In the middle of Truce, a bright blue bus is sitting, with a bunch of loud banging coming from beneath. After a while it stops, and Mogwai hooks a foot on the edge of the bumper and slides herself out on a roller, dressed in oil-stained overalls "Hey guys. Just taking care of some last minute prep before we go. We've got quite a trip ahead of us."

Nagol can be seen coming down on his Warp Star

Nagol lands and says, "Hello Everyone."

Jameson groans, pushing on the closed lids of his eyes. "I feel like crap, again. What hellhole are we going to today?"

Mogwai takes one last look under the bus and smacks something with her wrench, then pulls up a curtain out of nowhere. When it falls, she's back to her usual outfit "You know, funny story. Turns out my mechanic did add a way to control the speed, it's that spinny thing he told me to spin before I go. We could have gone to the barrel volcano without almost killing ourselves. Anyway, today we're heading down to sunny Cactuar Island, all the way on the other side of the cleft."

There's the faint rustle of wings as a new arrival descends from above, landing near the front door of the bus and folding her wings. "Hey there, guys. Name's Spitfire, and I'm eager to see what this is all about."

Eevee wants to spin the spinny thing.

Nagol puts his hand out to Spitfire and says, "Nice to meet you, my name is Nagol."

Jameson opens his eyes, and blearily looks at the newly arrived pony. He lets out a low groan. "Great. Let's get this train wreck over with."

Mogwai nods to Spitfire "That works. It wouldn't be a trip without a pony on board, and Twi couldn't make it this week. Hopefully Jameson likes you better."

Mogwai hops in and opens up the bus for the others, letting Eevee sit in the seat with her. She points out the spinny thing to him "Clockwise is faster."

Eevee has no idea what clockwise means, but he is please to both sit with Mogwai and have authority over the spinny thing.

Nagol holds the Star Rod in his hands and says, "The Star Rod indicates that two of the Pieces are on Cactuar Island."

"I'm kind of doubtful about that, but whatever." With a nonchalant shrug, Spitfire's climbing into the bus casually and standing in between the seats. "It's going to be an interesting adventure, I'm guessing."

Jameson climbs into the bus, and sets somewhere close to the front, keeping pressure on his eyes and watching the interesting effects inside while giving off light groans and moans.

Nagol steps into the Bus, putting away the Star Rod as he does.

"Hey, don't leave me behind!" Finn yells loudly, trying to make sure the bus doesn't leave, largely because he'd seen a few people he'd recognized climb inside. He skids to a stop in front of the door to the bus, snags hold of the grip meant to help people up into the bus, uses his momentum to pull himself in, before he flips (no small feat on a bus), and lands squarely in a seat. "Finn Human, present!"

Nagol jumps into the air and gives Finn a MEGA high five!

Nagol says 'Great Entrance, Finn.'

Finn grins, returning the high-five. "I live to impress!"

Mogwai waves Finn onboard "Ok, that should be everyone. Buckle up, and away we go!" she accentuates the last word by slamming on the accelerator, sending the group across the Sulfataskra Mountains.

Eevee prompty begins to play with the spinny thing, spinning it clockwise.

Nagol is pushed into his seat from the force.

The sudden acceleration has Spitfire sliding back into the rear wall with a dull thud, hooves scrabbling uselessly on the floor as she gets tossed about by the wild driving. "Whoa!"

Mogwai spins the steering wheel this way and that, weaving back and forth up the switchbacks. She turns around to face the rest as she does so "So Spitfire, I haven't seen you around. Did you arrive here recently?"

Finn seems a bit lost as to what seatbelts are, but he doesn't ask, simply hanging on tight and bringing his attention briefly, if quietly, to Spitfire.

Spitfire says 'I'm-ow-new here, yeah. Ouch.'

Eevee turns to spinny thing again, but in a counter-clockwise direction.

Jameson just curls up on his bench of the bus, and emits a powerful sneeze every once in a while, along with some sniffling.

A strange whirring sound can be heard from outside the top of the Bus.

Mogwai nods, quickly jerking the wheel to the side to compensate for the change of speed without looking at the road. "Good to hear, good to hear. Always nice to see another fresh face." There's a brief feeling of weightlessness as the bus launches off a ramp, over a well, and slams into the path at the bottom towards the veldt.

Eevee alternates batting directions on the spinny thing. He seems to be having the time of his life!

Mogwai turns her attention back to the road briefly, steering out of the way of rampaging behemoths "Damn anklebiters! Get off, go away!" she yells, rolling down her window and cracking her whip at them.

Spitfire, as a result of the sudden drop and impact, gets slammed into the roof of the bus with a stunned wheeze, before crashing back to the floor in an undignified heap. "Ouch... I'm glad these things don't exist back home..."

A slight thud is heard from outside the top of the Bus.

Finn blinks, noting the familiar surroundings. Inwardly, he wonders where they're even going, but he doesn't care. Not knowing is half the fun! He snickers at Mogwai's driving, and he turns to look back at Spitfire who, understandably, seems to be having a hard time keeping her balance. "Hey. I'm Finn." He waves a bit, knowing she probably isn't keen on hand - or hoof - shakes.

Mogwai looks back to Spitfire, narrowly avoiding a tree as she tries to keep the bus on the path "This is why I said to buckle up."

Nagol looks up at the Roof of the Bus, wondering what is up on the top of the Bus.

Jameson calls up to Mogwai "Hey. How long's this trip gonna be, I wanna know if I can get some shut-eye while I'm waiting or not."

Mogwai knocks on the roof four times

Spitfire unsteadily gets to her hooves, stumbling over to one of the seats and climbing into it before securing herself with the seatbelt. "Well... It was either this, or flying above... whatever this thing is."

Strange sounds can be heard from the top of the Bus. Going to the back of the Bus.

