Gold City - Kolem's Pad
In stark contrast to all the gold overlay outside, this room's floor
appears to be made of incredibly vibrant oak and mahogant wood, and
it's covered with a plush, soft carpet. There's a cabinet with drawers in
the far corner, inlaid with wood that's been stylized to resemble vines with
a Pirahna Plant motif--there are even thorns on the top corners.
There's a high bed in the opposite corner, with blankets that drape all the
way down to the floor, and an ornate lantern overhead.

(] Exits: [east] [)
A purple wooden bureau is standing in one corner.
Tidily made up here is king-sized and plush, perhaps even pudgy, bed.
Imbibobot is here.
Dusk is here.
Keeryu is here.
Kolem is resting on a limited edition Maou Mudo king-size bed.

Kolem hides inside his shell.

Kolem points at you accusingly.

Keeryu starts looking through drawers in the purple burreau.

Kolem appars from nowhere, and rushes up to slam the drawer, just as a purple swirling blackness starts to tug random scattered papers into it from the room.

Kolem says ' Er, uh, sorry, that's my...'

Keeryu says 'Cleft a drawer?....'

Kolem says ' underwear drawer!'

Kolem says ' Don't look in there.'

Keeryu says 'Youuu sneaky bastid! Now I wanna see even more!'

Dusk goes through his notepad, peeking at the things Florence wrote in.

Dusk says 'I wonder what this lemon means.'

Kolem sighs. He'd just cleaned the place up since last time--and here they all were again. A couch to sleep on his foot.

Kolem says ' Right...'

Kolem plants his face into one hand.

Kolem says ' Well, Prophet? Does this Couch suit you?'

Dusk says 'Also, this part that says 'After I burn this building down, I'll consume that wretched turtle's soul!!'.'

Kolem says ' . . .'

Kolem mumbles something about late to the party and taking numbers.

Keeryu scowls angrily.

You say 'It is as fine a Couch as any.'

You say 'The honest truth, though, is that I am uncertain what a Couch is. Except in the metaphorical sense.'

Kolem says ' ...You--don't--'

Kolem says ' ...Oh. Oh, all right. I'll explain it later.'

Keeryu says 'alright alright... So then was the book from the Library any good... I was a bit to drunk to make sense of it at the time.'

Keeryu sighs.

Keeryu says 'The whiskey in Viorara is so damn good <3'

Keeryu snickers softly.

Kolem says ' ...Well... if I remember right, the offshoot of the family I'm curious about split from the Motis.'

Kolem says ' But in any event... welcome to Gold City. All of you. Especially you, Oh Prophet, since you were tanked last time.'

Kolem says ' I KNOW you will like it here, I just know it.'

You say 'It must be a tremendously expensive city.'

Keeryu leans back againt a wall.

You say 'I can hardly imagine how much alcohol we could buy with its sale.'

Kolem says ' Ah, I have just the thing to show you first.'

Kolem unlocks the door.

Kolem opens the door.

Dusk says 'That shouldn't be a problem! All we must do is spread the word!'

Kolem says ' Prophet? Please come with me.'

Keeryu says 'yes the word of whiskey and other things alcoholic?'

Kolem says ' The rest of you lot too. Come on.'

Kolem mumbles something about trouble, relative values of worth, and cleaning bills.

Kolem stands up.

Kolem looks like it's about to go east, but suddenly stops short at the door.

Kolem unlocks the door.
Kolem opens the door.

Kolem leaves east.
Dusk flies east.
Keeryu leaves east.
You follow Kolem.

Gold City - Gold Fountain Plaza
A beautiful and majestic golden fountain is placed prominently in the
center of this plaza. The golden stones are polished to a mirror-shine and
are arranged in a slightly uneven pattern to reflect the light. This makes
the entire plaza, including the sweet nectar splashing from the fountain,
glitter unnaturally all night and day. It is bordered on all sides by lush
gardens, except for where it meets the Diamond Plaza to the north; there
also seems to be some kind of large building in the east garden.

(] Exits: north east south west [)
A magnificent golden fountain is jetting majestic drops into the air.
Keeryu is here.
Dusk is here.
Kolem is here.
[!] A young man sits on the side of the fountain, clearly in love.

Kolem says ' Let's see...'

Kolem says ' Here we are, the Plaza.'

Kolem waves to the Fountain casually.

> look fountain
Six dolphins splash and jump at various angles, each of them spraying
colored nectar from their blowholes.

You drink nectar from the golden fountain.

Kolem looks at the golden fountain.

You say '!'

You drink nectar from the golden fountain.
You feel drunk.

> drink fountain
You fail to reach your mouth. *Hic*

Keeryu drinks nectar from the golden fountain.

You invert a water bottle, spilling water all over the ground.

You fill a water bottle with nectar from the golden fountain.

