It was... morning? at the very least everyone had started to wake up from their rest. The guild hall was here and it's supply of everything seemed to be infinite.. The water even manged to work despite the lack of pipes for it to connect to. Gemma and Synch at some point during had both gone somewhere, probably into another dream.

The group, eventually getting its act together, steps into what appears to be... a busy festival?... As they step inside suddenly the way back to the Nexus is gone... instead, they are surrounded by faceless shadows of people, going about everywhere and enjoying the festivities. (Gemma)

It was almost identical.. to the Hikari no Matsuri festival that happens in Viorar anually, but something was diffrent.. the city surrounding the festival did not look like Viorar.. it did not look like many of the cities in the Cleft... The buildings were tall and packed close together... To someone who would know, it looked like Tokyo.

Damesik carried the insulated pot with him down the festival main avenue, shield strapped to his other arm "Look, I'm telling you, it works because enough of us think it should work. If enough of us believe it won't work then it stops doing so. It's part of why we can't do half the stuff we could have in our own dreams."

Narukami looks around, blinking. He wasn't entirely sure what was going on, or where he really was after all that other stuff happened. He just decided to head up and walk with Damesik, silent.

Cecilia Greychild pushed her glasses up the rim of her nose and smiled. This place... it was beautiful! Warm lights illuminated varios stalls that seemed to be filled with happy smiling people. The smell of freshly cooked food filled the chilly night air making her stomach growl lightly. The place was so lively and full of energy and joy, she wanted to go explore it immediately.

"Well, if you think so. Dream's arent really my forte, after all." Nancy followed close behind Damesik, looking around nervously at the faceless people. "Let's just hurry up and get there. I want some of that coffee."

Demeter smiled at the beautiful sight of the festival, though some of the folks there might have appeared gloomy, who was she to judge them? Demeter eyed the coffee that Damesik carried with him and remembered the time her simulacrum had some... And he had more than a cup on him? "Crazy...", she simply said quietly to herself as she waltzed on into the mainstrip, looking for something that might appeal to her. Along the way, Demeter bends over and grabs a wad of snow and packs it tight. She looks about the gang and narrows her eyes on her target, smiling sinister-like.

Demeter winds her arm back, ready to catapult the ball. "For..." Demeter paused and looked at the ground in throught. *BING!* And idea hit her. "For HONOR!.. er sumthin'.", she yelled and muttered before launching the snowball at Cecilia!

*THUMP!* The snowball crumbles upon impact as it makes contact with Cecilia Greychild's head, knocking her glasses off one ear. She fumbled to keep them from falling from her face, quickly trying to secure them again. For a moment afterwords she seems to be frozen as she was trying to make sense of the act and the intentions behind it. Then she slowly turned to look at her attacker with an expression of uncertainty. "" Her head sank a little and she reached down, picking up a clump of snow herself. Her hands packed it lightly till she had a nice round ball. "uh..." She tossed it at Demeter, though it was clear her aim was not the best, "Um... uh...F-for...pony?"

Damesik shrugs a bit "Eh, that one masked chick explained half of it to me." he holds up the insulated pot so Nancy can see it "Besides, why'd you think I brought some coffee along with me? I mean, sure, if we need to fight, this thing's hittin the snow harder than a roc slappin into a cliff wall, but I'm not so sure we'll need to worry... this place looks somewhat familiar, and despite the somewhat creepy populace, nobody's attacking us yet."

Damesik nonetheless rested his coffee pot down near his sword as he made his way through the avenues, stopping at the battle cry to look back at the scene and giving a small chuckle and a smiling sigh "And there goes any likelyhood of a serious battle."

Demeter smiled as Cecilia turned arouned and packed snow into a ball herself. After she threw it, Demeter went to dodge but ended up moving right in the way! *Fffomp!* the snowball hit her right in the neck, causing Demeter to shiver from the chills it gave her. Quickly, Demeter gathered more snow into a ball and threw it at Damesik! "Then I'll make it likely!", Demeter shouted through giggles.

Narukami chuckles at the snowball fight, then pulls the card from his pocket to look at it, flipping Izanagi over in his hand. "Hmmm..." he then slipped the card back into his pocket, scooped up some snow, packed it, and chucked it at Demeter.

"I-I guess so." Nancy chuckled a bit as Cecilia and Demeter started a snowball fight. "Look out!" She called as Demeter lobbed a snowball at Damesik.

Damesik lifts his shield to catch the projectile before setting himself down into a more defensive position, giving a laug "Nancy! The coffee bearer is under attack by hostile forces, return fire!"

