Free City, Truce - Fountain
A tiered fountain marks the center of Truce, water gushing from its
summit and trickling into a deep, wide basin, wrapped by a ring of benches.
Roads flow like rivers away from the fountain, and houses sprout like weeds
all around them. Not far to the east, the ocean roars in the harbor.

A hooden figure walks briskly into the center of Truce, a billowing black cloak playing about his or her frame. They stop abruptly, lifting their shrouded face toward any given direction as if in consideration.

As if on cue, a streaking light flashes across the sky overhead, looking to ground itself somewhere in the south. The figure looks up at this, making what seems to be an agitated grumble.

Shamaster says 'This place just gets stranger and stranger'

Crazed stares blankly at a hooded figure.

Shamaster says 'Well, as it is rude to stare.'

Shamaster stands up.

Crazed says '... Huh?'

Crazed stares blankly at Shamaster.

Shamaster walks slowly towards the hooded figure.

Shamaster extends hand

The figure considers for a moment, then removes something from the folds of its robe; it appears to be a black, crystalline shard of some kind, and it glimmers ominously against any present light sources; he or she doesn't immediately seem to notice or acknowledge the others present.

Shamaster says 'Okay then... nevermind'

Shamaster returns to the bench.

Shamaster says 'I'll be over here when someone want's to explain what this means.'

Shamaster says 'I've just about given up on understanding this world.'

Crazed blinks, and then goes back to staring at the hooded figure, absently petting his Skitty.

Tyrranis is there too.

The figure speaks, but to whom, it isn't certain. The voice is clearly female, however, though it sounds... masked. "So it is her, then. She's early." She puts the shard away, and turns toward the others, her(?) features well-hidden.

Shamaster says 'See...'

Shamaster says 'it's shit like this.'

Shamaster says 'Nothing here makes sense.'

Shamaster says 'By all means the hooded figure blends right in.'

Crazed says 'Hey, crazy lady. What're you up to?'

Tyrranis looks blankly at Shamaster. "What do you mean nothing makes sense?"

Shamaster says 'I don't see the big deal.'

The hooded figure says "The Oracle's return is imminent. Six of the shards have been located, and soon, the other two will will be returned to their rightful place."

Crazed blinks again, slowly. " Andddd this means what, in normal person speak?"

Her tone is very dark, very ominous. She seems to speak with the purpose of threat, perhaps, but without directly stating as such.

The figure pauses, before speaking again. "Do you believe in gods?"

Tyrranis returns his gaze to the sky. He does not seem to be really into the whole dark figure speaking ominously.

Shamaster says 'I believe something created me. I'm not sure i buy into the religious thing though.'

Crazed shrugs "In this place, what can you believe. Besides fighting. That I can believe in."

The hooded figure says "You can believe in and worship gods without religion, simpleton. Some gods are more... involved, shall we say, than others. You may soon find out firsthand, if all goes as predicted."

Shamaster says 'This doesn't sound like knowledge I wish to gain from your tone.'

Crazed carefully places his Skitty on top of his head, and stands up, staring at the hooded figure again. "Sure, magical nonsense as always. What else is new."

Tyrranis continues to stare straight into the sky. "It's more than possible for gods to exsist, some believe that their power is linked to their worshippers however. It is an interesting combination, the people linking minds to create a powerful being."

The figure gestures, and is suddenly surrounded by four black, crystalline shards, hovering in the air about her(?) cloaked form; they glow softly, with dark auras. "There are only two left to find. Then they world will know their true gods, once more. It's only a matter of time."

Crazed tries to poke one of the shards curiously. "Oooh, not shiney."

Shamaster says 'I'm not sure how to respond to that.'

The hooded figure says "Four belong to me, two to another. But that matters not to me, for they will all come around when the time is right. Fate has it preordained."

Tyrranis stands up, lowering his gaze to the woman. "You. You have power."

Shamaster blinks at Tyrranis in confusion.

