Mogwai checks the time on her phone, before smiling at Twilight and Jameson "Hi Twilight, hi James. Coming again?" She notices Helios and seems a bit hesitant "Umm... I'm guessing you saw my call for adventurers too?"

Helios snickers. "S-sure. He, he, he. Actually, do you have some electrical repair knowledge? We-he-he really need it."

Mogwai says '...I can change a pair of AAs if that helps.'

Helios says 'It was worth a try...'

Jameson grinds his teeth and pops a few pills from a small container he produces from his pocket. "Remind me not to get drunk the night before these things."

Helios giggles.

Eevee makes a note to remind Jameson not to get drunk the night before these things.

Mogwai nods "Right. Anyway, our target for this week is a fair bit closer, but more crowded with monsters. Good news is, we'll be able to get there a lot faster."

Jameson holds up a hand almost immediately.

Mogwai says 'Hmm?'

Jameson says 'So. Monsters. We talking a beastie like that thing I caught yesterday? Or a fucking hoard of zubats every step?'

Mogwai reaches behind herself, and somehow pulls a large bright blue bus out of nowhere "Yes."

Jameson sighs, massages his temples, and climbs into the bus.

Helios seems to raise a hand, even though he has none. "What are we supposed to do? Heh, heh, heh."

Mogwai hops into the front seat "Hop in, I'll take us to the dungeon. Then, we shall fight our way to its dark heart, and do battle with fearsome monsters to gain our prize." The bus seems a lot roomier than it looks on the outside.

Helios enters the bus, snickering at the extra space it has inside.

Eevee hops playfully into the bus, after marking his territory on the rear wheel.

Twilight Sparkle steps into the bus, looking around in wonder at something she's not used to.

Jameson says 'So, tell me, do you have an off switch to that constant snickering?'

The front of the bus has obviously been modified for someone of Mogwai's size, as her feet don't reach the pedals. Instead, she begins spinning little spinny things, pulling ropes and levers, and flipping switches "Oh... one last thing. I do advise you buckle up."

Jameson picks up Eevee by the scruff of his neck and sits the pokemon down in a seat, before taking one himself and bucking in.

Helios sighs. "No, our emotional matrix is-he, he, he- currently screwed up and needs to be removed and scrubbed down. If you can do something like that, let us know; otherwise, no. there is no way."

Mogwai slams her foot into a big red button in the middle of the dashboard, and the bus leaps into action, roaring across the guardia fields and up the side of the Sulfataskra mountains, Mogwai spinning the steering wheel like a maniac to keep it on the path.

Twilight Sparkle, after making her way to one of the seats, buckles in securely, reinforcing the restraint with magic as the bus takes off.

Jameson stares blankly at Helios just before Mogwai sends them hurtling down the roads like a bullet on speed. After that he just sits still and tries to remind himself that his temples are, infact, not exploding.

A screech of tires and the smell of burnt rubber can be noticed as Mogwai makes a sharp left turn, climbing up the side of one of the mountains "Almost there."

Helios calmly hovers in the center of the madly careening bus, giggling all the while and not looking happy about it.

Eevee seems to be enjoying himself.

Twilight Sparkle, despite her restraint, goes sliding into the wall of the bus, smashing her face and horn into the window rather comically.

A sudden weightless feeling is experienced, and rock can be seen hurtling up on all sides as Mogwai has just driven the bus off a steep drop, humming idly to herself as the wind whistles through an open window.

Jameson manages to state "I Dislike This" through teeth gritted closed, hands keeping himself from going in unexpected directions.

The bus hits the ground not with a crash, but with a rapid deceleration and a light "boing" as the bus bounes slightly upward and comes to a stop. "We're here!" says Mogwai.

Helios slowly hovers out the door. "It's about time. Heh, heh, heh. We were getting worried."

Twilight Sparkle takes the restraint off, and stumbles out of her seat, wobbling unsteadily to the door and promptly collapsing into an unkempt - and very twitchy - pile right outside the door. "...never again."