Keeryu says 'That's not water... Kolem what is that...'

Kolem tries not to smile. "Do please be careful, Prophet, it's stronger than it tastes."

> peer kolem
You peer at it quizzically.

Dusk says 'What a delightful smell! Perhaps I'll give some a try.'

Kolem says ' ...oh wai--'

You say 'Youh DiId zzZzssZoaY tHhhahhhht yaOooUh lIVed inn tHhHE praommmmIiizzZzssZed lahnd.'

Kolem says ' Er, pardon me, Scholar, I don't know if that would be such a good--'

Dusk says 'Ah yes, of course. That would be unpolite of me!'

Imbibobot says 'This is a great moment for Alcoholism. Is our Pilgrimage complete?'

Dusk says 'I'll go get a cup.'

Kolem says ' Gold City? Feh. This place loves money too much to be the Promised Land... no one here would be willing to spare Five Bucks for a Drink, or offer you their Couch--though there are free ones, of a sort.'

Keeryu looks left, then right, before filling a flask in the fountain.

Kolem says ' Go on, the stodgy locals don't care.'

Imbibobot says 'God said there would be chocolate here. That can only mean one thing.'

Keeryu says 'Pah this place is a thief's paradise... I'll be back here tomorrow with a pickaxe...'

Imbibobot tries to unwrap one of the gold stones to get at the chocolate inside.

Keeryu says 'Ah I mean...Oh I said nothing...'

Kolem says ' Ah, Prophet...'

Kolem says ' Sadly, the only chocolate here is sold by a man. Would you like to see him?'

> look kolem
Stationed stout and sturdy before you is a Koopa--a bipedal tortoise.
This one looks like they have a tattered yellow shell, practically
covered with talon, claw, and toothmarks. Even the under-carapace is
scuffed in half a dozen places, hinting at a lifetime in the wilderness.
Yet there are other marks, too--lines across the creature's beak that could
only have been put there by a lifetime of smiling, and a sparkling light
hiding just beyond their green eyes.
Kolem is in perfect condition.

Kolem is using:
a helmet crafted from a dragon skull
Electra's earrings
(Glowing) Mana Shard of Wind
(Glowing) Mana Shard of Earth
a yellow koopa shell
(Humming) Titanium-X Armor
(Glowing) a golden bracer set with a tear-shaped pearl
a pair of gauntlets reinforced with silver plating
(Glowing) the sand rose ring
Galactic Saviour
the Jinx Belt
Monotoli's dress pants
(Humming) Turbo Trainers
a holiday ornament

You nod.

Kolem flits Keeryu a glance, wondering if he only knew how much a favor that'd be...

Kolem leaves north.
You follow Kolem.
You feel a little.. drunk..

Kolem says ' Watch out for the bush, Prophet.'

You say 'a BusSzzsssHhH? thhhaat LooKsSzzsss lIKe oa zzZzssZmmmmahhhhlL trehE.'

Imbibobot says 'And where there are trees, there could be treestumps.'

Imbibobot is delighted at this turn of events.

Keeryu stares at the sky.

Gold City - Diamond Plaza
Although the entire street is dusted with sparkling diamonds, there is an
especially dense concentration of them on the walls of the northern
building. They seem to make two arrows pointing to the doorway, glittering
brightly and distinctly among the sea of sparkles. A small sign is hanging
above the door, showing a silhouette of a dress and a tea cup. The sound of
flowing water echoes softly through here from some source nearby.

(] Exits: [north] [west] ne se [)
A bespectacled man in rich, silk robes is hobbling along.
Keeryu is here.
Dusk is here.
Kolem is here.

Kolem says ' If you wish for a pleasant drink that isn't alcoholic--perhaps one to cleanse the spirit--it's sold up there...'

Kolem points casually at the Tea Shop.

Keeryu whispers "Kolem how hard would prying these diamonds out of the walk be...."

Kolem says ' You may want to shield your eyes, if you're sensitive to harsh glittering light that sparkles in the sun.'

Keeryu grumbles.

Gold City - Silver Street
Two rows of silver trees are planted against the walls, shading this busy
market street adequately. Although the southwest direction of the road
seems to be more crowded, there is still a trickling of peddlers and market
stalls here. An unusual sort of light sparkles in from the east, not like
the reflections from the silver trees. Two particular trees bend over
toward each other, arching over a building set into the northwest wall
between them.

(] Exits: east [nw] sw [)
Kolem is here.
A peddler sits between two trees, trinkets spread out on a blanket before him.
Keeryu has arrived from the east.
Dusk flies in from the east.

Keeryu says 'Yea...bit bright. I'll live it's just a nuisance.'

