Free City, Truce - Fountain
A tiered fountain marks the center of Truce, water gushing from its
summit and trickling into a deep, wide basin, wrapped by a ring of benches.
Roads flow like rivers away from the fountain, and houses sprout like weeds
all around them. Not far to the east, the ocean roars in the harbor.

Truce had been in a bit of trouble over these last few days. After the initial murder at the Inn, bodies started turning up everywhere, and not always in one piece. The longer it played on, the more gruesome the murders became, and the guardsmen were having a difficult time keeping the public at ease. They did as best they could, though, and for the most part, were doing a decent job. Nevertheless, as the bodies continued to pile up, frustration was setting in; there were no leads, no culprits, and no ideas. Those under current investigations were completely baffled on the 'what' and 'why' of the matter.

A smooth breeze blows by the fountian, chilling the area considerably. Resting on a bench, considering the setting sun sits Forte, clutching an open bottle of beer loosly. He had rolled into Truce yesterday to check up on things and found a pile of bodies waiting him. Of course, his job was to try and figure this situation out. So here he was. Waiting.

Lilliana strolls in from the south and submerges a canteen in the fountain hummin quietly to herself. She looks at Forte and pauses for a moment before shaking her head and sitting down on a nearby bench to examine her sword.

Aluella was drawn by the series of gruesome murders that have recently plauged the Truce area. There was something out of place, a monster was around she was sure of it. Perhaps a being like herself.

Forte looks over at the woman who just drifted in and raises an eyebrow. The sword was... impressive. Even if it was a bit... dark. He nods to her and takes a drink from his beer, contemplating.

Lilliana looks up and smiles at Aluella inviting her to come closer to the fountain with a hand motion. "It's nice to see you again."

Aluella looks over at Lilliana that young girl from earlier. She followed her beckon and walked over to the girl by the fountain. "Hello. You seem awfully cheerful despite whats been going on."

Forte tilts his head slightly in the direction of the two girls, but not enough to seem really interested. It was always nice to get an idea of what the populace knew of an area and it's goings on. Even if it was just chatter between women.

Lilliana chuckles at Aluella's joke.

Lilliana says ' Why wouldn't I be cheery? There's so much beautiful music around the city lately. You just have to listen for it.'

A random guardsman comes out from one of the intersection avenues, turning to head down another one with a series of incoherent grumbles. He's holding his helmet instead of wearing it as he heads on, his hair thoroughly disheveled.

Aluella blinks when she hears Lilliana change voices again. There was something wrong with this girl, but she wasn't dead so she couldn't consider Lilliana to be like her. "I don't know what you mean." She says as the guard wanders past them.

Forte's eyebrow rises when he hears the girl's voice change, and he takes another swing of beer to disguise himself running an eye over the two voiced woman. This was a lot more strange then the normal gossip.

Lilliana says ' You'll hear the music one day. She told me you're the perfect one for it. You can be my dance partner!'

Lilliana beams a smile at Aluella.

Aluella doesn't seem amused by Lilliana's comment. "I'm not suited for dancing, I'll have to pass."

Lilliana slowly begins to stand up. As she stands the wind in the fountain picks up an extreme amount. The wind begins to focus down around Aluella guiding her limbs as Lilliana takes her hands and begins to dance in what can be described as a musicless waltz.

Lilliana says ' "We are two of a kind Aluella, Can't you see what I see? Can't you see what the future holds? The music just waiting to be made?'

Aluella shakes her head and stares at Lilliana. "I'm not going to be making any kind of music if I know what you are talking about."

The wind drops from Aluella and Lilliana lets go of her hands.

Forte smiles easily at the point, looking up to the two voiced girl. "Really miss, you're looking for someone to enjoy dancing with? Why not look for a partner who'se a bit more... interested? It's been a while since I was involved in the music scene but..."

Lilliana frowns at what Forte did.

She doesn't know how robots work she.. Lilliana grabs her head and takes a second to regain her composure. She turns back to Aluella "You know what you are.. you know the music you're capable of making.. deep down you know. Just follow me and I'll make it all clear.

Lilliana grabs Aluella's hands.

Lilliana says ' Trust me.'

Aluella's gaze seemed rather dull at this point. "I'm not going down that path."she replies as she pulls her hands away. "I can't take that risk."

Forte stands now, taking a loose stance. He was pretty damn sure what these two were talking about now, and the sword Lilliana holds doesn't help refute his notion. He just wanted a bit more to be sure though. "Are you sure you don't want to try my style? I've had a good bit of practice, if you know what I mean."

Lilliana says ' You don't make the music.. you can't hear it! you'll never be able to hear it.... You need to be "in tune", You can't be intune never ever ever.'

Lilliana glares at Forte.

Aluella takes a step back not out of caution, but to distance herself. She didn't fear for her own life, but this girl was prone to snap. Aluella wanted to make sure she wasn't caught at a disadvantage.

Forte slowly shakes his head. "If only you knew lady." He steps forwards, and puts a hand on Aluella's shoulder. "You might want to step back further. She's looking a bit too unstable for you."

Lilliana glares at Forte as the wind around the fountain picks up.

Lilliana says ' Who are you and why are you intterupting my auditions?'

Lilliana grips the sword tightly as she speaks.

Aluella nods and takes another step back. Judging by this girl's behavior it was quite clear she was the one resposinsible for all the killings. It was a shame she was part of the living, Aluella only felt comfortable killing those of her kind that took human form.

