Prometheus slings his shotgun with a smooth motion before drawing the rusted and battered sword. He steps over to the larger round ghosts and plants the tip of the blade in one as it gives him a glare. "In my line of work, you get too many hands workin', things get crowded and hectic. Just make sure yer boys don't catch us with a spare bullet."

Damesik hardly notices the scratches as he dives into one of the dark spheres, the sphere dispersing, revealing him to be covered in even more scratches "I'm just gonna point out that moving into one of those hurts."

The grenades falter before petering out, the newer ghosts falling from above no longer solidifying as they slide in, with more coming from below again. Many of the ghosts begin to wink out of existence, though none of the ghastly, not simply crumbling as though hit, just disappearing, one of the soldiers giving a cry of pain a moment later as five ghosts suddenly appear around him, their manical laughter piercing the noise of battle, just as their claws seem to have pierced the man, who gives a couple bloody coughs, still trying to shoot at the ghosts even as he falls lifelessly to the floor.

"Shit!" Demonicor rushes to the man, slashing his hand open before stabbing at one of the gengar near him, his blood pooling oddly on the ground, building into a reddish mockery of one of the larger ghosts, which laughs as it gleefully turns on its bodiless counterparts.

Narukami ticks as he keeps slashing at the ghosts he can, Izanagi doing the same, but working to try to be more defensive in nature to prevent what happened to the soldier from happening to them.

Prometheus breaks off from assaulting the ghosts as he steps back to the fallen soldier, hurling his sword at one spirit before re-drawing his shotgun and beginning to reload it. "How many of these targets are we going to have to down anyways?"

Damesik swings about with both his shield and his sword, not caring if theres no visible targets, actually managing to take one by surprise as he backs away to the group "I would greatly appreciate not dying here! Did you even have a plan at all?"

One of the soldiers pulls a grenade, waiting a few seconds before lobbing it upwards, the shockwave clearing ghosts out to the sides so they don't fall in right on top of the group, the grenade landing near, emitting its pulses again.

"He should be here by now... where's the big one? Come on!" Demonicor stabs about with his long knife, the blood gengar stabbing at his former compatriats cheerfully with its claws.

The gengars past the edges of the grenade stop and plant their feet, few of them solid yet, their eyes and hands glowing eerily with a yellowed light.

Narukami pulls the pin of his grenade and chuckes it at the gengars, allowing it to go off before he and Izanagi rush them. he also yells out "Zio!" to see if he could use his lightning ability, or if he would have to simply attempt to slash at the creatures before they could get their attack off.

Prometheus kneels and reaches behind himself, collecting the rifle from the downed soldier as he drops his now loaded shotgun. Sighting the borrowed weapon with practiced ease, Prometheus proceeds to put a bullet between the eyes of a gengar outside Izanagi's easy attacking range.

Damesik stays near the group, the knight breathing heavily as he slashes and slams his shield at ghosts, the knight ignoring his wounds for the moment.

One of the gengar manage to get his attack off, a yellowed beam slicing through the air, easily piercing through the red gengar and turning it into just a puddle of coagulating blood. The rest of the gengar either falling back, turning their claws toward Izanagi, or crumbling beneath the attacks, all of them abandoning their move.

Demonicor looks over toward the edge of the room, a smile growing on his face "Yeah, that's right... come on you jerk... come get it." he drew out a few grenades, cheerfully rolling them across the floor toward a less populated section of the room.

Narukami winces as Izanagi is clawed at, but he and Izanagi only fight harder, chasing after the retreating beasties, slashing at them.

Prometheus grunts as the ghosts let off some kind of yellow energy beam, and turns his rifle on the spirit that let it off in question, putting enough bullets through the being to make sure it was dead. Once the magazine ran empty, Prometheus stands and collects his shotgun. "Boy, get your armored man back so I can drop a few of those beasties!"