Jameson unbuckles his seatbelt and stands before walking slowly out the door. He shoots Mogwai a venomous glare, but keeps any words to himself as he steps out of the bus. He does, however, tap Helios on the... shoulder? It's hard to tell.

Mogwai says 'Aww, there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm a great driver! ...I'm just afraid the mechanic hasn't gotten around to implementing a pedal that works from my stance, so all I've got is a button that's either "off" or "full speed"'

Eevee leaps off of the bus and proceeds to mark his territory on the immediate surroundings.

While having no shoulder, Helios does respond. "Yes?"

Once everyone is out of the bus, Mogwai picks it up (It seems to somehow get smaller), and tosses it behind her, where it seems to just disappear.

Twilight says '...forgive me if I don't take that as a very comforting statement.'

Helios giggles at Twilight's face.

Jameson draws back his fist and sends it sailing at Helios, growling words while he does so. "Goddamn giggling!"

Mogwai waves around Welcome to the Barrel Volcano, home of the Mana Spirit of Fire. There's a lot of monsters here," a magmar walks behind her to make her point "But if we're lucky, most of them won't bother us unless we bother them."

Twilight Sparkle unsteadily rises to her hooves, shaking her head to simultaneously clear her mind and the wild-eyed expression she's wearing. "Better get a heavy-duty fireproofing spell ready... Ow."

Mogwai says 'Umm... maybe I can get Helios a gag, there's no reason to smack him...'

Helios slams into a rock and burst into full laughter. "We are terribly-ha,ha ha- sorry. Please forgive us."

Helios slowly rises back up into the air and shakes himself off.

Mogwai pulls a knotted scarf out of her top, then with a hmm, pulls out a ball gag "Wonder if any of these would work."

Jameson shakes his fist while stepping forwards again. "Look. I've got a headache, and while I'm willing to risk life and limb, I'll end you if you keep laughing all the time. Got it?"

Helios giggles again while his lens begins to glow red. "We would not reccommend that course of action. We are on the same side after all."

Twilight Sparkle simultaneously focuses on a pair of spells, turning first to Helios as she casts the strongest silencing spell she knows, then making use of a strong fireproofing spell. "There... Sorry about that, Helios..."

Helios hovers there, staring blankly.

Helios says '...'

Jameson shakes his head at the, as far as he cared, impotent threat and walks over to examine the magmar. "Well that's a nice one. Hell if I can ever remember their names though."

Helios forms a hand out of the cloud of flakes surrounding him and pats Twilight on the head in thanks.

Mogwai shrugs and puts the gags back, before pulling out a piece of crystal with a bright light inside. She holds it up and moves it around until it starts to pulse faster "This way."

Helios enters the tunnel.

Jameson shrugs, and follows after Mogwai, not even bothering to see if Eevee was following behind him.

Twilight Sparkle closes her eyes for a moment, smiling as she opens them and trots alongside Mogwai with her horn glowing to maintain the fireproofing spell.

Eevee stares at the Magmar and smiles. Was this his chance? Was this his destiny? To fight, to be the best that no one ever wa--oh wait the master's leaving. Gotta go!

Mogwai comes into a brightly lit chamber, a ring around a large hole in the ground, leading down to a molten pond. Mogwai kneels down at the edge of the ledge and holds her crystal down it, grimacing "Hmm... well, looks like we're going down..." she says, pulling a rope out of her dress and tying it to a nearby rock "Hope nobody is afraid of heights. Eevee, want to come down with me? I don't know if you can hold a rope or not..."

Jameson says 'Uh. Hold on.'

Jameson says 'Whoa. Full stop.'

Eevee will totally go down on her. Er with her, yes, with her.

Jameson says 'The fuck are you doing? There's lava down there.'

Eevee smiles and nods at Mogwai.

Helios hovers out over the gap and disables his levitation, falling like a stone in spite of Jameson's concerns.