Spitfire says 'And hey, Finn. Name's Spitfire.'
Mogwai swerves to the side, racing down a city main street before swerving into the mine. It seems she's trying to shake the straggler "Hold on, short cut" she yells out as darkness engulfs the vehicle, lit only by the headlights.

"Nice to meetcha, Spitfire!" Finn grins a bit at her. It seems that her inability to stand properly, 'til she gets into a seat and buckles up, amuses him. He's not bothering with a seatbelt because, again, he seems to be largely ignorant to what seatbelts are.. and he's not taking any cues from the others, it seems. He notes the bus shroud in darkness, and he hums, slipping under his seat. Gwahaha..

A strange Figure is seen outside holding onto the Emergency Exit of the Bus.

Jameson lays back on the bench, and buckles himself to it before yelling "Eevee, nudge me when we get there."

The bus shudders as something is ran over, bouncing up and over the hood. "Speedbump!" yells Mogwai.

Eevee acknowledges Jameson. He is quite reliable, after all.

As the interior goes dark, Spitfire closes her eyes, just in time to be sent airborne briefly by the sudden impact - though the seatbelt keeps her secured to the seat. "I hope whatever you hit was already dead..."

The Person falls off the Back of the Bus while saying, "Got you no...Hey!"

Finn seems oblivious to the creature hanging onto the emergency exit, as he climbs up and over Spitfire's seat, flipping and landing next to her, leaning back and relaxing. "So, you're new here, huh? This place is pretty math, though. You'll get used to it quick!"

Now someone is Ramming the Back of the Bus!

Mogwai shakes her head "Nah, but if you were outside it'd be trying its hardest to kill you. These mines are abandoned for a reason. Used to be a nice pass to bypass the Luon Highway. Hold on." she takes the bus up off a ramp of debris and onto a higher ledge, before heading out into the more occupied and lit mines. "Sheesh, sounds like someone wants in... do we let them?"

Nagol says 'How about you stop, their Ram + the Bus's Stopping Momentum might knock them out.'

"Yeah. There's a reason I'm one of the Wonderbolts, though - and let me see if I can draw them away." With a grunt, Spitfire's taking her seatbelt off and carefully moving to the back door before extending her wings in preparation to take flight.

Jameson groans, and unbuckles himself from the bench. "Keep us steady!" He marches roughly to the back of the bus to where all the banging noises are coming from. "IF YOU DO NOT STOP THAT SHIT I WILL END YOU."

Mogwai pulls the brake lever as hard as she can.

Finn blinks at her as she gets up again. "What's a Wonderbolt?" He can only assume it has to do with the wings. He turns to watch her as she prepares to fly, grinning a bit at her. "Oh, okay, I think I get it." He holds onto his seat, mostly because of the driving.. and good thing he does, 'cause he didn't he'd have been launched from his seat at the sudden stop! "Whoa!"

The Stranger gets hit pretty hard from the collision.

Nagol can be seen with a look of Fear on His face.

Mogwai unbuckles her seatbelt and goes to the emergency exit to see what it is.

Nagol follows

Eevee is still distracted by the spinny thing.

Jameson braces himself as the bus brakes, and then pulls his glove tighter. He is interrupted by Mogwai and Nagol coming over, and with a groan he shakes his head and makes his way back up the bus, muttering. "You take care of it."

The Emergency Exit get's torn from It's hinges and Dust fills the Bus. The Stranger says in the Dust, "Are you challenging me!?"

Nagol says 'Oh No!'

Nagol says 'Him!'

Mogwai coughs and looks confused "Challenging you? You're the one who hit US!"

Eevee Upon hearing the word 'challenge', Eevee leaps up from his seat and rushes to Jameson's side! This was his destiny, to travel across the land looking far and wide for combat to find his power inside.

Jameson picks up Eevee by the scruff of the neck, and throws him to the back of the bus. "Help them before they hurt themselves." After that, he lays back down.

The room starts to clear from the Dust, and a Very Dark Blue Kirby can be seen from the Dust.

Mogwai gets a look of fear "It's... it's... actually, I have no idea who you are."

From her place against the dashboard and front window, Spitfire pulls herself free with a bit of grunting, shaking her head and flapping her wings a few times. "Don't know what you're trying to pull, but you're not very bright to challenge a Wonderbolt, especially the CAPTAIN."

To fight by the sides of his friends and with the hopes and dreams of his master, Eevee is filled with unmeasured courage!

The Stranger grins and says, "I'm so sorry for crashing into your bus! Perhaps It could get fixed?" The Stranger bursts into a Evil Laughter at his Sentence.

Spitfire lowers the goggles over her eyes, before flying directly at their attacker with one leg extended.

Finn seems pretty amused, to say the least, that they're not only being challenged, but that so many of them seem to be stepping up to the challenge. He doesn't seem particularly worried, since they all seem eager to fight.. except Jameson. He doesn't bug the guy, since he seems sick, or something. "Lots of evil stuff around here, then." He watches Spitfire blaze on past, and he grins.

Mogwai looks confused "Umm... yeah it can be fixed, I got a decent mechanic. So... what the hell are you doing here anyway?" She weaves out of the way as Spitfire charges from behind her.

The Stranger grins at Spitfire and releases a strange Wave of Darkness at Spitfire. He says, "You couldn't hurt me even when I letted you to Dragon! Now let Nagol explain, if he can get out of his shock!"

Mogwai says 'So... mind explaining Nagol?'

Spitfire gets hit head-on by the dark wave, skidding backwards into one of the seats despite her forward momentum and leaving an imprint of her body in the plastic. "I'm up for an explanation. ...and jeez, what a PUNCH..."

Finn simply stays seated, watching, waiting for the explanation.

Jameson sneezes again, and groans before attempting to plug up his ears.

