Over in Caspia, Mogwai is making her way through town. She's walking with a determined, but slow gait, as if possessed, and has a thousand yard stare. Whether you followed her or just happened to be there, you catch notice of her checking a map every so often.

Eevee isn't sure what to do. He is deeply concerned for Mogwai but he knows his place. He's learned enough about her by now to accept that his means of helping her is very limited.

Finn has been tagging along, as well. He doesn't seem particularly concerned about Mog's behavior lately, since he's said what he needed to say a while back.. and he figures it's up to her by this point to snap out of her funk. "So, uh.. hey, Moggie. Where're we headed, again?" He tries to steal a peek at the map.

There's a faint tune piercing the air, though it's only because Vinyl Scratch is levitating a phonograph with her as she approaches the group.

Helios hovers in from the north, once again followed by the M85 Meteor Artillery. "Ah, there she is. Mogwai, are you doing another one of those treasure hunts?"

Mogwai points to a circled section of the map. "Lost island, kupo. Last known spot of Luna worshippers... sounds like the right place." Her voice seems to have lost all its life, like she genuinely doesn't care.

Eevee continues to follow behind. It's funny how far he's come without Jameson. Mogwai has given him a reason to live beyond being the man's weapon. It's only natural he'd want to do everything in his power to help her find a resolution.

Finn blinks at her, noting the sound of her voice. And.. did she just say.. kupo? She doesn't usually say that. He wants to say something, but he rubs the back of his neck, not sure what best to say in this situation that hasn't already attempted to be said before. "Sounds like a good place to start, if you ask me." He smiles down at her, even if she doesn't see it.

It's once Mogwai starts speaking that Vinyl's using her magic to turn the phonograph off, and sitting down to listen. "Something's tellin' me this isn't the Princess... Man, I am SO amped."

Helios begins to pick up on the Moogle's poor emotional state. "What seems to be her problem?" He whispers to Finn. He idly begins to scan the new pony with the records after a moment.

Mogwai arrives at the docks, handing Karon the map. The chobin looks over the map as Mogwai explains hands over some crystals "The usual fare, kupo? Should cover me and these folks following me."

Eevee is partially distracted by Mogwai's sudden presentation of shiny objects. Damn you, condition! Must..worry for Mogwai..but...shiny! No. Enough is enough. Eevee needs to be at the top of his game right now. He struggles to control himself as he continues to follow.

"It's a long story," Finn offers back to Helios, smiling warily. "There was some crazy hammacow confidence ruining stuff that happened a few weeks ago, and she just hasn't really been the same. I'm not sure what to do or suggest." He shrugs a little bit. "I'm used to just having to motivate Jake, but he's pretty easy to motivate." A pause, as he looks at Mogwai. "Oh, hey, cool. Thanks!"

"I'm kinda wonderin' what's wrong with her, though." With a shrug, and another flare of her horn, Vinyl Scratch is standing back up and moving at the pace of the others. "I guess I'll find out sooner or later, so I might as well tag along, and help keep you all entertained with my rhythms."

Helios nods. "We see. She definitely doesn’t seem to be very happy." Helios looks at Mogwai for a moment. "What is she looking for on that map, anyway?"

Mogwai pricks her ears up "Luna, one of the spirits of mana. How fitting it would be in the former site of the mana holyland, kupo?" Karon ushers the party onto the boat, and shoves off from the shore "Hey, just thought I'd let you guys know. I saw some strange stuff off in that direction earlier today."

"Yeah," Finn nods a little at Helios, moving onto the boat as he's ushered on, moving to settle down next to Vi when she finds a place to settle in. "Strange stuff? Any details?" He pulls his backpack around and begins to dig through it, making sure he's got all the stuff he needs. A little late for inventory check, but at least he'll know what he's got to work with.

Once the boat's moving, Vinyl Scratch is settling in beside her phonograph, and starting it again during the journey. "Oh. By the way, just call me DJ Pon-3."

Eevee boards the ferry and stares out at the black sea. How dark. Just like her heart right now..fitting indeed.

Helios nods as he takes up a position hovering in the middle of the boat. "Well, this should be eventful." The M85 shifts uncomfortably in its cramped position near the stern of the boat.

Karon shrugs as he gives another swing of the oars "Strange lights heading that way. Could be someone else going that way for all I know." The island swiftly comes into view, floating jellyfish surrounding the waters, and something moving along the shore.

Eevee eyes the water for Tentacool. They have a tendency to make boat travel less pleasant. And anything he can do to help her situation in even the slightest way is enough for him.

"Strange lights?" Finn blinks, putting his backpack on so he can stand and peer off the boat, noting the jellyfish. "Whoa. That's cool," he muses, careful not to fall off, just in case. "But, uh.. this isn't an ocean, right?" He didn't think to check.

Vinyl says 'Man, I hope nothing happens on the way there...'

