Shrike - Loading Dock
On the south end of Shrike, a metal and wood dock has been constructed
for the loading and unloading of goods. Barges loaded with food and other
necessities arrive from time to time, and leave with medicines, mechanical
goods, and other products of the city.

(] Exits: north [)
Kolem, hunting scavengers is here.
Torval : not a robot is here.
Emoman The Observor is sitting here.
Dusk - Warrior of Light is here.
Zeth the Lost is here.
Prometheus - Pope Prommy? is resting here.
A woman at the end of the dock loads people onto the ferry.

Prometheus thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Torval looks all around.

Dusk says 'Ah, Shrike! So full of excitement, so full of robots!'

Kolem is washed ashore like a beached whale.

Emoman steps off the ferry, appearing to have trouble standing.

Prometheus looks blankly at the koopa washed up. "Now that guy looks right familiar."

Kolem is half-buried in the sand. Maybe he's pretending to be an strich?

Dusk walks over to a nearby wooden pole, spotting a piece of paper tacked onto it.

Zeth walks off the ferry, keeping to himself.

Dusk says 'Hey, it's still here! Look everyone, it's a picture of me, Kolem, Lenai, and Gatts!'

Emoman drops a bottle he was holding, which shatters with a *CRASH*.

Dusk says 'Good times.'

Kolem says ' ....uuuurrggggh.'

Emoman staggers and almost falls, then recovers himself.

Zeth notices Kolem out of the corner of his eye and rushes over to them.

Emoman leans against a post to keep from falling.

Dusk grabs his pen and starts drawing things on Kolem's face in the picture.

"H-Hey!" Prometheus swats at Dusk and attempts to slap Kolem lightly awake.

Kolem shifts, pouring sand out of his shell. He looks like he's seen better days. One hint is the fish which is still half-flopping around in his beak.

Kolem says ' ---pppthtththffffggth!'

Dusk says 'There we go, that looks a little more like him! Oh wait..'

"Urghh..." Emoman looks up and notices Kolem.

Dusk adds a speech bubble saying, "Blarg! I'm the whiny good guy who wants to save the Cleft!"

Dusk proceeds to draw on Lenai's face next.

Emoman trys to walk, but trips and falls.

Zeth searches through his pack and finds a red potion. He pops the cork and pours it into Kolem's mouth.

Emoman rests.

Kolem says ' ...Great. Just great. I wash ashore, after navigating the dread currents of the zenthalian triangle, and...'

Kolem says ' ...I still can't get away from Florence.'

Prometheus says ' What in the hell is a zenthalibahma?'

Dusk adds a speech bubble to her as well saying, "I like fish!"

Kolem wobbles to his feet.

Kolem says ' ...forget it. Where are--oh, damn it.'

Kolem says ' We're in Shrike again, aren't we.'

Dusk then adds a speech bubble to Gatts stating, "They paid me 50 silver to watch THESE guys?"

Prometheus says ' Ayyyeup.'

Zeth nods.

Kolem picks up the fish--a deep sea carp variety..

...and it goes flying through the air artfully into the back of Dusk's head from Kolem's hand.

Dusk puts away his pen and turns to the commotion.

Prometheus gives a soft golf clap.

Emoman attempts to clap with one hand on the ground.

Zeth grins a bit.

Dusk says 'Oh hey! Today just keeps getting better!'

Kolem says ' Have a fish.'

Prometheus says ' So, I think we all need to gather together real quick.'

Kolem wobbles up onto the deck proper.

Dusk says 'I was worried about the whole "Bring me ze turtle and zen we might talk!" and not having 'ze turtle' part.'

Emoman stands up.

Emoman stand up carefully, having a bit easier time of it now.

Kolem says ' ...I'm being used as a barganing chip. And that accent means Doctor Wily.'

Kolem points at Dusk accusingly.

Kolem says ' Have you found the Inventor?'

Dusk says 'Look, Kolem! It's our new Imbibobot!'

Dusk points at Prometheus accusingly.

Kolem looks at Prometheus.

Torval looks at Prometheus.

Torval shakes his head.

Prometheus tips his hat.

Emoman snickers softly.

Dusk says 'He's an alcoholic robot who brought a flock together!'

Zeth says 'No inventor as of yet, Kolem.'

Kolem says ' ...haven't we met somewhere before?'

Prometheus says ' I reckon so.'

Prometheus says ' I'm the pope actually, but whatever.'

Kolem says ' Oh, hey, right. Right.'

Prometheus says ' Good to see ya again.'

Kolem says ' Sorry, I was distracted by--...'

Dusk says 'And as a matter of fact, I have located a possible inventor!'

Kolem turns, and rips a barnacle off his shell.

