Cleft Of Dimensions - Friday, October 11, 2013, 8:31 PM
Characters(Narukami,Cecillia Greychild,Nancy,Leia,Damesik,Porslain,Gemma,Synch.)
Players (Crossroads,Forte,Shamaster,Bec,Hastur,Demonicor,Demeter)

It was early evening the day after the disaster on Metal Rock Island. The heroes were all relaxing in their own ways, some in the lounge talking with their companions, some out drinking thier problems away, and some by pestering their friends. Speaking of those, Gemma and Greychild are entering the lounge now, having just returned from a "Surprise visit" to Greychild's house.

Gemma says ' "Seriously though Cecillia, hear me out... Bar, drinks..... More drinks... I don't now how this is so hard for you, it would be great!" Greychild is being drug by her arm into the lounge filled with people.'

"So, I did what I had to, and I-" Damesik stopped as he looked up away from his storytelling "Oh, hey Gemma, where've you been?"

Nancy looks over and waves. "Oh hey, so nice of you all to join us."

the blushing girl had been trying to tell Gemma something all the way here, but nothing seemed to come out of her mouth as she was dragged along out of the woods and over the mountains. And every time she thought she had a chance to say what she wanted, Gemma would come up with another topic to keep conversation going. Cecilia Greychild was beat both mentally and physically by the time they made it to the lounge of the guild, and was more than ready to just plop down in the nearest seat and agree to

agree to whatever the younger woman was talking about. But taking a seat without invitation to would be rude of her, wouldn't it? So she just hung close to Gemma, clenching the trap of her bag nervously with one hand. (Greychild)

Narukami looks up from looking at his card. He blinks and looks at Gemma, smiling a bit. "Oh, hey, Gemma." he then looks at the poor girl being dragged along. "Who's your friend there?"

Synch sits in an extremely awkward corner of the lounge, looking at all the people awkwardly as people file into the room, petting the massive beetle in his lap. Really, he was starting to rethink the entire 'join up with a guild full of lots of people he didn't know' thing. It was a bit beyond anything he had done before.

Nancy lounges back on her paperwork seat. "Where were you all anyway?"

Gemma turns to Damesik I was just out getting pretty much the best doctor in the Cleft... She's...." Gemma stops, as if suddenly remembering something."She's going to sit down and wait for me while I go get her something from my room." Gemma guides the nervous girl over to a couch and pushes her down onto the couch before running out of the room, giggling like a teenager.

Nancy raises an eyebrow. "Well alright then."

Narukami blinks, then walks over to the girl. "Are you alright, Miss? She wasn't too rough in bringing you here, was she?"

Damesik chuckles a bit and shakes his head as he reclines back, looking across at the young girl "So, ms Greychild, how has the guild been treating you?" the knight's shield rested at his feet, though he seemed rather relaxed by now "I've seen you about a few times but I don't believe we've met."

Synch looks nervously around the area, and lets out a silent sigh. They seemed to all be congregating around one girl in specific, except a woman who didn't care. That was fine. The beetle in his lap also doesn't care, instead it just looks vaguely towards the people before letting out a low sound. "Moooo".

Greychild was about to object to being the best doctor in cleft. She really was no medical expert and was only familiar with basic first aid, but then the woman pushed her to the couch and forced her to sit, and then left before she had a chance to. She looked at the group gathered there, giving them an awkward smile before looking down at the floor mumbling what might have been a "H-hello" in a voice that couldn't even qualify as a whisper, nodding in response to Narukami's question. "um..." She felt

She felt like the spotlight was entirely on her now! What should she say? She wasn't a hero so she didn't exactly belong here. The last time she was here she was just a client! "I am am j-just visiting." Cecilia Greychild answered shyly.

Damesik chuckles a bit, a friendly grin forming on his face "It's fine miss, I can tell the difference between a client and a coworker..." he glanced over to Nancy before giving a chuckle "Well.... in most cases at least."

Narukami gives the girl a smile. "I see. Well, make yourself comfortable." He then looks over to the new person in the corner. He decides to head over to him, get a better looks.

Nancy snorts at Damesik. "Yeah yeah. Laugh it up."

