Sweetie blinks as she looked very confused at what Mogwai said about who lived in this place. Mostly becasue it was a name shared with one of her own goddess "Are we talking about princess Luna? I thought she was still in Canterlot? Who are you talking about and does she have wings and a horn?"

"Not that I know of. The name is latin for moon, so I'd assume it's common for those who hold dominion over it." says Mogwai. After a small bit of hassle in town securing tickets, the group finds themselves escorted to the shores of the Tower of Leires. "The tower of Leires. They say at the top is a mirror that will show your deepest secrets."

There's a pause once the disguised Senshi of Love gets the last of her swimming gear on, and she looks to the Venus Crystal wand briefly before nodding to Mogwai. "Sounds like a lot of fun, but the trip there is going to be anything but...? Oh, my name's Aino Minako."

"Really?" Finn rubs the back of his neck. He's not sure he wants to see his deepest secrets reflected in the mirror, but.. well, it's not a big deal, really. He folds his arms across his chest as he looks up at the tower. It's going to be one hell of a climb. "Well, we're here, might as well stick it out to the end!" He peers about to get a better look at the group, though, he only notices one fresh face. "Nice to meet you, Minako. I'm Finn!" Naturally, a handshake is offered.

Eevee looks up in an attempt to see the top of the tower. It certainly held an intimidating presence, but Eevee was not moved. The time for cowardice and dependance has passed.

Mogwai waves in greeting to Minako "And I'm Mogwai. Should be an easy enough trip to the top." she says, opening the door. Inside, potos and basilisks look up from their wandering, and dainslaifs start slicing through the air closer "Well this is new. Never had the dungeon denizens taking an interest in us before."

Sweetie says ' uhh I'm still a little confused about what Luna we're talking about? My name is Sweetie Belle. And it's nice to meet you.'

Despite having her feet clad in flippers, Minako's simultaneously invoking her henshin, body glowing a faint orange-yellow as the magic kicks into gear. "Already, fighting? Venus Crystal Power, Make UP!"

Finn steps inside, and notes the denizens seeming quite content to go on the assault. "Whoa. Floating swords? I call the swords!" Reaching back, Finn snags the hilt of his Demon Sword, pulling it around and launching himself toward the Dainslaifs. It's probably unsurprising that Finn would want to engage in swordfighting with magical swords, and he seems to have little to no trouble for the moment. But, for now, it seems he's got those under control.

Eevee glares as he notices the sudden interest from the locals. He has a variety of powers at his disposal now and he refuses to let it go to waste or be controlled by someone else. He waits to see what happens first.

Sweetie gasps at the sight of the Henshin invokation. Was this what it's like when Rarity uses her wishborn powers, could the Tiara have a soul gem inside of it?

Mogwai charges in, giving an elegant twirl and cutting down a poto with a slash from her whip "Luna's one of the spirits of mana, like Jinn. Fairly certain she's not from your world. Anyway, just take out what's in the way and run through, no need to clear the entire tower."

Sweetie says ' Oh, Right... anybody need any barriers?'

Once the henshin ends, Minako - in her guise as Super Sailor Venus - is standing a fair distance from the fight to... kiss her hand? It might seem pointless, at first glance, but her true intention is revealed as she tosses a golden glowing heart at one of the other Poto. "Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

Even as the explosive heart flies out at her target, Minako's running into the fight, with a chain of golden hearts dangling from her right gloved hand.

"We're not clearing the entire tower?" Finn seems a bit disappointed at that, but he understands that it's not entirely efficient.. and he stops playing around, cutting right through the Dainslaif he's fighting with one quick slash. The Demon Sword is clearly a stronger blade than even the magically-imbued Dainslaif, as he dispatches another. He actually looks pretty cool when he gets serious like that. "Ha. Nah, Sweets, save your magic for later! These guys are super-easy."

'No need to clear the entire tower' was a sound statement. Eevee decided to conserve his energy for now; his forms aren't without limits after all. Utilizing his Quick Attack, he attempts to weave around the aggressive locals.

Sweetie smirked, like she would actually back down from a fight. "I don't think we're going to listen to you Mogwai, there might not be enough potos to go around" Sweetie buck-kicked one of those oilly rabbits in the face and took a drink of water from her canteen.

Mogwai reaches the staircase, snapping her whip around the hilt of a dainslaif and hurling it into a basilisk "This way, we should be at the top in no time."

With athletic grace honed from many a volleyball game and yoma fight, Minako's twirling the chain skillfully before snapping it in the direction of another Poto with narrowed eyes. "Let's see how these things like a Venus Love-me Chain!"