> look peddler
This guy's wearing a large and dark hood, making it hard to observe more
than the grizzly roughage of his unshaved face. His lips are dry and
cracked, but his hands are oddly smooth and delicate. A brown robe obscures
whatever other features he may have quite effectively. He just sits next to
his wares silently.

Kolem looks at the shady peddler.

Keeryu talks to the shady peddler.
The shady peddler says '... Hi ...'
The shady peddler says 'Would you be interested in this ULTRA-RARE... MEGA-secret... SUPER-special...'
The shady peddler says 'Magikarp? It's only 300 gold...!'

> bow peddler
You bow before him.

You say 'You must be the chocolate dealer.'

Keeryu scoffs.

Kolem says ' Er, Prophet... I'm afraid that's not--'

Keeryu says 'Heh... A 300 gold punching bag...'

The shady peddler says 'Chocolate? Yeah... sure!'

The shady peddler says 'Would you be interested in this... ULTRA-RARE... chocolate fish... for only 300 gold?'

Kolem says ' No Thank You.'

Kolem tugs at the robot's hand.

Kolem says ' Your fish doesn't especially look chocolate-like.'

Keeryu says 'Besides I've never seen chocolate use splash...'

The shady peddler says 'It's super SECRET chocolate.'

Kolem says ' ....'

Kolem says ' ....'

Kolem says ' ....'

The shady peddler says 'I... uh... mean... chocolate center?'

Kolem says ' You know...'

Kolem says ' Just out of curiosity, you know, just a little bit...'

Dusk finishes sketching a picture of a chocolate fish in his notepad.

Dusk says 'Exquisite! Were I a rich man, you would have a deal, my good sir!'

Kolem says ' Is there the SLIGHTEST possibilty this "chocolate" might, say, transform into a dragon the size of a small car, breathing fire and terrifying, and one might need'

Keeryu stares blankly at Dusk.

Keeryu stares blankly at Kolem.

Kolem says ' say, the help of several professionals to quiet down and transfer it to a backwards empire to cover it up?'

Keeryu stares blankly at the shady peddler.

Kolem stares at the man with cold, remembering eyes.

The shady peddler says 'Transform into a dragon? Yeah, sure! For 300 gold, this chocolate fish will transform into Willy Wonka! Whatever!'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' Let's get out of here.'

The shady peddler peers at Dusk quizzically.

The shady peddler says 'Wait, did you said if you *were* a rich man?'

The shady peddler scowls angrily.

Kolem says ' That's us. Broke as jokes.'

Keeryu says 'speak for yourself...'

Kolem says ' That. Is. Us.'

The shady peddler says 'No lookie loos! Scram!'

Kolem looks at Keeryu.

Kolem leaves sw.
Dusk flies sw.
Keeryu leaves sw.
You follow Kolem.

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem grumbles.

Dusk says 'What a polite gentleman.'

Keeryu says 'Aww...was going to have this little fuzzball that started following me in Viorar bite him...'

Keeryu pokes an adorable Skitty in the ribs.

Dusk says 'I always wished to sell fish.'

Kolem sighs.

Kolem says ' In any case, we're almost there.'

Gold City - Silver Street
A white banner overarching the shop doorway to the north boldly announces
THE ORIGINAL MR. MOTI'S, commanding the immediate attention of anyone
passing by. It would have to, for this section of town is scattered with
all kinds of merchant stalls, peddlers and storefronts. Silver trees and
flowers protrude from the gold bricking of the pavement at intervals.

(] Exits: [north] west se [)
Kolem is here.
Keeryu has arrived from the west.
Dusk flies in from the west.

Kolem knocks on the shop door. He's almost hoping they aren't in.

Somebody says 'Come in!'

Kolem opens the door.

Kolem leaves north.
Dusk flies north.
Keeryu leaves north.
You follow Kolem.

Gold City - Original Moti Market
Several tasselled curtains overhang the entrance to this exotic shop.
Four white pillars support the ceiling from each corner, and wooden poles
are jammed between them. From these poles hang a variety of merchandise
ranging from various candies to dry herbs. An elaborate tasselled rug is on
the floor, as well as various woven baskets. There is a sign on the

(] Exits: south [)
Keeryu is here.
Dusk is here.
Kolem is here.
A man wearing a turban is dancing about, behind the counter.

Keeryu whistles appreciatively.

Keeryu says 'Nice shop..'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Welcome to the one and only *original* Moti Mart!'

Kolem says ' ....Hello, Mister Moti.'

Kolem looks like he's been kicked by a mule.

Kolem says ' How's sales today?'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'That, my friend, is up to you!'

Mr. Moti Sr winks suggestively.

Kolem says ' ...Haaa. How are you for chocolate?'

Keeryu wanders off to look through the shop wares quietly.

Kolem says ' ...and family history?'

You say '*Two* men in the Promised Land sell chocolate?'