The shard gives off a bursting glow as Crazed tries to poke it, but doesn't otherwise do anything.

Shamaster says 'You two know each other?'

Crazed grins, but then looks at Tyrranis. "Most Things do, man. Just a different ype of power for each."

Tyrranis says ' I have never met this person before. Nor would I remember besides. But now she has power, the past is of no meaning.'

The shards shimmer out of sight, fading into nothingness. "Power is a concept. What I have is not power, as I am only a seeker of that which does have power."

The hooded figure says "As I suspect are you."

Tyrranis frowns at the woman. "Can you not call upon the power? Or are you just an arm behind the fist?"

Crazed looks disgusted. "The shineys are gone. Nice going man..." He throws up his hands, part in gesture, part in making sure the skitty is still there. Reassured that she is, indeed, there, he grabs his broomstick, hops on, and sails off, waving behind him nonchalantly.

The figure pauses, not saying anything for several moments. When she does, it is rather gravelly. "I wish to return the world to its true masters. That is all. I care not for the power it takes to do that, or what it bestows upon me to do so."

The hooded figure says "They have waited a long time. With my help, it will soon become a reality."

Tyrranis says ' You are not answering me. Can you call on the power or not?'

The hooded figure says "What power, exactly, are you referring to?" She sounds mildly annoyed, perhaps exasperated.

Tyrranis says ' The shards are more than just for show. Doubtless they hold power. Can you call on what is inside of them?'

The hooded figure says "Separately, they are nothing. Only when the eight come together and are made whole will their power become real. Elsewise, they are naught but colored glass."

Tyrranis says ' Then you hold no interest to me.'

Tyrranis sits back down, and turns his gaze back to the sky.

Shamaster says 'Putting aside the scary giant half naked individual'

Shamaster says 'What you say your goal is.'

Shamaster says 'It echos what the mad have said countless times over..'

Shamaster says 'Not your spesfic goal I mean.'

The hooded figure doesn't say anything to that remark, but instead looks intently toward Tyrranis through her shadowed hood.

Shamaster says 'But the awakening of long ancient individuals.'

Tyrranis completely and utterly ignores the hooded woman. Actually all of the people at the fountain seen to have no meaning to him at all right now.

The hooded figure says "'Ancient' is a relative term, for they have existed off and on again throughout the ages. But I do not take offense to being ranked with the insane, as you so subtly put it."

Shamaster says 'I don't mean to offend. It's just.. I cannot think of one time something like this has ended well.. for anyone.'

The hooded figure says "It is a dream I work toward, and both the sane and insane have dreams. Some are more obtainable than others, that is the only difference. And, it won't." Her tone is matter-of-fact. "Many people will perish. They will take this world and do with it as they please. This is assured."

Shamaster says 'Are you feeling quite okay?'

Shamaster says 'Prehaps you have been drinking a bit too much. or you inhaled something you shouldn't have..'

Shamaster says 'Or you are indeed bat shit insane.'

The hooded figure glances about the area for a moment, then gestures to follow, leaving southward.

A hooded figure leaves south.

Truce - South of Fountain
A checkerboard of tiled stone spreads southward. A brick planter,
stuffed full of single-file palm trees, divides it in two. The building to
the west has a giant gold coin mounted on it, and the building to the east
sports the word "TOURIST" on an oversized sign.

A hooded figure leaves south.

Truce - Boulevard
This broad boulevard connects the southern reaches of the city. Standing
in the center of the street is a statue of a deranged-looking, smiling man.
The pungent aroma of incense wafts from the westward tent, competing
with the scent of alcohol coming from the eastward inn.

A hooded figure leaves south.

Truce - Southern Gate
The well-kept road transforms into loose gravel and then into a dirt path
as it leads past the iron gates marking the southern extreme of Truce. A
side path branches from it, trekking west along the city limits. A large
sign hangs overhead, with 'TRUCE' written in fancy bold letters. A guard
station stands to the east.

