Moonlight City, Viorar - Fountain
Placed in the center of the city known as Viorar is a large fountain
that serves as the crossroads of the various city alleys. A faint breeze
shuttles in the salty scent of the western ocean, which seams with the
earthy cologne of the eastern mountains. To the south is the medical
center, indicated by a large white cross. A small path leads over a dense
lawn into a dojo to the west, while a bright light shines from within a
brick house directly east. To the north is yet another building, though
much larger in size and tree-shaped, with many towers screwing out of the
sides of the upper levels.

(] Exits: north [east] [south] [west] ne nw se sw [)
A small sign has been posted here.
The Fountain of Viorar is centered here spewing purified water.
A few brown smooth wooden benches are stretched out here.

> north

Viorar - Etansel Library: Entrance
This main hallway of the great library is huge, with the ceiling three
stories high. The hallway is very empty, saving room for large shiny
triangular columns, and a large golden statue erected on a obsidian platform
at the back north end of the wall. The marble floor, whose tiles are laid
out in a simple square pattern, is extremely well polished and reflects
everything in the room, including the dim yellow glow given off by all the
lamps. The hallway stretches to the west and to the east.

(] Exits: east south west [)
Gatts is here.
Kolem is here.
Dusk is here.
A librarian stands around in the lobby, waiting to assist visitors.

You say 'There you are. And you. And you.'

Gatts says 'Oh, look, he left the bar. That's unexpected. '

You say 'I was having a nice chat with a murderer. And then I was asleep. And then, no one was there!'

Dusk is still tense, unsure of how to deal with the presence of his pursuer in the city.

Kolem says ' Er, hello, Prophet...'

Kolem looks up from the hastily scrawled namemap in his hand.

> nod kolem
You nod in agreement with it.

Dusk says 'A murderer, you say? What were we chat--er I mean, why were you chatting with a murderer?'

You say 'Because a murderer was chatting with me.'

You say 'Chatting with him was a pleasure. He is a very agreeable slaughterer.'

Gatts says 'How did you know it was a murderer? '

Gatts says 'Did you witness a murder? '

Gatts says 'Was the murder described for you? '

You Hmmmm out loud.

You say 'I do not recall witnessing a murder.'

You say 'I have been rude. I misspoke.'

You say 'I was having a nice chat with an attempted murderer.'

You drink white wine from a glass of white wine.
Empty, a glass of white wine magically recycles itself into thin air.

Gatts says 'Ah.'

Gatts says 'That's much more clear. '

Kolem says ' R... right...'

Dusk says 'It must have been a lovely chat. They are great people, so often misunderstood.'

Dusk grimaces in disgust.

Dusk grins evilly.

Gatts rolls his eyes.

Kolem says ' How went the spreading of Alcoholism in the bar, Prophet?'

Gatts says 'Considering the location, I'd assume it went well.'

Gatts says 'Though I doubt he had much to do'

You say 'I think it went very well with the blind one.'

You say 'She was very willing to be Baptised. Again. And again.'

Gatts says '...Ah..hah.'

Gatts says 'Well. '

Gatts says 'Okay then.'

You say 'She may have been an Alcoholic to begin with. Does that mean we have two sects?'

Kolem says ' I see...'

Kolem doesn't.

Kolem says ' Prophet, I suspect there are many creatures and beings in theis world who share your love of alcohol.'

Kolem says ' Why be devisive? Alcohol isn't.'

You say 'That is worrisome.'

You say 'I hope we are not in for a holy war.'

Gatts says 'I do believe this may be something of a second coming for you. Your 'sect' has spread to more people than most religions'

Kolem glances at his notes again, trying to sort out the relationships the librarian briefed them on...

You say 'If we meet anyone named Florence, we should make sure to murder him immediately.'

Dusk winces. Ouch!

Kolem says ' Florence?'

You say 'Or maybe ask a professional murderer to do the murderering? I do not remember.'

You say 'It was one or the other.'

Kolem says ' Have you heard anything about an Alexander?'

You say 'Do we need to kill Alexander too?'

Gatts says 'If we truly need to professionally murder someone, that would be my department'

Dusk says 'Great Prophet, this 'attempted murderer' you spoke to..'

