Look Sunflash
A Hylian stands here, nearly six feet in height. Peeking out from under a mess of light brown hair, his eyes are a study on jarring contrasts with one hued dull red and the other hazel. Tall though he is, he still appears only slightly thin. A loose fitting dark teal tunic covers his torso while a set of well-worn dark green pants take care of the other half.
While his left arm is bare and gloveless, his right arm is concealed by some platemail-like armor, seemingly of reploid design. Solid and heavy though the armor appears, the twenty-two year-old seems to wear it with little effort.
Adorning his back and shoulders is a rough utilitarian cloak, dyed dark blue with the hood down. The only other object of note is a short-sword, sheathed in an equally battered leather sheath inlaid with sliver designs.

look Avaline
A non-descript soldier wearing a black swat type suit with the image of a raven proudly displayed on the front and back.
No skin is currently showing.
With the helmet gone you see the face of a young woman, Blonde hair, She can't be any older then her early 20s.

look Emblem
If you're looking at emblem you are most likely looking at... A solder dressed in full swat gear proudly displaying the Raven Emblem. These soldiers can be either male or female.

look Jacen
A young looking Hylian stands here. His attire is a simple Black
Tunic and a pair of Khaki pants. Over this is a Dark Green cloak with a new patch sewn into the left shoulder portraying an Elephant and the Truce Fountain. Along his side rests a polished broadsword, and on his back is a bow and quiver of arrows, both with a hexagonal emerald inserted in the handgrip. His skin shows a few injuries from past battles, but he appears mostly to be intact. Although still technically in his youth, he has -somehow- managed to climb the ranks in the Militia, and his Emerald eyes show the desire to prove he deserves it.

look Brutte
The smell of powerful gasoline surrounds this Brute. It is doned in red armor, scratched and covered in scorch-marks. It seems like spikes were welded onto the shoulders to make it the armor appear more intimidating. The brute wears a heavy gasmask-like helmet that helps breathe kind of like a life support system. Wielded in his hands is a massive homemade flamethrower, the pilot light glowing by the tip of the fire-breathing weapon. "BURN THE WITCH!" is engraved into the side of the flamethrower.

look Torval
Something about this human seems familiar...

Didn't you see him in a missing person ad or something? Whatever it was, he seems a little bit off. Maybe it's grinning, the cycloptic mask hiding his face. Or maybe it's the stiff way he moves, or that nervous twitch in his fingers.

Are those belt buckles dangling from the too-long sleeves poking out under his armor? Why is that Chain Chomp shackled to his ankle?

Now you remember. It wasn't *exactly* a missing person notice, but it did something about a reward...


Sunflash's door, slightly patched up with some hand logs and resembling more of a flying sled, coasts along through Oryender forest at slow but steady pace.
Humming softly from his cross-legged perch at the front of the THING, Sunflash seemed to be enjoying himself fairly well. He suddenly snapped his fingers and looked over his shoulder to Jacen, sitting at the back and the far side of Avaline. "You managed to keep your bow'n'arrows on board this time, right? I know you dropped them on that initial rush out."

Hardly looking amused at your snide comment Jacen looks equal parts occupied in securing his equipment to his back and holding onto the door for dear life. "Just shut up and keep your eyes on the... well, keep us in one piece."

Avaline sits firmly in the center of the door trying to keep herself as far away from every side as humanly possible. A slightly terrified expression on her face.

With a laugh, Sunflash turned back to his flying. After several more minutes of PERFECTLY CALM flying, the trees start to thin. The Sorcerer adjusted his course, and soon they broke out on the trail near Orbonne. "Allright then, Avaline. You wouldn't happen to recall a general direction to go from the Orbonne entrance of the Veldt, wouldcha?"

Jacen calms down slightly as this flight seems encounter less turbulence, however his knuckles remain white for as long as the group stays in the air. "Please tell me it's close."

Avaline slowly attempts to look over the side before giving a small shriek and pulling herself back to the center of the door. "I-it's not like I’ve ever flown there before! But we should be getting closer now. We weren't stationed that far from the forest. The outpost is under the ground. The entrance is through a cave.

