Truce - Boulevard
This broad boulevard connects the southern reaches of the city. Standing
in the center of the street is a statue of a deranged-looking, smiling man.
The pungent aroma of incense wafts from the westward tent, competing
with the scent of alcohol coming from the eastward inn.

The southern boulevard of Truce is abuzz with the clustering of a number of people, headed by a few guards who seem to be blocking off access to the Inn, just east. Nervous murmerings are tossed back and forth, and a few medical-attired personnel can be seen moving in and out of the front door behind the guardsmen.

Someone gets a little too close, and a guard pushes them back a bit forcefully. "Hey, get back! There's a reason we're here, and it's to keep you guys back! We're taking care of things; you guys need to just back off for now and let us do our jobs!"

Lorastine is coming back from the market with fresh groceries to feed patrons of the Inn. They were running low on supplies so she went to pick some up. The young Hylian blinks in confusion when she finds the huge crowd in front of the inn blocked by two guards. She sets down her bags and hurries over to the guards. "Sorry! Excuse me!"she says as she makes her way through the crowd up to the guards. "What's going on? I work here."She tells the guards trying to peer behind them with a worried expression on Lorastine's face.

Crossroads and Tyrranis were set for their journey to the monastery and on their way out of town when she sight of crowd of people gathering outside the inn. She paused for a moment, shaking her head and glancing up at Tyrranis briefly. "I saw this when I was looking ahead for this trip. There are two bodies in there." She said quietly. Then her gaze shifts into the crowd where she thought she briefly caught the sound of a familiar voice, "Lora?"

One guard is about to push Lorastine back for getting too close, but softens his stance (just barely) when she mentions working there, and shakes his head instead. "Not today you ain't, miss. It's a grisly sight in there, and I think you'd best be on your way for a few days. Somethin' awful happened, but we ain't sure what it is. Somebody went mad, seems like. We got people cleanin' up already, so its best if you just head on for a time."

"We'll be sure'n let you know when we think it's safe to come on back. But for your own safety, we think you better stay away from here for awhile, 'least 'til we know what the hell happened." The guard, on closer inspection, looks a little unnerved, himself.

Tyrranis stands back from the crowd. It was the normal response he supposed, everyone wanting to see if they knew the dead, but he preferred to keep back from them anyways. A crowd is only a few steps away from a mob in his mind.

Lorastine listens the guard with a sense of shock on her face. Everything seemed to be so normal when she left earlier. She only had been gone for around two hours. She falls silent and takes a few steps back and lowers her head. "... I see... thank you."she says to the guard, feeling a little bit lucky she didn't walk in on it. She makes her way out of the crowd to get back to her bags, this time the crowd seemd to part for her.

With her head full of scenarios trying to imagine what exactly happened, who were the victims, who were the killers. More importantly where would Lorastine even stay since she had been living there too.

Crossroads spies Lorastine in the parting crowd and approaches her, giving her a quick hug. She was sure Lora would know at least one of the victims in this incident since she had been working there.

Tyrranis nods to both Lorastine and Crossroads. "For now, we should let the guard handle this. We have more pressing matters to attend to, remember?"

Lorastine looks up when she feels someone embrace her. "Oh, hello, you two."she says taking a deep breath. "I'm fine, they won't give me any details. Its probably for the best right now..."

Lorastine nods to Tyrranis a little curious to what he meant. "Are you two going out of town?"

Crossroads nods. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be the one to tell her anyway, "Tyrranis and I were on our way down to the monastery to try to talk to Ambience again. would you like to come with us?" She had Tyrranis with her, so she didn't see any point in not inviting Lora too.

Tyrranis shrugs impassively at this state of events. Either Lora came with them, or, "If you do not want to come with us, you can always stay at Crossroad's home until we return. The extra bedroom is open right now."

Lorastine looks between the two for a moment and smiles lightly. "I think I need to get out of town for a little bit too."she says dipping her head lightly, "Also if its ok, can I stay with you until this whole thing is settled?"

Crossroads smiles a bit at Lora. "Of course! You are always welcome at our house."

Tyrranis jerks his head to the two girls. "Let's head out." With that, he starts walking south again.