Mogwai says 'If you look out over the ledge, there's another ledge just below us. That's where we're going.'

Twilight Sparkle pauses for a moment, looking up at her horn in contemplation before turning to Jameson and casting a high-powered levitation spell on herself to get to the ledge. "Hm... I wonder if I can sustain a levitation spell long enough... Did you forget about my fireproofing spell? It should protect us from the heat."

A quiet metallic clang eches out from the bottom of the gap where Helios fell. "..."

Helios says '...'

Helios continues farther downwards after having said his piece.

Jameson pinches the bridge of his nose, attempting to stave off the headache that was flaring in his head again, and waves. "Sure, sure, let's go."

Mogwai picks Eevee up and places him in the front of her dress so he's pressed up against her chest "Ok, just hold on..." she says, rappelling down the wall carefully, not noticing a fire bat getting dangerously close to the rope.

A red laser blasts upwards from the depths of the pit and blows apart the fire bat. Helios triumphantly calls upwards. "...!"

Twilight Sparkle stops in midair long enough to capture the fire-bat in a magic cocoon, before tossing it away with a flick of her head and resuming her descent.

Jameson seizes the rope and climbs down it with a series of grunts and mutterings about how he's too old and out of shape for this shit.

Mogwai reaches the lower ledge and swings to safety, looking up to see how Jameson is doing before deciding to check on her passenger

Twilight Sparkle maintains the spell until she's touched down on the ledge, turning her focus to using the cliff-face as protection for Jameson while he descends. "Well, that wasn't too bad. Having all this knowledge helps..."

Another metallic clang echoes out from the lowest part of the gap. Helios calls up some reccomendations about the stability of the second ledge. "... ... ..."

Jameson growls and grumbles his way right to the ledge, and the rests on the ground for a little while. "You know, I spend a lot of my time in caves. None of them were ACTIVE VOLCANIC REGIONS THOUGH"

A muted crack echoes out through the air, followed by Helios shouting up something. "...!"

Eevee is enjoying riding Mogwai's cockpit. Although, he seems to be losing grip on her dress.

Twilight Sparkle closes her eyes again, focusing on a high-powered teleportation spell, causing her horn to glow a harsh white up until the moment she simultaneously disappears and reappears beside Helios, and strengthens the fireproofing spell even more. "One moment... I'll see what spells I know, and whether they can repair machines as advanced as he seems to be..."

Helios looks up back at Mogwai's ledge. "...! ... ... ...!"

Eevee rests his head on Mogwai's chest. Eeeeveeee.

Jameson says 'Eh. Let him take a dump. It'll clean his circuits out for sure.'

Mogwai tries to run from the crumbling ledge, but finds her next step crumbling through the weakened rock. As she falls down the cliff face, she swings her whip at an outcropping, swinging from it and hurtling herself in the air towards the next outcropping. She repeats this until she reaches another ledge in front of a tunnel, about a quarter of the way around the crater. She collapses to the ground from the exertion "You ok there?"

Twilight Sparkle looks around from her point on the lowest level, before raising her gaze to the rest of the group at the same time she casts a featherweight spell on her legs and hooves to keep from sinking into the soft ground and magma. "How are you all holding up?"

Jameson pulls the pill bottle from his pocket again and downs another two pills before popping them in his mouth. He calls down to the rest of the group. "Doin' fine. Thanks."

Mogwai yells back "Fine, just a little exhausted."

Helios seems to sigh, though it is hard to tell since he has no features to speak of. "..."

Eevee watches in awe as he observes Mogwai's hand techniques with a long, slender rope. Instictively, he wraps his tail around Mogwai's right leg in an attempt to hold on. After she collapses, he turns his head back to look into her eyes and respond in a thankful, but manly manner, "Eevee!"

Twilight Sparkle nods, stopping to wait for the rest of the group and consulting a small spelunking manual levitated from her right saddlebag.

Helios shakes his core and moves on deeper into the tunnels.

