For the time being, Gizmo is driving (Keeping the speed at a respectable level), as the others relax. After a moment of silence, Mogwai breaks the calm "So... I was looking through your stuff Gizmo, and..." she's cut off "What the heck, you don't just look through someone's stuff... better question is HOW?"

The ride continued to feel uncomfortable for Caleb, who has never been in a vehicle before..let alone one piloted by a speed-happy moogle. He felt better with Gizmo at the controls, but not by much. The sights outside continued to amaze him as the sceneary changed drastically from climate to climate. There was something about color that many, many beings took for granted. Seeing it through Darkrai's eyes just wasn't the same as it was now. He was also on the lookout for something, though Mogwai's break of silence piqued his curiousity.

Jameson mostly takes up space in the back of the van on one of the more comfortable seats, hat over his eyes and arms crossed across his chest. "Call me crazy, but SOME people tend to need to pay attention to the road as they drive."

Gizmo shrugs "It's fine, the road's more or less straight right now. Anyway..." Mogwai continues "I found a picture of someone. Someone who looked like a brown moogle, with a white pom-pom and a white chest. I was wondering who he was." Gizmo was silent for a while before responding "You know... Jameson is right. You shouldn't distract the driver. I might, say, accidentally swerve off the cliff fast enough that I get out ok and you don't."

"That's code for "You have crossed a fucking line". Do us a favor and don't poke at it." Jameson doesn't move while saying this, he just keeps his position and frowns.

"A drastic swerve would be unfortunate.." noted Caleb, continuing his scrutiny of the outside world.

As they approach Mongrelia, Gizmo slows down "Ok... I believe there should be some pokemon near here. Those bigger tiger-dog things are pokemon right?"

"I'm not sure, neither Darkrai or Kalin came here." said Caleb, spotting something that caught his eye out the window. "Hey..pull over real quick!" he shouted suddenly, standing up from his seat and grabbing his axe and backpack.

Gizmo obliges, slamming on the brake button and pulling the door lever "Right, all offboard!" Mogwai follows Caleb, anxious to see what he saw.

Jameson grunts, standing up from the seat in back and casually stepping off the bus behind Mogwai, repacing his cap as he does so. "What's up kid?"

Once the bus stopped, Caleb hopped out and ran towards a fallen, half-burnt tree. " might be nothing, but this tree wasn't like this when we came through here last time." he said simply, crouching down and placing his hand on the tree. A blank expression proceeds to conquer his face as he stares at the tree for a bit, saying nothing.

Jameson blinks slowly at the teenager, before pinching the bridge of his nose. "Come ON, what are you, a damn hippie? The tree is dead. We can mourn it's loss on the road."

Gizmo steps out last "Well, it wasn't me, I can say that much." she takes at the dry surrounding ground "And I'm fairly certain it wasn't lightning. So someone set the tree on fire, but what's important about that?"

In his mind, Caleb witnessed the a moment in time when the tree was still standing, dutifully offering its oxygen to the world. Before long, a rogue fireball made contact with the tree, igniting it into flames. He could then see a Growlithe being knocked aside by a pack of Rabillions, clearly injured and fatigued. Unwilling to go down, the Growlithe showed uncanny resolve as he rose up and roared loudly, darting off towards the south until he passed a large white rock out of sight.

"Incredible.." he said out loud, glancing up towards the rock that he saw in his vision. "There!" he shouted, running over towards it to place his hand on it as well.

Jameson looks fairly uninterested in this all, instead looking at the rest of the surrounding area. "One of you let me know when the kid's done being fucking crazy."

Mogwai chases after Caleb to see him checking out the rock "Oh my god..." she says in fake astonishment "A giant rock!"

Again in his mind, Caleb witnessed the Growlithe running by until it fell into a medium sized hole in the ground. The rabillions gave chase, observing the hole for a bit before giving up and disappearing into the brush. Caleb shook his head as he snapped out of his trance, stepping his feet on the ground to locate the hole.

"Sorry, guys..I guess I didn't go into much detail on it before. For as long as I've been alive, I've always had strange visions. It wasn't until much later that I made sense out of them." In the middle of his explanation, Caleb's foot falls through a light collection of leaves, causing him to reach his hands out and grab the ground nearby. "Erp..found it! Careful, it's not a steep drop but it can be if you're not on guard." said the youth as he released his hold, falling into a cave below.

