Mogwai walks into the town square, waving to those gathered. "Hey guys. I've finally figured out where Jinn is located. It's in a flying palace, currently east of Mabe village. And the best part is, I managed to find a way to get us there."

Mogwai gets a tanned-hide drum, beset with two stringed silver bells from Banjo's Backpack.

Sweetie says 'wow, that looks so cool'

From her place amid the benches surrounding the fountain, Spitfire looks up, before rising and flapping her wings a few times. "I'm guessing I'll get more use of my wings here, eh Mogwai?"

Eevee glances around, unsure of what's going on. But that didn't matter so much, he was going on another adventure with Mogwai and that's good enough for him.

Mogwai says 'This drum summons the mythical Flammie, who can take us to the palace. It belongs to one of the moster powerful individuals in the cleft, I'm just borrowing it.'

Sweetie says 'why is this bag of mine so heavy...'

Mogwai waves to Finn.

Nagol waves to Finn.

Sweetie blushed as finn walked in, her huanches wiggling a little bit. "Oh hello Finn, I didn't say you come in"

Mogwai smirks at Sweetie

Spitfire says 'Well, that works for those of us who can't fly, which is going to be the majority of the gang...'

"Hey." Finn waves a bit to everyone present. "Hope I'm not too late to come along. I got caught up wrestling some bears." He.. wrestles bears? That might explain the rug in his home. There's a brief pause as he notes Sweetie's blush. "What? Did I miss something?"

Mogwai nods in agreement with Spitfire.

Mogwai says 'Exactly. And we'll need to be careful once we reach the palace itself... I haven't seen much through my telescope, but I don't believe there's any guard rails.'

Nagol flies down on his Warp Star and says, "Hello Everyone. I have collect a few more Star Rod Pieces, and I sense 2 more pieces up in the Palace."

Sweetie blinks in utter disbelief.
Sweetie says 'Oh I think there might be a solution to the flying thing...'

Nagol says 'Mental, Sound, Silver, Drain, and Charm to be exacate.'

"Would you like me to scout ahead, to make sure we don't run into trouble on the way there?" Simultaneously, Spitfire's rising into the air and pulling her goggles down over her eyes, watching everyone the entire time.

Nagol jumps onto his Warp Star and says, "Want me to come too?"

Mogwai ponders this "I think it's best if we go as a group. If we do run into trouble... I think I'd rather not have you by yourself. Or with just Nagol."

Finn nods in agreement with Mogwai. "It's probably better if we go as a group, yeah. I mean, it's worked for us so far, right?"

Nagol thinks back to the past events and says, "Yeah, I see your thinking there Mogwai."

Mogwai says 'Anyway, if you're all ready? Sweetie, are you coming as well?"'

Spitfire says 'I get what you're saying, and tactically, it's our best option for handling whatever obstacles we run into.'

"All set!" Finn nods a little, waiting patiently for instructions.

Sweetie says 'I'm ready'

Nagol looks out into the direction of the Sky Palace and says, "I sense a very familier aura at the Palace...But it senses to be alot stronger than last time."

Sweetie says ' That a good thing or a bad thing?'

Mogwai nods and holds the drum up, spinning it so the bells strike it in a rythym. A white furred dragon swoops down. "Hop on... and hold on tight."

Nagol hops onto the dragon.

Spitfire's hovering in place, flapping her wings rapidly to stay aloft and turning to watch the dragon. "I'll be able to keep pace, so don't worry."

Sweetie hops on but realizes something. "wait, I don't have hands!"

Finn seems impressed when the dragon appears. "Whoa. That's pretty cool. I want a dragon to ride, too!" How does Mogwai find these awesome artifacts?! He quickly takes a running leap to hop onto the dragon, holding on tight.. largely because losing his grip means losing his life.

Nagol says to Sweetie, "Bad most of the time."

Eevee blinks and stares at the dragon. He wasn't quite sure what to think of this. Was Mogwai actually a pokemon trainer and this creature hers to command? This completely blows Eevee's mind.

With a pause, Finn chuckles at Sweetie, leaning over to snag her and hold her, confident in his ability to keep hold of her and still keep his grip, too.

Sweetie beams a smile at Finn.