Orbonne Monastery - Outside
This grassy knoll is directly in front of the quaint abbey to the
north. A single wall of ivory stone has been constructed around the place
of worship and study, allowing only its windows and chapel peaks to peer
over it. A clearing of high grass and wildflowers can be seen at the end of
the southern path. To the east and west are smaller buildings of the same
design as the monastery, serving to keep the double-doored dormitories
separate from the main temple.

Once leaving Truce, the trip to Orbonne Monastery was a peaceful one, just as Crossroads had predicted/foreseen. As the trio approach the front entrance, the clang and clatter of swordplay, with accompanied older female/younger male shouts, can be heard off to the west, just on the other side of the front of the building.

Within only a few moments following their approach, however, a royal-robed woman comes walking easily out the front of the Monastery gate, cloak hem trailing in the grass behind her. Her hair is woven in a braided crown atop her head, and she smiles peaceably at everything, stopping just a short distance outside as she notices them. "Oh, company? I was not expecting this." And still, the smile.

Crossroads took a deep breath when they reached their destination. This was her last chance to try fixing things as far as she was concerned. She checked her letter to Ambience, making sure it was still tucked securely within the hidden pocket of her vest. She had intended to pass this off to someone if he wasn't around, but she was pretty sure that the younger voice of the two training belonged to him.

She took a step in that direction, only to stop at the sound of a voice. Crossroads turns, eyes falling upon the woman's hair and attire which gave the impression that she was someone important. "I'm sorry that we dropped in unannounced. Ambience left yesterday and I didn't get a chance to talk to him so I thought we'd try answering some of his questions again."

Lorastine recognizes the familiar place quite quickly. It was so fast to recover its almost as if the attack had never happened. It made her smile seeing everything so well. As the royal-looking woman appeared to great them, Lorastine gives her a polite bow. Able to recognize her as one of the priestesses.

Tyrranis runs an eye up and down the priestess, and nods to her. His major attention is eaten by the sounds of conflict. Still, he manages to pull enough attention to introduce himself. "I am Tyrranis."

The ringing of steel against steel continues to resound from the western courtyard, and the woman notices this only for a moment, though her smile doesn't lessen. She lowers her head respectfully at Tyrranis' introduction, hands clasped in front of her. "Greetings, then. I am Ovelia, headmistress of sorts at this establishment. Anyone and everyone is welcome here, and we are hard-pressed to turn anyone away." She looks up again, beaming. "I'm going to assume from your demeanor, then, that you are these "Soulless" ones the young Ambience has mentioned?" She pauses, with a notion of thought as she looks the group over. "You look normal enough to my eyes."

Crossroads glances briefly towards the direction of the fighting, then back to the woman. She didn't think that it could hurt to talk to Ovelia as well. Afterall if Ambience had questions about then, then it was likely the people here did as well. "I'm Crossroads, and this is Lorastine." She didn't think there was much point in introducing Tyrranis since he had already done so himself, "And, Well... we are not entirely soulless. Our souls just... aren't in our bodies anymore.

Lorastine smiles and nods when Crossroads introduces her. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Ovelia. The monnestrey looks lovely." She felt a little hurt at being called soulless, but she didn't show it.

Tyrranis frowns, and pulls out his gem. He holds it, even in it's darkened state, before Olivia. "Soulless? The fact that we can physically hold our souls in our hands makes us soulless? This is interesting logic. Is the rest of the conversation going to be like this?"

Ovelia looks upon the gem in Tyrranis' hand, her facial features not dwindling. "My, I hope not. There's no need to be flustered, it is merely the only term I have been given to know. Do you have a collective term you'd rather I used? If so, I would be pleased to hear of it, so that we do not get off on the wrong foot. Come, follow me, and we can talk. I would hear everything you would have to say, no matter the course or tone. This is how we learn."

Ovelia steps down from the foot of the Monastery, turning and heading quietly toward the west, her hands still held together in front of her.

Crossroads nodded, following Ovelia towards the west towards the sound of fighting. She felt rather greatful for Ovelia's calm demeanor, "Well, someone who has been at this for a while calls us wishborn." She didn't really care what they were called though. She even had no objections to being called soulless even if the term wasn't entirely accurate..

"I prefer if you consider us as people exactly like you." Lorastine adds shortly after Cross. "Despite our situation, we aren't any different then we were before."