Kolem says ' ...recent events.'

Kolem says ' Great! Who?'

Emoman laughs.

Dusk says 'But he wants us to visit him in his strondhold, guarded by his security, without any weapons.'

Kolem says ' ...It's Wily isn't it.'

Emoman abrublty stop laughing.

Emoman stops using a buster cannon.

Dusk says 'It could be Dr. Light, too!'

Prometheus says ' Uh, excuse me, what?'

Prometheus says ' I came here to talk to my buyers.'

Prometheus says ' See what crops they wanted next.'

Emoman sits down on the ground.

Torval says '...sure you did'

Kolem says ' Yeah, uh, you're planning to visit doctor Wily. Again.'

Emoman plops down and digs through his backpack.

Kolem says ' I know that look.'

Kolem says ' That's the "Hey, let's play the turtle for a chump" look.'

Dusk says 'Nonsense! It's a compromise.'

Kolem says ' ..I want my fish back.'

Emoman pulls out a black length of cloth and starts to wrap it around his right arm.


Kolem says ' ..Whatever! Let's just get this farce over with.'

Dusk says 'I go to visit Dr. Wily, and you go with me to see Dr. Light! We see who wants to/would be interested in referring us to an Inventor.'

Emoman looks around and picks up the fish laying next to him.

Epicferret shouts 'EAT IT I DARE YOU'


Emoman tosses it behind him, back into the sea.

Emoman stands up.


Dusk says 'And also perhaps trade our new prophet for a Snake Man since we didn't do that before.'

Prometheus says ' Now fella'

Dusk says 'But I'm rambling! Yes, let's go!'

Kolem says ' We're not getting a snake man.'

Prometheus says ' You start talking about that again'

Emoman tugs his pack on and walks off after Dusk

Prometheus says ' I'ma fill you so full of rocksalt.'

Kolem says ' ..And nobody's getting traded, for Imby's sake, let's just... go. Let's just go.'

Torval blinks in utter disbelief.

Zeth puts away his staff despite his reservations.

Zeth stops using the Rod of Truth.

Prometheus pulls Kolem to the side and whispers to him. "Hey, you sure you wanna do this?"

Kolem says ' If we don't, that nutcase will just hunt us down one by one and try and kill us with some giant, complex, elaborate plan involving robots.'

Kolem says ' I know the type.'

Emoman laughs softly, adn his hood falls down.

Dusk beckons to the air. That might prove wise if it gets stranded in a medieval submarine.

Prometheus shrugs helplessly and squares his hat back on his head.

Torval nods.

Dusk flies north.

Dr. Wily's Lab - Foyer
The interior of the building is revealed to be nice and pleasant,
apparently built fairly recently. The floor is covered with tiles, and the
walls are covered with a conservative dark grey wallpaper. Against the
northern wall, an elevator stands open, waiting for someone to enter.

(] Exits: north south [)
Dusk - Warrior of Light is here.
Torval hates boats. is here.
A mechanical woman stands in the foyer, greeting visitors.

The robotic greeter animates as you enter the foyer.
the robotic greeter says in a prerecorded voice 'Welcome to Wily Laboratories, the premier robotics research and development facility!'
the robotic greeter says 'Wily Labs are open to the public, so feel free to explore the compound!'
the robotic greeter says 'Have a nice day!'
The robotic greeter slowly comes to a halt, resuming its stationary pose.

Kolem flies in from the south.

Emoman has arrived from the south.

Prometheus has arrived from the south.

Torval looks all around.

Emoman staggers a bit, and looks around.

Dusk looks at the robotic greeter.

Emoman looks at the robotic greeter.

Zeth looks at the robotic greeter.

Emoman talks to the robotic greeter.

The robotic greeter says 'Welcome to Wily Laboratories!'

Torval looks all around.

Emoman says ' C'mon, lets get moving...'

Kolem says ' Hello again.'

Dusk says 'We're back!'

The robotic greeter says 'Wilcumi ta Woly Lebureturees!'

Emoman almost falls again.

Torval blinks in utter disbelief.

The robotic greeter spins in circles.

Zeth gasps in astonishment.

Emoman says ' ... huh?'

Torval suddenly ducks. Avoiding something?

Kolem says ' ...Oh, budgeregars.'

Kolem backs up a fair bit.

Emoman squints and examines the greeter.

Prometheus says ' W-what?'

The robotic greeter tilts over and stares intently at the floor.

The robotic greeter says 'Welcome to Wily Laboratories!'

Torval blinks in utter disbelief.

Emoman squats over and trys to look in the greeter's eyes.

Torval says 'what happened here?'

Emoman slips and falls backwards

Emoman sits down on the ground.

Dusk scratches its head in confusion.

