Julexa returns to the Manor as the sun begins to set. Realizing that she's alone, she crawls onto a couch nearby...and curls up, falling asleep until everyone returns to the manor.

As sleep overcame the Pichu, she would soon find herself somewhere else. It was a perfect sunny day with only a few clouds in the sky. Sunlight illuminated the nest through the hole in the ceiling, making Kalin perfectly visible as he entered the mouth of the cave. "Wake up, sis! Are you ready to go on that adventure I promised you?"

Julexa rubs her eyes and slowly wakes up, giving as big of a yawn as she can muster. Waking up, she sees Eevee and immediately squishes him between her arms. "Eevee! You bet I'm ready! I've been waiting for what feels like ever for you to return...I'm just glad to see you again. " She says, nuzzling a cheek into Eevee's collarbone. "What did you have in mind?"

Kalin smiled as he turned towards the cave entrance and began to walk out into the sunlight. "Have you ever wondered what might be in that other cave just north of here? I think we should check it out, who knows what treasures we could find! Oh, but.." Kalin stops for a minute to examine the little Pichu. "Why, this won't do! Something seems to be missing, doesn't it?" asked the Eevee, staring at his sister and expecting a response.

Julexa peeks down at her form, then up to Eevee was a quizzical look. "Something's...missing? What do you mean something's missing?" She asked, not in a tone of malice, but more of curiousity as she spins in pace a few times to look around. "What's missing?" She asks, spinning in place one more time as if to enforce a point.

Kalin watched as Julexa circled about with an amused look on his face. As much as fun as it was, he felt like he shouldn't torture the poor girl. "Oh, I know! You need a scarf, like me! EVERY explorer has to wear one!" exclaimed the Eevee as he began to make his way to a nearby pile of leaves. "And it just so happens.." started Kalin as he dug through the pile and pulled out a blue scarf with his paws, turning around and wrapping it around Julexa's neck.

"..that I have one right here! What do you think? Oh, and look at the end here: see that symbol?" asked the Eevee, pointing at a pair of circles that look like an attempted pokeball. "That's our team symbol! Because we're Team Manashock, the best explorers in the cleft!"

Julexa grips the bandana in her paws, looking at the symbol. "Wow. Our own adventure team? That's amazing!" She says, as she scampers up to Eevee.

"You bet it is! Alright then, let's goooo!" shouted Kalin as he began to take off towards the north, slowing down a little to glance back and make sure his exploring partner wasn't far behind.

Julexa follows behind Eevee, with a cute smile on her face. "Let's see what's in the cave to the north!" She said, with excited glee as she scampers along beside him "Do you know what you'd want to look for in there?" She asks Eevee now as they make a turn at the bush to head north.

"Nope! It'll be my first time in there, too. There could be anything waiting for us! Shiny stones, delicious berries, you name it!" said the Eevee, clearly attempting to hype his little sister for the long promised adventure. As the pair of pokemon reached the cave's mouth, they were interrupted by a voice heard nearby. "Hey! Hey, you two!" Kalin stopped to look around. "Huh? Did you hear something, sis?"

"Hey, I'm right here!" exclaimed the voice, to which the Eevee seemed completely hopeless on locating. "That's strange! Do you know where it might be coming from?" asked Kalin as he turned to face Julexa. No apparent hiding places seemed to be nearby...other than one obvious little bush.

Julexa glances over at the nearby bush "Maybe from in here?" She asks, as she parts the bush slightly to see if anything was in it. As a true explorer, you mustn't leave any stone, or bush, unchecked. However, she doesn't stick her head inside fully...just far enough to be able to see inside of it. She still remembers what last time was like...very much so.

As Julexa peeked her head in, the entire bush suddenly popped up a little and jumped back, revealing a Deku Scrub. "Whoa there sister, not so close!" exclaimed the scrub as it shook its bush and held out a bag. "I'm a merchant! I'm selling these apple gummies here for a few pieces of silver. You two want any?" Kalin grit his teeth and scratched the back of his head with his paw.
"Aw geez..I'd love some, but we can't afford it..Oh, I know! How about a loan? We're about to explore this cave, so we can bring back some of the treasure we find!" The Deku Scrub strangely didn't seem phased by the offer, instantly accepting the idea. "Treasure? It's a deal!" The Eevee smiled as the Scrub handed the bag of gummis to Julexa. "How about that, sis? Our own bag full of apple gummis! I guess we'd better keep our word and go find some treasure, huh?"

Julexa blushes, but nods "Yeah, we should! Sorry Mr..uh, I'm not sure what you are!" She says, as she tries to put it's "hair" back to the way it was before, patting it as an apologetic motion as she eyes the cave mouth and whatever may be beyond.