Kolem says ' I don't think so, no...'

Kolem goes quiet, flitting a look at Dusk.

Dusk says 'He sounds, uh..very dangerous! Perhaps it would be wise to not pay any such attention to those types.'

You say 'Really?'

You Hmmmm out loud.

You quaff a bottle of trout juice.
You feel very sick.

Gatts slaps his hand against his face.

Dusk says 'In fact you should probably just forget the whole thing. I bet he doesn't even drink alcolhol! Can you really accept the words of one who doesn't drink as wisdom?!'

Gatts says 'Agian with the trout juice..'

You say 'That is a good point. We were in a Bar, a Bar with, it seems, Alcoholics from two sects, and he did not drink.'

You say 'Change of plans. If we meet a Florence, we should not murder him.'

You say 'But this Alexander fellow! I am still happy to murder him.'

Gatts says 'Let's just make our murdering decisions on a case by case basis, like always. '

Dusk says 'I agree!'

Kolem says ' We do not need to murder Alexander! ...and there's the distinc possibility they're already dead.'

You say 'That was fast.'

You jump into the air and give Kolem a MEGA high five! Woo hoo!

Kolem says ' --'

You quaff a bottle of trout juice.
You feel very sick.

Kolem says ' ..--yes. Yes, it was.'

You say 'I hope he had a tasteful funeral.'

Gatts says 'You really shouldn't drink that stuff oh..great robot '

Gatts says 'It's not alcoholic'

You say 'Aside from all these killings, have you finished your business in Viorar?'

Gatts says 'Even if it does make you throw up. '

The door opens.

Oboyo flies in from the south.

Oboyo says 'I have'

You say 'I think it might almost be Alcoholic.'

Kolem says ' I suspect so, Prophet.'

Dusk winces. Ouch!

Dusk says 'You!'

Gatts glances at Oboyo

Kolem says ' Er...'

Gatts looks back and forth between Dusk and Oboyo.

Kolem looks around.

Oboyo says 'I didn't need to drink, my robo buddy'

Gatts says 'Oh? '

Oboyo says 'After all'

Oboyo says 'Unike HIM, I have...'

Oboyo poses.

Kolem looks at Oboyo.

Oboyo says 'A barrel in my soul!'

Dusk cringes in terror!

Gatts says '... '

Kolem says ' ...Do you.. two know each other?'

Dusk says ' still pose like that?'

Oboyo says 'It is a work of art! One that I developed with a decade of isolation in meditating!'

Dusk looks at Kolem.

Kolem says ' ...'

Gatts says ' this the murderer? '

You say 'Murderer? Huh?'

You shake your head.

> point kolem
You point at it accusingly.

Dusk says 'Yes! He must be elminated before he kills us!'

Oboyo says 'Heavensno, I am a Purifier!'

You say 'He is the murderer. He did a very good job.'

Kolem says ' Wh.. me?'

Gatts says 'Oh sorry, atempted, murderer'

Dusk says 'Sir Kolem! He..reprents an Order of Anti-Alcolism! We must get rid of him!'

Kolem says ' ...I'm not exactly sure what's going on, Prophet, but perhaps we should leave--'

You say 'You are polite. But there is no need to be bashful. You slayed Alexander with discretion and speed.'

Oboyo says 'Getting desperate, huh Florence? Why don't you prove this love of alcohol you have to them?'

Dusk winces. Ouch!

Gatts says '....Florence? '

Oboyo says 'Yeah, that's 'his' real name.'

Gatts smiles at dusk with a questioning look in his eye.

Dusk says 'Don't listen to his lies!'

Oboyo says 'The one controlling that poor scholar.'

Gatts looks back at Oboyo.

Gatts says 'And YOUR name is? '
Kolem says ' ...Er, perhaps we should head outside, Prophet. This is a ground of books, and books and alcohol rarely mix well.'

You nod.

You now follow Kolem.

Kolem leaves south.
You follow Kolem.