The robotic greeter grasps Emoman by the collar.

Torval blinks in utter disbelief.

The smile drops off Emoman's face.

The robotic greeter says 'Wily Laboratories is open to the public!'

The robotic greeter grins evilly.

Emoman balls up his fist.

Kolem says ' Is Doctor Wily in?'

Dusk says 'Well, that's great! We'll just go on ahead and see Dr. Wily then!'

Torval chuckles nervously.

Emoman pulls his fist adn swings it at the greeter's face.

The robotic greeter says 'Have a nice day!' and is toppled to the floor by the punch.

Torval says '...well, you heard her.'

Dusk flies north.
Prometheus leaves north.
Kolem flies north.

Dr. Wily's Lab - In Front of Gamma
At the top of the building is a huge, empty room where Gamma, the
peacekeeping robot is being constructed. Gamma itself is in a sitting
position on the floor, but still takes up most of the room. The elevator
opens onto a platform suspended in front of Gamma's face, which Gamma's legs
pass under.

(] Exits: north [)
Prometheus - Pope Prommy? is here.
Kolem, hunting scavengers is here.
Emoman The Observor is sitting here.
Torval hates boats. is here.
Zeth the Lost is here.
A mustached scientist wearing a labcoat hovers in a personal UFO.

Zeth says '....this is the one you wanted to see, Dusk?'

Dusk nods a Zeth then turns towards Dr. Wily.

Emoman stands up.

Kolem says ' HI DOCTOR!'

Dusk says 'Dr. Wily! So good to see you again!'

Torval looks at Dr. Albert Wily.

Prometheus stands at the back of the group and scratches his head.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Eh?'

Dr. Albert Wily notices the gang of interlopers entering his room.

Kolem says ' It's me again, you know, foolish turtle, enraged you?'

Emoman leans formward in an elaborate bow, but almost falls. "Greetingsh, Doctore Wiely..."

Kolem says ' Sorry to bother you, but we have some b-i-g news!'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'You!'

Dr. Albert Wily peers at you quizzically.

Kolem says ' Yes, me!'

You say 'Now now, that's a horrible entrance!'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'And you! And you, and you, and you!'

Emoman points at Dr. Albert Wily accusingly.

Emoman says ' And you!'

Emoman laughs.

Torval THWAPS Emoman for being a moron.

Emoman winces. Ouch!

Emoman slips and falls again.

Emoman sits down on the ground.

Kolem says ' Hey, so, funny story.'

Zeth shifts quickly into a slight defensive posture.

Dusk says 'Say it like this, "It's me again! The one who flooded this room, mocked your welding, destroyed your robot, eluded your grasp, and whose pet cat punched your face!"'

Kolem says ' Oh, there's no need to recap like that.'

Kolem looks modest.

Torval frowns.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Actions speak louder than words, you know!'

Dr. Albert Wily throws back its head and cackles with insane glee!

Dusk says 'But enough of the introductions! It's great to see you again! We've got news!'

Kolem says ' Too right!'

Emoman laughs with Wily.

Emoman says ' Wait, why are we laughing?'

Kolem says ' Now there's the Doctor I have confidence in. Listen, Doctor.'

Dr. Albert Wily mashes some buttons on the inside of his UFO.

Kolem says ' Would you like to...'

Kolem says ' CONQUER THE WORLD?'

The smile drops off of Emoman's face suddenly, and he stands up quickly.

Dr. Wily's efforts with an evil control panel produce only smoke and sparks.

Emoman stands up.

Torval frowns.

Kolem says ' ...You might want to get that checked. Anyway!'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Ah. Hmm. I guess you broke that one.'

Kolem says ' Listen, funny story.'

Kolem says ' The world's in mortal peril.'

Kolem says ' We need the most brilliant scientist in the world.'

Emoman says ' Oh, hey, you might want to get your greeter checked, it seems a bit broken.'

Dr. Albert Wily puffs up his chest.

Kolem says ' How are you with multidimensional threading?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'What? What are you going on about?'

Emoman leans against the wall and holds onto his right arm.

Kolem says ' W-e-l-l...'

Torval gets a dimensional marlinspike from a faberge box, covered by a bejeweled lid.

Kolem looks at a dimensional marlinspike in its inventory.

Emoman looks at a capacitive thimble in its inventory.

Kolem gives a dimensional marlinspike to Dr. Albert Wily.

Dusk says 'The Cleft is on the verge of falling apart because its seams are broken and only an Inventor can save us all!'

Dusk says 'Something to that extent.'

Kolem says ' That about sums it up, yep.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Be quick about it because I've got the cops-'

Emoman slips the thimble into his pocket.