Finn notes that Mogwai reaches the staircase and, not wanting to be left behind, he flips and handsprings his way over toward the stairs, landing not far behind her. "I got your back, Mogwai," he nods at her. She's the leader of this little expedition, after all. He peers at the others as they fight, though he's a bit surprised with how Minako fights. Certainly nothing he's seen yet.

Eevee keeps an eye on Mogwai, solely for the sake of knowing where to go of course, as he follows in a hurried manner. For a brief second, he loses his concentration as he watches her reach a staircase.

In that time, a dainslaif comes flying down in front of Eevee! Instinctively, he performs a dodge roll to his right, causing him to run head first into the stone wall.

Eevee grits his teeth and attempts to shake it off as the pain throbs on his nose.

Sweetie gathered up a few broken sword shards and a poto oil jar and put them in her Love Hina duffel bag, Stopping to cast a quick and mana cheap mend spell on poor Eevee before she picks him up and put him on her back. "Let's go Eevee, Cutie Mark Crusaders Tower Invaders! YAY!"

Mogwai pauses to go back for Eevee, but continues on when she sees Sweetie's got it covered. "Keep an eye out for a door on this level." she calls out, rolling to the side to avoid a blast from a basilisk.

Another quick wrist-snap has the Love-me Chain curling back around Minako's gloved hand, just as she rushes upstairs to keep up with the rest of the group. "It's been a long time since I've worn the mask as Sailor V, back in England... But that was before I met the other Senshi, and learned how to work as part of a team. Know that you can count on Sailor Venus, in times of trouble!"

Finn watches Minako for a moment, but he's really paying attention to the leader as they ascend. "Look for a door, huh?" Shouldn't be too hard, right? He deflects another Dainslaif as they ascend, easily cutting through it with his own blade. He's gotten used to how they function, by this point. Quite the fast learner! Or just lucky.

Startled, Eevee clings onto Sweetie's back. The throbbing begins to cease due to her healing spell. What a horrible maneuver for Eevee. He can't just go back to depending on others again!

Sweetie took a moment to cast haste on herself, followed by frenzy to make very quick work of the basilisk that tried to zap Mogwai. With four swipes of a katzbalger it was starting to cower.

Now that she's caught up, Minako's releasing a good length of her chain, and snapping it out at one of the unaware Dainslaives even as she watches the rest of the group fight. "Tough fight..."

Mogwai circles around the central pillar, finding a promising ornate door. The handle isn't working so she rams into the door a few times, before turning around to defend herself against a pissed off Potos.

Sweetie says ' Oh come on. there are more of these guys then Angel has illegitimate children!'

Finn watches quietly as Mogwai tries to ram the door off its hinges, and he laughs a little bit at that. "Hey, Minako, help me with this door," he offers to the girl. "Gonna kick this thing in. Go! YAAAAHHH!" He takes to a run, figuring that putting that momentum into a double-kick, the door won't stand a chance with Minako's help!

At hearing her name called, the disguised Minako wraps the Love-me Chain around her right shoulder, before breaking into a sprint towards the door and preparing to jump-kick it in tandem with Finn. "Just a second..."

Eevee growls and leaps off of Sweetie's back. No more. Taking a moment to feel Salamando's blessing, Eevee's form changes! "Salamandeon!" he shouts as he joins the others near the door. Taking a deep breath, Eevee unleashes fiery breath on the potos bothering Mogwai.

The door flies open as Finn and Minako hit it. Mogwai takes a second to thank Eevee, before running inside the opened room. Inside is an empty chamber, save for a brilliant crystal on a pedestal.

Finn is launched into the room, practically, by his own momentum, since the door doesn't withstand a double-assault like that. He skids to a stop atop the door, ready for a fight. Instead, the room is empty, except for a crystal on a pedestal. He rubs the back of his neck a little. "Well, that was kinda anti-climactic."

Only once the door's been taken out does Super Sailor Venus take to leaning against the doorframe, with the golden heart-chain hanging limply from her right hand. "It's a good thing I decided to henshin, because I have much more power in this form than I do as Minako..."

Eevee covers the entrance so that the rest can get in safely. One dainslaif in particular is melted into a pile of slag.

Sweetie follows them all into the open doorway. It wasn't very difficult to note that the gem in there must have been one of exquisite craftsmanship.

Sweetie says ' I'll be covering the door with Eevee here unless you need me. I don't see any boss fight here.'

Mogwai shuts the door once everyone is inside "Ok... hopefully we pissed off everything and got them running downstairs after us. Brace yourselves." she touches the crystal, and the entire room shakes, knocking everyone to the ground.

Sweetie says ' Horseapples...'

The violent shaking does more than make Super Sailor Venus fall, as she wisely decides to cover her head - and the bow adorning her vibrant golden hair - with both arms. "It's times like this where I wish I'd never accepted that vow to protect Serenity, so I could just be living as good old Aino Minako..."