Jameson rolls his eyes. "Never trusted psychics. Too many people claiming, not enough actually backing it up. Whatever." He steps over to the hole, and grunts before jumping into it.

Mogwai follows down after Caleb, jumping in with a flip and using her wings to slow her fall to a somewhat safe speed. Gizmo opts to follow Caleb's approach and climbs down, most likely due to her heavier armor, and focuses light energy into a crystal to serve as a light source "Mind telling us what we're chasing after?"

Caleb continued his explanation while the others descended into the cave. "Like I was saying..I took to calling it the 'dimensional scream'. If I make contact with something, I can witness certain events from its past or future. Though which is which isn't always certain, unless there's context clues."
He then kneeled to the cave floor and placed a hand on it, witnessing the wounded Growlithe resting until a large creature cornered it, picking the pokemon up with its enormous hand and climbing up to the hole, spreading some leaves over the entrance and causing the vision to go dark. "I saw a Growlithe being attacked by..some pink animals. He fell into this hole and was dragged away by something. Something big. He may still be alive." said Caleb, thankful to have Gizmo's light source nearby.

Ahead, the cave system was mostly linear. A few paths branched away, but rocks preventing a larger creature from passing ensured that such was not their destination.

Jameson grunts again at Caleb's explination, responding simply by scowling around the area and cracking his knuckles. "Yeah yeah. You wanna fight the monster and rescue the princess to be rewarded. Simple enough story kid, where are we going?"

Mogwai grins "Well, I can certainly find out..." and runs ahead of the group, her natural aptitude for dark places letting her scout ahead of the light. A short while later she's running back shouting "BIG THING! BIG THING!" and not stopping until she's well in the back.

"That...I don't know. It's dark in here without Gizmo's light, so I couldn't see anything." answered Caleb, nodding towards Mogwai as she went on ahead. "I suppose there are easier pokemon to pursue..but I could sense something different about this one. He survived against all odds, which isn't common among wild my world at least."

Caleb went silent as he saw Mogwai run by. "Big what?" he asked, seeking clarification until the sound of a rocks being smashed echoed across the cave followed by a roar. He began to chase after her while reaching for a flashlight in his backpack.

Jameson places his face into his palm as Mogwai runs back. "Great. Fucking great." The rocket trainer doesn't turn tail however, simply settling into a fighting stance and waiting for the monster to show it's face.

Mogwai stops once she has a few sturdier folks between herself and the beast "I don't know! I don't get much more than vague shapes in the dark... but I think we'll find out soon enough." She summons a whip to her side, as Gizmo picks up a decent sized rock from the ground.

Caleb aimed his flashlight forward, reaching for his axe at the same time. An enormous yeti soon appeared in the light, making no effort to stop. With Jameson at the front, it rises its musclely fist and attempts to smash him with it.

Jameson winces. "Ah shit." Jameson throws up a quick guard, realizing just quickly enough what was going to happen before the yeti's fist slams into him, sending the human off to the side and into a wall with a neat 'thud'.

Gizmo makes the first strike, throwing the rock at the yeti's face before charging in for hand-to-hand combat "It's just a yeti, I was expecting bigger." Mogwai stays in the back, performing a dance. It doesn't appear to be doing anything.

Jameson bats away the teenager's hand, prefering to stand up on his own. "Not one I've ever seen. Then again, I'm no master at these. Just crack it's head and find that little one you wanted." He stands up, advancing back towards the yeti in a more guarded fashion, watching it's moves to dodge attacks flung at him.

Gizmo's fists are enveloped in flames as she channels Salamando's blessing and strikes at the yeti. She mostly keeps her ground instead of dodging, weaving to dodge blows where possible, intercepting with her armored forearms when not. Mogwai steps up her dances to a different style, shards of rock lifting from the cavern floor and firing themselves at the beast.

After recovering from the thrown rock, the yeti roared loudly as flames danced along his fur, causing him to slam the ceiling above and resulting in a series of rocks to fall in front of him.

Jameson hesitates as the yeti roars, but once it's made clear that the rocks weren't going to strike him, the human rushes forwards, applying strikes to the Yeti's side in an attempt to drive the air from it. "Flank the fucker!"

Gizmo hops back, but not in time to avoid the rockfall. She finds herself partially buried in rubble and rather than dig herself out, she switches the flames from gauntlets to a pistol in her free hand and starts firing at the beast.