Dr. Albert Wily examines a dimensional marlinkspike in his inventory.

Emoman looks at a dimensional marlinspike in its inventory.

Dr. Albert Wily calms down a bit.

Zeth looks at a capacitive thimble in his inventory.

Kolem says ' It's just, you know... if the world falls apart, who'll be there to recognize your brilliant work?'

Dr. Albert Wily takes a good, long look at the marlinspike.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'How did you get one of these?'

Emoman stares at Dr. Wily, and seems to get bored.

Kolem says ' Well, we KINDA drilled down into the core of the dimension we're in.'

Kolem says ' Bit of a tosser.'

Dusk says 'In a device constructed by a rabite.'

Kolem says ' Last guy up and left them.'

Zeth shrugs and resumes his normal posture.

Torval nods.

Dusk says 'That I didn't kill.'

Emoman says ' 'Course you didn't, Dusk...'

Kolem says ' Ambient murder aside...'

Kolem says ' Do you suppose you're interested?'

Dr. Albert Wily doesn't stay calmed for very long.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'You guys?! That is ridiculous! Preposterous!'

Kolem says ' Righto.'

Kolem says ' PICTURES TIME!'

Kolem says ' Who brought the album?'

Torval looks at a blood-stained photograph in his inventory.

Emoman laughs. "I know, right?"

Prometheus says ' If it helps, I have no idea what the hell is going on here.'

Torval nods.

Kolem says ' ...well, I figured you wouldn't believe us, so I suppose it wouldn't help to tell you that, well, global forces are at work.'

Dr. Albert Wily shakes its head.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'You dimwit, you don't understand. Your story makes perfect sense to me. I know all about the Inventors.'

Kolem says ' Oh.'

Emoman snickers softly.

Dusk says 'Oh, delightful!'

Kolem says ' ...then what's the problem?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'What's preposterous is that, apparently, one of you is one of them!'

Zeth boggles in complete incomprehension.

Dusk says 'See? I told you Dr. Wily's brilliance would help out!'

Kolem says ' ...Eh?'

Emoman laughs.

Torval blinks in utter disbelief.

Kolem says ' ...get out. How d'you figure?'

Torval mutters if this is about that hick again...

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Because you just told me!'

Emoman absentmindedly slaps Torval.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Of all the people in the Cleft, why did you guys get to see the seams?'

Kolem says ' ...'

Dr. Albert Wily mutters distractedly.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'The gods are mocking me.'

Kolem says ' That'd be because we hijacked a vehicle.'

Emoman laughs.

Dusk says 'Not murdering rabites on the way.'

Kolem THWAPS Dusk for being a moron.

Emoman says ' 'Course not, Dusk...'

Zeth stares at Dusk, then him palms smack himself in the face.

Torval sits down and thinks deeply.

Emoman drops a cardboard box.

Emoman sits down in a cardboard box.

Kolem says ' Of course, if you were to help us find the next inventor, you could proooobably escape using the one way device we did.'

Kolem says ' Assuming it's not destroyed, or anything.'

Kolem looks at Dusk.

Dusk blinks in utter disbelief.

Emoman says ' Why would it be, Kolem?'

Dusk says 'Why, I would never!'

Kolem says ' That was a nice little cottage.'

Kolem says ' Wasn't it?'

Kolem says ' ...and that yard.'

Emoman stands up.

Emoman gets a cardboard box.

Kolem practically waters at the eyes.

Dusk says 'Yes, the yard was great!'

Emoman says ' Dusk would know, Eh?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Find the next Inventor? What, are you nuts? You should know it doesn't work that way.'

Kolem says ' Right, right, the Calling.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Tell me, who built the Ark you hijacked? Where is he now?'

Torval frowns.

Torval looks at Dusk.

Kolem says ' Well, I wasn't involved.'

Dusk says 'Somewhere mixed in with the legions of the underworld?'

Dusk shrugs helplessly.

Kolem says ' But someone here repeatedly claims they didn't murder them.'

Kolem says ' My guess is they can't help.'

Zamiel shouts 'Ferret is a whore'

Prometheus says ' You guys ever have someone spoil a book for you? I have a feeling this is a lot like that. Good thing I don't read all that often.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'So that's what you meant earlier. A rabite built it.'

Snowdeath shouts 'I know.'

Dr. Albert Wily mutters distractedly.

Kolem says ' Made of a dryer and vegetables.'

Torval coughs loudly.

Kolem says ' Never seen such a thing, myself.'

Snowdeath shouts 'He does.'

Dusk says 'And not colored with blood.'

Torval says 'what would that mean?'

Torval says 'if the inventor were dead?'

Emoman says ' Wouldn't a new one step up?'

Zeth says 'That would be my thinking as well.'