Sunflash managed to not suppress his eye roll whatsoever. "Caves, eh? Only one nearby Orbonne's entrance that I recall. We'll start there I suppose. Hang tight." With that little warning, the wizard directed his flying board off into the Veldt and headed south.

Jacen swallows a yelp as the door picks up speed. "Oh great, go from falling to death to suffocating in a cave, wonderful!" His tone is mocking, showing absolutely no fear of caves at all. "Alright, lets get off of this thing."

Sunflash coasts the flying surfboard of possible-but-unlikely-death along the Veldt and pulls up next to the only cave he knows of. The door slowly floats down and lands. "Allright kids, everybody off!"

Jacen jumps to the ground faster than anyone would think possible. The brief urge to kiss the ground passes as he shifts the sword on his belt. Searching around in his things he pulls out a silver flashlight, turns it on and looks at the others. Well, shall we begin?"

Avaline Slowly climbs off the door and begins walking towards the cave, “This is it. I can lead the way." Without checking to see if they're following she starts walking into the cave.

Sunflash gives a brief nod at Jacen. "Take a flanking position, I'll cover the rear."

Avaline begins to walk through the cave, Coming to a drop off she calmly walks forward and falls a few feet before landing on an unseen walk way. Walking into the darkness for what only amounts to a few minutes they come to a metal door with a lone soldier standing out front.

After they come to the drop-off, Sunflash catches Jacen's shoulder with a light tap and motions him back. "Keep leading Avaline, we'll be watching." Sunny mutters under his breath, and the wizard and knight slowly fade out of view.

Jacen shuts off his flashlight as soon as Sunflash taps him. He nods in response to the directions and pulls off his bow, just for safe keeping. An arrow is notched, however the string is not pulled. Looking for a rock to duck behind, he continues to watch Avaline's movements.

The Raven Emblemed soldier doesn't seem very on alert, As Avaline approaches he tenses up only to calm back down as her face comes into the light. “Avaline? Is that you? Damn girl, you had me worried. When you didn't return Commander Faron thought you were compromised. They moved your Phylactery and everything" The guard, seeming a lot more cheerful begins to open the door while idly chatting. “It’s good to have you. It's quiet as hell around here with the raid happening. They even let Smokey out of containment, Thing makes me sick.'

Opening the door the Emblemed Guard stops for a moment. "Oh almost forgot, gotta check for magic. Regulations and all that."

Avaline Frowns at the man who is quite obviously her friend. “I’m so sorry Rodger."

Sunflash, under the cover of the invisibility, motioned Jacen to follow. While Rodger is chatting Avaline's ear off, the pair slip off around them and into the already open door; flanking either side of it whilst waiting for Avaline to carry forward.

The Emblemed Soldier begins activating buttons on a nearby console as bright blue lights begin scanning the walkway in front of the door. "Sorry about what?"

As they travel, Jacen's bow and arrow return to their holding places. He crosses the door, taking his position. Hand on the sword he waits to see if their tactic worked, or if they would have to improvise.

Avaline tenses as the light washes over her. A small amount of dark green energy burns off of her before the light turns green. Blinking in confusion Avaline stutters out "s-sorry I had you so worried."

The soldier waves Avaline by as she enters the base. "Oh and be mindful of the guest. He's a knight or something. In the master's circle, big deal guy."

The door slams shut behind Avaline.

Sunflash breathes a small sigh of relief before going ahead to examine the layout in front of him.

The room is big and open, a giant Raven Emblem painted on the ground. The north Wall has a large shutter in the center and a door on either side of said shutter. The left and right wall both have 2 doors evenly spaced apart. There are alarm lights up on the wall (currently inactive). This room seems built to hold a large amount of people at once.

Sunflash's voice ghosts in from somewhere to Avaline's right. "Carry on as ya normally would. One of us'll be watching." Sunny peered at Jacen, raising a shoulder as if to say you or me?

Jacen nods his head towards Sunflash. He lowers his voice to where only Sunny can hear. "I'm going to hang back just a hair, but will keep the two of you in view unless it just becomes impossible."

