Rarity leans on Mogwai's shoulder.

Mogwai hugs her. *squeeze*

Rarity leans into the hug, with a solemn sigh.

Mogwai says 'Something wrong?'

Rarity says 'Just have to get used to knowing that I'm back to wandering, since I don't have a place to stay now.'

Mogwai nods.

Mogwai says 'Well, if you ever need a companion, I've been doing a lot of traveling lately'

Rarity says 'I'd appreciate that oh so much...'

Mogwai says 'I'm actually fixing to head out on a short trip, if you'd like to come with'

Rarity nods.

Jameson has fallen into the Cleft of Dimensions.

Eevee bursts through the wall, into the game.

Jameson has arrived from the south.

Jameson points at Eevee accusingly.

Eevee waves happily.

Jameson says ' You're lucky I'm in a good mood.

Mogwai looks up from her map at Jameson, with a slight smirk to Eevee "You two here about the trip?"

Jameson raises an eyebrow at Mogwai. "Scuse me what? Trip to where then?"

Mogwai frowns "I put an ad in the paper... maybe I should have gotten a bigger one... *ahem* I'm looking for some adventurers to join me on a search for the elemental spirits of mana. Phenomenal power, secrets man was not meant to know, that whole thing."

Eevee seems interested in phenomenal power. Not that his opinion matters.

Jameson looks at Mogwai blankly for a few moments, and then looks over to Eevee. He rubs his chin for a few more moments of contemplation. "So, you're telling me here that you're on a quest to find beings of amazing might and power." One of Jameson's hands strays to his belt, where he drums his fingers on the pokeballs resting there. "Eh, sounds like a potential promotion. I'm in I guess."

Rarity says 'Well... Twilight certainly would be interested in joining you. I can't, because of the duties I hold as a Wishborn, though I would if that wasn't stopping me.'

Eevee seems excited about going.

Mogwai beckons for the two to follow and heads down to the Truce docks, ordering a pair of tickets on the way. "They'll probably just let Eevee come with you, Jameson." she reasons.

Jameson picks up Eevee by the scruff of his neck and examines the creature for a moment. Nodding, the shady man pulls Eevee's pokeball off his belt and bonks it on the pokemon's head. "Let's just make sure of that."

Eevee is grabbed and bonked. What a delightful life he lives!

Once on the boat, Mogwai takes a rest by the railing as the ferry begins to disembark "So how much do you guys know about the elemental spirits of mana? I might as well fill you in on the ride."

Jameson drops Eevee's pokeball back on the deck now that they're past the payment portion of the journey, and shrugs at Mogwai. "Back where I come from there's a good bit of elemental-type things running around, but unless we're hunting Arceus you'd better fill me in.

Eevee appears from the pokeball. He clearly knows nothing, after randomly falling into the cleft and before he could figure out what was going on, he was jacke--er, 'befriended' by Jameson.

Mogwai says 'From what I can tell, they're responsible for all the magic in the cleft. From my dances, to Twilight's magic... even outside sources of magic brought in appear to draw their energy from the spirits now.'

Jameson lets out a low whistle. " Fancy. So, you plan on doing anything with all that power once you find it?"

Mogwai says 'They are in charge of so much, they're even capable of rewriting the rules of this world. Or, so the legends say. I'm looking to find them to get back home, but they are likely capable of so much more. I know it sounds like a small goal, but it's important to me.'

Twilight Sparkle half-sits down, listening intently with her horn aglow for illumination. "I'll stand by you for sure, because there's still a lot to learn about this world."

Eevee says 'Eevee! (Maybe they can help me to evolve! Then I'll be -really- useful!)'

Mogwai looks at the ever-approaching Gold City, alight even at this time of night "Our first visit is Lumina. She's in the tower at Gold City. Being so close to a city, I doubt we'll see many monsters but... well, you never know."

Mogwai smiles at Eevee "We'll see. I still have yet to come up with a plan to actually get them to help us once we reach them."

Twilight says 'Having to deal with Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Chrysalis kind of makes me wary, even in big cities.'

Jameson runs an eye over Gold city, and shakes his head at it. "There's such a thing as too much. Some people need to learn that."