Kolem says ' ...sorry, Mister Em. We bumped into that barker up north...'

Kolem sighs, and realizes that trying to explain doesn't even make sense to him--and he was there. So he skips it.

Kolem looks at Dusk.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Haha. That man, a fraud. Here at Moti Mart, only genuine goods!'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'One bar of chocolate, 487 silver!'

Keeryu looks in his pockets and scowls.

Kolem drops a stack of gold on the counter.

Kolem says ' Can you make change for five?'

Kolem says ' I know silver's not in vouge around here.'

Keeryu tosses a stack of 7 shiney gold coins in hand.

Kolem buys a bar of Chocolate[5].

Keeryu buys a piece of candy.

Keeryu eats a piece of candy.

Kolem says ', prophet.'

Keeryu says 'Mmm where was I...'

Kolem gives you a bar of Chocolate.

Kolem draws up to the counter.

Imbibobot tries to sniff the chocolate before realizing he doesn't have a working nose. Oh well.

Kolem says ' ..Mister Moti, I was also in the market for something else.'

Keeryu sneaks off, eying the liquid gold, hands slipping into his pockets.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'But of course! This market can be all your markets. Only at Moti Mart!'

Mr. Moti Sr winks suggestively.

> look sign
= Did you know you are standing on a very=
= historical spot? This is the very first=
= store the Moti family ever opened! =
= We are proud to serve you, and in the =
= tradition of our ancestors, we are also=
= proud to still offer zero refunds. =
= -Management =

Kolem says ' ...Er, right. The thing is, well... This is a product I don't know if you're interesting in selling. What I need is a lead.'

Kolem unfurls some notes of what looks like a family tree on the counter.

Mr. Moti Sr whispers 'If you want that shady peddler offed, I know just the man for the job.'

Keeryu stares blankly at Mr. Moti Sr.

Kolem shakes his head, just a bit.

Kolem says ' I'm not buying a hit, Moti.'

Keeryu grins evilly.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Oh, excuse me.'

Kolem says ' Does this look familiar?'

Mr. Moti Sr chuckles nervously.

Keeryu says 'I like your style old man...'

Keeryu goes back to eying wares.

Kolem brushes his claw over the family tree to a familiar-looking name.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Of course! That's the Moti family tree.'

Kolem says ' ...I'm trying to find information a branch that was... pruned.'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Looks a bit outdated. Yours truly isn't even on there!'

Kolem says ' Mm, it's from the archives out in Viorar. You should send them an updated copy.'

Kolem slides his talon across the paper, to--

Kolem says ' Here we are.'

Kolem says ' I'm not entirely sure what happened to split them, but...'

Kolem says ' How much would finding out about this branch cost?'

Mr. Moti Sr thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Kolem flits a glance at the prophet. It's important to know where he is at all times, these days.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'You're in luck. This is the Original Moti Market. Our family's very bootstraps!'

Imbibobot has been staring at his chocolate bar for quite a while, and doesn't look like letting up.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'In the proud Moti tradition, I'll cut you a deal. Buy 10, get 1 free!'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'So howsabout you buy another five pack?'

Kolem sighs.

Kolem says ' I'll be back in three, Moti. I need to hit Gildenstern's up.'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'You know where I'll be.'

Mr. Moti Sr continues dancing.

Dusk buys a bar of Chocolate[5].

Kolem says ' --Ah! Thanks.'

Kolem says ' There we go.'

Dusk says 'I was waiting in line forever to buy those!'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Oh, fine. I suppose I can combine your receipts.'

Dusk says 'Took you long enough to finish your business.'

Kolem looks hurt.

Kolem says ' Why, Mister Moti, aren't I a repeat customer?'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Oh, you know I am just kidding!'

Kolem says ' Mm.'

Mr. Moti Sr grins an overly big grin.

Kolem steps well to the side, letting other customers in.

Kolem says ' I'll wait right here. I don't mind.'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Now then, you wanted to talk about my family history? Who of the esteemed Motis should we talk about?'

Kolem says ' Not so-esteemed, actually. I'm looking for information about Alexander-Moti's branch. Moti-Leo, to be exact...'

Mr. Moti Sr thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'There is no more accurate source for Moti family history than the Moti family checkbook.'

Mr. Moti Sr reaches under the counter and pulls out an enormous tome of a checkbook.

Kolem says ' That's the world's most accomplished merchant family for you...'

Mr. Moti Sr blows the dust off the tome and opens to near the beginning.

Keeryu says 'Yea...predictable ain't it?'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'It's funny you mention a Leo! Some of the first entires in the checkbook have that name.'

Keeryu says 'Now that's interesting... Common name? Or the same man.'

Kolem says ' Go on...'