Cecilia Greychild sank deeper into her chair, as if it would offer her some sort of escape. It was difficult to make herself feel comfortable when so many people were present here but regardless the word "Okay." Managed to squeak out of her mouth. She glanced off in the direction Gemma disappeared, mentally willing the girl to come back so she could take the attention off of her.
Synch looks up as he notices someone coming near him. The guy looked okay enough, bit pale. Cool clothing though. As a precursor to questions Synch expects the approaching man to ask, he digs through his pocket and retrieves a small slip of paper. The beetle on his lap feels this movement, and responds once more with a simple "Mooooooo".

Narukami blinks, then takes the paper, reading it, taking his glasses from his pocket and putting them on, even though his eyes are perfectly fine.

Shrugging a bit at the seemingly traumatized girl, Damesik leans down to take up his shield, standing and stretching "Ah, they didn't really seem all that interested in my story anyways." he starts for a different room "If anyone wants some coffee, I think I've got how to work the pot right."

Cecilia Greychild tries to hold back a sigh of relief as the group loses interest in her and carries on about their own business. She shifts in her seat, almost fighting to release her arms from the straps of her bag.

Nancy stands up. "I’m going to go get something to drink. Any of you all want anything?"

Narukami looks up from reading. "A cup of coffee for me, thanks. Black." He then looks back tot he paper. "Synch, huh? Nice to meet you. I'm Narukami Yu, but, you can just call me Yu. If you can, that is."

Synch just smiles softly at Narukami, and shakes his head. The beetle in his lap examines Narukami, spends a few moments wondering why the boy isn't paying attention to him, and then ceases caring as Synch holds out his hand for the piece of paper.

Greychild set her bag on the ground and opened it quietly, peeking inside to check on the two 'thank you' gifts for Gemma. It seemed both had safely made the trip. Now where was she? The young woman closed her backpack again and stood up from her seat, hefting it over her shoulder. Maybe she should just go upstairs to check.

Gemma is suddenly standing back in the entry to the lounge, excitedly holding a smaller gift wrapped box. "I got this for you! After you lost your diary" she jumps over the couch and sits next to Cecilia, pushing the box into her hand.

Narukami chuckles. "I suppose calling me Naru would be a bit easier, though." he hands the paper back to Synch, looking at the beetle. "That's an odd creature..."

Nancy heads to the kitchen and starts fiddling with the coffee maker. "Let's see... Black, here we are." She turns to see Damesik coming after her. "Oh, hey."

Synch shrugs in response to Narukami, and pockets the piece of paper he had given the other boy. The beetle on his lap seems to almost take offense when it's referred to as 'An odd creature', an gives off an indignant "Moooo" in response.

Cecilia Greychild nervously took the box from the woman, "I..." She adjusted her glasses, her voice lowering, "Something f-for you too. B-but...." She stared down at the box in her hand feeling a wave of panick sweep over her. She had a couple things for Gemma too! But she had completely neglected to wrap them up! She hadn't even considered it! She stared down at it. "N-n-nevermind I c-can give it to you later..." She looked between Gemma and the box, then carefully undid the wrapping managing not to rip the paper.

Damesik mutters a bit "Alright, now I know you're doing it on purpose..." he made his way over toward the coffee pot, waiting for Nancy to finish as he set aside his shield.

Gemma Inside the box there was a fairly normal looking walkie-talkie, except it was impossible to remove the battery cover. "I got it made special! It'll work no matter how far away you are, and you don't even have to change the batteries because I know you don't get out much" she smiles and holds another one in her hand. " If you're in trouble you can call me whenever!".... she stops for a minute... "Now it's your turn! Gift me!"

Narukami blinks at the beetle, then smiles and reaches out to pet it. "Interesting... what kind of beetle are you, exactly?"

Synch sighs silently at Narukami. Sometimes people just didn't get it. Even after you had 'talked' for a few solid minutes. The beetle gives off it's interpretation of a yawn, stretching it's mouthparts wide and giving an... unhappy view of what's inside before the beetle circles on Synch's lap and lays down to sleep.

Nancy exhales explosively and turns to Dameisk. "Ugh, can you get this thing to work? Coffee makers here are so weird." She stands to the side to let him get at it.

