Jillian seemed to merely sip at her lemonade that Lora had brought her, not getting herself verbally involved into the exchange between Crossroads and Gforte. The truth was that she still had to decided whether or not to go speak to Selan, but it was a delicate matter to her; something like what they were up against could have a lasting impact if Selan took it the wrong way. And then there was the matter of if she even knew what Jillian would be talking about. She looked up from her glass with a sigh, seemingly from out of nowhere to those around her. Respecting the world's timeline was a thorn in Jillian's side, at times.

Crossroads made a small glance towards the employee's lounge, lightly biting her lip in thought, slowly mulling over the situation "Right, I am going to go get changed then." She said, pushing back her chair and slowly rising to her feet. Her eyes went to the woman as she sighed over her glass, head tilting to one side, "Is something wrong with your lemonade?"

Gforte rubs at his temples before looking at Jillian and Crossroads together. "And don't forget the notebook." He then turns his attention to his ruined shirt, stripping the tattered cloth off and tying it to his waist. "Also some water or something. Never ended up getting that."

Jillian looked up at the waitress' query, recalling what was special about her. She smirked, wondering if there had been times when she had fretted over similar things. "No, it isn't the lemonade, darling. Merely deciding on how to approach something that may or may not affect the future. Maybe you have had to deal with these sorts of things, from time to time? You'd know what I mean, I think." She offered a small smile, placing one elbow on the table. "Haut, she said that she threw the notebook away awhile ago. Remember?"

Crossroads blinked at the woman's response, but her frowned deepened a little. "I have before, yes." She had never managed to change anything for the better when she knew what was coming though. If she managed to put a stop to one thing, there was always another thing to worry about. "I suppose I can look into something if you would like me to. I used to work here as a fortune teller until I ended up getting fired." She nodded and glanced at Gforte, "I'll send someone to get you your water shortly, sir."

Gforte nods absentmindedly, looking to Jillian. "I'm pretty sure she still has it. That's what I remember hearing. It doesn't matter though, I've got some gear in that box. With any luck everything that I need will be in there."

"Maybe. Best way to know for sure is to go have a look, I suppose." Jillian looked up at Crossroads again, still offering a somewhat-sympathetic smile, as if she were trying to understand what it was like to have that ability, and the responsibilities associated with it. "Please don't trouble yourself on our accounts. Sometimes the future is best left to unpredictability; at least then, you don't have to feel as though it is up to you to play referee with the outcomes that you may or may not see." Jillian's tone is quiet, and a mite gentler than usual as she speaks. "Your willingness to aid our endeavours is noted and appreciated, though, and for that you have our thanks."

Crossroads lowered her gaze down to the table and shook her head. "You said you were trying to save the world though, didn't you?" She glanced over to the scruffy man, "At least that is what he said earlier. Part of the reason I chose to...um..." She reached behind her neck, scratching lightly at the back of her head. She didn't want to admit to being a wishborn to a stranger. Especially now that she was coming to realize how hated they were. "... Anyway, if this is for the sake of protecting people I will look." Crossroads said finally, after a moment of quiet.

Gforte looks at Crossroads, and then clears his throat in a non-too-concealed manner. "Uh, excuse the fuck out of me? Did I say I wanted someone to tell me how I was going to do? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't. Actually, I'm pretty damn certian that if anyone asked me, I'd tell them to skip it."

Jillian thought that the blatant "Fuck you for offering to help out" was unnecessary, but as opposed to getting bent over it, she just did what she was used to doing. She gestured, nonaggressively, attempting to overscore Gforte's outburst while still agreeing with his sentiment. "Sweetie, we appreciate it, but the situation's not as grave as you might thi-" She stopped. Actually, what if she HAD seen something already? Does she, herself, know who the Sinistrals are? "..er, ah. Tell you what.

Why don't we just have a look for this equipment, and we can go from there?" Jillian didn't know why, but she was suddenly a little uneasy with her potential capabilities. Thinking that someone else had already seen their outcome and not knowing what it was kind of gave her pause for though, but in her position... well...

"Alright." Crossroads nodded, "If you decide you would like me to look still ma'am, I am sure the gentlman here is capable of plugging his ears or stepping out of the room if he would not like to know." Crossroads turned and took a few steps towards the back room, then paused and turned back to the couple, giving them a small curtsey and a light smile, "I wasn't expecting to leave, so it might take a few minutes to change and get some things finished up before I can leave. In the mean time I will send someone out with your water. Please relax and enjoy your drinks in the time being. It shouldn't take too long."

Gforte grunts at Crossroads, and then looks back to Jillian while leaning back in his chair. "So. What do you think of the no-shirt look. Me or not?" He gives a toothy grin to this question, apparentally amused by his own attempts to break any form of tension.