Keeryu glances over his shoulder toward the merchant and Kolem brow raised in curiosity.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Not a man at all. Agnes Moti-Leo.'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'What's unusual, though, is that most of the checks in here are "Pay to the Order of" a Moti.'

Kolem says ' ...Right. That was the wife involved, if I recall correctly...'

Kolem says ' But I might not.'

Kolem says ' Who are they paid to?'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Still a Moti! What's unusual is that these checks were also from the Moti account.'

Kolem listens intently.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'What I'm saying is, Mrs. Moti-Leo borrowed a lot of money from the family.'

Kolem nods quietly...

Mr. Moti Sr says 'Only the third check in this book, in fact!'

Mr. Moti Sr splays open the checkbook.

Mr. Moti Sr says 'So, you see, Mr. and Mrs. Moti-Leo were insolvent.'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'What more do you want to know?'

Kolem says ' I need to find out where they lived, what they were up to., that's not entirely accurate...'

Kolem says ' Is there any information about descendants in there?'

Mr. Moti Sr winks suggestively.

Keeryu says 'Well what good are you!'

Keeryu laughs.

Kolem says ' ...Hm.'

Kolem says ' Does it say purpose of loan?'

Kolem says ' Or location of account?'

Imbibobot breaks his gaze from his chocolate bar.

You say 'What good is he? He's a Man of Alcoholism!'

You say 'There is nothing more important.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem folds his arms, and leans closer, frowning...

Kolem whispers to Moti, clearly trying not to be overheard. "...Something happened to Leo, and to his design."

Kolem flits a half-look at the robot with the chocolate bar.

Mr. Moti Sr chuckles politely.

Mr. Moti Sr whispers 'That's his design? Sounds as antique as a Babbage machine. What're you hauling that around for, anyway?'

Kolem says ' ...that "antique" got us to brigantes to Viorar through some kind of warped space.'

Mr. Moti Sr tosses a faerie walnut at Imbibobt, clunking him on the head.

Kolem says ' It took under five minutes, and was the most unnerving thing I've been through in a long--'

Mr. Moti Sr says 'See, no reflexes.'
Imbibobot staggers, walnutted in the side of the head.

Kolem clutches at his chest. His poor heart can't take it...

Dusk says 'I suppose you could say that he's nuts now.'

Imbibobot staggers right through the north wall.

Sveral asselld curtins ovrhang he enrance o thisexoticshop.
Fourwhitepillarssuppot the eilingfrom ach coner, ad woodn poles
arejammedbetweenthem. From hese ples hng a vriety f mercandise
-----raning frm varius canies todry hebs. n elabrate tsselledrug ison-----
thefloor,as wellas vaious wven bakets. Thereis a sgn on he

(] Exits: north [)

Dusk flies in from the south.
Kolem has arrived from the south.
Keeryu has arrived from the south.

Dusk says 'Interesting.'

Kolem looks at a silver star in its inventory.

Kolem leaves north.
Keeryu leaves north.
Dusk flies north.
You follow Kolem.

Serlaseldcris vhagheernceohieotchp.
\ Fuwhtpllrsupttheilnfomah oe, dwodnols /
\aeame8twethm.romesels ngavityfmecnise /
----------rnngfmvais ais oryhb. nelbae selerg sn----------
/teloraswlasviuswenbkts.heesa gnone \
/ wl.

(] Exits: north [)

You say 'Was I shot?'

Kolem says ' ...A walnut hit the side of.. your head...'

You Hmmmm out loud.

Imbibobot checks for his chocolate bar. Intact. Phew.

Kolem says ' ...Where are we...'

Keeryu says 'Indeed...what kind of madness...'

Kolem says ' ...Prophet, my senses aren't capable of correctly registering this place.'

Kolem says ' I wasn't able to see the entrance, again....'

Imbibobot looks confused.

Kolem says ' ..there's no road back...'

Kolem looks at Dusk.

Dusk says 'Clearly, this is a sign from god!'

Kolem looks at Keeryu.

Dusk says 'That we are on the path!'

Kolem says ' ...I won't argue with that.'

Dusk says 'We should not question his works.'

Dusk says 'And simply embrace what has come to pass.'

You say 'You sound as though you have not been drinking enough.'

Kolem says ' ...right. I'm going.. going forward.'

You say 'We are in the same place we always were.'

Kolem leaves north.
You follow Kolem.

\ wlpimewl /
/ . \

(] Exits: north [)

You say 'However. I should buy a cap to protect from walnut attacks.'

Kolem says ' ..that's a very good idea.'

Keeryu says 'Still nothing...this makes no sense to me..'

Dusk says 'I know just the cap for you, my gentle robot. As soon as I can acquire it, it is yours.'

Keeryu gives you a steepled witch hat.

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...there's only one way to go--'

Kolem says ' ..forward...'