Greychild takes the walkie-talkie out of the box and turns it over in her hand carefully. "T-thank you Gemma!" She smiles at the woman, her face pink from blushing. Electronic things had a tendency to be so expensive! She really couldn't believe Gemma had something like this made for her. Cecilia Greychild smiled and decided to try it out, pressing down the button on the side, "T-Test---"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The young woman jumped nearly dropping
the device as the sound of feedback sounded off loudly, amplified by the hallways and echoing for all within the building to hear. She let go of the button and looked around guiltily, face turning a bright red in embarrassment "S-sorry." Cecilia Greychild looked back to Gemma who was waiting for her gifts and tried her best to smile as she withdrew a rolled up poster featuring the image of men all providing the camera with their best 'Sexy' poses. Two humans, and one hylian stands out in front, all shirtless. A giganto is in the back still seems to be wearing a jersey covering up his body. One of the guys in the front is holding a basket ball. Above their heads in large letters is a logo reading Power^. "A-Aren't...Aren't they dreamy~" Greychild smiles and closes her eyes, as she digs through her back for the second gift.

Damesik stares at the businesswoman, the knight from a medieval era (from what he's had explained), staring at the woman from a level 7 technological world (also from explanation, though he's still lost on who exactly made those numbers up), who can't use a coffee machine. He reaches over, not even looking away from the woman as he slides the top open "This, is where the coffee goes, the ground up stuff that you push hot water through to become coffee."

Damesik turns and empties it before filling it with new grounds, gesturing to it with a look of 'tadah', before taking the pot and filling it with water, pouring it into the chamber, and sliding the pot in place and maker's top closed, turning the machine on "And now, we wait."

Gemma started giggling as she took the posters from Greychild, "They're something is what they are." it was the thought that counts.

Nancy looks like she's about to go west, but suddenly stops short at the door.

Narukami blinks as he views what's inside the beetle. "Yeah, not gonna mess with you." He nods at Synch. "Nice meeting you." He then heads back over to his originial seat in the lounge.

Synch gives the other boy a small wave as he walks away, then allows himself a small sigh. He gives the beetle an irritated jab in the side of it's shell, but the sleepy creature doesn't seem to care in the slightest. Now trapped under the sleepy insect, Synch looks at the rest of the crowd and has a small daydream about interacting with them.

Walking in the double doors, opening both as she enters. Making her way through the foyer and into the lounge, PorSlain followed the sounds of laughter and conversation into the lounge. 'Oh, goodie! I'm not late!', the salamander thought. Spotting Gemma, PorSlain stood behind the gathering, looking them over, trying to figure out if they might be hinting at what the mission would be.

Nancy grumbles. "Oh shut up, I haven't made coffee for myself in years. That's why we have interns." She goes to get the mugs while they wait for the coffee.

Greychild pulled the next gift out of her backpack. "I um... well... you see I ran out o-of fabric so..." It was a stuffed brown rabbit, hand sewn with care and quite cuddly looking. It looked at Gemma with one green glass eye as the place where the other eye should have been seemed to be covered up with a black eye-patch with a makeshift round blob and 'X' that was meant to be a skull and cross-bone. Upon one leg was a wooden peg, hand carved just like the hook that was sewn into the other hand. "S-so I-

"S-so I-I made him into a pirate!" Cecilia Greychild held the bunny up to where it covered her face and she lifted its hooked arm, waving it up and down as she whispered, "Aaargh."

Damesik stood there waiting for the pot to finish, not even bothering to hide his boredom.

Gemma takes the rabbit and hugs Greychild, "Thankee" (A woman calmly walks through the hall towards the basement, dressed in full robes and wearing a mask with a crooked smile on it... No one seems to notice her.)

Synch looks at the newcomer with a raised eyebrow but... then again no one seemed to care about people just walking around inside this place. Odd looking clothing though. Strange mask. He swings his feet as he waits for a moment, deciding if he should wait for someone to notice him again. The beetle on his lap looks up blearily as Synch's legs start moving.

Shrugging, Synch picks up his beetle and attaches the creature to his back. Now was a good a time as any to see what was going on in the rest of the base. After all, he had already seen the bunk room, maybe downstairs was something cool, like the armory! He stands and begins following the odd lady.

