The sun still shone highly in the sky, maybe an hour or two past its zenith, as the crew made their way from the Heroes for Hire guild, along the beaten path between fields that used to lead to Crysta, the day somewhat cool with the edge of fall in the air.

Demonicor walked slowly beside the Knight and Teenager who were assigned to him, trying to get a bead on their skills "You two are really their only non-magical battlers? I'm not really questioning your abilities, but I would rather it were more than just the two of you." he continued along the road at an even pace.

Narukami sighs, following along, flipping his card over and over in his hand, his glasses already on. "Well, my ability is more psychic... I think. It's based around my psyche, so I suppose that means it's less magical than the rest. I probably won't be able to use Zio or anything.... but Izanagi and I will definitely work to hole our own."

Damesik shook his head as he gave his own sigh "I don't know what you expected... it isn't like magic is a scarcity, or limited by the gods. We know what we know." he hoisted his shield, flexing his arm and quietly giving a small tsk.

Demonicor blew off his concerns with a wave of his hand "Well, it should be alright anyways, you'll do what you can with what you can do. I've got a few friends willing to help, and a couple who already did, but that can wait til we're on our way." the taller man move a little more quickly at the mention of moving on, looking towards Truce's gate with a purpose.

Narukami nods. "Alright, sir." he keeps moving, continuing to flip the card in his hand.

Damesik gave a small grunt of acquiescence as he strode along, willingly trying to believe his selection for the mission wasn't something stupid.

The adventure party wove their way through the town, making for the docks of Truce where a transport sat, looking something like a smallish blocky submarine, a crewman stood lazily near it smoking a cigarette.

Another man is also standing at the dock, odd only in the items that are nearby him. A huge crate of potatoes and carrots sits to one side, and a sword lies in his hands, the man currently picking at some of the larger spots of rust marring it's surface. Also slung to his back seems to be some kind of firearm, and a second blade with an extremely odd handle.

Narukami looks at the man, nodding at him. "Hello, sir." he says nothgin more, just looks around.

Demonicor stood near the transport a moment before calling to the man "I'm not sure, but you seem a bit like you've been waiting on something longer that you wish to be. Is there any chance you're skilled with those weapons you're carrying?" he gives the man a sly smile.

Prometheus looks up from his weapon and examines the small group who had arrived next to him. "Aye, not a huge issue though. I'm a farmer son, I'm used to waiting around. As for my skill with the weapons I carry, yeah, I'm pretty good with them. You getting to something?"

Demonicor cheerily waves a hand at his small group "Well, to be honest, we're short a man or two, and I'm expecting some trouble. I'm leading these fine gentlemen to a base which has been... lets say, overrun. If you wantes to join us, I can not only pay you, but I can take you where you wished to go afterwards. How does that sound?"

Prometheus grunts, and rubs at his chin. "Mmmh. Sounds like a good enough deal." He sheathes his sword, and then hefts the crate of tubers. "Name's Prometheus. Let's do what we're doin' quick, I gotta get these to Shrike sooner rather than later."

Damesik rolls his eyes as he boards the transport, slinging his shield across his back "Great, more allies to bleed over..."

Demonicor chuckles and bows the new man ahead "Good to have you aboard then, I am known as Demonicor."

Narukami smiles a bit at Prometheus. "Hello, sir. I'm Narukami Yu. Glad to be fighting alongside you." he then heads onto the transport, still holding his card.

Prometheus shrugs as the people introduce themselves, and steps onto the transport as well, stowing his crate somewhere safe. "Any word on what we're fighting?"

"Ghosts." Demonicor says it plainly as he steps onto the ship, closing the hatch behind him. The ship isn't empty, three semi-armored troops already sitting about.

Narukami blinks. "G-ghosts? Really? Interesting..." he takes a seat, still flipping the card in his hand.

Prometheus isn't visibly perturbed by the mention of ghosts as he settles onto the ship. "I assume, since you asked about my skill with my weapons, you have some way for us to affect them. Because from my experience weapons just generally pass through them."

Damesik looks at his emploer, before shaking his head lightly with a scoff "Sure, why not, I've seen enough stupid crappy magic. I suspect you've got a plan beyond 'swing at em and hope they die', right?"

Demonicor gives a small chuckle "I told two of you about a friend helping me out. Well, he happens to have had some experience with ghosts." he reaches back and grabs a grenade-like device, lightly tossing it to Prometheus, rolling another couple to his other two allies "These will, at least temporarily, render them semi-physical. They're a bit of a modification on something that's been used before."

Prometheus examines the grenade with a raised eyebrow. "Huh. If you say man. It's not going to hurt us if we get inside of the blast radius, right?" He stores the grenade by slipping the spoon's lip into his belt, waiting for the man's response.

Damesik looks over his grenade "And you'll tell those of us, who have obviously never held one, how to work it right?"

"No, it shouldn't. In essence, all it is, is a flash bang, with a non-standard flash." Demonicor chuckles and smiles, before pressing a button near the door in a signal to the front cockpit, the transport getting under way "All you do is pull the pin, and aim it for somewhere beneath your target. Though, it's still probably a better idea to not be holding it when it goes off."

Narukami nods. "Sounds simple enough. Well, better get Izanagi out before we end up getting into battle..." With that, he crushes the card, it shatters, and a tall man in a long coat with a full helm and a naginata appears, sitting beside him.

Prometheus eyes the sudden appearance of the man before them. "Huh, cool, you some kinda summoner, kid? I shared a few beers with one of those guys once. Cool party tricks. Nice looking ladies."

Demonicor looks at Narukami appraisingly, arching an eyebrow but letting him answer on his own.