Avaline pauses and scans the room, frowning a bit as she mutters to herself. "It's not supposed to be this empty. We were overcrowding last time I was here...” She scans the room and starts heading towards the Barracks. Walking as casually as a terrible actor could possibly walk.

Sunflash shrugs at Jacen and carries on ghosting Avaline. A curious eye examines the alarm lights on the wall, but not much else. Attention split between Avaline's direction and the giant shutter of doom.

Avaline begins punching in numbers on a panel next to the door on the left side of the north wall. As she finishes and presses the enter key a generic "Incorrect" sound plays from the console and Avaline curses under her breath.

Avaline attempts to input the numbers again retrieving the same result, prompting her to smack the console.

As Avaline attempts this the alarm light on the ceiling above shifts to yellow, no sound plays but movement can be heard from behind the door.

From behind the shutter thuds of heavy footfalls can be heard. The shutter shakes suddenly as it comes to life and raises slowly revealing an armored Brutte.

The Brutte growls and seems greatly annoyed by the guest now standing in his presence.

Sunflash does the usual thing, and calmly steps between Avaline and the bizarre creature. Not that either one can see him right now, but ya know. Positioning and such.

Still standing close to the main door, Jacen moves slowly behind the new arrival for a flanking position. Hand gripping the hilt of his sword, he waits to see what will happen in the next few moments.

Avaline squeaks a little bit and backs away from the Brute. Trying to get out words while reaching for a weapon she simply does not have. Sounds from behind the doors get a bit louder and a beeping sound similar to the one that was made when Avaline attempted to open the door can be heard from the other side.

Brutte growls and gives a death stare at the girl through its helmet. It takes a large step forward towards the girl as she retreats. It lifts its flamethrower and points it at Avaline, the pilot light glowing a soft blue in front of the gasoline smelling muzzle.

Sunflash, for his part, didn't move except to keep himself just in front of the Brute's weapon. As the door sounds got louder, he ever so slightly turned his head towards his left. His "Sshhhhhh." was directed towards Avaline, but no doubt caught the ear of the beast. Provided it could hear him over its natural sound effects, at any rate.

Jacen continues to quietly maneuver behind the flame-throwing creature. Trying to keep to the shadows if possible, he pulls his sword an extra six inches from the scabbard but restrains from fully bearing it. Breathing as slowly as possible he waits to see what the next few seconds bring.

Avaline begins squeaking out words, "I-I live here. I-I'm a soldier" Avaline shakily holds up a badge with a Raven Emblem on it. "S-see. I'm not an intruder... You can go back in the bay."

Brutte takes a glance at the badge with the emblem on it. Its only response was an annoyed grunt, before it lowered its flamethrower slightly. "Not see you before." it growls gripping the handles on its weapon. "No care who you are. Noise and lights bad, and intruder burns!" it suddenly shouts and raises its flamethrower upward in a threatening manner unleashing a flame up towards the ceiling.

The door opens and Three Emblemed soldiers enter the room, Right as The Brute begins unleashing a firestorm on the ceiling. The soldiers seem un-phased by the Brute's action. Guns drawn and aimed at Avaline. "Avaline!? How the hell did you even get back in here! You're listed in the system as AWOL." A fourth soldier is coming up the hall, a scanner of some sort in his hand. A fifth even further back seems to just be watching.

Sunflash There is a sudden faint shimmer directly in front of Guard1. Suddenly the shimmering condenses into a precise beam of light and energy. Sunflash's "Fehlzareid!" command came too late to be stopped as the energy burst forth in a spiraling beam down the hallway.

The beam curls down the hallway at breakneck speed, its semi-random pattern nearly blinding the two down the hallway. Its path takes it through the chest of Guard4 and the skull of Guard5 before impacting the far wall with a semi-faint *thoomp*. Sunflash, grinning, uses what little surprise he has left to attempt to punch Guard1 in the face. "Hi there."

Taking advantage of the slight confusion Jacen closes the distance between himself and the Brutte. Drawing his sword, he lunges at the creature's back, aiming where a human's heart would be located.

Avaline is currently blinded due to staring directly at the beam with nothing over her face. She flops to the floor.