Mogwai leaps on, holding on with one hand and wrapping the other around Eevee. Flammie takes off with a roar, circling around a bit before flying to the southwest. The air is strangely calm for how fast they're travelling.

Sweetie blushed as she was held, resiting an urge to kiss finn.

Finn holds on tight to Sweetie, while still keeping his grip on the dragon. The hard part is when it lifts off.. but once they get level and start flying, it requires much less energy to hold on. "Hope you're not afraid of heights," he muses playfully at Sweetie. Of course, he's one to say anything, since he's deathly afraid of the ocean.

Eevee is pulled along by Mogwai. He's not sure if he can ever see her the same way again.

Spitfire's following close behind, keeping her mind focused on the mission as a mach cone slowly starts forming in front of her, outstretched foreleg and all. "Gonna be a challenge, even for me... I can't quit, though."

Mogwai points ahead to a growing speck on the horizon "That's the Sky Palace. Within we'll find Jinn. And most likely another of the celestial avatars from my realm, Garuda." A pair of things can be seen moving close to the tower. As you get closer, you can see one looks like a green winged harpy, and the other is a kirby. The harpy grabs the kirby, smashes him against the side of the palace, and hurls him to the ground.

Mogwai says '...or she could be outside. I hope she hasn't seen us yet.'

Nagol stands and says, "That's Darkmare!" Darkmare tries his best to fight the Harpy, but fighting without His Warp Star is not his thing.

"Garuda, huh?" Finn speaks, though chances are, no-one but Sweetie can hear him over the noise of air flowing around them as the dragon flies. He adjusts himself a bit to note the harpy attacking what looks like Nagol's dark doppelganger. "Huh."

"Alright... Gonna have a fight, it seems, so follow my lead, 'kay?" In rapid succession, Spitfire's slowing down considerably and flaring her wings fully as she goes into a sideways dive-bomb aimed at Darkmare.

Sweetie smiles "I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of my father's choice in aftershave Finn." the sound of a kirby going squeek as he chewed on like a millet spray. " And maybe that Green bird."

Eevee doesn't notice the harpy or Nagol's evil jerk clone, he's lost in thought.

Sweetie looks at Nagol.

Nagol says, "I'm going to help him! Anyone want to help? Even though he has not been that great of a "Friend" to us...Stop Spitfire!" Nagol jumps onto his Warp Star and blocks Spitfire from the Fight.

Mogwai looks positively puzzled "Umm.... no? I make a general rule of not helping folks who have tried to, ya know, kill us."

Sweetie's words get a laugh from Finn. "Me, too," he muses, before he returns his gaze back toward the fight. "I gotta agree with Mogwai on this one!" He calls over the wind.

The Dark Nagol sees the gang and says, "I can't take more of this!" And his right; He looks very beat up.

Nagol says, "I going!" Nagol flies off toward the Harpy and Darkmare and throws Star Rod Stars at the Harpy.

"Unless you want to fight all of us, stand DOWN." As her approach to Anti-Nagol gets cut off, Spitfire's sweeping her wings out like brakes. "I'm not eager to lose my life because you couldn't see reason."

Garuda dodges out of the way of the stars, and looks up to where they came from. She smiles as she sees Flammie and races up to it. "Shit, she's seen us." shouts Mogwai "Flammie, I'm sure you don't need to be told twice, evasive maneuvers!"

Sweetie says ' I wish I knew the calm spell. It's all explosions first and ask questions later?'

Finn notes that evasive maneuvers from the dragon are coming any second. He holds Sweetie tighter, utters a quick apology, and tightens his grip on the dragon. With no solid ground beneath them, falling now would be effectively very tragic.

Sweetie started casting blessings on the dragon that would make Flammie more agile. FOllowed by Barrieres for as many as she would be able to reach without tripping on her own tongue!

Mogwai MUSIC: 'Seiken Densetsu 3 - High Tension Wire'

Seeing Garuda dodge the preemptive strike is enough to elicit an amused chuckle from Spitfire, as she flies at the Harpie in a descending spiral.

Once again, Eevee hasn't quite processed that a fight is going on.

