Fa'Diel - Oreyndur Forest
Not much of a path to travel on, the trail stretches from the
northwest to the southeast, leading elsewhere that is perhaps more civilized
than the current setting. The bushes of the southeast slowly transform
themselves to trees, while the trees to the northwest slowly begin to thin
out and bunch up into bushes. A bridge leads southeast over a creek toward
a vast grassy field.

Over the period of time between Crysta's departure and Oreyndur's entrance, Ambience seems to have composed himself pretty well, following the events of the previous evening. Between topless centaur girls and purple-blooded bloodthirsty beats, as well as a new hooved friend, it's been pretty busy. Nevertheless, Ambience leads on in the southwestern direction, assumedly towards where he claimed to be residing.

The pearl-handled weapon slipped within the sheath hanging over his shoulder bounces against his back as Ambience trots (no pun intended) along amiably, seeming to be in a rather pleasant mood. "It is a bit of a walk, as I said... Hope it didn't bother ya too much."

With much of the same calmness she applies to her dress designs, Rarity's following close behind at a steady pace, managing to avoid complaining about the amount of walking. "It's nothing I can't handle, if necessary, Ambience darling."

"I can't think of a lot of people I know who actually plan nearly a day's walk first thing in the morning, so I felt kin'a bad about it. But it would've been inconsiderate to leave you behind in Truce, especially if you didn't actually have your own place." Though he faces away from her, the 'darling' comment did force a hint of redness on Ambience's face, though it quickly disperses.

You say 'It isn't a whole lot longer, at least. Once we've actually gotten to the forest here, it's pretty much jus' followin' the path.'

Rarity says 'I'm used to having to travel for a considerable amount of time, so one day of traveling isn't something entirely unfamiliar to me.'

Ambience gradually comes to a stop after a few moments, looking upon Rarity with something akin to being impressed. "Are you always so accepting of everything? I've never seen anyone who is so... ah, 'OK' with everything that happens. It's kinda surprising."

Ambience realizes how that may have sounded, and waves his hands somewhat. "Er, I mean not in a bad way! It's actually really great, I just... I'm not used to it."

Rarity says 'I suppose you do have a point there... But seeing how my friends tend to be, and the kind of havoc Discord can cause has sort of made me more 'unflappable', I daresay.'

Ambience tilts his head, curiously. "Discord? Sounds like a bad guy."

Rarity says 'He was, very much so, to the point that he BROKE me through a simple illusion cast on a boulder - never mind the fact that he very nearly destroyed reality to get to us.'

Ambience frowns somewhat. It was easy to assume that this talking pony had more to her than met the eye, but he hadn't realized how much. Still, it made him a little less leery about himself, considering he wasn't sure how he was going to eventually explain how he came to be, if it ever got to that. Truth was, he still wasn't 100% sure, himself. But, anyway... "You had your friends to help, then?"

You say 'You mentioned other ones like you, if I 'member right...'

Rarity says 'Yes. Twilight Sparkle, the only other unicorn in my circle of close friends, as well as our leader and the bearer of Magic. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, the bearers of Kindness and Loyalty. And Applejack and Pinkie Pie are the bearers of Honesty and Laughter.'

Ambience nods, taking all of this in, understandingly. "And you called yourself... Generosity?"

Rarity nods, unconsciously willing her Element of Harmony into existence around her neck. "Indeed I did. Six Elements, and six bearers. Originally, all six were kept by two - Princesses Celestia and Luna."

Ambience allows himself a moment to peer at the adornment around the pony's neck, smiling faintly to himself as he does. "Did they pass the torch along, then..?" He'd heard that phrase somewhere before, and figured it was the right one to use.

Ambience stops all of a sudden, something coming to alight on his face with possible realization. "W-wait... are you royalty..?"

Rarity says 'They did, yes. And oh heavens no. I may be well-mannered and fashion-conscious, but I'm in no way royalty, even as an Element-bearer.'

Ambience looks fairly relieved. In fact, very relieved. "Gosh, okay... I almost panicked, 'cause I prob'ly should've offered to help and do a bit more if I'd known you were. A knight is kind and well-meaning to everyone, but I try to be exceptionally gracious in their company, for I guess obvious reasons..." One could almost see the sweatdrop on his temple.

Rarity says 'Oh, don't trouble yourself on my account. If anything, given my Element, I'd be the one serving you.'

Ambience shakes his head. "Absolutely not." He recomposes himself, before nodding and heading on toward the west, continuing along the path. "We're equals, 'far as anythin' goes. But we should always try to do what makes us happy. If I can be a good person and people know to depend on me for something, then this is what makes me happy."

You say 'I guess I never actually considered it as 'serving' anyone... as much as holding my place in high regard.'

Rarity nods, slowing a bit more to listen, and watching Ambience. "You're right, of course - being generous to others is, in and of itself, a reward."

"Eventually, I even hope that others follow my example.. Lady Agrias wanted me to take second-in-command under the trainees they currently have at the Monastery grounds, saying I would be a good example for them to follow. Which is what I want, I guess, but... sometimes I worry about gettin' in over my head, y'know?" Ambience glances over his shoulder at Rarity as he moves on, offering a boyish smirk.

You say 'Doing a lot is a good thing. It makes ya dependable. But everyone has limits.'

Rarity says 'Well, I would think it's safe to say that you've got someone, at the very least, who's willing to help you recognize what those limits are, and sharing the load. And again, you're right. Everypony does have their limits, even Celestia.'