Nagol says 'Well....He is my Darker Evil Clone. His true name is Dark Spire, but he goes by Darkmare'

Nagol says 'You guys now about Twilight Sparkles Evil Clone, right? Well this guy is kinda like that.'

Spitfire lifts her head from the damaged seat, flicking her ears forward at the statement about Twilight.

Nagol says 'He comes from the Group called True Nightmare'

"Huh." Finn glances between Nagol and the 'clone'. He's considering what best to do, but with limited bus room and eager fighters, he's not sure what best to do in this case.

Eevee blinks and just stares at the kirbies.

The Dark Nagol grins at Everyone and says, "I hope you can make it to Cactuar Island, now that your Bus is wrecked! Smell you later!" With that he flies out the bus on his Warp Star to Cactuar Island

Nagol says 'We need to fix this Bus right away!'

Finn glances back at Nagol, then back over at Mogwai. "Can't be that hard to fix, right?"

Nagol grabs a screwdriver and screws from his backpack and says, "I'll fix the Door

Mogwai disengages the brake and tries the accelerator. When it doesn't work, she just bursts out laughing. "Heh.... stupid idiot. Alright, everybody out."

Mogwai says 'No need to fix it'

Spitfire finally pulls herself free, collapsing onto the floor before rising to her hooves and experimentally flexing her wings on the way out.

"Huh? Oh, okay." Finn slips out of his seat, and hops out the broken back door, walking his way around to the front of the bus. "I guess we're walking, then?"

Spitfire says 'It's going to be hard, but maybe I could fly us there - at a time, of course.'

Nagol puts his stuff away and gets off the bus. He says, "It's my fault he did this to the Bus."

Eevee turns to Mogwai and nods. He leaps over to Jameson and taps him a few times before giving up on it and proceeding out of the bus.

Once everyone is out, Mogwai grabs a hold of the bus. It seems to shrink a great deal until she can carry it. "Wer're in the Bequerel Mines. Right outside Viorar, our destination."

"Oh, man, I'd totally be up for flying sometime!" Finn grins a bit at Spitfire. Perhaps she shouldn't have offered to fly anyone anywhere, with Finn around.

Nagol says 'My Warp Star should be able to carry Me, Mogwai, Finn, and Eevee'

Mogwai leads the group around a bend, where the twilight city of Viorar can be seen "No real need, unless you want to skip the boat. I was fixing to stop the bus here anyway."

Nagol thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Spitfire flaps her wings rapidly, rising into the air as she looks around. "Well, it's already taken an interesting turn, to say the least. What else could go wrong, with me here? You've got a professional flier with you now."

Nagol says 'Just be careful, the Dark Clones love the Darkness that surrounds Viorar'

Finn nods slightly in agreement with Spitfire, hiking his backpack more solidly on his shoulders, before he moves to follow Mogwai, jogging a bit to catch up with her. "I think we'll be okay, no worries!"

Mogwai nods to Nagol "Well, maybe it's best that we fly then, instead of waiting around for a boat. Should Spitfire take one of us so the star isn't so crowded?"

Nagol nods in agreement with Mogwai.

Mogwai walks over to Spitfire "So, should I just sit on your back then? I'm the lightest, so I should be easy to carry."

Nagol's Warp Star is seen flying down towards them. Nagol jumps onto the Warp Star

Eevee studies the warp star, confused.

"Well, Warp Stars are cool, too, I guess." Finn looks at the Warp Star, before he steps over to it and leaps onto it, snagging it with a twinkle of light energy and star dust. "Man, this is gonna be so math.." He reaches down, and snags Eevee, pulling him onto the star. "Let's go, let's go, let's go!"

Touching down, Spitfire folds her wings to let them rest as she listens to the discussion and turns to Mogwai. "I can take the lighter people, so yeah. Sorry, Finn, looks like you get to ride the fancy star, instead."

Eevee shrugs and rolls with it.

Mogwai hops onto Spitfire and hangs on

Nagol's Warp Star starts to rise up and heads into the Direction of Cactuar Island.

Nagol says, "Hold on tight!"

Spitfire resumes flapping her wings, preparing to fly once again and looking to Mogwai. "You're going to enjoy this, trust me. Now, here we go!"

Mogwai hangs on tight "I hope so..."

Nagol says 'Lots of Kirbies are born with Their own Warp Star.'

Spitfire looks over to Nagol, letting her gaze fall briefly before shaking her head and speeding up somewhat. "Let's hope the Shadowbolts don't show up here... What am I worried about, though? Focus on the mission, first."

Finn chuckles softly at that, still gripping the Warp Star, finding he has no trouble keeping a tight grip on the star while it's in flight, and fast, at that.

Mogwai looks down at the passing ocean, and the ever approaching desert island

Nagol looks over to Spitfire and says, "I'm pretty sure they have Their hands full right now.

Mogwai points down to an area on the northern side of the area "There, that should be the spot."

A familiar voice says, "So damaging your bus wasn't enough for you Eh!? Darkmare is seen trailing behind them with a Grin on his face.

Spitfire turns to look back at Mogwai through her goggles, before smiling and pushing for more speed as her mane and tail seem to ripple like fire. "Yeah, you're probably right." With Mogwai’s indication, the Wonderbolt captain is switching into a powerdive, using her wings as brakes only once she's close to the ground.

Spitfire says 'Oh, great... You again?'

Mogwai pulls out a bomb, lights it, and tosses it over her shoulder.

Finn blinks a bit as he hears a voice, and he glances back at the Dark Nagol. "Man, these dark clones are gettin' out of hand," he muses, watching Mogwai toss a bomb. He'll have to consider investing in bombs soon..

Darkmare says, "Fool! How about you taste these?" Darkmare throws Giant Dark Bombs at the Group

Nagol grabs the Star Rod and sends the 3 Mini-Stars at Darkmare

Nagol says 'He is getting on my nerves.'