Nagol flies down and catches Darkmare while his is in mid-air and flies a good distance away from the Harpy. Darkmare says, "Thanks...this is the first time I want help from you...I'll need to rest before I can help you fight..." Nagol starts to fire the Stars at the Harpy again.

This battle seems like it's going to be largely long-range. Finn takes a chance to snag his sword from his backpack, and with a quick swipe, his sword generates crystals. They say that it's not about the power you have, but about how imaginative you use that power. And Finn figures it's best to keep it simple. He swings the sword, releasing a porcupine-esque stream of crystals toward the Garuda. Effective? Probably not, but it's still cool to see!

Sweetie would shiver as she started the chants for the extention spells, but becomes a bit thrown off by the pretty show. And it showed when her voice squeeked! "Eeep! Finn if we arn't going to survive this, Can a spend the last moments of life Smooching YOU!

Abruptly, a green portal appears in the middle of the battlefield. A moment later, the portal pops out of existence leaving behind a very confused ghost- dog thing. His name, according to the nametag taped to the side of the party hat he is wearing is Becquerl. He looks around at all the people gathered here as well as the large green harpy. "Who the hell are you people and why did my teleport dump me here?"

Sweetie blinks in utter disbelief.

Nagol looks at Becquerl.

Finn looks at Becquerl.

Garuda weaves through the air, making quite a difficult target to hit as she weaves out of the way of the stars and crystals. All this time spent dodging is time she's not attacking, however. It's only in a lull from attacking that she manages to fire off a wind blade, but Flammie easily drops altitude and dodges it.

Sweetie says ' I'm Sweetie Belle and pardon my vulgurity, but you landed on deep horseapples.'

"I'd like to spend more time with the pleasantries, but not in the middle of a battle with some overgrown griffin. All I can tell you is that you'll find out why I'm called Spitfire." Thankful for the Harpie's lack of attention towards her, the Wonderbolt is tucking her wings in close as she gains speed in her spiral-descent, and pushing the mach-cone tighter against her at the same time. "Better press my advantage...!"

Eevee finally realizes they're under attack, but he doesn't move to do anything. Combined with his shock, he feels a sudden bout of depression. He ponders interacting with the new creature that randomly showed up, but he just sighs.

Nagol's Warp Star manages to dodge the Wind Blast, and flies straight at the Harpy for a full force ram. Darkmare says, "Are you crazy!? Your going to acually going to try to ram it!"?

Finn curses softly when his attack, though he admits he expected it initially, misses. He reacquires his grip on Flammie, and blinks at Sweetie's words, blushing a little bit at her. "I, uh.." He makes a mental note to speak with Spitfire when all this is over, but for now, he smiles warily at her. "We'll be fine. Just have some confidence in me!" The crystals take a moment to regrow, and with Flammie avoiding things, he doesn't have a chance to line up another decent shot, anyway.

Sweetie didn't have time to feel disapointed by that. "I'll have to switch tactics... " And so Sweetie started to chant a curse on the Kaiju sized bird

Becquerl stares around at the people who are gearing up for another round of battle. He looks back out in front of the fuzzy white dragon that he seems to be hovering over, realizing that the imp that he saw earlier was really a harpy. "Oh. Well, since I'm here, it's nice to meet you all; should I express mail that harpy to the volcano?" Bec looks around after that, noticing the little, brown, fuzzy thing that he could have sworn was a hat a moment ago was in fact a depressed looking fox- thing. He teleports next to the Eevee, offering a Twix bar that he found on his person. "Need a moment?"

Garuda tries to dodge Spitfire's attack, but fails and gets rammed by her and Nagol. Flammie doubles his speed towards the Sky Palace, with Mogwai trying to give advice to the others "Freeze her if possible, she can't deal with cold... hey Eevee, are you alright?"

"Cold, huh...? I can't use magic, but I can speed things up enough for a HARD FREEZE! New plan!" Spitfire, after her successful spiral-strike, is breaking away and going into a steep climb straight towards the stratosphere. "Mogwai, can you fool that oversized griffin into following you into the atmosphere? I'll take the rest from there, if my plan works!"

Eevee glances at Becquerl, then to the twix bar. He takes a second to sniff it before trying it, finding it quite satisfying. He thanks his new friend.