A hooded figure leaves south.

Guardia - A Dirt Road
A dirt path leads out of Truce, leading south towards the edge of a
mountain range. Wooden fences line the sides of the path, and tall, lush
grass grows just beyond them. A small stone bridge extends just beyond the
gate of Truce, leading over a rushing creek that flows from the western
fields toward the eastern shore.

Tyrranis has arrived from the north.

Shamaster flies in from the north.

The figure stops outside the gate of Truce, checking to see who all had followed. She nods, gesturing again, and points southwestward, toward Crysta. "Do you see that hamlet?"

Tyrranis blinks slowly. "What of it?"

The hooded figure lowers her arm. "They will be the first to perish. I have foreseen this, and know it to be true."

Tyrranis says ' What consequence is it?'

The figure looks at Tyrranis, possibly impressed. "How cold and heartless. They may have a spot for you upon their return."

Shamaster says 'If i may intterupt... why tell us? I mean you got lucky in the sense that NO ONE at the fountain is a hero or defender of what is just.'

Shamaster says 'I mean, you walk into the center of town tell everyone about your plans to get everyone killed.'

Shamaster says 'What are you acomplishing?'

Shamaster says 'Not that i'm particularly upset about the warning.. It just boggles the mind as too why.'

The hooded figure says "Did I? And I have done nothing wrong. -I- will not be doing anything of the sort. All I am doing is returning to someone what was taken from them. Is this not the right thing to do?"

The figure says "Heroes are a dime a dozen, if you'll pardon the expression. I worry not for those concerned with what is "right" and "just". They are all opinions, not fact."

Tyrranis says ' All of this is pointless anyways. You have not yet done anything. Your shards are nothing. As you said. There are four that are missing, two that you cannot even find. You are an impotent power as of this point.'

The hooded figure says "That is correct. This is why my search will continue. And rest assured, I am not the only one searching with the same goal in mind."

Tyrranis says ' There is only one thing that is to be questioned now. Why should any of us care about what you are talking about?'

Shamaster says 'The naked man raises a good point.'

The hooded figure nods. "You don't have to be. But if I recall, at least one of you showed interest in me, and not the other way around, first."

Shamaster says '.....'

Shamaster says 'Fair enough.'

Tyrranis says ' You have provided exposition far beyond the questions first raised. This is, at this juncture, feeding your own personal interest in being the center of attention.'

Tyrranis says ' Stop dawdling. Continue upon your quest. Nothing you do until the point you finish matters.'

Tyrranis turns and leaves towards the fountain once more.

The hooded figure doesn't say anything. The feeling of a smile is tangible enough from under her hood, however.

Shamaster bows before a hooded figure.

Shamaster says 'I'm going to drop out of this weirdness... this world is strange enough already.'

Shamaster flies north.

The hooded figure says "Here. Since you are so eager to prove your point about my lack thereof, let me provide you with a... demonstration, of sorts."

Tyrranis looks back at the woman, and raises a single eyebrow. "What of it?"

The hooded figure stoops low, and shadows overtake her form as she simply sinks into the ground, disappearing in a matter of seconds.

Tyrranis blinks slowly.

Tyrranis says ' That. Was silly.'

Tyrranis leaves north.

The ground rumbles gently as a black column of light rises out of the spot the figure once stood, piercing the sky as it shoots upward!

A black streak of glowing light shoots into the air from the fields south of Truce, piercing the sky!

Shamaster flies in from the north.

Tyrranis has arrived from the north.

Tyrranis returns, with his arms crossed in front of him.

The dark light begins to coalesce and form into a tall, heavily armored man wielding a massive broadsword, width at least half of his own body; his face is completely hidden in a horned helmet, red slits where the eyes would be.

Shamaster says 'Umm.'

Shamaster says 'Hello?'

Shamaster says 'Prehaps he's friendly?'