Finn can't keep his balance as the room shakes, and he tumbles over, moving onto all fours to try to keep some semblance of balance. "What the hey?!" He's making sure to keep an eye out for falling objects, though the tower seems to have been built sturdily enough that this might not be an issue. Even so, better safe than squished.

For some reason, the shaking makes Eevee strangely angry. At times, he cannot control the overflow of emotion tied to each of his forms. He then proceeds to exert an intense ring of fire around his body, pouring his rage into it.

Mogwai slowly picks herself up off the floor "Didn't expect it to be quite that rough... I'm not sure if the room did, or if we were transported to an identical room... but the important part is we've moved." she opens the door, and you can see out the large windows that you're quite a lot higher

Even though the tremors ended up knocking her to the floor, Minako's still geared for battle, as the Senshi uniform shows. Following a cautious glance about the room, the Senshi of Love is getting to her knees and raising one index finger in preparation for her second attack. "Crescent Beam..." Aside from this preparation, however, there's nothing happening to the fine beam of light focused atop her fingertip.

Standing on the other side of the door that Mogwai opens is a young boy, maybe a bit strangely out of place, but there; just the same. He's facing away from the door, apparently looking out toward one of the windows, and a couple of fallen potos, as well as a busted-up Dainslaif, is lying in various locations along the floor nearby. Ambience seems rather... calm, despite the scene. His weapon is even in its sheath.

Finn moves to a stand when things calm down, and he dusts himself off a little, moving toward the door as it's opened by their leader. He notes the young boy on the other side of the door, tilting his head a bit at that. "The heck?" He shoulders his blade, watching for a moment, though it's hard not to notice the downed enemies. There's something there that doesn't quite sit right.

The ring of fire proceeds to encompass Eevee's body entirely as he cries out in pain. After a few seconds, the flames completely disappear along with his Salamandeon form. Eevee falls to the ground, breathing heavily. He doesn't look too hot.

Sweetie had started casting Haste and Limber spells. The next quake would not knock them all down again if she could help it. Sweetie recognized the teen looking out the window, paying more attention to him than to Eevee's suffering. "Ambience? What are you doing here? Are you the final challenge?"

Mogwai is surprised at first, but soon enough waves to Ambience "Hey there, are you climbing the tower as well? Maybe we can team up?"

"Something doesn't feel right about our company... I'd suggest staying on your guard, minna..." Minako turns her attention to Ambience, unwilling to release the built-up Crescent Beam Shower, or let go of the Love-me Chain in her free hand.

Ambience turns, surprised at the sudden influx of people coming in from the nearby chambers. He smiles openly, friendly, and tilts his head as well. "A strange time for visitors. I hadn't really planned on going all the way up, but since you're here, maybe I should tag along. I'm just checking in on something before I have to head back, Mama asked me to." He pauses, looking at Sweetie, then Minako, then Sweetie again.

Ambience says 'Also, how is it... you know my name? I don't think we've met, little pony.'

Finn glances around for a moment, before he notes that poor Eevee's lookin' bad. He turns to make his way over to Eevee, kneeling down to pick him up with his free arm, gently carrying him on his shoulder. "Hey. You okay, man? Lemme carry you for a while 'til you get some energy back."

Eevee just needs a minute. Don't mind him.

Mogwai is of course oblivious to the fact that she's met Ambience before, albeit under less welcome circumstances. She looks around at the damage "Well, hopefully we won't run into too much trouble on the way up. I believe the stairs are this way?" she says, walking off in one direction. A few seconds later she's walking back the other way "Nope, that's downstairs. This way."

Sweetie says ' Well that's because I've heard of you, From Kyuubey, from those you fought in town square, from my sister Rarity too. Berry Punch wants you to pay her bar tab by the way.'

Sweetie giggles at Mogwai.

Eventually, Super Sailor Venus just shrugs, letting both her attacks and henshin fade in nothing more than a faint burst of light as she returns to her identity as Aino Minako.

Ambience looks completely confused by all of these allegations. "Town.. square? Kyuubey? Rarity? Berr--" He stops, a thought coming to him. He laughs. "Oh, I get it! You're playing games, right? That's cute! Cute." He smiles again, and turns to follow Mogwai, completely oblivious to whatever it was he had just been accused of.

Finn stares as Eevee just kinda wallows there on his shoulder, and he shrugs, not minding carrying the Pokemon. It's not like he weighs a ton, and leaving him there would not be very team-like. So, he turns to follow Mogwai, but luckily only when she realizes where the stairs up are. "Well, at least we haven't had to climb as many stairs as I thought we were going to."

Eevee now finds himself being carried by Finn. Will the dependency on others never end? Yet he does not fight it. For now, he enjoys the chance to rest.