Sweetie says ' Be blinded by as though you stared into the sun, and get hit by the moon!' '

Nagol's Warp Star breaks it's flight from the collsion and plummets down out of the sky. Darkmare grabs hold of a Chaos Emerald that he dropped while fighting the Harpy, and says, "Enough!" He holds the Chaos Emerald in the air, and says, "Chaos Control!" Everything seems to be slowed down 10 times their normal speed, execpt for Darkmare. Darkmare holds both hands up and says, "Chaos Freeze Spears!" A dozen of Frozen Energy Spears fly from everywhere towards the Harpy. Soon everything speeds up again. Of course, Nagol and Darkmare fall out of view.

With Flammie heading toward their destination once more, a smart choice considering the chaos going on nearby, Finn takes a few moments to adjust Sweetie in his arm and, putting away his sword for the moment, he leaps from the dragon's back. It's not that he's not a fan of flying - he LOVES flying! - but solid ground is preferable, and this is their destination, anyway. Without much effort, he lands, rolls with Sweetie's weight and momentum atop him, and comes to a stop with the two unscathed. Maybe he's done this before? "There! Much better! I'm not a big fan of falling," he admits, dusting himself off a little bit. "You okay?" He smiles down at Sweetie.

Sweetie says ' I thought we were going to die before I lost my virginity. And that would of been truely tragic.'

Sweetie digs through her bags for something that would be useful... "I thought I had a mid-ether in there, ponyfeathers!"

Becquerl idly scratches the little Eevee behind the ears as he picks his teeth with one of those little frozen twigs from earlier. "I guess an anvil would work fine..." He manipulates time and space to steal a falling ACME anvil from the Roadrunner cartoon set, making the anvil fall horizontally in the process. The portal appears next to him, spitting the anvil out at a fairly high speed, given that it was falling before. Bec idly wonders whether or not the little pony's attack will work as he feeds another Twix to the Eevee. He raises the vodka bottle up to take another sip, only to realise that it is empty. "Awww... Guess I better go get some more." Bec teleports away with a loud pop and a flash of light, leaving behind a confused group of people, a half eaten twix, a little fox thing that he still thinks resembeles a hat too closely to be coincidental, and a vertical anvil aimed at the harpy.

Garuda flies up, taking evasive action to try and avoid the spears. She still takes several hits on her way up, unknowingly getting closer to Spitfire. Meanwhile, Flammie gets close enough for those riding to hop off onto the Sky Palace. Mogwai leaps off and lands in a roll.

Higher and higher Spitfire goes, pushing hard against her physical limits, even as her body starts to freeze from exposure to the rapidly dropping temperature in the upper atmosphere. "I'm risking it all, but if I'm right about that thing... It'll be hard-pressed to survive up here..."

Eventually, Spitfire's leveling off at the highest altitude she can still function at, staring down at Garuda as it flies up after her. "I may have a long recovery, but you're not coming out of this any better!" Suddenly, the Wonderbolt's DIVING from her position and pushing into a mach-cone as her speed sharply climbs in her free-fall attack. "Eat FROSTBITE!"

Eevee blinks as he watches Becquerl simply disappear. He sighs once more and stares at the remaining twix bar. As they reach the palace, Eevee summons just enough willpower to grab the twix and leap off onto the edge. He stashes it somewhere closeby and turns to watch Spitfire's attack.

With Sweetie looking for an ether to regain magical prowess, Finn stands up straight and makes sure everyone else made it. He's not sure where Garuda and Spitfire disappeared to, as he was occupied with ensuring Sweetie was okay, but any moment not being attacked is a moment they can relax. He watches Mogwai and Eevee join him, and he nods at the two. A brief glance over the edge at the clouds below, then he moves away. Best not to take chances.

Without anything to restore her magic Sweetie was next to useless, she scrapes the proverbial bottem of the barrel to cast a blessing for Spitfire. "I'm all used up."

Sweetie says ' Spitfire! Make your hit count!'

Garuda glances up in time to take a direct hit from Spitfire, giving a shriek and falling. Mogwai waves Spitfire over to the landing as Flammie flies off "Good work. Jinn should be somewhere around here." The sky palace is mostly open, floating platforms suspended in mid-air, but a recognizeable path leads into the depths.