Helios seems to smirk. "Yes, we have been doing research into the mystical properties surrounding the phrase 'What could possibly go wrong.' Currently, the results are promisingly showing an almost immediate negitave reaction when they are uttered. Of course, what could possibly go wrong here on a boat in the middle of an oce-" Helios looks over at the stark terror plastered over Finns face. "Ocean." The M85 emits a low electronic whine at it hears Helios rambling on. It considers the awkward angle the boat is now at, given its weight being positioned in the stern of the little boat and seems to sigh in despair.

Mogwai looks over the edge of the boat into the sea of wonders "I believe it's a sea. You could always jump in and see how deep it goes, kupo." She delivers this completely flat. Meanwhile, the boat lands at the shore of the moon palace and Mogwai hops out, taking a look at what else is here.

On the shoreline two figures in black patrol the beach, weapons of some sort noticeable in their hands. Two other figures also occupy the beach a bit further back, One average sized, the other dwarfing him.

Once at shore, Vinyl's likewise climbing out of the boat, making sure to bring the phonograph with her. "This is going to be such a thrillin' experience. So pumped up...!"

"Y-yeah, no.." Doesn't help that Helios mentions that it might be an ocean. That pretty much terrifies him. Actually.. well.. he's okay, so long as the boat doesn't tip over, to say the least. The idea of being in a BLACK OCEAn scares the crap out of poor Finn. He quickly scrambles out of the boat when it docks, happy for dry land.

Eevee leaps out of the boat and starts to look around. Anything could be here, and he was clear to him that Mogwai may not be at the top of her game. In fact, there was something here! Eevee glares at the figures as he moves closer to Mogwai. They've been running into aggressive individuals lately, and he will -not- let anyone or anything lay a finger on her while she's like this.

Helios hovers out of the boat and takes immediate notice of the two figures on the shore. "Come along M85, we seem to have company." The M85 chirrups its assent and leaps over the side of the boat with a loud SPLASH, nearly capsizing the boat in the process and dumping Karon in the surf. It trudges up to the shore and stands beside Helios while water drips off of its lower half.

Karon climbs back into the boat, shouting curses all the while and kicking away a jellyfish. Mogwai approaches the group on the beach "Are you after the mana spirit as well, kupo?"

Finn blinks at the individuals chilling on the beach, and now that he's not in danger of drowning in an unforgiving jellyfish-filled ocean, he's content to follow along Mogwai, stretching his arms over his head a bit. Things don't seem dangerous, so he's not on guard, yet.

The men patrolling the beach Tense up and look towards Mogwai, One of the figures in back, Walks casually towards her Extending his hand as he gets closer " I suppose that's something we could be here for. But that would have to wait. It's a pleasure to finally meet you Mogwai"

Vinyl Scratch turns to look at the scene Karon's making, before shrugging and returning her attention to the duo, and withdrawing both of her record-blades. "Gonna have to throw down at one point or another, so I might as well get ready for it now..."

Eevee actually -growls- as the man reaches his hand out to her. It's clear that he's in no mood for anyone to even remotely upset his favorite moogle.

Helios sighs. He hovers up beside Mogwai. "How may we help you on this fine night?"

Mogwai shrugs and shakes his hand "I see. I would assume you're not here because of my dancing career, kupo. What is it you want?"

Wrench chuckls a bit, "Me and my companions here have come a long way to meet you... My employer is particularly interested in the research you've put into the mana spirits. I'm supposed to offer you a formal invitation to... a think tank of sorts"

Brutte gives a small sage nod in addition to Wrench's remark.

Finn quirks an eyebrow slightly at the offer to join a think tank. "A think tank about mana spirits?" He scratches the back of his neck a bit. "What's there to know besides what we already know?" He seems genuinely curious, but whatever works.

Eevee remains on guard, his teeth showing while steadily growling. The only thing he was inviting was a bite to the hand. Of course, Eevee has no idea what the guy is trying to say, limited understanding and all.

'Let's get ready to DROP THIS BEAT.' Vinyl Scratch keeps both of her record-blades aloft with magic, tilting her head and inwardly grinning, giving no indication of her internal eagerness to fight. "Not sure what purpose that would serve, so I'm not interested..."

Helios glances over at the hostile attitudes being exuded torwards the four gentlemen. "Control yourselves! They are just having a friendly conversation." The M85 slowly moves away from Helios. Just in case.

Mogwai looks back at her companions getting ready to throw down, then back at Wrench. She shrugs "Meh. Sure, why not. We've got a spirit to get here first."

"You sure about that?" Finn inquires curiously, moving to kneel next to her. "You should at least consider your options while we're doing this spirit thing. I'm not really going to stop you, but.. you're not exactly in the right frame of mind to make a choice like that." He pokes her head gently.

Despite having her bladed records ready, Vinyl's remaining still, watching the quartet through her ruby-tinted glasses.

Wrench Smiles at the Moogle. "Splendid. I'll help you finish up your work here and I'll take you to my employer. I do love it when people are sensible about this sort of thing."