"Ahh, don't worry about it! And I'm a Deku Scrub, even though Kalin thinks I'--err--and my name is Allen! Uh..right, be careful in there!" said the scrub nervously, digging into the ground. Kalin quickly began to enter the cave, beckoning for the Pichu to follow. "Better stay alert! There could be all kinds of monsters in here that may try to eat us! But there's nothing to be afraid of, because we're the best explorers around!"

Julexa gave a cry of "Pichu!" She then strode into the cave, bravely facing whatever may be inside...even though she was a little scared. However, she was an explorer! Explorers don't get scared that easily! She bravely strode into the mouth of the cave, waving goodbye to 'Allen'.

Once inside the cave, the two pokemon would see many sights. Patches of sunlight kept the cave illuminated through many tiny holes across the moist ceiling. Battums roosted peacefully across the ceiling, watching the Pichu and Eevee as they traveled. Eventually, the two would reach a fork in the path. "Uh oh..looks like we have to choose a direction. How about we go left?"

Julexa glances left. "Left sounds good." She says, in a lowish tone so as not to spook the Battum on the ceiling, who she gives a friendly wave to...seeing as they weren't trying to divebomb them every step of the way...yet at least. "Hopefully we find something worth it in here. Sometimes, there's nothing at the end of these paths.." She says, knowing from experience when she was with her trainer before falling into the Cleft.

Kalin smiled and began to start down the left while a goblin emerged from the right tunnel holding an axe in its hand. As the goblin spotted the pokemon, it grinned wickedly and began to charge towards them, holding its axe up high. As the sound reached Kalin's ears, he turned around grit his teeth, the smile disappearing from his face. "Damn..this isn't.." he whispered silently to himself.

"Watch out, sis!" shouted the Eevee as he raced towards the goblin, utilizing his quick attack to grab the axe out from its hands, turning his neck to fling the axe away while raising his hind feet to kick the goblin down. Through the entire process, he didn't see a second armed goblin approaching from the side.

Julexa squeeks loudly "Eevee! Watch out!" She calls out as she pours electricity from her cheeks, the lightning catching the axe blade and only heightening it's power...paralyzing the goblin completely from head to toe...his body falling over like a statue with no pedistal.

Kalin's ears twitched as he heard Julexa's voice, glancing over just in time to watch the shocking display. The smile returned to his face as he backed away from the goblins, the unparalyzed one scrambling off with its statue cohort. "Whew..I didn't account for them.." mumbled the Eevee as he turned towards Julexa and spoke louder. "Err-I mean, great job! Looks like some monsters in this cave don't want us to find its treasures!" With that, Kalin began to continue down the left path.

Julexa scampers along behind Eevee "Yeah, but we're explorers! We are prepared for anything, right Eevee?" She asks, as she straddled up alongaide him. "Do you mind if I ride on your back...like I used to do?" She asks this time around instead of just jumping onto his back. Well, at least she got more courteous in his absence...right?

"Used to do? Hehe, you act like you haven't in a while, silly!" taunted the Eevee, stopping and crouching down. "Sure sis, go right ahead."

Julexa lets out a small squee of delight as she gently gets situated on the Eevee's back. "Oh..did I say 'used to do?' What I meant to say was, 'Like I always do?'." She says, rubbing the back of her head and patting Eevee on his back to let him know she was secure and ready to move on.

Once confident that she's secured, Kalin continued forward. At that point, the name of the cave became apparent as waterfalls could be seen pouring water into unknown parts. Eventually, the two pokemon would reach a large circular chamber. At the end of the chamber rested a convenient little pile of goodies. Some berries, some gold and silver coins, and a few other shiny stones. "Whoaa! Look over there, sis!"

Julexa scooted a little closer to Eevee, peeking her head over his, but not before saying "That looks too easy. I think we're being lured into something..." She says, as her eyes droop over Eevee's forehead fopr a brief moment, then recede behind it again as he feels her chin on his head. "I think it might be a trap..." She says, rather matter-of-factly.

"Ahh, no way! Caves like this always have treasures just waiting to be found!" said Kalin optimistically, crouching down to let Julexa off. "C'mon, let's go get it!" exclaimed the careless Eevee, who ran forward towards the pile of goodies alone. About halfway there, a massive crab-like creature fell from its roosting place on the ceiling. It proceeded to defend its turf by batting Kalin away, who flew a short distance from the crab and appeared to lose conciousness.

"Blarggg!" shouted the crab as it began to slowly approach Julexa, attempting to glare at the Pichu with intimidating eyes.

