Eevee ponders for a second. He's never really had to explain these things before. "Eevee! (Well...a nest is a place that you live. Since you don't have a human to give you one, you'll have to make your own. And when I say survival of the fittest...")
Eevee trails off as he glances over to several rabites to the east. One seems to be smaller than the other two, and as it tries to make its way to a bush of berries near them, the larger rabites proceed to attack the smaller rabite until it runs off. "..vee. ( means that only the strongest survive. If you're too weak to fight for yourself, you're just food for everyone else.)

Julexa doesn't quite know how to respond to that last part...however, she manages to wrap her head around the first part: "Pi-~...chu?("Fend for...ourselves? I don't think I can do that. I mean...I've only been with a trainer ever since I was barely able to walk..")" She thinks about the food part, and she just visually shudders, saying nothing

Eevee's ears drop a little after hearing the Pichu's response. He knew it was hard for her, but the hard truth is necessary. "Eeevee! (Of course you can! Don't worry, I'll be there every step of the way.'ll be nightfall soon, so we should start looking for a safe place to claim.)
As Eevee says this, he starts glancing around at the different parts of the forest. Sure, any kind of nest would do and be simple enough. But even though they've just met, Eevee feels a strong desire to protect his new little sister. 'She deserves the best' occasionally crosses his mind as he starts to think about one place in particular that would be considered 'the best nest' in the forest.

Julexa tilts her head and flicks an ear. "Pii~cchu...("Well, so far it hasn't gone too well, however, I have to remain positive! The only alterative i--ooh, a flower!") Suffice to say, the Pichu is distracted again by a flower gently swaying in the breeze, with a bee about as big as her nosing it for pollen as she continually pokes it and peeks about it, even nibbling at it's stalk but leaving no teethmarks.

Eevee winces briefly as he watches Julexa run off. "Vee! (Wait!)" he shouts as starts to charge towards the flower. The bee glances up briefly and starts to back off a little as the flower's petals began to unfold, revealing a nasty 'mouth' with sharp teeth. It quickly wraps one of its vines around Julexa as it draws its drooling mouth closer. However, before it can make contact, it is tackled by Eevee who proceeds to dig his teeth into its stalk.

Julexa looks up with wide eyes, her muscles frozen outright in fear as the flower suddenly reaches down to make a snack of her. As her eyes fill with tears and she moves to scream...she feels the grip losten and the planty let out a cry of pain as Eevee bites into it. She scurries backward, still teary-eyed and shaking constantly. "P...pi-p-PICHU!" (Which can be literally translated as "Holy shit, what the fuck?!") as she looks at this thing, pressing her back against the tree for a few seconds until she regains her composure.

Using every ounce of strength in his body, Eevee plants his feet on the ground and pulls on the flower's stalk with all his might. After a couple of seconds, the flower's stalk snaps and it lets out a brief howl as Eevee releases his grip and drops it to the floor. He then leaps on top of it and proceeds to swipe his claws across its 'face', tearing petal from petal until nothing remains.
Taking a little time to catch his breath, he glares over towards Julexa, "Eevee!! (Don't trust -anything-! Listen to your instincts! There are -all kinds- of monsters unlike us in this place!) But as he yells these things, Eevee can't help but feel his heart sink a little. The last thing he wants is to scare his new little sister with his anger.

Julexa can be seen, hands folded at her chest, and wimpering softly...gibberish noises coming from her mouth as she slowly calms down and is nearly shocked again by the outburst. Soon, she gets to her feet and slowly slinks towards Eevee, suddendly hugging his neck tightly, but she's not scared enough to completely squeeze his windpipe shut..however she's still squeezing pretty hard as she expects Eevee to protect her.

Eevee winces once at the grapple of his windpipe, but then drops his ears as he gently strokes the Pichu's shoulder with his cheek. "Vee..eevee. (..It's alright. You're safe now. Don't worry..I'm not mad at you.)
As Eevee then attempts to pull away, he tries to give her a nod before continuing, "Eevee! (Just promise me you'll look before you leap from now on. This world can be a dangerous place.)

Julexa nods, gently releasing Eevee "..Pichu.("I'm sorry, I guess I just got a little excited. I promise I'll stay closer and not get distracted.")" She says, with a nod as she scampers beside Eevee now, as they look for a nest..

Eevee smiles at her as he watches the two rabites near the berry bush glare at Julexa one last time before running off into the bushes and out of sight. As this occurs, Eevee comes to a realization. There was only one way to claim a safe nest -and- establish dominance at the same time. Yet part of him didn't want to expose her to that creature, which he has only seen once and felt no need to confront at the time.