Helios turns toward the besuited gentleman. "We feel we must apologies for our companions’ rash behavior. They are not usually so... excitable."

Eevee struggles to comprehend what everyone is saying. Are these guys going to be new friends? They didn't seem to savory. What Eevee lacks in mind he makes up for instinct, and his instincts told him something was off. This is confirmed as Eevee gets the feeling that Finn seemed hesitant. If only he, or anyone else, could explain these things to him. Regardless, he's been a part of this group long enough by now that he could trust Mogwai and Finn to the end.

Mogwai leads the group up to the doors of the moon palace and pushes them open. Inside, a vast black expanse of stars stretches out, with no walls, floor, or ceiling in sight. She doesn't hesitate to just walk right in, standing on nothingness.

Vinyl says 'This place has a creepy vibe, but it's kind of cool at the same time... I can so dig this.'

Finn blinks as he watches Mogwai head up to the doors and, when she steps in, he quickly makes his way in after her, practically stumbling as his mind screams 'THERE'S NO FLOOR HERE' but his feet say 'Nah, bro, chill, there's totally floor here.'. He finally catches his balance. "Not.. quite what I was expecting." He stands tall, looking out at the expanse of stars. "Then again, considering who we're after.."

Helios follows and begins scanning the area, fascinated with the void. The M85 is less happy with this, nervously going out of its way to stand on the little stars as if they provide some sort of support. It whines unhappily to Helios. "Oh, shush you. Mechon up, it’s just a little bit of void. Besides, there is a large energy signature around here somewhere."

Wrench calmly follows the Moogle, leading the nervous and fidgety Soldiers in behind him.

Brutte remains calm and walks behind wrench, lumbering slowly with large strides.

Eevee keeps an eye on their new 'friends' as he keeps up. Maybe as a Lumineon....no. Not right now. He alternates his attention between watching the new guys and Finn. Should Finn do something, he'll be ready to assist. But then there's the matter of the random shinies in their new surroundings. Damnit. So shiny! But so..Mogwai..Finn..shiny..thugs...arrrgh!

Mogwai looks around calmly for a way forward. The starry field seems to expand in all directions, and the door they came in just appears to be hanging in a void. Then she looks up, and notices a large white orb floating in the sky. She looks like she's about to take a large step forward... then abruptly starts walking UP in all defiance of gravity.

Finn blinks as he notes her heading upwards. "Hoh, zang. That's really cool.." He muses, glancing back at Eevee. He's trying to keep tabs on the Pokemon 'cause, well.. it seems like it's up to the two of them to keep their Moogle safe. He moves to hop up after her, tumbling upward.. and then he's on his feet again. "This is REALLY weird." His equilibrium is way off right now.

"...whoa, what?" Vinyl Scratch looks up at Mogwai, before deciding to try her own luck at trotting towards the orb with both of her blades held at the ready to either side. "This is even crazier than I thought... WICKED place."

Wrench follows the Moogle, Fairly assured she knows far more about this place then himself. One of the soldiers falls flat on their face while trying to follow. Scrambling to their feet they get up and get back in line.

Eevee struggles to keep up. There are just so many shinies! Imagine the possibilities! There's a shiny star, one that looks like a moon, Mogwai walking upwards, one shining star flying across the--wait, what? Eevee stares for a second--not up at Mogwai from below or anything--but--er--

Eevee tries to follow, but bumps his head on nothing somehow. He shakes it off quickly and slowly puts a paw up, trying to imagine how it works. He then gradually achieves the same result, but she's still--er--maybe he should just keep watching the thugs. Yeah. Wait shiny!

Helios stares after Mogwai for a moment. "Amazing." He hovers up after Mogwai. The M85 stares after Helios for a moment before following reluctantly.

Brutte stops at where everyone seemed to be walking upwards and just watches them ascend above it. "This seems highly illogical, and a bit perplexing." it mutters as it steps forward, touching the surface and walks up after them.

Mogwai makes her way steadily up to the moon... is it getting bigger as they approach? Or are they just moving faster than it seems? Regardless, it doesn't take all day to walk to the moon. The surface is covered in statues of goddesses carved out of white rock, and a large pristine pool.

Vinyl says 'This looks really nice... I gotta focus, though. For once, I can't be thinkin' in terms of what I like to do.'

Finn tries to glance back and see the door, but.. there's really no door to be found. He blinks a little at that. Have they just moved so far away that they can't see the door, or can he just not find his bearings well enough to find it? Everything's disorienting.. but he makes sure to keep up with Mogwai. "Yeah, Vi, can't be a spacecase this time," he teases her playfully.

Wrench pats The Brute on the back. "Terribly sorry my old friend. Did not think I'd be making you trek to the moon today. I know how ignoring gravity annoys you"

Eevee observes the moon--the actual moon that is, not--anyway as it grows larger. Are they getting closer? Generally one of those guardians come to attack them at this point. He feels slightly less secure as he notices Finn goofing off, but ah well. His instincts tell him that Finn's at the top of his game and he can trust him.