Eevee eyes the approaching golden city. Oooo, shiny.

The ferry soon docks at Gold City, and Mogwai hops out. She fetches a key out of her bag and looks across the island. "That big lighthouse over there is the target. Let's go!" she exclaims, heading off across the beach.

Jameson steps off the ferry, and motions for Eevee to follow after him. "Come on you, let's see what this chick's on about."

Eevee says, 'Eevee! (K.)' as he obediently follows. He is interested in seeing what this chick is on about too, but not exactly in the same way that Jameson is. Eeeeeveee.

Mogwai unlocks the front door of the light house and steps inside. The door creaks from misuse, and every footstep echoes to accentuate the loneliness of the place "I know I said there'd likely be no monsters... but no keeper or anything? When's the last time anyone's been in here..."

Twilight Sparkle teleports off the ferry, breaking into a gallop to keep pace with the rest of the group, and causing her mane and tail to whip wildly in the wind.

Jameson casually steps up to the lighthouse, it seems he's used to walking very quickly and seeming nonchalant. "Well, if there is anything in there, I can send this freak at them."

Mogwai tentatively heads up the stairs. Each landing is a full fledged room cluttered with long abandoned furniture and clouds of dust. At the third floor, Mogwai starts looking a bit paranoid "I think something's here with us..."

Eevee stops to sniff around, attempting to locate the source of Mogwai's paranoia.

Twilight Sparkle closes her eyes for a moment. "Leave it to me, and stay close."

Mogwai looks this way and that, her pom-pom waving ever so slightly around. She rushes over to a table and hurls it over. The sound of something teleporting away rewards her efforts.

Jameson looks around without much of a care. Either he was extremely confident in his skills, or didn't think anything was in the room with them.

Twilight Sparkle begins searching the room with a high-powered identification spell, even as her Element glows a brilliant white to provide sufficient illumination.

Mogwai carefully makes her way up to the next floor "There should just be two more floors above us. The top floor is where the mana spirit is."

Jameson whistles a short tune, partially to be an asshole, and partially to dispel the spooky attitude the girls seem to be setting up.

Eevee casually follows behind Jameson. Can't walk ahead of the master, folks punish you for that.

Twilight Sparkle follows you closely, still keeping her identification spell active and opening her eyes to avoid running into things. "This is going to be an interesting encounter... I'll be the one to try talking with it, since I've got so much magic to use."

Eevee says 'Eevee! (Magic? What's that?)'

Twilight detects something small peering out from under a discarded chair. It narrows its eyes at her when she looks at it, curls up into a little ball, and vanishes with the distinctive tone of a teleportation spell.

Mogwai looks over just in time to see the teleportation "That sounds familiar... ah crap." she mutters as she runs up the stairs to confirm her suspicions

Twilight Sparkle narrows her eyes, terminating the identification spell and casting a equally strong tracking spell on the residual magic before once again breaking into a gallop up after Mogwai.

Jameson stares blankly at the nothingness that just poofed into nothingness. "Wow. That was so terrifying. Allow me to send Eevee here to it's death to cover my escape while I run screaming."

Mogwai says 'I don't think it's trying to scare us.'

Eevee will totally do it, too.

Eevee says 'Eeevee! (Maybe it wants to play!)'

The penultimate floor is far cleaner than the rest. Large windows let the light in, and the creature that's been hounding the group is waiting in plain sight. It's about Mogwai's size, with glowing blue fur, long rabbit-like ears, three tails, and a large red jewel in it's forehead "I've been watching you Mogwai, child of Vana'diel, ever since you left Truce. But I'm afraid I can't let you go any further. Go back to your hedonistic life, leave the mana spirits alone. Or this quest will destroy you."

Twilight Sparkle paws the floor with her right forehoof, simultaneously ending the tracking spell and focusing on a long-distance entrapment spell before lowering her head. "Surely you haven't forgotten I'm here."

Jameson looks over the large rabbit-eared blue thing, and scratches his chin. "Well. Looks like I found one of your cousins, freakie." his hand pats one of the free pokeballs on his belt, and pulls it up. "Right, let's get it when it's distracted."

