The sun peeks it's head over the tall trees of the Rabite Forest. As the sun kisses the land with it's life-giving warmth, Julexa and the Lopunny are wide awake--well, I guess you can say been awake--aand are eating breakfast. The Lopunny is seen cutting up some fish, and feeding the small Pichu like it was one of her newborns. After a bit of a struggle she manages to get it into her mouth. Something is different about the little Pichu today--she is chubbier then usual. You can see it in her cheeks and hips mostly.

Kalin moved slightly as a worried look appeared on his face. He body was still shut down, asleep from the long night before. His mind, however, was elsewhere. He believed himself to be sitting on a bench in Truce next to Mogwai and Finn, smiling at other critters in the area. Julexa was playing with their new guest while other pokemon that Kalin may or may not have seen before seemed to instill a peaceful feeling around the town.

Upon Kalin's head rested a metal helmet, overlooking the diamondlike armor partially worn on his chest area and tail. A red jewel sat in center of the armor, indicating only one thing: Dialga had been slain. A new golden age for all pokemon in the cleft had begun. Kalin had battled the evil humanoids and ushered in equality for all beasts. But as some time passed, the fortress of mana blinked into existance overhead.

The shafts on the bottom opened up and blue energy could be seen forming inside of it. Kalin's heart raced; he'd seen what happened the last time he witnessed such a thing. And before he could figure out anything, the fortress rain death down on the city, oblitering everything he had fought so hard for. Finn and Mogwai were the first to go, then Julexa and Lopunny. Kalin's armor had somehow protected him for a time, only for him to watch everything he cared for be destroyed.
And once there was nothing left, he glanced up and saw Darkrai's face inches away from his own glaring into his eyes.

At that point, Kalin's eyes snapped open as he rose to his feet and panted quickly. His eyes quickly gazed over his surroundings: his home, safe and sound from the oppression of manipulators and destroyers. Julexa and Lopunny seemed to be awake already, which caused Kalin to let out a deep sigh and to fall over to his side. A nightmare.

Julexa looks over at Eevee, and wobbles over to him, and speaks in a deeper voice then normal: "Pichu pi.("Are you okay?")" She asks, looking down at him. The Lopunny walks over, patting the Eevee's head and sitting down next to him. "Lopunny?("What happened?")" She asks as she glances to Julexa for a brief moment.

Kalin shook his head slowly and whispered in a soft voice, "Vee. (Just a dream..nothing more.)" With that, he rose up again and stretched out his legs. "Eevee? (Have you guys eaten yet?)" asked the Eevee, glancing over towards Julexa and cocking his head to the side. Something about her seemed different.

Julexa lets out a sickly groan as the Lopunny manages to stuff the last piece of fish into the Pichu's mouth. "Pichu pichu.("So sick....urgh..")" Is all she can say as the Lopunny ruffles the Pichu's ears. "Lo--punny! ("Yup! Fed her an entire koi fish this morning..couldn't stand her being so skinny.")" The Lopunny said, as Julexa keels over with a flump, her stomach rippling a little from all of the fish she was made to eat as she hits the floor, making soft groaning noises as the fish tries to settle in her stomach.

Kalin blinked a couple of times in awe. -How- did she manage to get Julexa to eat so much fish? "Eevee! (Haha! I'm impressed! See sis, fish isn't so bad, is it?)" asked the Eevee has he made his way over to Julexa to scratch her head with his paw. "Vee. (Gosh, when you put it that way, you make it sound like I've been starving her.)"

The Lopunny laughed a little. "Lopunny, lo---pu---nny!("Simple. I held her mouth open with one hand, and slid the fish in and let her taste it for herself. Turned out, she ate the rest without too much trouble.")" She says, with a triumphant look in her eyes. Julexa could only groan in response. "Lopunny, lo..lo--punny.("Oh..where's my manners, forgot to introduce myself. Name's Candice, and you are?")" She says, as she pats the Kalin's head again.

Did she forget already? Kalin feared that his new friend's memory was as short as his sisters. "Eevee. (It's Kalin. Are you feeling better now? About being here, I mean. A lot of new arrivals take it pretty harshly.)"

The Lopunny blinks "Lopunny?("Kalin? Oh right--you did tell me before. Sorry.")" She says, as she gently picks up Julexa and pinches her cheek gently. "Lo-lopunny..lop..?("I am not sure how to take this. I was taking a walk with my two newborn Buneary when I suddenly find myself getting light-headed and end up here...")" She says, rubbing her head some, with a shrug afterward.

"Eevee. (I see.)" said Kalin, bowing his head and thinking to himself. Anything could have happened..but if she had fallen at that exact point, could her newborns have fallen in too? And if they did..were they still alive? The uncertainty is what kept Kalin from bringing the thoughts up. He had no spawn, but he could imagine the worry that Candice could be going through. Perhaps a change in subject was necessary. "Vee. (So what was your world like?)"