Tyrranis is visibly torn. He said he'd follow Cross, to watch over her, but the clash of weapons... it had been a long time since he got the chance to feel feedback to his own power. Resigned, the giganto follows after the group.

Orbonne Monastery - Grassy Knoll
White stones, pressed into the earth, form a quaint path to the
northwestern chapel and the eastern monastery gates. Cheerful wildflowers
dot the wayside and brighten up the patches of shade beneath the sparse
trees. A slender crack in the outer wall can be seen from here, noticeable
but far too small to warrant any attention to repairs.

Ovelia trapses across the courtyard toward the sound of weapons clanging together, rounding a corner of the Monastery to a small field in front of the western barracks. There, she has arrived just in time to see Ambience and Agrias in a deadlock of swords; the female Paladin is pushing down with all her strength on the edge of her blade against Ambience and the golden edge he is wielding, whose body glows with a soft green light as he fights to keep Agrias off of him, teeth gritted with effort.

Ovelia stands quietly in the midst of this stalemate, before clearing her throat a bit loudly. The two combatants' eyes dart toward the source of the noise, but do not lower their weapons; they look back at each other, as if daring one or the other of them to loosen their weapon first. Noticeably, Agrias smirks.

Ovelia says, with a small sigh, "You two would be at this all night if given half a chance. My goodness, take a break for now. We have more visitors; I sent the young woman who arrived earlier to Rafa and Malak, so she should be in good hands."

Crossroads simply waits patiently, feeling a raising sense of nervousness as she watched the two fight. So far things didn't seem to be going too badly. But then again, Ovelia wasn't the one she was most concerned about.

Lorastine watches the two spare, with a sense of entertainment knowing that this was only a friendly fight. She hoped that it was a friendly sparing match anyway. She was starting to get over her nervousness around Ambiance.

Tyrranis eyes widen as he catches sight of the battle, and he does a good job of not starting forwards. He clenches his teeth. "Stop attacking him from above, he's got a straighter posture and a more direct path to the ground. If he should focus on anything ri-" Tyrranis bites back the sentence, and murmurs. "Doesn't matter." He stands around after that and waits for the group to do something.

Ovelia waits patiently for the stalemate to resolve itself, and it doesn't take too long; Ambience swiftly retracts his weapon and ducks off to one side, brandishing his sword vertically in front of him. Agrias does not followup, and her smirk fades as she lowers her weapon. "At least I can say you did not best me this time. You're better with that than I expected." Both of them stow their swords, turning to face Ovelia and the Wishborn.

Agrias' demeanor goes stoic as she notices two of the three, but the recognition in her eyes is only subtle, as though she knew of their faces, but not much else. Ambience, on the other hand, looks at Cross for a long, long moment, before he takes notice of Lorastine, and then Tyrranis. His expression is difficult to read, but it doesn't seem to sway toward one extreme or another.

Ovelia inclines her head, apparently pleased. "Many thanks to you both. Now then, is this satisfactory? Or would you prefer somewhere indoors as more accommodating?" She seems to be regarding the Wishborn as she speaks. "One of them seems to even be versed in similar ways of combat, or so it seems. How interesting, already." The intrigue in her voice is genuine, as well.

Recognition slowly hits her as she realizes that the sword Ambience is wielding is the same one he was using in her vision. When the weapon is sheathed, her eyes turned to Ambience, who seemed to have his attention squarely on her for a long uncomfortable moment. She looks then to both of her companions for their opinion on the matter. While Crossroads wouldn't mind sitting down for this, she wanted to get this done and over with quickly and without incident. Then again, she didn't know how many questions would be asked of them.

Tyrranis shrugs simply. "I know battle, and much of it's nuances. You can say I lived it for a long time." If Tyrranis shows recognition to the blade, he doesn't let it settle on his face. "I-i would be fine with staying out here.".

"Good to hear, then." She walks across the grass, taking a place next to Ambience and Agrias, before settling herself down in the grass, hands in her lap. The two remain standing, themselves, watching the group apart from them with a cross between concern, curiosity, and, in Ambience's case, confusion.

"Now then, first things first. As it seems young Ambience's desire most prominently, what exactly do you represent? Are you an order, a mercenary band, or...?" Ovelia lets the thought hang there, hinging on the possibility of, well, anything.