The pool ripples as Mogwai approaches and a large purple wolf jumps out, landing in midair above it. "So, Mogwai, you still continue your quest after that revelation. What is it that you seek?" "Kill the avatar, find the spirit. Kill the avatar, find the spirit. Kill the avatar, find the spirit..." repeats Mogwai in a mantra as she pulls out her whip. She's got a glazed look to her eyes as she charges the wolf to attack.

Finn blinks as Mogwai just kinda goes nuts there. He tilts his head a little bit at her, but he figures, well.. she's the leader. Demon Sword is extracted from its loop on his backpack, and he joins alongside her, whistling back to Eevee to get him on the ball. He's likely aiming to strike at the same time Mogwai does.

Rather reluctantly, Vinyl Scratch's setting both of her record-blades to spinning rapidly with a magical 'push' as she gallops towards the wolf. "Gonna be tough... I'm kind of losin' the urge to throw down here..."

Helios stares at Mogwai in shock. "Are you really going to attack that thing?" Helios considers his options after that outburst. On one hand, if he assisted her then he would get an easier route to the spirit that guarded the stone he was looking for. On the other, is he stopped her- Oh great, Finn and Vinyl too- then the creature might just let him have a piece of the stone...

Wrench Pulls a Battle Axe from his briefcase and calmly hands it off to one of his Soldiers.

It would seem that Eevee's instincts were correct, as he felt the familiar feeling of being introduced to these individuals from Mogwai’s world. This is confirmed as she grabs her whip and begins her assault. Still, Eevee feels slightly off. Is she really up to it? He'd never forgive himself if she got hurt. As Finn's whistle rings through his ears, Eevee nods fiercely towards Finn as he runs slightly forward to remain a fair distance behind them.

Finn can take care of direct protection for now, for Eevee..it was time to heat things up. He closes his eyes for a minute to concentrate on Salamando's blessing, but taking the form just yet.

Helios makes his decision and brings the power of his magnetic field up to full force. His lens beginning to glow a bright yellow as he reaches out and picks up Finn, Mogwai and Vinyl, though the strain on his systems is great. Grey smoke begins to leak from between some of his armor plates.

"M85, Stop the rest of them!" Helios yells as he attempts to restrain the three struggling fighters. The M85 nods and lumbers out in front of the wolf- creature, as if it is daring anything to get past it and its large arm cannon.

Mogwai struggles against the field "Don't get in my way Helios! This is all I've got left, I won't let you take this from me, kupo!" She's practically frothing at the mouth as she pulls a bomb out of her inventory, lights it, and hurls it as hard as she can at Helios.

Fenrir hops back in mid-air "Think about what you're doing here Mogwai. There's more to your little revelation than you realize. More at stake. If you allow yourself to dive into despair and self-destruction, you could ruin everything."

Vinyl Scratch looks down as she's stopped in mid-gallop, legs moving uselessly in the magnetic field as she turns her attention to Helios. "Dude, I don't know why you're trying to hold me back, but I can't let you." Both of her bladed records have also stopped, but she sends one flying back and up with a flare of magic from her horn.

Finn is a bit surprised to get stopped, struggling a bit himself.. not 'cause he's concerned about being stopped, but more 'cause he's concerned Mogwai’s going nuts. "What the hey? C'mon, man!" Well, HE wants to fight, but at least he realizes there's gotta be a reason for it.

Wrench Continues to just watch. This isn't his place. He won't intervene unless the moogle asks for it. No reason to do anything he might regret later.

Helios sees the bomb incoming and attempts to slingshot it up into the air above him. The main bulk of the resulting explosion misses him, though the shockwave knocks him for a loop. The three fighters drop a short distance downwards as Helios tries to dodge the incoming recordblade. He almost does, but it slices through one of his armor plates anyway. He screams in agony as one of his power lines is cut and is blown to the side as sparks erupt out of the damaged plate.

Brutte stands off to the side next to Wrench watching the termoil between what he had thought to be a team now pitted against each other. "How curious, it seems that this fight had escalated fairly quickly wouldn't you think?" it asks his superior watching the fight continue.

As Eevee finishes concentrating, he is instantly ignited in flames! As the flames die down, what was once Eevee is now the flaming Salamandon! "Salamandeon!" he growls loudly, but stops as he observed Vinyl's records going after Helios. Uh...wasn't he one of the good guys? He didn't see Mogwai’s bomb during the concentration, otherwise he'd be at it too. He instead enters a fiery charge towards Fenrir, leaving a trail of flames in his wake.

Helios hovers in midair woozily for a few minutes before his lens begins flashing red. "CRITICAL INTERNAL SYSTEMS DAMAGE! SHUTDOWN IMMINENT!" After a moment, Helios' lens flickers to black and he drops like a stone, the magnetic field keeping the three fighters restrained disappearing as well. THE M85 emits an electronic screech and runs over to try to grab the falling sphere, missing by a good inch as Helios smashes down on the ground.

