Cleft Of Dimensions - Tuesday, October 08, 2013, 9:25 PM
Players- (Crossroads and Shamaster)
Characters- Cecillia Greychild, Gemma

3 years prior to the start of “Heroes For Hire” in Mcneil woods.

Cecilia Greychild squinted up through the leaved of the trees above her, squinting up into the sunlight that slipped through the leaves. It was around mid-day now. Time seemed to fly when you were busy. She had been out here since early morning collecting apples from the apple tree as well as various other odds and ends that would help her in her alchemy endeavors which she hadn't quite mastered yet. Her sturdy worn backpack rested nearby, leaning against a tree filled with fruit and other necessities. As little else could be added to it, it seemed like it was time to start heading back home.

Step, step, step, this was the rhythm playing in Gemma's head. In retrospect that all went rather well, mission accomplished, message sent. Granted, she wasn't doing so well now she thought to herself as she continued to stagger forward. She couldn't actually see anymore, and she's pretty sure the ice she had covering the holes is gone, or maybe leaks, regardless she was dizzy. Step step step, "Yep... That is blood loss all right" she then proceeded to gracefully trip over the root of an apple slamming face first into the ground.

The sound of footsteps reached Cecilia's ears as she went to claim her bag. The young woman froze, listening to the slow approach and slowly turning towards the direction of the sound only to spy someone near the apple tree she had just been picking apples from. Cecilia Greychild was just about to say something when she caught a glimpse of red. Blood! Just as this registered the woman tripped. "Ah! A-are you..." Spending no more time on trying to form words, Cecilia took hold of the strap of her backpack and made her way towards the woman, kneeling down beside her.

Gemma was.. well not in good shape, there was blood under her, and chunks of Ice falling off of her. It might at one point have been an extra layer of armor, but it was melting now. She had been shot a few times and if you spent enough time looking you'd find marks from some kind of injection. You could probably ask her what had happened if she hadn't slammed her head into the ground. She's out Cold.... (get it?)

"W-what...?" Cecilia Greychild nervously reached out to the woman, turning her over and getting a closer look at the wounds that were causing her to bleed so much. One on the leg, one in the stomach which was the largest of the woman's wounds, and a bad shoulder wound. Cecilia bit her lower lip. This was bad. Very bad. "I... um... you..." She had read that it was important to talk to the unconscious woman in this situation, but she didn't really know what to say, "F-first thing...Is..." S

She dug through her backpack looking for her first aide kit, Something she never left home without.

Cecilia Greychild set the first aide kit down beside her, rolled the woman onto her back, and propped her legs up. "O-okay. I-I-I'm going to just get this a-armor off..." She said to the woman. Once Cecilia had a better look at the wound she could figure out what she needed to do from there and how to best go about dressing it.

Step step step and pain.... Suddenly there was a lot less pain. Gemma slowly opened her eyes and saw a roof above her. She was laying on a couch with a blanket over her, in a room filled with messy stacks of books. Either Death is a shut-away, or someone took the time to save her stupid ass. Gemma slowly sat up and whined a little before lowering herself back down. The pain killers had worn off, Moving felt like a pretty terrible idea. But she wasn't bleeding anymore, and that was progress.

Upon hearing the whine, Cecilia Greychild rushed out of the kitchen and into her living room, clumsily knocking over a stack of books in the process, "O-oh! You are awake!" That was a relief. She had been a bit worried about the woman. The truth was she had never been in a situation like this before and was certain that she had somehow screwed up dressing the woman's wounds. She wasn't even sure is she should have moved the woman to the house, but as the day got later it would start to get colder, and leaving her alone in the woods in her condition like that didn't seem like the best sort of idea.

Gemma awkwardly turns towards the noise, trying to keep from moving too much. After failing to get a good look at what knocked the books over she lays herself back down and just starts talking towards the ceiling. "Totes..." she stops for a second stifling a small whine before asking a question " Hey uh.. You didn't uhh.. See a bag or anything when you found me right?"

"T-try not to m-move too much. O-okay?" Cecilia Greychild retreated back inside the kitchen as the smell of something burning started to fill the air. What soon followed was the clatter of dishes and the sound of water being poured. A few moments later the woman returned looking slightly embarrassed. "B-bag?" She tilted her head up then shook her head. The only bag there was her own, and that had been left there by the apple tree.

