A strong wind blows through the center of Truce, shaking even the mightiest branches of overlying trees that decorate random spots around the area. From the west, the -gong!- of Leene's Bell sounds, striking several times as it announces the coming dusk.

The horizon glows with an orange-ish tint as the sun begins its descent, casting long shadows on tall objects that silhouette against its backdrop.

Mogwai looks around for a bit, then waves to Teravin and Aurum. She looks almost entirely different now, having shed the disheveled appearance of a drunk for a respectable dress

The cool air sets debris from the busy day scattering along the cobbled paths of the square. With a soft clicking sound of his footsteps on the paths Adbo eyes the inhabitants around the fountain with a small sound in the back of his throat that could almost be identified as irritation by an especially sensitive ear. The predatory slits of his pupils narrow into thin lines as he observes the dwindling activity almost callously. He folds his arms across his chest eerily still.

Teravin Nods to Mogwai from his spot on the edge of the Fountain.

Aurum nods while sitting on a bench to acknowledge Mogwai

A Truce citizen wanders in from the East. He glances up at the sound of the bell and stops to look at the sunset. "Something is going to happen tonight. We can feel it in our circuts."

After a busy day of peddling her dresses, Rarity's closing up the temporary stall she's using for her work, though the bell diverts her attention from the elaborate dresses.

Mogwai says 'I'm glad to see you guys here. It took me a bit longer than expected, but I think I got everything I'll need for our journey'

Aurum looks to Mogwai "I shall take that as you taking me up on my offer for an escort?"

Mogwai nods in agreement to Aurum.

Teravin says ' Should be a fun trip, It's been a while since I've taken one of theese walks with a group.'

Sylana slowly walks in from the east, glancing up at the sky before looking over the assembly at the fountain. Her eyes linger for a second longer on Abdo than the rest, but otherwise wanders over to a bench and sits down without acknowledging anyone.

Helios glances around the fountain square, noting the various people wandering around. He nods to Rarity as she closes up shop while continuing to scan. He gazes at the alleyway on the other side of the square, noting something amiss about it.

Mogwai says 'I do hope we find something there. I've managed to come across other rumors here and there but... I'm not sure if they're a route I'm able to take'

A wisp thin brow, dark and artificial looking on Adbo's grave-white porcelain countenance arches slightly at the talk of a journey. The reploid watches the group with at least more than a moment's passing interest before nodding silently Sylana's way. There's even a small smile that comes with it but his pale lips are devoid of any mirth. Rarity's given something of an odd look as well but any true reaction to his surroundings remains masked in callousness.

Aurum says ' I just hope for a safe journey so should this prove fruitless we can take another...'

Helios enhances his vision with his newly reactivated night vision subsystem. He sees the odd reploid standing there, considers him, and then dismisses him as not being a threat.

A far rumble emanates in the distance, the subtle threat of thunder looming. Against the sky, patchy clouds coalesce and band together in small clumps, barely obscuring the setting sun.

Teravin says ' I doubt it will be un-eventful.'

Teravin says ' We are passing through the Veldt with a moogle after all.'

Teravin nods in agreement to Mogwai.

Mogwai chuckles politely.

Mogwai says 'Ah, right, the ankle biters.'

Helios becomes distracted by the seemingly inclement weather. "Looks bad. We'd hate to be caught in that storm."

Sylana catches Adbo's glance, and silently nods back to the other Reploid with a shadow of a smile. She mutters something quickly under her breath, before glancing up at the gathering storm clouds.

Aurum "that reminds me..." Aurum turns to Mogwai " Your the first moogle I've ever heard that didn't use that infernal speech impediment...kjoe I believe.

Against the southern sky, white light flashes just noticeably as lightning illuminates a small but incoming region. Another small, but more audible rumble of thunder warns of its inevitable advances.

"A journey... I'm used to having plenty of these, and preparing everything I need beforehand is prudent. The stall's closed, so that's not a concern for the night." The low rumble of thunder off in the distance is enough to prompt an ear-flick in that direction, even as Rarity's horn begins glowing a soft blue color to conjure a magic rain-shield.

Mogwai says 'It's a habit I picked up from an acquaintance of mine. I only tend to slip into it when I'm stressed'

Mogwai sighs wistfully

Teravin finally takes note of the sky.

Aurum "Ah..." Aurum wonders " here I thought it was part of your culture"

Mogwai says 'He always said it made us look ridiculous. Kept us from taking what was our noble right.'

Mogwai says 'Oh, it is. My friend was... well, he didn't fit in with the norm, I'll leave it at that.'

Aurum says ' Sounds like an interesting person, may we all come to know such people.'

Helios shakes his head. "As we feared, that is no natural storm. Something has happened, though we cannot tell what nature it might have." Helios closes his 'eyes' and begins a long range scan. "It's good to have ths back."

Mogwai chuckles politely.

Aurum Aurum looks up "hmm weather seems bad should we take respite in the inn and leave at dawn?

Mogwai says 'It's probably best that you don't meet him. You're not a beastman, he'd probably want to kill you on the spot'

Teravin says ' We weren't supposed to be getting a storm tonight...'

Mogwai nods in agreement to Aurum.

Teravin says ' Spent some time getting weather forecasts.. Was supposed to be clear skys for the next few days.'

Aurum says ' Shame Gearex didn't show...It would seem he had prior engagements'

A small warp in light and shadow flicker for an instant across the fountain, with a second glance there is an eerie figure sitting at the fountain ledge. An incomplete invisability spell makes parts of Bahamut invisable as the effect shifts with the winds.

The oncoming storm draws the sullen silent reploid's actual mirth from him it seems. While everyone prepares in their own way for the rain, the flash of lightning draws a genuine smile from Adbo. There's one coming anyway. He says with a wider smile, his voice a raspy whisper.

Mogwai says 'This IS a bit sudden... I wonder if someone's causing it?'

Teravin jumps up away from the fountain, Shield up.

A distant but still-visible bolt strikes the sky to the south all of a sudden, splitting the air for a fraction of a second and lightening it considerably against the orangey hue already in place. Only seconds after, a louder peal of thunder rumbles across the region. In nearly the same moment, droplets of rain begin to fall, fairly light as yet.