Cecilia Greychild smiled awkwardly as Demeter seemed to be trying to pull others in for a snowball fight. She busied herself making another snowball glancing around at the others. Should she pick someone to throw a snowball at too? She threw the snowball at Nancy. Instantly regretting it. What if she didn't want to play? What if she got mad?

Demeter covered her face as Narukami threw a snowball at her. The snowball crashed into her braced arms, causing the ball to explode in a cloud of snow dust. Demeter loosened her defensive posture and blew so hard, her lips vibrated. "Gah! Gwehehe!" Demeter kneeled down and used her dress as a barrel, filling it with snow and then charging after Damesik.

As Demeter almost made it to Damesik, she slipped righ by him, tossing the snow she had in her dress into the air and she fell on her back. Shortly after a rain of heavy snow came down over the two.

Narukami blinks, then heads over to Demeter, holding out his hand to help her up. "You alright, Miss?"

Nancy gasped in mock horror. People were threatening Damesik and her coffee!? She had to do something! She turned to bend down and scoop up some snow, only to have a snowball thwap into her face for her troubles. She stood there for a moment, stunned, before shaking her head and spitting out some snow. "It's on now!" She bent down and made a snowball before lobbing it at Celilia.

Cecilia Greychild held her hands over her mouth as she gasped. Nacy did not look to happy. And she expressed this by returning fire. The snowball slammmed into Cecilia's forehead, causing her to flinch. She brushed she snow and quickly knelt down. scooping up the snow and making as many snowballs as she could as fast as she could. Cradling 4 in her arm and one in her right hand, she ducked behind one of the stalls for cover.

As the snow came down, Damesik lifted his shield up just a moment too late as some of the snow slid down the back of his armor "Ghhaaa!" he squirmed a bit in discomfort as he kneeled back down, using his shield as a shovel before throwing a shieldful of snow at Demeter "This is War! If someone on your side is down, you help them up. If an enemy is down, you help them stay there!"

Demeter looked up at Narukami, with wide shiny and sad eyes. She took his hand and pulled herself up... THEN POINT BLANK BLASTS HIM IN THE FACE WITH A SNOWBALL!! "Ay-Yeeee!", Demeter squeals out as Damesik dowsed her in a shieldful of snow! "No fair!", she yelled before she would quickly turn around and dashed through the snow, laughing all the way... To Cecilia... To use as a shield, maybe. Demeter Goes to duck down behind Cecilia and packs a few snowballs herself. The teams seemed mostly decided at this point.

Narukami blinks as his face is now covered in snow. He then observes the teams. On one decided team were two older mebers of the Heroes, one who had been fairly kind to him, the other... all business. And the other team had two young women. His mind was made up, and he slid behind a stall near the two girls and got out Izanagi to help him assault Damesik and Nancy with snowballs.

Greychild peeked around the corner not liking what she saw. Three to two? they were out numbered! She looked at Demeter and frowned lightly. "D-d-do you have a-a-any i-ideas?" She asked, before suddenly gasping Narukami's appearance next to them. She dropped the snowball in her hand. Their defense has been breached!

Nancy ran over beside Damesik. "Is the coffee safe? They didn't do anything to it, did they? Oh, thank goodness." She grabbed the thermos and gave it a hug before putting it in the saftey of a nearby stall. "Alright, let's take them down!" She stamped her foot, causing a filing cabinet to erupt out of the ground near her. "Cover me while I load this thing, would ya?" Nancy started filling the empty drawers with snow.

Damesik blinked as he looked over his shield at Narukami "... Come On! She blasted you while you got up, and you're going with -them-? We've got coffee y'know!" he backed up toward Nancy to give her cover "Y'know, we -could- just build a wall..."

Peeking out from behind the walls of a stall to see what the other team was up to, Demeter shuffled back to the two. "I do!!", she shrieked. She gathered snow into a pile. She plucked a hair from her head then stood up and plucked one from Izanagi. "Sorry! But its totally a part of the plan!!!" Demeter went back to the snow pile she had made and began to chant as the snow pile warped and reshaped, looking more and more like Izanagi. Demeter sat down, seeming somewhat exhausted.

The man started to develop clothing, equal to that of what Izanagi wore. Moments later he stood up, and a snowball formed in each hand. "Kay! So, based off of the power this simulacrum's been given, we have about five to ten minutes. HE is the decoy, we flank them? I dunno. This isnt really my area BUT I have the decoy ready!", Demeter said smiling. The Izanagi duplicate's nose dripped off his face as he stood there, awaiting orders.