Tyrranis raises an eyebrow at the new figure. "Well this is more relevant to my interests."

The light fades as he materializes completely; in response to Shamaster's query, the "man" raises his weapon in both hands, bringing it down savagely toward Shamaster!

Shamaster falls back behind an eagle man nearby.

An eagleman is cut in half and explodes, sending tendrils of green energy spiralling everywhere.

Shamaster says '...'

Shamaster says 'Well then'

Shamaster says 'All yours'

Shamaster says 'Negotiate away'

Tyrranis looks blankly at the two fighting, and seems unhappy. "Are you not in the mood to fight him? I can take this."

Shamaster says 'By all means.'

The armored man hefts his massive sword back up, glaring through burning red eye holes in his helmet at everything around him; an aura of sheer power emanates from his form, the feeling of destruction in its purest aspect.

Tyrranis steps forwards, and smiles at the knight. "Greetings. My name is Tyrranis. It means nothing at all." He raises up one fist, and the gem he clutches in that hand flashes brightly, and envelops Tyrranis in a grey sphere

The armored man slams the point of his sword into the ground, and growls fiercely. "I am GADES, Sinistral of Destruction!" He pulls his sword again, and slashes ferociously at Tyrranis with little hesitation!

The grey aura fades, pulling back into Tyrranis. It leaves him wearing light blue hakama in the place of his towel. Hefting his bat, he grins, rubbing at the grey gem replacing one of his scars. "Nothing matters." The slash tears across his chest and he lifts his bat for a counter to the man's head.

The bat connects with the armored man's head, and knocks his helmet clean off his shoulders; the horned headwear bounces across the ground several times before fading into shadows, and in its absence is nothing; the man is completely headless.

Shamaster says 'Actually..'

Shamaster says 'That one isn't shocking.'

Nevertheless, Gades takes his great weapon and brings it down upon Tyrranis, attempting to cleave him in two!

Tyrranis steps neatly to the side, growling with, actually an extremely happy look on his face. Skipping back, Tyrranis spits at the ghost of a man, and runs his hand across his wound. "At least your hits are not as empty as your armor."

The armored man pulls back his sword again, and just looks (how?) at Tyrranis, his dark aura flaring malevolently about his form.

The armored man's tone seems at once surprised, referring to the wound on Tyrranis. "You yet live. A lucky mortal, to be sure. My power has not fully resurfaced in this form." His voice reverberates through where his head otherwise would be, absent or not.

"Part of my power. It was pulled from my heart, the monster gave it to me. You are powerful, and so am I. This is a worthy battle. NOW COME!" Tyrranis dashes forwards at the empty armor, roaring with delight?

The armor roars with laughter, planting one foot forward and sticking his chest out at the incoming Tyrranis. "Come at me then, if you are so eager for death! I will be happy to oblige!"

His outward aura dims significantly, and seems to form into a "core" at the center of his torso, humming and throbbing in one spot.

Tyrranis plants his shoulder into the knight's waist, and attempts to pick up the knight with a roar, pushing him forward to take the Sinistral off his feet and onto his back.

As soon as Tyrranis connects with the armor, an explosion of epic proportion takes place; pieces of black armor go flying in all directions from the blast, and a gargantuan fireball takes a huge chunk out of the ground at his feet from the explosion!

Shamaster shields himself using his eaglemen.

The ground is cratered, outlying grass is singed, and remnants of dirt and rock are sent scattering from the blast!

Tyrranis retains his grip on the armor, but is slammed to the ground via the blast, with a terrible crack emenating from him. Flesh on his back singes and turns black, and for a moment, he does not move.

Shamaster steps out from the eaglemen wall.

Shamaster steps over to Tyrranis

Shamaster says 'Are.. Are you still alive?'

The separated pieces of black armor all fade into shadows after several moments, save for the armor Tyrranis holds; it remains, but bears no aura any longer.