The Emblemed soldier1 is taken aback by the light and begins wildly firing in the direction of you and Avaline. Soldier2 quick turns and fires into the corner of the hallway he can hit, bullets hitting the wall and ricocheting down the hall. Soldier3 fires at you, a lot more accurately then soldier1.

The Brutte's attention was quickly transfixed on the bright flash of magic light that pierced a few of the emblem soldiers. It bellows a war cry as it turns towards Sunflash; "Magic! BURN!" it shouts as it completely disregards everyone in the room and unleashes a stream of fire towards you.

Brutte flinches when it feels a slight sting towards its back. It reaches behind its shoulder to grab at whatever had stabbed it with a frustrated growl.

Sunflash, having missed Guard1 with his random punch, throws his arm up and takes a few steps back to place himself almost but not quite on top of Avaline and away from the flames licking at his Manashield. "You guys are really silly, you know that? Just stop with the shooting already." Said bullets hit the manashield and basically flop down after they hit the shimmering field.

Jacen, in a feat that even impresses him, kicks off the Brutte's back and lines himself up for another strike. Examining the creature's body, he decides to work on the thing's maneuvering. Slashing at the back of the Brutte's leg, Jacen works to remain as hidden as possible.

Raven Emblemed Guard 1, not expecting it at all, burns in a fire while standing in between you and the Brutte. Guard two brakes off of shooting and makes a dash for the hallway. Guard three actually taking your advice backs away from the Brute and begins chucking grenades at your feet.

The Emblem soldier's tossed grenade blink from reality upon hitting the ground. And re appears floating in the air. In front of Sunflash's face.

Brutte turns its attention to the immediate threat that is attacking it. With an aggravated roar, it starts to spray a slow wave of fire in the direction he was being attacked from, prepared to burn everything in that direction. "BURN!"

Speaking of blinking, Sunflash doesn't even. Waiting for the grenade to land, when it appears in front of him that made it simpler. A brief wave of his hand sends the accursed object hurtling into the hallway. "Better, but no. Was kinda hoping you could answer a few questions or something instead?"

Jacen seeing the Brute turning to him switches tactics. Closing his eyes to a narrow squint, he begins recalling the training Sunny had given him. Citing the words he had been taught, Jacen watches as a blast of water launches from the air in front of him enveloping the tip of the flamethrower, immersing the pilot light, and cutting off the current fire stream.

The Alarm light switches off. Then switches back on in a shade of very dark blue...A very loud alarm begins playing and one can assume it's playing all around the Raven Emblemed base.

Raven Emblemed Guard 2 comes flying back out of the hallway and lands in a heap at Sunflash's feet. Guard three begins muttering words on a sword pulled from his back and it glows softly.

Brutte shook the some of the water off and tried to fire the flamethrower in retaliation, but only received a light clicking noise and the smell of gasoline. In an almost dumbfounded manner, the brute peered at the tip of the flamethrower seeing that the flame was extinguished. There was a brief second of silence before an enraged roar bellowed from under the beast's helmet. It held the weapon high above its head before tossing the large weapon at Jacen.

A door down the hallway opens, and a tall man in a long, high collared black coat and a black feathered mask steps out, speaking genially over his shoulder. "-in a second, Doctor, sounds like the enlisted are acting up. Do try to make yourself comfortable till then." Torval turns his attention down the hallway, raising his voice. "If this is another false....Oh."

Sunflash gave out a sigh. "Stubborn, aren’t you. Oh well, perhaps someone else in here will be more willing to talk." Sunflash raised hand and motions towards the guard and Brutte's back. "Airblast."
Sunflash's hand glows dull blue for a moment before a focused tunnel of wind blasts forth and smashes...right past the Guard. Impact zone would be Brutte's upper back, with a lot of force.

The Emblemed guard Holds up his sword like a shield, expecting the blast to be aimed at him...and then continues standing there with a confused expression on his face when it goes right by him.

Brutte is suddenly jerked forward by the force of wind that slammed into its back. It stumbles, but manages to regain its footing thanks to its immense weight. A low growl can be heard as it turns to face the wizard responsible. Unfortunately for the brute it has a very short attention span and fuse so it is likely to focus on its most recent attacker.