Watched Cecilia play with a pirate bunny for a moment before looking over and noticing Damesik. A bright yellow '!' popped over PorSlain's head as she went to him, approaching from behind. 'He's gotta know something about this... Mission?', she thought to herself. PorSlain poked Damesik in the back of the neck. Should he turn around, PorSlain would have a projected yellow '?' above her head.

Narukami takes his card out again, turning it over in his hand. "Are you alone in my head... or are there others?" He speaks softly to the card, as if expecting for Izanagi to actually say something.

Greychild awkwardly hugs Gemma back giving her a small pat and blushing at the physical contact. She hoped Gemma liked the gifts. They weren't as fancy as the walkie talkie, but she had spent a good amount of time with that rabbit and was quite proud of it even though things didn't go as planned with it.

Damesik gives a short yell of surprise as he turns around, practically reaching for his shield before stopping "Uh, can I h- uh..... golem?" he arches an eyebrow at the girl, not sure if she really was the creature he knew... but then, the golem did change looks quite often...

Nancy watches the coffee pot like a hawk.

PorSlain says ' If reduced to 0 hit points or otherwise destroyed, it reverts to snow and melts instantly into nothingness.'

Gemma lets go of Cecillia and begins to idly play with the rabbit. (The woman gets down into the basement and walks down a narrow hallway, turning left into what seems like a storage room. There's nothing notable down here aside from a wooden door marked "Raion's Room" and a large steel door at the end of the hallway that has a simple "Do not enter" sign hanging off of it.

Synch hums to himself as he walks down the hallway. Except that he can't, so he just walks down the hallway silently. As he passes makes his way to the large steel door, he flicks the 'do not enter' sign hanging on it before turning and following the woman into the storage room. Pretty boring down here so far.

Narukami keeps turning the card, hoping it will change to someone else, just for some variety. Unfortunately, it does not. "Damn... wonder if I have to talk to Igor about this.... if I can even talk to him."

Smiling at Damesik, PorSlain looked at what the knight was bordely watching. 'Coffee? Is this the mission? Perhaps a crude distillation in efforts of destroying an evil humonculus?' PorSlain sniffed the air... 'Oh, it is indeed just coffee...' A dull yellow '-.-' drifted over her head, her facial expressions matching. 'So... No mission today, it seems. All tha fuss and rush over coffee? It had better be a good cup!', PorSlain thought to herself in silence.

Nancy frowns. "I think its done now."

Damesik looks at Nancy before nodding, beginning to pour out mugfuls of the rich black coffee "I don't suppose you can drink can you?" he holds up the pot, sloshing about the last of the coffee.

Gemma pushes the rabbit into Cecillia's face, "Do you even see this thing! it's adorable! Sure, it's not as adorable as you BUT IT'S GETTING THERE!" she walks the rabbit up and down Cecillia.

Inside the room there are a number of empty shelves, at the far end a Strange looking skulled staff, locked in a clear case, protected by a barrier of sorts. (The woman calmly walks towards them, painting something on the ground, connecting it to the runes powering the barrier.)

Greychild blushes as Gemma plays with the rabbit. "So... um...Wh-what are you going to" Cecilia asked smiling lightly even as she shifted her gaze downward towards the floor, hiding her blush.

PorSlain reached over and took and empty mug and checked inside. Noting that it was clean, PorSlain held the cup out to Damesik. "Sure, I'll have a-", PorSlain covered her mouth as a yellow '!' binged over her head. lowered her arm back to her side and waited for Damesik to pour her a cup.

Narukami sighs and tucks the card back away in his pocket, reclining back a bit, watching the adorable little show with the two girls. 'Heh... looks like something Nanako might do... I hope she's alright."

Synch steps up behind the woman and begins silently examining the runes. He was no real stranger to this kind of magic, but this stuff. He couldn't even read it. He reaches forwards and taps the woman on the shoulder lightly, attempting to learn what exactly was going on with this situation.