Mogwai says 'That's... one mile off? Three? I forgot to count'

Seeming confused at Teravin's sudden jumpy reactions, Sylana raises an eyebrow and watches him for a moment, ignoring the rain. Eventually, she calls out to him, "Ah... Are you alright? You seem a bit startled..."

Aurum says ' I suggest we make haste...'

Mogwai says 'To where? The thunderstorm is south of us... in the direction we need to travel.'

Even with a solid dome of magic formed fully around her, Rarity still keeps an eye on the incoming storm, subtly casting a magical scan of the atmosphere in front of it and levitating shards of diamond. "This is rather sudden... If I were back in Equestria, I'd have chalked it up to a pegasi messing up... Something seems very off, though..." Unexpectedly, there's a faint pulsing coming from her right saddlebag, prompting a wary gaze towards it.

Mogwai says 'The safest spot is here. Lightning SHOULD only strike the highest point, which should be a building. Unless someone's aiming it at us, in which case we'd want to take shelter under something'

Aurum's cloak covering his right arm begins to pulse light in an accelerating fashion.

Teravin frowns.

Teravin says ' Something's off. Near the fountain.'

Aurum reaches into his cloak to pull out the light source. Aurum holds his soul gem in hand which seems to blink faster and brighter while in open.

Aurum says ' It would seem my gem is reacting now'

Aurum says ' hmmm My gem seems to have another course of action planned for me '

Mogwai edges away from the fountain, but can't hide that she's deeply curious

Bahamut eyes lock into Teravin and tilts his head and mutters under his breath "nah they can see or hear me.."

Sylana frowns at Teravin, then watches the fountain intently for a time.

Teravin seems to draw Adbo's attention just as the rain starts to fall as well. The reploid eyes Sylana a moment but then shakes his head, raindrops rolling off of the well polished and maintained surface of his body. "A world ruled by fickle spirits should be more suited to surprise weather I should think." He doesn't get closer to the obviously distressed young man but he does keep an eye on the exchange between he and the other reploid.

Teravin says ' I'm gonna.... Ah hell why the fuck not. '

Teravin Tosses his shield at the fountain the same way he would toss it at any enemy, Expecting it to bounce off the center and return.

With a flare of magic, Rarity levitates her Soul Gem out from its place in her right saddlebag, becoming concerned as she notices the brilliant glow from it as she looks south. "This is not good. AT ALL. I'll have to act like Rainbow Dash, and forget about trying to keep clean against whatever's coming..."

Suddenly, a feral, beastial roar cuts through the air from the south, dominated only by a LOUD crack of thunder that nearly sets the ground to shaking. The rain begins falling more steadily now as a result, bringing the intensity of the prewarned thunderstorm in full force!

Aurum approachs Mogwai and Teravin so that he can speak quieter without risk of being heard of others in this storm "My gem seems to warn me of something to the south, I mention this to the two of you because you seem interested in this kind of knowledge

Bahamut catches the shield inches in front of his face and is now completely visable with a very displeased look apon his face.

Mogwai says 'Is that... a beast called from the storm?'

Teravin says ' Oh! Well Then. Nicky wins this arguement.'

Helios twitches. He glances up at the rain pouring down with an irritated frown. "Stupid rain plays hell with my sensors..." He grumbles.

Sylana prys her eyes away from the fountain to study Adbo for a moment, then shrugs. "Perhaps... However..." She says nothing more on the matter, however, and jumps a bit as the person near the fountain is revealed.

Mogwai adjusts her stance, her ears swivelling this way and that.

Teravin says ' In theory that may have been a mistake.'

Aurum says ' I am going to confront this danger head on...It's what we soldiers are trained to do.'

Teravin nods in agreement to Aurum.

Mogwai nods in agreement to Aurum.

Helios glances around, having deactivated his local sensors to keep distractions away. He nods, determining that the situation is south from here.

Bahamut clutches the shield as it begings to glow white hot with steam racing off it. "do you want this back?"

Mogwai says 'I'll go too then. If it's not a natural storm... then it won't just go away.'

Helios heads south to investigate.

Mogwai now follows Aurum.

Aurum says ' Alright please let me lead at the least'

Teravin says ' I would very much like it back yes... It's a nice shield.'

Teravin says ' I'll catch up with you guys.'

Teravin says ' I've seen enough wishborn stuff to have my fill.'

Mogwai says 'I'll be right behind you Aurum'

Aurum says ' Alright off we go persue with caution'

Aurum leaves south.
Mogwai leaves south.

Rarity leaves south.

Bahamut Throws the shield at Teravin however the powerful magic interfears with its flight partern causing it too zoom around the room wildly...

"This cannot be good..." Sylana watches Bahamut and the events with a wary eye, her hands affixed to the daggers at her sides.

The shield flashes with a strange electricity, something different from normal lightning, then falls to the ground as Teravin strolls over to scoop it up.

"Oh look. Perhaps there will be a battle." Abdo's hand folds back into his forarm as a sleek cannon arms itself with a solid metallic -clink- The departing group doesn't get a second look but the developing situation seems to hold Adbos interest. He does make his way toward Sylana though, keeping his own body between himself and the game of shield war being played at the fountain.

Teravin says ' My name is Teravin. Pleased to make your aquantience... Mr... You're a guy right?'

Bahamut says 'you dont make many friends do you?'

Sylana glances quickly at Adbo, before nodding and standing, drawing her weapons and taking a step backwards. "You may be right, however... this creature does not seem like one to be easily beaten."

Teravin says ' I admit.. I throw my shield a bit more then I should.'

Bahamut says 'I have no interist in beating down children as for who i am, its better that the world has forgotten.'

"I hope not." Adbos says with a wider smile, the lip of his tongue touches his lower lip as he watches. "Relax, sister. It doesn't seem like the creature is interested in shedding blood." Adbo seems more disappointed by that than anything else.

Bahamut says 'If I were, you'd already be dead.'

Teravin says ' Then what does bring you here my good man?'

Bahamut says 'hrm, Always listening for rumours about objects.... with strange powers.'

Teravin says ' And what object brings you here?'

"I am not your sister." Her voice carries an unusual harshness, sounding as if the other Reploid hit a sore spot. However, Sylana does seem to relax a little, though she does not make a movement to put her weapons away.