Jameson sighs, and begins slowly descending the crazed hole of madness and lava to make his way back with the rest of the group. He keeps up his somewhat trademark of cursing a small storm while taking this action.

Mogwai notices Eevee's tail poking out the bottom of her dress, and realizing how little she wears under it decides that it's about time he walked. After setting him down, she does another few scans with her crystal "Umm... I'll see if these tunnels connect to each other. We can make a plan once we meet up.

Jameson says 'Yeah yeah gimmie a fucking minute. Goddamn tiny ass furry things and mages and balls of idiot.'

Helios' voice echoed back from somewhere within the tunnels. "..."

Jameson says ''m getting old. Can't do this shit anymore.'

Eevee looks disappointed to have been removed from Mogwai's private spot, but perks up at the cursing of his loving, disgruntled master. He proceeds to leap in a couple of circles around him.

Twilight Sparkle turns to one of the tunnels, trotting away from the rest of the group and keeping her eyes out for potential trouble spots, up until she comes across a small pool of exposed lava. "Got it. to get across without using magic. Hm."

Twilight Sparkle looks over to one of the walls intently, before backing up a considerable amount and breaking into a gallop with the intent to ride the wall to clear the lava-pool without much trouble.

Helios turns into the tunnel and hovers right in fromt of the speeding pony. He rolls his lens. "..."

Jameson sets his feet on the floor again, and rolls his shoulders before shaking his hands. "Yeah, fuck that. Eevee. You're learing fly ASAP."

Eevee attempts to assure Jameson that he will get right on that. He is very reliable, after all.

Mogwai enters the tunnel, using her crystal for an added bit of light as she explores the tunnels. The occasional magmar or firebat shows up brilliantly in the darkness as she makes her way in a circle, coming out at the cave near Twilight and Helios

Twilight Sparkle slides to a stop once she's close to the edge of the pool, losing her momentum and falling to the ground just shy of the lava, though her tail isn't so fortunate as the tip of it lands in the pool and begins burning.

Jameson follows Mogwai, frowning with his hands stuck firmly into his pockets.

Twilight says 'Well, THAT was cl...-yow!'

Helios seems to sigh and rolls over the tail to put out the small flame. "..."

Mogwai upends her canteen over Twilight's tail. Thankfully it's water this time, and not booze.

Mogwai says 'Well, I got some good news, and some bad news. The good news is, my little elemental-wental detector has shown where Salamando is. The bad news is, take a wild guess where the spirit of fire is resting inside this volcano.'

Helios rolls his lens again and dives into the pool of lava.

Jameson says 'Well. Fuck that.'

Mogwai leaps back from the ledge as Helios dives in "Excellent guess. Now how do the rest of us get down there. There has to be a way to survive that."

Jameson says 'Look. Mogwai. I'm fine with following you around, having fun adventures and almost dying terribly. But I am not going into no goddamn lava. The hunk of steel can fry his circuits for all I care but I'm staying whole, thanks.'

"Into the caldera we go..." Twilight Sparkle sighs heavily, ignoring her partially-melted tail and casting her strongest protection spell around the remainder of her group before diving into the lava. "This is NUTS!"

Jameson folds his arms. He is not having any of this "Diving into fucking lava without testing it on ANYTHING fist" bullshit.

Mogwai tentatively dips a toe into the lava once the spell is in place. Finding it a mere scalding hot, she jumps in, letting the ping of her crystal guide her until she falls out into a bubble in the middle of the lava.

Eevee gets the feeling he is going to be testing first.

Helios rises up out of the lava again, glowing red hot. "... ... ..." He dives back down again.

Eevee stares at the lava. He finds the willpower to enter it lacking as he turns to his mast--ohgodhisfavoritemooglejustjumpedin! Eevee proceeds to heroically dive head first into lava after Mogwai and Twilight.

Jameson stares blankly at the group. He looks from side to side for a moment before sighing. "Goddamnit." And, with a test of the lava first, he gently edges in before growling and following the rest of the group.

