Free City, Truce - Fountain
A tiered fountain marks the center of Truce, water gushing from its
summit and trickling into a deep, wide basin, wrapped by a ring of benches.
Roads flow like rivers away from the fountain, and houses sprout like weeds
all around them. Not far to the east, the ocean roars in the harbor.

A gentle wind rustles by the fountain of Truce, scattering a few old papers left behind by some crappy litterbug. The fountain itself bubbles and gurgles as it usually does, but there seems to be a bit of extra splashing, seemingly made by a tiny form, going on in the lowermost basin, accompanied by a faint green light showing up every now and then. Nothing physical appears to be present, however.

A distant shout can be heard far to the south of this location, sounding like a boy calling out to something or someone.

Lorastine wanders the fountain after a busy day of wandering around. By now the events last week seemed like nothing more then a bad dream to her. Her crystal gleamed brilliantly and she was in a pretty cheerful mood because of it. Her ears perk up slightly at the sound of a distant shout over the bubbling of the fountain. She thought nothing of it.

Tyrranis approaches the fountian from the north, bundle of dead fish in one hand. His bat trails a string and a hook as the giganto marches to the fountian and takes a long drink, and then straightens, taking notice of Lorastine. "Ah. Lorastine. How is your gem."

Lorastine says ' Oh, good evening, Tyrranis! My gem is doing wonderful.'

The minute splashing in the fountain basin continues without response or reform to Tyrranis and Lorastine's presence, sending a few water drops here and there over the basin's rim. The sound of hustled footsteps can then be heard coming in from the southern avenue, kicking aside a stone here and a small rock there.

Ambience enters from the south, his clothing a bit dusty from potentially playing around in it. There's a small cut on the side of his face which looks to be healing, and a bit of dried blood on his cheek therefrom. Neverminding this, he scans the immediate vicinity, seemingly looking for someone or something. A small blade, sheathed, is hung from his hip.

Ambience seems to momentarily disregard Tyrranis and Lorastine, his red-eyed gaze resting over the fountain with a small smirk.

Lorastine feels a slight chill down her spine when she noticed the boy coming in from the south. She looks at him, almost staring as she starts to recall when she had seen him before. Why he was making her feel so nervous.

Crossroads runs in from the south hoping to catch Ambience before she lost sight of him. Despite having seen him pass by her work, she had to finish up with a client before she could leave. She still intended to talk with him but her condition after the last fight had not given her much of a chance. And since he was here, now seemed like a better time than ever! Who knew if she would get another chance? "Ambience!" She called called to him, then noticed the presence of her teammates there and felt suddenly nervous. "Tyr and Lora... I didn't expect you two to be here."

Tyrranis runs his eyes up and down Crossroads before nodding to her. "As odd as it is for me to have a life outside of sitting around and waiting for a fight, I like to fish."

Helios plods into the square from the opposite side of the fountain, disguised as a random Truce citizen. He glances over at the group of people, noting the odd gypsy- like clothes of one of the women, before the strange reactions in the fountain catch his attention. "Yet another strange reading," he whispers as he walks a bit closer.

Helios glances over to the group across the fountain. "And more abnormalities over there... We will have to keep a closer eye on this group, they could aid us in our quest," he muses. He begins to listen in closely.

Ambience raises starts to look up and away from the fountain at Crossroads' calling of him, but before he actually looks toward her, he tenses; the newcomer's entrance seems to have startled him, and his eyes narrow somewhat in response to Helios' presence, random citizen or otherwise. He hisses something under his breath without taking his eyes away from Helios, and the splashing in the fountain abruptly stops, leaving only a couple blades of grass sitting on the water's surface.

Still wary, Ambience pulls his gaze away from Helios and toward Cross, trying to look a little less uppity. "Hey, there ya are. Do you always travel as a group? Your friends here seem t' always be around, I notice."

The tone of Ambience's voice doesn't bely anything, aside from the still-apprehensive tone possibly meant for Helios and his presence.

Lorastine looks at Crossroads and smiles with a little wave. It was good to see friends and that they were doing so well. She also got to learn Tyrranis was a good fisherman. "I should ask if you'd fish for the Inn sometime. We could always use a change of menu."She says to Tyrranis noting the fish sack.

Lorastine decides to completely ignore her fear of Ambiance. It was in her best interest to ignore her nightmare from last week. After all thats all it was to her.

Crossroads blushes a little when she notices Tyrranis looking her over feeling a little sef conscious. She really hadn't taken Tyr to be the sort to care what she was wearing. Even if what she was wearing now was a little different from her normal choice of attire. "Its a pretty small town so we tend to bump into each other a lot." She tells Ambience, casting a quick nervous glance at the creepy guy that came to the fountain right after her.

She stares at him for a moment, then smiles at Tyrranis, "You seem to be a really good fisherman if you caught all of those."

Tyrranis for one pays attention to Ambience. "The fact that we were not together at that point was a mistake. Usually we move as a squad to eliminate threats." Tyrranis rests on a bench, and takes a moment to enjoy the nostalgia. He then looks to Cross and hefts the fish. "I thought this would be dinner tonight."