Ambience seems a little put off by Ovelia asking this question in his stead, but his stance doesn't falter, only his expression.

"Well," Crossroads takes a moment to think about this, "I wouldn't call us an order or mercenary band. We are all just people who found ourselves in a similar situation."

She swallows once, gaze transferring between Ambience, Ovelia and Agrias. She had not been expecting to talk to all three of them at once, and everything Crossroads had rehearsed seemed to go out the window with this development.

Lorastine follows up on what Cross was talking about. "We are all just people, we aren't some special group. We just are all linked through a wish we made with a cat." She explains realizing how farfetched that sounded. "I'm only a simple Inn attendent for example. At least I still hope so..." she adds, looking away slightly recalling the incident at the Inn.

Tyrranis shrugs, and holds up his bat, showing Olivia the scars that mark the wood's surface as much as the scars on his own body do. "I am something of a travelling warrior myself, though recently I had been trying to rest. However, odd things happen to me often. If you were to ask me, we are simply people trying to survive." Tyrranis' eye drifts over to the weapons Ambience and Agrias hold, examining them.

Ambience seems perturbed at the mention of a cat granting wishes, his eyesight straying toward a spot over near the wall of the Monastery for a moment as it is mentioned. Agrias notices, following Ambience's eyes but not seeming to find the correlation. Instead, she makes a breathy-hiss noise to get his attention, nodding in the Wishborn's direction. Ovelia doesn't seem to acknowledge any of this, but smiles at Crossroads, Tyrranis and Lorastine from her place in the grass.

"From what I can gather, then, it seems as though you've only been caught up in a bout of misunderstanding, then. But please tell me, and us, what relation do you have to that which afflicted our warrior, a few eves ago? Ambience mentioned a sensation familiar to him, and that it was the same coming from you three as it did from our Monk, at the time. Can you provide insight for us? If this is going to be a threat to us, we would like to know how to face it more effectively."

Ovelia pauses, thoughtfully. Behind her, Ambience's and Agrias's weapons rest within their respective sheathes and scabbards; the former along his back, and the latter at her side. The pearls that design Ambience's weapon hilt glint in the light, and Agrias only seems to possess that of an ordinary steel longsword. Following Agrias' hiss, Ambience's attention is brought forward again, though his mind still seems elsewhere.

Crossroads frowns and lowers her head. "Thats... the worst part of all of this. That cat offered each of us a wish and all we had to do was fight evil witches and yoma. It didn't seem like a bad deal at first. But..." Crossroads withdraws her soul gem, holnding it out by its chain for them to see, "Our souls were removed and put into these. Its how we can transform and fight them when no one else can, but using them can lead to corruption."

"It takes a grief seed dropped by witches and yoma to cleanse them. And fighting isn't the only way they can be corrupted either. Negative emotions can have a hand in it too. And if our gems are darkened completely...we..." Crossroads pauses, and her voice lowers, "We become yoma and witches ourselves. What we fight were once people just like us."

Lorastine gets silent as Crossroads explains everything they needed to know about being Wishborn. She didn't like that there was no knowing if they would ever be able to escape this cycle of fight or die. She nods however in agreement once the explanation finished.

Lorastine feels still pretty foolish for even taking up Kyuubey's offer. She was starting to get the feeling that maybe they were wrong about the witches, their enemy could possibly be the cat. Although she didn't think of anything the cat could gain from all of this.

"No. We were not directly connected with the warrior from a few nights ago. The box however? The black box?" Tyrranis looks to Ambience, specifically. "That was a Witch. Crossroads speaks the truth. Our souls are inside these gems, constantly fighting the monsters formed by our wish. A battle our souls, without backup, will lose. However, monsters like that Witch already roam the land. 'Wishborn' who fell to their desires. We, uncorrupted 'wishborn' are the only ones who can fight them."

Ovelia seems quietened at the moment, taking all this in. However, Ambience speaks in her stead, as Tyrranis looks upon him. "So you're tellin' us that there is no way to protect ourselves against this threat without callin' for you and those like you to come defend us?" His tone is... uncertain. "I don't disbelieve what you say. I saw the black shape take Crossroads away. It was there, then suddenly it wasn't. Like, vanished." Ambience looks at Agrias, sidelong.