The grenades Demonicor threw out detonate, their glow practically petering out as an electric blue ball of swirling energy appears in the air, multiple orbs of magenta slowly circling within its still semi-transparant body as a smile forms on its face. The Spiritomb floating toward the group as Demonicor points it out "Someone get something on that thing! Bullets, swords, whatever, just try to drop it!" the soldiers turn and fire on it, their bullets slowing and leaving a trail as they pass through the creature, seeming to do barely anything, a change coming in the atmosphere around the group as the magical energy in the area is drained and siphoned away into the spiritomb.

Narukami and Izanagi turn to the new being, rushing at it, avoiding the other ghosts to attack it, stabbing at it with their might combined!

Prometheus levels his freshly reloaded shotgun at the newly arrived spirit, but growls as the kid and his armored buddy rush directly into his line of fire. "Gods damnit kid!" He repositions the shot, putting a load of buckshot into the gengar that used to be accosting them.

The spiritomb just turns as the swords slash through it, leaving a slowly sealing trail through its partially corporeal essence, looking at the accompanying summon and reaching out towards as a stretching shadow appears on the ground.

Damesik pulls the pin on the grenade he has and rolls it across the ground past the spiritomb, the ghost solidifying a bit more before the grenade even detonates... without a flash of any sort, its ability seemingly dead, the knight giving a small curse under his breath as he strikes at nearby ghosts.

Narukami and his summoned being dodge back, leaving space for anyone wishing to fire at the spiritomb to do so without worry.

The shadow on the ground swipes at the spot Izanagi just was, leaving a smear of dark energy in the air for a moment before the spiritomb follows after, cackling wildly.

Prometheus drops his newly spent shotgun as he collects the grenades from the fallen soldier next to him. "All units, Focus on the primary enemy!" He swiftly pulls the pin on both devices and throws them at the monster slowly advancing on his new allies.

The ghost ignores the grenades nearby, already deadening their magic as they pass close, fusing it with itself long before the devices erupt, spurring the corporeal creature forward, whorls of ghostly aura appearing below it, forming into dark balls of energy even as bullets tear through it, the ghost giving a loud cry as it launches one of the balls at the group before cracks and lines appear on the Spiritomb, finally bursting in a flash of bright cyan energy as it crumbles into nothing.

Ghosts all around the room, corporeal or not, begin to crumble, one by one, as their master falls to nothingness, leaving the hum of the emitters as the only sound in the room.

Damesik moves to intercept the ball of energy, which collides with his shield with a loud crack, leaving a brightly glowing red spot on the face of the metal and managing to push the knight back a few feet, where he releases his shield with a yell.

Narukami sighs, and puts his hands on his knees, breathign heavily. Izanagi moves to check on his summoner. "Is it over...?"

Prometheus picks his shotgun back up and reloads the weapon regardless, scanning the area for any more enemies. "Looks like it. for now anyways. What would you say, boss?" He looks to Demonicor, waiting for a positive or negative answer.

Damesik sat where he landed for the moment, gritting his teeth painfully "Will someone do me a favor, and give my arm a good hard yank? It's... dislocated..."

Demonicor looks around as well, warily taking in the atmosphere, before pointing the soldiers to go shut off the emitters "Yeah, that looks like all of them." he walks over to Damesik and kneels beside the knight, giving him a strip of jerky to bite down on and a count of two, before setting his arm back in its right place, the knight giving a small muffled yell.

Narukami sighs, then straightens up. "Alright, then. Let's get out of here." With that, Izanagi returns to his card form, appearing in Narukami's hand.

Prometheus crossed the room and collects his sword, before also picking up the fallen soldier. "Right. Let's get out of this deathtrap then." He doesn't wait here any longer, beginning up the stairs.

Damesik gets up after a moment, gathering his shield and following after the other two, still breathing heavily "I've gotta get a new line of work..."

Demonicor and the soldiers round out the group, filing after them into the transport, the soldiers giving Prometheus a nod on their way to their seat, the summoner hitting the switch to close the door and the switch beside it "Pilot, take us out to Shrike, then back around to Truce." he pulls a few bags from his pockets, tossing each to the three he hired "You did me quite a favor there. Glad that trick with the grenades actually worked."

Damesik looks into his coin pouch, going slackjawed "If I ever suggest finding a different line of work again, someone shoot me."