Bahamut says 'Just rumours im after... i still have no leads, but i can feel power on the winds so somthing is about.'

Teravin says ' You mean the wishborn stuff happening south of here? I mean I have to assume that is what it is. What with their gems acting up like that.'

Bahamut boggles in complete incomprehension.

Bahamut says 'wishborn?.. hrm i have heard of powerful emotions giving birth to creatures...'

With a shrug of his shoulders Adbos nods in acknowedgement, the harshness of Sylana's reply taken as casually as one might take morning coffee. Adbo does part with his weapon though the buster cannon on his arm disarming with another small sound, his hand folding free of the barrel. "I meant no offense, of course." Adbo says, voice never rising above a stage whisper. Teravin is given another long look, probably just as confused as Bahamut's.

The storm rages on fearfully, drenching the immediate area as thunder and lightning continually strike overhead!

Teravin says ' They're an intresting group.. There are clusters of them scatterted everywhere now. I have a few friends that number among them.'

Bahamut says 'that brings me to a question, how did you notice my presence.. that hasnt happened in a very long time.'

Sylana shrugs in response to Abdo, previous foul emotions already dissipated. She turns her attention to Teravin, and sighs. "Don't those who have their wishes granted have enough enemies? I worry that you may send another after them..."

Teravin says ' ..... I. Well Technically I didn't... It's complicated. And probably the only reason I'm even wandering the cleft dredging up information.'

Teravin says ' He doesn't seem like the bad Sort.'

Bahamut says 'Right, i havent even told you my name and your able to discern that much information? Well seeking information is a very noble goal.'

Teravin looking back at Bahamut "Nicky saw you.... Said there was something there.... She got really panicky about it."

Bahamut says 'nicky?'

Eyes shifting back and forth between Bahamut and Teravin, Sylana eventually shrugs. "I suppose you are right. I guess his... sudden arrival merely set me on guard." She crosses her arms accross her chest, and silently listens to the exchange between the two.

Adbo says 'This is all very interesting.'

Adbo seems, for his part like its anything but. The reploid looks southward a moment.

Bahamut says 'And anyway, it doesnt sound like they have what i want.. all and all sounds pretty useless to me. If they already have there wishes, whats left for them?'

Another beastial roar echoes from the south, cut short by a massive peal of thunder as rain continues to pour down around the entire area!

Teravin snapping out of his stupor, Moving past the question about Nicky,realizing the anwser wouls make him sound insane. "have you ever heard the phrase, He who fights monsters?"

Bahamut says 'sounds like quite the monster to the south, is that nicky? rather noisy fellow.. might need to put it down.'

Teravin chuckles politely.

Teravin says ' No..... Nicky is one of 6... Again it's complicated.'

Sylana turns to the south when the roars commence, then a smile plays on her face as she turns to Adbo. "It seems that you would find a bit more... excitement over there." She gestures to the south.

Bahamut says 'soo you wanted to spill some blood earlier.. lets have our selves alittle game.'

Bahamut says 'hopeful this creature will last long enough for a warmup.'

"I imagine so. But the company that way looks very sadly... not in it for the excitement." Adbo smirks a little Sylana's way watching the exchange impassively. His gaze unblinking, eyes glowing a little brighter.

Bahamut says 'Well i dont think its goning to be very difcult the magic power im feeling isnt that great. So its really just a big wind bag.'

Sylana chuckles humorlessly.

Teravin says ' There's already quite a few people fighting it.'

Bahamut says 'hrm i once seen a group of four take on a blue imp. does that make the imp a super power?'

Adbo says 'It makes it a pinata.'

Adbo nods.

Teravin says ' Why would anyone kill blue imps? They're practically harmless!'

Bahamut says 'people can get very hungry.'

Teravin says ' I should really go check on my party.'

Teravin bows before Bahamut.

Bahamut streches his arms about, "They really are taking too long to put that thing down."

Adbo does eventually wander southward. His footsteps loud enough to be heard in good weather but over the storm? Not likely.

Adbo leaves south.

Teravin says ' "Into the fray." He turns and leaves south.

Teravin leaves south.
Bahamut says 'Well then, onwards.. into a new battle.'

Sylana frowns at Bahamut, before cautiously moving to him and bowly deeply. "I must apologize for my actions eariler..." She glances south. "You are right, though... I suppose I should go then, as well."

Sylana nods, then heads south.

Bahamut leaves south.

Sylana leaves south.

-----[A SHORT TIME BEFORE...]-----

Guardia - A Dirt Road
Dandelions and foxtails grow out of cracks in the hardened dirt road,
further degrading its quality. Thin channels run through the dirt, running
off into ditches of their own accord - evidently unrepaired damage of a
long-past storm. The dirt path continues north and south.

Ambience is here, kneeling and nursing an apparent injury that bleeds shortly but noticeably form his midsection, staining his tunic as it does. His teeth are gritted and he clutches tightly the hilt of a golden longsword, its edge slathered in purple ooze, almost too big for him (he only looks 12 or so, after all). Over him looms a huge, monsterous gray-skinned terror, roaring furiously in both pain and anger; it's easy to see why. One of its massive arms has been severed at the elbow, and lies still-twitching in the grass nearby. Deep purple blood pours out of the stump made as a result, saturating the ground near Ambience as it drips disgustingly.

Aurum Enters from the north being closely followed by Mogwai. The storm is of such intensity that Aurum has decided to use his soul gem to lead the way

Helios rushes into the clearing, having dispensed with his disguise some time ago. He looks around, taking stock of the situation. He notices Ambience kneeling on the ground, injured.

Mogwai runs in, and looks at the great beast in shock "Well... good news is it's not Ixion. Bad news is I have no idea if it's worse."

Helios considers the wound on the boy, deciding that it wont kill him immediately. The lens begins to glow red, preparing an attack lazer. "What is going on here?"

Aurum puts his arm out to signify that Mogwai shouldn't approach this boy or beast. Aurum however takes a step closers eyes tranfixed on the boys weapon.

Apparently disregarding the incoming peanut gallery, the one-armed, gray-skinned monster lunges ferociously at the downed boy, purple blood flying through the air from its wound as it does! Ambience only braces himself against the attack, holding up his sword vertically to try and parry the huge claw coming at him!