"A dire situation, this is. Especially without a way to know whether or not this will, in fact, happen again, and when, if it does." Ovelia's voice picks up again, glancing over her shoulder at the two of them. Agrias seems torn about something, but she doesn't speak her mind. "It almost seems as if a potential choice is to keep someone like them nearby, for safety's sake." Ovelia looks back around, a slow smile reforming on her face.

Tyrranis runs an eye up and down Ambience, and then nods. "Pretty much. We, or those like us, are the only ones I know who can fight Witches. And we benifit more from it than any other who would fight them. The seeds they drop can cleanse our corruptions, give our souls backup. If not taken care of properly, even if someone killed a witch, the seed will eventually reform into that witch unless properly disposed of.

Tyrranis says ' A word of warning. In addition to Witches, there is another force you must look out for. Yoma, what I would turn into. Where a witch acts subtly, working in a splintered reality, Yoma act on this plane. Moving amonst us, rampaging, killing, eating. If a Yoma appears, run. We can normally be found in Truce. So if you catch wind if a witch, or yoma, find us.'

Lorastine starts to wander off into the scenary of the monnestery. She really had nothing she could add as Cross and Tyrranis covered a majority of the information. "Oh! If you encounter an odd looking cat, I suggest not taking its advice. Unless you want to end up in the same situation as us." She thought back at how Ambiance had decapitated Kyuubey already, but it didn't hurt to give warning.

Crossroads lifts her head. There is a little more confidence in her voice, "My wish was to look into the future. And although I am sure that the future can change, what I have seen of it shows that it will happen again. I just don't know when. The best thing I can suggest is to perhaps get an evacuation plan in place to help protect lives."

"This is all very informative. Unfortunate that we are left to rely on others to protect ourselves, however." Ovelia's smiling face seems to fall upon Tyrranis and linger there for several moments, her eyes seeming to try and hatch a potential idea. "But judging from the experience in your voices, I have no reason to doubt your knowledge in what you are talking about."

Ambience looks up at Lorastine's mention of a cat, once again. The gears in his head seem to be turning, but to what end, he doesn't say. Agrias, in the meantime, rests a hand on the pommel of her sword. "It is all we can do to maintain the ways and means that we have been, here at the Monastery. If it means keeping peace intact, then we should do what is necessary."

At that moment, another form peeks around the side of the Monastery's wall. The hooded face of an aquamarine-eyed female, who clutches a small bag tightly in one hand, looks upon the goings-on curiously, half-hidden from behind the wall where she leans outward. She is silent as she looks over the group, seemingly unsure as whether or not to advance or retreat.

"We are not dangerous people. Not to you." Tyrranis' eyes fall on Agrias' hand resting on her hilt again, and he frowns. People just didn't seem to understand what their body language meant these days. Seeking to change things up, Tyrranis holds his hand out to Ambience. "Boy. Let me see your blade, it is interesting."

Lorastine didn't really seem all that involved in the conversation. She is starting to space out a bit, only really responding to when she is spoken to. Her mind was on a bunch of different things, the future, the inn incident, the unnerving feeling someone is watching her.

Ambience seems to snap back to where he is at Tyrranis' speaking of the word "boy," and at his request, he tenses. He face looks to provide some retort for not complying, but as he opens his mouth, something stops him, and he scrunches up his face as though he were just bopped on the nose. His gaze focuses on something unseen, right in front of him, and his brow furrows after a moment, ending with a sigh. "I understand. You're right." Agrias glances sidelong at him, herself apparently not yet of whole trust at this sudden request, but she, for some reason, relaxes somewhat as Ambience gives in to... whatever just happened.

Ambience bends forward slightly, reaching behind him with a bit of a flail (the sword's nearly as tall as he is, at his age), grasping the hilt and withdrawing the golden blade smoothly, before stepping forward and offering it to him, blade first. "Please be careful with it. It was a present." Agrias smirks at this, but says nothing.

Crossroads takes a deep breath as she notices Ambience tense up, feeling slightly worried as to if something might change for the worse. She had felt her vision change once already, but for good or bad she had no idea without actually looking into. She is about to say something herself, but then she sees one of the boy's dryads appear, slapping him in the nose and giving him a lecture that she could not hear. When Ambience presented the sword to Tyrranis, she relaxed a little and provided a small smile at the dryad as it perched on the childs shoulder in silent greeting.

