The sun was beginning to set over the Rabite Forest as Kalin approached the entrance of his nest with a fish in his mouth. "Hey sis, I brought you dinner. The fish were extra sluggish today, so I thought I'd get one for you. You can't just eat those berries all the time, you know." said the Eevee as he made his way into the center of the cave.

Julexa looked at the fish, and scrunched her nose some "Pich....u?("Do I"")" She asks, reluctantly, as she smells the fish and scrunches her nose even more. She couldn't even dream of biting into the thing..the smell alone keeps her at bay.

Kalin dropped the fish as he got close enough to the Pichu, finally able to speak more clearly. "Oh come on, they're not so bad. Part of surviving in the wilderness is being able to eat! You don't want to be tiny and frail forever, do you?" With that, he used his paw to push the fish closer to her. "Mogwai sometimes burns them to make them taste better. I don't know how she does it, but I can give it a shot if you'd like."

Julexa blinks at Eevee. "Pichu PI!("I LIKE the way I look, thank you!")" She says in disgust. As she takes a deep breath and bring the fish up to her mouth, a loud crack can be heard from the vicinity of Truce, causing her to jump. As a consequence of this, the fish gets nearly lopped into her mouth, as she starts to choke on it.

Kalin's ears twitched as he turned his head to face the cave's entrance. 'That sound..could it be the thing in the sky..?' he briefly thought to himself before rushing over to his choking sister. "Oh come on, quit making it difficult. Just bite into it!"

Julexa seems to refuse as she tries to dislodge the fish from her mouth. Sighing, she sees that she has no choice and bites into it so she can dislodge it from her mouth. She chews..or maybe pretends to as she hears and sound and points towards town, scampering off towards it. When she rounds the bend, she secretly spits out the fish into a thicket and buries it neatly, waiting for Eevee to follow.

There, that's a good girl. Kalin smiled at Julexa before turning his attention to the cave entrance and following her towards it. His immediate course of action was to scan the sky for the flying fortress, but he couldn't see it from the forest. He didn't feel comfortable about dragging her to Truce in the possiblity of such a danger, but splitting up didn't seem like the best idea to him at the time. "I guess you heard that, too. Want to go see what happened?"

Julexa nods "Pichu.(Might be for the best.")" She says, scampering towards Truce. As she turned the corner again, she quickly eats the rest of the fish, just in case Eevee gets wise, coughing and gagging as it goes down. She hurries towards Truce.

If Kalin was envious of one thing over his little sister, it was the way she handled corners. She was a lot faster than he was, even when approaching the need to change course on the dime. He continued to follow her behind her, keeping a watchful eye ahead for any consequences of whatever initiated the sound that they heard.

Coming into Truce, the sound is heard again. A deafing crack somewhere in the sky, and a small hole is seen in the sky, with a view of a grassy plain overlooking what looks like a beach. As Julexa looks up, something small pops through the hole and it snaps shut as the body falls listlessly through the air, colliding with the foutain with a *SPLASH*. The body is small enough that no water is upset, but it sunk to the bottom like a lead weight.

Another that's what it was. Kalin let out a sigh of relief as he cautiously advanced towards the fountain. There was no telling what would emerge from it. He glanced over to Julexa and gave her a nod, as if implying to keep her distance from it.

With Julexa staying a solid few feet back, Eevee advanced towards the fountain. As he does, water starts kicking up from it manically as whatever it was must've snapped awake. It calms down as soon as it begins. No sooner then Eevee props himself up onto the rim, he is greeted with the smiling face of a Lopunny. It licks his face and hops over the side, shaking it's fur wetly, and sits down, still trying to process where it is exactly and if it's still on the trail it was a few seconds ago.

Kalin blinked a few times and tilted his head as he watched the furry creature emerge from the fountain. Had he seen something like this before..? Not really. He supposed he should try to speak to it, but he didn't get his hopes up. "Eevee! (Um..hi there! Oh boy, you're fresh from another world..wish Mogwai was here, she's better at this sort of thing than I, I'm Kalin by the way, and that's my sister Julexa. can understand a word I'm saying, anyway.)"

The Lopunny turns it's head to Kalin and smiles. One of those "Hello there.." smiles, as she dries her ear fluff. "Lopunny...Lop?("Haven't seen you this Route 28 of the Sinnoh region?" She asks, looking around as the sun dries her fur. "Lopunny?!("Why does none of this look familiar?!" She asks, as Julexa just scratches her head "Pichu!("This is the Cleft." Turning around, the Lopunny raises a brow "Lopunny?("The Cleft?") She looks confused.

"Vee. (Yeah, it's sort of a collection of worlds. A lot of individuals show up here from different places. Julexa and I are from different worlds, too. I know it's a little scary at first, but it's not such a bad place. We'd be more than happy to help you fit in.)" said Kalin, giving the creature a friendly smile. The offer was a little naive of him, but his experiences have caused him to be more trustful of fellow beasts than humanoids.

The Lopunny walks on behind Eevee, carrying Julexa who didn't seem to mind it, as she nods and laughs a bit as Eevee tells his stories, the trio heading out of the West gate and back to the Cave.