There's a resounding BOOM as Spitfire breaks the sound barrier in her rapid dive, followed by smoke trailing the Wonderbolt as she nears the ground at high velocity. However, she's still got enough control over her descent to slow down in time to avoid a face-first impact with the earth and transition into a smooth landing. "I hope so... I came really close to biting the big one with that stunt."

Once she's folded her wings close to her body, Spitfire vigorously shakes the loose ice covering her off, before shivering in response to the piercing cold she'd endured in her finishing strike. "Remind me NEVER to try that again..."

As Eevee watches Garuda fall, it only goes to prove the point that he was beginning to tell himself: He was not needed after all. The sooner he could get back to Jameson, the better. He grabs the remaining twix bar with his teeth and follows the others. Surely Jinn must be close.

Sweetie groans at the sight of floating platforms. No matter how many times she'd go on adventures Sweetie would never adjust to Floating platforms. Always moving out of range when you try to jump to them, or falling when you stip in them into a pit of doom (as if to mock Sweetie Belle and call har fat.) "Why do floating blocks and slabs even exist anyway?"

Seeing that Sweetie has lost most of her mana, and has nothing to recover it, he digs into his backpack. The potion he produces will work.. but it seems like it's not a huge one, either. It should do, for now, however. Finn hands it to her with a smile. "It's the only one I've got. Sorry." For the moment, however, things seem to be peaceful. Just general platforming to take care of. Naturally, he follows.

Thankfully, there is fairly little platforming to be done, as a solid path stretches towards the center of the mess. A glance at how thin the surrounding platforms are raises some concerns about how sturdy this one is, but so far it seems safe. The path eventually opens into an arena, where four pillars stand in the corners. Mogwai investigates one of them "Huh... end of the path, there has to be a way forward of some kind."

Spitfire extends her wings once again, trying to get rid of the intense numbness in them as she flies over the platforms and touches down near Mogwai to look around. "Let's see..."

Finn doesn't seem to have a single problem with the platforming, leaping from one platform to the next and, in some cases, showing off with frontflips, backflips and general stunt-ness. Mostly because stunts are awesome, and they're WAY more awesome when you're higher than the clouds! The kid's sense of danger probably shriveled up and blew away a decade ago.

Sweetie looked on in awe at Finn's superb feets of dexterity and grace... with his leeps more beautiful then any ballet dancers. "Holy Luna... You're like a gymnist Finn!"

A chuckling can be heard from above as Garuda returns "Poor adventurers, don't you remember how this works? Defeat the avatar to see the spirit. You may have been a nuisance so far, but it ends here. With your dragon gone, it's just a matter of dropping you over the edge." Mogwai readies her whip "Let's finish this."

Spitfire stares up as Garuda returns and sighs, despite her direct high-altitude approach. "I'm going to have to do that again, won't I. Just bucking wonderful."

Eevee steps back as he observes Garuda's return. He grits his teeth and looks down, slowly closing his eyes. Spitfire would take care of it, Finn's a hero. Yeah..but that didn't sit right with him. Something along the lines of "Now's not the time for this." comes to Eevee's mind as opens his eyes and glares at the creature.. "You don't need her." he tells himself as he feels his fur start to harden.

Gradually, Eevee's body changes. Rocks begin to form all around him as jagged stone blades protrude from his rocky paws. "Gnomeon!" he shouts he stamps his feet into the ground, leaving an indention. He stands his ground, observing.

Sweetie She swallows the potion Finn handed it, and tryed to stretch out some teleports so that she'd reach the other side. Although she would have no mana left for any blessings, Sweetie Belle still had her breath in her lungs and skills with Whips and Swords. "Enguard... I'm sure Rarity would correct my Pronounceation.

"Hehe. Thanks, Sweetie. It's just a lot of practice and tim-" Finn lets out a girly scream when he hears the voice of Garuda behind him, wheeling around to face her with sword quickly brandished and at the ready. The sword itself takes on a slight sheen of ice, before it grows jagged ice-spikes.. impressive, AND dangerous! Fighting Garuda this high up will no doubt be tricky.