Damesik lets out a low chuckle, building into a laugh, before he tapers it back off to a chuckle, pouring the golem a cup of coffee "Y'know, I already heard you talk at the last battle. But yeah, you gotta have your reasons." he sets the empty pot aside, taking up his own mug and raising it in cheer to the golem and the businesswoman.

Nancy raises an eyebrow. "'E doesn't talk? I never noticed." She shrugs and pours herself a cut of coffee. "Well, the more you know, I guess."

Gemma stares at Cecilia, confused.. "You get to name theese things?" (The woman stopped what she was doing and stood up, turning to face Synch ""Well that's a new one, first the golem, now a human." she looks Synch over."No... not a human, Oh Raion just reels the interesting ones in doesn't he." she kneels back down and goes back to dawning.

"I'm just... adding on, to the runes already here. It's really all rather exact, writing in this language, too little and it doesn't work, too much and it breaks down." she continues drawing.

Synch looks at the woman crossly. She was acting like a real bitch, what with that kind of interaction. He also kneels and looks at the runes the woman is placing, generally unhappy with the state of affairs and wrinkling his nose at the blood. After a moment, he stands up and heads back to the door, leaning against the doorway as the woman works.

Greychild grabbed one of the floppy ears and tugged it lightly. Maybe she should have sewn a little piratey bandanna for the little guy... or girl. "I-if you want... I mean y-you don't have to." Cecilia answered quietly.

PorSlain watched Damesik lauging like she was a deer, caught in headlights. Though, as Damesik poured the coffee, PorSlain felt a little more relaxed, and even moreso when he justifies her reasoning. PorSlain lightly met her cup with Damesik's and Nancy’s before bringing it to her lips. She took a sip, smacked her lips together a few times, as stared off in a random direction. 'Hmmm. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Its not very good and it doesn't hav-'

*BAH-ZIIING!* A seried bright red '!!!' flashed over PorSlain, her pupils blew up, and her body was taken over by the jitters. After setting the cup down on to the counter, PorSlain held her arms straight out and ran out of the kitchen making engine noises with her mouth, pretending to be an airplane. She ran into the lounge and jumped onto the back of one of the couches, then leaping to a coffee table.

PorSlain 'soared' through the air off, as she got a running start on the length o the coffee table. She leaped off of the table and rolled across the floor, back onto her feet where she jetted out of the room, up the stairs, and back down, sliding down the railing. Its probably best to just let this run its course...

Nancy coughs. "How much coffee did you put in this and can you make it again?" She grins unnaturally widely.

Damesik looks at his own cup, practically terrified to drink it "Uh... you mean you're not supposed to fill the coffee filter to full?"

Gemma glared at the rabbit, as if trying to coax a name out of it. (The woman finishes her drawing and stands up, backing away from the runes and taking a small pitch-black paintbrush from her robes. "And now a flick of the wrist" a few drops of (water?) fall onto the runes and instead of disrupting them they cause them to glow bright.

Synch steps forward as the woman stands, examining the runes she had just finished up. Really, the whole thing was pretty cool, even in the lady was bit bitchy. Moobeetle, bored by the events surrounding the runes, moves off Synch's back and begins examining the other containers in the room, looking for food.

It wouldn't be right to name the rabbit herself so Greychild waits quietly while Gemma comes up with a name..

Narukami sighs, then heads to see about getting his cup of coffee, wondering what was taking so long.

Synch's face begins to drop as he realizes what's happening. This wasn't normal. Shit, shit shit shit this was really bad! Acting quickly, Synch raises his thumb up to his mouth and bites down into the meat, taking off a small chunk and drawing a lot of blood. Then, he reaches out and swipes his thumb across as many of the runes as he can cover.

Damesik looks up at Narukami as he walks in, seeming a little distraught "Someone once told me about something called 'the singularity' or something like that." he looks down at his cup, uncertain "I... may have just created one... who knew the gods left methods unchecked..." he gave an acquiescent shrug, before downing his entire mug, setting it aside, and carrying his shield with him out of the dining hall.

PorSlain ran back into the kitchen and tried to stand still, looking between Damesik and Nancy, then to the cup she left. PorSlain made her way to it and tried to pick it up and bring it to her mouth, but she was much too shaky. She spilled coffee all around herself. Unable to bare it, PorSlain broke out into jumping jacks, launching the cup in whatever direction, to smash into what/whoever.