Mogwai comes out ready for battle, and is a little disgruntled to find the spell didn't extend far past her body. Most of her outfit has been burnt away, her dress now appearing to just be a stripperific bikini bottom and three strips of cloth over her chest

Helios pops into the bubble, slamming right into Mogwai.

Twilight Sparkle takes a deep breath, even as the heat penetrates her protective spell-sphere and causes the unicorbrarian to start sweating heavily. "I never would've thought I'd be CRAZY enough to dive into the heart of an active volcano, especially to fight something!" Unfortunately, both of her saddlebags have burned away, as the rifle and her Element have become superheated due to the lava.

Eevee exits out of the lava and slams into Helios. As he gathers his senses, he observes Mogwai's..change in appearance. And would like to point out that it just got a lot hotter in here. Eeeeeeveeee!

Helios shakes his core, confused. "..." He looks around and activates his scanners in the hope of finding something.

Jameson emerges into the airpocket with a massive burst of hastened swimming, and gasps greedily at the air. "No. No Fuck you ball thing. Fuck you and you Mogwai. And you too horse that made this shit possible."

Jameson says 'I did not just dive into goddamn lava and almost die terribly. Screw that, and all of you. Never. Again.'

Helios seems amused, though it is still hard to tell.

Waiting for the group is a musclebound demon seemingly made out of molten rock "Mogwai, Child of Vana'diel. You should have died on the trip here. I will fix that."

"But, but..." Twilight Sparkle looks down with a crestfallen expression, sighing. "I'm sorry I considered using a spell strong enough to protect all of us from getting flash-cooked inside the heart of a volcano... You think I liked having to do this?"

Helios looks at the demon, confused. "...?"

Jameson stands up, and is apparentally enraged. He points a finger at the demon accusingly. "No. You shut up you giant flaming pile of shit, I'm not done yet." He points at Twilight again. "You're telling me, that with all your magical potential you can't MAKE THE LAVA NOT LAVA?"

Twilight Sparkle just falls quiet in response to the continued abuse from Jameson, turning her attention to the magma-demon before firing off a magical blast from her horn at it.

Jameson growls viciously. "Fine. After the fight." He then picks up Eevee by the scruff of the creatures neck and glares at it. "Freak. I choose you. USE BODY SLAM!" He doesn't even wait to see if Eevee has magically learned the move. He just hurls the fluffball at Ifrit.

Eevee keeps enjoying the scenery. He may be heroic and reliable, but no one ever said anything about manners. Oh right, evil flame monster. "Eeveee!!" he shouts as he unleashes a new technique: BODY SLAM!

Helios continues to look at the fire thing confusedly/ "...?" He seems to shrug before firing his mining laser at it, hoping to Mechonis that the targeting system he got off of that rust bucket works right.

Mogwai performs a pirouette, bright lights shining down upon Ifrit as she draws her whip. The lord of flames brings up an arm to shield his eyes, and doesn't manage to see either blast coming his way. The combined attacks knock him onto his back, but he rolls onto his feet and swings a punch at the incoming Eevee, keeping his head low to keep from looking into the spotlights.

Twilight Sparkle closes her eyes, simultaneously conjuring a vision-protection spell for everyone and focusing as her mane begins to glow a harsh white in preparation for a much stronger version of Mogwai's technique. "It's time for Blinding Illumination..."

Jameson doesn't care enough to sit still and let anyone cast spells on him, he puts up his fists and dashes forwards, ducking under the demons' arm swipe in the direction of Eevee and attempting to send several punches towards the monster's abs and groin.

"Eeveeeee--" WHAM! Eevee takes the blow in full force and flies back. But that's what Takedown is all about, collateral damage! He just lies there for a moment.

Mogwai lashes at Ifrit with her whip, working each swing into part of an ancient moogle dance routine that causes shards of obsidian to lift up out of the ground and hurl themselves at the Lord of Flames. Ifrit, on the other hand, ignores the attacks of his melee opponents and charges for the robot whose laser knocked him down early, delivering a massive uppercut that shoots him up out of the arena. If it wasn't for the lava in the way, the party would see him vanish into the horizon.