Mogwai feels a shiver down her spine as she listens to Sweetie. She knew he looked familiar! She spares another glance as she starts to climb the stairs. At least he seems peaceful for now... right?

Minako absently tucks the Venus Crystal wand into one pocket of the pants she's wearing, following casually along and dismissing her earlier concerns with a cheery smile.

Sweetie says ' I'm not joking about hearing about you from Rarity thought. She's my big sister, she said nice things about you. Kyuubey talked about you needing time to get to know your mother. Berry Punch said she fell off the wagon because of you but I've never seen any wagons in Truce.'

Finn, however, still doesn't quite trust Ambience. To say the least, finding a boy in a tower surrounded by downed monsters isn't really the kind of thing that he's willing to just jump right out and trust. Even so, he's concerned with Eevee's well-being, so he avoids saying anything for now.

The upper floors are quiet, save for the sound of their feet against the tiles. For some reason this unnerves Mogwai even more than the monsters earlier. She picks up the pace, heading up another flight of stairs to the final floor where a giant door awaits. "The room of fates... if my genre savviness is correct, our goal should be in here. Everyone ready?"

Sweetie shakes her head.

Sweetie says ' Can we go back and get lunch first? I don't want to fight a goddess on an empty stomich.'

Experimentally, Minako's summoning the Love-me Chain into her ungloved right hand, though she doesn't let it distract her from the objective as she moves closer to Finn with a faint flicker of concern. "I was ready when I fought Beryl, so this isn't any different. And... You had concerns about him, too...?"

Ambience follows Mogwai as she ascends, not seeming to buy into the accusations too closely by now. He seems to have pegged Sweetie as the non-serious type anyway, so it was unlikely he wasn't going to take anything she said to heart. Why would he? All this stuff just came flying out of her, and they'd only just met. It was pretty funny, actually. He wished more people had senses of humor, nowadays. Rarity? Berry Punch? These sounded like pieces of jewelry and/or beverages. However, something that -did- bother him... Ambience turns as the group stops, addressing Sweetie in a slightly-more-serious tone. "I'll ask you not to talk about Mama, if you could. She's been through a lot, and makin' jokes with her in 'em isn't cool." At that time, he turns to face the door, looking up toward the top.

"Yeah, man, I'm totes ready. A master of readiness. I am ready for anything!" Finn exclaims, but he seems to keep Eevee with him, not wanting the poor Pokemon to be left behind, or left out. His eyes fall on Ambience for a moment as he again speaks about 'mama', and he just hopes they're not making a mistake here. "You okay to go, man?" He glances at the Eevee draped on his shoulder. "About to be fight time, bro."

Satisfied with his moment of rest, Eevee feels prepared for whatever comes next. He gives Finn a nod and leaps off of his shoulder.

Sweetie says ' I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pick on you Ambience.'

Mogwai tosses Sweetie a peanut butter sandwich, and pushes the door open. Inside is an empty room, save for a giant mirror on one side. "We have come seeking the blessing of Luna! Each spirit has been guarded by an avatar from my world, and I expect this will be no different. So show yourself Fenrir, avatar of the moon!" there's an awkward pause as nothing really happens.

Mogwai strolls over to the mirror, which shows a moogle chatting with a large humanoid. The moogle looks fairly different from the ones here, shorter and flying constantly. The mirror's surface ripples like the surface of a pond, and another moogle steps out. This one looks a lot like Mogwai, except with long rabbit-like ears and purple fur. He's wearing a set of chainmail, a buckler, and wielding a sword as big as he is in one hand. "Oh, excellent guess Mogwai. Wrong, but excellent." says the newcomer

"Time to see if I can pull it off without becoming Sailor Venus. Crescent..." As she begins the incantation of her weakest attack, Minako's lifting one uncovered finger to the mirror and concentrating on drawing light magic into a fine beam.

Ambience stays at the doorway even as Mogwai enters the room, glancing first toward the mirror, then at Mogwai, and finally at the rest of the group. He looks like he's about to make a comment on the emptiness of the room, but when the mirror does its thing, he merely smirks. "So the rumors of the Tower were true, then. I had my hunches, but..." He decided to keep the thoughts on Mogwai's declaration to himself, at this point. He didn't want to let her down when she found out, herself.

Ambience seems a little unnerved at Minako's immediate assumption, as well. Shoot first, ask questions later? Geez.

Sweetie ate the sandwich so quietly that you couldn't hear her chewing. but when she sees the moogle step out of the mirror Sweetie did a spit take that covered the new moogle's face in pre-chewed sandwich and spit. "What the Hay! EEEP!!"