Narukami chuckles a bit. "You could say that." Izanagi just lets out a low sound, like a "harumph", but stays in his seat.

Prometheus nods along with the kid as he explains himself. "Good ta have you with us then, kid. Sadly I've only got my flask today, so no alcohol for you. Ya look too young for it anyways."

The transport took some time to reach its destination, Demonicor occasionally glancing at a device along the way, the soldiers quiet for most of trip, occasionally talking among themselves.

At some point, the transport cut movement entirely, the employer of the expedition standing and giving a small nod "We're here. The one we're going for isn't likely to be easily dropped, however I do have a few tricks of my own once we have it solid. We'll be wanting a nice loud battle before then, to draw him in. Anyone have any questions?"

Narukami shakes his head, him and Izanagi standing as one. "Nope. Let's get going."

Prometheus stands as well, checking his weapons. "Yeah, I'm good. Let's get this mission under way, gang." This all almost seems completely normal to him. Almost like it was just another day farming.

Damesik nods with the others as he gets up, tucking away the grenade he had been almost continually playing with "Lets go."

The three soldiers stood with everyone else, readying their weapons and gear as they cut down their talk. Demonicor turned and hit the button, preparing to step out as the hatch slides open "Time to send a few creatures on to the afterlife."

The area was enclosed, and vaguely lit by the flickering lights high above, the docks seeming to be like a bridge of floating metal panels, more than a few transports in the area looking abandoned with algae beginning to grow on their sides. The docks lead to a dam or wall of sorts, with a switchback staircase going all the way up to the top of the wall, black stains of dust, soot, or grease marking many places along the way.

Narukami climbed out of the transport, Izanagi close behind, putting his naginata in front of his summoner to keep him back, going ahead of the group.

Prometheus doesn't even question anything, drawing the firearm from it's sheath on his back, revealing it to be an old double barreled shotgun. He opens the breech, checking that the weapon is loaded, before snapping it back closed and advancing after the armored man.

Damesik followed behind as he readied his shield again, quickly drawing his blade as soon as he steps from the docks.

The soldiers behind began to spread out, moving ahead quietly with Demonicor, their rifles at the ready, quickly taking the steps before sliding a few disc shape devices across the floor, their guns pointing at the exits, though each also has a grenade prepared. The area at the top of the stairs seeming just as wide as the docks below, though only 30ft long, benches and pillars here and there, making the place look like either a train waiting platform or a park, the smears of dark soot covering the floor here as well.

Narukami looks around, drawing his blade and holding it with both hands as he and Izanagi keep moving.

The soldiers wait for the others to catch up, before a low humming sound emits through the room, seeming to come from the discs, the soldiers keeping their guns intently trained on the corners of the room.

Narukami keeps looking around, back to back with izanagi, waiting for something to appear to fight.

Prometheus pulls the grenade from his belt, tossing it up and down in his hand as he waits for SOMETHING to happen.

Damesik looked around as he watched for any movement, his shield and sword both prepared nervously.

It starts small, plumes of purple ethereal smoke rising from the ground, followed by the black smiling orbs that it seems to issue from. In other places, wisp-thin purple spirits rising and coalescing into a more wicked creature, their sharp clawed hands seemingly detached from their bodies.

"Wait for it... We want a few more..." the ghosts keep rising, not caring what Demonicor says, though they all begin to focus on the group, almost sounding as though they were laughing, the ghastlys and haunters looking at the group with contemptful mirth.

Narukami looks around at the creatures. "Huh... they looks familiar." Izanagi spins his naginata, not caring about how Narukami thought he might have caught these creatures in a game back home.

Prometheus blatantly pulls the pin on his grenade, though he keeps the handle depressed so the object doesn't go off yet. "So we're just dropping these things? You seriously needed like 7 people for this?"

The ghastlys and haunters continue to rise from the floor, fatter and more bipedal ghosts rising with them as the ghastlys begin to turn more agressive, flying at the group, the ghosts apparantly attracted to the noise. Demonicor gives a laugh "The grenades don't kill them, something like that would require much more collateral damage. They just help." he gives a yell as one begins to rise up through his foot, limping a bit before yelling "Fine, just drop the jerks already."

A pair of the soldiers release their grenades, the explosives rolling along the ground before detonating in a green flash, the shockwave catching the ghosts and transforming their transluscence into solidity, as the third opens fire, beginning to take out a few of the ghastly.

Narukami swings his sword at those that are solid comign at him, Izanagi also swinging his blade, slashing at them.

Prometheus grunts as the spirits begin rising. The work seemed simple enough, he gives the grenade in his hand an underhand toss, planting the device in the middle of an un-exposed group before it explodes. The first sign that Prometheus might not be human rises now, as the 'farmer' levels his shotgun onehanded and squeezes the trigger, both barrels of the weapon letting loose a massive 'BOOM' before lead flies from them.

Ghastly fall to nothingness around the room, mixed intermediately with haunters, though the gengars all appear much tougher, a single one falling beneath the attacks, no more of them rising from the ground, instead beginning to fall from the ceiling, solidifying on their way down, the grenades continuing to pulse for the moment.

Damesik moves into battle with the haunters and gengars, ignoring the Ghastlys for now, using his shield to block what he can of the strikes against him.

"So, do you wanna tell me again why I don't need seven people?" Demonicor strikes at the ghosts nearby with a knife, the soldiers mostly focusing on the ghastlys, though fields of darkness begin to surround many of the haunters, the gengars beginning to give a glazed over glare at anything living.

Narukami keeps working at slashing the ghastlys and hauntars, while Izanagi slashes at any approaching larger hauntars or gengars.