Garuda gives a mighty flap of her wings, summoning a massive gust of wind pushing folks away from the center. Mogwai ducks behind one of the pillars, blocking the wind. She attempts to light a bomb and toss it at Garuda, but the wind pushes it right back. She hurriedly kicks it off the edge before it can detonate.

Before she can so much as take off, Spitfire's sent head over hooves into one of the other pillars by the gale-force wind. "Ok, this is going to be tougher than even I anticipated... I'll just have to rise to the challenge!"

Eevee is slightly pushed back at first, thanks largely to his newly added weight. To finish the job, he embeds his feet into the ground.

Finn attempts to attack, but just as he leaps into the air, the gust of wind comes.. and it sends him flying back. He can barely keep hold on his sword, reaching out with his free hand to snag one of the many pillars. He pulls himself close to the pillar using his momentum, and quickly begins to shimmy up it, trying to get up away from the worst of the wind. He's got a plan, no doubt.

Sweetie says 'Finn, Sweet mother of the Princesses!" Sweetie Belle offered a hoof to help pull Finn up to safty. "Quick grab on"'

"Finn! Hang on I'll try to lift you back u--EEEEEEK!" Sweetie tryted to play the hero and ended up the fool, Trying to save Finn before she couild tie herself down was a very quick way to get in the exact same trouble!

Sweetie Sweetie was nearly blown off, and only found grip to the side of the edge by the skin of her teath, literally.

Mogwai ducks down behind her pillar until the wind stops "...that can't be good." Garuda flies over to the far end of the arena and summons a group of miniature whirlwinds. As one hits a pillar, it erupts in a blast of wind, shaking the pillar and sending shards of rock everywhere.

By now, Spitfire's cleared the fog from her mind and taken to the air once again, keeping an eye on the rock showers. "So, you want a battle of air superiority, do you? Well then. It's going to be a lot of 'fun', since you've got the captain of the Wonderbolts to square off against! Prepare yourself for another beating!"

The rock shards bounce harmlessly off of Eevee's stone body. Perfect defense was nice and all, but standing around isn't getting him anywhere. With this form came a rush of pride, one that filled his confidence. He knew what he had to do.

Eevee removed part of his feet and proceeded to close in on Garuda. He then focused his thoughts into Undine's blessing, once again changing to his Undineon form. He opened his mouth and let out a brief "Undineon!" as he fired an icy aurora beam towards her!

Finn blinks as Sweetie attempts to pick him up from his bad spot, but winds up getting pushed off the edge, herself. He reaches out to snag her, swinging his body a bit with one hand while trying not to touch her with a jagged, icy blade. With a quick movement, he brings them both up back onto high ground, just in time to avoid shrapnel from the mini-wind bombs.

Finn sets her down gently, before he turns to rush toward Garuda. With no more wind means nothing keeping him from attacking.. and so he leaps into the air, not too far behind Eevee's crazy Aurora Beam, before bringing that icy sword down, attempting to deal, finally, some decisive damage to the Prime!

Sweetie Grumbled about the lack of mana under her breath, and pulled out a potion to boost her strength in case of emargencies. If she couldn't afford to wear light equipment, she would resort to wearing stuff that would make her weigh a ton. Starting with the spiked 'cleat' horseshoes that would claw a grip in to the platform like Eevee's claws. Followed by the heavy protoshield to deflect the wind.

Sweetie says ' "I'll be casting Spells as soon as I can, I'm not going to be moving fast!"'

Garuda is directly hit by the Aurora Beam, her movements slowing down enough to make her an easy target for Finn's slash. One of the tornado bombs reaches Mogwai's pillar and explodes, forcing her to leap out of the way as a bit of rubble falls where she was standing.

"This isn't an ideal place to be fighting for air superiority, with so many obstacles... But I've got the upper hand against this thing, because of my size." Indeed, Spitfire is much smaller than Garuda, and that much more nimble in the air. So, even as the tornado-grenades continue flying through the air, the Wonderbolt is flying in at random points and double-kicking with her hind legs.

Unable to continuously pelt Garuda with aurora beams, Eevee backs off and takes a deep breath. Using his icy breath, Eevee constructs a makeshift sword out of ice. He grabs its hilt with his mouth and rushes over to Finn.