Mogwai drops back to the lunar surface, flipping around to land on all fours "What the HELL are you going on about, kupo? Am I, or am I not who I believed myself to be?" she yells out as she charges Fenrir, letting out a crack from her whip and she slashes him. The great beast hops back out of range "No. But you can be something more than she could be."

Back on the ground, Finn blinks, glancing back as Fenrir gets attacked again. He's not sure what to make of all this.. attack like Mogwai, or stand back and listen? He's conflicted: his rough-and-tumble nature says attack, but his inner-Jake says to chill and wait for something to happen. No, really.

Vinyl Scratch recalls the dispatched record-blade to her, breaking once again into a full gallop and frowning as she sling-shoots both of the sharp discs at Fenrir with her magic. "Damn... Stick with one course of action, and follow through...!"

Eevee just flies right past Fenrir before skidding to a stop. Bleh. He turns around and settles for unleashing a flamethrower on it instead.

The M85 picks up Helios' dead central core and cradles it for a moment, trying to get a response out of him. After a moment it lets out a low chirrup of despair before putting the core aside. The multiple lenses on its head flash a brighter red than before. It quickly analyses the situation, deciding to continue on its last orders. Activating its tracking systems, it targets the two recordblades flying towards the wolf and shoots at them before turning to target Mogwai instead.

The M85 fires off several blasts at Mogwai.

Wrench Takes note of the robot's attacks and Lunges at it. Both soldiers begin firing at the M85 as Wrench charges forward with an Axe in hand.

Brutte calmly takes off his top hat and places it onto the floor. Following his superior's actions and rushes with only his fists as his weapons.

Mogwai barely seems to notice as one of the laser blasts her left arm, the impact nearly knocking it out of its socket. It hangs limply from her side as she leaps up into the air, flipping upside down and "landing" on the same sort of imaginary surface they walked up before, before leaping down towards Fenrir in a savage attack "Why lie to me? Why try to stop me in the first place? Hell, even if everything else is wrapped up nice and tidy, I'm still pissed about that!"

"Those were custom blades, and a gift from 'Tavi. You owe me two new ones, you big pile of scrap!" Vinyl Scratch lets the ruined record-blades fall uselessly, turning towards the mech and firing a few blasts from her horn at it. "Take this!"

Finn is clearly confused, as he just stands aside. He wants to attack Fenrir, help Mogwai.. but she doesn't seem to be of the right mind. And then there's other chaos here, as well, with people attacking the robot that's attacking Mogwai and.. well, needless to say, he's not sure what to do. "Man, I wish Jake was here.." He keeps the Demon Blade handy, though, waiting for a decent opening.

The M85 fires at Mogwai again before it notices the group of figures rushing torwards it. It whirls around to face them, deciding to fire at the Hulking man first, though it can't tell whether or not it will be particularly effective. The M85 considers activating its power core to deal with these three new threats. It emits several warbles at it begins firing rapidly at him.

Eevee's heart sinks as he watches Mogwai take the blast on her arm. What the crap, Finn? Why didn't you..no. This was his fault. Nothing could stop the rage that was building up inside of him now. Eevee didn't care about Fenrir anymore, that robot was going to pay. He then moves at a blindingly fast speed leaving fiery trail behind him as he attempts to move behind the robot.

Fenrir emits a fierce roar as Mogwai approaches. Bits of fur and skin are torn off from the sheer force of the sonic attack, and it knocks her back onto the floor. Fenrir pounces down on top of her "If you will not cooperate, so be it. We just need to end you and reset this." he says before chomping down on her.

Brutte quickly dodges the incoming fire by quickly side stepping as he rushed forward. His fists raised in a defensive boxer-like stance, ready to tackle the large robot. "Why don't you go and pick on someone your own size, you cybernetic ruffian." he says as he attempts to tackle straight into the robot's torso.

Vinyl Scratch fires off a few more magical blasts from her horn, charging the mech's legs and finally tossing her glasses aside. "No more hidin'. You're goin' DOWN!"

Wrench sidesteps in the opposite direction of the Brute charging his axe with what can only be described as electricity and swinging the hefty battle axe mechward.

The M85 analyses the new situation, realizing the probability of making it out of this active has dropped significantly. Nevertheless, it perseveres by continuing to fire its armcannon while making preparations to activate its power core. The tackle by Brutte takes it by surprise and topples it. It gamely tries to knock Brutte off of him with the oversized buzz- saw on its other arm as it gets pummeled with Vinyl's magical blasts and Wrench's Axe. It hasn’t even designated the Eevee as a threat, so far. Internally, a small red cylinder begins to dimly glow red as it is fed into what looks like a miniature version of the reactor on the transport.