Kolem says ' You'd think so, but things are going poorly down there.'

Emoman pulls a shotglass out of his pocket and downs it quickly.

Kolem says ' It looks like the calling isn't striking so many people, of late.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'No, not at all.'

Kolem says ' Frayed seams everywhere, unbindled cords, and we had only enough supplies with us to fix a few seams.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Ugh. I'm frustrated and tired of all this!'

Emoman stretches luxuriously. Makes you want to, doesn't it?

Kolem sits down on the ground.

Dr. Albert Wily slouches in his UFO seat.

Torval frowns.

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' Doctor, don't tell me you're... jealous?'

Dr. Albert Wily raises its hand spastically as if to slap an unseen annoyance.

Emoman sits down on the ground.

Emoman smirks.

Dusk says 'Can I trade him for the Snake Man before you piss him off?'

Dusk points at Prometheus accusingly.

Torval starts.

Torval says 'right'

Kolem says ' ...Look. The Calling isn't striking many people, and looking for the right people is pointless.'

Kolem says ' Right?'

Prometheus says ' ...'

Prometheus says ' Look buddy'

Torval says 'almost forgot about that.'

Zeth glares at Torval.

Emoman stands up.

Emoman THWAPS Torval for being a moron.

Emoman THWAPS Dusk for being a moron.

Emoman sits down on the ground.

Prometheus nods in agreement to Emoman.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'That's something you're right about. Looking for the right people is pointless. I am the right person!'

Kolem says ' ...but!'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I should have been the Inventor.'

Emoman says ' Not now. Man's buisness going on here.'

Kolem says ' ...Why don't we approach this as men of science?'

Zeth says 'Or Koopa's at least..'

Kolem says ' Inventors all have common elements, right?'

Torval nods.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Haven't I been brilliant? Haven't I labored every single day? Haven't I been willing to sacrifice?'

Kolem says ' They'll be designing machinery for a specific purpose.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Sure there may have been a murder or two, an extortion here or there, but that's just how progress works!'

Kolem says ', if I understand it properly, anyway.'

Kolem says ' Doctor?'

Emoman snickers softly.

Dusk says 'I agree completely! Look where we are now.'

Dusk says 'All because a rabite was murdered.'

Dusk says 'Not by me.'

Kolem glares at Dusk.

Emoman says ' 'Course not, Dusk...'

Kolem says ' Moving on.'

Torval coughs loudly.

Zeth sighs.

Kolem says ' ...Wouldn't it be a better idea to search for the symptoms?'

Emoman says ' Symptoms? This is a Disease now, is it?'

Kolem says ' ..You know. Theft of materials. Unusual machines.'

Kolem says ' I mean, they have to get supplies from somewhere, right? The rabite stole its from Truce.'

Dusk thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Emoman stands up.

Dusk says 'Theft of materials, unusual machines..'

Emoman Emoman casually strolls over to Zeth.

Zeth blinks in utter disbelief.

Zamiel grats 'snowdeath'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'You seem to think another Calling will happen all of a sudden just because you so conveniently murdered the last Inventor.'

Kolem says ' It might not. ..And it wasn't me.'

Emoman whispers to Zeth. "What do you think of all of this?"

Zeth says 'That sounds like Imb..'

Kolem says ' ...Which means we have a bigger problem.'

Emoman grats ' Failed Grats'

Dusk says '...rope, a rug, poison, alcohol, a shot glass..'

Zeth quickly silences himself.

Dusk says '..explosive thimbles, dimensional artifacts..'

Kolem says ' We NEED an inventor. Whether the calling happens or not, we need one, pronto.'

Acmlm grats 'Snowdeath'

Emoman says ' Hmmmmm?'

Emoman pokes Zeth in the ribs.

Emoman says ' Sounds like imb-what now?'

Kolem says ' ...Well, I know time travel is possible.'

Zeth says 'Nothing. Nothing at all.'

Emoman says ' Tch. No fun.'

Torval says 'Imb already said he wasn't'

Kolem says ' What if we... get the last one?'

Kolem says ' Save it before SOMEONE murders it?'

Emoman walks over to Dusk and stands next to him.

Dusk says 'Someone who isn't me.'

Kolem says ' Clearly.'

Prometheus says ' Wait wait wait, now I'm just a simple farmer man.'

Kolem says ' Not anymore!'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'You're just full of ideas, aren't you! But it doesn't matter.'

Kolem looks at Dr. Albert Wily.

Kolem says ' How come?'

Emoman absentmindedly slaps Dusk.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'If our fickle gods determine we need another Inventor, there will be another Calling. Who knows where, who knows when!'

Kolem says ' ...Doctor Wily, I am disappointed in you.'