Finn skids to a stop when his attack hits, grinning triumphantly. It's satisfying to get a solid hit on something way bigger than you! He notes Eevee running in, with an icy blade, and he gets the idea already. He picks up the blade as it's offered, and he nods at Eevee. "All right, man, let's do this thing!" He turns to face Garuda, pointing his blades at her. "You won't be the one to stop us here!"

With that heroic statement, Finn rushes forward, leaping into the air with surprising agility, attempting to land two solid slashes, one with both icy blades. The attacks are surprisingly fast and, in dramatic fashion, Finn lands not far from her, skidding to a stop and turning, preparing to attack once again, if given the chance.

Sweetie smiles as she finally recovered enough mana to use an spell, Casting Smite to deal damage on the injured Garuda that would be worse due to said injuries!

Garuda delivers a piercing scream combined with a fierce wind. This one isn't so much the push-you-back kind as it is the sharp-desertlike-wind-cutting-you kind. She hops back off the edge of the platform and hovers in mid-air. Mogwai runs out from her cover, and grumbles at Garuda being out of range.

"...I'm going to have a headache for a while, I just KNOW it." The scream from Garuda elicits a pained wince from Spitfire, disorienting her long enough to allow the wind-blades to tear gashes into her uniform and fur, along with slicing at least an inch off her flame-like mane and tail. "Ouch...!"

Even with her injuries, however, Spitfire's remaining quite steadfast as she resumes her double-buck assault on Garuda's body. "Do all you want to me, because I won't give up, no matter how badly I get hurt!"

Bits of the wind tear into Eevee's flesh as it blows, but he could sense her weakening. He was tired of it all: His doubts, his longings, and most of all: the wind! Despite the overflow of kindness in the Undineon form, Eevee still carried his pride and confidence. Taking another deep breath, Eevee focuses on Garuda's movements and fires another aurora beam, doing his best to aim away from Spitfire.

Finn winces from the scream, too, and he lifts his arms to try to block the fierce winds that she whips up. He glances up to notice Spitfire, and Eevee seems intent on attacking, as well. Mogwai seems to be trying to find a way to get in, but Finn's already still close.. and so he slips right over again, attempting a flurry of slashes, accompanied with a fierce battlecry: "YAAAAAHHH!" It might not do much, but hey.

Sweetie Dug through her bags and found a few potions that could be very helpful to friends. She pulled out a Jar of Potos Oil, a bunch of bellgrapes, and A cup of Camo-mile Green Tea. She Tossed them to Spitfire, Finn, and Mogwai respectively.

Garuda shifts back away from Finn, turning to face Spitfire to guard against her attacks. In doing so, she takes her eyes off Eevee and takes another hit from the Aurora Beam. This last hit is enough to freeze her, and another hit from Spitfire shatters her. Mogwai comes up a little embrassed "Umm... good jobs all."

Sweetie Belle felt a little foolish too. "I was sure that we would have a few more rounds of her."

Eevee's Undineon form disperses as he returns to normal. He shoots Mogwai an emotionless glance and just simply nods as he double backs for the twix bar Becquerl gave him before catching up with the others.

"Finally...!" With a semi-tired smile, Spitfire's lazily spiraling downwards for rest, catching the jar with one hoof once she's landed. "It was a tough battle, but yeah... Good job, guys."

Finn seems a bit surprised when Garuda literally shatters, and he hums softly. The icy sword, while useful, is melting in his hand.. and so he flicks away the frosty jaggedness on his normal sword, and tosses the Eevee-generated icy sword aside. It won't be useful for much longer, to say the least. The grapes are caught, as they're tossed.

"Yeah, everyone did awesome," Finn admits, grinning as he shoulders his blade, taking a nibble of the grapes. Hey, food is food, no use wasting it.

Jinn takes a while to arrive, and meanwhile Mogwai shrugs in confusion at Eevee's mood. When he does arrive he looks around "Hey, you haven't seen some green lady around have you?" Mogwai shakes her head "Sorry, just missed her." Jinn nods "Oh. Well, if you see her, could you tell her she's likely going to be defeated soon? I saw Flammie, so obviously the heroes of Mana can't be far behind." Mogwai is at first confused, then angry "THAT'S US YOU NITWIT!"