"Oh" Gemma probably dropped it when she staggered away from the camp site. Or at some point as she wandered hopelessly lost in the forest trying to get away from the angry men with guns who really really did not like her.. Regardless, there were painkillers in there, and that would've been pretty nice. Gemma frowns before suddenly remembering she's supposed to use manners, or something like that. "Thanks for the save."

Cecilia Greychild stood awkwardly at the doorway, and nodded shyly. "W...was it important?" She asked. She was planning to go out early in the morning to retrieve her backpack. She could always try to find the woman's bag too. "W-what happened... to you out t-there?" She asked, then started waving her hands back and forth wildly as she realized that she might be prying into some sort of business that wasn't hers to be prying into. "O-oh! B-b-but youdonthavetotellmeifyoudon'twantto!" She said quickly.

Gemma had sat up enough to watch Cecilia's gestures. A smile slowly creeps across her face before she breaks down into laughter. Laughter that is cut short by her wounds but laughter all the same. Through tears she says "Y--you are just, so..... ADORABLE!" she crys a little (It might also be laughter, honestly it's hard to tell) as she settles back down into a position that didn't hurt as much.

Celilia Greychild blinks at the woman as a blush begins to creep across her cheeks. She then suddenly looks away, pushing her glasses further up the bridge of her nose. What could she say to that? No one has ever called her adorable before. Frustrating and irritating yes, but never adorable! "Um... I...uh...." She wrapped her arms around herself. "Th... t-thank... You?" That was a compliment right? She almost wasn't too sure.

Gemma makes a sound that could best be described as a “squee”, She tries to get up again presumably to reach the blushing woman on the other side of the room. Ignoring the pain from sitting up she starts to stand up. This goes pretty well up until she actually puts weight on her leg and she immediately falls down onto the floor, knocking over a pile of books in the process. (It's the thought that counts though.)

Cecilia Greychild panics and rushes to the woman. "N-n-n-n-no! You m-mustn't get up!" She tries manages to reach the woman as taking her in her arms and trying to guide her back to the couch. The wound could open up again and start bleeding if she kept moving around like this! It was dangerous! "Y-you need to h-heal still!"

As she is lifted back onto the couch Gemma is... giggling? "Oh my god... you have like the best blush. It's like you're right out of a book or something." There are still tears rolling down her face. But she seemed to be ignoring the pain. There wasn't even time for it, if her arm didn't feel like shit she would hug this woman. It would probably make the woman blush. It would probably be adorable.

Once the woman was safely back on the couch, Cecilia Greychild stepped back, her face growing redder by the minute as this woman continued to make fun of her. Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to form words but she literally couldn't. At this point it was impossible!

Gemma was happy. Like happier then she had been in a long time. Thinking back, she can't actually remember the last time she was this happy. Had she ever been this happy? best not to dwell on it. "Can.... Can I hug you?" she wasn't laughing, she was dead serious.... still smiling, but all the serious as she could possibly muster at this point.

Cecilia Greychild's mouth hung open, and she literally stood there not moving for a moment as she tried to process what she should do next. It was just a hug right? She really didn't think it would be right to ignore the request of the injured woman. But still wasn't that a bit... much? Family hugged each other. Friends hugged each other. couples hugged each other. Then that meant hugs were just a sign of affection between close people, right? But this woman who was still a total stranger to her was asking for a hug. Then again she didn't think there would be much harm in it. The woman was pretty injured. Maybe she felt like she needed one."... o....okay." Cecilia Greychild managed to squeak out looking increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.

Gemma hugs Greychild, in a tight embrace, or about a few seconds, before pulling back because EVERYTHING HURT. Through tears she said "You... You are just like, the best! I want to take you home and like just put you in a chair or something I don't know!" Gemma had reverted to the ramblings of a teenage girl, which is what she was so it's not entirely outlandish.

Greychild really doesn't know what to do or how to react to the hug, she just leans over the couch as the woman wraps her arms around her holding tightly. She really had no idea what the woman was talking about or why sitting in a chair factored into what she wanted to do, but it just added to the awkward discomfort Cecilia Greychild had just found herself in.

Gemma smiles to herself, "We're gonna be best friends you know. I got a nice pay-check coming...yah know, after I get back and tell them I didn't die. We're gonna have so much fun, I promise!"