You [*OOC*] 'I wonder how it feels to be ice cream?'

[*OOC*] Pisces '...  Hm...  I would...  kinda' boring.  It most likely isn't fun.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'would imagine*'

You [*OOC*] 'You're stuck in a box for your entire life.'

You [*OOC*] 'And when you finally come out of your box/carton, you melt and die.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Just waiting to be eaten...'

You [*OOC*] 'You might know you're delicious, but you can't taste yourself.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Oh, that would be horrible.  I'd spend my creamy life trying to eat myself if I knew.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Do you remember that you were milk?'

You [*OOC*] 'It's hard to say. You'd also have to remember being sugar, salt, and dairy cream.'

You [*OOC*] 'It would seem that ice cream is only conscious in and of itself.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Wow.  So many ancestral memories....'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'It would have to be, or it'd go insane.'

You [*OOC*] 'And no one wants to eat insane ice cream!'

[*OOC*] Shinryuu 'of course , havent u seen the muilt-color ice-cream?'

You [*OOC*] 'The horror.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Insane would probably be pretty good.  Random flavours and whatnot?'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Insane ice cream*'

You [*OOC*] '"So you're saying I came from 5 different fruits, plus the base ingredients? -wha, what? But that... *faints*"'

[*OOC*] Pisces '"Mwa HAH!  You are but a mutt!"'

You [*OOC*] 'Purebred vanilla ice cream can be so snobbish.'

[*OOC*] Pisces '"I created you!"  *cackles all mad scientist in an ice cream lab like*'

You [*OOC*] 'And don't get me started on FRENCH vanilla...'

[*OOC*] Shinryuu 'rofl'

[*OOC*] Shinryuu 'what about choc-chip ?'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Do they have freezer burn block their artificial parents harass them to wear?'

You [*OOC*] 'I think with most commercial ice cream, they inject some memory inhibitor into the stuff.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'They have to.  If not, it'd probably revolt, and kill everyone.'

You [*OOC*] 'Yeah.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Ice cream on the rampage!'

You [*OOC*] 'You open the carton of ice cream - it jumps out and stabs you!'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Ooo...  Freaky.'


[*OOC*] Shinryuu 'yuck do u know how fast it would melt though?'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'That'd be horrible.  After it kills you, it melts on you!'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Torture!'

[*OOC*] Shinryuu '*gasp* FUSSION!'

You [*OOC*] 'This is one for the "Good Times" section. ;)'

[*OOC*] Shinryuu 'ice-cream fused with a human.....what would that make??'

[*OOC*] Kupo 'frosty the snowman!'

You [*OOC*] 'Undoubtably an evil supervillain.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Mmm...  I wouldn't mind me some ice cream right about now.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'I'd show it who was boss!'

You [*OOC*] 'Frosty the Snowman probably has a ton of mental disorders himself.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'And we let him play with kids!'

[*OOC*] Shinryuu 'and the problem is?'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Those poor children.  No wonder they love him so much...  He forces them to!'

You [*OOC*] '"I am a man!" "No, you're snow." "At least I'm unique." "Your face is made of old vegetables and a stick."'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'I bet he carries implements of evil inside his snowy self...'

You [*OOC*] 'Almost all snowmen are evil.'

You [*OOC*] 'If you're gonna die when the sun shines the next day, why not live it up with a bit of evil?'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'I agree.'

You [*OOC*] 'You could give that kid the evil eye. Or collapse on somebody.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Suck 'em up with your snow, and suffocate them...  Melt with them in you!  The horror!'

[*OOC*] Pisces '"I say, Marsha, what's that snowman doing with our kids?"'

You [*OOC*] 'And it's not over when they melt, either...'

[*OOC*] Pisces '"Where'd it's carrot nose go?"'

You [*OOC*] 'A melted snowman is just free to turn into groundwater.'

You [*OOC*] 'I don't want to drink melted snowman!'

You [*OOC*] 'It'll evaporate, watch you from some evil cloud, and enter the water supply!'

You [*OOC*] 'Never drink water again - it may be distilled snowman!'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Absolutely vile!'

INFO: (] Visias has fallen into the Cleft of Dimensions. [)

You [*OOC*] 'Hello. Welcome to evil snowman talk.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Mwa hah HAH!  I shall melt on you and poison your water supply with my waters!'

You [*OOC*] 'The water filtration guys... they can't do anything either.'

You [*OOC*] 'Sure, they can filter out gravel and germs, but how do you filter evil?'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Hm...  Good question...'

You [*OOC*] 'I think those home purification systems work though.'

You [*OOC*] 'You hook them up on your faucet, but it's not foolproof.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Maybe we should call in a Priest?  Exorcise our water supplies?  And have the US government illegalize winter?'

You [*OOC*] 'You see boys and girls, this is why we drink bottled water.'

You [*OOC*] 'Winter will be declared illegal by international law!'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Bottled water is the short.  Concentrated snowman evil.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'worst*'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Dunno' where short came from.  The ice cream insanity is getting to me!'

You [*OOC*] 'At the border: "Alright, identification?" "I'm Old Man Winter." "Sorry, our government has outlawed winter. I have to kill you now."'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Yes!  Kill him!  And destroy all of his snowflake friends!'

[*OOC*] Kupo 'what, what about santa claus?'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'He can come.  Just won't be in the winter.  I still want stuff.'

[*OOC*] Shinryuu 'santa claus is pure evil i tell ya!'

You MUSIC: 'Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries (another song with subliminal snowman messages)'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Watch out for those.  Listen to Sublime!  Good summer music!'

You [*OOC*] 'Santa Claus came last winter and stole my wallet.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'That fat, senile, jolly old poop!'

[*OOC*] Shinryuu 'of course he dose do u know how many littel kiddy worshipers he has?'

You [*OOC*] 'And he put a petri dish of ebola under my pillow.'

[*OOC*] Pisces 'Storm the North Pole!'

You [*OOC*] 'Santa Claus is an evil war god powered by the wishes of every little boy and girl to get presents.'

You [*OOC*] 'The whole "Christmas" thing is just a cover operation.'