Moonlight City, Viorar - Fountain
Placed in the center of the city known as Viorar is a large fountain
that serves as the crossroads of the various city alleys. A faint breeze
shuttles in the salty scent of the western ocean, which seams with the
earthy cologne of the eastern mountains. To the south is the medical
center, indicated by a large white cross. A small path leads over a dense
lawn into a dojo to the west, while a bright light shines from within a
brick house directly east. To the north is yet another building, though
much larger in size and tree-shaped, with many towers screwing out of the
sides of the upper levels.

(] Exits: north [east] [south] [west] ne nw se sw [)
A small sign has been posted here.
The Fountain of Viorar is centered here spewing purified water.
A few brown smooth wooden benches are stretched out here.
Kolem is here.

Kolem drinks water from the kitchen sink.

Kolem fills the kitchen sink with water from the Fountain of Viorar.

Dusk flies in from the north.

Gatts has arrived from the north.

Oboyo yells 'I was in the middle of my epic introduction, you jerks!'

Oboyo flies in from the north.

Oboyo says 'Right, uh, I admit that was a little brutish of me.'

Dusk says 'Why did we stop? Let's keep running!'

Gatts says 'Are you still following us? '

Gatts lays his hand on his sword.

Gatts says 'Want me to get this guy off our trail, boss?'

Gatts looks to Kolem

Oboyo says 'Indeed! Florence is a very wicked soul, and it is the duty of my order to defeat him whenever he arises.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' Come, now, there's no need for violence.'

Dusk says 'What nonsense. Do I look like a wicked, violent soul who knows no bounds?'

Kolem says ' Why don't we all simply sit down and share a drink?'

Dusk winces. Ouch!

Oboyo says 'Wonderful idea!'

Oboyo says 'Then you'll see the truth.'

Gatts relaxes and shrugs.

Gatts says 'You're the boss.'

Oboyo says 'What'll it be, Florence?'

You say 'I am prepared for this occasion.'

Dusk says '!'

Kolem says ' Prophet, I consult your wisdom...'

Gatts looks at Dusk.

Oboyo now follows you.

You give a bottle of trout juice to Dusk.

You give a can of generic beer to Oboyo.

Oboyo scratches his head in confusion.
Gatts looks at Dusk.

You give a shot of 1000 Needles tequila to Kolem.

You give a can of generic beer to Gatts.

Gatts says 'Looks like you got the short end of the stick.'

Oboyo says 'Shall we give a toast?'

Kolem says ' ...What beautiful tequila!'

Kolem says ' It has a fine color.'

Oboyo says 'A toast to alcohol, and a toast to the purification of this wicked man!'

Oboyo blinks in utter disbelief.

Kolem says ', at any rate, a toast to alcohol..'

Kolem looks unnerved.

Gatts says 'Eh, it's a beer.'

Gatts says ' empty beer'

Oboyo says 'Why, Mr. Robot, I didn't know you knew!'

Oboyo says 'Yes my friend, this beer is indeed empty.'

Oboyo says 'And do you know why?'

You say 'I apologize. I should stop carrying these empty cans around.'

Gatts says 'Does it have something to do with barrels?'

Gatts says 'or souls?'

You give a bottle of trout juice to Gatts.

Oboyo says 'Exactly!'

You give a bottle of trout juice to Oboyo.

Gatts says 'Yeah..I thought it might.'
Kolem offers a shining shot of tequila to Gatts.

You say 'It is fortunate that there is enough fish juice for everyone.'

Gatts says '...anyone have a mini fridge, a centrifuge and a tesla coil? '

You give a bottle of trout juice to Kolem.

Oboyo says 'One who has a barrel in his soul can drink in spirit with an empty can like this!'

Dusk looks at a bottle of trout juice in its inventory.

Dusk thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Gatts says 'Hmm...pity. '

Gatts drops a bottle of trout juice.

You say 'We have already had our toast. Now we drink!'

You quaff a bottle of trout juice.
You feel very sick.

Kolem drinks tequila from a shot of 1000 Needles tequila.
Empty, a shot of 1000 Needles tequila magically recycles itself into thin air.

Oboyo says 'This stuff is awfully smelly. Is it really alcohol? I guess we shall see!'

Oboyo quaffs a bottle of trout juice.
Oboyo turns slightly green, but it passes.