Forte grins, and points at the badge on his arm. "I am Forte. Empowered by the courts of Guardia to seek unlawful figures and incarcerate them. You are under arrest for suspicion of murder. Drop the weapon and put your hands behind your head."

Lilliana starts laughing.. It starts off light and devolves into something more sinister. "You know.. when the voices were screaming... I thought It was over... everything. I couldn't sleep anymore, couldn't eat couldn't think. Nothing made sense.... But then she came.. she made the voices quiet. she made everything make sense again.." the wind begins to focus around the area They are standing in. Lilliana shifts her attention back to Aluella. "She told me about you.. You're like me.. you're..."

Aluella says ' We are not alike. You don't know anything about me.'

Lilliana grabs her head and looks up at Aluella with tears in her eyes. "I know nothing about you!? No.. No I don't.. but she does. She knows everything about what you are.. about the monster you can be, about the things you can do if you lose this illusion you have of control." staggers backwards slightly "You cry because you lost your life? I NEVER EVEN HAD ONE! I was never... alive.. Only we can hear the music... I need you to hear the music!"

Aluella actually manages to flinch and take a defensive stance backwards. She was trying to wrap her mind around what she had said about not never having a life. Was such a thing even possible? She takes a deep breath and exhales, "The fact that you are here now in this world proves that you are alive. It still give you no right to take the lives of others! Consider yourself lucky you have never tasted death..."

Forte steps fully inbetween Aluella and Lilliana, pulling what seems to be a bladeless handle out. "I will give you one more warning. Drop your weapon, or I will be forced to take action."

Lilliana glares at forte and continues talking past him.. like he's not even there. " YOU'RE THE ONE WHO TOLD ME TO LISTEN TO THE VOICES! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO PUSHED ME TO SEEK ANWSERS." moves her sword back in fourth as she talks"YOU SAY I'VE NEVER DIED.. I'VE DIED A THOUSAND TIMES, NONE OF THEM ME ALL OF THEM ME. I WASN'T BORN I WAS CREATED LIKE ANY OTHER ABOMINATION!"'

Lilliana starts to laugh as movement starts beneath the fountain's surface. " I wasn't just running around truce killing for the music"

Lilliana says ' "She's not crazy... she wouldn't want that. There's always a reason."'

Aluella looks at Lilliana with narrow eyes. "I was wrong to have you listen to those voices. If I had known they would cause so much death like this." She says before looking at the man who was stepping between them. She was waiting for him to take action, he had his confession from her.

Forte presses a button on the hilt he holds, and a blade of fire erupts from it. "In the name of Guardia I will now arrest you." While Lilliana paces, he dashes forwards, his blade held at the ready for a wide slash.

The surface of the fountain breaks, a being made of flesh, bone, and what one can assume to be random entrails throws itself between Lilliana and Forte. On what one can assume to be it's head is a Truce Guard helmet. It takes the slash as Lilliana speaks.

Lilliana says ' I need to go now, Shikabane Hime; There's work to be done.. She can make the voices stay quiet... she can make everything whole again.'

Lilliana glares at Forte.

Lilliana says ' This is not the concern of those made of steel... it's not your place. The butcher of the south has no need of you and neither do I.'

Aluella looks at the blobish monster that leapt out of the fountain. She reaches for her short blades and holds them ready. This thing was a true abomination, from the looks of it a beaing that was forced together from pieces of the living. A slight smirk grew on her lips. This was something she had no trouble fighting a monster just like her, except ugly and hell bent on killing.

Forte switches his blow, ending his charge in a slash to the monster. The undead thing was obviously a higher threat right now, considering the entire town would be at risk from this currently.

Lilliana begins to step away. moving away from the fountain away from Forte. "Soulmancy has a hard learning curve.. This thing is clumsy... it looks like a monster.. But I'm getting better..." She looks at her sword and smiles."After all.. I'm learning from the best.. When we meet again things will be more clear.. You'll see.. All of this mess will make sense."

The creature standing in between Forte and Lilliana turns and attempts to claw back at Forte as the blade sails into and catches on some mass of bone about a quarter way in. It does not seem to feel pain but a voice can be heard crying from where the head is "Kill..... me."

Aluella gives the monster a look of disgust and a sense of sorrow that the poor being was in. Forte had it busy, she had the opportunity to strike. She leaped into the air above the creature. She had to find its head, the only way to properly end its existance. The helmet. Aluella poised her blade to pierce the helmet as she dropped down onto the creature. If it actually was enough to get through was to be decided.

Forte hits the button on his belt to dissapate the sword's blade instead of attemping to wrench it out of the mass of monster. He throws his arms up, crossing them infront of his face as the monster's claws clash with his armored hide. The blow throws him off to the side, impacting with one of the benches and cursing loudly. "Shit!"

The head ceases it's pleas as Lilliana continues moving away from the fountain, wind focusing and funneling around her whipping up dust in a cloud around her.

Lilliana says ' I'm sorry we couldn't talk this out... But.. You'll see what I mean soon.. She told me you'll understand'

Lilliana beams a smile at Aluella.

Lilliana says ' She can help you too!'

The abomination of Lilliana lumbers forward blindly swinging only at Forte; It doesn't seem intrested in harming Aluella.

The pleas for help are silent.. replaced only by Lilliana's windstorm

Aluella bounced off the monster and landed on her feet. Her attack didn't seem to do much damage. "Damn, that wasn't enough to get through. Go for the head!" She called to Forte.