Nakajima Robotics - Entryway
Behind the large metal door of Nakajima Robotics lies the largest, and
only, robot production facility in Shrike. Nakajima is known for its
industrial robots, as well as various combat models. Each robot is made one
at the time, Nakajima not being big enough for large-scale automated
production. The floor is smooth concrete, with a large crane nearby to load
crates with robots inside to the loading dock for export.

(] Exits: north south [)
Artas is here.
Kolem is here.
Ageatii is here, with a fairy flitting around them.
Retroludus is here.
An engineer in a blue coverall is here, working on a robot.
A treaded, brass-colored robot sits idly here, being worked on.
Retroludus looks at a Nakajima Robotics engineer.

Imbibobot is lying on the ground, twisted up in a heap of unmoving metal limbs, as usual.

Kolem is currently struggling under the oppressive yolk of his people. Said people, in this case, being a drunken, busted robot. Why was he doing this?

Oh, right, he remembers. Because "Kolem's a friend to everybody". Right. Right. It'd be worth it, if he was up and running again!... hopefully!

A Nakajima Robotics engineer wolfs down a couple of egg yolks, then burps.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Excuse me!'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'That's my lunch. An egg a day keeps... something... away?'

Kolem says 'Oof... pardon me...'

Kolem looks at a Nakajima Robotics engineer.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Anyway, you probably aren't here to talk about my lunch!'

Kolem says 'No, I'm rather... not. Well, sort of not. I'm...'

Kolem says 'I'm here because of this guy.'

Kolem nudges the sorry sack of parts next to him.

Kolem says '"This guy."'

Kolem slumps down, exhausted.

Imbibobot rolls back and forth a bit from being nudged.

Kolem peers at a Nakajima Robotics engineer quizzically.

Kolem says 'Do you, uh... think you could fix him? At all?'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'This isn't a robot factory for nothin'!'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'You know what the problem is?'

Kolem says 'Well, he's not getting power, for one.. I think he's a he...'

Kolem says '..And he also drank tequila, and I think he's simulating drunkenness, and someone welded stuff over his access panels, and he's filthy.'

Kolem says 'Oh, and he thinks he met god.'

Kolem says '...uh... probably one of those?'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer nods.

Kolem flashes the most winning smile he can.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Abrupt theism in robots is usually a sign of impending problems.'

Kolem sits down, blinking.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'But beside that! That's quite the laundry list of issues.'

Kolem says 'Also, I have no clue who his maker is.'

Naiad looks at you.
Kolem looks at you.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'It's a good question.'

Lenai peers at the robot, Kolem, and the Engineer from her hiding place behind a garbage-receptacle, rather sneakily.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'A humanoid robot like that, we don't make 'em here. Bad politics. People don't like the idea of us makin' people.'

An adorable Skitty sniffs around a trash can.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Fact is, not many do. Of course, it's all the same on the inside.'

Kolem says 'Yeah.. I'm guessing Reploids would flip their lids, too...'

Lenai whispers, "Shoo, shoo..." swatting at the skitty.

Kolem tilts his head.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer nods.

An adorable Skitty jumps back towards the corner, glaring at Lenai.

Kolem says 'We already asked Mr. Wily, and he said he'd never be responsible for something like this, so...'

Kolem says 'I really don't know any others.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'You kidding me? Wily's just about the only guy around here who still makes teh humanoid models.'

Kolem shakes its head.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Teh? Excuse me! Little tongue-tied.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer coughs loudly.

Kolem says 'He got furious when I took digs at whoever soldiered bits over the access panels, but I really don't think this is his stuff. It's....'

Kolem says 'Pretty, uh.. Angular. Boxy.'

Kolem says 'He likes rounder models, right?'

Kolem pokes the body with a talon.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer shrugs helplessly.

Kolem sighs.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'He tends to like models with guns.'

Lenai accidentally knocks over the trash-can, spilling old papers and drink cans everywhere! Oh, and making a lot of noise.

Kolem whips around, startling.

Kolem looks at Lenai.

An adorable Skitty hisses at the sudden disturbance.

Lenai looks around quickly, spotting that she's been... Spotted.

Imbibobot is decorated with a coating of spilled old papers.

Lenai waves at Kolem.

Kolem says '...Uh.. He... llo... there..'

Lenai stands, brushing herself off.

Kolem blinks slowly.

Kolem looks at Lenai.

Lenai says ' Um... Hi.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Hey, you better know you're going to pick all that up!'