Entering a primal rage, the yeti began to beat its chest repeatedly and shrugged off the shots and jabs. It began to raise its fist over Gizmo to drop it down upon her, but a sudden blast of flames arrived from behind the yeti, lighting up its fur. The added light revealed a beat up Growlithe, limping on one of its hind legs while bearing its fangs towards the vastly larger creature. The yeti briefly glanced back at the Growlithe with a hateful look on its face, turning back to finish its business with Gizmo.

But before it could attempt to crush the moogle again, Caleb had dropped his flashlight and charged towards the sasquatch with his shasras steel axe, burying its blade into its left arm. Ignorant of pain in its rage, it reached out and grasped Caleb with its other arm, holding him tightly.

Jameson growls out "Oh fuck this" before shifting behind the Yeti and seizing two handfulls of it's hair. Once done, the brawler uses this as leverage to aim and deliver the most powerful nut-shot he can possibly manage with his knee.

Gizmo keeps firing as the flames flicker, and ultimately dissipate leaving her disarmed. Never one to back down, she starts to dig herself off with her free arm, tossing the rocks the yeti's way. Meanwhile, Mogwai changes up her dance again for a more dazzling style.

Jameson's kick to the sasquatch's balls was enough to release the beast from its rage, causing the pain from the previous attacks to bottle up all at once. At the same time, the beast couldn't help but watch Mogwai's dazzling dance, causing it to release Caleb and to fall to its side, the axe falling out of its arm in the process.

Jameson seizes the hatchet himself, not really bothering to wait for Caleb to do so, and steps over to the yeti's head. Raising the hatchet high, he slams it into the fallen creature's throat area with a shout. Once finished, Jameson, scowls around the area for more Yeti, ignoring Mogwai pointedly.

Mogwai goes over to help dig Gizmo out, earning a quick "Thanks." from the latter. The two look over the battlefield at the newcomer. "Oh hey, I knew one of the tiger-dogs was around here. Was that what we came after?"

Caleb gasped suddenly as he gripped his axe. Despite the hatchet in its throat, the yeti's arm suddenly reached out and grasped the Growlithe, gripping it tightly in an attempt to squeeze it to death. Caleb shouted loudly as he pulled his axe back and force it down on the yeti's arm, removing the limb from its body. With the last of its strength gone and no way to breath, the yeti lied completely still.

Caleb panted heavily, thankful that the vision he saw didn't come to pass. He nodded at Gizmo and ignored his weapons at the time to stumble over towards the Growlithe, who instictively escaped from the yeti's hand and took a few steps away. "'s alright..I won't hurt you.." He then reached into his backpack and pulled out a piece of jerky, offering it to the pup.

Jameson frowns. "Yeah sure, no one ask me if I'm fine after having been slung into a wall. Perfectly good, thanks. Just the mother of all back aches. And don't even bother with that kid, just hit it with a Pokeball and let's be on our way. You can kiss and make up with it later."

Mogwai shrugs "I thought I'd take care of the person buried under a pile of rocks first. Besides, you look like you're doing alright." "To be fair, I'm wearing armor. Jameson is not." adds Gizmo.

The Growlithe hesitated at first, but the scent of pure beef was far too tempting. It cautiously drew closer and ate the jerky from Caleb's hand, enjoying the taste immensely. "There..see? There's nothing to be afraid're really something, aren't you?" said Caleb, reaching his hand out to scratch the Growlithe behind its ear. He then glanced towards Jameson. "I'm not sure if I'm ready to use one of those yet..this is how I've always tamed pokemon. But you're right..we do need to get out of here."

Turning his attention back to the Growlithe, he patted its head and carefully leaned over to pick the dog up. "You're safe now..Xenayo. That sounds like a good name for you, don't you think?" He took a quick glance at Jameson, Gizmo, and Mogwai while slowly walking towards the hole they dropped in at. "Could you guys get my things?" he asked, referring to his dropped flashlight, axe, and hatchet.

Jameson raises an eyebrow at the teen. "Do I look like your fucking pack mule?"

Mogwai shrugs and picks up the flashlight and weapons, handing the hatchet to Gizmo "I suppose, since you have your hands full. I hope the dog turns out to be a great member of the team."

"He will." said Caleb, smiling for the first time since entering the cleft. "He will." One might make the mistake of assuming the teenager's intent of replacing the Eevee he lost, but the truth is far from it. He knew what Dusknoir did to Kalin's friends and 'family'. He wanted the void in the Eevee's heart to be filled the day that he would be freed from Darkrai's grasp.