Tyrranis doesn't have eyes for much more than the blade, and misses out on Ambience's series of odd interactions. He reaches forwards and siezes the hilt, drawing it back to examine the blade and trimmings on the sword. It felt of history. Tyrranis tests the edge on the blade, and feels out it's balance. "This blade is good. Wield it properly, and you would do well. Many good scars would come from a battle with it."

Lorastine refocuses on the group from her thoughts. She didn't even see when Tyrranis got Ambience's blade in his hand. However she felt a little comfort not seeing the boy armed. She didn't know why though, the muscles in her back twitched slightly making a little uncomfortable.

Noting the exchange going on and the lack of apparent tension, the hooded girl from before stands away from the wall, moving a bit closer to the group but without shadowy attempts or movements. She seems fairly interested, if still completely encompassed by the cloak, cape, and hood she's wearing. Specifically, she seems to be directly enthralled in the sight of Tyrranis and Crossroads' soul gems, whether they are no longer out or otherwise.

Ambience seems a little relaxed when Tyrranis does not immediately bring his own weapon down on him. He nods, but seems a little unnerved by the "scars" remark. That generally isn't the first thing he's thinking of when he raises his weapon, to be sure. "I will treat it well. Even I understand this ain't somethin' to be taking lightly. Are you familiar with it?"

Ovelia seems pleased at the goings-on, and averts her eyesight momentarily to something behind the Wishborn group. She doesn't say anything, however, and just as subtly returns her beaming face to them.

Tyrranis is unnoticing of the figure moving towards them and instead presents the sword back to Ambience, shaking his head. "No. I am... not the best at keeping memories fresh. If I have fought someone who weilded that blade, I cannot remember it." Tyrranis misses Ambience's obvious foreshadowing of the sword's name/history.

Crossroads gem is still out, but no longer hiding under her shirt. Her attention however isn't on the approaching cloaked figure either but rather on the exchange Tyrranis was having with Ambience reguarding the sword.

Lorastine's long ears perk up slightly when feels a presence approaching behind her. She looks back to see a cloaked figure and blinks in confusion. "Hello?"She askes out right as her necklace containing her own soul gem slipped out of its hiding place in her shirt by the jerking rotate she did.

Ambience takes the weapon back from Tyrranis, fidgeting somewhat as he attempts to put it back where it belongs alongside his back. "Save the Queen." His statement is a simple one, and it is all he says as he straightens, noting Lorastine's sudden turnaround and acknowledging the person behind the other group, now. His expression remains at an "uneasy calm" that it has been for a bit now, and he offers Agrias a shorthand glance.

Agrias also notes this newcomer, but only shortly before Lorastine did. She didn't say anything before, and feeling Ambience's glance, she nods in approval. "From earlier. She sought an audience with Rafa and Malak."

Ovelia looks up as well, her smile only brightening as she sees who it is. "Dear, there you are." She gets to her feet, skirts and robes all aflutter. "How did you fare? Where you able to find something to aid your sick friend?"

The girl stops as she's noticed, and the expression on her face within her hood goes a little goofy, her grin showing off a set of short but visible fangs, slightly longer than the rest of her upper teeth. Along her back, the hint of something white seems to be sticking out of one of her back cape's folds, but just by a tiny amount. It could be something she's carrying back there, for all anyone knows.

She lowers her head in greeting, nevertheless. "Hi there. Yeah, I was able to get what I needed. You guys are really helpful, and I'm so grateful for it. I'm sorry if I was barging in on anything, but I didn't think I was going to run into more of you guys!" She seems a little excited, but in a contained way.

Tyrranis turns, and nods to the newcomer. He casts a look up and down her, and raises an eyebrow. "Greetings. I am Tyrranis. What do you mean by 'more of you guys'?"

Crossroads was wondering the very same thing, and also why the girl was so heavily cloaked.

Lorastine looks over the girl like everyone else, curious on who she was. Tyrranis made a good point by asking his question. Was this girl a wishborn like them?

As the Monastery group look on, and at this point, even the Wishborn as well, the girl seems a bit put upon, stepping back perhaps in a break of nerves at having so many people just plain staring at here, with little or no words exchanged except for the big guy. However, her erstwhile curiosity gets the better of her, and she opts to shake off her hood, letting the material settle around her neck.