When poor Mogwai is put down on the floor by a sonic attack and pounced, that's Finn's cue. There's no more second-guessing, only that Mogwai is in danger. He dashes forward with surprising speed, no doubt pushed from the mere urgency, bringing the Demon Sword up and around, trying to upperslash Fenrir. "GET OFF OF HER!" He screams, trying to, at worst, get Fenrir's aggro.

Now behind the M84, Eevee doesn't take Brutte's situation into concern as he takes a deep breath and unleashes a fiery inferno on both of them. As he does so, Eevee's flames begin to die down a little. This form won't last much longer. And thanks for the help buddy, but this thing's mine. As all this transpires, he's unaware of the other side of the battle, simple trusting that Finn's doing his job.

Fenrir is sent flying back with a pained bark, as it turns to land in mid-air and nurse what wounds it has. Mogwai's not looking well either as she pulls herself to her feet. She's bleeding pretty badly from her shoulder where she got bit, but shows no signs of giving up.

Brutte feels a wash of flames come over him and quickly managed to rotate the robot as a shield from the incoming flames. The heat was annoying and his nice suit was being singed, but he held on against, hoping his metal foe would be a sufficient shield to save his life.

Wrench jumps backwards as the flames engulf the space he was about to occupy. He lands and just watches the fire.

Vinyl Scratch lowers her horn, foregoing any more magical blasts and aiming to stab the mech's legs, or kick hard with her own hind legs.

The M85 doesn’t even notice the flames as it struggles to get up from under Brutte so it can deal with them all. Internally, the small glowing red cylinder becomes fully inserted within the small reactor. It begins to glow and power rushes throughout the M85's body. With a metallic roar it grabs Brutte picks him up and HURLS him away as hard as it can. The cannon begins to fairly glow with power as the M85 opens fire again, this time at Vinyl. A small timer appears in its vision and begins counting down from ten minutes.

Eevee stares bewilderedly as the flames don't seem to affect the robot. Perhaps it has a..er..unique type advantage? These thoughts soon come to an end however as Eevee can now see Finn, Mogwai, and Fenrir up ahead. Seeing her blood was like living a nightmare. Finn was supposed to protect her! Eevee desperately tries not to lose control, as the rage has overtaken him in the past.

Fortunately, his power his running out. As he uses the last of it to reach their side of the battle, the flames die away completely causing him to revert to normal. Eevee considers using his Undineon form to support her, but he's having a hard time trying to find kindness right now. That's it. He needs to focus! Eevee takes a few seconds to concentrate on Lumina's blessing.

Finn keeps the Demon Sword leveled at Fenrir, approaching slowly, eyes narrowed, trying to give Eevee some distance so that he can tend to Mogwai safely. "I won't have you attacking Mogwai anymore. You'll have to deal with me now.. and you're no Why-Wolf. I can handle you no problem." The boy just oozes confidence!

Brutte was caught off guard when he was picked up and literally tossed through the air which was surprising considering the brutes huge size. He hits the ground and rolls a little before shaking his head dizzy from the rolling. "The nerve. This suit was recently cleaned and now its singed and dirtied." he mutters as he gets back to his feet slowly.

Wrench tosses a few grenades skyward and watches as they vanish into thin air. Wrench yells across the battlefield "You okay my old friend?"

Fenrir growls "Every second she stays in that state is a threat, both to my world and hers. I tried to talk to her, but if she won't listen to reason... there needs to be plan B." Mogwai, in spite of her wounds, chooses to rush past Finn to attack.

While she may not be the brightest, even among unicorns, Vinyl Scratch realizes the danger she's in and promptly turns around, breaking into an erratic pattern of weaving to throw the cannon's targeting system off before the countdown ends. "Now's not the time for foolin' around and bein' too reckless... Gotta outwit this heap of scrap metal..." Even as she keeps running, however, 'DJ Pon-3' is casting a solemn gaze at her newly acquired phonograph before tossing it - record and all - at the mech.

Finn keeps that blade leveled at Fenrir. "And what proof do I have that you're not lying?! You can see her here, now! She's her own entity, with her own unique memories!" He growls back, noting a flash of white dash past him. "Mogwai!" He stumbles forward, trying to get his footing to catch up with her, so he can attack, as well. He doesn't want to leave her without backup anymore.

The M85 takes the initiative. While Wrench is distracted with his comrade, it rushes at Vinyl; ignoring the phonograph that smashes against it as it smacks her aside with the flat side of the buzz- saw. It pauses in its run and takes stock of the situation.

Upon finishing his concentration, a bright flash of light appears around Eevee! As the light dies down, Eevee's fur turns white while a wispy cloud covers his torso. Now able to focus instead of blindly raging about, Eevee dashes closer towards Mogwai and begins to pour his strength into a protective barrier around her. "Lumineon! (Wait! I won't let him hurt you anymore! I'm sorry..I failed you before. But not again! The human and I will take this fight. Trust us! Trust -me-!)