Kolem says '...'

Artas says ' What the?'

An adorable Skitty climbs into the trash can, looking for scraps.

Kolem says '...are you hungry or something?'

Artas looks at a Nakajima Robotics engineer.

Lenai gulps and begins to pick up some pieces of paper.

Lenai says ' Y-yes! Of course!'

Artas says ' oh...'

Kolem says '...You're hungry, so you're digging through trash cans?'

Artas looks at Lenai.

Kolem says 'City poverty seems to have gotten really bad since the last time I was here...'

Kolem tilts his head, and hums to himself.

Retroludus disappears into the Void.

Naiad looks at Kolem.

Kolem says 'No. No, that won't do!'

Kolem looks at Naiad.

Lenai tilts her head, handing a chocolate bar to the Skitty.

Artas patiently twiddles his thumbs.

Naiad says 'In a lab like this? You could find all sorts of things to sell to the right people, y'know.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer looks at Artas.

Kolem looks at Artas.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Excuse me, one minute! I'm dealing with a customer here.'

Lenai looks at you.

Kolem says 'Oh, r.. right.'

Lenai kneels down and pokes Imbibobot.

An adorable Skitty licks at the chocolate bar, then bites onto it and scampers into the corner with her prize.

Kolem says 'So anyway, this robot--how much do you think it would cost to fix?'

Artas snaps his fingers.

Some loose papers fall loose off Imbibobot as he is poked.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Right, let's get down to the nitty gritty. You need a quote.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Naiad stands up from its place, sitting against the wall near the door.

Naiad peers at Lenai quizzically.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Let's say, I don't know, 4000 gold for the job.'

Lenai repeatedly pokes the Imbibobot.

Kolem says 'Can you guarantee that'll cover all the costs?'

Naiad looks at Lenai.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Haha, nope! That's why they call it a quote!'

Kolem says 'People I know have really been giving me the runaround... ...'

Kolem says '...'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Because you can quote... me... hmm. That doesn't actually make any sense.'

Kolem says '...what, exactly, would that four thousand buy?'

Lenai lifts up the Bot's arm for a moment, examining it.

Naiad looks at you.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'One filthy functional robot! Probably.'

Artas notice the piece of paper on the floor.

Lenai thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'You want the straight talk, though?'

Artas pokes Lenai in the ribs.

Artas says ' I think you dropped those.'

Lenai grabs a napkin from her pocket, cleaning some of the dust off the Imbibobot.

Kolem says 'Yes, please.'

Artas points at the paper.

Lenai looks at the papers.

Lenai sighs.

Lenai picks up more of the papers.

Naiad coughs loudly.

Imbibobot is ever so slightly cleaner.

Kolem sighs, and turns to look at the little drunken troublemaker.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'You got here a robot of indeterminate origin, who, the way you tell it, has been tampered with. And...'

Naiad hops up onto a chair, then settles into a sitting position on the table.

Kolem says '...And?'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says '...oh, you cleaned up. Good! Didn't mean to give you a hard time, y'know?'

Naiad peers at Lenai quizzically.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says '...right, anyway!'

Naiad says 'Seems right to me that you give her a hard time, though..'

Naiad thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Lenai stands up, looking around, whistling idley.

Naiad says 'She agreed with your story..'

Naiad points at Kolem accusingly.

Naiad says '..stating that she was hungry, so she was digging in the trash.'

Kolem crouches by the robot, then looks up, blinking.

Naiad says '..then gives a chocolate bar to a cat?'

Lenai points at an adorable Skitty accusingly.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'You're paying me 4000 gold as insurance that I'm not going pissing somebody off by repairing this thing.'

Naiad glares at Lenai.

Kolem says '....'

Lenai backs up slowly. No need to start a conflict!

Lenai says ' Ehehe..'

Kolem says 'That "Somebody" wouldn't be a local manufacturer, would it?'

Kolem says 'Old guy, frizzy hair, high blood pressure?'

Dusk flies in from the south.

Dusk looks like he's about to go west, but suddenly stops short and looks confused.

Dusk scratches his head in confusion.

Kolem says '...'

Kolem says 'Hey, that's weird.'

Artas sighs.

An adorable Skitty curls up in the corner.

Kolem looks at Lenai.

An adorable Skitty goes to sleep.

Lenai blinks in utter disbelief.

Kolem says 'Why did you give the food to the cat?'

Lenai says ' H-hm?'