What lies underneath is a short bob of auburn hair on a fairly young face, and her small fangs glint in the light of day as she still holds up a grin. Her eyes shine their aquamarine color, and what looks like a series of thin, almost invisible slits in her flesh run down the back-end sides of her neck. "I guess maybe it is kinda rude to come up and not even tell you my name. I'm Molly. Mollianne R'keth Nol." She offers a curtsey, which is a bit awkward with all the rest of her attire still in place.

Tyrranis nods again to Molly's introduction. "Barring the silence of my companions, it is pleasant to meet you. I am still interested as to the phrasing of your words earlier."

Lorastine blinks for a moment getting her bearings on the situation once more. "It's nice to meet you Molly. My name is Lorastine, but you can call me Lora for short." she greets herself returning the curtsey.

Crossroads glares at Tyrranis briefly, then turns her attention back to the girl offering a smile. "Its a pleasure to meet you Molly, my name is Crossroads." She studies the girl for a moment, the neck slits almost escaping her notice. They reminded her of a fish gills, and she wondered briefly if they served the same sort of perpose.

"You must be the ones who reside over Guardia. Don't worry, I'm not here to invade your turf." This statement seems to be directed at Tyrranis, as she looks up at him pointedly. "I just needed some medicine for my friend, he got really sick coming home a few weeks ago, and it isn't getting better." Molly seems a little crestfallen as she remembers her reason for being here, but dismisses it after a moment. "You made the wishes, didn't you?"

A thought seems to come to her mind, and she quickly adds, "And no, I'm not one of you. Just a friend of you and yours, if you can think of it that way." She smiles again, showing off those cute little fangs.

Behind the group, Ovelia smiles in return, nodding. "It seems everything is well and good, then. Taking into account the information we've been given, we need to try and come up with something that will at least allow us to hold off such another situation in the future, until the help of your kind can be reached."

"Ambience, Agrias. With me; Rafa and Malak will need to know of this potential threat, and what possibilities we now have to combat it, should it come to that." Ovelia looks down at Ambience for a moment, thoughtfully. "Assuming you don't mind, young lord, I have something specific to ask of you. But let us away to the chapel for now." She nods, turning to the Wishborn group and bowing low. "Thank you so much for your time, friends. I'm happy we were able to resolve this without conflict."

Ambience stiffens to attention, and Agrias places a hand on her weapon in turn, nodding. The two of them cast another glance back at the group, but not with hardened glances; their curiosity is sated for the time being, but more curiosity seems to have taken the former, albeit in a different vein. The three of them cross the remainder of the courtyard, taking their leave of the Wishborn and the other girl as they all-but march side-by-side toward the gate.

Tyrranis frowns at the girl's response, and wracks his brain. The phrasing she used seemed familiar to him... he just wasn't sure where it was familiar from eactly. "Territory?" Tyrranis is consumed by his thoughts.

Lorastine smiles and nods, "Well I hope your friend feels better soon." Not picking up on the fact the time frame she was talking about was around the same time she last saw Kyrk. She caught that the girl wasn't wishborn however so there must have been a way to connect her with their group somehow. "Out of curiousity, who do you know that made the wish like us?"

"Yes, we made the wishes." Crossroads said with a nod, something about what she said seemed to tug at her mind. She seemed to remember that she hadn't seen Kyrk for some time now. And none of them had encountered any other wishborn who would have helped to identify them as the ones who resided over guardia. Especially since they were not in Guardia right now. "If you don't mind my asking is your friend also a wishborn?"

Molly nods, a brisk wind blowing her short hair all about her head before it settles down again. "He is. He's very sick, and his soul gem is very dark. I need to take care of his illness first, then we can worry about finding a seed for him. I think the Twins might already be seeing to that, but I'm not sure. They're pretty hard to predict." She seems to realize that she's gone off on a tangent, and giggles softly to herself. "Goodness, sorry. I'm a talker sometimes. He came back after saying he was going to help you guys one more time. But I don't know what happened; he got sick coming back, and I found him near the edge of Luon Highway. I figured it was you he was talking about, when I saw your soul gems." Molly nods affirmingly, apparently pleased with herself.