Narukami shrugs. "Flanking works for me." he and Izanagi quickly began making their own snowballs, packing and forming them quickly. "Ready to move, just give us the word."

Wow! Cecilia Greychild wished she could do something like that! She really didn't have any magic or special abilities to help her out though. For a moment she felt a little jealous of her teammates. The young girl took one of the snowballs she had cradled in her arm and nodded putting on a serious game-time expression; pressing her lips together tightly and scowling a little. "R-ready!" Admittedly it was an expression that looked ridiculous on her.

"Walls are too easy, we need superior firepower!" Nancy finishes packing one drawer with snow and slams it closed. "I present to you..." She paused to heft the cabinet onto her shoulder with a grunt and holding onto a paper trigger that has formed on it, "the Filing Cannon!" She aimed at the stall that their enemies were hiding behind and waited for someone to come out.

The Izanagi duplicate tromped out into the open, pointlessly tossing snowballs in the other team's general direction, all unlikely to actually hit their targets. As the duplicate approached the other team, his face would began melting faster and faster, his neck seemed to collapse under the weight of his head, causing his head to rest directly on his shoulders. Demeter quickly dashed around to one side, opposite of the way Narukami went.

"Oh, I do not like the sound of that..." Narukami dashes from around the stal, tossing his snowballs as fast as he could, one to Damesik, one to Nancy. Izanagi chucks his snowball, then works to gather snow on his naginata, flinging it in the direction of the opposing team.

Damesik prepared to launch another shieldful at Izanagi, he knew the creture was a deadly combata-..... wait, something was wrong, his snowballs were way off-line, the creture was falling apart to slush "It's a Trap!" Damesik backed into the middle of the avenue away from the stalls as he held up his shield ready for the assault that left a white mark across his shield.

Suddenly Cecilia Greychild had an idea. Just as the Izanagi stepped out from behind the stall she followed, slipping behind it creeping along slowly at its back, using the decoy to shield herself as well as hide her presence. So long as he didn't crumble to their attacks and it kept approaching, she could use it to get closer and make a surprise attack when they realized it was a decoy and let their guard down! She was just like a ninja in those stories! Nin nin!

Nancy was about to fire at the duplicate when she herd Damesik's shout. She turned to look farther down the street, only to get hit in the face with a snowball once again. She blindly fired the Filing Cannon in the direction the snowball came from, sending a large volume of snow barreling down the street. Unfortunately for Nancy, she fell over from the force of the Cannon firing.

The Izanagi duplicate's movements started to slow down, his torso started to melt, flabing over his waist, and his arms quickly drooped down, dropping into the snow and then being dragged through it. The duplicate was unable to throw any more snowballs, just slowly trudge through the snow, nearing the enemy base. (Demeter)

Meanwhile, Demeter came around the side of their base and threw a snowball, one from each hand, at Nancy! Demeter then realized what it was that knocked Nancy on her butt. She saw the rapid fire of snowballs flying at Narukami. Demeter braced for the impact of snowballs, even though they werent aimed at her.

Damesik watched his partner fall in battle "Woman Down!" he shouted as he ran back over to her, sliding down beside her with his shield down as a scoop, wincing immediately at the tactic as he got more snow up in his armor.... no matter, he launched his scooped snow before sitting and moving up to block the incoming shots over Nancy, spluttering as he takes one to the face before he can fully get into position.

"AhshitRAKUKAJA!" Narukami spoke in a blur, Izanagi getting just enough time to throw up a small shield before the snow blasted into him, sending him and his summoner sliding back into the snow. They were alright... cold, and wet, but mostly just from the ground.

Cecilia Greychild mentally prepared herself for her attack, crouching down lower so as to remain unseen. She wasn't close enough, but the decoy was not going to be lasting much longer. The words 'Woman Down!' got her attention, and she peeked out momentarily from behind her moving wall of snow. It was a perfect opportunity since Damesik's back was turned to her. If she was going to attack, now was the time! Cecilia lept up and rushed forward, leaping onto what remained of the decoy and then using it to jump forward towards the enemy, one snowball after the other in quick succession! One-two-three-four! And then her hand touched empty air. Whoops! She probably should have made more.

Nancy struggled to get up from under the heavy Filing Cannon before sliding it off of herself and sitting up, covered in snow. "See? What'd I tell ya? Superior firepower!" She pulled open the top drawer and was about to start loading the cannon again when she saw Cecilia hit Damesik with four snowballs, that and she was close by. She scooped up some snow in her hat and jumped to her feet, starting to chase after poor Cecilia in order to gove her a chilly new piece of headwear.