Ambience is impacted solidly from the attack, warding off the sharper parts of the beast's talons but still being knocked backwards several feet from the blow, landing with a pained grunt on his side as his weapon is sent flying from his hands in the process, landing in the dirt next to him!

Helios immediatly fires the lazer. The red beam lances across the clearing, aiming to spear the monstrosity in the other arm.

While keeping both her Soul Gem and the diamond shards aloft, Rarity's also forcing back the pervasive nervousness threatening to overwhelm her, and the instinctive urge to recoil at the sight of the deep purple blood also gets suppressed. The sudden attack has her firing off the massive storm of sharpened diamond fragments with a single burst of magic in an effort to protect the wounded boy.

Mogwai doesn't approach the beast. Rather, she tosses her shawl and her skirt off, revealing a skimpy showgirl outfit. She shouts for the beast's attention and begins to perform a confusing dance

Aurum shouts to the boy "ARE YOU ABLE!"

The creature snarls antagonistically at the downed Ambience, who seems to be struggling just to get to his feet at this point. A new cut has appeared on the side of his face from the last attack, bleeding slightly down his neck. The beast prepares another attack, but reels somewhat in confusion as its arm is blasted with a sizzling laser from Helios, dark smoking issuing from the wound on contact!

At nearly the same time, Rarity's diamond shards are flung in its direction, but the beast is quick; it seems wise to this new assault in uncanny abruptness, and swipes with its only clawed hand at the incoming shards; several of them pierce its arm altogether, but a good majority are knocked aside and send flying harmlessly elsewhere, though one does spear the ground somewhat close to Ambience.

Helios nods in satisfaction at the hit. "Good thing my targeting systems are fully operational." He rushes over to Ambience and picks up his sword. "Here," he says, handing the boy his weapon, "Are you alright?"

Aurum begins to move at the monster in a mad dash, removing his cloak while running full tilt at the monster revealing his golden armcannon. attempt to tackle the monster with all of his might.

In the same notion of time, the beast seems disregardant of Mogwai's dance. With a burned arm and several diamond shards sticking out of its hand and forearm, it's clear where its attention now is.

In a sharp contrast to her unwillingness to get even SLIGHTLY dirty, Rarity's staring the beast down and pawing the ground with her right forehoof - only a moment later sees the white-furred unicorn charging full-tilt as her primary strike is mostly deflected. Bursts of magical fire fly, on occasion, from her horn as she charges the beast threatening you. "STAY AWAY FROM HIM, RUFFIAN!"

Mogwai changes her dance steps and throws a smoke bomb to the ground. There's sounds of things being moved around, and when the smoke clears Mogwai has managed to get assemble an audience of citizens

As Ambience struggles to get up, he seems heedless of Helios offering his weapon. He only grunts through pained gasps, apparently breathless. "Get.. get her somewhere.. safe..! I'm okay..!" In the meantime, the Yoma's attention is now focused on the incoming Aurum, and while bracing for the attack, it still is knocked back considerably; it remains on its feet despite the full-body tackle, and skids to a halt by digging its massive clawed feet into the ground!

Before the giant beast can retaliate, however, Rarity's horn spears the beast awkwardly in the stomach, driving it back even further following the tackle! Purple blood oozes from the newly-created wound, and it shrieks in disdain as it verges on losing its balance!

Mogwai delivers a signal, and a member of the audience yanks on a stage rope. A whistling sound can be heard as a sandbag drops down from above the great beast

Aurum looks up at the massive monster he didn't seem to phase. Aurum then rolls between its legs and attempts to dash towards the wounded boy.

Pressing her advantage, Rarity casts a simple agility spell, circling rapidly and striking at key points with her horn, alternating between those and more magical bursts.

Helios seems to shrug. "Guess you're fine." A small beep echoes out from Helios' body. "And looks like the lazer is back online..."

Helios turns to the beast, making sure to exclude Rarity from the targeting systems. The lens glows red again and blasts out another offensive lazer.

Aurum, upon reaching Ambience, slips in the mud on his knees in order to stop his dash. "Boy, we need to get you out of here!"

The beast growls through its shrieking as Aurum tries to escape between its legs, and in the process of regaining its balance (or trying to), it tries to kick savagely at Aurum kneeled form by Ambience, nearly rending the air with its viciousness! The boy himself seems to be crawling away from the fight at this time, though he has gotten to one knee, at least. He disregards Aurum's shouts to him, though he does take up his purple-bloodied weapon as he kneels.

In the process of this retaliatory offense, the beast stumbles as it attacks, given that it then only has one leg to keep its balance with; as Rarity furiously races around it with her strikes, whatever last amount of uprightedness it bore breaks, and it topples backwards with a flail of its only remaining arm! Ambience clenches the hilt of his weapon tightly, looking over his shoulder in apparent pain at Aurum, and his assistance, but he seems to be looking past him; westward, toward Crysta.

In the process of all this action and its toppling, the laser Helios fires sails just past it, disappearing quickly into the sky beyond.

Aurum grabs the boy giving him a stern look "This is NO place for a boy! escape while you can; I'll make sure you can get away."

Helios sighs in dissappointment. "Not calibrated enough, it seems. Oh well, at least the fire will be put out by the rain." He targets the beast again, his body beginning to crackle with electricity. "Take... THIS!"

Thankfully, Rarity manages to avoid getting crushed by the falling beast as it finally topples over, skidding to a stop a few feet away and shaking what blood she can off of her as the agility spell she cast finally fizzles out. "That was unpleasant, but very necessary to save that fellow... I will need to get the blood washed out of my fur and coat, but not until he's recovering."

Helios blasts the beast with bolts of lightning!

Teravin Surveys the Scene.

Mogwai says '...is it dead?'

Bahamut says 'Well well well. It seems we are alittle late.'

Teravin says ' I did tell you there were a lot of them/'

Bahamut says 'i stand corrected.'

Mogwai says 'A lot of what?'

Teravin says ' People already fighting the beast.'

"This... is more like it." Adbo says to no one in particular when he walks in on the battle.. or the end of it. He clenches his fists a moment in what's obviously anger. The reploid's shoulders sag slightly in disappointment.