Tyrranis growls, and steps forwards, pulling his gem out of his bat and holding his gem out to her. "Is it darker than this? How far away is he?" Tyrranis still had half of the seed from the last witch, which was a bit lucky considering he was supposed to have used it himself by now.

Lorastine looked down at her gem as it glistened brilliantly. It was odd how despite all she had went through. The horrific nightmare she had should have affected her gem in some way, but it didn't. She had never thought of it until now after all emotions in a dream are influenced into the crystal too.

Crossroads chewed on her lip looking at Tyrranis's gem as he held it out to Molly. It was still as dark as hers was after the last battle. Perhaps they had been lucky that Tyrranis had not used the grief seed if Kyrk was worse off than he.

Mollianne's smile fades somewhat, as she holds up the bag she has. "Quite a ways. It took me about a day or so on foot to reach here from Monstro Town, where we live. It'll probably be about the same going back." She shifts her weight somewhat, and the speck of white disappears fully into the confines of her attire. "I'm not too worried about it now that I have medicine. That was my only concern."

Molly lowers her bag, looking at the soul gem in question. She scrunches up her face, and for an instant, the slits along her neck open and close in an apparent gesture of distaste. "See, though, he is fine as long as he isn't doing anything. And since he is at home in bed, I know he isn't going anywhere. I really think you need that more than he does." She seems to be going on assumption, obviously, but given the scars on Tyrranis' body, who wouldn't?

"You can come with me if you want, anyway, but it's a long trip. Plus, Kyrk might not wake up immediately. He's been out for a few weeks now." She looks off toward the south, head tilted.

Lorastine looks up suddenly when Molly mentioned Kyrk. She starts to feel a shiver down her spine as she starts to think through everything. She was the reason he was suddenly sick and that 'nightmare' actually happened. It was how she pieced it together, as the only reason her gem was so clean after such tramua caused by that witch.

Tyrranis says ' I worry not for his physical health, but instead his corruption. We shall move. Now. Crossroads, Lorastine if you wish to return, I will continue with Molly to heal Kyrk.'

Molly frowns deeply at Tyrranis' order-barking, and drops her bag of medicine in the grass, marching right up to him adamantly despite her lack of height or girth to match his own. "Now you listen to me, you big oaf! When I tell you something, you need to LISTEN to me, okay? I said he's FINE, now that I have medicine. F-I-N-E. Do you know what that means? It means you need to see about fixing your own problems before you worry about other peoples'!"

She gets right up in front of Tyrranis, pointing a small, slender finger up toward his face. "I said you can come along if you want, but you are NOT going to be throwing orders at me, is that clear? How long do you think I have been taking care of him? A LONG TIME! So just trust what I am saying, because even though I'm smaller than you, I'm not stupid!"

Crossroads tries to keep her voice calm, last thing they needed was for all of them to be arguing and fighting over whether or not Kyrk was truely okay or not. "Still, hearing this news has gotten us a bit worried. Even if you are right and he is fine as you say he is, I think it would be a good idea to see so for ourselves with our own eyes."

Lorastine looks between everyone. She had to confirm her suspicions atleast with Kyrk, no one else needed to know unless they did already. "I would like to see him."

Tyrranis looks down to Molly, his eyes widening as she advances on him, but not in fear. He tenses all over for a moment, and then visibly backs himself down. Instead, he opens, his hand, showing Molly his gem. "You have been with him for that long? Then you know these must be cleansed. I do not doubt your intelligence or your skill, meerly I seek to help a mutual friend."

Molly backs off, lowering her hand to her side and peering at the gem for a moment, though her expression still retains a "Yeah, I saw it, so what?" expression. She moves to recover her bag of dropped medicine; as she bends over, the back hem of her cloak lifts up slightly, revealing what looks distinctly like a large back-toe talon, but only for the briefest of moments. She straights, and turns to them, having calmed down somewhat. "You are welcome to come along, and I do appreciate the concern But please understand, Kyrk does not follow the same rules the rest of you do. His situation is unique." She looks south again, smiling once more. "As long as he remains dormant, we have nothing to fear. But if you insist on going, then please follow me. It is a bit of a trip, but I would not mind the company, honestly." And with that, she heads off down the path, away from the Monastery.