It seems that the Wolf is under attack again, the M85 decides as it begins shooting at the attackers. Small sparks occasionally leap out of the vents around its body as the timer passes the seven minute mark.

Mogwai finds herself momentarily unable to move from the barrier. Fenrir growls at Finn "She IS her own unique entity, that's what I've been trying to tell her! But she won't listen to reason. And she can't see how dangerous that has made her."

Wrench's thrown grenades blink back into reality. In a circle around the M85, still charged with the electricity as if no time had passed at all between them blinking away and them blinking back.

The impact of the buzz-saw against her body has Vinyl Scratch flying sideways into the wall and leaving a hole in it, along with a trail of blood marking her path. "OOF!"

"How does being a unique entity make her dangerous?" Finn inquires, that blade between him and the wolf. His eyes are still narrowed, and he's concentrating, now that Mogwai is indisposed. "And what will happen if she finishes this quest? You clearly don't want her to finish, but there has to be a reason why. Does Vana'diel blink out of existence? Will SHE blink out of existence? You know more than I do! TELL ME!"

The M85 hardly notices the grenades now circling around it. It is too confused by the turn of events near the wolf. The crazy one appears to be contained for the moment, but the other one isn't attacking either... The M85 is unable to decide what to do at this point.

The small raven emblem etched onto each of Wrench's thrown grenades glows bright red before the grenades explode in a flash of Electricity, Fire, and Shrapnel.

Eevee's ears pick up as he continues to pour energy into the shield. He didn't hear the bit about Mogwai being her own entity before inside this form, and from another creature no less. Now he understands. This is why she's been acting this way! What exactly happened back there that he didn't understand before? Was Fenrir really trying to help? He waits to listen for more answers before piping up.

The M85's computer finally makes a decision as the timer ticks down past five minutes. Incapacitate the small, crazy one. The M85 lumbers forward just as the grenades go off, the resulting EMP scrambling its computer for several cycles.

Fenrir pants, relieved to not be under attack for once "Mogwai not listening to reason is what makes her dangerous. Her psyche is linked to her counterpart in Vana'diel, who is destined to plunge the world into an age of darkness. Unless she improves. As for your world, look at her. Look at what she's doing. Do you want that kind of power in her hands, as she is?"

After recovering from the impact, and her impromptu flight, Vinyl Scratch slowly stands up, spitting a few broken teeth and a bit of blood out of her mouth. "That thing hits like a sledgehammer..." With a pained grunt, she's falling back down, looking quite bruised. "Too much..."

Finn glances back briefly, not wanting to take his eyes off of Fenrir for long, and observes Mogwai briefly. He looks back to Fenrir. "Tell me how I can fix her. And don't lie to me, or I'll rip your cups!" And with that Demon Sword, well.. chances are that's both a threat AND a promise.

Content that Finn's got the negotiation under control, Eevee turns his gaze towards the trapped Mogwai. Just hold on a little longer. We'll get through this!

The M85 staggers drunkenly in the general direction of the now- indistinct figures gathered around the wolf. What was so important about the wolf again? Ho-hum, it dosent matter. Oh, what a pretty timer, what is it counting down towards again?

Fenrir says "Precisely how? I wish I knew how. She's not the first. And from the looks of things, won't be the last. Know this. She is more than just some fake copy. She is far more important than the original could ever be. If she can't see that, then she will die. If not by our hands, then by her own."

Vinyl Scratch grunts again, wincing as she tends to her bruises.

"I see." Finn understands now that they have to remind her how important she is. But hadn't they tried that? Well, it can't hurt to try again. He casually turns around to face Mogwai and lowers his sword. "Hey, Mogwai. You're really important to me. And Eevee. And everyone." It's.. actually pretty casual the way he says it, but it's no less sincere. "We need the old you."

Wrench moves calmly and quickly towards the M85. Extending an outstretched charged hand to it. Attempting to give it another shock.

Wrench says ' Take a break metal boy. The heros seem to be having a moment.'

It may seem cold to others, but Eevee didn't care about the lives of that world or any others that Mogwai would take. He only cared about her. Still, this was not her. The moogle that meant everything to him.

After Finn's words, Eevee proceeds with some of his own, "Lumineon! (you..will you ever be the same? She who was so carefree and full of life? Does this 'other you' mean so much that you can't let it go? I care about you. You know how much I care. I want to listen to this..to see the old you again...but..I'll be by your side no matter what. Until the end..of us all, if it comes to that. But do you really want to let that happen?)

The M85 finally manages to shake off the effects of the EMP from earlier. It looks around and sees that the fighting has stopped for now. The M85 gently pushes aside Wrench and walks back towards Helios' central core, deactivating the power core system on its way. The timer stops and blinks away as the mechon suddenly felt the full force of its injuries crash down upon it. It walks past Vinyl, stopping to gently pet her on the head and drop a medpack at her feet before continuing along.

The M85 picks up the central core and slowly trudges away towards the entrance to the void.