Lenai says ' I... Had food, and it looked hungry?'

Kolem says 'Aaagh, it's like trying to ride a Dodrio, I'm going three ways at once--okay, first.'

Kolem spins around and points dramatically at the Engineer.

Lenai giggles.

Kolem says 'YOU.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Listen, honestly? I have no idea if ol' frizzly hair has anything to do with this robot.'

Kolem gets Rune Metal from Banjo's Backpack.

Kolem says 'I don't have coins, but I bet this would be worth a lot.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'It doesn't matter either way. It's the fact that he *might* have something to do with it that means you pay me a premium.'

Kolem says 'Sensible! Reasonable. Expensive.'

Lenai gets out another chocolate bar and idley nibbles on it, watching the dramatic payment.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says '!'

Naiad peers at Lenai quizzically.

Naiad shrugs helplessly.

Lenai blinks at Naiad in confusion.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer is impressed by the impressive offer.

Naiad says 'Suspicious... but I don't have any evidence of wrongdoing other than that lie.'

Naiad sighs.

Kolem says 'If I give you this as a payment, can you get to work immediately?'

The shadow of an airship briefly passes over you.

Naiad looks at Kolem.

Lenai whistles appreciatively.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'That expensive... uh, er, wait. What is that, exactly?'

Kolem does not for a second break down in a sweat. He's too practiced at this sort of thing for that.

Naiad says 'Huh, I would think you'd get /that/ fixed in steps, instead of going for one package deal.'

Naiad looks at you.

Artas grumbles.

Kolem says 'It's a metal so rare that it's no longer found in natural deposits! Anywhere! Ever!'

Naiad snickers softly.

Naiad eats a piece of jerky.

Kolem says '...of course, I can always come back with cash...'

Kolem says '...if you think you can carry four thousand gold.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Oh, of course! I knew that.'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer didn't really know that.

Naiad mutters, "Suspicious, suspicious.." under its breath.

Kolem sighs.

Kolem says 'This town, it's next to impossible to get work started...'

Kolem says 'and you two, who are you?!'

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'Ok. I'll take that as a down payment.'

Kolem wanders over to the robot.

Dusk flies in from the north.

Kolem looks at Naiad.

Dusk closes his notepad as he strolls in.

Naiad says 'Me? This is a public facility, they let anybody in.'

Dusk says '"Ah, Sir Kolem. Have you had any luck with our friend?'

Kolem says 'Uh huh... well, what about--'

Kolem twitches slightly at the now-familiar voice.

Lenai points ar herself quizically.

Lenai says ' Me?'

Kolem says 'Uh... take over negotiations!'

Dusk scratches his head in confusion.

Kolem turns to look at the other girl.

Dusk says 'I take that as a 'no'.'

Dusk thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Kolem says 'What are you doing, looking for food and giving food to cats?'

Dusk glances at the time.

Kolem says 'He did offer a better price...'

Lenai would sweat if she actually had sweat glands.

Dusk says 'Mr. Engineer, may I call you that? I don't recall ever sharing names..'

Kolem crouches, and stares intently at Lenai....

Kolem says '...You're not...'

Lenai says ' I'm just... Looking around...'

Kolem says 'Natural, are you!'

Lenai coughs loudly.

A Nakajima Robotics engineer says 'The name's Francisco. Yours?'

Kolem says 'The smell's wrong! There's no heartbeat!'

Kolem says '...that I can tell from here anyway.'

Naiad raises an eyebrow.

Lenai hums like a bee with a chest cold.

Kolem narrows his eyes... and...

Lenai says ' I don't... Know what you're talking about.'

Naiad looks at Lenai.

Dusk says 'I'm Flor--er, I mean, 'Dusk'. I recall you wished for a payment of 5000 gold in return for your services on our friend here.'

Kolem says 'I can tell, you know. If you were an animal or a person, I'd know.'

Lenai gulps.

Kolem pauses. "Wrong one, Dusk!"

Artas mutters distractedly.

Dusk sits down and thinks deeply.

Kolem says 'He offered four thou!'

Lenai inches toward the door.

Dusk says 'Hmpf, Engineers. All the same.'

Dusk says 'Anyways, allow me to make my offer.'

Artas tap his foot impatiently.

Kolem says 'Ah ah ah, no running!'

Kolem looks at Artas.

Naiad looks at Lenai.

Lenai stops.

Dusk glances at the time again.