Stalking through the rain, Sylana glances about the field warily, trying to keep out of the sight of the others and listening intently at the exchanges.

A deafening roar issues forth from its mouth, the beast now bleeding profusely from various angles! At the exactly instant Helios's bolts of lightning strike the fallen creature, a wide earthquake shakes the area, and a crater is pushed through the ground with the fallen beast at its center! The ground cracks and splits, but not wide enough to issue anything too large in terms of fissures. Ambience tries to shake off Aurum's attempt at grabbing him, but stumbles forward from the force of the quake, his grip on his weapon tightening as he does. The earthquake's odd occurance also seems to ground out the lightning as soon as it strikes the beast, fizzling out with an odd, suction-type sound over its bleeding body.

Bahamut says 'ooo, a death rattle.. but this creature isnt going to last.'

Mogwai gasps in astonishment.

Mogwai says 'No.... Crap, what have you done! Do you remember how it came here?'

The beast still seems quite alive, but beyond the manufactured earthquake, it seems to have trouble getting back on its feet, especially with only one arm.

From the northern path, and looking neutral but quite soaked thoroughly, Kyuubey pads on into the vicinity, taking a quiet seat nearby, just out of range of the excitement, and watches with apparent curiosity.

Mogwai says 'This beast came here in a lightning storm... I doubt electricity is going to fix this.'

Bahamut says 'well, looks like you'll get your chance after all.'

A whir of mechanics is heard as Adbo arms his buster cannon and levels it at the beast that's struggling to pull itself off of the ground. Using his free arm to brace it he fires a bright red beam toward the monster.

At about the same time that Adbo fires his attack, Rarity sends a second storm of diamond shards flying down into the felled beast, having held them aloft above it with a strong pulse of magic from her horn.

Less than excited about getting into the fray, Sylana instead moves over to Bahamut, frowning at the creature and the fight in general. "Do you know what that creature is?"

Mogwai performs a dazzling dance, a pair of blinding spotlights shining down on the beast. This seems to get the audience's attention, who come back with rapt fascination.

Beeping rings out from within Helios again, signifying critical power levels. "It seems that we will be forced to retrieve more fuel for the reactor." Helios nods to everyone before flying up into the storm and away to the north.

The creature attempts to get up one more time, this time lifting its head up to try and get a scope of the situation from somewher other than on its back. This proves to be a fatal mistake however, as the last thing it seems as it does is a bright red beam of energy striking it full in the face, simultaneous to the spears of diamond raining down upon it. Besides being impaled in various nondescript locations, a particularly-sharp piece finds a home in the top of its head, skewering its cranium with a sickening -crack!- and impaling it into the ground in one fluid motion.

Teravin says ' I've only ever seen the other version.... Or didn't see if we're being accurate.'

""That... sucked." Adbo's raspy whisper is heard, a hollow sullen thing. The armcannon disarms as quickly as it armed, steam from where energy heated fallen rain rising from his metallic body. He nods an agreement with Bahamut, folding his arms across his chest.

The felled beast does not get up this time, even as rain continues to pour down around it and everyone else. Purple blood pools in various locations around its body, and Ambience, still bleeding in a few spots himself, finally gets to his feet, wavering slightly and holding his stomach.

With the trouble apparently over, Mogwai replaces her skirt and shawl and disperses the crowd, before wandering over to the beast. Kneeling down, she dips two fings in the pooling blood and has a taste to try and identify it.

Ambience glances at Aurum, then at the dead beast in the crater, then at everyone else, then at Aurum again, with a ragged sigh. "Thanks..."

Aurum glares at the boy "Don't throw away your life before you have a chance to enjoy it"

Bahamut says 'the razors edge is the hardest path in life to live and the eaiest to die for.'

Ambience frowns softly; his injuries seem less than serious, but it doesn't prevent him from showing the pain that results from them. "I had to protect the village. I didn't want it t'hurt anyone else."

Mogwai grimaces, and backs away from the corpse "Well... it doesn't look familiar... doesn't taste it either."

Despite being covered in dried purple blood matching the color of her mane and tail, Rarity seems unaffected by the fact that she's killed something, and gotten dirty in the process. She turns to Ambience, horn glowing a soft blue as she begins tending to his wounds. "I'm not normally one to use my skills as a fashion designer to treat injuries, but hold still, darling. I won't hurt you."

Kyuubey, still seated a good bit away but still in the vicinity, finally speaks up. "A fantastic display of comraderie if ever I did see one. Congratulations, especially to the two of you." It isn't apparent which "two" he is addressing, but it can be assumed.

Bahamut shakes its head.

Adbo watches the felled beast a moment and then turns a feline eye on Kyuubey sitting and watching as well. The reploid scoffs a bit but doesn't offer any reply of his own.

Bahamut says 'sooner or later you'll learn there are always lives at risk.'

Mogwai says 'Do you have any idea where that came from?'

Teravin says ' I think I know... But the one I saw wasn't this... Direct.'

Bahamut says 'The cleft rips worlds apart.. strange creatures like this one apear from time to time.'

Teravin says ' .... Atleast I think I know. If the wishborn Are fighting it then it has to be the same thing..'

Ambience winces somewhat, but allows Rarity to tend to his injuries, his attention falling through all of them and directing toward the west, as Crysta's western gate looms in the distance. "It came from the woods, out there. I was protecting someone, and it just jumped out at me." Ambience's tone seems to take an aggressive edge despite his statement being that of protection; Kyuubey's presence seems to be influencing his emotions, and not in a good way.

Aurum goes and retrieves his cloak and reattaches it to his right arm

Mogwai says 'The person you were protecting... is this the "her" you mentioned earlier?'

After cleaning the wounds, and bandaging them with a good deal of her magic, Rarity steps back to bow courteously before searching the beast's broken corpse for a grief seed to hand to Kyuubey, finding one with a mid-strength scanning spell and levitating it over to him.

"No. She was hurt, too. She's... she's still there, I think." Ambience looks up at Rarity, his tone softening somewhat. Wishborn or not, she WAS helping him, which should at least be taken into considerable account. His expression, at the least, is one of thanks.

Bahamut says 'Hrm, what was that that appendage you removed from the creature?'