Kolem leaves north.
Keeryu leaves north.
Dusk flies north.
You follow Kolem.

Lead City - The One and Only Moti Market
Several tasselled curtains overhang the entrance to this dry goods shop.
Four wooden beams support the ceiling from each corner, and iron poles are
jammed between them. From these poles hang a variety of merchandise ranging
from various meats to dry herbs. A functional burlap rug is on the floor,
as well as various woven baskets.

(] Exits: none [)
Dusk is here.
Keeryu is here.
Kolem is here.
A woman wearing a turban is dancing about, behind the counter.

Kolem says ' ...wh--what---'

You say 'Oh, there is a hat.'

You buy a soft leather cap, with a headband of woven hemp for 156 silver.

You wear a soft leather cap, with a headband of woven hemp on your head.

Keeryu says 'Dusk my friend..are we having the same though...and why..are we back here...'

Kolem says ' ...this isn't...'

Kolem says ' This isn't--'


Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Hello! Welcome to Moti Mart!'

Kolem says ' ...H--Hello.'

Kolem looks at Mrs. Dolores Moti.

Keeryu says 'wAit...'

Keeryu stares at the sky.

Keeryu says 'Kolem...where are we...'

Kolem says ' ...'

Dusk says 'Goodday, miss.'

Kolem looks intently at the woman at the counter...
Dusk says 'Tell me.'

Dusk says 'What year is it?'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Oh, you're drunk, aren't you?'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Tsk, tsk.'

Kolem says ' ...I wish I was, miss.'

Kolem says ' We've had an odd sort of accident. Where exactly are we?'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Sounds like you woke up in a ditch. Well, welcome back to the waking world!'

Kolem says ' ..are you, by chance, a member of the illustriuous Moti Family?'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'It's the centennial, the year 100, and I'll have you know that you're in the one, the only, Moti Market!'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Now buy somethin' or get out.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...thunder and crossbones.'

Dusk says 'As I suspected'

Kolem looks staggered.

Keeryu says 'list'

Kolem says ' ...What are the people wearing these days?'

Mrs. Dolores Moti looks at Kolem.

Kolem says ' We need some... fresh things, I wager.'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Hahaha. Not that, at least!'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Looks like someone needs some leather boots.'

Kolem says ' ..Right. How much for some sets of clothes?'

Kolem says ' I'll gladly take a pair.'

Kolem buys a pair of dark green, soft leather boots, that reach the knees.

Kolem blinks, and then...

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Speaking of guys who could use a new pair of shoes.'

Kolem says ' ...Did you say the year 100?'

Keeryu stares blankly at Kolem.

Kolem says ' Thank you so much for straightening us out...'

Kolem says ' Er, have a gift. On the house. From me!'

Keeryu says 'Kolem...when was the good Dr. alive...'

Mr. James Leo has arrived from the south.

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Speaking of guys who could use a new pair of shoes.'

Kolem looks at Mr. James Leo.
The vision in unkemptedness that is James Leo starts at his head, where
grows an untamable, uncombable mass of red hair. His glasses are smudged
and falling off his face, his shirt is only partially tucked-in, his jeans
working their way to becoming Swiss cheese.

Keeryu looks at Mr. James Leo and nearly chokes.

Kolem blinks rapidly.

Dusk looks at Mr. James Leo.

Kolem says ' R.. right! New shoes it is. Come on, let's step out of the next customer's way.'

Mr. James Leo says 'Hi Dolly!'

Kolem does that.

Kolem stops using Turbo Trainers.
Kolem wears a pair of dark green, soft leather boots, that reach the knees on its feet.

Mrs. Dolores Moti grins widely.

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Hi Jim! Get lost.'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'We have *paying* customers today.'

Kolem glances at Dusk, and pats the seat next to him.

Kolem says ' Come tell me if these look all right. They're very comfortable...'

Dusk says 'Sir Kolem, we must be careful.'

Dusk says 'The slightest action caused by us can change the entire space-time continuum and destroy the Cleft as we know it!'

Dusk sneezes all over Mr. James Leo. Ewwww!

Mr. James Leo looks at Dusk.

Keeryu whispers to Kolem, "Are we high...or is this really......"

Keeryu stares blankly at Dusk.

Mr. James Leo says 'You're closer to the truth than you know it!'

Mr. James Leo says 'And that is exactly why I'm here today.'

Mr. James Leo says 'I need a new pair of pants. Can you spot me?'

Dusk says 'Great scott!'

Keeryu gives Mr. James Leo some coins.

Keeryu says 'That should be plenty I wager.'