"Auuugh! Ambush!" Damesik flailed a bit as he held his shield ready in preparation for the rest of the group's attack, scooping up snow with his other hand and beginning to lob the half-packed snowballs at Cecilia, keeping his head low to present a smaller target while defending his partner.

Demeter saw Cecilia flanking Damesik, his defense focused on Demeter. She smiled and started to pack a snowball. If he should change his defensive stance, well... She'd just have the knight's open side! Demeter cackled sinisterly at the position they found themselves. At this point, the duplicate crumbled in on itself, returning to the pile of snow it was made from. Demeter hoisted her snowball and hurled it at the now revealed business women, Nancy!

Narukami scrambled to try to get to his feet, packing another snowball, Izanagi doing the same. As soon as he saw Nancy running after Cecilia, he throws what he has, resulting in a small snowball and a lot of powder, Izanagi doing the same, though his a bit better packed.

Damesik draws a hardy looking steel statue from his armor, dropping it out in front of his shield as he said a small remembered phrase, the motorcycle growing even as it turns transluscent, the knight dropping his shield and lifting the hind end of the motorcycle as he revs the engine "Catch!" the wheels turn on his bike, almost pulling him forward before he can brace himself, the wheels spitting a wave of snow at the magicians.

Many of Damesik's snowball attacks fell short of their mark as he failed to pack them properly, resulting in a rain of powder. What Cecilia Greychild was really concerned about was the hat Nancy was approaching her with filled with snow and threatening to freeze her head. The young woman shrieked and ran away. There was nothing wrong with making a stratigic retreat! ... She just hoped the buisness woman wasn't faster than her.

Staggering backwards, Demeter knew there was no way to penetrate the wave of snow that the knight's motorcycle was reving out at them. She then noted Cecilia retreating. This was probably for the best. The other team had made a good example of the "if you corner a wild animal" scenario. Demeter joined Cecilia in the the team's movement in the fallback. Seems like they were had.

"Come back here, you!" Nancy continued to chase after Cecilia until scooping out some snow from the hat and throwing it at Cecilia's feet and trying to to a jump/plant-hat-on-head manouver on the hapless girl. "Ima get you now!"

"Eep!" Cecilia Greychild ducked, but that was no way to escape. The hat landed squarely on her head, showering her shoulders and face with snow and freezing the top of her head. She shivered, then flailed her arms trying to remove the hat and the icy cold that was within it.

In the midst of their retreat, Demeter found herself behind Nancy. "Oh, you changed sides, huh?", she said making a snowball. "We don't have room for traitors here!", she shouted throwing a snowball at Nancy's backside, her being distracted with attacking Cecilia.

Narukami and Izanagi gather up two snowballs each as fast as they can when they get to their feet, and rush at Nancy, chucking them right at her face! (re)

Nancy, having missed and preformed a faceplant in the snow, picked herself up and promptly got assulted on all sides, driving her back into the snow. A moment later, some of the snow kicked up by Damesik's motorcycle landed on top of the unfortunate witch, completly burying her.

Cecilia Greychild knocked her hat from her head, leaving a rather comical looking pile of snow molded in the shape of the space within the hats interrior. As she dusted herself off, it cracked in two and fell to the side. The young woman bent down, starting to collect some more snow to throw. It was the only thing she could think to do.

The pile of snow shifted a bit before Nancy stood up from it. "Well, that sucked." She grabbed her hat and made a break back towards Damesik.

Damesik stops his wheel spinning long enough for Nancy to get behind the spray, then turns the vehicle partially on its side, revving it again and sending the wave toward the other group again "Do you haters of the dark brew concede defeat?!"

Giggling, Demeter started making another snowball but then stood up as she saw Nancy calmly walking away, sort of disarming the battle. Demeter looked at Cecilia with a smile as she breathed somewhat heavily. "Well, that was fun!", she said tossing her freshly packed ball of snow to the side She then followed Nacy to reform the group and maybe adress the reason they even came here in the first place.

Cecilia greychild shielded her face as the spray of snow was thrown in their direction. "A-Alright!" She cried out, laughing. This had been pretty fun, but it looked as though things were winding down.

Narukami chuckles and rushes in front of the girls with izanagi to try to prevent them from getting even more snow-covered than they alrady were. "We concede!"