Rarity says 'You're quite welcome, darling.'

Mogwai says 'My companions and I were fixing to head south before this all started. If you'd like, we can keep an eye out for her. What does she look like?'

Sylana continues to watch the proceedings relatively away from the rest, taking a particular interest in Amibence and a particular disinterest in Kyuubey. She still remains silent and treis to stay somewhat unnoticed, however.

The Grief Seed is wrenched from the beast's heart (where Yoma always keep them), eliciting a sickening, wet splitting noise as it is pulled from the dead beast's flesh, and even as Rarity levitates it over to Kyuubey, the cat-thing shakes its head. "Not yet, I'm afraid. You haven't gotten any use out of it yet."

Ambience situates himself following the dressing of his wounds, and slides the band holding his sheath over one shoulder, taking a moment to try his best to wipe the purple blood off of the golden blade's edge. It takes a few tries, as the size of the weapon compared to him is a little unwieldy, or at least seems so.

Bahamut says 'soo, you wanna take its head for a mantle peace or should we just torch the body now?'

Bahamut grins evilly.

Mogwai says 'I say burn it'

Adbo cants his head oddle to one side as a gem is removed from the beast, the morbid display breally not drawing the kind of reacion that one would expect even from an bittered fighter, his brow goes upward slightly, his reaction lossed in his mechanical impassiveness. The reploid even leans foreward to try to get a closer look at what's going on now.

Aurum says ' Bury it with the rights you'd give a person I say.'

Bahamut shrugs and places his hand on the corpse of the creature, as it burst into pure white flame and in that instant was consumed leaving nothing behind.

Bahamut says 'pyres are always considered a noble way of sending bodies to the next world.'

Aurum says ' I read that tradition was lost long ago and burial is more common'

Teravin says ' I'm glad to see no one got hurt.. The last time I saw Wishborn involved in something.. Way too many people got hurt.'

When the body bursts into flames Adbo can be seen smiling for the first time since this started. Of course, no one's probably looking. "I don't see how one's any worse than the other."

Bahamut says 'i guess that makes me old huh?'

As she focuses on cleaning first her Soul Gem, then the ones of her fellow Wishborn, Rarity keeps her attention on Kyuubey.

Aurum says ' It's just a humanity thing'

Bahamut laughs.

Bahamut says 'Well its not like im human or it was anyway.'

Kyuubey, having seen the cleansing now for himself, readily accepts the used Grief Seed; a red circle design on his back glows softly, and the black crystal simply drops down inside of it, almost as if a portal had opened up thereupon. As soon as it disappears, the glow subsides, and he looks to have a normal, red-circle-designed back once again. He nods. "Thank you kindly, Rarity. And once again, congratulations on your first successful hunt."

"You had a little help from those not of your flock, but this is not discouraging. Seeing the lot of you working together against a common foe is an endearing trait, once that I wish I could understand more fully. Still, the fact remains that you survived, and I see that as all that really matters."

Bahamut frowns.

Bahamut says 'who is there?'

Ambience frowns as Kyuubey speaks, and seems to start off toward the west, in Crysta's direction. "I hope she's still okay." He glances at the others, not saying anything, but hoping maybe some of them would follow; they could probably offer better aid than he could.

Rarity says 'Indeed.'

Adbo doesn't bother to hide the mirthless scoff of distain that wells up from within him at the discussion of humanity. "You put it down like an animal. To treat it with dignity after this whole 'flock' did that seems more a disservice than suddenly acknowledging our morals." The reploid shoots Kyuubey another look, the smile he was wearing quickly vanishes.

Bahamut says 'not really, it what helps them sleep at night.. but i supose that isnt a problem for a reploid.'

Kyuubey looks, in turn, at Adbo. "Human morals are a curious thing, if not for that reason alone. They ebb and flow more spastically than any concepts I've ever been exposed to."

Aurum says ' Those are maverick words buddy...'

Sylana watches Ambience intently for a moment, frowning slightly. After a moment, she mutters something then follows the boy heading west, a slightly worried look on her face.

Mogwai says 'Well... heading to Viorar would be best for that. It would seem the storm's gone with the beast.'

Teravin says ' We may want to hold off on the trip until the morning.'

Aurum says ' Ah alright then I shall let you lead while it is safe...'

Teravin says ' It's late now and you have been fighting all night.'

Aurum says ' whichever you want'

Ambience heads off toward the west, keeping a steady if not slowed pace as he still recovers his wits from the encounter.

Bahamut says 'hrm, looks like all the excitement is over with.'

"Its practical, "buddy". If you decide to kill something then it dies. I wasn't built to philosophize on respecting my fallen enemies. I don't suspect any of us were." Adbo looks to Kyuubey now. "What was that thing you took from it?"

Mogwai says 'I think I'll defer to Teravin. While I am eager to get started... it's nothing that can't wait until morning'

Teravin says ' Besides.'

Teravin says ' I'm sure you'll enjoy one more night at an Inn before going back to camping every night.'

Bahamut says 'It was a stone of sort of negative energy, is all i could discern from a distrence.. but the inn in truce is wise to be fully recovered before moving out.'

Bahamut says 'i dont think they will make much ground the storm is bound to off made a mess of the road as well.'

Mogwai says 'Come on, I'll see about getting us a room'

Bahamut says 'huh, do they always leave you behind like that?'

Kyuubey looks at Adbo oddly, but evenly. "A Soul Gem. Why?"

Kyuubey adds, after a moment. "Well, it used to be one, anyway. The correct terminology is a 'Grief Seed'."

Adbo regards Kyuubey with unmasked curiosity now. The reploid even moves a bit closer. "What do you do with the spent Grief Seeds?"

Kyuubey remains where he is, not concerned, frightened, or even slightly wary. His catlike face is one of pure disconcern and neutrality. "I remove them from this world, lest they regrow and reform into the Witch or Yoma they originally were conceived from. It is my duty, just as slaying them is theirs."

Bahamut says 'So, they are raw power feeding of themselves.. heh an endless cycle.'

Abdo regards Kyuubey with unmasked curiosity now. His own voice has never raised past a raspy whisper. He nods at Bahamut though. "I'm not unfamiliar with duty. But your duty is to be a trashcan? That sucks." A wry grin crosses Adbo's face. "How did your flock come into being then?"