Zeth puts the pieces together.. but is just as confused as he was earlier.

Kolem says ' What talk is that for a man of SCIENCE?'

Dusk says 'Why, that doesn't sound like the brilliant scientist I know at all!'

Kolem looks over at Dusk, startled.

Kolem says ' ...Did we just agree on something?'

Emoman laughs.

Emoman pats Kolem on its back.

Kolem says ' ....may the gods spare my feeble mind, I must be going mad.'

Dr. Albert Wily presses a button to deploy a killer robot, but sighs as he realizes all his killer robot buttons are broken.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'On most days, you wouldn't get away with a remark like that!'

Emoman mumbles "First for everything..."

Dusk says 'You speak of gods, which leads me to believe that you believe there is an 'Inventor of Inventors'.'

Dusk says 'And as a man of science, surely you don't believe that one can hold that position with supernatural power?'

Zeth sits down, utterly confused.

Emoman says ' I belive he said "Gods", implying several.'

Dr. Albert Wily gets even more annoyed.

Kolem says ' Oi, oi, now.'

Emoman grins evilly.

Kolem says ' Let's not split hairs.'

Emoman says ' Aww.'

Emoman sits down on the ground.

Kolem says ' ...the fact is, a Calling might happen, and might not.'

Dusk says 'Wouldn't you be more interested in drawing that inventor out?'

Emoman pulls out another shotglass and downs the contents quickly.

Dusk says 'By, say..holding a seam hostage?'

Kolem says ' But we shouldn't be satisfied with uncertan--'

Kolem says ' ...'

Emoman laughs.

Kolem inches away from dusk.

Prometheus says ' That sounds like a bad idea. Just from an outside point of view.'

Emoman stands up.

Torval says '...when has that ever stopped us.'

Emoman strolls over to Prometheus and stands next to him.

Kolem says ' ...Ignoring the point that Seams aren't alive and possibly are completely unmonitored, there's a flaw in that plan.'

Zeth shakes it off and stands back up.

Kolem says ' ...involving getting to the seam without, you know...'

Kolem says ' An Inventor.'

Emoman whispers to Prometheus, "What do you think of this so far?"

Dr. Albert Wily says '"Inventor of Inventors!" "The First Engineer!" "The Creator!" I don't care what you call him.'

Kolem says ' Carsanquay.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Carsanquay is an ass and a fraud.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Dusk says 'So that's his name.'

Kolem says ' ....oh. Oh, dear. Oh. Oh dear.'

Prometheus leans a bit closer to him. "I'm more confused than a dog hooked up to a plow."

Kolem backs away, as if terrified of something.

Emoman snickers softly.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I don't want to draw him out, I want to call him out! Anytime, anyday! I can make a toaster twice as nice as him.'

Dusk says 'So we're on the same page.'

Emoman responds with " don't think you're the only one" and points at Zeth

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' I think.. that, um, that might be my cue to go, uh... go...'

Kolem says ' Place. Else. Some.'

Dr. Albert Wily sighs.

Dusk says 'Is it not time that we expose Carsanquay for what he is?'

Emoman snickers softly.

Zeth says 'Carsanquay sounds so familiar..'

Dusk says 'Think about it. His shoddy work is going to destroy us all, and we're the only ones who know about it.'

Prometheus says ' You know, farmboy as I am, it might be a good time for me to excuse myself, go talk to my buyers. Anyone want to come with me? And get away from here?'

Kolem looks, suffice it to say, remarkably and stupefyingly terrified in a way Doctor Wily would normally love to see.

Torval looks at Prometheus.

Kolem says ' ...y...e..s.'

Emoman slowly walks over to Torval.

Torval looks at Emoman.

Prometheus says ' You coming with then Kolem?'

Emoman whispers to Torval "So what do think?"

Dusk says 'Don't let yourself rule over this tiny little lab. Isn't it about time that you got the credit that you deserve?'

Zeth moves quickly in front of Kolem.

Prometheus is also not showing a somewhat worried look on his face. Something about insulting the gods seems to have upset his sensibilities.

"I mean, you've been awful quiet." Emoman says.

Torval whispers to Emo I think this is going in circles.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Ugh. More than anything, I'm just tired of it all.'

Kolem peers at Prometheus quizzically.

Dr. Albert Wily points at Dusk accusingly.

Emoman nods in agreement to Torval.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'The plan you're describing, I've already thought about it.'

Dusk says 'Then what's the problem?'

Torval whispers Wiley has just shot down our plan and then rebuilt it...

Dr. Albert Wily says 'And ever since that robot of yours showed up, I had a chance of implementing it.'

Emoman nods in agreement to Torval.