Jacen moves once again behind the lumbering beast and eyes for the non-injured leg. He lunges again at the Brutte this time pointing the tip of his sword directly behind its kneecap.

Torval steps over the remains of Guard5, quietly sizing up the other bodies on his way towards the main room.

Sunflash lets out a loud exasperated sigh. "I REALLY don't want to have to fight my through this entire place" he raises his voice to near shouting level "just to get some Jango-be-damned ANSWERS!"

Sunflash makes another motion, off to the side of Guard3. A faint beam of orange zaps out and picks up the Brutte's discarded flamethrower and sends it hurtling towards the Guard's side and the doorway. Once launched, the beam vanishes.

Jacen is obviously getting fed up with the fight. Searching his belt, his hands find purchase to the rounded object hanging on his side. Fighting between cursing and praising that lobster crazed lunatic Haut, Jacen pulls the pin on his grenade. Holding it in his left hand, he jumps to wedge the handle on one of the Brutte's armor's spikes.

Dragging his sword against the creatures back on the way down to divert it's attention, Jacen runs past you, trying to put distance between himself and the new living time bomb.

The door on the west wall opens for a brief time before promptly closing again. A soft computerized voice can be heard over a speaker saying "containment Fields deactivated" The Raven Emblemed soldier is sent flying by the projectile.

The Raven Emblemed Guard would've been knocked out by his impact with the wall... But that doesn't mean as much as he was caught in the grenade blast.

Brutte flailed to the best of its ability to shake free its attacker but is exhausted from the hits it did take as they were starting to take its toll. With a final slash down its back it arched its body and yelled in pain and anger. It didn't even notice the grenade dangling from one of its spikes before it exploded giving to full force of the explosion that sent the behemoth sprawling to the ground.

Brutte is dazed and heavily bloodied as its helmet was blown to pieces and probably saved its life. Struggling to get to its feet and failing, the brute roared at the intruders pulling itself across the floor with its arms. Its breath was starting to wheeze without its helmet to support it.

Torval calls out ahead of himself as he reaches the end of the hallway.
Torval says ' I couldn't have put it better myself. Answers, please... What is your business here? How did you find us?'

Sunflash gives a half-hearted hi-five to Jacen as the knight hustles past. "Nice work there. Grab Avaline and back up against the wall for a moment so I have some room."
Giving the Brutte a glare as if to warn it off, Sunflash directs most of his attention towards the voice from the hallway. "Obviously I'm someone looking for answers as to why in the blue-blooded hell you lot are kidnapping people." The wizard glanced back towards the west door with a frown before cross his arms. "Your turn."

Jacen grabs the girl’s shoulders and begins to pull her back towards the corner of the room. It's not until he props her up against the wall, and has checked her out for any injuries that he directs his attention back to Sunflash and the new arrival. Sword still in hand, he relaxes just a bit, but still keeps an eye on the shutters and the main entrance.

Screams and moans are heard from the west wing of the Raven Emblemed Facility. A computer voice echoes, "Warning, security fields 3-7 down. Room 732 Unlocked. Room 234 Unlocked Room 333 unlocked. Subject "Toby" free, Subject "Calin" Free, Subject "Alina" free.

Brutte struggles still a bit weak, trying to reach its enemies. One last arm was outstretched before it finally collapsed face first onto the floor of the facility.

“I am not responsible for my employer's actions, nor trusted with the reasons behind them. I do find it odd... that the man with the trail of corpses is concerned with kidnapping." Torval reaches the central room, standing in the doorway, taking in the scene thoughtfully.

The sorcerer peers over at the west door again before shaking his head. "No, it's okay. Let ALL the monsters out to fight. Idiots." At Torval's accusation, Sunflash just shrugs. "They made it pretty clear they were going to kill the lady yonder" Sunny motions to Jace and Avaline "And I've been asked to keep her alive. I'm not above a first strike scenario if it seems reasonable." Sunflash gives Torval a penetrating glare.
You say ' If you are insistent on claiming your...relative, innocence; then you can do me a favor and get the hell out. I'm not in the mood for any more games.'