Kolem has one eye shut and looks like he's seeing stars on the dark side of the moon.

Dusk says 'You'll pay for this!'

Dusk quaffs a bottle of trout juice.
Dusk turns slightly green, but it passes.

Kolem says ' the smell of it, you're already paying for it.'

Oboyo suddenly starts gagging.

You say 'You dropped yours!'

Dusk says 'What on...'

Gatts says 'Uhm, no I did not'

Gatts says 'I drank it all.'

Gatts says 'It was delicious.'

Dusk throws up everywhere. Do you really want me to describe it?

You say 'You... yes, I must have been mistaken.'

You say 'The only way you would have known it was delicious was if you drank it.'

Oboyo stomaches it. A Knight Errant of the Order of the Fi--whoa that was a little sloshy.

Gatts says 'Indeed.'

Oboyo says 'Well that was uh..interesting.'

Gatts shakes his head.

Kolem flinches. That stuff... is pretty strong...

Dusk blinks in utter disbelief.

Dusk says 'Where am I?'

Gatts says 'Viorar, probably.'

Dusk glances around.

Oboyo says 'I guess that stuff was alcoholic! Even though it tasted like fish.'

Oboyo says 'Welcome back to the living. What's your name?'

Kolem blinks. Had to check out Moti. Had to check out Moti-Leo. The oldest Moti he knew was in g--

Kolem says ' ...That's really strong stuff.'

Kolem says ' Really... really.. really--'

Gatts says 'Yeah...temporary amnesia is..a common side effect.'

Dusk says 'It's Dusk. I am a Scholar. Urgh..what happened?'

Kolem abruptly falls over into the fountain.

Oboyo says 'Now you all see.'

Gatts says 'I've seen worse reactions. You should see what happens when you're allergic to the stuff.'

Oboyo grabs his lance and twirls it around, pointing it at Dusk.

Oboyo says ' no more! For now.'

Gatts says '...poor...poor Judeau.'

Oboyo says 'Such is the glory of alcohol!'

A matango policeman has arrived from the ne.

Gatts says 'Oboyo, you have not been making sense for a while now.'

Dusk says 'Florence? Oh dear. Did I lose control again?'

Dusk looks at Kolem.

Dusk says 'Oh! I recognize you!'

Dusk looks at you.

Dusk says 'And you!'

Dusk looks at Gatts.

Dusk says 'Uh..but not you.'

Gatts says 'Boss, this making any sense to you? '

Gatts looks at Kolem.

Kolem is sprawled out in the fountain. He appears to be unconsious.

A matango policeman arrives on the scene to find vomit on the ground, a man pointing a lance at another man, and a koopa in a fountain.

Kolem does not really look like a 'he', honestly.

Dusk says 'The last thing I remember was going to the Viorar Pub, escorting these fine gentlemen on a pilgrimage of great importance!'

Gatts says 'Oh my.'

A matango policeman wanders away.

Oboyo says 'Where you must have had something to drink.'

Oboyo says 'Resulting in the appearance of Florence.'

Dusk scratches its head in confusion.

Oboyo says 'But why target this group? What was he after?'

Gatts says 'Doesn't matter. My employer is passed out, I need to get him somewhere safe. I haven't been here in a while, is there a hotel nearby? '

> poke kolem
You poke it in the ribs.

You say 'There are these benches here.'

Oboyo says 'A hotel? Pah. Too costly. I always sleep outdoors!'

Gatts says 'See, this is why we don't drink the fish juice, Mr. Prophet.'

Imbibobot attempts to pull Kolem out of the fountain and drag it over to the benches.

Kolem twitches. He's clutching a peice of paper outside the range of the water...

Gatts says 'hmm...whts this'

Kolem is pretty heavy!

Imbibobot isn't very strong!

Oboyo says 'Allow me, Mr. Robot!'

Oboyo flexes. Must think he's buff.

Gatts says 'No, I got it'

Gatts picks Kolem up and places him on the bench.

Gatts is very strong.

Kolem feels like he's weighted down with bricks, lead, bowling balls, and at least a few anvils!

Oboyo says 'What a chilvarous display of strength! You have my respect, sir.'

Dusk is still very confused.