"We have always been here. Not necessarily on this planet, but we have always been here. I assume you to be speaking of my kind, and not those that have accepted the Wishes. If you mean them, however, then the same is nearly true. Wherever there is desire and a strong will to back it, I will likely be there." Kyuubey's red eyes blink once, round and bright.

Bahamut smiles, "Perhaps we will meeting again. But this is farewell." and with that Bahamut starts to walk back too Truce.

"They accept the wish, and I grant them their powers. If they fall or are consumed by the corruption, then there will always be more to strike down the threat. This is just how it is."

Bahamut leaves north.

The reploid nods Bahamut's way as the creature departs but nods at Kyuubey. "It's not terribly unlike my kind then. We created our own threat and perpetuated it by our attempts to fight it. You grant wishes? What kinds of wishes?" Adbo chews the corner of his lip now.

"A better question is 'What kinds -don't- I grant?'. If there is a desire in your heart, I can likely bring it to fruition. There have only been a few times when it has not been possible, and only due to weakness of willpower, or the lack of an inherent soul. With your wish, I grant you powers related to it, with which to fight the corruption surrounding those who have fallen to it. This is so you may ascertain your own longevity."

Kyuubey shakes his head, earpendages swirling about his face with the motion. "Good or evil does not matter to me, in case you wonder of it. But the request is not a free one, and as such, your vanquishing of these creatures like you say today is a requirement, not a recommendation."

Adbo nods "I thought you might be less selective about made up human nonsense than the people who have already jumped on your deal. I'm not interested in doing things because it will make me feel good or save the weak. It would put me in the awkward position of having to work right alongside the people who are though.}W" Adbo's grin gets just a bit more genuine as the reploid straightens himself out. "I'm still not sure whether I have a soul or not to make a gem of.}W"

"This is a trifle, then, on both counts. There may be times when your life may depend on your allies' intervention, and if you are not comfortable with this scenario and still choose to accept an offer, I do not see you lasting long." Kyuubey's tone is level. He sounds neither encouraging nor discouraging about the prospect.

The reploid keeps his own feline gaze on the odd creature in front of him and eventually shakes his head. "I fought too hard for my right to choose what I fight for. Accepting your offer, no matter how much easier it might make my war to fight, it would take that choice away from me. And that's what humans are lacking I think. Character." Adbo stretches his arms over his head.

Kyuubey doesn't say anything further, his red-eyed gaze focused squarely on Adbo. His expression holds steady, a curious mix of... well, nothing really. Absolute neutrality seems to be his specialty.

Adbo turns on a heel, a precise military type motion but it seems to be all he has to say on the matter. He starts making his way back toward Truce, head held high and shoulders swept back.

Kyuubey remains where he is, watching after Adbo as he departs. Not a word is issued elsewise.

-----[MEANWHILE, IN CRYSTA...]-----

West of Crysta - Ye Olde Carp Fishing Ponds
A gap between the trees widens into a large clearing, surrounded by
dense, leafy trees. A large, deep pond sits in the middle of it, surrounded
by a ring of packed earth. Dragonflies skim the surface, occasionally eaten
by a fish when they get too close. The sun beams down at an angle over the
trees, so that half the rim of the pond is warm and sunny, while the rest is
cool and shady. A packed dirt path on the south side leads to a small
wooden shack.

In a rather heavily-wooded spot beyond the fishing pond, a scattering of trees belies a fatal scene as a pair of wolve carcasses lay amidst the dirt and leaves. Ambience steps between a few trees toward where a fallen horse seems to be lying, thankfully still breathing, but not conscious.

Closer inspection, beyond the tree this "horse" is hidden behind, reveals the slender, naked torso of a young woman where the "horse" should have a neck and head, wounded in a couple of small places, but not life-threateningly so. Her chest heaves as she breathes, but her eyes are closed.

Ambience frowns somewhat, walking over to where the strange girl is lying, and kneels down somewhat, concern and curiousity intertwined.

Sylana walks into the scene a few moments after Ambience, her face turning stern and grim. She glances about and moves towards towards the kneeling Ambience, looking down at the girl with a fair amount of concern. "What has happened here? Is she alright?"

Trotting in close behind you, and making sure to match his gait, Rarity slows even more as she catches sight of the wounded woman, once again thinking to what she learned from Fluttershy as she begins tending to the prone woman's wounds. "Poor thing... I simply can't let her suffer like this, without doing something."

Ambience looks up at Rarity, then behind him at Sylana, then back at the half-horse, half-woman. "I don't really know. She was like this when I got here; I heard some wolves, and came to see what was goin' on. I saw the wolves, but they ran when I got here. I healed her a li'l, but before I could get help, that... thing, came out of the woods at me."

"I smacked it good, then drew it away from the village. I didn't want it to hurt anyone else. Then... you guys found me." Ambience pauses for a moment. "Thanks, too."

Sylana kneels beside the girl, rummaging through her pack before pulling out a ragged looking blanket and draping it over her.

Sylana says ' I am not skilled in healing or dressing wounds, but I believe she will be okay...'

Ambience seems a little unsure of what to do. More than a little, actually; the reality of the situation only just now seems to be catching up with him. On the one hand, he has a talking, sentient unicorn, who probably saved him a lot of pain, as well as an explanation to his father when he got home. On the other hand, Sylana's consideration forced him to wrestle with his own feelings. If the woman here was a horse, maybe it was okay to leave her here, and let her get up and go when she came to, of her own accord. But then, she was -apparently- half real-person, too. So was leaving her here a good thing knowing that, too? Ambience was, at the very least, confused on how to proceed.

"I'm just glad we were able to help, darling. My name's Rarity, and I do believe being generous is the best way to leave a good impression on those I meet."

Noticing your relative unease of the situation, Sylana studies the half-horse for a moment before speaking up again. "Of course, it would be best to make sure she awakens, if only to be sure..."

Ambience's inherent chivalry seems a bit subdued at the moment, considering the situation. Regardless, he offers Rarity a short bow, of appreciation if nothing else. "Ambience. Ambience Sermons. I prob'ly owe you a debt for your help, and I hope to one day return the favor. But, uh... that will prob'ly come after we figure this one out."