"I don’t see how that would work. You came in here without warning, killed a number of men, under my nose, and now expect me to leave you to finish off?" Torval adjusts the gauntlet on his right hand, pulling it tight. "Perhaps you ought to be the one leaving."

Sunflash shrugs. "All I'm after is information on how to find the idiots who started this mess. I'm perfectly happy to leave you to your little hole-in-the-wall, but not until I find out whom I need to be actually exploding. Are you going to be an inconvenience to that, or what?" The sorcerer didn't seem even remotely phased. As usual.

After determining that Avaline's injuries were not very severe, Jacen turns his attention to the conversation taking place. He turns to place his body between the girl and the two men; gripping a little tighter on his sword, he waits to see exactly what the next few moments will bring.

(Emblem) The announcements from the west wing continue “code BFU in effect. Veldt access open, Soul gems active. Have a nice day." The announcements cut off and the noises from the west wing continue to get louder.

Torval smirks behind his mask. "Were I to give you free reign of this... 'little hole', you still wouldn’t find that information. You've wasted time and lives chasing nothing at all."

Torval says ' Go back the way you came and forget whatever notion led you here. I won't even pursue vengeance. Just go before you make a bigger mess.'

Sunflash lets it stand there for a brief, eternal moment before raising an eyebrow. "Really? /I/ have wasted time and lives?" Sunny beckons calmly towards the corpse of the Brutte, which glows lightly.

The corpse's skull rises until it's head-level with Torval, facing him with its empty stare. "I was the one who made this madness." The corpse suddenly flies off to the side, hitting the wall with a thud. Sunflash points at the soldiers lying on the ground. "/I/ did not kidnap people to turn them into hive-mind drones with no control over their lives!" His words, spoken calmly, had a taste of thunder behind them.

"I did not decide that taking advantage of others was the best course of action towards some personal selfish gain!" The clearly angry-yet-reposed sorcerer leveled his arm at Torval. "You, who would decide their ethics by the largest bag of coin, have no claim over myself. You may either leave now..." Sunflash's eyes narrowed to a slit. "Or risk death. Your choice."

As if to help emphasize your point, Jacen stand and steps forward. He continues to keep himself between Avaline and Torval to act as a shield, if necessary.

Torval laughs. “You mistake me again, Wizard. I'm not deciding anything. I just do what I'm asked. I'm not interested in drones or coin. I don’t even care about your ethics, I merely assumed you did. Your words are as wasted as your mission."

Sunflash shakes his head. "Worthless. Do as you will, but attempt to stop us or harm my friends, and I will leave you as a bloody smear on the ground." With that, Sunny turned partway from Torval to beckon at Jacen and the door on the eastern wall behind him. "Bring Avaline, we'll find a new slab or something to leave her on while we look around."

Turning around Jacen sheaths his sword, bends over and picks up Avaline, making sure his shield is still ready if necessary. He lowers his voice as he approaches you "I hope you know what you're doing."

The laughter is gone from Torval in an instant. “You’d turn your back on me?" he demands, hand going for a sword at his waist.

Sunflash catches the hand-to-hilt motion from the corner of his eye, and doesn't waste energy replying with words. Instead, his counterpoint comes in the form of a forceful burst of magic directed roughly at Torval's center of mass.

Torval draws quickly, placing his sword between the burst and himself, absorbing it with a blue glow. He hesitates. “You really think you'll find something here, don't you?"

Sunflash shrugs. "So for I've found out that whoever I'm up against is good at making holes in caves, likes drones, has a thing for making undead monstrosities, and thinks they're unstoppable. I've already learned a good deal." He smirks. "Experience suggests they're bound to have left /something/ I can use."

Sunflash motions towards Jacen. "Lead the way. I'll cover you in case there's any surprise presents waiting."

Jacen begins to head down the selected hallway, shield in front of him protecting both his chest and Avaline's head. "I swear Sunny, one of these days... Why do I let you talk me into these kinds of things?"

Torval resheathes, shaking his head. “Waste your own fool time then. I have other things to do..." He turns back the way he came, into the hallway to the north. "Mind the pests."