Mogwai looks over at Finn and Eevee "I think..." it seems like she's going to have a touching moment with her friends. Unfortunately, blood loss does terrible things to consciousness and she collapses to the floor.

Wrench walks back towards his semi useless soldiers to retrieve his briefcase.

Finn blinks as Mogwai collapses onto the floor, and he quickly scrambles over toward her, skidding to a stop. "Oh Glob, this is bad.." Did he already forget Vi? At least she's got a medpack, for the moment, but priorities. He grabs his pack and pulls it around, digging through it for a potion. "Eevee, can you heal or anything?" Maybe not the best thing to ask a Pokemon, but.. well.. can't hurt to ask.

Vinyl Scratch pushes the medpack open with one forehoof, turning her head to spit a little more blood out of her mouth before looking back at Finn. "Sorry to pull you away from her, dude... But I'm not exactly feelin' too good myself."

Time seems to come to a stop for Eevee as he watches Mogwai fall. "Lumineon! (NO!)" he shouts loudly as he remains panicked for a second. After hearing Finn's words, he snaps out of it. That's right! He can change..but then..he won't be able to tell her..no matter. This is what has to be done. Eevee gives Finn a fierce nod as he the light dies down around his body and his form returns to normal.

Eevee then focuses with all of his strength on summoning Undine's power. Come on...she needs me! With that, Eevee's body begins to liquify as he drops into the ground forming a puddle. After a quick second, his newly formed Undineon body rises up from the puddle. "Undineon!" he shouts as he begins to summon refreshing drops of kindness over her body.

Fenrir looks down at the heroes "If you believe you can fix her mind, then do so. It's in my best interest for you to succeed, after all." Mogwai stirs a little from the healing, her bleeding stopping. Now that she's peaceful, it can be seen she's taken quite a beating.

Finn seems relieved that Eevee can, indeed, heal. "Thank Glob," he breathes a sigh of relief, then it quickly dawns on him. "Oh, crud. Vi." He glances over at her, and stands, flipping over toward her like some kind of crazy acrobatic, landing next to her. "Since he's got her handled, this might help kickstart the healing." He finally tugs out.. a healing potion! Never leave home without one!

With that, Finn uncorks it and hands it to her. "There. Doesn't exactly taste like sunshine and rainbows, but it'll help big time."

Vinyl Scratch closes her eyes, being careful not to aggravate her injuries as she stretches.

Wrench begins to walk towards Mogwai, Brute and soldier falling in line behind him, "As touching as all of this is I believe the lady said she'd be willing to grant my employer an Audience."

Eevee pays no attention to his surroundings. The danger's over, after all. And Eevee is feeling too kind right now to be wary. He then bows his head down and touches his nose to Mogwai's face.

Fenrir says "Bring her back sane, and I will let you all pass. Consider your reward for trying an impossible task."

Vinyl Scratch takes a hold of the potion with her magic, horn glowing faintly as she sits up to drink it. "Thanks, bud... I owe ya one, and I'm gonna need to go lookin' for new glasses and weapons, since the ones I had are broke."

Eevee strokes his nose against Mogwai's face an attempt to wake her. "Undineon..(Come back to us, Mogwai...come back to me. Please..)"

Wrench walking towards Mogwai, stops short at Finn. "We have proper Medical facilities back where we're going. You and the pokemon can even come along. Her mind is important to my employer. If it can be recovered, we will find a way."

"It's fine," Finn offers calmly to Vi, patting her neck a bit, before he moves to a stand again, returning to head back toward Mogwai, pausing only when Wrench stops short at him. "If that's how it's gotta be, I guess there's not much choice. But until Mogwai’s feeling in her right mind again, consider her earlier agreement temporarily void." He seems dead serious about that.

Wrench says ' We have transport waiting outside to go to the Kakkara Outpost. Assuming you don't want to fight me on it.'

Wrench chuckles politely.

Eevee just stays by Mogwai's side, trusting Finn won't lead them astray. A few tears leave his eyes as they fall on Mogwai's face.

Mogwai is just lying there, unconcious and vulnerable.

"My intention isn't to fight you, but I don't exactly trust you." At least Finn's honest about it. "I've got my eye on you. And my other eye. Both eyes." They're both staring right at Wrench. Beady eyes. Staring deep into his soul. Stealing his soul's pancakes. Now his soul is sad. But now Finn's soul is sad. No syrup. Sad soul. "Watchin' you." Finn whispers to himself, eyes narrowed. He moves to kneel and pick up Mogwai.

Vinyl Scratch rises to her feet, opening - and revealing - her ruby-hued eyes with a sigh as she moves to pick Mogwai up gently. "I'd sworn never to let anyone see my eyes, but I can't help it now..."

Wrench nods to his soldiers as they head back down into the void. The group loading into a Helicopter and flying off into the desert and landing on a metal plate that descends into the ground upon arrival. The ground closes back up after wards. just endless desert in every direction.