Ambience found himself unable to suppress a half-grin at Rarity's word usage, hiding it to himself in front. It was rather cute, though he didn't say anything out loud of it. But her other words caught his attention as well, as he recalled the previous encounter. "Yeah. I don't know what that thing was, but I would have been in real trouble if you and those others hadn't come along. I still feel somewhat indebted for it."

Rarity says 'Oh, nonsense. You owe me nothing. Even if you hadn't asked, I would've come to fight that monstrosity off. Darling, really. Generosity is its own reward, and for me, that's enough to make me happy.'

Ambience considers this for a moment, wondering something right then. "Was that thing... related to what you are? Was it part of the soulless 'thing' that you and those like you have taken up? I couldn't get a fix on its mana flow, prob'ly 'cause I was too busy tryin' not to get killed."

"Undoubtedly." At the mention of her duties as a Wishborn, Rarity frowns, casting a solemn gaze down at the ground under her forehooves. "I could sense a faint trace of magic from it, but besides that... There was only emptiness of the worst kind."

Ambience feels inclined to say something related, but abstains for a moment to consider the reaction he might get. Still, honesty was always his strongest trait... sometimes to a fault. He sighs softly. "That's part of why I was afraid of you guys... when you took that wish, your mana flow shows up all weird and empty-like. Not at all like normal peoples'."

You say 'I can trace patterns in the mana flow that people give off... and the kind I sense in those like you is almost empty. Like... the kind I sense in something that isn't living anymore. Its a cold feeling, and I've never run into it before in someone who is still alive and well.'

Rarity says '...if I ever end up like that, I would much rather be killed quickly, so I don't have to live with the knowledge that I was responsible for doing so much damage or causing so much pain. Regardless, I won't do anything to hurt you as long as I'm able to maintain control.'

Ambience stops for a moment, perhaps a bit suddenly. His expression, if it could be visible from the back, is one of a boy fighting with his feelings at that moment, a clash of what he's known up to this point and how he now feels about those same things. "..And I'll try my hardest not to let that happen to you, either." He turns halfway toward Rarity, with a solemn nod. "I promise."

The fear Ambience had of the Wishborn seemed all but gone at this point, despite his inherent phobia of them all-but driving his actions over the last several months.

Rarity says 'Thank you much, Ambience. Your parents raised you well.'

Ambience winces, a bit unintentionally.

You say 'Yeah, 'bout that.. it's kind of a weird situation I live in, if you'll pardon the pun..'

Rarity says 'Oh, how so, if you don't mind a bit of curiosity?'

Ambience nods, taking up the walk again. The path branches ahead just a little ways, coming to a split in the road where one route seems to lead toward a large, church-like establishment, and the other on through Oreyndur Forest. "I was born... weird. Not like a normal person, I guess. Mama and I come from a place called the Mana Holyland, which is waaay up there." He points upward, toward the sky beyond the trees.

You say 'Da is a reploid. I don't know much about where he came from, 'cause he doesn't like to talk about it. Somethin' involving mavericks, and doin' bad things.. I could understand. Da's kind of a hermit; he doesn't much like to be social or any o' that, so he stays home alot. Ever since Mama and Vari left, he's been like this. But, anyway...'

You say 'Mama had a dream awhile back, and I was born from it. Like, inside the dream; she came out of it pregnant, and had me, is what she said.'

Rarity looks up, craning her neck to see where you're pointing before nodding in understanding. "I see... Sometimes, the spectres of our pasts are best left buried and unspoken. ...certainly a unique concept, at least compared to Equestria."

Ambience thinks for a moment. "Do you know the story of the Mana Tree, Rarity?"

Rarity says 'I'm afraid I don't.'

Ambience nods. "That's okay, it's not common to find many people who do." He smiles a little bit. "The Mana Tree is a physical form of the Goddess of Mana... it stays in the Mana Holyland to grant mana to the world, for us to use. But in order for the Tree to exist, someone from the Mana Tribe, a girl, has to be the spirit for it. There is a certain bloodline, mama says, that takes up this 'sponsibility."

Rarity says 'I see...'

You say 'Mama and me are from that bloodline... and mama was supposed to be the next tree, after she had me. But somethin' happened, and she messed it up somehow. Someone else had to be the Tree instead, and mama got stranded in the Holyland, away from me and Da, when the gateway broke down.'

You say 'She's workin' on comin' back to us, but it's takin' a lot of time.'

Rarity says 'If there's anything at all that I can do to help... Please, don't hesitate to ask me.'

Ambience nods, grinning halfwise. "If it would help get Mama back faster, I would gladly take your offer, Rarity. But this is somethin' from Mama's end, and she has to do it from there. So all we can do is wait. But to know that you would be willing to get Mama home faster, if you could..."

Ambience hesitates briefly, before throwing his arms around Rarity's neck and attempting to hug her, perhaps a bit tightly. "That means a lot to me. I really appreciate it..." His voice softens somewhat, clearly not what he's usually like at all.

At first, Rarity's about to respond, though the sudden display of affection startles her, before earning you a sincere smile from the fashionista unicorn. "Seeing you happy is what I live for, Ambience, and I'm really glad to have had such a positive impact on you thus far."

Ambience feels a little warm for a moment, before realizing its his cheeks burning. He cautiously pulls himself back, but his smile remains as he picks up the trek again, making a branch in the path and heading toward and open section, where a hidden route through the underbrush leads into an open glade, with a cabin situated at the far end. "Here we are. We'll see about getting you set up with a place to stay, for as long as you might need."

Rarity nods, ducking somewhat to avoid getting her mane tangled in the undergrowth and laughing in polite appreciation. "You really are a wonderful host, for making me feel so welcome here."