Gatts says 'I used to use a big sword. '

Kolem grunts, and turns to their side.

Kolem says ' ...oh, my aching head... what--'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' --I drank alcohol, didn't I.'

You say 'Masterfully!'

Gatts says 'Worse, you drank trout juice.'

Oboyo nods in agreement with you.

Kolem rubs his noggin. That stuff hit like a freight train... and he just didn't have the stomach for it.

Kolem says ' Well, when in Guardia, do what the guardians do.'

Gatts says 'Guard? '

Kolem says ' ...Pr--prophet. You're there. Right. Good.'

Dusk says 'Sir Kolem! Are you alright?'

You wave.

Dusk says 'What happened to our flock? Why are we here? Why does my stomache hurt?!'

Dusk says 'Is this some work of an evil entity most foul?!'

Oboyo scratches his head in confusion.

Kolem says ' Forgive me, Prophet. Alcohol is a powerful substance, and I am decidedly not a powerful creature.'

Gatts says 'It's the extract of Trout'

Gatts says 'Also called Trout Juice'

Gatts says 'It's poison you know'

You gasp in astonishment.

You say 'You said it was delicious!'

Gatts says 'No I didn't, why would I drink poison? '

Gatts says 'See? You're just not making sense, oh prophet'

Kolem says ' ..ngh. That stuff always puts me right to sleep...'

You say 'Because it *is* delicious!'

Gatts says 'Well..okay, yeah, fine. '

Oboyo says 'Areyou well, Mr. Turtle guy?'

A matango policeman has arrived from the se.
A matango policeman arrives, noticing a pool of vomit on the ground and several wobbly-looking fellows loitering around the fountain.

Gatts says 'He'll be fine, I'm sure. If he's following this robot around, he'll have to get used to it eventually.'

A matango policeman says 'Drunks, no doubt!'

Gatts says 'Not drunks, priests. '

Dusk says 'And a scholar!'

Oboyo says 'And a Knight Errant!'

Kolem says ' No, I'm not okay! My only lead on who made this robot is related to the blasted overcharging merchant in the city of gold, I just reached the point of actually having a drink--PROPOSING a drink--and the current state of the world might be in cris--'

Gatts says 'Mercenary.'

A matango policeman says 'And this one's sopping wet. Did you take a sip from the fountain?'

Kolem says ' Oh, hello, officer.'

A matango policeman says 'It's not even 6:00 PM!'

Kolem says ' Yes sir, terribly sorry. I've had an unfortunate day.'

Gatts says '7 by my count'

Kolem says ' Less of a sip and more of a trip-and-fall-into.'

A matango policeman scowls angrily at Gatts.

A matango policeman says 'Sounds like someone wants to go down to the station.'

Gatts says 'Oh? You want to try and take me? '

Gatts begins to unsheath his sword.

Kolem says ' No, sir, not terribly.'

Kolem says ' If that's okay. I don't want trouble, officer.'

Kolem says ' just sort of ends up happening to me.'

Gatts grumbles.

Gatts resheathes his sword.

Oboyo says 'If you'll excuse us for a minute please, Officer.'

Oboyo pokes Kolem in the ribs.

Oboyo says 'How long have you been journeying with him?'

Kolem hiccups and looks a little off.

Oboyo points at Dusk accusingly.

Dusk scratches its head in confusion.

A matango policeman grumbles.

Kolem says ' ...possibly... a... um. A week? I'm not sure, still a little woozy from the trip into the fountain.'

Kolem says ' ..okay, several weeks.'

Gatts says 'Is this the first time he's acted this weird? '

A matango policeman says 'You'd best move along now. You're lucky I don't have enough handcuffs for the lot of you!'

A matango policeman says 'I don't want to see any of you here when I come back around the block.'

Kolem says ' Er, right. Thank you, sir!'

Oboyo says 'It's unusual for Florence to journey with others. Pardon me for being nosey, but why was he accompanying you?'

Kolem says ' ...c'mon lads and lasses and notquiteeithers, maybe we should go, yeah?'

Gatts says 'Yeah, unless you want me to fight him? '

Gatts looks at Kolem with a begging look in his eye.