"Well, that was fun. But now I'm freezing." Nancy went off in search of the thermos of coffee and brought it back. "Lets have something warm to drink." She hands it to Damesik to do the honors.

Damesik chuckles and lets the wheel wind down before muttering another phrase, the motorcycle beginning to shrink as he takes the pot up "Very well, I accept your surrender." he gives a salute with the pot before beginning to open it, warm steam rising out from it into the cool air.

Demeter batted away at the oncoming rain of slush, but to no avail. Demeter found herself soaked and freeing. After Damesik let up, Demeter released a sigh of relief saying "Gosh! I haven't had that much fun for sometime! Thanks guys, I really needed that!" to the guild members. She remembers the smell of the coffee, bringing back a memory that was barely even hers. "So, what are you doing here? I must have forgotten, what with the snow-throw-down!", she said hyping their little event.

Greychild brushed some lingering clumbs of frozen snow from her hair as she followed Nancy. A warm drink seemed nice, but she was soaked and cold and would probably have preferred a warm blanket and/or some dry clothes.

Narukami smiles and follows Nancy as well. He notices that, though his pants definitely need to be hung to dry, his jacket is fine. Instead of enjoying the fact his torso isn't wet, he takes the jacket off and puts it around Cecilia. "You look like you could use this more than me, miss."

The sound of bells jingle as a woman drops a bag she was carrying. She stares at the group of people as they finish their snowball game, something wasn't right.. something was very very wrong. She opens her mouth to speak and then immediately shuts it before turning and walking in the opposite direction... She needed to get away from theese people..She had a headache.

The woman.. looked to be in her mid twenties, and was wearing festival clothes, she had black hair and a very young face... She leaves her bag and her bells behind as she goes, and surely her sprint away would've put distance between herself and the group if she didn't immediatly trip over her clothes.

Demeter watched the girl spot them, drop a jingly bag, and run away. "OH NO!", Demeter shouted in the woman's direction, terror ringing in her voice. Demeter ran to the jingly bag and picked it before chasing after the woman. "Miss! Miss! You left you bag of sounds! Things that ring like this give birth to angels or something..." Demeter came to a stop, caught by backfiring thought. "Wait... How'd that go?"

"Hey, didn't she have a face?" Nancy peers after her. "I guess that stands out a bit?"

Cecilia Greychild's cheeks burn a bright crimson color, and it wasn't due to the cold. "T-t-th....Th....thank......THANKYOUVERYMUCH!" She quickly looked down, her face growing more red by the second. The sound of ringing filled her ears and she lifted her head towards it, cheeks still rosey. "I-is that... um... the one we are looking for...t-then?" Nancey was right. She did seem different than the others here.

Narukami smiles at Celcelia, then looks to the woman who fell. He rushes to her, offering her a hand. "Are you alright, ma'am? This walkway is very slick." Izanagi huffs and follows after hs summoner, patting Cecilia on the head gently.

Damesik sighs and takes a drink from his pot of coffee before handing it over to Nancy "Looks like we found her..."

The woman looks up at Narukami, her eyes widening... This was wrong and she had no idea why. "S-s Stay away!"

Nancy sips from the pot. "Yup. Looks like it." She takes another sip and hands it back to Damesik. "Dream coffee isn't nearly as good as the real thing. Oh well." She knocked some residual snow out of her hat and wore it again. "You think we should help them any?"

Demeter looks at the Narukami then back to the woman. "But it's YOUR bag of jingling. We're just trying to give it back to you... Maybe try and wake you up? Sumthin'.", she said slowly trying to slowly raise the bag of rings to the woman and not seem alarming.

Greychild nervously stepped forward, this had to be pretty awkward for the woman. It was still not the most comfortable thing for Cecilia after all. "Um... We um... uh...S-sorry f-for intruding... o-on your d-dream. I-its a nice dream! um..." She glanced at the others. Perhapes it would have been better to let them speak.

Narukami keeps his hand help out to the woman, offering to help her up. "Ma'am, we're not here to hurt you. We're here to help. I understand that you wouldn't want to leave this, but we need to be going."

"Going... Dream I don-." the woman stops talking as the dropped bag forms up on the ground into a rectangular shape, a bell forming the door Knob. "Oh" the woman squeaks out as she lets Narukami help her up.. She steps towards the door, talking quietly to herself. "I just wanted to be home again.. you know? The festival is the closest thing I've had since falling in here." without waiting for a response the embarassed woman opens the door and steps through... The world and all its snow fading to black as she exits.