Cleft Of Dimensions - Friday, September 27, 2013, 7:44 PM
Players: Hastur,Demeter,Shamaster,Demonicor
Characters: Damesik,Porslain,Gemma,Jensen,Narukami

It's morning now, the group has had time to rest and is now approaching the bridge to the Vedlt. Gemma had called for another ride when they woke up, unfortunately the back-up pilot is not nearly as talented as the pilot they lost today, meaning they need to head out to the open fields of the Veldt if they want to reach their ride. Porslain has rejoined the group, meandering into them as they left the Monastery. A little wave passed from PorSlain to the group as it met them outside. PorSlain's appearance wasn't as neat this day. Its gloves and left sleeve, and shoulder were uncoordinated with the rest of its attire. Also, PorSlain was quite a bit shorter than last time and its chest pulsates, indicating it breathes. Occasionally, unnatural sounds ring out and go silent, but it doesn't seem to be affecting anyone too much aside from Gemma.

"We're never talking about this, ever again... This never happened." Gemma said as they continued walking.

Narukami shrugs, his face back to its blank, deadpan state. "What never happened?" he cracks a small smile.

PorSlain patted Gemma on the back, trying to comfort her, though it was a pretty generic gesture. Not really sure what to do, PorSlain looked about the other two.

Damesik coughs a little bit as he walks beside Gemma "I would prefer to forgo remembering that encounter as well... it was practically an embarrassment how easily she was able to toy with all of us."

Gemma nods and the group presses forward. As they reach the entrance to the Veldt a helicopter can be seen landing in the distance. Gemma breathes a sigh of relief, "Thank god for that, I'm not.. I'm not feeling so great. I kept tripping this morning over things that weren't actually there." She frowns"It hasn't been one of my bes-" A pillar of flame erupts near the helicopter, you can see three figures fighting in the distance."Well fuck". She says as she starts to run towards the conflict

Narukami blinks, then draws out his card again, shattering it and summoning Izanagi. He then draws his own blade and rushes forward, with Izanagi following behind, his naginata already sparking with electricity.

Staring at the rings, worn over its glove, PorSlain studied them, trying to remember which was which. 'I left in such a hurry that I didn't even pay attention to what I put on! These weren't very good to begin with... But it's just a hike, right?', the robed thing thought to itself. Without much delay, a fight had broken out, fire as its backdrop. 'Oh! Great!' PorSlain started running after Gemma, scared but also worried about the girl. Glancing down at a ring, PorSlain prepped it for instant use, not really knowing what it would do.

Damesik sighs and readies his shield "... great... more running..." he takes a moment to compose himself before chasing after the rest of the group.

As the group gets closer, The scene becomes a bit more clear, A man with a sword is fighting with two slightly larger then a man sized creatures, both with blue torsos and orange legs, The creatures have large claws on both their "hands" and "feet" and seem to be shooting fire as if they were using fire materias. The man with a sword misteps and ends up taking an elbow to the chest knocking him a few feet away before he slams into the ground. The creatures turn to face the group and Gemma dodges something that isn't there before hitting the ground, as if hit by a powerful blow. The creatures are slowly advancing as a voice rings out "How do you even know this is real?"

"Golem... do me a favor... point at the nearest enemy.... I don't want a mistake... like... yesterday." Damesik continues his charge toward the group of creatures, sliding his sword out of its bindings.

Looking the fight over, PorSlain looked about the three taking part in the fight, trying to determine which was the one in need of assistance. PorSlain raised its hand as a ring on its finger started to glow. The shimmer of light circled the ring and collected into its emblem and grew brighter and brighter. PorSlain examined one of the monsters and snapped its fingers.

Narukami holds his blade out, grasping it in both hands, moving to be back to back with Izanagi. He points to Gemma. "Rakukaja." Izanaga waves his hand, placing a protective ward over Gemma. Both mastr and Persona were prepared to fight whatever was pointed out to be real by their odd magical friend.