Shamaster sighs.

Tyrranis coughs wetly, and lets his grip on the armor go before planting a fist into the ground.

Tyrranis says ' A terrible end to a battle.'

Shamaster says 'So you are alive.'

The armor does fade into shadow, as well, as Tyrranis relinquishes his grip.

Tyrranis stands, and winces, gripping at his chest.

Shamaster says 'Good. I was afraid i'd have to--- well Needless to say it's good your alive.'

Shamaster says 'How bad are the wounds?'

Tyrranis says ' My ribs are broken, and second degree burns on my back are limiting the movement there. Not the worst I've ever had.'

Shamaster says 'Need help up?'

Tyrranis roughly makes his way out of the crater, and a flash swarms around the large man. The gem, which was inside of one of his scars until now, forms back into it's original shape of a sphere and falls back into his hand. His hakama is a pink towel once again.

Tyrranis says ' I will need to heal.'

Shamaster says 'That goes without saying'

Shamaster says 'There will surely be more.. atleast i assume so.'

Shamaster says 'This place is strange but this is the first time i've seen dark knights fall from the sky.'

Shamaster says 'Something is up.'

Tyrranis says ' It was not from the sky. That woman summoned him, or the memory of him.'

Shamaster says 'I suppose it's possible.'

Shamaster says 'But if that's the case.'

Tyrranis says ' She has indirect power. How disappointing.'

Shamaster says 'I have some contacts in the monestary. If you would accept it I could get you healed.'

Shamaster says 'Or atleast on the way too healing'

Shamaster says 'Not sure how well it will take to you.'

A woman comes walking up the path from the south after a short while; her tight braid bounces against her back as she walks purposefully, her stride almost more of a march than a simple walk.

Agrias is deposited in the room.

Tyrranis shakes his head at Shamaster. "I will find my own way, this knight's final strike was more shock than damage."

Agrias looks up at the scene in front of her, frowning disdainfully. "What in the world...?"

Shamaster nods.

Shamaster says 'I understand'

Shamaster shifts his attention to the woman.

Shamaster says 'Welcome to Truce...'

Agrias sighs, placing a hand over her face.

Shamaster says 'This is the scenic crater..'

Shamaster says 'Good tourist trap that.'

Agrias says 'And they wonder why I'm prone to remaining within the Monastery walls. Ridiculous, these lands. Better left to their own devices, the whole lot of them.'

Shamaster says 'You're....'

Agrias says 'Nevermind. I'm on business, so I must be going. Please see that you get that looked at, for your own sake.'

Agrias starts to walk around the pair and the crater, heading towards the gate.

Tyrranis looks to the new woman, and frowns, before looking back to Shamaster. "Then we shall find your allies."

Shamaster says 'They aren't much good in a fight.'

Tyrranis says ' The ones that can heal I meant.'

Shamaster says 'Ah. that I can do.'

Shamaster says 'Meet me at the fountain. I'll return in an hour or so.'

Tyrranis says ' Seal my chest, and lessen this pain in my back when you can.'

Tyrranis says ' I will meet you at the fountian.'

Shamaster bows before Tyrranis.

Shamaster flies south.

Agrias leaves the area through the southern gate, heading into Truce.

Tyrranis leaves north.

Free City, Truce - Fountain
A tiered fountain marks the center of Truce, water gushing from its
summit and trickling into a deep, wide basin, wrapped by a ring of benches.
Roads flow like rivers away from the fountain, and houses sprout like weeds
all around them. Not far to the east, the ocean roars in the harbor.

Agrias stops at the fountain, looking a little bewildered at her surroundings.

Tyrranis walks slowly in, and then rests stiffly on the bench.

Agrias frowns softly, glancing sidelong at Tyrranis, but doesn't say anything, attempting to concern herself only with her current task. Whatever that is.

Agrias says 'The description lord Ambience gave me isn't much to go on, truly. This city is too big to be looking for one female.'