Torval looks at Dr. Albert Wily.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'But you know what? I don't care anymore. We live in a world where random rabites get to be history's esteemed Inventors.'

Dusk says 'Because that is determined!'

Emoman walks forward.

Prometheus crosses his arms and begins tapping his foot quietly.

Dusk says 'By one who can be you!'

Dusk says 'And here you are just giving up!'

Emoman points at Dr. Albert Wily accusingly.

Emoman says ' Do you really not care?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'This isn't me giving up!'

Zeth says 'Dusk is actually making sense.. this can't be good.'

Torval says 'would a bribe help?'

Emoman says ' It isn't you giving up? It sure sounds like it.'

Dusk says 'Then what is it? "Me saying it's impossible?"'

Dr. Albert Wily pulls a fist-sized metal case out from under his coat.

Torval blinks in utter disbelief.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I was the first one to find that robot of yours when we showed up here.'

Dr. Albert Wily opens the case, revealing a smaller metal case inside.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I know all about his history with the Drs. Leo.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Dusk says 'That would have saved us a lot of time'

Dusk says 'Literally'

Dr. Albert Wily opens the smaller case, revealing a tiny remote control with a single red button.

Epicferret shouts 'WHY'D YOU EAT THAT SNOW!?!?!?'

Emoman clutches his right arm tightly.

Kolem hunkers down slightly.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'That's why I put a bomb on him.'

Kolem says ' ....WHAT?!'

Torval says '...oh.'

Dusk says 'Oh. That was thoughtful.'

Zeth gasps in astonishment.

Snowdeath shouts 'It was yummy.'

Emoman seems to be trying to restrain his right arm.

Prometheus says ' Uhm, there's a bomb in who now?'

Kolem says ' ...Don't you dare. Don't you dare. Don't you DARE.'

Epicferret shouts 'it was a HEAD. a HEAD!!!'

Snowdeath shouts 'Still.'

Torval looks at Prometheus.

Zamiel shouts 'it wasn't a baby?'

Torval shakes his head.

Dr. Albert Wily points at Dusk accusingly.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'So, you see, I already thought of your plan! Congratulations to you, but you're two steps behind!'

Kolem looks a lot less calm than usual!

Dusk says 'But why destroy that little seam when we can find something much bigger?'

Emoman says ' The little guy who recruited you to Alcoholism, Prome.'

Kolem says ' Hey! Ugly! Trash-can-I-can't-even-beat-out-a-rabite!'

Dusk says 'Oh wait..I see.'

Prometheus says ' Whoa! That little guy? He's not a threat!'

Kolem says ' I'm talking to YOU, Doc!'

Zeth reassumes a defensive position in front of Kolem.

Dusk says 'So if you press that button and Carsanquay himself doesn't come here to strike you down..'

Dr. Albert Wily looks at Kolem.

Dusk says ''

Emoman slinks off to the side of the room.

Kolem says ' You'd blow all of creation apart, is that it? How pathetic!'

Dusk glances at the large crowd, then back to Dr. Wily and his broken machines.

Emoman slowly raises his right arm and points it at Wily.

Prometheus pushes his way off the wall and forwards to stand behind Kolem. He seems to share the koopa's dislike of this situation.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Yes, I would! And I'm perfectly capable, as you should no doubt we well aware!'

Dusk says 'He's already acted.'

Dr. Albert Wily chuckles politely.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'You should all calm down, though.'

Kolem says ' Doctor Wily...'

Kolem is smouldering with a level of rage that looks the man in the UFO look positively placid. That can't be good.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I told you, I don't care anymore.'

Emoman says ' You dn't care if you die?'

Prometheus says ' I think... he doesn't care about blowing up that little drunk guy?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'What's the point in pressing this button? I blow up the robot, I wreck Carsanquay's precious seams. So what? This is someone who apparently values a rabite more than me.'

Kolem says ' That little drunk guy is straddling a seam that's holding our world--magic, science, crashing elements--together.'

You say ' He worked for years, alone.'

Dusk says 'What a pathetic old man. Carsanquay moves you like a pawn.'

You say ' And then he came up here...'

You say ' and YOU--You, who hasn't seen the Void for yourself--you would end his work?'

Prometheus puts a hand on Kolem's shoulder. "Uh, buddy? I'm not sure it's a good idea to anger him."

You say ' ...'

Kolem's eyes flash.

You say ' I bet I could out-build you, you... you.... you....'

Dusk says 'Long after this host dies, I'll move on to a new victim. One day, I'll be able to achieve what you gave up on. What could have been yours.'

You say ' HACK!'

Emoman says ' I don't think you has the guts to push it.'

Torval looks at Kolem.

Emoman glances sideways at Kolem.

