The noon sun beat down on the streets of Truce, causing even the most lightly armored adventurers to reconsider wearing their armor today. Yet, regardless of the heat, one man in particular seemed to be vaguely wandering the streets in full plate. Gustav eventually ended his wandering at the fountain, whereupon he used a nearby bucket to douse himself with 'cool' water.

Kimen's arms were full, carrying a couple of bags as well as a huge bean bag chair that obstructed her view. Luckily with the heat of the day many people had chosen to stay indoors where it was cooler, but she couldn't help but bump into things occasionally as she walked, one such thing being Gustav. The child fell backwards onto her bottom as she collided with him, "Sorry!" She said quickly.

Gustav turned and stared are the pillow-y chair and bags that had collided with him. After a few moments, the Knight noticed the... little girl? that was behind the collision. "Was ist das? Bist du in Ordnung?"

Kimen pulled his feet out from under the chair and climbed up the side of the beanbag chair, "hello! Are you alright, Mister?" He asked, then cocked his head to the side looking at the man. He hadn't spoken Cleft common just now, had he? "Guess you might not have understood that, huh?" He smiled at him, "Well, that is okay! I mean, you are bound to pick up the language here eventually!"

Gustav stared at the child for several more seconds. If they were talking this much, it seems like they would be okay. Still, Gustav just... Could Not figure out what gender the child was. It was that weird childhood age. "Ich bin froh, dass Sie scheinen in Ordnung." He touched his chestplate, and spoke again. "Ich bin Sir Gustav von Langsdorfer. Und Sie?"

Kimen listened to his words carefully, but didn't understand any of them until he got to the 'Sir' part. Then the child's eye's lit up and she smiled, "Sir Gustav! So... Langsfdorfer would be where you are from, right? Sir, Gustav of Langsdorfer." She pointed to herself excitedly, "I'm Kimen!" Then she held out her hand to him, "Nice to meet you, Sir Gustav!

Gustav smiled inside of his helmet. This child, besides Caius, actually seemed to have an idea for who he was. Or, more accurately, his title. Gustav patted down his armor, and after moving a plate he retrieved an old, dirty gold coin. "Solch ein intelligentes Kind. Gehen Sie kaufen etwas Leckeres."

Kimen's hand fell back onto the giant beanbag and he looked confusedly at the coin in the knight's hand, not sure what he was trying to tell him, "The coin?" He scratched the back of his head then shook it. Despite being able to pick out a couple words he still didn't understand. "I'm sorry, I am not sure what you mean."

Gustav sighed. It seems communication had broken down again. That was happening a lot, recently. He couldn't even get any of the other people who followed Caius to speak to him. Besides that one fellow who just... endlessly blathered. And air of palpable depression surrounds Gustav.

Kimen frowned as he heard the man sigh. It had to be frustrating to be in a strange world where no one understood you. Kimen felt kind of sorry for the man. "Sir Gustav, don't get discouraged. You will pick it up in no time, I'm sure! You just need to start off taking little steps!" She said, trying to sound encouraging as she circled around the beanbag chair to the fountain. She pointed to herself, "Kimen." She said, then reached down and brushed her hand over the surface of the water in the fountain, "Water." The child then scooped up some with her hand and drank a gulp, "Drink." Smiling Kimen pointed to Gustav and wiped her mouth. "You try."

Gustav watched Kimen as they begin doing... something. Was the child trying to teach him? "Wasser." Gustav stated as he pointed down at the water. "Es ist... Waster?" He puzzled for a few moments. The words actually sounded fairly similar, if he concentrated. "Und sie Trinken." He collects some of the water in a mailed hand and raises it up. "Trinken."

"Close." Kimen sounded it out for the man, all the while smiling "Wa-ter. Water. And Drink has a 'D' sound. D-D-Drink" Kimen pointed to himself and repeated the same action from earlier, "I drink water." Then he pointed to Gustav, "You drink water.

Gustav dutifully followed along. "Wa-ter. Water." The knight repeated this to himself several more times, putting emphasis on the W, under his breath, before nodding. "Das ist Water. Und Ich... Drinken?"

"You're getting it! Good job Sir Gustav!" Kimen cheered as Gustav managed to pronouce 'water' correctly. "Though, its just 'Drink'" Kimen shook her head, "Not 'Drinken'. I-ee dreenk water. I drink water."