The ring expelled a brilliant chromatic beam that quickly snaked its way through the air toward one of the monsters and crashed into it. *SHA-LING!* A rippling wave traveled outward from the point of attack, echoing across the monster's body as it radiated with an ever changing glow. After a few moments, the glow would fade, leaving the monster colored... bright green! PorSlain buried its mask into its palms, shaking its head in disappointment.

Damesik looked at the glowing mutant before charging forward "Good enough..." his voice had a tone of 'here we go again' to it as he charged in, slashing with the flat of his blade "If you... want to die... then stay around... for the fight."

Narukami looks to the green creature, leaping forward with his blade, Izanagi following! They both swing their weapons with as much force as they can to cleave into the beast!

The creature that Narukami and Izanagi were swinging at dodged to the side, moving much faster then it was earlier, It counters with fireballs, materia grade fireballs. The other charges forward at Damesik with the same frightening speed, clearly not intimidated by him. The voice from before is duller now, not so much a whisper, Rather, it's just weaker, as if fading. "You could be bleeding out right now you know, Like on top of that lovely couple, and you wouldn't even know."

"Yeah yeah... and I'm the queen... of dragons." Damesik swipes with his sword properly at the monster, aiming to cleave it in half, or simply to bowl into it with his shield "You don't... seem all that great..."

Narukami rolls to the side, Izanagi launching himself out of the way the fireball just barely missing the pair. He scrambles to his feet, then runs at the creature, blade at the ready. He points as he runs. "Zio!" Izanagi sends a large spark in the direction of the creature, while Narukami prepares to slash at the creature.

White its face was buried in its hands, PorSlain took this opportunity to examine another ring. 'Alteration, conjuration,.. Evocation? Sure! Why not?!' PorSlain's boots shimmered for a second as the masked caster rose off of the ground. PorSlain trailed the beast charging Damesik. It flew to the side of the monster, opening its hand up and spreading its fingers, PorSlain gave the creature a full swing smack!

*SAH-LAP!* As PorSlain's hand made contact with the creatures face, a ring shimmered and shined. The slap itself wouldn't be enough to even push the ugly head to the side but maybe enough to agitate it or snag the monster's attention. 'Really? Why cant I catch a break? Third times the charm, right?'. PorSlain started to fly backwards, away from the creature, hoping Damesik or Narukami would intercept, should it target PorSlain.

The creature fighting the summoner pair lunges quickly at the summoned, ignoring the teenager with the sword. It charges through the spark attack grunting in pain, but ultimately fine. The non-green creature slams into Damesiks shield with force, it bounces back slightly after impact and hiccups before angrily turning to face Porslain, Seemingly forgetting that it was fighting Damesik.

Narukami ticks, then shakes his head, nicking his arm with his sword purposefully. After wincing, he yells up to Izanagi. "CLEAVE!" Izanagi's blade shined with a bright light, and he leapt down to meet the creature, slashing at it with the pain-enhanced blade.

Damesik forgoes words for the moment as he slams into the creature, grunting and feeling like he ran into a brick wall, stumbling back a bit before charging at the distracted creature again with a sword swipe "Hey! I'm not.. done... killing you... yet!"

After flying backward for a few(at a pace the beast could easily keep up with), PorSlain changed direction and flew straight up, as fast at its magical boots of flight would allow. Looking down at the creature, PorSlain prepared another ring. 'Please, oh please, oh please!' The ring started to shimmer with a jade sheen. Once steaming green bolt formed into the air, accompanied by two bolts of energy, all three still in the air before PorSlain.

After flying backward for a few(at a pace the beast could easily keep up with), PorSlain changed direction and flew straight up, as fast at its magical boots of flight would allow. Looking down at the creature, PorSlain prepared another ring. 'Please, oh please, oh please!' The ring started to shimmer with a jade sheen. Once steaming green bolt formed into the air, accompanied by two bolts of energy, all three still in the air before PorSlain.

'...Really?', PorSlain thought. The final of the three, the steaming green arrow shot downward at the monster, leaving a trail of green smoke as travels.