Julexa blinks. "Why must I always be the rational one..?" Thinks the small Pichu as she speeds towards Eevee to attempt and protect him by firing off bolts of electricity at the crab. One of the sparks fly up to trhe cieling and spooks the Battum. They start flying all over the room, screeching and making a ruckus, which distracts the crab just long enough for Pichu to drag the unconcious Eevee to safety before she goes back in to battle this threat.

By the time she comes back into the room, the Battum have all found their way out of the room and down a seperate path. Looking around, she sees the crab is back at it's post, guarding it's treasure. Trying to be resourceful, Julexa looks around and sees some stalagmites growing from the cieling. Noticing one directly over the crab has a loose connecter stone, she aims a bolt at it, so the stalagmite would fall directly down and impale the crab on it's voyage to the cave floor.

As the electricity hits the crab, it staggers back a little. "Blarr--ouch! That stung! Kalin, you said it wouldn't hur--" started the crab until the Battums begin to fly about. "Hey guys! Stop! You're ruining everything!" At the same time, one of Kalin's eyes opened up to take a peek around. He shot a glare towards the crab as if saying 'Just go with it!' The crab muttered as it crouched down, allowing the bats to fly off elsewhere.

As the bats vanish away, it rises up and begins to slowly advance towards the returned Julexa again. "Um..er--blarrg! Blarrrg!" shouted the crab, wincing a little and hoping whatever she decides to do next doesn't hurt as much. As it observed Julexa's aim, it lets out a 'Huh?' as it glanced up to spot the falling stalactite. "Ack!" shouted the crab, buring its head down and bracing for the impact.

Thanks to the metal portion of its body, the stalactite crumbles as it makes contact with the crab's back. "OWCH! Kalin! She just dropped the ceiling on me! Owwwowwowww..." cried out the crab, suddenly not as intimidating as it once appeared. At the same time, the Eevee quickly returned to the room, not at all unconcious. "Oh, geez! Are you alright, Hagger?!"

Julexa blinks a little as she looked between the crab and Eevee. "Wait...Eevee..you know this crab?!" She asks, scratching her head. "Oh for the love of Arceus, Eevee...if you would've told me this was supposed to be setup, I would've went easy on the crab!" She says, with a sigh, as she walks over. "Look, uh, I'm sorry if I actually hurt you. I had no idea what I was getting myself into...and, I would've not been so aggressive if I knew...and.." She continues like this for about a minute, trying to diffuse the awkward situation that it may become for her.

"Owww..yeah, I think..haha! That was pretty awesome! Did you teach her to do that?!" asked 'Hagger' the crab, shuffling to stand up. The Eevee shook his head, "No way, that was all her! Haha!" laughed Kalin until he turned to face Julexa. "Ahh, it's okay, he's a tough guy. Sorry I tricked you; I wanted to you to have an exciting adventure but this was the safest place closeby. I met Hagger here some time ago, and he agreed to help out when I asked to put on this show!"

Hagger grumbled a little before speaking up. "Says you! One inch away and I--" started the crab before stopping and leaning closer towards the little Pichu. "Aww, it's okay! I'm perfectly fine, see?" said the crab, waving its pincers around. "Honestly Kalin, she's tougher than you think! You should take her out on a real adventure next time, you worry too much!"

Julexa smiles at 'Haggar', and glances over at Eevee. "Sometimes, I worry about the things you drag me into. I could've seriously wounded that crab you know..." She says, with a sigh. "Anyway, I'm glad your alright, and hopefully I won't have to do that again.." She says, as she leans against Eevee lightly, almost as if she is hardly touching him.

"Well now, now that you've vanquished the monster, you should take your hard earned treasure!" said Hagger, moving out of the way of the pile of goodies. "Go on! Take it back to your nest and keep it as a trophy! A taste of what you'll find during a REAL adventure!"

Kalin nodded as he approached the treasure to help Julexa carry it back. "Thanks for helping me prepare everything, Hagger. You're right; I think she can handle Barrel Volcano. Heck, maybe I'll introduce her to Salamando! Well let's go, sis. We should go pay back 'Allen' for those gummies!" Hagger seemed puzzled. "Who's Allen? You mean Bob?" The Eevee just laughed as he left the chamber.

Julexa smiled "Yes, Eevee..let's go and pay back 'Allen'." Julexa says, amusement tinting her voice. "This was fun, even if it was a--" At this point, Julexa tosses and turns, only to wake up and find it was all a dream. The first thing she did? Cry. Yes, she cried...she really hoped it wasn't a dream the whole time, however, to her disappointment...it was a dream all along. She made her way upstairs, wondering who...or what..would taunt her like that.