Finn steps in after Mogwai, noting the presence of another Moogle, this one armed and fuzzy. Normally, he'd be jumping right into the fray, but the Moogle is, well, not particularly intimidating, even with a buckler and a sword. On the other hand, Finn does move a little closer to Minako to whisper softly into her ear about her earlier concerns, before he nods a little. Now that the Pokemon is off his shoulders, at least it's no holds barred.

Eevee observes the situation as it unfolds. Who could the other moogles in the mirror be? For a brief second, Eevee almost feels jealous. But he's had enough of that. Mogwai's past is her own.

"Why is that showing images from my past?" asks Mogwai. The newcomer shakes his head and wipes off the bits of sandwich "Not the past. The present. Why did you truly start on this quest? Was it truly because you were worried about Dobenn? Or was it to answer those questions you didn't want to ask? How you came here. Why you have no memory of getting here. How come you don't look like your old self, and instead look like me, your idol Maxwel? The truth is, there's no reason for you to go back to go back to Vana'diel. Dobenn and Mogwai are safe. And you are not her."

Despite the considerably slower build-up of the Crescent Beam, Minako's not releasing the attack just yet, deciding to listen first and nodding in response to Finn's whispering.

Sweetie hugs Mogwai. *squeeze*

Sweetie says ' Then who taught my sex ed class?'

Ambience opts to stay out of this one. Short of keeping his attention on the goings-on inside the chamber, he isn't advancing or retreating. Additionally, they might not even want him in there, if this was meant to be one of the so-called Fated visions. The weird looks they gave him on their way up also seemed to represent a hesitance to his presence, even if he didn't know why. But, oh well; some people are paranoid, and he understood that. Sorta.

Pleased to see that Minako shares similar concerns, Finn turns his attention back to the two Moogles. And even he, admittedly, is a bit surprised at that revelation. She's not who she thinks she is? That's a startling admission! His eyes dart from you to the other Moogle. He doesn't want to say anything to disrupt the conversation because, well.. this is all still pretty fascinating, even if it's slow to sink in.

Eevee's not quite sure what's going, as usual. Still, he keeps his gaze on the mirror.

"Why do I have her memories then?" asks Mogwai. Maxwel shrugs "Why do you have my body? Minus the ears I mean. I do love my ears." he pauses to stroke one gently "I'm just a representation of your subconscious, answering things you already know, but couldn't bring yourself to ask. That's what the mirror does you know. Forces people to face the things they wish they could forget. And speaking of facing... I'm guessing you guys wouldn't be satisfied without a fight now would you?"

Sweetie snaps out of the shock. "Well I have a few questions. Why don't you tell her what her real name is? If you're part of her Subconcious wouldn't you know her name?"

"Why do you think I've been standing here, charging my first attack all this time? Just to look pretty doing it?" With an irritated roll of her eyes, Minako's pointing her index finger to fire the first strike with a shout of '...Beam!'

"I'm cool without fighting," Finn admits, folding his arms across his chest. It's not all about fighting, really. A good fight is fun, but it's about the adventure, the exploration, and just coming out here and fighting the tower's denizens is fun enough for Finn. He glances at Minako as she goes for the first strike, though, impressed. She shoots lasers?!

Maxwel brings up his buckler, blocking the beam but still being knocked back considerably "As far as I know, she doesn't HAVE a real name. Keep calling her Mogwai if you want for sake of convenience, but she shouldn't even exist! She just appeared here one day with a body based on mine and memories based on hers. Imperfect copies I might add."

Sweetie says ' Gasp, then she's your daughter?!'

Maxwel swings his greatsword down at the ground, forming a shockwave that races over towards Minako. Mogwai, meanwhile, is borderline catatonic coming to grips with this.

Ambience backs up a couple steps as the fight ensues. This wasn't really his ordeal, and he didn't feel comfortable engaging in it. He watches, however, just in case... something does actually require his presence. If they event wanted it.

As the shockwave approaches her at high velocity, Minako's bracing herself for the full brunt of the counterattack, knowing she won't have enough time to leap to safety or transform into Super Sailor Venus again.

Finn stares quietly at the poor catatonic Moogle. He'd probably be just the same way if someone had told him he wasn't Finn. He notes the shockwave, and he flicks his sword, generating a rocky skin to his blade using Gnome's favor. With that, he rolls in and brings his sword down to intercept the shockwave aimed for Minako. The shockwave is blunted by the rocks, for the most part, and short of the sturdy sword vibrating, he seems to have at least neutralized most of it. (c)

After a moment, Finn flaps hands a moment. Seems that a lot of the shockwave traveling up the sword got his hands a bit numb. "Phew. That wasn't very fun." Handling the Demon Sword might be a bit tough for a little while.