The Lopunny glances down at Kalin. "Lopunny. Lop...lo-punny..lopunny--punny.("It was a nice, secluded grove in one of the forests. A big meadow near a dirt path overlooking a river and many miles of forests to walk though. Trainers came through regularly, but never caught us because we were too far in the forests. I recently gave birth to two Buneary...both female..and we were walking to the river for the two to play in...when I suddenly felt I am!")" She says. Julexa falls silent--sounds alot like how she got here.

Kalin's ears twitched at the mention of a particular word. "Vee? (Trainers?..are you a pokemon?)" asked Kalin with anticipation. Had he lived in a world like Julexa's, he'd likely have been able to tell by appearance alone. It always intrigued him that so many pokemon, so similar, could live in such vastly different places.

Candice nodded, wiggling her brown, powerpuff tail. "Lopunny. ("Last I checked!")" She said, amusedly, as Julexa manages to sit up now and listen. "Pichu pi..?("Forests? Sounds like how I got here..except I fell into a Diglett hole before reappearing here...always thought that Digletts were hiding something...this only proves my thought process..)" She says, idly while listening to the duo talk.

"Eevee! (Wow! Sounds like you came from a world a lot like Julexa's, then. We're pokemon too, but we came from different worlds. My world..isn't as pretty as yours. It's interesting how that can be, isn't it?)" asked Kalin, suddenly very interested in hearing more. He had not realized Lopunny was just like them.

Patting Kalin's head again, Candice nodded. "Lop..lopunny, lop!("Sure can. This wold is interesting too....just hope my children didn't fall in here too..and my mate doesn't miss me terribly." She says, with a sigh. "Lopunny?("You said yours isn't as pretty? What's your world like?")" She asks as she sits cross-legged now. Julexa waddles like a prinplup to the cave mouth to get some fresh air.

Kalin's ears dropped a little as the images of his black and white world entered his mind. He waited for Julexa to leave before starting; he didn't like telling her about it. "Eevee..(Well..every day was a struggle to survive. There aren't many humans left, and a bunch of pokemon called Sableeye oppress the weak for a selfish, powerful pokemon. Time stood still, winds didn't blow, water's didn't rage. After being here for as long as I have, I wonder how any of us managed to get by.)"

Candice sits there, blinking some as Kalin told his tale. "Lopunny?("Time..stood still? Is that..even possible?")" She asks, scratching her head some. "Lop, Lo--punny?("I don't believe it, that sounds like crazy talk to me.")" She says, softly, as Julexa can be heard sitting outside the cave mouth, catching her breath for a moment before walking on.

"Vee. (A pokemon named Dialga made it possible. He had power to manipulate time itself; something that turned him into a god. And the only pokemon who could do anything about it sacrificed itself to keep the world from falling into the cleft.)" Kalin supposed Darkrai was right to some degree..such a fate would have been better than that which resulted.

Candice just nodded. Know what this called for? A Hug. Candice took it upon herself to give Kalin a quick hug. She didn't linger--she knew how uncomfortable he was when he tried to carry her, but--a quick hug couldn't hurt..she released him as quick as she grabbed him. By then, Julexa can be heard waddling back up the path towards the cave. Gotta work off all that fish somehow!

Kalin smiled a little as Candice let him go. The warmth of a fellow pokemon..that thought gave him some peace. And empowerment on an idea he already had. "Eevee! (Hey Candice..before you showed up here, Julexa and I were talking about other pokemon in the cleft. Do you think it could be possible to..I don't know..unite them? echo You haven't seen everything there is to see yet, but from what we've seen..other beasts are civilized here, yet pokemon like us are still treated like food and objects. I want to think that we can change that..that we can find a place just for us, where pokemon all over can come together to share their joys and pains. I guess it sounds kind of silly..but I want to believe in such a place.)"

Candice smiled, she didn't think it sounded crazy....just alot of work. "Lopunny!("Why not give it a shot? What do you have to lose...your time and effort?")" She says, bending forward to look into Kalin's eyes. "Lopunny lop!("Shoot for the stars, Kalin. You never know what you'll accomplish if you don't try!")" Just then, Julexa rolls into the cave, and flops onto her back, winded from walking to the tree and back.

'Shoot for the stars, huh..?' thought Kalin as he briefly imagined the idea of a pokemon paradise. Kalin shook his head slightly. "Eevee! (You're right, but..I don't think I have what it takes to run such a place. Not saying that I'm giving up, but I think my role would just be to find a place and gather friends. Others are better suited to the specifics.."

Kalin started to ramble on about some of the things he saw in Treasure Town. He told Candice all about the world of the past, the time gears, and the Guardians who guarded them. And the hero who emerged from the falling Temporal Tower and how he gave his life to save Kalin's.