Cosmo Canyon. Home to people, inns, and now a rather confused looking pillar of armor and slightly rank odor. Sir Gustav of Langsdorfer found himself in this settlement after taking a minor mission from a woman in Truce. It had involved imps. Gustav did not like imps anymore.

Kimen's face was smudged with chalk. She had abandoned her reading for the morning and had instead decided to spend her time in HELL decorating the wall with drawings of rabites and moogles. Once she was done, the child stood up, dusted off her hands and picked up her chalk bucket. It was time to seek other places to draw. She slipped through the blanket that was currently serving as a door to the secret base and stepped out into the small balcony area, squinting at the bright noonday sun. There was quite a view from here. Kimen could see most of Cosmos, including the candy shop she and Coloumb frequented. But there was something different but familiar in the view this time, and Kimen waved and called down to him from above, "Sir Gustav! Hi!" She yelled with a bright smile.

Gustav looked around as he heard a friendly, and familiar, voice say his name. The knight cocked his head for a few moments before recognizing the child which called to him. "Ah! Kimen, ist es gut dich zu sehen."

"You remembered me!" Kimen clapped excitedly, though he didn't really understand the rest of what the man was saying. "I'll be right down!" He said, then carefully climbed down the cliff side wall, bucket of chalk rattling with each step. Once he was on the ground the child closed the distance between himself and Gustav, pointing to the bucket, "Want to draw with me?"

Gustav stared blankly at the chalk, even going so far as to move his shield so he can squat properly and look inside at the colorful sticks within. "Wast ist das? Winzigen Farbsticks?"

Kimen blinked at the man, almost grasping what he was asking the child. "Its chalk, Sir Gustav." Kimen selected a bright red color and offered it to him. "We can make pictures together. The rocks are perfect!" The man probably didn't understand what Kimen was saying, but she was still spoke enthusiastically. She didn't want to see the man become discouraged again by their language barrier.

Gustav collected the chalk from Kimen, holding it oddly at first, as if he had no idea what to do with it. Then Gustav looked back at Kimen. The child had some kind of... strange coloring on their face and hands. Was that the point of this? Gustav saw very little point, but he didn't want to be rude to Kimen. Lifting the chalk, Gustav began applying it to the front of his helmet. "So was?"

Kimen quickly covered his mouth to try to stifle the giggle that rose up as Gustav started to draw on his helmet. It wasn't very well suppressed though, even with both hands. "Hahaha," He gave up and simply let himself laugh, shaking his head "No, Sir Gustav. I'll show you!" He selected a yellow, a brown from the bucket, then knelt down over the smooth stone ground at their feet. He made one large brown circle and colored it in. Then he took the yellow and started making oval shapes around the circle until there was a very crudely sunflower drawn there. See? Its a flower!"

Gustav watched the child draw a flower, and then touched the drawing. "Blume?" He seemed to catch the point of the drawings, reaching down with his red and beginning to rub the chalk against the ground, apparently just testing his ability at scribbling.

Kimen smiled and nodded, "Yes, Bloom!" Kimen started making a series of small stars above the flower using the yellow she currently had in her hand, peppering the ground with them and surrounding them with tiny lines so that they looked to be twinkling.

With some work, Gustav had sketched out a rough looking solid field of red.. At this point, he looks around for a few moments, before tapping you and pointing to the chalk in the child's hand. "Darf ich?" He seemed to be on to something at the moment, possibly trying to communicate with images?

Kimen looked at the yellow chalk in his hand then held it up, "Yellow?" He asked pointing to it and then holding it to Gustav to take, "Do you want the yellow chalk?"

Gustav collected the yellow chalk, regarding it for a few moments before stating. "Yallow? Gelb." Having made a cursory attempt, Gustav reached down and began drawing something in the middle of the red field. It's... difficult to tell what it is, really. Truely the knight was not the best artist.

"Yellow." Kimen said with a nod, picking up the green and pointing to it, "This is green." He went back to his drawing, making was appeared to be a little green baldheaded person with pointed ears.

Gustav stepped back from his work after a few moments. Honestly it was barely recognizable, but some semblance to a lion rearing up on it's back legs remained. Gustav nodded to the creation. "Cirrah."

Kimen selected the blue from the bucket and then looked over to Gustav's drawing. It was hard to make out what he was trying for, but Kimen tried to make a guess, "A cat...or lion?" She tilted her head to the side trying to figure it out.

"Es ist ein Lowe. Noch wichtiger ist, ist es meine land." Gustav tried to explain things, before realizing that it was probably next to impossible to understand him.

Kimen sat on the ground, crossing his legs and thinking. To be honest, even without understanding the knightís words he had some sort of idea what this man was trying to show him once he figured out it was a lion or beast of some sort. The child had seen a dozen pictures with a similar image... though better drawn. And the fact that the child picked up the word 'land' only helped to confirm his thoughts. "So, this is the symbol from your land, Sir Gustav?"
Gustav stared at the child. "Land, Ja." It was hard to tell if the kid knew what he was saying, or just repeating things. Still, the Knight looked back down to his flawed drawing. It had been a long time since he had seen his king's flag. And even in this form it still made him miss home, and his people.

Kimen smiled softly at Gustav, then reached up and tugged lightly on his hand, "Sir Gustav, want to see a trick?" The child crawled over to the knight's drawing and tapped the ground with her finger. Magic flared over the image he had drawn and the chalk particles lifted themselves from the ground. The field of red and the lion hung in the air, whipping gently in a non-existent breeze much like a flag does. With her other hand she reached over and tapped the drawing of the little green imp. It pulled itself up off of the ground and toddled over to the flag, but as soon as it got to close, the lion leapt down from its place and opened its mouth letting out a mighty, though silent roar. The imp responded by turning and fleeing immediately, crumbling away until its image fell back to the ground as nothing but a green smear. The lion's duty done, it leapt back up into its red territory, reclaiming its place there. Kimen let the drawing fall back to the ground carefully so as not to destroy it.

Gustav stepped back as Kimen's 'trick' played out, watching with interest and slight trepidation. "Sie sind eine Hexe." Honestly, he doesn't sound horribly pleased, and already things were playing out in his head. Caius had portrayed all the witches of this place to be some kind of horrible murderer. Except that one person. And the other one. Gustav pondered this. If they can be not-witches, then surely Kimen could be too.

Kimen disconnected the flow of magic between himself and the chalk, then looked up at the man brows knitting with worried. Gustav didnít seem happy, "Did I do something wrong?" Kimen tilted his head to the side.

Gustav shook his head. "Nein, ich bin sicher, dass Caius ware in Ordnung mit Ihnen." The displeasure in Gustav's voice was gone, replaced by the normal, vaguely knight-y tone he had. Seeking to change the subject, Gustav talked once more. "Kimen, wo ist Drink?"

Kimen nervously scratched the back of her neck. For a moment there she was pretty sure it sounded like she had done something bad and she was worried about what might have made the knight react the way it did, but then it dawned on her. It was the magic. Mr. Kent used to be a knight. And Mr. Kent hated magic. Sir Gustav was a knight so maybe he was from the same world as Mr. Kent where knights were taught to hate magic. Kimen was about to apologize when the knight seemed to move on to something else. "Oh, A drink?" The child's gaze looked down the road towards one of the shops. Quickly kimen picked up her chalk and deposited it into the bucket. "I know the candy store sells drinks! Really good ones too!" She stood up and took the knights hand, pulling him in its direction. "I'll pay!"

Gustav happily followed Kimen, depositing his chalk into the bucket as well before he was pulled along by the child, 'helpless' to resist their wants.