Jillian sits back in her chair somewhat, now more concerned with their current situation than she was just five minutes before. She wasn't expecting to be dealing with clairvoyants and potential "cheating" in the way of the fate of this world. Arek would be extremely displeased if such a situation arose. She allowed her eyes to rest on Gforte for a moment, wordlessly, before offering a response. "It still isn't warm anough yet for that sort of attire, I wouldn't think. But in my opinion, maybe a simple tank top might do well for you, at least better than clothing barely hanging on by a thread." Jillian's words had a tone of thoughtfulness to them, but it couldn't be said what they were regarding.

Gforte shrugs. "I figure I'll pick up some more clothes when I can. But for right now? I don't have much in the way to work with."

"Tailors are not difficult to locate, especially considering what city we are in. But whatever works for you is fine. Personally, I'm not a fashion enthusiast, as you might well tell from my attire." Jillian pulls on her turtleneck slightly, readjusting her cleavage window to its normal location where it'd slipped away from at some point earlier. "So really, my opinion shouldn't count. If it's comfortable, wear it. If not, then don't. That's really my stance on any and all clothes."

Gforte rolls his eyes. "Yeah well, people enjoy naked women walking around far better than they enjoy naked men. Also there's one other big problem with getting a tailor." Gforte pulls a single gold coin out of his pants and places it on the table. "That is what I have to my name. Had all the rest of my coin in the lobstrocity. So yeah."

Jillian shakes her head. "As long as I am around, money won't be an issue we have to fret about. We'll get you whatever you need, so long as you don't have an issue accepting that sort of financial assistance from me. It would be downright cruel of me to expect you to go about this with a gold coin and a pair of pants to your name."

Gforte hums for a moment, and then shrugs. "Hey, that works just fine for me." With that he begins unwrappng the gold coin before taking a bite on the chocolate that's inside. "Really, it's just as well. Always have to put some distance behind me when I use these things."

Jillian's spaded tail goes limp on the floor below her chair at this deceptive display and admission of previous use, and it's all she can do to keep from burying her face in her hands. She laughs instead, perhaps with a tinge of unease. "I take it you never had a profession in the past that you could have considered 'honest work'?"

Gforte waggles the half-eaten chocolate coin at Jillian. "Oi. Not true. There was this one time that I watched a gate. Pay was shit though." A woman steps up to the table and settles a glass of water down, to which Gforte replies with a nod and an immediate drink from the glass. Afterwards he continues towards Jillian. "With the way my life has gone there hasn't been much room for being paied. Or anything above shaded dealings. Scavenging what I can, outright stealing what I couldn't. It's how things had to go." Gforte gives a nonchalant shrug to this, but his voice is serious.

Jillian inclines her head. "So what was the origin of all this? Was there a misstep somewhere, something that led to a spiral of bad luck or such that prevented you from regaining your footing? Or was it mere preference? Some people, as I understand it, simply prefer the 'shady' form of business rather than a 'goody two-shoes' way of social interaction."

Gforte looks to Jillian a bit more seriously now, moving his jaw from side to side in an attempt to figure out just how much he should say here. "Full disclosure? I wanted more than what I had, so I made a bad choice. After that, everything changed. When I talked before, about having shoved my nose in death's face one too many times, and when I mentioned you might be able to see the blood trail from me dragging myself away? None of that was a lie. I reached for too much, and when I thought I had all I wanted..." Gforte pauses for a moment again, taking a sip of his water to buffer his thoughts before going on. "Well. That's when all the paranoia started. One huge slippery slope later, and I'm a half-blind, mostly insane paranoid delusional who tries to throw his life away doing something good again. We saw how that went, I think."

Jillian retains some silence for a moment. She didn't understand, obviously, but she could never claim to. No amount of paranoia had ever driven her to be wary of every little thing that entered her field of vision, but then, that was the trouble with being immortal; you didn't have to worry about only 'having one chance'. She sighed, and nodded. "I see. In that case, I'm sorry for the mountains you've had to climb to get where you are. But by the time this adventure is over, I'd like to think that maybe you'll grow to trust and or respect some people in the world, once more."

Crossroads finally steps out of the employees lounge wearing simply a t-shirt and jeans- a drastic change from what she had bee wearing prior as it was much more covering, comfortable and lacking in frills. Under her arm was a large bag with what appeared to contain her work attire half hanging out of it. She yelled to Lora with a wave telling the hylian that she was leaving, then shut the door and made her way back to the table, her hand gripping the strap of her bag as she said, "Alright, I am ready. Once again sorry about the wait."

Gforte looks back to the woman, shrugging. "Let's go then. Shit to do and people to do it to." He leaves his conversation with Jillian at that, standing and downing the rest of his water before looking to the succubi to see if she also was ready.

Jillian is briefly quiet as Gforte blatantly disregarded a response to her statement, but nodded after a moment, finishing her lemonade quickly and setting the glass down before standing up straight as her tail also rises into the air behind her once more. "Yes. Let us be on our way, then."