Helios vaguely screams as he flies off. "!!!"

After letting the unique spell build in intensity, Twilight Sparkle opens her eyes as her mane seems to suddenly explode in a crippling burst of white light to blind Ifrit.

Jameson staggers as the fire avatar brushes past him, and then cracks his knuckles menacingly and advancing on Ifrit.

Eevee slowly rises to his feet and stumbles forward, struggling to stay standing. So that wasn't his best Takedown, but he can't his favorite moogle watch him flail about uselessly. He attempts to charge at Ifrit again with claws flying!

Mogwai performs another dance step, as Ifrit builds up power before unleashing a massive Inferno. However, due to Twilight's spell earlier, the attack has no effect. Worse still, Mogwai's dance causes him to faceplant into the ground "Stole your luck big guy. Come on and take it back, I dare ya."

Even before the glow of her mane dies down fully, Twilight Sparkle's conjuring a pair of magical whips and swinging them in tandem at the blinded Ifrit, pouring her simmering anger at the earlier abuse from Jameson into each strike.

Jameson jogs up Ifrit's back and sits on the demons neck, grabbing hold of one of his horns in each hand before bringing the head back and slamming it into the ground cruelly. As he does so, he calls out to Twilight. "About fucking time you did something, pony! Next try something ACTUALLY USEFUL!"

Ifrit performs a roundhouse, knocking Eevee and Mogwai away and trying to get Jameson off, before advancing on the loudmouth Mogwai "You're outnumbered, outmatched, and this show has gone on long enough! Time for the final act, FIN-" she's cut short by Ifrit punching her in the face, sending her sliding across the obsidian.

As Eevee flies back, he watches Ifrit slam Mogwai away. Intense wrath fills Eevee's heart as he thinks back to the brief moment of clarity he had when he met Lumina. Eevee stands once more as he slowly advances on Ifrit, his pace picking up with each step. As his walk turns into a run, he leaps into the air and unleashes a bright flash!
As the light dims down, Eevee's form changes. His white fur pulses softly, surrounded by a luminous white cloud. As he lands on the obsidian, he rushes to Ifrit at full speed, unleashing a flurry of blinding claws and bites!

With a fierce glare in response to the verbal attack from James, Twilight Sparkle's teleporting herself up to Ifrit's shoulder and simultaneously aiming her horn and hind legs, respectively, at the base of Ifrit's neck and the vulgar Rocket. "I'm not going to keep taking this abuse from you! It's been going on ALL NIGHT, so SHUT UP!"

Jameson raises an eyebrow as the pony teleports, and then curses as she re-appears next to him. "Eevee for the love of Arceus, LIGHT UP THE NIGHT!"

As Eevee hears his master calling for him, he stops his assault and closes his eyes, releasing bright flash of light!

Mogwai gets up off the floor and runs back to the battle "Enough! This ends now! FINAL- Oh... damnit, can you two stop riding him? I uh, can't do it while you're watching." she says bashfully. She settles for a different dance, and in trying to hit his two riders Ifrit manages to punch himself hard twice in the head.

Jameson curses as the Flash hits, but the pony's spell protects it. He, on the other hand, gets a double dose of pony foot to the chest and is sent rolling a short distance away, cursing loudly.

"That should teach you not to be so abusive in the future!" Once she's satisfied with the double strike, Twilight Sparkle is jumping off, quick-casting a slow-descent spell to give her a shot at spearing Ifrit's heart with her horn on the way down.

Jameson stands roughly, rubbing his chest in pain. "You'll get yours." After the muttered threat, he pulls a pokeball off his belt and hurls it in an arc at Ifrit.