Mogwai hops off once they're close to ground. There's a vortex in the sand nearby. "Right... I couldn't see any structures from the area, so it must be underground. Get inside." Mogwai pulls out her crystal and focuses Undine's blessing through it, dousing the bombs near her.

Spitfire lets Mogwai down, before taking to the sky once more. "Get inside, if you don't want to get caught up in a tornado! I'll do what I can to hold him off!"

Nagol lands and follows Mogwai

Finn leaps off the Warp Star, and lands with a skid not far from Mogwai, kicking up sand as he does. He watches Spitfire take off, and he glances at Mogwai, working his own sword out from his backpack. "Let's go, then!"

Eevee doesn't seem to sense the urgency of the situation. He leaps off of the star and just follows Finn.

Mogwai holds her breath and digs down into the vortex. For a while, all is sand, before she falls out the ceiling of the underground cavern, landing about 5 feet down.

The Dark Nagol get's angry and says, "Don't you dare hide from me! Eat thiiiiissssss!!!" He throws a Giantgantic Bomb right after them. It seems to fall really slowly downwards.

Spitfire hovers for only a moment, before pushing off with her wings and banking sharply as she speeds up around Nagol, intent on whipping up a sand tornado. "Hey! Your fight is with me!"

"Whoa! Huge bomb!" Finn leans down, snags Eevee, and dives into the vortex after Mogwai. "Hope you know where you're going!" SPLOOSH! Well, into the sand, anyway. They sink in.. and take the short fall, landing on his feet with little effort. He sets Eevee down, and looks up at the sand.. once far enough away, that is. "Hope Spitfire'll be okay."

Darkmare says, "Fool! Now die!!!" Darkmare sends a Strong Kick on the Bomb causing it to fall slightly faster!

Nagol jumps on his Warp Star and flies back up and attempts to lift the Bomb, he says to Spitfire, "Go Spitfire! I'll take care of this!"

Nagol says 'They will need you down there! Go!'

Spitfire waits until the tornado's formed fully before breaking away and going into another powerdive straight into the sand, with her mane, uniform, and tail disappearing only a moment later. "You'd better make it to us in one piece!"

Darkmare laughs evily at his Counterpart and says, "I always wanted to kill you! Bye bye now!" Darkmare flies away on his Warp Star. Only a matter of seconds later, the Bomb blows up! And Nagol is caught in the Blast!

Nagol falls off his Warp Star and crashes into the ground.

Once everyone's down, Mogwai looks around the cavern. She leads the group partway down a tunnel to the south, tapping the wall every so often. As the bomb goes off, Mogwai begins tapping more often before yelling "Everyone around me!"

Eevee has no objections with that. He rushes next to Mogwai.

Nagol says 'I'd hate to be caught in that blast!'

Nagol sits down on the Ground next to the Group

As the bomb detonates, Spitfire's diving onto the sand, thankful passing through it slowed her powerdive enough to avoid going too far or getting injured. "By Celestia! - wh-"

Mogwai holds everyone close as rock falls down on all sides, burying the group. Thankfully, right where the group is standing is a strong section of the ceiling, leaving the adventurers only trapped, not crushed.

Nagol says 'I bet you guys are wondering how I escaped?'

Mogwai says 'Not particularly.'

Finn blinks a little, quickly moving to Mogwawi’s side.. and just in time! The rocks fall from the ceiling, and, somehow.. they manage to survive. The heck? He tries to push some of the higher rocks up and away. "That was pretty close." Understandably, it's pretty jarring to almost die to cave-in!

"No kidding..." With a shaky sigh, Spitfire's rising from her impromptu bed and looking back at the cascade of rocks. "I'm glad I didn't get caught in that."

Mogwai turns on a flashlight and sets it down to shed some light as she begins tapping along the rubble "This should be easy enough to get out of..." she says, digging out a pickaxe "Finn, mind giving me a hand here?"

Nagol says, Well, I used a pretty neat ability called Instant Transmission. Of course, I did steal this off Darkmare when he was too busy with Spitfire." Nagol holds up a Small White Star

"Huh? Yeah, sure." Finn reaches over to snag the pickaxe. "Just tell me where to swing, and I'll get it done!"

Mogwai taps a section of the southern wall "Right here. Should manage not to kill us."

Nagol adds the Wind Piece to the other 3: Fire, Ice, and Water.

Nagol uses the Wind Star to help pull rocks out.

"All right. Here goes, then!" Finn grips tightly the pickaxe, swings it with what room he has, and he strikes the southern wall. The wall gives with with a few solid hits, and when it does, it leads to a large, cavern-like area. It's quite expansive, but that's largely because it seems home to a number of terracotta soldiers, clay, and largely immobile.. no doubt 'defending' a tomb of some kind. "Whoa."

Mogwai looks out the new hole "Whoa is right... I wonder if Titan found these or... if he's been busy while we've been pursuing the other spirits."

Spitfire steps back as the wall crumbles, carefully moving forward over the rocks and staring in awe at the clay statues. "I've never seen anything like this, even with the cockatrices the way they are..."

Mogwai shakes her head "This isn't the work of a cockatrice." she says quietly "They're not standing still... they're standing at attention. Look." She points up to the front of the cavern, where a figure can barely be seen pacing on a stage and gesturing.

Nagol looks intrigue at the statues

Finn is prepared to check out one of the soldiers, 'til she notes that they're.. moving.. and someone seems to be pacing and gesturing. He glances over at the others, then back up ahead. "This is weird.." He whispers to the others. "What's the plan?"

Spitfire quietly rises into the air, praying that she won't be seen as she looks out over the ranks of soldiers at the stage.

Eevee seems distracted.

Mogwai slips out of the hole "We sneak quietly... or barring that, they are just made of clay."

