"It's pretty cool that your friend let us use this..what did he call it? Helloshopper?" asked Caleb, glancing over towards Gizmo. Jameson sat on a seat nearby, passed out from all the bullshit that he's had to go through for these damn kids.

Gizmo nods, noting that Mogwai appears fairly distracted by looking out the window "Helicoptor. Well, he calls it a Gitmidur, but whatever. Anyway... there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a while. Ever since I first laid eyes on you."

"Oh? What is it?" asked Caleb, curious. He petted Xenayo with his left hand, who slept comfortably on the seat next to him.

Gizmo stops for a second, laughing in spite of herself at what it sounds like she's implying "I think... I'm pretty sure I've watched you die. In my time, I'm fighting Dialga by myself. All of you have your reasons you can't come with me... and yet while tracking down Dialga I saw a vision. Time stopped for just a brief moment, and in it I saw you, and two others. You, and some... tall cat thing. The way you were all looking at me, it was like we'd known each other all our lives. And I felt a feeling of loss... like I'd lost something I never knew I had."

Caleb blinked a couple of times, not sure what to say. "That's..a little strange. Are you sure you're not confusing me with someone else? I've only been here from the moment I..er.." Caleb stopped, not really wanting to remind his new friends of the way they met. "..fell into the cleft."

Gizmo nods "Well, that's the issue. I've never seen the other two either. But I'm certain it's you. I've been led to believe that dying to Dialga means you cease to exist... and cease to have ever existed. Which does beg the question of how you're standing here now, however."

Gizmo continues "There's... other things as well. My whole pursuit of Dialga is a grand paradox. I can't remember anything about why I set off and..." she grimaces, wiping blood from her nose "...I don't like to think about it. But I imagine Dialga erasing what led me there is the cause of that."

"You believe I died..fighting Dialga?" asked Caleb, trying to wrap his head around the idea. "What about Kalin? Surely he was with me. I'd never attempt to confront Dialga without him."

Gizmo shakes her head "Unfortunately... I don't know. My knowledge of that initialy timeline is pieced together from paradoxes and conjecture. When Dialga changed the timeline, it was then always that way. For all I know, he may have died back then. You may have had a reason to leave him behind. To be honest... we'll probably never know for sure."
Gizmo continues "I have to ask... did anything odd happened when you entered the Cleft?"

"Well..I suppose.." Caleb said softly, raising his left hand up from the Growlithe's fur to look at his palm. "Darkrai said that I was fading away when I first fell into the cleft..it's how he caught up and 'took' me. Being a part of Darkrai for as long as I had..it changed me. There's this..darkness in my heart and my mind that I have not been able to shake. I don't really know how to explain it, but it makes me feel..empty."

"And it's why I want to rescue Kalin as soon as we can. I don't want him to go through what I'm going through." Caleb stopped for a second to glance at Mogwai. "He's got a lot more to live for than I do."

Gizmo hugs Caleb close "Don't be so sure of that. Whatever the reason... whatever the cause... I followed you to gods know where, to face... well, a god. I can't think of many reasons why I'd do that... The ones I can think of make me so, so sorry I couldn't save you. And I'm still sorry. About everything."

Caleb tensed a little, caught off guard by the sudden hug. Regardless, he wrapped an arm around the moogle and patted her armored back. "Hey..there's no reason to apologize. I mean, I'm right here, right? And I didn't mean to sound like I'm ready to kick the Duskulls. Hey, maybe we can all go after Dialga together..if ol' man grumps is up to it!"

Gizmo shakes her hea "No... if there's one thing I know, it's that us mortals can't change the timeline. Believe me, I've tried. You all have your reasons for not going with me and... I've already tried to change the fact. Still..." she says, with a smile afterwards "You can worry about the future some other time. We've got a here and now to live in first."

Caleb nodded, "You're right." He then turned towards Mogwai and thought to try to cheer her up for the potential upcoming battle. "Hey..don't worry, Mogwai. We'll see Kalin again very soon. I'll bet he's been thinking about you the entire time, and that that's giving him the strength to go on."

Mogwai jumps at the mention of her name "Hmm? Oh... Yeah, I figured if anything, he'd get too distracted to worry too much. He's stoic in his own way like that."

Caleb chuckled a little at the word 'stoic'. "So, what should we do once we're all reunited? I kind of want to go exploring this world; there's so much to see! But I guess what I really want is for Kalin to be happy. What about you guys? What do you plan to do when this is all over?"

Mogwai thinks on this a little "I want to go do some more exploring. Not grand quests, not rushing for our lives. Just seeing the sights." Gizmo simply responds "I'm sure whatever we do, we'll all be together."