[Lv Price Qty] Item
[10 117 -- ] a pair of lengthy soft leather trousers, dyed a dark green
[10 78 -- ] a pairing of fingerless, soft leather gloves, color of verdure
[10 78 -- ] a pair of dark green, soft leather boots, that reach the knees
[10 273 -- ] a form-fitting, soft leather jerkin hued a dark green
[10 156 -- ] a soft leather cap, with a headband of woven hemp
[10 702 -- ] a well polished bronze tower shield, reinforced with iron
[10 351 -- ] a curved bronze kite shield, reinforced with iron supports

Keeryu looks at Mr. James Leo.

Kolem looks on, impassively, and just sort of nods to the question.

Kolem looks at Mr. James Leo.

Mr. James Leo says 'See, Dolly, I'm not that poor!'

Mr. James Leo buys a pair of pants.

Mrs. Dolores Moti gives a pair of lengthy soft leather trousers, dyed a dark green to Mr. James Leo.

Kolem studies the exchange, but then...

Kolem whispers in a horrified tone.

Kolem says ' Where's the prophet?'

Imbibobot taps Kolem on the back.

Kolem says ' ...Hello.'

Kolem turns slowly.

Keeryu looks at you.

Kolem looks at you.

Dusk says 'Does this place look familiar to you, Prophet?'

You say 'As familiar as it did fifteen minutes ago.'

You say 'Unless you are referring to the last time we were here? But I was unconscious at the time, and I regretfully cannot remember!'

Kolem says ' ...'

Mr. James Leo says 'Hey, and Dolly, one other thing besides the pants.'

Kolem says ' ...oh, here we go...'

Mr. James Leo says 'You know... I could really use... well, you know.'

Mrs. Dolores Moti peers at Mr. James Leo quizzically.

Mr. James Leo says 'Only 5000 gold this time!'

Mrs. Dolores Moti laughs at Mr. James Leo mercilessly.

Keeryu thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Kolem mumbles to himself. "..history in action..."

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Get lost! Pay off the principal on your other two loans, and then maybe we'll talk.'

Keeryu whispers to Kolem, "If this is that Leo... That we've been looking for.... Shouldn't Imbi find him familiar...

Mr. James Leo looks crestfallen.

Mr. James Leo says 'Would any of you happen to be millionaires, by chance?'

Kolem says ' ...I'm, um, afraid all my money's...'

Mr. James Leo looks at Keeryu.

Mr. James Leo says 'You certainly look like one!'

Kolem says ' tied up. I've got only five coins on me.'

Kolem says ' ..four and half.'

Keeryu says 'I gave you all the gold I had good sir.'

Mr. James Leo says 'Ah. I see. Broke.'

Keeryu says 'Sadly yes... All my money is...tied up in we'll say foreign accounts...'

Dusk says '...that don't exist yet'

Keeryu says 'A little worse than that.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...Out of curiosity, James, what do you need the money for?'

Keeryu says 'Yes I was tempted to ask that as well..'

Mr. James Leo's eyes light up.

Mr. James Leo says 'Inventions!'

Kolem says ' Inventions?'

Dusk says 'Such as?'

Kolem says ' remarkable. What have you made so far?'

Mr. James Leo says 'Aha! Glad you asked. Take this, for example!'

Mr. James Leo gives a nanowave oven to Dusk.

Dusk looks at a nanowave oven in its inventory.

Dusk blinks in utter disbelief.

Keeryu says 'Any kind of weapons then Mr. Leo'

Dusk says 'It certainly appears to be..a high-tech, marvelous gadget!'

Kolem says ' ..May I have a look at that?'

Mr. James Leo says 'It is a dozen times as efficient as a microwave oven, and twenty thousand times as efficient as a blender.'

Dusk gives a nanowave oven to Kolem.

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem looks at a nanowave oven in its inventory.

Keeryu looks at Mr. Leo curiously.

Kolem says ' Wouldn't that fry anything you put into it instantaneously?'

Dusk says 'That sounds awfully effecient!'

Mr. James Leo says 'Explosively!'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...Have you considered its potential as a waste-disposal device?'

Keeryu mumbles "What a gun I could make out of that..."

Keeryu blinks in utter disbelief.

Keeryu says 'Ah yes um waste disposal device don't mind me...'

Mr. James Leo says 'Waste disposal? Intriguing!'

Kolem says ' There are surely resiliant materials which resist normal methods of combustion, right?'

Mr. James Leo says 'It might be an excellent companion to my nuclear toilet.'

Kolem says ' Nuclear... T...'

Dusk says 'Very effecient!'

Kolem reaches for his head, and crumples back like he's been hit by a thing with four wheels that moves very fast.

Dusk says 'Bodily waste evaporated by nuclear waste.'

Dusk says 'And intringuing concept!'

Dusk jots down notes.

Kolem says ' ...I'm.. almost afraid to ask, but.. Wh--what else?'

Torval grats 'ezzel'

Mr. James Leo says 'I simply cannot bring myself to stop working on these, my children.'