Sweetie says ' And Sweetie Belle!'

Despite the post-battle fatigue setting in, and her injuries, Spitfire's stepping forward to salute professionally. "She's already been beaten, and you're looking at the Heroes of Mana you just mentioned. My name is Spitfire, and I'm sorry for the unnecessary anger."

Jinn looks at Sweetie, Mogwai, and Eevee "Aren't you a little short to be heroes?" Mogwai doesn't even try to argue with him, and just waves towards Spitfire and Finn "They helped too."

Jinn shrugs "Well, you're here and in one piece, so I'll guess I'll take your word for it." A pale blue light envelops Mogwai and the others.

Turning to note Jinn's arrival, Finn observes with a chuckle as Mogwai and Jinn speak. Well, something to be said about the intelligence of mana spirits, perhaps.. or maybe Jinn's just an airhead. Get it? At the mention of height being part of the Heroes of Mana, Finn rubs the back of his neck. He hadn't realized.. he's taller than everyone else in the group thus far. He accepts the blessing, because that means.. more elemental blades! "Sweet."

Spitfire closes her eyes, lowering her right foreleg and half-kneeling as her body glows a pale blue. "Thank you."

Sweetie says ' I tried to help but... Stupid shoes... Now I'm stuck.'

Eevee keeps to himself as he takes in the blessing. With each blessing, he feels stronger. More self reliant.

Finn slowly moves over to Sweetie, kneeling down to help her out of those heavy shoes. "Didn't think that plan all the way through, huh?" He muses.

Sweetie shakes her head in Finn's direction.

Mogwai accepts her blessing. Jinn seems content to let the heroes find their own way down, so Mogwai leads them back to the open section and plays the drum again to call Flammie.

Once Sweetie's free, Finn moves to help her put away her things, before he hurriedly follows Mogwai. Getting left behind up here would be troublesome, to say the least.

Sweetie says ' I'm no better then Scootaloo, But this is better then being covered in tree sap. And Rarity won't ask if anyone touchecd me anywhere like when she saw me all sticky.'

Sweetie Blinking first, she looked at the spirit and asked. "Is there anything you could do to help me... I want to be strong so I can help Rarity fight the Yomas.

Jinn doesn't offer a direct reply "I already gave you my blessing. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be strong some day."

Rising again, Spitfire follows Mogwai to the center of the arena before taking flight with a few flaps of her wings. "See you guys back in town, alright?"

Despite the... airheadedness of the last spirit, Mogwai is light on her feet. She's now over halfway done with her quest, things can only go up from here. She gives Flammie a hug as best she can when she hops on

Eevee follows the others and watches Mogwai call forth Flammie once more. Today's adventure was rough, and he looked forward to being reunited with Jameson.

With Flammie arriving once more, Finn does what he did coming up here: he kneels down to snag Sweetie, climbing up onto Flammie and holding on with his free hand. He glances over at Eevee, grinning a bit. "Thanks for the blade, by the way. That was pretty mathematical."

Sweetie Blinking first, she looked at the spirit and asked. "Is there anything you could do to help me... I want to be strong so I can help Rarity fight the Yomas.

Jinn doesn't offer a direct reply "I already gave you my blessing. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be strong some day."

Mogwai hangs on to Eevee for the trip back to Truce, which is far less eventful. "Thanks for coming everyone, you were all a great help. All of you."

Eevee tenses up for a moment and grits his teeth. After thinking about it for a half a minute, he slides the last twix bar over to Mogwai to say that she's welcome.

Mogwai hops off and stows the drum away safely. She hugs Spitfire "Drinks are on me."

Finn hops off of Flammie, watching the dragon fly away. He turns to look toward the others, seeing that this is time for them to go their seperate ways. He ruffles Sweetie's mane gently, a friendly gesture before he turns to walk away. He's not in a rush to go anywhere, and is easy to catch up to. Seems he's heading back home to his new tree fort, though!

Spitfire casually returns the hug with one wing, nodding in agreement and chuckling. "Sure could use some right now, to unwind from all that craziness."