Mogwai shakes her head "Carbuncle, Bringer of Rainbows. If you're here, then that does mean there's a way back. Sorry, but you've just confirmed I'm on the right path.". Carbuncle shifts to a battle stance as the others enter the room "I have not forgotten about you, pony. Go ahead and try your best. All of you."

Eevee says 'Eeevee! (Distraction! Distraction! Yaaaay!)'

Twilight Sparkle moves in a bit closer, horn pulsing as she attempts to seize Carbuncle with her entrapment spell. "This isn't quite Equestria, but I'll still do my best!"

Jameson nods to Eevee, and barks a quick order to it. "Go in when the horse distracts it, trip it, tailwhip, whatever you know." He focues his attention back on Carbuncle and grins at it. "It'll be our Ratatta."

Eevee hops with joy, "Eevee! (A Ratatta! A Ratatta! Oh I can't wait!) as he waits for Twilight's next move.

Mogwai tosses her shawl and skirt aside to change into her showgirl outfit with a dramatic pose "We'll send you running back to La Theine!" she shouts, performing an intricate dance and drawing her whip. Carbuncle, to Twilight's credit, finds himself unable to move. He closes his eyes, his ruby shining with brilliant light, and a brilliant mist composed out of burning light descends upon the party.

Twilight Sparkle shakes her head, fighting to maintain the entrapment spell and her vision at the same time the mist falls upon her fur, mane, and horn. "Got to hold the spell, and keep my eyesight..."

Jameson steps back somewhat instictively as Carbuncle calls down it's burning fire-light, but curses as one of his hands is caught regardless, causing him to drop his readied pokeball. Shaking his hand to try and dispel the pain, he pulls another ball from his belt and glares at the spirit.

Captivated by Mogwai's sudden change in appearance, Eevee finds it hard to quit staring at her attractive new figure and focus on his orders. Not to mention the burning sensation. Ow.

Mogwai glances back at the other combatants "Hey Eevee, don't worry about the wounds. I'll kiss it later and make it better, if you help me beat him." to Twilight she adds "This guy's a ranged attacker. He's not much of a threat directly." To demonstrate her point, she charges the spirit and snaps her whip around one of his legs, bringing him crashing down to the floor.

All at once, Twilight Sparkle releases her spell, ignoring the burning of her fur and mane as she paws the floor again before charging horn-first at Carbuncle. "Yah-!"

Empowered by Mogwai's concern, Eevee feels an explosion of energy! He rushes straight towards Carbuncle in a full on headbutt!

Jameson watches both of his allies charge the enemy face first, and the other furry thing trip it up. Sticking his tounge out and biting it in a sign of concentration, Jameson steps back a bit, holds the pokeball at an odd angle, and lobs it up like an artillery shell.

The prone Carbuncle takes the full force of the attacks, luminescent blood seeping out of his horn-wound. His ruby gives one more glow before his body fades away, the pokeball clattering across the floor.. Mogwai begins to congratulate the group, as she sees three more fading into the arena, faint barriers from the dead Carbuncle's spell coalescing around them. "Oh right. I forgot he could do that. Right! Let's take them all out!" A pair of spotlights appear around the closest one, and Mogwai pulls a curtain around the two of them. A fountain of luminescent blood sprays up, and when the curtain falls the Carbuncle is on its last legs. In a last ditch attack, it leaps up into the air. "SEARING LIGHT!" it shouts, a beam of bright energy slamming into Mogwai with enough force to send her crashing into the wall.

Not the first time I've seen that tactic used... Let's see if I can do the same." Twilight Sparkle, oddly, is stopping and sitting down to focus enough magic into creating two copies of herself, issuing commands to both magi-clones once they're solidified fully.

Even while her magically conjured look-alikes are fighting the two remaining Carbuncle-clones, Twilight Sparkle is breaking away to tend to Mogwai. "Are you alright? You took a pretty nasty hit there..."

Eevee rubs his face for a moment, colliding with things with it tends to hurt. Eevee watches as Mogwai flies through the wall and Twilight moving in to check on her. Jameson curses as Carbuncle suddenly calls up a massive flare of light, and steps forwards as Mogwai is flung back. Picking the first pokeball he pulled this battle from the ground, Jameson pulls his gloves a bit tighter and grins at the injured creatures. "Eevee. Take Right. I have left. Go."