Eevee blinks quickly as he leaps into the air and emits a blinding light! As the light dies down, Eevee's form changes! "Lumineon!" he shouts as he races over towards Mogwai.

Just like in the battle against Ifrit, Eevee concentrates on forming a protective barrier around her while leaving himself vulnerable. Whatever the moogle said doesn't matter. If she won't protect herself, he will.

Maxwel leaps at Finn, preparing to shield bash him for interrupting his attack. For whatever reason, he doesn't seem to be attacking the easiest target in the room.

"So, the Crescent Beam isn't enough, is it...?" Once again, Minako's glowing a faint orange-yellow as she raises the Venus Crystal wand to invoke her henshin a second time. "Let's see how well you handle my more powerful attacks. Venus Crystal Power, Make UP!"

Finn is a bit surprised to get a face full of Moogle, and he takes the shield bash full in the face. The Moogle's got some surprising strength, as it sends the boy reeling, struggling to keep on his feet. It doesn't help that he's having a hard time keeping hold on the Demon Sword, what with his hands still numb. "Hey, man, that hurt! You might be cute and have a sword, but I'll still kick your butt!" Seems he took offense to the bash.

Ambience is apparently not there anymore; when did he leave? It must've been at some point when the others were distracted during the fight. Either way, the doorframe now stands empty otherwise, devoid of his recent presence.

Sweetie Belle gets the party's Barriers up in 12 seconds, adding a blessing that would make Finn's blows feel like getting of porcupine shoved up the nose.

What words could possibly be said to render one as confident as Mogwai helpless? Is this still the same moogle who toyed with Eevee's heart and dragged him on this life changing adventure? He continues to focus his energy on his barrier around her.

Maxwel backflips away from Finn... he may not have shown any ability to fly, but he sure can jump. He performs an elegant maneuver in mid-air and lands at the end of his airborne dance, summoning a field of ghastly flames around Minako

With her henshin finished, Super Sailor Venus once again raises her gloved right hand to her lips as if to kiss it, though her expression changes from playful to angry as a ring of golden hearts turn into one floating above her hand. "Take this - Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" With a simple flick of her wrist, the disguised Minako volleyball-lobs the glowing heart projectile at Maxwel.

With the Moogle backflipping, Finn takes hold of his Demon Sword with slightly less numb hands, and the stones drop off the blade, only to seemingly become one with the tile floor, disappearing. He decides to keep things simple, both hands on his Demon Sword as he moves forward in time with Minako's projectile, looking to flank it and make the attacks difficult for even a bouncy Moogle to avoid! Or, well, that's his intention, anyway, as his blade cuts through the air, attempting to cut poor Maxwel.

Sweetie was starting to wish she knew esuna. Those flames surrounding Minako were likely to give the human super hero some serious burns. Sweetie's horn glows as she targets Maxwell with a curse that would make him easier to hit! "Start saying 'D'oh' as your brain goes slow"

How much longer does she intend to do this? Is the world for those who are not pokemon really that complicated? Isn't the fact that her friends are in danger reason enough for her to fight? Eevee continues to pour energy into the barrier. Until she snaps out of it and decides to defend herself, he will.

Maxwel tries to dodge out of the way of the slash, but winds up waltzing straight into the projectile. Finn's sword slashes a gash through his chainmail, causing him to give him an indignant look "You made me get blood on my beautiful fur. Do you have any idea how hard that's going to be to get out!?" he launches into a flurry of attacks at Finn, swinging wildly but with enough force to cut through stone.

"Two successful hits from Aino Minako...? You must be doing pretty bad. Try NOT to get caught up in the path of this one!" With a faint flicker of a smile, Super Sailor Venus once more draws out the heart-chain, flicking her hand forward to try and ensnare Maxwel in the golden links. "Venus Love-me Chain!"

All the while, the disguised Minako is pointedly ignoring the flames scorching her Senshi uniform, and forcing herself to think of it merely as a Fire Soul from the Soldier of War, Sailor Mars, during training back in Tokyo.

"Should've thought about that before you decided to throw what little weight you've got around, pipsqueak!" Finn is prepared for the counter-attack, and he deflects each blow in turn as they come. The Demon Sword is made of some kind of crazy material, as even the rock-hewing blows from Maxwel don't even seem to dent or scratch it, but while the Demon Sword is infallible, Finn is not, and as the attacks increase in frequency, several of them hit home, drawing blood and cutting fabric. Naturally, Finn tries to find a good time to counter, and when he does - notably, Minako's attempt to ensnare Maxwel - he moves forward and attempts a fierce smash-attack with the pummel of the Demon Sword, to keep him in place at least long enough, assuming he succeeds, to ensure Minako's success.

