Zendra's breakfast was only half eaten. The meat that had once been on the plate had been consumed first, the bread second, and all that remained were some steaming scrambled eggs and some fruit. The food wouldn't last much longer. Zendra ate in silence, and she ate quickly as if eating was simply a task to get through rather than a thing to enjoy.

Gustav approached the table in the guild hall with what seemed to be his shield being used as an overly large tray. On it are a bowl of fruits, a large cup of milk, and what seemed to be a few fried sausage patties. Instead of, however, seating himself at some comfortable place, the Knight settled down in the seat next to Zendra, settling his 'tray' down and seemingly pausing for a few moments before speaking. "Guten Morgen, Fraulein."

Zendra took a bite of her food and chewed. Considering there was no one else here at the moment, it was obvious the man was talking to her, but she had no idea what he was saying. But since he had just shown up she assumed that some sort of greeting was in order. "Good morning." She said quickly in between bites, not looking up from her plate.

Gustav nodded amicably, and then muttered 'Good Morning' several times under his breath to try and remember it. It was probably a greeting, and if not Kimen could let him know. Collecting some of the meats from his shield, Gustav preformed a complex action of lifting his helmet's visor just enough to get the food in his mouth, but to obscure vision of what he would look like. After chewing thoughtfully for a few moments, he tries again. "Ich habe bemerkt" He pauses for a few moments, before trying out the word: “bird”

Zendra finished off her eggs, and moved on to the pieces for fruit, eating each slice of orange in a couple of bites. She watched the knight's strange eating habits out of the corner of her eye, but said nothing about them. It appeared he was trying to learn the language, but niceties and greetings were of low priority to her at the moment. Then he finally said a word she recognized, but she wasn't sure why he said it. "Bird?"

Gustav grunted. It didn't seem to be working. Obviously though it wasn't an actual bird, just some odd-skin drawing. He twisted an arm around, tapping at the back of his armor before pointing at Zendra. "Bird. Hexen? Er.." He paused for a few moments, before trying again. "Magie?"

Zendra shook her head, then shoved the last bite of her fruit into her mouth. Plate cleared, she pushed it aside and pulled her drink closer, unfortunately the downside to eating so fast was that it was still just too hot to drink, though she wrapped her hands around it regardless to keep her hands warm. To the man's question she simply shook her head, not understanding.

Gustav was frustrated, left not understanding why it wasn't working. There was obviously a bird on the woman's back, yes? He hoped it wasn't just something only he could see. With a sigh, he pulled a straw from the leather pouch at his side, putting it into the drink and using that to sip away even with his helmet on.

Zendra looked at the knight, watching him as he pulled out a straw and used it to drink. She remained silent, staring. Something would have to be done about him, and the sooner the better.

Zendra's thoughts regarding Gustav were interrupted however when the door opened and a young child came in, holding a plate of food of her own. She sat across the table and plopped happily in her seat, waving to the two of them, "Good morning, Gustav!" She exclaimed, before her eyes darted to the woman, "...And miss Zendra!"

Gustav waved to Kimen as they walked in. "Gut-Good Morgen, Kimen." Gustav tried, pulling the straw out of his helmet and working on the slicing of some of his fruit, mostly an apple and some bananas. Turning his attention back to Zendra, he tried again at 'small talk. "Sword, kiene Schild?"

"Yes! Good morning! Very good, Sir Gustav! You're getting it!" Kimen smiled, happy to see that the knight was making some progress learning the language here. He'd probably be able to form full sentences soon! Zendra in the meantime pressed her lips together, her expression seeming a little more serious than normal as she watched the child interact with the knight. She almost missed what Gustav was saying to her. What was it? 'sword' and 'shield'? She tore her gaze from Kimen and tilted her head,

"Yes, that is what you use in battle." She had no idea what he was trying to indicate. Her attention turned back to kimen.

Gustav hummed. His question wasn't going across very well. The woman's fighting style was something interesting to him, considering all the non-barbarians he has seen fight used a shield. "Zendra. Shield ist wichtig." He pauses for a moment, before trying again. "Shield ist Good?"

"Hm..." The child listened carefully to Gustav, trying to figure out what he meant. This time it took a moment, because at first Kimen thought Gustav was trying to ask if she liked his shield. "I think he is asking if the... shield isn't good?"

Zendra turned her head to look at his shield, she couldn't really tell much without picking it up and looking but from what she could tell it was a bit beaten but still sturdy and useful. "The shield is fine." She told him then glanced back at Kimen, "Child, I did not expect to see you here."

Gustav looked between Zendra and Kimen as they speak, paying sharp attention to the flow of the words, and the little ones in between what he knew. 'I' and 'You' seemed like important ones. Had Kimen told him about 'I'? He couldn't remember.

Gustav began munching on apple slices, mulling his thoughts over as he stays silent enough to let the other two before him converse. It was important, he felt, to see natives performing.

"Oh. Yeah, I am studying magic with Mr. Edmund here." Kimen said, picking up his fork and rubbing the back of his head. He guessed this would be a pretty odd place for the two of them to run into each other. "I have been having a bit of trouble with it lately."

Zendra's gaze remained on the child now that it seemed Gustav had gone silent. "Does your father approve of this? Where is he?"

Gustav collected another bite of food, this time a meat, as he watches the conversation. What was it the little cards had displayed? "Anger?" This was not spoken loudly, more the knight muttering to himself as he attempts to diagnose the feelings in an unsure language.

All the cheerfulness drained quickly from Kimen's face and the child looked down at her food, frowning. Her voice now soft and quiet, "Um... Mr. Kent... Mr. Kent died." He explained, sadly. Zendra picked up her drink, gulping it down now that it was no longer hot enough to burn her mouth and throat. When the cup was empty she set it down. "I see. I am sorry to hear this. He was a good blacksmith. You should know that." Kimen nodded to her, but her words didn't seem to cheer him up much.

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Kimen looked up from her plate, trying to put on a smile even if it was a small one and perhaps a little forced, "You finished your drink?" Zendra collected her plate and cup and stood up, seeing that she had finished her meal she saw no point in sticking around much longer. As she moved to the other side of the table she paused though, placing a comforting hand on Kimen's shoulder,

"Its hard to lose someone important. In time, it won't hurt so much. Even if he is gone you should do what would make him proud." She said, giving the child's shoulder a small squeeze. She had told this to a couple other children before Kimen back in the early days of the plague. With Kimen's nod, she nodded back, then nodded to Gustav before slipping out of the room. Leaving Kimen and the Knight alone.

Gustav gave a small wave to Zendra as she left. "Leb wohl, Zendra." Turning his attention back to Kimen, he blinked, and pulls out the flip-cards from his leather pouch, flipping to the picture of a bird and tapping it. "Bird?" Sometimes it was good to double check that he was, indeed, saying things right.

Kimen looked down at the card and the little image of the bird on it, resting on a thin branch. He nodded, "Yes, 'Bird'" Kimen smiled again at him then turned to his meal, poking at it. Compared to Zendra the child was much slower and more relaxed with his meal.

Gustav grinned from behind his helmet. Vindication at last. Nodding along and eating some more food, Gustav is silent for a few moments, trying to figure out how to ask Kimen about their progress with the whittling.

Kimen chewed her food, then went about pointing out each of the things on her plate for the Knight from the eggs to the orange juice. With her mind on teaching Gustav how to speak common and not on Kent and his death, she gradually cheered up a little more.