Bomb Explosions can be heard from above, shaking the cavern below

Mogwai keeps an eye on the clay general up front as she looks for the way forward, her whip at the ready.

Spitfire turns, making sure she's got enough clearance to avoid hitting any of the soldiers as she follows Mogwai's lead via the air.

Naturally, Finn works free his sword from his pack, ready to fight if the need calls for it. Though, there's an awful lot of soldiers, and so few of their own little group. He's prepared to fight, however, because what hero wouldn't be ready to scrap? He keeps tabs on where everyone is, ready to move on Mogwai’s mark.

Mogwai freezes as the soldiers place their hands on their weapons. When it doesn't look like an attack is imminent, they go back to being at attention.

Nagol whispers to Mogwai, "What is Darkmare trying to do up there?"

Nagol holds the Star Rod firmly in his hand

Mogwai shrugs "Not a clue... and that's not our worst problem. I figured out how they can defend this place without watching the entrances..." she points up to the general's stage, and a door behind it "They're watching the way forward."

Spitfire lands with little more than a light tap, keeping her wings extended as she crawls past the platoon of clay soldiers, crouched close to the ground. "This is going to be tough, because even I can't fly fast enough if they decide to start attacking..."

Mogwai sighs "Well, we came here to adventure... let's adventure." She performs a strange dance, and one of the soldiers starts to look confused. She then snaps her fingers forcing the soldier to dance, and like fever the compulsion spreads. As one soldier collides with another, mayhem breaks loose. "Careful, I think some of them are gonna figure out who started this."

Nagol whispers to Mogwai, "If I had the Mental Star Piece, I might have been able to confuse them too.

Spitfire breaks into a full gallop, keeping her wings extended out to her sides like blades as she takes to weaving between the disrupted ranks. Occasionally, she stops long enough to aim her back legs at one of the dancing soldiers. "Now, it's gotten too easy... Still got the head honcho, though..."

Eevee finally snaps out of his distractions as it dawns on him that a fight just broke out. He picks the closest one and gives it a pathetic headbutt.

Nagol uses the Wind Star to try to knock the Stone Soldiers over.

Finn notes that the terracotta soldiers are in some kind of strange confusion, and he takes advantage of that, swinging his sword with a slick SCWING of metal! It's clear that Finn's blade is quite sharp, as it has little trouble slicing right through even the hardened clay with a quick swing! A few soldiers fall like this, and Finn seems eager to take down a few more..

Mogwai leaps about the ranks, slashing with her whip... but the sting of it doesn't even phase them. She settles for punching them with her thick gloves, and that seems to shatter them after a few blows. One of the soldiers takes a swing at her, but she ducks underneath the blade

Just like the time where Nagol put Flames on Finn's Sword, Nagol gives Finn's Sword the Power of the Winds. Making the Sword Swings increasingly faster.

Spitfire's, by this point, built up enough speed with her full-tilt gallop to rise into the air and begin circling one corner of the ruined formation for another tornadic attack. "Better get out of the way, because the wind's about to pick up. A LOT."

Eevee's headbutt barely phases his target, but he doesn't notice that. He just proceeds to headbutt the next one.

This is the kind of adventure that Finn lives for! The soldiers swing their weapons, but are met with only Finn's blade or an agile dodge. With the boy making short work of the soldiers, and some already still confused, no doubt they'll make short work of what's left. "Shame to destroy all these cool soldiers.. YAA!" Another soldier falls to a quick swipe.

Mogwai leaps up onto the crowd and starts jumping off their heads to work her way up to the front. She takes a painful sword slash to the leg and winces in pain, balancing on one foot on top of her latest perch.

Spitfire's rapid circling is lifting her entire corner of the dwindling formation into the air, even as she breaks away from the stationary tornado to tend to Mogwai. "Just hold on, and let's tag-team this guy after your wounds get bandaged, alright?"

Mogwai nods in agreement with Spitfire.

After his last useless headbutt, Eevee turns to prepare another. But as he watches Mogwai take a slash to the leg, he is overcome with intense wrath! He takes a second to remember the clarity he experienced when Salamando gave him his blessing. Eevee is then consumed in flames!

As some of the flames die down, Eevee's form changes! "Salamandeon!" he growls loudly, seething with anger. He summons flames around his body as he charges around several soldiers until he makes his way to the one who slashed Mogwai, unleashing a crimson inferno upon him!

Nagol uses the 4 Stars to help the Group: Fire for power, Wind for Speed, Ice for Defence, and Water to weaken the enemies.

With the new-found power from Nagol's stars, Finn has even LESS trouble taking care of the enemies. They don't seem to really be much of a match for a seasoned fighter and adventurer like Finn, as he cuts them down like they're little more than paper. Once Finn's cleared out his portion of the soldiers, he pauses and glances around calmly, as if curious if there's more to fight. "That was easy." Compared to other things, anyway.

Mogwai lets Spitfire carry her as she pulls another couple of bombs, lighting them and throwing them down at the soldiers. "Bombs away!"

Spitfire's rapid circling is lifting her entire corner of the dwindling formation into the air, even as she breaks away from the stationary tornado to tend to Mogwai. "

Spitfire's flying over to the stage, dropping Mogwai onto it before flying back to the tornado.

Satisfied with his revenge but not with his anger, Eevee fires a few fireballs out of his mouth while eyeing the tornado.

Nagol sends a Tidal Wave at the Statues, it does not affect the Group at all. Nagol says, "Mogwai! Throw me a bomb!"

Finn does his best to keep away from all of the chaos. Tornadoes, tidal waves.. oh, God, tidal waves. It reminds him of Leviathan. And that reminds him of the ocean. He leaps up, with almost cat-like agility, and latches onto the wall, trying to avoid the water, even if it doesn't affect him. He can't quite tell that. "GET IT AWAY FROM ME!"