Kolem says 'You're not here for food, and you're not hungry, and you...'

Kolem says '...are you even breathing?'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Ah! Your offer. Alright. You got something wonderfully rare for me?'

Lenai says ' I am hungry though! But you said I was here for food, not me!'

Artas says ' I just want to know where the bathroom is...could we get this over with....'

Naiad glances at Kolem.

Lenai says ' I just... Have plenty of food anyway!'

Naiad says 'You know, I /can/ detect warm-blooded creatures. I'm a moogle, y'know.'

Naiad says 'You could've just asked me.'

Kolem sighs.

Kolem says 'Sorry, it's been a long week...'

Dusk says 'In about 75 seconds, this entire lab will fall apart in glorius, alcoholic flames of purity.'

Naiad peers at Dusk quizzically.

Kolem says '....wait, what did they just--'

Naiad says 'Alcoholic?'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Ah. Uh huh. Right.'

Naiad looks at you.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Er... uh...'

Dusk says 'I have decided that you are all heathens for treating the Prophet of Alcholism as mere trash to be bargained with.'

Kolem says 'Oh by the Cleft itself, how long did I turn my back? How long ago did I ask them to take over?'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer checks his watch.

Kolem says 'I don't want to look. I don't want to look. I don't want to...'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Uh, what? Really? Are y... you, uh...'

Kolem turns around and looks.

Lenai looks at you.

Dusk says 'As such, I am very comfortable with us joining the spirits of alcoholism together in a search for the truth.'

Lenai points at you accusingly.

Kolem says 'I'm sorry, I didn't, uh...'

An adorable Skitty wakes from her nap and yawns loudly.

Lenai says ' Prophet?'

Kolem looks at Naiad.

Naiad looks at Kolem.

Kolem says 'I didn't get your name...'

Naiad says 'Who, me?'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer is sweating quite a lot.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Uh, what? You're a nutcase, aren't you? Are you going to pay me or not?'

Naiad hops up and flutters an inch off the table before landing again.

Lenai looks at Naiad.

Kolem tilts his head, curious.

Dusk says 'But of course, you are free to..postpone the search for the truth if you were simply to restore life to the Prophet of Alcoholism.'

Dusk glances at the time.

Kolem says 'Oh, uh, Francisco...'

Kolem says 'this is our little buddy's, uh...'

Kolem coughs loudly.

Naiad says 'You know, one normally gives ones own name before asking that of others.'

Lenai says ' You know, you're small enough you could probably ride around on that kitty! Awww~'

Naiad looks at Kolem.

Dusk says '50 seconds. Oh, how long I have waited to share this joy.'

Kolem says 'Ah, right.'

Kolem says 'One moment, please forgive my rudeness...'

Dusk grins evilly.

Kolem turns around, whips his hand back, and sucker-smacks Dusk up the back of the head.

Kolem says 'OI!'

Dusk winces. Ouch!

Naiad mutters distractedly.

Kolem says 'Alcoholism is a way of... uh... Tolerance!'

Kolem says 'This is the Prophet of Alcoholism.'

Naiad says 'So many suspicious people here, what've I walked into?'

Kolem says 'Like I said, he.. uh... met.. god.'

Kolem rolls his eyes before Dusk turns around.

Lenai says ' That robot met god?'

Lenai makes a surprised face.

Kolem says 'Argh, this is all too confusing--okay. Okay, one step at a time...'

Dusk says 'Indeed. And I will not let some half bit, greedy Engineer stop me from attaining the power of--'

Kolem doublesmacks.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer screams loudly!

Dusk says '---er, I mean, finding the truth. Yes.'

Dusk glances at the time.

Kolem says 'Better.'

Dusk says '20 seconds.'

Kolem says 'Francisco, I apologize for my associate's eccentricities.'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Smack all you want later! Is this still a 50-second sort of threat or a 10 second sort of threat?'

Kolem says 'You said you can fix them, of course?'

Kolem shoots Dusk a Look.

Kolem says 'I would say five.'

Naiad shrugs helplessly.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Of course I can probably try to fix them!'

Kolem turns to the moogle...

Kolem says 'I'm Kolem. Nice to meetcha!'

Lenai tries to stand the Imbibobot up on his legs.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'I mean, fine, fine! I'll fix him! Whatever!'

Naiad nods and pats itself on its chest.

Kolem says 'Thank you very much, Francisco.'

Naiad says 'The name's Naiad, and why's your friend so crazy?'