Placing its hand behind the conjured attacks, PorSlain slowly pushed them forward. The two bolts of energy twisted, bent, and spiraled into themselves before shooting off in random directions, like a loose balloon. One of the bolts smashed into a tree, breaking some bark free, while the other spun backwards, narrowly missing PorSlain and disappearing over the tree line.

The green creature charges through the "Cleave" screaming in pain, it closes the range and narrowly misses the Summoned, too pained to see properly. The Non-Green creature, standing directly below Porslain, takes the opportunity to launch a fireball up at her, tanking the bolt that strikes its arm, melting its way through. it screams in pain. What you can assume is a scream anyway.

Damesik ignores the scream as he collides with the creature, sword first, his shield shortly after, both of which are fairly strongly gripped by his body which would collide soon after.

Narukami winces and breathes a deep breath as the pain of the cut sets in more, Izanagi landing beside him and turning. He points up at the creature. "Zio! Zio! Zio!" Izanagi quickly launches three sparks of electricity as Narukami begins to pant.

Smiling under its expressionless mask, PorSlain holds its hand out, bracing for the oncoming attack, the ring previously used starting to vanish. "Orsufey Fugura.", the robed person... actually said. The ball of fire would slow down as it neared PorSlain, inching to a hault. Once the fire stopped, it started to spin in place, growing in size.

PorSlain winded up and curve-balled the fire at the ground, a good distance from the clashes of engaged battle. The ball of fire smashed into the ground, causing a small crater. The fire inside the crater died down into a pool of magma that boiled and popped as it started to cool, collecting blotches of black.

The green creature turned and charged at the summoner, It has either made an incredibly tactical decision, or it is blinded by pain, it's probably the latter. It charges through the sparks, and its grunts turn to screams, It slashes with one hand, throws fire with the other.

Narukami attempts to block the slash, and his sword is knocked away. Izanagi pushes him out of the way and leaps to the side, though the summoner still gets a bit of a burn on his legs as he falls. He yells out in pain, then points tot he creature. "Zio, and attack!" Izanagi charges his blade with a spark, spinning it around and preparing to lay into the creature with a static blade.

The Non-Green creature is still staring up at Porslain when the knight slams into his side, it tumbles backwards with Damesik on top of it, raises a hand above the knight as if it's about to hug him, with claws.. with claws into the back, The best kind of hug.

Rising out of the crater, a dripping being of flowing magma began to take shape. As it rose, it condensed until reaching a height of nearly seven foot. It started to step out of the crater, burning the grass as it did so. The Elemental's flow seemed to direct toward its hand, collecting a ball of magma. PorSlain hovered in the air, watching it, seeming curious as to what it would do.

The flow of magma on the elemental then changed as it collected magma into a ball on its other hand. It wound up one hand and hurled the first ball at Izanagi, then throwing the second at the direction of Damesik and the monster he was fighting, more likely hitting the monster but the splash might threaten the knight. (PorSlain)

Porslain knocks on the mask's forehead, light but rapidly. The robed conjurer placed its hands on either side of its porcelain lips and yelled "IT'S GONE AWOL!", PorSlain shouted downward in a panic. 'Damn, oh damn, oh damn!" "Maslek.", it whispered a few times holding its hand down to the mess of battles.

Damesik loses his sword in the collision, rolling as he sees the magma ball flying at him, giving a hiss of pain as it claws him, before he throws it off and into the path of the magma with his legs and shield, covering his head with his shield.

The Green creature charges forward, launching itself into Izanagi, impaling itself on the blade while tackling him into the ball of Magma. There is some smoke and a brief scream as they are engulfed by the heat. The Non-Green creature screams at Damesik as it it launched towards the ball, But ultimately it fails to dodge and is engulfed by the heat.

Narukami lets out a long, painful yell, his mind feeling the pain that Izanagi is suffering, and as soon as Izanagi is no more, he goes silent. He then promptly falls back onto the ground, eyes still open and staring ahead to the sky blankly.