Mogwai tosses a bomb over to Nagol before dealing with the head soldier, blocking his sword swings and returning with punches of her own.

Spitfire eventually dispels the large tornado ripping through a large swath of the army, flying in the opposite direction of the rotation to break it apart, before landing near Mogwai once more. "Well, that's enough large-scale devastation for tonight, I think... Hold on, you.

Eevee continues to dash from soldier to soldier leaving a trail of flames in his wake.

Nagol sucks up the bomb that Mogwai threw to him, turning him into a Bomb Kirby. He throws bombs at the Soldiers.

Once the tidal wave has passed, and Finn feels that it's at least somewhat safe, he lands softly on the ground from his place clinging to the wall, and once he's feeling a bit more confident, he hikes his sword up onto his shoulder. Doesn't look like there's a whole lot left of the warriors after the initial carnage. Those that persist are in bad shape.

Mogwai dodges back out of the way of a sword swing and wraps her whip around one of the generals arms, yanking his shield wide as she pummels him

Spitfire stands ready beside Mogwai, keeping her wings extended to her sides as she watches the remaining clay soldiers fall amid the prolonged onslaught from her teammates. "So, it's just this guy, then? Let's do this." With a faint chuckle, the Wonderbolt is flying back up for enough altitude to power-divebomb the general, with one foreleg extended in front of her. "Get away from ground zero, would you?"

Nagol says, "I'm coming through!" He focuses his bomb throws on the General now.

With so many people focusing on the General, Finn decides to stay out of the way. The General is a far smaller target than, say, Leviathan, and joining in the assault might get him hurt. So, instead, he begins to double tap a few of the soldiers that still attempt to move. Never can be too careful!

Mogwai gives the general one final shove before yanking her whip free and backflipping out of the way "He's all yours!"

Spitfire turns in mid-dive, watching the incoming bombs even as a mach cone forms in front of her because of her rapid descent. "Just try not to hit me with those things, and we'll be cool. Deal?"

Eevee spots a cluster of soldiers and proceeds to trap them in a flaming vortex.

Nagol charges up for one big bomb, but a Clay Soldier that was still alive laying on the ground knocks him backwards. Making the Giant Bomb fly back to the entrance of the cave.

Finn watches as the big bomb flies right past him, rolling to a stop near the cave entrance. Reacting quickly, the boy backflips acrobatically to the bomb, slicing the wick in the bomb from the base, preventing the bomb from going off and potentially caving in their only potential way out.. or, who knows what it might have done? At least it makes him feel useful! "Phew. Crisis averted!" He kicks the bomb away, naturally nervous around high explosives.

Mogwai focuses Salamandos blessing through her crystal, causing the bomb on stage to burn down even faster! A massive explosion rocks it and blows chunks of general everywhere!

Mogwai waves for the others to follow her through the door at the back of the stage.

With the last of them defeated, Eevee's flames fade away as his form returns to normal. He proceeds to follow the others.

Nagol makes a sigh of relief at the bombs fuse being stoped, Nagol then follows Mogwai through the Door

With Mogwai’s gesture, Finn shoulders his blade again and jogs over to catch up with the others. "All right! So far so good!" Nothing like a little excitement on a good adventure! "I'm set!"

Mogwai runs through the door into a large throne room. There's a giant in a thong (no, seriously) on the throne "Ah, child of Vana'diel, long have I w-" he's suddenly cut off by Mogwai charging up and punching him in the face.

Spitfire extends her wings as she nears the impact point, straining her muscles to avoid from striking the ground at high velocity and barely managing to level out to follow the group. "Risky, but it worked... Never doing it again, though."

Eevee stares at Titan, confused as always.

Nagol tightens his grip on the Star Rod. Perpared for battle.

Naturally, Finn seems surprised as Mogwai jumps right into battle, tilting his head a little bit. "Are we supposed to fight this guy?" That.. seems to be the case, as the others are hunkering down for another fight.

"So, the behemoth wants to 'dance' with a Wonderbolt? I'm up for that." Even as she finally folds her wings to let them rest, Spitfire's spurring her legs into a dash-gallop, keeping her balance as she strikes the Titan with her forelegs.

Eevee still hasn't processed the fact that another fight just broke out.

Nagol sucks up the Water Star and becomes a Water Kirby! He says to Finn, "You better use the Bubble Protection Machine I gave you." Nagol starts to fire water at the Titan.

"As long as there's no more tidal waves.." Because it's the mass rushing amounts of water that bugs Finn the most. Following in their footsteps, he uses Undine's Blessing to allow water to surround his sword. The water seems to be naturally flowing, but still sharp enough to cut, a blade of water over his own strong, metal blade. With that, he's moving away from the others, looking for a way to flank..

Mogwai winces, pulling her first back. Go figure that punching a giant made out of rock would hurt. She leaps out of the way of a retaliatory punch, and performs a dance to summon a pair of dazzling spotlights "Ok, the show has begun. Let's make this a fast one." Titan seems annoyed by the water based attacks

After only a few pass-strikes, Spitfire's breaking away from her physical approach, half-limping with both her front hooves bloodied. "...I'd never thought I'd end up hurting myself in a fight, but there's always a first time for everything. Better get these bandaged soon..."

Mogwai yells out "Try attacking him indirectly with the wind, like you used on those soldiers!"

Finally realizing that there's another fight going on, Eevee glares at Titan. Though completely oblivious to the recoils his companions have experienced, Eevee charges towards Titan at full speed for a headbutt.

Nagol says to Spitfire, "When your ready, how about a Duo-Tech?" Nagol uses a combo of the Water Power and the Wind Star at the Titan.

"If you think that's going to work, then who am I to argue?" Once more, Spitfire's extending her wings and taking flight, channeling energy into each spiral-pass around Titan, and increasing her speed to conjure another tornado. Nagol gets a nod from the Wonderbolt, even as she builds momentum and velocity.

