The afternoon sun casts its gaze down on the lively Rabite Forest as its inhabitants frolick around innocently, at least until some budding adventurer shows up to kill them all. Anyways. It is at this time as Eevee comes strolling in from the south, having just returned from a lengthy trip overseas. Sometimes he just feels the need to return to his element, having grown up in the wild and all. That and Jameson doesn't seem to really care what Eevee does.

(Julexa) The Pichu is in the forest, pouncing and playing with the Rabites. Eventually, she slumped under a tree, as she relaxes in the shade and waits for something interesting to happen. The Pichu is looking for something to do, her head darting from left to right as the forest was not as lively under the tree she's relaxing under.

The sun felt great on Eevee's fur, not like it did over in Caspia. The air was fresher as well. But these are just minor reliefs Eevee clings to in order to get his mind off of things. While his adventures with Mogwai seem to be the only thing he has to live for right now, each day the heartaches take a toll on him. At times he forgets the other pokemon he's briefly seen and starts to think if he was meant to be alone in this strange new world.
As he watches a couple rabites bounce by, Eevee collapses into a heap on the forest floor. Yes...this was nice. But how long would it help him this time until the pain comes back?

(Julexa) The Pichu looks over at another animal that came into the area. At first glance, she thought it was a rabite, and she stands up to move, but on second glance, it didn't look nanything like a ra--could it be? ANOTHER pokemon? The Pichu giggled and zoomed over to the Eevee and leans her head over to glance at it.

It's a medicine that can only take effect for so long, mixed together by the smell in the air, the flow of the grass, the random Pichu glancing him over, the movement of the rabites, and the--wait, what? Eevee blinks twice to ensure that he's not hallucinating. Once in a blue moon that happens. But he doesn't react right away. Could it be, though? Eevee's never seen another pokemon around here.

(Julexa) The Pichu eeps, giggles, and scampers out from behind the bushes, getting a bit closer just to make sure that it was actually an Eevee and not a rabite dressing up like one to confuse her. She had that happen before once. She was definately not amused that day.

It had to be, there's no mistaking it. It was all coming back to him, the scents of other pokemon he used to be aware of in the forest he once lived in. He remembered doing the same thing as the Pichu is doing now when he was younger. "Eevee! (Don't worry..I won't hurt you.)" he says as he calmly rises to his feet.

(Julexa) The Pichu recoils slightly as the Eevee gets close, and she retreats back to the bushes, peeking out "Pichu-Pi?("Are you really an Eevee? I thought that I was alone here. All this forest, not one Pokemon or Trainer to be found. The rabites have been cruelly mocking me because I look different...")" The Pichu stays right where she is. She's not quite convinced yet.

Eevee nods slightly, though he comes to realize that the Pichu may not understand the gesture. Just because he picked it up from the others he hangs out with doesn't mean that other pokemon know what it means. "Eeevee! (Of course I'm an Eevee! And I could say the same, I come here a lot and this is the first time I've seen you.)
Eevee stops to consider for a moment why the Pichu may be scared, "Eevee, eevee! (Wait, you fell in here too? You weren't born here?)"

(Julexa) The Pichu shakes her head rapidly, slowly coming out from behind the bushes again, sheepishly tapping her left foot against the grassy soil. "Pii~chu. Pichu-chu-pi! Piii~chu!(No, of course not! I was going through the Diglett cave with my trainer, when he forgot to use flash, and we were stumbling around in the dark..and all of a sudden I feel the ground leave me and I fall into a Diglett crater, and find myself splashing down in that big fountain in the middle of town!")"

Eevee drops his head a little. "Eevee! (I see..I'm sorry to hear that. You must have been very scared. So, you had a human..I never had one up until recently, who's..not quite what I expected of them.)"

(Julexa) Sighing, the Pichu inches her way closer and plops down, not too far from the Eevee. "Pichu-chu?("Well, at least you have one now. Tell me, what kind of person are they?")" The Pichu asks, as she wiggles her small feet sitting there, her hands collected at her chest and looking at Eevee with big, brown eyes that look like they can stare right through you if she tried.

Eevee smiles softly as he tries to find an easy way to explain without scaring her, "Eevee, eevee! (Well, he''s a little complicated..) Eevee really doesn't want to explain that Jameson used a custom pokeball to torture him into submission. Admittedly, Eevee desired to live a life of being told what to do and where to go deep down. Which is why he didn't resist Jameson's pokeball for long before giving in.
But after his recent adventures, he's come to accept that the 'love' he once had for the man was the result of a mental defense mechanism. "Eevee! (..he's just a grumpy old man sometimes. Doesn't really even care what I do, just sleeps all day. I generally spend my time with these other creatures. In fact, one of them even looks like a human! He's really nice and strong, but I don't think he comes from our world. I really trust him a lot, now that I think about it..)"

(Julexa) She just blinks a few times. "Pi~.....chu? Pichu? Pichu-pi, Pichu!?("So, what your telling me, is that he's irresponcible, and leaves you to your own devices instead of raising you? Sounds kind of like my trainer. She loves me for dear life, she even grooms me, and dresses me up for contests..but outside of that, she could care less. She's probably catching a new Pichu as we speak...she's so..")" You notice her pause, as if the right word was too hurtful to say.