Eevee starts to move northwards before rambling on, "Eevee! (There's one other aspect to know about survival of the fittest...and that's dominance. Sure, as long as you can protect yourself, you'll be fine. But there are those who stand far above the others in a habitat. These 'dominant' creatures command fear and respect out of other nearby inhabitants. So much that, for the most part, none will ever oppose them.)"

With that, Eevee turns towards Julexa again, "Eeevee! (I want that status for you. I won't always be here to protect you..and I know just the way to obtain it -and- find a safe nest.)"

Julexa tilts her head "Pichu?("Um..what do you mean?")" She asks, as she scampers along beside Eevee and glances at him as they walk. She also wonders what he meant by statue. Either way, she follows along, she feels that he knows what he's doing.

Eevee grins with confidence as he replies, "Eeveee! (We're going to take the nest of the strongest creature in this forest.)" As he says this, the two now pass under a giant tree filled with mushroomlike creatures. A few of them even peek down at Eevee and Pichu in confusion and awe.

Julexa looks up, and is tempted to wave, but she continues on, blinking wide-eyed. "PICHU?!("The..strongest creature in the forest?! Are you crazy? I didn't venture past the giant tree in fear that I'd get eaten.")" She says, her tail twitching as she scampers along.

Eevee nods, as they reach a crossroads in the forest. He begins to turn towards the southwest, but as he does so he glances back towards Julexa with more advice, "Eevee! (Be sure to memorize the signs you see so that you don't get lost. Such as that tree over there without leaves, or the bush we passed in between berry bushes that had none of its own. Occasionally you might even have to leave a mark of your own to help you find your way.)
Eevee puts bluntly. Admittedly, he hasn't been hiking his legs up on any trees along the way, but he knows where he's going. Wild creatures aren't particularly hesitant to mention such things.

Julexa blushes slightly, and rubs her arm "..Pi..pichu..("Oh..uh..I'll..keep that in mind?")" She says, suppressing an awkward cough as she follows along, making note of the barren tree and bush as they scamper. As the Eevee turns the corner, she quickly marks the bush as he passes, and before she's missed, she's right beside Eevee again as they head to the south.

Almost immediately after the turn lies the entrance to a rather sizeable, one room cave. Curiously, none of the other wildlife seem to come close to this spot. From a short distance away, a couple of rabites peek out over some bushes to watch the crazy animals approach the dangerous place. Eevee nods once more at Julexa before turning his gaze towards the cave.
"Eevee! (Inside there is a creature many times our size. It will not hesitate to eat either of us. Show it -no- mercy.)" he says firmly. Again, he didn't want to scare her, but night was approaching and it was time to get serious. Still, he felt confident. Being with Mogwai on her adventures has made him into something a normal Eevee can't hope to be.

Julexa takes a deep, DEEP breath, but just nods her head "Piii~chu!("Well, no time like the present.")" She says, as she edges closer to the cave, but not going any closer then halfway towards the cave, as she sniffs the air and looks around.

(Eevee) As they proceed into the cave, it is surprisingly well lit by fairly sizeble hole on the ceiling that's guarded by a series of thick sticks. Cold dirt covers the floor as opposed to hard rock, and the wind travels effortlessly through the cave's entrance and up through the ceiling. But of course, what lies inside is indeed a creature many times their size, an anthropod that seems to be a merge of a kind of ant and a mantis. A..mantis ant, if you will!
(Eevee) And as these foolish pokemon intrude on its domain, the mantis ant opens its slimey eyes and -glares- at them. It then unfolds its sharp talons, not unlike a Scyther's, and rises to its feet while letting out a -piercing- scream. Sounds like supper's here.

Julexa hears the scream and, involuntarily, wets herself. "Pichu..("I'm not sure I can do this..!")", she says, hiding behind Eevee, peeking over Eevee's rhetorical shoulder at the sound. "Pichu..("Um, I'm not sure I want to do")"

Eevee quickly glances back towards Julexa to try and reassure her, "Eevee! (Don't worry. I won't let him hurt you!)" he says as he glances back at the monster and takes a few steps closer towards it. "Vee! (And no matter what, don't be afraid. Even if I..become something else..I'll still be your big brother. Trust me!")
With that, Eevee was now taking a full charge towards the creature in an attempt to keep its attention occupied. The Mantis Ant attempts to swipe at Eevee with one of its enormous bladed arms, but doesn't manage to succeed.