Dr. Albert Wily sighs.

Prometheus says ' You know, I could have been pricing apples today.'

Torval grins evilly.

Kolem> You say ' ...'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I think more than anything, I think I just want some peace and quiet!'

Emoman says ' That can be arranged.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'So you know what? You guys can have it.'

Dr. Albert Wily drops a remote control with a red button.

Emoman dives for the control.

Kolem scrambles for it.

Dr. Albert Wily says '*This* is me giving up.'

You get a remote control with a red button.

>look remote
A red button that could determine the fate of the world is here.

Dusk says 'Fine. Wallow around here like a retired old man.'

Emoman says ' So what was this? A waste of time?'

Kolem sinks to his knees and stares.

Emoman pulls out another shotglass and downs it.

Emoman says ' How Booo-ring.'

Prometheus steps up to Kolem's side once again, and keeps a bit of a lookout for the Koopa.

Zeth THWAPS Emoman for being a moron.

Torval nods.

Emoman winces. Ouch!

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I think, in the long run, I don't care about the world at large.'

Zeth says 'We could of lose Imbibot!'

Kolem stares at the large button.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I would be perfectly content building devices specifically to murder the two of you.'

Emoman says ' But we didn't.'

Dr. Albert Wily points at you accusingly.

Dr. Albert Wily points at Dusk accusingly.

Kolem stares at the bright, shiny, candy-red button.

Kolem says ' ...'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I think this calls for some brainstorming.'

Kolem says ' Nah.'

Prometheus says ' Hey, buddy, you okay?'

Dr. Albert Wily waggles his eyebrows.

Emoman pats Kolem on its back.

You say ' That's the spirit, Doc.'

Dr. Albert Wily presses a button and teleports away.

Dusk says 'I don't suppose we can still trade this guy or maybe the catbot for--doh.'

You say ' ...uh, so...'

Emoman absentmindedly slaps Dusk.

Torval sighs.

You say ' ...anybody got, um...'

Prometheus holds a hand for Kolem to help himself up with.

Zeth socks Dusk in the face. POW!

You say ' a box or something we could keep this in?'

Dusk grabs his notepad.

Dusk starts to sketch a picture of Dr. Wily being crushed by a giant lemon.

Kolem says ' ...'

Dusk adds a speech bubbly saying, "Blarg! I suck at science!" then rips it off and leaves it behind.

Kolem says ' ...Because they're right.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' This world is... falling apart.'

Zeth ponders..

Torval looks at Kolem.

Kolem says ' ...maybe it's meant to. Maybe the Gods have departed.'

Zeth whistles.

Kolem says ' ...Carsanquay... I know you're not a fraud. You might be listening right now.'

Kolem says ' ...if you are...'

Dusk says 'We have learned a few things here today.'


Prometheus says ' Call me crazy, but this doesn't seem the time to become atheist. Come on man, lemmie get you all another round.'

Emoman laughs.

Kolem curls over, and punches the ground.

Kolem says ' ...yeah.'

Dusk says 'We unwittingly exposed Wily's plan and stopped him.'

Kolem says ' Yeah.'

Dusk says 'Carsanquay brought us here. It saved the Cleft.'

Torval looks all around.

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...Imbibobot is... still down there. Alone. Forgotten!'

Dusk says 'Regardless of who we are or our intentions..'

Emoman says ' No, you're wrong. He's not forgotten.'

Kolem says ' People who vanish into the tide of forgotten history...'

Zeth says 'Right.. indoors.. stupid cucco.'

Dusk says 'We are ones who will determine its fate.'

Prometheus says ' Need to have books written about them?'

Kolem says ' Work that's some... stupid accident...'

Kolem shakes its head.

Kolem shakes its head.

Kolem says ' I don't believe it!'

Kolem says ' There has to be more to it than this!'

Kolem stands up.

Kolem flies north.

Prometheus says ' Uhm'

Prometheus says ' Guys?'

Torval looks all around.

Emoman says ' We should follow him.'

Torval frowns.

Prometheus says ' Sounds good to me.'

Prometheus leaves north.

Emoman says ' We don't want anything bad to happen to him.'

Emoman leaves north.

Torval shrugs helplessly.

Torval leaves north.

Dusk leaves north.

Zeth says 'Cucco..'


Dr. Wily's Lab - Walkway [Room 6375]
The concrete pathway leading up to the building ahead has a row of trees
on either side, and goes straight to the door of the building. The building
itself is a large concrete structure, oval in shape, with a huge "Dr. W"
logo above the automatic doors, which open outwards, allowing access to the
interior of the laboratory.

(] Exits: north south [)
Dusk - Warrior of Light is here.
Kolem is here.

Kolem is on his knees.