The horse-woman is completely out of it. Thanks to Ambience's early aid, and Rarity's finishing of the job, she seems to be in good shape, but there's no telling when and if she'll awake anytime soon. Likely, the shock of what happened knocked her free of her senses.

You say 'Maybe I should stay here, 'least for the night. It would be wrong to find her here, and then jus' leave and hope she'll be alright.'

Rarity says 'Oh, there's really no need to thank me. And I'll stay with you, until she recovers fully, Ambience.'

Sylana nods at Ambience, then stands, looking at the young boy intently.

Sylana says ' That seems like a fine idea... and if one with such power is staying with you, my presense will likely hinder more than help if danger comes about.'

Ambience is kind of a mess. For all of his twelve-looking years, his midnight blue hair is pretty messed up, and a bit of dried blood marks his face and the midsection of his tunic. Still, the determination to do what is right gleams on his face, the true spirit of a knight regardless of age or experience. He looks at the horse-woman quietly, then turns to Sylana. "It would be good to go back to your home for now, yes. I can't tell anyone what to do, I s'pose, but we'll stay here for now. If anythin' comes up and we need you, I'll find you and ask for help. Sound fair?" Ambience smiles a little, attempting to make pleasant the situation despite everything that has happened.

Sylana considers Ambience's words, then nods. "Very well." She bows to the young man. "I forgot to introduce myself... I am Sylana. Should you require any assistance, with this or anything else, you may call on me." She flashes the two a faint smile, before sighing and heading off back towards Truce.

Sylana leaves east.

With a momentary pause, and a thoughtful gaze down to the water, Rarity's using her magic to soak a small cloth in the water, then clean the blood from Ambience's face before straightening his hair with a magically-levitated comb.

Ambience seems at first a little unnerved from the motherly gestures being afforded him by Rarity, perhaps out of dignity, but it doesn't last. He seems thankful, in general, after the events of the evening, and offers another smile at her, nodding. "Thank you. I will have quite a story to tell Da when I get home tomorrow, but it is the right thing to do. Hopefully we'll be able to find out more when she wakes up."

Ambience pauses a moment, thinking. "Rarity, right? So you're... one of them? The soulless ones?"

"I do hope so. To that end, I'll set up camp here, for a vigil tonight." Even while she turns to levitating a few blankets from her saddlebags for a simple bed, Rarity turns and nods, using a bit of magic to levitate her Soul Gem. "Indeed I am, darling."

"I'm not on good terms with that... cat. I thought I killed it once already, but..." Ambience seems a little at odds with the thought. "The whole situation is confusing to me. I'm too tired to think about it properly tonight, I guess. Only thing I know is that you guys keep poppin' out of the woodworks."

Ambience catches himself, apparently realizing the condescending tone of his words. "Oh, sorry... I mean, your mana flow is just a little weird. Its kind of a weird feeling, for me." He stumbles a bit over his words, apparently not sure how to really explain himself.

Rarity says 'While this is true... Not all of us who associate with him have the same motives. I, for one, intend to use the strength I've gained to better protect whoever I meet, even at the cost of my own life, whether they're related to me or not.'

Rarity says 'And it's quite alright.'

Ambience considers this for a moment, before nodding in acceptance. "Maybe this is one of those things mama says I'll understand when I'm older. But there sure have been a lot of those lately, if that's the case." He yawns unexpectedly, it apparently catching him by surprise.

Ambience shakes his head following it, glancing down and around, then at himself, only just now realizing that the only thing he brought with him for this "camping in the woods" trip was his sword. Nice job on that one.

Nodding in agreement, Rarity levitates a pair of small pillows over to you, along with an extra blanket cocooned in magic. "If you're tired, you, then allow me to keep watch until you feel rested. At the very least, we can take turns watching over our 'guest' to see if she gets better."

Ambience looks at the pillows and blanket being sent his way, accepting him with just a touch of unease, before it breaks way to curiosity. "Do you travel a lot? You seem well-prepared for somethin' like this to just up an' 'happen'."

Ambience seems to be letting his fatigue getting the better of him, however, and he goes about setting himself up a nice spot on the leafy ground nearby, trying to, at the very least, not get -too- much dirt on the accompaniments.

Rarity says 'I'm a fashion designer, in my world. Travel is just part of my job. So I always pack what I need to work and settle in for a trip elsewhere.'

Ambience looks up for a moment, then eastward. "A fashion designer? So you make clothes an' stuff?"

Ambience neglected in this whole thing that prior to this engagement, he had just come FROM a weaver.

Rarity nods, retrieving a neatly folded drawing from a small pocket in her left saddlebag and levitating it over. "Why yes. I always make sure to keep on top of the latest trends in the world of fashion, to the extent that I even run my own boutique. I'm guessing you're going to want something fixed?"

Ambience looks back again at Rarity rather abruptly, shaking his head. "Oh, no no. Everything I have is fine, I just thought it ironic. I just came from miss Elle's to pick up some fabric, before this whole thing happened. And then afterward, you came along." He smiles faintly. "Started with a weaver, ended with a weaver. Kind of neat, I s'pose"

Ambience returns about settling himself down, yawning again as he pulls the blanket about himself with only a small glance back toward the still-unconscious horse-woman, and then Rarity. "...Interestin' day, if nothing else."

Rarity says 'Well, it certainly does work out interestingly sometimes, I will agree with you. If you ever do find you need something fancy, though, do stop by the Carousel Boutique once it's been opened in town, and I'll get you whatever you need at no cost.'

Rarity, in turn, lies down atop her own decidedly spartan bed, though she doesn't fall asleep for keeping a vigil over her companions. "Go ahead and rest, dear - it's been a very difficult day for you, yes?"

Thinking on that question for a moment, Ambience instead chooses to say nothing. In fact, whatever willpower he had remaining with which to stay awake slips swiftly away from him, and in no time at all, he is fast asleep, still wearing the sword and sheath slung awkwardly across his shoulder beneath the blanket.

At this, Rarity laughs quietly - and politely - into one forehoof, before using another flare of magic to cover you with the gem-adorned blanket. "Sleep well, my friend... You've earned the rest."