Kolem says ' ...Your children?'

Keeryu hums the twilight zone theme.

Mr. James Leo says 'Oh, I mean, they're just inventions, but I spend all my time thinking about them, caring for them, making them into all they can be.'

Mr. James Leo says 'They might as well be children.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...oh, Mister Leo. I... believe I see.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...'

Mr. James Leo says 'I should show you my garage!'

Kolem says ' Yes, please.'

Keeryu says 'Not to mention you've no doubt spilt enough blood into each of them in thep rocess of making them to call them family.'

Dusk says 'Such an honor!'

Keeryu chuckles politely.

Kolem looks at Imbibobot quietly.

Kolem looks at you.

Mr. James Leo says 'My most recent invention has been an expensive one.'

Mr. James Leo says 'Which is why I need a loan.'

Kolem says ' ...I see..'

Kolem says ' Is.. inventing all you do?'

Mr. James Leo says 'I... er... uh... yes. These days.'

Mr. James Leo says 'Between you and me, I can't bring myself to stop.'

Kolem says ' Er, what subject.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' I don't think you should.'

Mr. James Leo says 'Honestly, I'm a bit afraid. I do not understand what my most recent invention even is.'

Kolem says ' ...Could you describe it to us?'

Mr. James Leo says 'Well, right now, it looks a bit like a boat.'

Mr. James Leo says 'It's about fifty feet across, and it seems to require liquid boron for power.'

Kolem says ' . . .'

Keeryu says 'Go on go on...'

Mr. James Leo says 'I think it might be able to tunnel? I can't figure it out.'

Kolem says ' ..I.. see...'

Mr. James Leo sighs.

Keeryu says 'You sir are a tinkerer. It's a very expensive job but someone has to do it...'

Kolem says ' ..Where on earth are you getting your materials?'

Mr. James Leo says 'It's obsession. Something's driving me to finish it. I think it's important.'

Mr. James Leo says 'Materials...?'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...What, all here?'

Mrs. Dolores Moti scoffs.

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'He means his mother-in-law!'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...I.. see.'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Or at least, until she realized he was a nutjob.'

Mrs. Dolores Moti says 'Agi's going to wake up and leave you someday, you know!'

Mr. James Leo sighs.

Mr. James Leo says 'Say, who built your automaton?'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ....'

Mr. James Leo peers at you quizzically.

Dusk says 'Er...'

Kolem says ' ...Why, we don't know!'

Kolem says ' It's quite the mystery.'

Kolem says ' We're investigating that right now, as a matter of fact.'

Mr. James Leo says 'Interesting!'

Mr. James Leo says 'Can I touch it?'

Kolem says ' well as interesting theories of temporal mechanics--uh--'

Dusk says 'Surely he was conceived by the will of god! But yes, knowing of his physical birth would be knowledgeable.'

Kolem bites his beak.

Kolem says ' ..would that be all right?'

Kolem looks at Imbibobot, then holds on to his hat. Literally.

Kolem says ' ...all...'

You say 'Oh, are you looking at me?'

> blush
Your cheeks are burning.

Kolem says ' ...all right.'

Mr. James Leo says 'Excellent.'

Mr. James Leo fondles Imbibobot in a completely scientific, non-creepy way.

Mr. James Leo says 'Huh. That's interesting. I really like the joint design.'

Dusk watches excitedly in a curious, non-peeping tom way.

Kolem says ' As you can see, the condition is unfortunately very rusted... but we recently got him cleaned, and, uh...'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' Oh, nuts to fate.'

Kolem says ' Pardon me, James... uh...'

Kolem says ' You've never seen anything like this automation before, right?'

Mr. James Leo says 'Huh?'

Keeryu says 'Never seen anything like him in your life?'

You say 'No, he hasn't. He won't for another three years.'

You say 'He won't even start until after his son is born.'

You say 'It's an ark, James. It goes right to the core.'

You say 'And even though I'm saying this now, you will never bring yourself to believe it!'

Mr. James Leo looks thoroughly confused.

You say 'Our time here is up, everyone.'

You stop using a soft leather cap, with a headband of woven hemp.

Imbibobot bangs a bar of chocolate against his head.

Dusk blinks in utter disbelief.

Gold City - Original Moti Market
Several tasselled curtains overhang the entrance to this exotic shop.
Four white pillars support the ceiling from each corner, and wooden poles
are jammed between them. From these poles hang a variety of merchandise
ranging from various candies to dry herbs. An elaborate tasselled rug is on
the floor, as well as various woven baskets. There is a sign on the

(] Exits: [south] [)
A man wearing a turban is dancing about, behind the counter.
Kolem has arrived from the south.
Dusk flies in from the south.
Keeryu has arrived from the south.

Keeryu stares blankly at you.

You say 'There's somewhere else to go, now.'