Helios backs up a bit after the signature in the fountain suddenly vanishes. He glances over at Ambience warily, realizing that this one can see right through his disguise.

Helios begins to scan Ambience closely, checking what type of danger he would represent; should he attack.

Ambience seems to recall something as Tyrranis speaks to him, glancing at the giganto for a moment before he looks back toward Crossroads. "Threats... yeah. Speaking of which." He climbs up onto the fountain basin, nearly losing his balance in the process; he flails his arms a couple times, righting himself. "Cross, we need to talk. I think I deserve an explanation for what's been goin' on lately." He paces a couple steps, holding his arms out to steady himself; his antics are so like his age even if his tone is attemptedly-adult. "What are you guys? And what in the world was that black... thing? And that animal I brought down? If you guys are goin' to be hurtin' my friends, I need to know, now. 'Cause this can't happen." Ambience stops pacing the rim, standing with the bubbling fountain as his backdrop.

Ambience says 'I left you guys alone, 'cause I didn't know whether to trust you or not. But then, somethin' happened anyway. So just tell me straight; what's goin' on?'

"That sounds wonderful Tyr!" She smiles at him. But then when Ambience starts asking about the very thing she wanted to talk to him about that smiles fades, "Yes." She says to the child slowly, her voice betraying her nervousness as she glances around, her visions quickly coming to Crossroads mind again."You... You deserve an explanation. But I don't think this is something that should be discussed in public. If you have no objections we could go to my house?"

Lorastine looks at Ambience as he climbs the fountain, much like any normal kid would do. As he asks about the events she could vaguely remember, much like her nightmare a while back. She doesn't really know how to reply, but looks up at Crossroads when she mentions about going to her home. She has never been to Cross's home before, so her interest spiked.

Lorastine says "Do you mind if I tag along?"

Tyrranis stands, and nods before looking to Crossroads. "You coming is fine with me Lorastine, but Crossroads owns the house. It's up to her. As for me, I am going to go start preparing and cooking these."

Helios watches as the group discusses plans to head to the gypsies house. He is still unsure why their signatures are similar to the cat from earlier, but he decides to figure it out. Helios walks away from the fountain back the way he came, making sure that the group cant see him before dissolving the disguise and activating his cloaking field. He flies up to the roof of a nearby building and activates his long- range audio detectors before settling down to wait for them to make a move.

Ambience seems a little unsettled at the prospect of going somewhere else other than just having it out right here. Even more so when he realizes everyone else is coming, too; a frown alights on his face. Were they going to ambush him? Crossroads might be trustworthy, maybe. But these others... Ambience looked between the lot of them, his hand coming to rest on the hilt of his sword by the time he looked back at Crossroads, though his frown had not diminished. "I guess so."

Crossroads nods. If Tyrranis was going to be there she certainly didn't see how Lorastine being there too would be a problem. Of course, she took notice of Ambience's tension and she gave him a small smile in hopes to reassure him, "Don't worry. I can assure you that no harm will befall you. Tyr may not look it but he is very sweet when he isn't fighting, and Lora is as nice as they come."

Lorastine smiles and nods, masking her true feelings about Ambiance. "You have nothing to be afraid of, if anything we are the good guys. I won't let anyone get hurt."

Tyrranis shrugs, already walking in the direction of the home. "As much as I am a fighting man. I cannot only fight. Fishing, cooking, these are things I learned to survive. I will do what I can." Tyrranis eyes Ambience. "I can only say that walking into a lion's den is brave. But stupid if you think to try and fight your way out physically."

Tyrranis then walks off.

Ambience's grip tightens considerably around the hilt of his weapon as Tyrranis advises him, and continues to be as such as the boy watches him walk away. His expression is pretty displeased at this point, and he forces himself to let go of his blade's handle, lowering his head somewhat. "I see. Forget it, then." He hops down off the fountain's rim, giving Lorastine a grim look before looking up at Crossroads, full-facedly.

"Come find me when your intentions change." Ambience then heads off southward, not bothering to look back.

Crossroads clentches her first, seeing her chance to talk to Ambience slip away as well as her chance to alter their futures. "I have no negative intentions Ambience!" She screamed then she looked over to where Tyrranis was walking away, wanting both to hear it, "And there will be no more fighting in my house so long as I'm alive!" Her voice softens, and there is a bit of defeat in it, "...Which won't be long if things continue like this."

Lorastine flinches slightly when Ambience gives her a look. It sent a chill down her spine as she feels uneasy. She looks over at Crossroads with concern when she starts yelling. Paying close attention to the last bit. "Cross?"She says wondering what she meant about how it won't be long.

Ambience leaves south, keeping solid the last thing he said as he gradually fades out of sight.

Tyrranis is heading north, mind working on how to prepare fish for four.

Crossroads hangs her head as Ambience leaves. "I'll write him a letter. He deserves to know." She wraps her arms around herself. She felt on the verge of crying again but was trying her hardest not to let it happen. She had cried more than enough recently, "Lets go, Lora. I'll show you where I live."