Kolem says ' You don't get anywhere by disrespecting local law enforcement!'

Kolem says ' No. bad mercenary!'

Kolem says ' BAD.'

Gatts sighs.

Gatts says 'The things I do for money.'

Kolem hiccups, and looks a little off.

Dusk says 'Weeks? Sir Kolem, we only just met in Truce, and made a pilgrimage here to Viorar!'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' You don't recall the events in Shrike, do you?'

Kolem clutches his head. It's getting worse.

Dusk says 'Shrike?'

Dusk scratches its head in confusion.

Gatts says 'Ah..that makes more sense. '

Dusk says 'I don't believe my travels have ever taken me there.'

Gatts says 'Well apparently you need to re-examine your beliefs'

Oboyo says 'Florence is a strange entity. He is drawn to alcohol, yet it is his weakness.'

Gatts says '...I guess Trout Juice IS Alcoholic. Who knew.'

Oboyo says 'At the same time, it's also his strength.'

Kolem says ' ..This is all too complicated! Let's leave!'

Gatts says 'I was hoping you would suggest that.'

Kolem pushes to his feet, and begins to wobble off in some direction.

Kolem leaves se.
Gatts leaves se.
You follow Kolem.

Viorar - Morning Moon Alley
The alley here stretches toward the southeast down the cold dark stone
road, lit by illuminating lamps either embedded into the sides of the
arching buildings, or in the center of the street hanging over a black pole.
Mainly tightly compressed houses, containing darkened front walkways
littered in meager bushes and bare trees, are along this road. To the
northwest is the center of town.

(] Exits: nw se [)
Gatts is here.
Kolem is here.
Oboyo flies in from the nw.

Dusk flies in from the nw.

Oboyo scratches his head in confusion.

Oboyo says 'Where are you all going?'

Kolem wobbles down the street, and manages to crash right into the pole.

Oboyo says 'I don't mean to intrude, but it's important that I know Florence's motives.'

You say 'If you insist.'

Kolem says ' Sometimes, to is less important than away.'

Imbibobot rams the pole as well.

Oboyo says 'This is very unusual behavior for him.'

Kolem says ' Like, away from cops.'

Kolem hiccups.

Gatts says 'My jobs is following this guy and make sure nobody hurts him. I don't make the decisions around here. '

Oboyo says 'And I cannot allow this Scholar to leave unsupervised.'

Dusk scratches its head in confusion.

Kolem says ' ...Prophet?'

Oboyo says 'If he drinks again, Florence will return.'

Kolem says ' I fear my head is clouded.'

Gatts says 'Would that really be so bad? '

Kolem says ' Where should we go to spread the word of Alcoholism too?'

Gatts says 'Florence didn't seem so bad'

Oboyo says 'He probably wouldn't be, if he wasn't so bent on becoming a God and descending the Cleft into untold chaos.'

Gatts says 'Ah. Well, that's a different story. '

Dusk says 'God! I remember now! We were searching for his God!'

Dusk points at you accusingly.

You nod.

Dusk says 'Something about an island and chocolate?'

Gatts says 'Chocolate? '

Oboyo says 'Yourgod?'

You say 'I fear our travels have not brought us closer to finding God and the Promised Land.'

Oboyo groans loudly.

Gatts says 'An Island...and chocolate? '

You say 'Your God, too! I am not possessive.'

Kolem says ' ..ngh. R.. right.'

Oboyo says 'Now I see what's going on.'

Gatts turns grim, suddenly.

You give a water bottle to Oboyo.

You drink water from a water bottle.

Oboyo says 'Florence targets every religious thing possible in his endless search for dominating a godly entity, and he seems to think you lot will get him there.'

You say 'I would not mind if an Alcoholic became God.'

You say 'This seems like the direct path to getting us all Drinks.'

Oboyo thinks for a minute.

Gatts is too deep into his thoughts to make snarky comments.

Kolem frowns.

Kolem says ' You wanna be careful with gods.'

Kolem says ' They tend to be...'

Kolem says ' vengeful.'

Oboyo says 'Well you're obviously just a bunch of drunks, so I doubt him joining you will lead to the chaotic unbalancing of the cleft.'