Kolem gives Rune Metal to Francisco the Nakajima engineer.

Naiad looks at Dusk.

Imbibobot is stood up onto his feet.

Imbibobot topples right back over.

You sit down.

Kolem says 'My friend is... not the word I would use.'

Dusk says 'Excellent! You are a figure of history, my good Engineer. Though I had wished that we could all transcend the mortal realm together.'

Lenai pokes the Imbibobot.

Dusk says 'Hmm..10 seconds. I guess I'd better hurry.'

Naiad sighs at Francisco the Nakajima engineer.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Uh, that's great and all, but, uh, is there a bomb somewhere?'

Dusk says 'Gotta go! Carry on!'

Dusk flies north.

Dusk flies in from the north.

Kolem says '...Now, then, I didn't catch your name...'

A Cosmic Candle goes out.

Kolem says '...Honestly, I'm one part along for the ride, and three parts just trying to keep things from exploding.'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer wipes his forehead with a handkerchief.

Naiad shrugs helplessly.

Naiad says 'Seems to me like your.. acquaintance was just bluffing, anyways.'

Kolem suddenly gets a horrifically grave look.

Naiad says 'He couldn't possibly blow this place up, or your little robot buddy would never get fixed.'

Naiad says '..since it'd be caught up in the bomb.'

Kolem says '..right. Right. Of... course. Of course, right.'

Kolem says 'No one would be that nuts.'

Kolem says 'Speaking of nuts...'

Kolem turns to the other person...

Lenai says ' Mm... Nuts...'

Kolem says '...What are you doing with them?'

Kolem stares at Imbibobot.

Lenai says ' ...'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Who ya talkin' to? Me?'

Lenai rubs the back of her head.

Naiad looks at Francisco the Nakajima engineer.

Kolem says '..I might be talking to anyone, at this point--Francisco, why don't you get to work, and I'll be back in a bit...'

Kolem says 'You two, would you care to join me for lunch?'

Kolem says 'My treat. I swear!'

Lenai says ' Lunch?! Where?!'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Alright, you can count on me.'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Just don't blow the place up.'

Naiad says 'Hmm, well, I guess I could..'

Lenai scrambles up over the Kolem.

Naiad looks at Francisco the Nakajima engineer.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'I think I'm going to talk to management about building a door guard.'

Kolem blinks.

Dusk is pulled back into his own dimension.

Naiad looks at Kolem.

Kolem also, surprisingly, seems to be completely unburdened by this. He'd been lugging a robot around all week, this was nothing new.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer walks over to Imbibobot and hauls him up over his shoulder.

You now follow Francisco the Nakajima engineer.

Kolem says 'Shall we?'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Urf! Heavy!'

Kolem twitches nervously.

Francisco the Nakajima engineer says 'Come back in a few hours, alright?'

Francisco the Nakajima engineer leaves north.

Kolem says 'Right...'

Naiad hops down off the table and walks over to the cat, picking it up.

Carsanquay has transferred you.

Imbibobot is sucked into a black hole.

Transfer successful.

Lenai pokes Kolem in the ribs.

Kolem says 'There's a nice fake-wutaian restraunt near here, but I've got to stop by the bank, first...'

Lenai pokes Kolem repeatedly.

Kolem says '...gods, I'll never get Shrike.'

Naiad mutters under its breath, "Huh, stupid engineer couldn't even tell he was being conned into workin' for nothing, what an idiot."

Kolem says '...Yes, what, what is it.'

Kolem pauses...

Naiad looks at Lenai.

Kolem looks at Naiad.

Naiad beams a smile at Kolem.

Kolem says 'I was telling the truth.'

Naiad says 'Uh huh.'

Kolem says 'Gods. First the mithril, now the Fortune Metal...'

Lenai makes a kitty face and poke's Kolem's shell.

Naiad says 'Your claims that you have absolutely no way of verifying.'

Naiad says '"No longer found in natural deposits. Anywhere. Ever."'

Kolem says '...well, he's working now, right?'

Kolem says 'It worked!'

Naiad says 'You know.'

Naiad looks at a wooden fishing pole in its inventory.

Naiad says 'This fishing pole is so rare that it's not found in any natural deposits. Anywhere. Ever.'

Naiad nods.

Kolem says 'Well of course not.'

Kolem says 'Who's ever heard of mining for fishing poles?'

Naiad says 'I can't even remember the last time I heard of a fishing pole vein being discovered.'