Full of rage, Eevee starts to charge once more before hearing his master's orders. He quickly banks to the right to proceed with his master's plan.

Mogwai stands up slowly "Yeah, surprisingly. Blessings of the moon and whatnot. Take care of the others, I don't think he's done pulling that trick...". The Carbuncle on the right jumps to the side to evade Eevee's charge, baring its claws and attacking back. The Carbuncle on the left smirks at Jameson and summons a portal in midair, through which a tiny meteorite (about 2 feet in diameter) fires out towards Jameson.

From her place near Mogwai, Twilight Sparkle directs one of her clones to break away and provide cover for Jameson, even while the other continues fighting the mostly unoccupied Carbuncle.

Jameson doesn't give much of a reaction to either the portal summoning, or the Twilight-clone body shield, save for a "FFfffffffuuuuck YES" He slams his boot into the pony's back, using her like a step ladder and propelling himself over the whole mess. From the air, the rocket trainer flings his pokeball yet again at Carbuncle, attempting to nail it in the head.

Eevee continues to cat fight..er, furry fight, yes, in a very strong, manly, furry way against the Carbuncle that he is locked in combat with. A damsel needs vengenace damnit, and this beast will stand in the way!

The pokeball smacks the Carbuncle on the head "Wat. I'm a GOD, how can you expect to-" he's cut off short as he finds himself inside the pokeball. The other Carbuncle continues to toy with Eevee, exchanging swipe for swipe, until a charge from Twilight knocks him to the side. "SEARING oh fuck this." he yells, before curling up and vanishing out. "Just remember... I did warn you..."

The bars covering the door slide out of the way, allowing the party access to the top floor. Mogwai heads up the stairs, still nursing her wound. At the top, Lumina the mana spirit awaits, along with the mana seed and the mana stone of Light.

After witnessing the end of the fight, Twilight Sparkle dismisses the clone-creation spell, with both copies of her disappearing into the air with little more than a 'POP', before she moves with Mogwai to provide support. "Here, lean on me."

Eevee blinks as he watches Twilight take out his Carbuncle. "Eevee.. (I could have handled it..)" he mutters to himself as he runs after Mogwai.

Jameson lands on the ground, thankfully staying on both his feet, and watches the pokeball EXTREMELY intently for a few moments while it rocks about. After it stops, he allows himself a quick fist-pump before collecting the ball and placing it on his belt. The other one, which missed earlier, is kicked off to the side, probably broken anyways. "Allright. Got a Rattata type thing."

But Eevee is so reliable!

Mogwai leans on Twilight for support as Lumina greets the group. "Greetings adventurers. It's been a long time since I've had visitors. I presume you are here seeking the power of mana? For managing to get past the guardian, I will gladly grant it. But be careful what you wish for." A soothing light envelops the party, marking them.

Jameson pats himself down and frowns. "The fuck was that? I mean, my hand feels better, but still, what'd you just do?"

Remaining mindful of Mogwai, Twilight Sparkle bows in reverence, brushing her mane against the floor - she's apparently experienced enough to know when to show respect around royalty or powerful beings. "Thank you for your blessing, Lumina..."

Eevee is distracted by the shinies.

Lumina says "You've been marked with my blessing. Those who know how to see it will know you've met me, and you may now use a small portion of my magic."

Mogwai bows down before the mana spirit "Thank you very much. Come on, it's back to Truce to prepare for the next spirit."

Jameson says ' Yeah yeah let's get on with it.'

Eevee regains his attention long enough to feel the warmth of the blessing, completely missing everything that just happened. Oh well.

Mogwai leads the group back down the tower, which seems a lot brighter and cheerful now, and back down to the docks for the ferry.

With a nod, Twilight Sparkle rises, turning to accompany Mogwai out of the lighthouse and back to the ferry to Truce. "Sit on my back, if it makes things easier for you. It might not be comfortable for me, but you're injured."

Eevee is struggling between being concerned for Mogwai and the shiny lighthouse.

Mogwai accepts Twilight's offer, hugging her close "Thanks." The ferry soon arrives to take them back home.