A twinkle of light formed into PorSlain's hand. The light drifted downward at the gathering. Once it settled near the ground, its just hovered there, twinkling like a little star. The Magmanoid started to stomp its way toward the group. The tossed Makonoid being the closest one, the elemental brought its arm back and started to slam its sludgy arm of magma onto it, though the hit was slow traveling, leaving room for escape, the hit would be forceful, none the less.

With quite a bit of delay and perhaps some faint elevator music playing, the twinkle-little-star pulsated with light before bursting into a ring of light that traveled outward horizontally, thining as it spread.=SPLISH!= The Magma elemantal instantly lost shape and collapsed into a rain of molten rock where it stood, swinging its arm.=SPLASH!= PorSlain, watching everything, had various articles of clothing flash, rings fading, and her boots dimmed.

PorSlain instantly started to fall onto the ground. With a thud, PorSlain clawed its fingers into the ground, gasping for air, unable to do much but recover.

Damesik gasps as he's hit by the cast off of the exploding ball of magma, most of it blocked by his shield, though his shirt has a few new holes in the arms of it, the knight tossing away his shield and rolling around, trying to douse the burning rock against the ground.

Gemma at some point during the fight woke up from her spot on the ground and made it to the pilot, She's abnormally pale, But intact, The pilot is sitting up now sword in hand "I thought Raion was just being his normal over optimistic self when he said he had competent ones this time. He wasn't shitting." Gemma helps him up, speaking shakily "His heroes scheme worked out better then I thought it would... I'll give him that." She twitches, but for the most part she seems stable.

Slowly rising to its feet, PorSlain remained hunched over, holding its ribs, trying as hard as it can the breathe through the mask. Looking at the other two, PorSlain shook its head. 'A hike... Just a simple hike to the helicopter. This... This could've gone so much better.' PorSlain flinched and jittered as it rose to its full height and started limping over to Narukami.

Double taking Damesik, PorSlain clasped its hands together and shook them at the knight, as if to say 'please' or 'sorry', before kneeling down beside Narukami. PorSlain poked Narukami to test his reflexes, though it seemed there were none. PorSlain looked at the only other candidate, capable of carrying the summoner, just gauging Damesik's engagement.

Narukami does nothing but stare at the sky, his mind as blank as his face as his psyche tries to come back from the damage of Izanagi's forced dispersion.

Damesik finally gets the last chunk of burning rock off his body, sitting up and shuddering, a few blackened holes in the arms of his shirt, with red trails running away from them through the fabric. The knight gets up and grabs his equipment with a grimace "This job is going to improve me, if it doesn't kill me first." he secures his shield to his back before making his way over to the golem and Narukami, nudging the boy with his foot "He doesn't look like he's getting up any time soon to me. How about you

Giving Narukami a more forecful finger poke to the ribs, PorSlain shakes its head, as if to say 'no way'. Gripping Narukami's arm, PorSlain started to pull and tug on him, ony managing to drag the limp partner about a half inch. PorSlain laid the arm back down and returned to holding its ribs, the strain seeming to remind the robed magic-user that the prior fall hurt.

Damesik sighs and lifts up the teenager, grumbling a little bit at the burns to his arms, before carrying him back to the helicopter "At this moment, if this is the easy stuff, my money is on the -job- finishing -me-."

The Pilot limps over to the helecoptor and begins to start it as Gemma makes her way to Porslain to help it back to the helicoptor. Though Shakey herself, she wasn't injured. As she wraps her arm around the "golem" she says in a very hushed voice "That wasn't an.. an illusion, I heard you speak "golem"" She drops the conversation after her remark and helps PorSlain back to the helecoptor.

The heroes, after a long and unexpected adventure were finally on their way home. In a vehicle that has actually managed to lift off. Nothing else will go wrong probably. It's not like the helecoptor is going to crash or anything, that'd be ridiculous..... The adventure is over, The Heroes are finally safe.