Finally managing to flank the Titan, Finn decides to wait, especially not as the tornado is being conjured, waiting patiently for his chance to strike. He doesn't want to get caught in the vortex, to say the least.

Mogwai stops her dodging for a second to strike a pose, side-stepping out of the way of a thrown boulder to the cheers of the crowd. Since when has there been a crowd? "We have our allies, our fans, and our will to survive! There is nothing you can do to stop us Titan!"

Eevee bounces off of Titan's beefy body, his attack completely useless.

Nagol jumps onto Spitfire's back and says, "Give me your best Tornado! We're going to perform the Duo-tech: The Wonderbolt Hurricane!" Nagol begins to shoot a Giant Stream of Water in front of him and Spitfire.

Spitfire's speed continues to build, as a hydro-cone forms in front of her at the same time a waterspout begins to form around her and Titan. "Nice approach... This is going to cause a lot of collateral damage."

Mogwai leaps out of the way of one boulder toss, then another. She catches sight of Eevee trying to attack and stops dodging, waiting for something to hit her.

As the waterspout continues to build in intensity, Spitfire's pushing her speed even higher, and tightening the mach cone even more around her.

Nagol jumps off Spitfire's back and continues his Hurricane on the way down, He releases the Water Power and sucks up the Wind Star. He becomes a Tornado Kirby and spins like a tornado at the Titan.

As Eevee snaps out of his daze, he notices that there's suddenly a giant hurricane consuming Titan! Consequently, he is sucked up into it as well! As he desperately struggles for air, he remembers the moment of clarity that he experienced when he received Undine's blessing.

Under the cover of water, Eevee's form changes once more! His tail grows out while the rest of his body turns dark blue. His fur changes into scales as a pair of gills appears on his neck. His transformation completes as a blue cap wraps around his head. "Undineoooon!" he shouts as he weaves around the water effortlessly, occasionally popping his head out of the water and firing water blasts at Titan.

Finn is still waiting patiently for his turn, and he has to kneel close to the ground, as the intensity of the waterspout increases as Spitfire's speed increases. He hunkers down, keeping himself in a good place to attack when he's finally got an opening. Still, with the chaotic 'spout, he might not even have a chance to attack at this rate.

Titan slams a foot on the ground, causing the entire arena to shake. Mogwai and Finn are knocked off their feet as bits of the ceiling rain down.

With that, Spitfire breaks away from the waterspout, watching it as she hovers near Mogwai. The unexpected cascade of rocks from above has her weaving rapidly to avoid the rockfall. "Holy...!"

Eevee dives out from the spout, doing a couple flips before he lands on the ground. He looks up just in time to see a giant rock just above him! The rock lands with a solid THUD, and Eevee cannot be seen.

With all the Wind, Water, and Rocks in the Arena, Nagol cannot control himself and begins to collect all the Water and Rocks into his Tornado. He is starting to become a Giant Hurrican filled with Rocks, and is heading towards the Titan.

Finn's preparing to line up an attack, but the stomp knocks him clear off his feet. He scrambles backward, before he winds up sucked into the crazy waterspout.. and then he scrambles even faster, to avoid the falling rocks. On a positive note, some pieces are so big, they're great for grabbing onto.. so Finn does just that. "Glob, this chaotic!"

Mogwai slowly gets to her feet, before rushing over to Eevee and trying to pry the rock away. Titan waits until Nagol is close, then swings a heavy fist at him.

"Tough fight... And something's telling me to get clear, NOW." After watching the rest of the falling rocks get pulled into the waterspout she conjured, Spitfire's quickly backing away to seek cover under one of the archways leading into the arena. "...that about sums up everything I'm seeing here, Finn."

Eevee is no where to be seen around the rock that has crushed him. Not even a tail hanging out.

Mogwai is SAD

The Titan's Fist looks like it was going to hit Nagol, but he isn't even there! Nagol climbs onto the Titan's back and releases a Giant Tornado right inbetween the two. Causing Huge winds to blow through the Arena. Nagol says through the Fast Winds, "Everyone might want to get down and hold onto something!" The Tornado spins faster and faster.

Despite her instincts of self-preservation, Spitfire's rushing over to help Mogwai get Eevee free, crouching close to the ground in order to avoid getting caught in the wind. "Just hold on, and he'll be alright. I'll help you..."

Noting, after a moment, that Mogwai and Spitfire seem to be trying to get a large hunk of rock up, Finn scrambles a bit to get away from his own boulder, and to go over to assist them. He can only assume someone's underneath, but.. there's not even a tail there. "Hold on, I'm here to help! On three, lift as hard as you can! One.. two.. three!" He hooks fingers underneath, gets a grip, and LIFTS as much as he can! So much for attacking.

Mogwai looks disappointed not to see Eevee. Meanwhile, Titan is starting to crumble from all the attacks as he spins around the backhand Nagol.

There's a grunt, and Spitfire's half-pressing her body against the ground, intent on using her forehooves to help lift the large rock up and straining her leg muscles as much as she can. "...first rule of the Wonderbolts: We don't leave our injured companions behind, no matter what! Ugh...!"

Despite their efforts, not even a trace of Eevee remains under the rock, only a trail of water from the leftover hurricane. A series of ripples then lead out from the rock until it reaches the front of Titan's feet. A puddle of water then begins to seemingly gather together until it begins to take form. Slowly, Eevee's features come into existance as he takes a very deep breath.

Eevee then proceeds to breath an icy cloud all over Titan's feet in an attempt to freeze him in place!

Nagol won't let the grip on the Titan go, he increases the Tornado's Wind Speed and says, "Ultra-Tornado!"