Gatts says 'I wouldn't be so sure.'

Gatts says 'We were in Brigantes little more than an hour ago.'

Gatts falls silent again.

Kolem says ' ..yah.'

Kolem says ' ...That reminds me, Prophet.'

Oboyo says 'I'm sure.'

You say 'Yes?'

Oboyo says 'Regardless, he seems to be in safe hands for now.'

Kolem says ' Are there any Bars near here, other than the Mischeveous Spirit?'

Oboyo points at Gatts accusingly.

Kolem says ' I need to... think. And possibly sleep. And take some pain pills.'

Gatts says 'I'm not here to stop him from turning into a god, that's your job, right? '

Oboyo says 'Well, yeah, but..'

Oboyo says '...bah, I see where this is going.'

Oboyo says 'You're a Mercenary, right?'

Gatts says 'Among other things.'

You say 'The Witch's Wart, of course, is nearby.'

Oboyo says 'I have other duties I need to tend to. Can I hire you to keep an eye on him?'

Dusk scratches its head in confusion.

You say 'We were just there!'

Gatts says '...I suppose so. '

Dusk says 'How thoughtful! Such gentlemen, always looking out for the weak.'

Oboyo nods.

Oboyo gives Gatts some coins.

Gatts says 'But only to keep an eye on him. I have other duties as well.'

Kolem says ' Right, right..'

Kolem wobbles a little bit.

You say 'I do not believe any others are terribly close.'

Kolem says ' ...Right. Well...'

Oboyo says 'Don't hesitate to put him down if he picks up another drink. You have my thanks.'

Kolem says ' I have only one thing left to reccomend...'

Kolem says ' ..which is that, in keeping with the commandment, I should offer a Couch to Sleep On.'

Oboyo says 'I'll check up on him periodically.'

Kolem says ' But my couch is far, far from here.'

Oboyo says 'I bid you all farewell, as a member of the Order of the Fi--oh crap, my ride!'

Oboyo says 'Gotta go!'

Oboyo flies nw.

Gatts says 'If this place is still the same..there should be an inn north and east of the bar'

Gatts says 'If not, we could be wandering a while.'

Gatts says 'Up to you, boss.'

Dusk says 'What a nice fellow. I wonder why I get the feeling that he wanted to kill me.'

You say 'Your couch? Where is your couch?'

Kolem says ' ...It's all the way in Gold City, and rather than being a couch, it is a bed. But that's close enough to a couch.'

Kolem says ' Oh, that's right.'

Gatts says 'Well...there is a ferry to Gold City.'

Kolem says ' You were unconcious when we were there before, weren't you?'

You say 'Apparently. But I do not remember.'

Dusk says 'Hmm. Gold City. I've always wanted to go there!'

You say 'My unconscious self is a slacker in that regard.'

Kolem says ' Right. Right. Gold City...'

Kolem says ' ...Let's go there, then.'

Gatts says 'you can always rest on the ferry, it's a long trip'

Kolem seems to brighten up, abruptly. That was easier than he thought!

Gatts says 'And that was our next destination, if I recall.'

Kolem says ' Let's go there, then.'

Kolem leaves se.
Dusk leaves se.
Gatts leaves se.
You follow Kolem.

Kolem says ' It's a fair ferry ride--'

Kolem says ' But I would like to see home base again!'

Viorar - Ticket Office
The small room, humbled by its plain appearance, serves as the office
of the ticketmaster. On the west side of the room are a few benches laid
out in three rows and four columns, facing the wide landscape window to the
west, outlooking the pier and the ocean beyond. On the east side of the
room is the large enclosed area of the ticket window, a long velvet rope
attached to a pole barrier of a line leading up to it. On the northern wall
is a large bulletin board, citing all the departing times, trip lengths, and
the ticket prices.

(] Exits: south [)
(Charmed) A large dinosaur wearing a skull stands here.
Gatts is here.
Kolem is here.
Cramped behind the ticket window, Sherraine scratches and clicks on her pen repeatedly.
Dusk flies in from the south.

You say 'Somehow, I feel it is more urgent now than ever before that we find God.'

You say 'I hope your Couch brings us closer to Him.'