Eevee remains composed as continues to stare blankly ahead, "Eevee, eevee eevee. (It sounds like she loved you a lot. Jameson is nothing like that. I don't even consider him my trainer. But with's not quite the same as it is with a trainer. He waves this thing around and helps me fight the bad guys. I don't hang around him as much as pokemon and trainers did back in our world, but..I feel safe knowing he's got my back, and together we protect our friend Mogwai!)"
As the name comes out, Eevee cringes. Did he really want to talk about her? He was just starting to feel better, too.

(Julexa)The Pichu looks a little glum before continuing: "Pichu...pi~chu..pichu-pi("Yeah..when she remembers that I'm there. She can be such an airhead makes me want to run away at points. More to the point though, did you mention someone named 'Mogwai'? What does she look like?") The Pichu says, scampering over to the Eevee and peeking at him a bit closer, lightly poking the Eevee's side..-juuust- to be sure that she's not going crazy from pokemon withdrawl.

Eevee's heart sinks. No way. Now he -is- going crazy. He's even beginning to wonder if the Pichu is real himself. "Eevee! (I did..but erm..)" as he reaches for the words, he feels her poke his side. Well at least she was real, or perhaps this Mogwai thing has become an all consuming thing for him that his own mind is now assaulting his body.
"Eevee, eevee..(Well, she's a little bigger than me and has this cute yellow ball dangling from her head. She likes to dance a lot, and she's really beautiful..) he says as he trails off, already forgetting how strange it was that the Pichu seemed to know the name.

(Julexa) Okay, this was getting a little wierd. The Pichu takes a pause...a pretty long one all things considered, before she comes around with a: "........Pi...chu?("...Um, okay...well, putting that aside, you seemed to be interested in the fact I was owned by a trainer. Was there..something that you wanted to know...or...wanted to ask me..or?")" Yes, she was being vague for a reason, and it's probably kind of obvious at this point...

Eevee snaps out of his little trance and responds, "Eevee! (Oh, right! I was just a little worried for you, that's all. But really, this world is nice. I've come to enjoy it a lot. The things I've done here would not be possible back in our world. That said, it is dangerous you live alone out here?)"

(Julexa) The Pichu glances over her shoulder for just a moment, but then she just nods: "Pichu.("Yeah, I do. Not like these Rabites are going to give me a home..and some of the other animals out here treat me like lunch..and I don't appreciate that either.")" She says, confidently, as she looks back at the rabites in the learing staring daggers at her. She gets the feeling they might be plotting against her..the way those round, green eyes just stare straight through her..

While Eevee's sure the Pichu has been able to fend for herself, he's seen some of the monsters that dwell within the cleft. One in particular that resides deeper in the forest that he's made no intention to aggress. That thought then begins to worry him, knowing what seemed like the whole world was against her. This was no place for a young domesticated pokemon. But neither was Jameson's untidy room at the inn.
He knew what he had to do..someone had to help this pokemon get on her own feet. Eevee's been learning a thing or two about self reliance lately himself.
"Eevee..eevee! (..listen. This may be hard for you..but you're on your own now. Your trainer's in a very far away place and not many of the people in this world know us like they did in ours. But you have nothing to be afraid of. Our kind is capable of great things. How would you feel if I stayed here with you to teach you a few things about this world?)"

(Julexa) The Pichu considers this. On the one hand, she could say: "I'm good." However, on the same side of the coin, that Eevee puts up a convincing arguement. Her trainer wasn't around, loveable ditz that she is, and she has to fend for herself. This Eevee might be the one-way ticket that could be overlooked if she doesn't redeem it: "Pi---chu!("Okay, I say let's go for it. You know a lot more about "here", wherever that is, then I do..and I'd just be stumbling around otherwise. Teach me." The Pichu puts on a serious face, but that's absolved as quickly as it came for a butterfly passing overhead, that she giggles and stares at.

Eevee smiles softly as he too watches the butterfly pass by. It seems he's taken on something of a little sister.
"Eevee, eevee eevee! (You should know that there will be times I'll be gone. Mogwai's on an important quest and Finn and I need to be around to protect her. But until then, just think of me as your big brother. I guess our first order of business is to make a nest. There's also the matter of the see, in the wild, only the fittest survive. Until you put them in their place, they will never cease tormenting you.)"

(Julexa) The Pichu snaps out of her self-induced trance and looks over at the Eevee: "Pichu? Pi-pichu, chu-pi? Pichu?!("A nest? What's that? Is it something that you can play with? Also, what do you mean by fittest survive? Is that a game of some sort?!")" The Pichu asks, tilting her head. Yup, she's definately domesticated. A -wild- pokemon wouldn't be needing to ask all of these questions.

Eevee grimaces briefly at the bombardment of questions. What has he gotten himself into? Ah well, this is good. Anything to get his mind off of Mogwai during his off time. Things were looking up!