Tyrranis looks painfully at the sky, apparentally busying himself with star watching instead of pain.

Agrias says 'This "Crossroads" should be around here somewhere, I'm guessing. I should have a look around.'

Agrias leaves west.

Crossroads approached the fountain carrying an armful of groceries she had aquired from the supply shop. Normally she would have simply ignored those gathered at the fountain, but she recognized a familiar face.

Crossroads says ' Tyrranis?'

Tyrranis looks down to Crossroads, and nods to her. "Hello Crossroads. It has been a while." Blood falls from the wound in his chest.

Shamaster flies in from the south.
A Rafalian Priestess has arrived from the south.

Crossroads started to smile, but that smile simply faded as she noticed the wounds. "What happened to you!?" She dropped her groceries and rushed over to him to get a better look at his injuries.

Shamaster says 'Oh wonderful, you're still alive.'

Shamaster says 'And you have a friend.'

Tyrranis shrugs calmly at Crossroads. "A woman came, I determined she was not powerful. Regardless, she seemed to want to make an impression, so she summoned a knight. We fought."

Shamaster says 'He took a bit of a beating..'

Shamaster says 'But the other guy came out much much worse.'

Shamaster says 'I think.'

Shamaster says 'Was hard to tell.'

Shamaster says 'Annnnyway.'

Crossroads bit her lip. Based on the description, it didn't seem like he had fought a witch. " I see..." She says quietly, then she looks over to the other man, " And what were you doing during all of this?"

Shamaster says 'Hiding, for I am a coward.'

Shamaster says 'What of it?'

Shamaster says 'I brought the priestess..'

Shamaster says 'How we met is not something anyone needs to ask about'

A Rafalian Priestess giggles.

Shamaster says 'She can atleast get the back wound closed.'

Shamaster says 'I hope.'

Tyrranis says ' I am more worried about my chest. I do not want my intestines to become ruptured.'

Tyrranis says ' As I am now, that would be too easy to occur.'

A Rafalian Priestess says 'I t-think I can fix that..'

A Rafalian Priestess is clearly unnerved by the 10-foot-tall, towel-wearing giganto.

A Rafalian Priestess steps towards the man.

A Rafalian Priestess puts up her hands and begins muttering something unintelligible.

Tyrranis is not interested in the woman actually, and he turns his gaze to the sky.

A Rafalian Priestess hands glow bright as light attempts to close the wound.

Crossroads looks over the injury, then looks over to the priestess. Noticing her nervousness she takes a step back from Tyrranis.

Crossroads utters the words, 'thorljelair'.

Red bubbles of energy float from Crossroads into Tyrranis.

Crossroads says ' That should help some.'

A Rafalian Priestess utters another chant and the wound on his chest finishes closing.

A Rafalian Priestess lowers her hands and immediately steps back behind Seamus.

Tyrranis rubs at the flesh, and frowns. "Damn. I was hoping a scar would have formed."

Shamaster says 'Magic kind of negates the whole scar thing.'

Shamaster says 'And we don't have time for natural stuff.'

Tyrranis says ' Who said anything about us not having time? The woman's doomsday ramblings mean nothing. Like what was said before.'

Crossroads says ' Doomsday?'

Shamaster says 'Rigggght you weren't here for that'

Shamaster says 'The crazy woman's speech about awakening gods to "return this world to them"'

A Rafalian Priestess says 'You didn't mention anything like that..'

Shamaster says 'Because It's insane.'

Tyrranis says ' The woman I mentioned before had shards of some dark gem. She talked as though she was going to return them all to someone who owned them, and then spoke that the hamlet south of here would be destroyed.'

Tyrranis says ' An impotent threat. She cannot find two of the shards by her own admission. Further two more are in the hands of another person, She might not be strong enough to defeat them, which would end her there.'

Shamaster says 'She liked talking.. her friend, not so much.'