Julexa followed after Eevee, as her fright causes her to involuntarily discharge her energy at the ant, as she eeps and tries to control it, but doesn't manage to succeed as the arc or energy spreads over the cave, missing Eevee by inches. The Ant, however, is not that lucky. Her eyes are covered, so she doesn't know what's she's actually doing.

As Eevee races underneath the Mantis Ant between its legs, he instictively leaps a little towards the left as the lightning barely misses him. Oh no. What was she doing?! At the same time, electricity convulses through the mantis ant's body as it turns its attention towards Julexa, believing her to be the real threat. It starts to stomp towards her, raising its bladed arms up high.

Julexa opens her eyes, seeing the ant leaning over her, and she screams, and scampers through it's legs as it's scythes swipe at the air where she was, and heading back towards Eevee, as fast as she can, the ant stamping at her heels, the blades swiping and she somehow is able to dodge them...the blades each missing her by inches, giving her fur a close shave though as she skids to a halt.

Eevee growls loudly as it watches the ant swipe and stomp at Julexa. So much in fact, that his body starts to heat up! Suddenly, Eevee's body is consumed in flames for a few seconds! As the flames die down, what remains of Eevee is a red creature similar in appearance, but scaley as opposed to furry. Flames trickle across the top of its body as it shouts "Salamandeon!" -angrily- towards the mantis ant.
And as the mantis ant closes in on them, Eevee opens his mouth widely and sends a flaming inferno upon the creature!

Julexa blinks. However, now is not the time to's the time to -act-! Shuffling her feet on the dirt for better traction, she dashes around the outside of the cave, building up more and more speed with every pass. As she does so, the sparks from her cheeksstart to arc along her fur. The ant tries to follow the Pichu, curious to what it's doing, as the intense heat cooks it's flesh, and breaks away from the Pichu in order to deal with the strange Eevee that it sees before it, swiping and stomping madly as it tries to deal with the threat. When it's distracted, the Pichu vaults off of the side of the cave, the air converting the static charge into a semi-walkable surface of electricity, as the Pichu's body is wreathed in an electric comet. The ant turns around, but it's too late, the Pichu rams the ant with all of her might, sending it skidding a few feet and impacting the cave wall.

Taking the combined heat and powerful electric tackle, the mantis ant doesn't have much strength left. It glances once at the Pichu, surprised that something so small can be so powerful. And again towards Eevee, who's mouth is wide open for a split second as a stream of flame covers its arthropedic body. The mantis ant's lifeless body falls to the floor, but unfortunately for Eevee, his rage hasn't died down yet.
This is sometimes a side effect of Eevee's Salamandeon form, as the spike in anger is sometimes too powerful to control. He lets out an angry cry as his own flames start to consume him! After a few seconds, the flames die down, and Eevee remains as he once was, though clearly suffering from the loss of control.

Julexa comes to a halt on the ground. However, the adrenaline fades, and with it, her strength. As the elctricity dies down, the Pichu stands there, with a look that says "Who's the easy supper now?" before crumpling in a semi-disheveled heap on the dirt floor of the cave, kicking up a small dust cloud in her wake.

A single rabite located at the cave's entrance lets out a brief yelp as it hops off, no doubt having been curious enough to wonder why the pokemon would dare enter the lair of the dominant beast. Eevee tries to keep his composure so his little sister wouldn't have to see him in such pain, "Eevee! ( did good. See? be afraid of at all..)

Eevee struggles to rise to his feet, slowly shaking off the burning sensation that lingers after overheating out of Salamandeon form. "Eeveee..(That's fine..look..this cave is our home now..and I won't be going back to Jameson's room anymore. And look..we even have dinner for the night!) he says as he gestures towards the fried ant. The cave's atmosphere certainly seems to have changed now that the two weren't in danger of being eaten. And it was indeed a nice place, safe from most of the elements of nature.

Julexa slowly nods "P-pi-pichu...("Go first. I..need...some rest...")" She says, as she flops onto her back once more and closes her eyes, her stomach gently rising and falling with her cute, soft snoring as she lays there in the middle of the cave..totally exausted. She kind of did put alot of strain on herself, especially for someone so young.

Eevee smiles softly as he watches his little sister pass out. This was good. This is exactly what he wanted. The normal routine of sleepless nights wallowing in anxiety was gone, at least for now. Content with this, Eevee decides to skip dinner himself, and curls up on the ground with his eyes closed. It's been a while since he's had a good rest.