Ifrit staggers back, avoiding the spearing as Mogwai yells "This! Ends! Now! FINALE!" The moogle brings a curtain up around her and Ifrit, blocking the view of Twilight and Jameson, but Mogwai had completely forgotten Eevee was still in range. What follows is something indescribably kinky, giving Ifrit a serious enough nosebleed to exsanguinate him and finish him off, just in time for the pokeball to capture him when the curtains drop. Mogwai smiles at her victory, before noticing Eevee lying at
her feet "Oh... dude, are you ok?"

Eevee is speechless. Words cannot described what he has just witnessed. He simply stares at her.

Eventually, Twilight Sparkle touches down, with her spell finally wearing off at that exact moment. She's got her eyes closed, however.

Jameson steps over to the fallen pokemon. Fainted.

Jameson says 'Well, you own me a new one.'

Mogwai says 'Oh he'll be fine. Just give him plenty of fluids... and maybe a few tissues.'

As the battle ends, a floating lizard wreathed in flames enters the battlefield through the lava, clapping at Mogwai and the others "Bravo, bravo! Well done! I haven't been this entertained in ages, can you believe how long it's been since anyone's even been down here?"

As Eevee continues to stare, the white in his fur fades back to brown, and his luminous cloud dissipates. It seems his Lumineon form is only temporary, capable of unleashing light powered attacks and enhanced focus. Speaking of which, shiny lizard!

Jameson picks up Eevee by the scruff of his neck and slaps him lightly. "Wake up you."

Eevee takes the slaps like a man. "Eevee!"

Twilight Sparkle hasn't yet dismissed the fireproofing or protection spells she cast earlier, long before the fight started. Her mane is back to its usual colors, with only a faint shimmer remaining from the Blinding Illumination super-spell.

Salamando dances around a bit more before realizing "Oh, but where are my manners. I assume you're adventurers that have come here for the blessings of mana? For entertaining me with a fight in my arena, you have earned it! Take it, and spread the word. Tell others of my boon, and bring them to me. It gets so dreadfully boring down here!" A warm red glow suffuses each of you, and Mogwai bows down when the glow fades "Thank you, spirit."

Jameson says 'Yeah yeah, nice and all. Can you just teleport us out of here? Save us the lava dip?'

Mogwai says 'I think Twilight's quite capable of that...'

Twilight Sparkle turns to the rest of the group once the red glow dies down, preparing a more powerful group-teleportation spell. "Everyone, touch my mane, and we'll get out of here..."

Mogwai holds on

Eevee hops over to Twilight, but uh...yeah..

Jameson grabs her horn.

Twilight Sparkle glares up at James in response to the contact, but says nothing as the teleportation spell kicks in.

Mogwai blinks and finds herself someplace else

Jameson growls. "And we couldn't do that before why?"

Mogwai says 'We didn't know the precise location beforehand.'

Jameson says 'I see.'

Mogwai looks at the still googly-eyed Eevee "Mind if I borrow him for a bit? I want to make sure I didn't break anything..."

Eevee totally doesn't mind being broken.

Jameson raises an eyebrow at Mogwai, and then hooks the pokeball back to his belt. "Yeah sure. Go for it. I'm not taking responsibility for the kids though."

Twilight Sparkle turns the grip on her horn to her advantage, lifting Jameson into the air with her magic, and using it to simultaneously increase pressure to uncomfortable levels. "I'll only say this once. Stay. Away. From. Me. Understood?"

Mogwai fumes at her inability to convincincly lie "Ok. Umm, you two have fun."

Jameson looks at Twilight with a simple smile, and then raises up his fist and sends it careening towards her face. He stops an inch away however, and smiles nastily. "Don't tempt me."

Twilight says 'I'm not intimidated.'

Jameson says 'Makes two of us. Wanna put me down?'

Twilight Sparkle sends James flying a few feet away with a quick shake of her head before trotting off with an irritated snort and muttering about 'idiots'.

Jameson tumbles lightly and comes up on his feet, displaying agility past the grumbling he was doing earlier in the day. "Bitch."