Time was running out. With the power he's dumped into the barrier, Eevee's Lumineon form won't last much longer. "Lumineon! (Wake up!)" he shouts as he struggles to maintain the unnecessary barrier.

Maxwel hops back and unleashes a spinning slash, knocking away Minako's chain and forcing Finn to keep his distance. Meanwhile, Mogwai seems to react to Eevee's words, looking at him through the barrier "What am I even doing here..." she mutters "This quest is pointless." She gets up and starts to walk for the door.

Even as the Love-me Chain gets knocked away, Minako's turning back towards Mogwai, absently throwing her weapon at Maxwel again with a flick of her wrist. "So you're just going to give up? Think about all the people here who've cared enough to accompany you on this damn quest! Do you think THEY want to see you just throw in the towel? You've got no idea how many times I wanted to curl up and hide from everything, because I was scared. I kept going, though, because there are people I care about too much!'

Finn notes the spinning attack coming, and he narrowly manages to block it, the momentum behind it forcing even himself to get pushed back, giving Maxwel the distance he requires. He glances over to notice Mogwai trudging toward the door, and his eyes widen, hearing her words. "You're going to let this guy's words stop you from your quest? It's NOT pointless!" He yells at her, pointing a finger at her. "Whether or not what he says is true, no matter what, you're still you to me! As for Minako's words, Finn nods in agreement. "You can't just give up like this! You're better than that!"

With that, the barrier fades away as the light surrounding Eevee slowly begins to dissipate. He utilizes his quick attack to move in front of you. "Lumineon! (Is it? Everything we did together was for naught? You can't truly believe that. I can't tell you why you're here, but..)"

As the last of his energy fades, Eevee continues on, "Eevee! (..you're the reason -I'm- here.)

Eevee then shoots a glare towards Maxel. Whatever he said to her was the last straw. All the doubt in his heart was irrelevant now. Closing his eyes for a second, Eevee concentrates on Jinn's blessing. The air around him begins to twirl as his fur changes colors. His legs take on a yellow color as his upper body changes cyan. "Sylphideon! (And I'm the reason -he'll- no longer be here!)" he shouts as he begins to rise into the air.

Mogwai sighs "Everything he's said, it's all true. I'm sorry. I am the reason you're here, I dragged you all along on this foolish quest saying I was worried about the safety of some world that wasn't even my home. Even if I finish, even if I find all the spirits... what then? What purpose do I have to serve?" Maxwel steadies his blade, taking a defensive stance and parrying the chain again.

Minako says 'It's true only because you believe it to be true. I didn't join you just because I wanted to be dragged into fights, as I'm sure the others here can agree. Just hearing you say that you were worried shows, to me at least, that you cared enough to do this. You'll always have a purpose, so quit beating yourself up over this! Don't make me Love-me Chain you, for your own benefit, please...'

Finn shakes his head a bit at her. "It's not about the destination, you. It's about the journey. I'm on this journey with you because you're my friend, Mogwai. And not just you. Eevee, Minako, Sweets, it's about friends, and adventure. You're here, now, and you've got people who care about you, right now, that need you. Don't walk out and leave us. We need that amazing, confident Moogle that we know!"

Possessing the power of wind, Eevee's Sylphideon form brings with it enhanced speed. He looks to Mogwai one last time before taking flight, "Sylphideon! (Does the purpose even matter? Isn't it enough to simply do it?)

Once in flight, Eevee turns his wrath on Maxel. He attempts to fly behind him and swing his tail through the air, sending a strong gust of wind towards him!

Maxwel turns around to brace himself against the wind. Mogwai seems a bit more heartened, but the fight isn't quite back in her yet.

"Crescent Beam..." Once more, Minako - in her guise as Super Sailor Venus - is lifting her index finger as light builds on the tip. However, instead of simply firing it straight at Maxwel, she's pointing and firing the concentrated beam skyward. Only about five minutes later, there's a literal shower of hundreds of beams falling straight at Maxwel from the upper atmosphere. "Shower! Get clear, NOW!"

Minako says 'Don't give up hope, no matter how bleak things may look. I'll admit that I don't know you nearly as well as the others here, but it doesn't matter much, because I still care enough to want to see you happy.'

"Huh?" Finn notes the shower of beams falling, and he takes this time to scramble away, making his way over to Mogwai. He skids to a stop near her, and he falls to his knees, to be closer to her level. "Look at all these people fighting for you." He gently takes hold of her, to turn her so she can see Minako and Eevee. "Even if things have changed, the reason for going on this quest, don't ever think that you don't have a purpose. Do this for you. Look at how much we've all changed as people, and think of the hand you've had in that." Finn hugs her close for a moment, before he releases her, moving to a stand and shouldering the Demon Sword again. "At the end of the day, you're still doing this for friends and the thrill of adventure." He looks back down at her. "Even if you've lost your original reason for starting all this."