PorSlain frantically looked between the two, Nancy and Damesik. "I'm-gonna-go-for-a-short-ten-hour-jog! I'll-see-ya-later!", she rapidly spat out before skipping, jumping, and 'F.B.I.' rolling out of the room, pass the lounge, though the foyer, and out the doors.

Nancy blinks. Then she blinks again. "Oh, right. Coffee." She pours Narumaki a cup and hands it to him before moving on to her third cup. "Goood stuff." She continues to grin, her pupils dilated. Nancy chugs the cup.

Gemma shifts her gaze back and forth between Greychild and the Bunny... "I'll uhh... I'll name it when I wake up.... Seriously you get to name things like this? Why did no one ever tell me this." Gemma gets up and pulls Greychild with her towards the exit of the lounge.

The rune ceases charging and just fizzles out. The woman looks on at Synch and her runes, if she was capable of frowning through her mask it is likely she was doing that. "Ah, yes. well then. I never explained to you what I was doing, did I?... Here, allow me to paint you a better picture." she flicks the paintbrush in the air rapidly, her arms moving faster then should be possible as if drawing a picture, water falling into the air then forming into a creature of ice.

In a few seconds, there was a large golem, made of ice. The air around it was unnaturally cold,"While I do appreciate your curiosity, it'd be best if we put that enthusiasm on Ice for a tick" she looks towards the creature, "Be a dear and rough him up a little" The creature begins to move forward towards Synch.

Synch's eyes widen as the golem is formed, mouthing the words 'Oh fuck' as it looms over him. This as not what he had wanted to sign for. He- he looks over to the staff with a sudden realization. That's what they wanted. Slamming his hands down into the ground, he begins scribbling his own rune, blood shining as it's used to write the symbols.

Narukami takes his cup and sips from it. He blinks, then shivers, then simply takes another sip as he walks out of the room, returning to his seat to enjoy his beverage.

The Golem, if it could feel happiness, would probably be happy that Synch was standing still... But alas, it isn't even capable of understanding that he is standing still. it charges at him attempting to slam into him.

Nancy gazes sadly at the empty coffee pot before shaking her fist at the maker. "I will conquer your wily ways!" She hiccups and clears her throat, glancing around to make sure nobody say that embarrassing display.

Synch finishes the rune off, shining blood taking it's effect as a circular stone wall rockets up around the Staff. Synch looks up with a small victorious grin before his face drops again, eyes locking with the incoming Ice Golem's strike.

The Ice golem slams into Synch with its full weight slamming him into the wall through one of the shelves. The woman slowly walks forward, amused by the whole thing. " Hmph... Right then." she washes away her first set of runes and begins to draw again moving at the same speeds she used for drawing the golem. She stands and backs away lighting it up the same way she did the first time.

Synch reels as his world goes white with pain. All the air is driven from his lungs, and then entire lower part of his body loses feeling as the golem slams into him. Somewhere, in a deep part of his mind, the idea 'This thing is really cold' hits Synch, before the more relevant immense amount of pain strikes him. He reaches out, almost like he could reach the woman, before his mind shuts down.

Nancy decides to retire to her room to work on some more paperwork for the night. Caffene-fueled nights didn't come along very often, after all.

Narukami looks around. "Wonder where Synch ran off to... eh, probably doing something boring. Such a slow day." He finishes his coffee and heads to his room.

The runes light up bright, and suddenly the barrier does as well. It glows brighter and brighter until it explodes, energy surging out. it chips the stone wall a little and I'm sure it would've annoyed the golem if it was capable of being annoyed. The woman points the golem towards the wall. "Well come on, we haven't got all day." the golem moves towards the stone barrier and begins to pound away at it. "Oh and when we're done here, be a dear and carry the poor thing back upstairs bef

" before you dissapte, Wouldn't want him dieing down here." she walks over towards him and kneels down, looking at him on eye level "Not yet"

Synch was found about twenty minutes later. Dumped in front of the guards by the door from thin air. The staff was missing and whoever took it was long gone before Synch was healed and awake in the infirmary.