Shamaster says 'I left after the fight to get a priestess and here we are now a few hours later.'

Shamaster says 'There was also a firey crater causing explosion.'

Shamaster says 'But that's really just an extra detail by this point'

Crossroads stares at them for a moment, suddenly interested. She remembered Ambience having a dark gem in his possesion. " Well, that certainly explains the noise everyone heard earlier. This woman, was she any sort of threat?" It seemed like a silly question, but if it gave her more information...

Shamaster says 'By his standards no.'

Shamaster says 'But if she truly did summon that knight'

Shamaster says 'Then I would say so.'

Tyrranis says ' No.'

Tyrranis says ' She was not a direct threat.'

Tyrranis says ' Mostly her power lies within the information she has, the information she can obtain, and her ability to call forward people to fight for her.'

Shamaster says 'Regardless. She poses a threat indirect or not.'

Crossroads looks a little worried as she tries to process this information. " What did the gem look like?" If it was the same kind then the kid could be in trouble, but she had to be sure. She didn't want to cause any unnecessary worry just on the off chance there was more than one kind of dark shard.

Shamaster says 'Can't say.. she wore a hooded cloak'

Shamaster says 'Was going for the dark and mysterious thing.'

Shamaster says 'talked in a whispery voice blah blah blah etc etc.'

Tyrranis says ' The gems. Not the woman. '

Tyrranis says ' The gems were dark. They absorbed the light around them.'

Tyrranis says ' Other than that they were float-y and boring.'

Shamaster says 'A fellow that was here earlier kept poking them'

Shamaster says 'They didn't explode or anything like that.'

Crossroads didn't remember the shard Ambience had floating. But still... They certainly sounded similar. " Return the world to the gods, huh? I wasn't even aware that this place had any." She looked thoughtful for a moment "Why do you think the woman told you all of this?"

Tyrranis says ' She was lusting for attention.'

Shamaster says 'I did ask that question'

Shamaster says 'She went on a rant about morality being objective.'

Tyrranis says ' Someone asked her a question and she went on a ten minute tirade of exposition about how she could SEE and that she was busily working towards ending things.'

Tyrranis says ' Then made a large show of talking about how that hamlet would end, and then summoned the knight.'

Shamaster says 'We didn't see her summon the knight directly.'

Shamaster says 'I was trying my damndest to get drunk at the tavern and he was here at the fountain'

Tyrranis says ' The knight formed from the same shadow she disappeared into.'

Tyrranis says ' She summoned the Knight.'

Shamaster says 'I don't doubt she did'

Shamaster says 'Just mentioning the finer details. bringing everyone up to speed.'

Shamaster says 'Did you know beer is outlandishly expensive in this city.'

Crossroads says ' Certainly not a nice person it seems. Why would the hamlet be the first thing I wonder...'

Shamaster says 'Crysta?'

Shamaster says 'It's defended by one guy.'

Shamaster says 'It could be destroyed any day now by a great number of things.'

Tyrranis says ' No doubt it contains something or someone that greatly angered the being of the past, or holds some form of threat to their power.'

Shamaster says 'Actually.'

Shamaster says 'Why don't we go check out Crysta?'

Crossroads says ' That was just what I was going to suggest.'

Shamaster says 'If There is a threat to the power there then it would be nice to have it on our side.'

A streak of white light flashes across the sky overhead, disappearing with a twinkle.

Crossroads says ' But... I think I have to find someone first.'

Shamaster says 'This seems... familliar'

Tyrranis looks blankly at the light. "This is almost too cliche. You two make the hamlet your business, I do not fancy knocking door to door asking of events past. I will remain here, and heal."

Shamaster says 'Even if there is no threat there... It is the first town on this list to be destroyed.'

Shamaster says 'Meaning whatever happens .. thats where it shows up first.... actually why am I going there.'

Shamaster says 'I hear Brigantes Is beautiful this time of year.. being underground and such.'