Eevee eyes the shower from above and utilizes his speed to get clear.

Mogwai wipes the tears from her eyes and looks on as Minako's attack goes off. Maxwel tries his best to dodge, but the attacks are too plentiful. He starts to become translucent, like a reflection seen through glass "I may be gone, but the truth will remain. You cannot simply run away or fight against the unpleasant truths. There's no hiding what you are. What you do with the knowledge, is up to you." With that, he disappears.

Minako says 'There might not be a way around it, as he said, or there may turn out to be one. Either way, keep forging towards a bright future with a smile, that way nothing can ever bring you down. Why do you think I make it a goal to 'live life to the fullest'?'

With the fight over, Mogwai waits. There's no sign of the spirit. "I think we may have gone to the wrong place... the Sea of Wonders is bigger than I thought. Isn't that a laugh." She chuckles to herself, but it's not very convincing.

Finn watches as Maxwel begins to slowly disappear, frowning a bit at that. The fact that such a thing happened with Mogwai, would that happen to the others, too? Or would they simply see their secrets, as told before? He rubs the back of his neck, and wipes away the frown with a smile, moving to settle in next to you. "This isn't the right place?" That seems to get him to laugh.. a genuine laugh, really. "Here I was worried we wouldn't get to explore more," Finn muses, plucking up the Moogle and cuddling her close again, setting the Demon Sword aside briefly to do so. "Well, why don't we stay in Caspia for a while, see the sights, and try again?" It's as good a suggestion as any, right? He's still wary of approaching the mirror, though.

Satisified that the immediate danger has passed, Eevee's windy form fades as he returns to normal. "Eevee! (No matter where this future goes, I'll support you until the end!)"

Sweetie says 'The moment you stepped into the cleft, you made your own decisions and thought for yourself. You think therefore you are. You came as you are, and grew to be our hero all on your own. You're the Cleft's most Awesome Moogle."'

Again, Super Sailor Venus shrugs, letting her henshin fade into the air as she returns to her civilian guise of Minako. "I don't think I could've said it any better, honestly."

From outside of the room, a familiar blue creature approaches "This is what I was afraid you'd discover. I just wanted you to be happy, to live here with everything you ever wanted. If you need to talk ab--" "I'm fine." says Mogwai, brushing Carbuncle aside.

Sweetie says ' Holy Luna's Love! Something more creepy than Kyuubey! It's breaking my brain!'

Finn blinks at Carbuncle's approach, and he slowly moves to a stand. "The heck is that thing?" Seems that the boy hasn't had the chance to meet Carbuncle yet. He folds his arms across his chest, watching the neon-blue creature closely. "Is it radioactive? Might wanna keep away."

Sweetie Points to Carbuncle. "are you Radioactive, whatever that means?"

Mogwai seems to genuinely smirk at that "No, he's not radioactive. Or at least I hope not or I'd be in serious trouble. He's just composed out of pure energy, so he glows like that."

"Oh, okay. Whatever," Finn nods a bit, slowly moving closer to the mirror. He taps at it gently with his sword and, when it doesn't respond, he considers it from that angle outside of where he can see his reflection. With a slight shrug, he turns and heads back toward the group, not giving the mirror any further glances. That time will come tonight, no doubt.

Mogwai gets up "Come on... let's go. I... need some time to myself back home."

Finn nods a little bit at Mogwai. "Yeah, okay. I don't blame you." He slowly shoulders the Demon Sword and heads for the door.

Eevee follows the others, keeping his distance from Mogwai. While still not completely sure of what happened, he can sense that she needs space. He needs some time to think, himself.

Nodding once, and getting to her feet, Minako's casually strolling back towards the door, putting the Venus Crystal wand back in her pocket. "That sounds good..."

Sweetie says ' Oh Wait I needed to ask you something?'

Mogwai gives an inquisitive "Kupo?"

Minako says 'Nani?'

"Eh?" Finn glances at Sweetie.

Sweetie smiles and hugs Mogwai "You're not going to go to Kyuubey are you Mogwai?"

Mogwai casts a confused glance at Sweetie "Why not? It's not like I have a reason not to."

Sweetie blinks at Mogwai in confusion.

Sweetie says ' Because The best fighting lessons are taught by the survivors, And it seems wishborn don't live to retirement age."'

Sweetie sighs.

Minako pauses, raising a blond eyebrow and tilting her head. "I'm apparently supposed to live for at least another 1,000 years, demo..."

Finn frowns a bit at Sweetie as she says that, before he turns and quite literally moves to leave the room, disappearing out the door. No doubt out to seek some of those monsters from earlier.

Mogwai shrugs, and doesn't retort to Sweetie's comment.