Finn blinks, noting no Eevee underneath. He helps to settle down the rock again, and he leaps back, trying not to get caught in the raging cyclone still. "This is really crazy!" He yells over the wind, trying to keep away. He can't fly, and he's got nothing to do but be cautious. Getting caught in the cyclone can be bad, no doubt.

"Oh, for Celestia's sake... Grab onto my legs and mane, and let's get out of here before we become casualties of this hyper-twister!" Spitfire's sprinting back for Finn and Mogwai, intent on getting as far as she can from the ever-increasing devastation.

Mogwai notes Eevee has managed to survive, and turns her attention to Titan. She struggles to stay standing through the hurricane as she walks right up next to him and yells out "Finale!" summoning a curtain around him. When it falls, the giant has crumbled to pieces, which slowly fade away.

With the giant gone, Gnome arrives, dancing happily "Thank you all! That monster's been squatting here for weeks now!"

Nagol is found on the ground, swerls in his eyes.

Nagol stands and releases the Tornado Power

Eevee focuses the last of his energy on summoning restorative drops of water for his friends. It seems this form possesses intense kindness, unlike the rage and focus of his other forms.

At this, all Spitfire can do is blink dumbly, opening and closing her mouth in wordless befuddlement. Eventually, she just sighs, shaking her head. "I- But- Oh, forget it."

Eevee smiles at them one last time as thanks for their concern before his watery form fades away, leaving the usual clueless Eevee, who is instantly distracted by Gnome.

Mogwai bows down before Gnome "I'm sorry to hear that. I'm guessing now we can receive your blessing?" Gnome looks flabbergasted "Blessing? Now why would I... just because you... oh alright, take it." An earthy light surrounds the heroes.

A small Brown Star and a semi-medium White Star fall down in front of Nagol.

Finn watches the light drape around them, and he feels a bit better.. and the restorative water from before helped. At least now he's got more than just two elements to play with now. He flicks the water away from his sword, and tries out the new elemental swords: his sword breaks out into jagged, stony protrusions. "That's pretty math. This is gonna be really useful!"

Pointedly ignoring her confusion, Spitfire's snapping to attention and saluting with surprising professionalism and ease, given the physiological structure of her body.

Gnome waves the heroes off "I've got a lot of repairs to take care of due to his stupid earthquakes. And he better not have damaged my terra cotta soldier collection!" Mogwai declines to comment as she heads off for the exit Gnome pointed towards.

Nagol connects the Earth Piece to the Star Rod. He looks at the Semi-medium White Star and says, "Is this one of the Gate-Stars?

Nagol says 'Thank you Gnome, I will really need this Gate-Star! '

Nagol says 'Should we reopen the Entrance?'

Eevee snaps out of his distraction and follows the others.

The exit leads out the side of a sand dune on the island. Mogwai blinks in the sudden sunlight and switches off her flashlight.

Spitfire says 'Don't know how useful it'll be to work the earth like an Earth pony, but I'm not going to complain.'

"Thanks, Gnome!" Well, he's just going along, anyway. Finn turns and jogs to catch up with Mogwai, since the mention of Terracotta Warriors means that they might not want to stay for particularly long, to say the least. Once outside, in the sunlight, Finn also blocks his eyes from the sudden intense sun. "Well.. that was fun," he muses.

As the sunlight hits Eevee's eyes, he instantly sneezes a couple of times. It seems even pokemon can have photic sneeze reflex!

Nagol follow the other Heroes.

A familier voice says, "I see you have a Gate-Star, Nagol!" The Evil Nagol Clone, Darkmare rides down to them.

Mogwai facepalms "Not this guy again"

The Nagol Clone says, "I can't allow you to have that Star."

Nagol says 'Just for a clue, the Group he works for destroyed the only way to Star Heavan.'

Nagol says 'There are 2 pieces, or Gate-Stars.'

Spitfire's, by now, lazily flying out of the cave, though she pauses in time to avoid colliding with the dark clone of Nagol. "...look, you. I'm tired, and I just want to get back to resting. So, just go off and bother someone else, and let us pass in peace."

Nagol waves the Star Rod in the air and says, "We don't have time for you, Darkmare!" A giant Rock falls onto Darkmare, trapping him undereath it.

Nagol says 'That rock won't hold him for too long, we should get out of here.'

Mogwai nods "Right... see you all back in town?" she asks, holding up a magic rope

Finn turns his attention toward the dark Nagol, blinking a little at him. The rock seems to cut any more annoyances short, and he chuckles a bit, glancing over at the others. He seems bothered by something, but decides to keep to himself for now, shouldering his blade. "Yeah, sounds good."

Nagol says to Finn and Eevee, "Want a ride back on my Warp Star?"

Eevee glances about, feeling pretty useless without his master's guidance. He also misses his warm, gruff cursing.

Spitfire flies away, nodding just before disappearing from view.

Mogwai tosses one end of the rope up in the air where it catches on... something. She then gives it a tug and vanishes out of sight.

"Sure!" Maybe a bit of flying will cheer him up. Finn moves to hop onto the Warp Star when it's summoned, and he waits patiently for the others to latch on.

Nagol jumps onto the Warp Star, ready to fly it back to Truce

Eevee stares at the warp star confusingly. He doesn't exactly have latching capabilities.

Finn quickly snags Eevee before the Warp Star leaves. "Let's go!"

Nagol's Warp Star rises, and Flies back to Truce. Nagol says, "To Adventure!"

Meanwhile under a rock: The Dark Nagol says, "I hope I don't get a lower in my Pay, and my Postion too..."

Back in Truce, Mogwai pulls out her crystal and focuses the power of earth through it, repairing the damage done to her bus. After she finishes, she notices a light snoring inside. "...has James been in there this whole time?"

Nagol's Warp Star soon lands down at Truce, and Nagol says, "See you guys Later."