Where the burning ruin of Crysta once sat now stands a large building. The flimsy wooden bridge that spanned the river on the edge of town has been replaced with a solid metal one. Comparing it to what Crysta used to be, the Building takes up almost the entirety of the town. There is a small set of stairs before the doorway and it is sized so that not even a giganto would need to duck while entering.

Inside the doors is a very large and open room that branches off into a few different rooms. The center of which has a large screen surrounded by a large number of chairs and couches. Raion is leaning over Gemma as she fiddles with a computer off to the side of the atrium.

"Glory be to the father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit..." Elie stood outside the guildhall, nervous to enter, and was muttering prayers to himself. He was wearing a button down shirt too look more formal. He wanted to make a good impression. "...as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end." Elie picked up his travel bag and took a deep breath. "Amen." He stepped through the doors, a little confused to see not many there. "...Hello?"

"Did somebody call for a hero!?" shouted a voice from the entrance of the building, the sound echoing across the empty walls. A man wearing a red hat and robe took a few steps inside before performing a series of poses. He began by ducking his head and extending his arms behind him to the left. "In the name of justice, this spear!" He then pulled his arms back drew his weapon: a stick attached to a barstool, and spun it around before returning it to his back.

"In the name of truth, these wits!" shouted the man, separating his hands from each other and stopping at eye level, pointing to his feathered red cap. "In the name of virtue, this hair!!" The man proceeded to spin around a couple of times, taking a few steps forward as his long white hair glided in the air behind him. "Champion of truth and justice! Ready to join all heroes in the punishment of evil!!" the man shouted victoriously, posing in front of the nearly empty audience.

An expensive-looking briefcase appeared on the other side of the bridge in a small explosion of paperwork and thumped to the ground. With a quiet snap, the latches opened and the lid flipped up. Nancy stepped out a moment later, adjusting the brim of her hat. She reached into her briefcase and pulled out a crumpled green flyer, looking over it once more before nodding and putting it back. She grabbed her briefcase and headed on inside.

As the man in red bursts into the guild hall, Gemma looks up from her computer, and at once breaks into a laughter that comes close to sobbing, "Where the hell do these people even come from?". Raion shushes her and begins to walk towards the group entering his hall. "Welcome to Heroes for hire! Raion looks around, taking note of the rooms that still have large shipping boxes instead of furniture. "I'm sorry for the mess, it has taken us a bit longer to get set up then I would've liked".

Elie smiles in appreciation to Raion. "Don't worry, I think it's great," he said. Elie observes the others of the group, still having expected for more to be around. "Are we all that's here at the moment? I mean, that's fine, I was just wondering if there's others you want us to meet." He coughed a bit, awkwardly, not wanting to sound needy. "I'm eager to help."

"As am I! Truly, this establishment is a fine example of justice in a world wrought with villainy! A cactus in a field of flowers! A saiyan living amongst moogles in a cave! A zubat leading a pack of keese! You are to be proud of such a place." said the man in red, leaving his pose and nodding at the others nearby.

"So this is the place?" Nancy looks around. "Well, at least you all appreciate boxes." She pulls out a stack of paperwork and forms it into a seat before flopping down in it. "So, what are we going to do first?"

Raion chuckles a bit. "I appreciate the enthusiasm. I expected m-". Gemma says loudly cutting him off before he can finish "Maybe we'd actually have more people if you actually helped advertise!". Raion frowns at her and then turns his attention back to the group, “Regardless! We do have a job that's perfect for three heroes!"

Gemma says ' What he means to say is we only have one job... For the same reasons we only have three heroes..

Raion frowns at what Gemma did.

Raion says ' Still, it's good you all made it!'

"Capital! So long as truth and justice prevail, I am more than willing to accept such a job! Please, do share the details!" shouted the red clothed man, performing unnecessary hand gestures and maneuvers in the process.

Gemma starts laughing at the man in red again while Raion begins talking. “Our first job is out in the Veldt. A girl was kidnapped from Truce about a week ago by a group of thugs using guns. Her friends pooled together money to hire some mercenaries to rescue her. Unfortunately there has been no word from them".

Raion says ' they’ve offered to pay us what they would've paid them if we can find her. Gemma will lead on this mission, but you'll all have plenty of chances to take charge while you're working here with us.'

"Oh, good. I'm sure I can increase production by at least 31 percent." Nancy nods as she stands up, the paperwork chair dispersing into a flurry of paperwork that flies into her briefcase. "So, when do we leave?"

"A kidnapping?! How vile! But of course, such witless villains would resort to hiding in such a place. This is unacceptable! She must be rescued at once!" declared the man dressed in red, nodding at the woman with the briefcase and the other designated to lead them.

"I'm with the warrior. I think that this can't really wait." Elie nodded towards the Red Mage, and then looked towards Gemma. "When can you be ready? The Veldt is a bit of a walk from here. We best get leaving soon." Elie sounded more worried than eager. He didn't want the girl to get hurt. He wasn't quite sure what was going to happen, he just knew they needed to get there fast.

Raion smiles, they were all eager to get to work, this is just what he wanted. “I couldn't agree more, We have a helicopter chartered that can drop you off and pick you back up when you're finished. Our full-time Pilot isn't here yet but Gemma knows how to fly well enough" Gemma makes a face at Raion that seemed to scream "Are you serious?". With a sigh she gets up and begins to head through the dining room on the west side of the hall, motioning for the others to follow.

Raion says “This is only the first of many quests I will send you on, But no matter how big or small the problem is, Get out there and show the world what it means to be a Hero!'