is a class which draws upon the power of the earth. The effects of Geomancer spells vary based on where the Geomancer is fighting and what the weather is like. Geomancers can cast overgrowth to create favorable conditions for their other spells, and they can also control the weather. The effects of spells in a Geomancer's arsenal are dependant on weather and terrain conditions.

At level 30, a Geomancer may evolve into a Terraformer or a Time Mage

Geomancers can use the 'survey' command to check out their surroundings.
%W can be inserted into your prompt for a summary of the current weather.

Skills: cultivate, nature empathy
Spells: Geomance, Overgrowth, Bramble, Blight, Hell Ivy, Time Warp, Clear Sky, Solarbeam, Stormy Sky, Gravity Well, Golem Skin, Tranquility


The Terraformer is one of two classes a Geomancer may evolve into at level 30. The Terraformer focuses on casting terrain-based spells, which vary in power or affect depending on the type of room they are cast in. The commune ability lets them carry around different terrains however, giving them a level of versatility above what the earth alone can provide. They are also capable of packing up and carrying room affects with them.

Skills: commune, terraform
Spells: Earthquake, Tsunami, Create Spring, Wildfire, Sandstorm, Quicksand, Mokuton, Plague Swarm, Sproutling, Rabite Rainstorm

Time Mage

The Time Mage is one of two classes a Geomancer may evolve into at level 30. Master of time and space, this class manipulates the fundamental laws of physics at their will, altering local weather systems and manipulating time and gravity. Their abilities generally affect everyone in the room, altering the rules of combat. Time Mages may summon a Beacon, which shifts through different phases of the weather. This allows them to make the most of their weatherworking magics, creating unnatural environments to their whim.

Skills: forecast
Spells: Beacon, Frost Veil, Static E!, Float, Tornado, Dust Storm, HP Rain, Sunstroke, Lunatic, Stop, Meteo


Causes all sorts of status effects

  • Number of weapon types: 2
  • Primary Attribute: Dexterity

The dancers of the Cleft have evolved skills which distract and subvert their opponents. By controlling not only harmful status affects but also the emotions of their foes and allies, the dancer is a cruel mistress. To manipulate their foes successfully, dancers must choreograph their steps in a particular order and be ever-mindful of the beat of battle.

At level 30, a Dancer may evolve into either a Gambler or a Diva/Impresario.

Skills: dodge, beguile, provoke, volta
Spells: Polka Polka, Dazzle, Heartache Rumba, Analyze, Change Sex, Finale


The Gambler is a wild, uncontrollable dancer who uses her wiles and manipulative nature to keep everyone in the dark. Gamblers are able to judge the acceptable level of risk associated with their abilities, and spin fortune's wheel to see what happens. The higher the risk they are willing to take, the more powerful their random and fateful abilities are.

Skills: risk
Spells: Wonder, Masochism Tango, Roulette, Read Magic, Dispel, Esuna, Seance, Metronome, Wandering Eye


The Diva is a fierce and commanding presence. She demands attention and praise for her beautiful art form. The Diva can impress, woo, or sadden her audience at her whim. Grateful audiences may throw the Diva flowers, wine, and lavish her with other gifts. The Diva is also firmly in command of what happens on the battlefield, dictating who is affected by what and when.

Skills: upstage
Spells: Rally Audience, Theatrics, Encore, Read Magic, Extension, Boogie Fever, Esuna, Dispel, Sabotage