Aura leans heavily on her walking stick with both hands, apparently set on watching the sun drag itself across the sky. She looks kind of sad and distant, perhaps even a bit lost.
You say 'Mh... Certainly did need to sleep... Oh, hello there.'
Aura casts a quick, if barely noticeable glance over one shoulder at the greeting, but seems predominantly wrapped up in her silent brooding to respond vocally. Her violet eyes shimmer in the sunlight, as if they were always misted over for one reason or another.
Sighing softly, Rarity looks off to the west, even while she packs away her sleeping bag with magic. "...it's back to living the life of a wanderer for me, I suppose. I can't really fault Twilight for her concern, even if I wasn't expecting to be teleported so suddenly, or so much."
Though Aura could relate to being on one's own for an extended period of time, she chose not to express this herself, only half-hearing what you was discussing with herself, anyway. Her own thoughts were riddled and uncertain anyway, and it wasn't like everyone didn't have their own share of problems. A brief wind rolls past, fluttering her dress lightly in the breeze.
"It's in the past, however. If nothing else, I've got two missions to carry out, and those take priority above even my work as a fashion designer. First, I simply MUST rescue Ambience, and defeat this witch by thinking as Twilight would. And secondly... I have to uphold my duty as a Wishborn, without making excuses." With a resolute nod, Rarity turns to face you, finishing with her packing and extinguishing the magic around her horn.
Aura tensed visibly at some point in Rarity's continued monologue, apparently recognizing one or more things she'd just spoken of. She'd returned with the intent of finding out what had happened to her son, but something about this Pony didn't sit right with her. Something vital seemed... missing; it made her rather uncomfortable, but if there was one thing she was good at by now, it was hiding how she felt.
Aura fought a mental battle against herself for a moment, wrestling with the idea of speaking up at the mention of her son's name. Any information was more than she had, but on the other hand... she couldn't shake the odd feeling of absence that encompassed this creature behind her.
"Darling, is there something troubling you? I may not have Twilight Sparkle's natural curiosity, but even I can tell when someone needs a listening ear - it's in my Element to listen to the problems of others. My name is Rarity, and I was keeping Ambience company while you were away, if that's any consolation."
She knew. How did she know? Aura hadn't said a word. It was at that point that she realized she'd grown accustomed to lowering her guard while in the Holyland; people were likely more inclined to pry into others' thoughts in the middle realm. Somewhat irritated at the notion of having to shield her thoughts to keep them from being public knowledge, she finally turned around, standing on her own two feet without the aid of her brand.
Aura looks at you scrutinizingly, as if trying to determine exactly what she was. The magical power was obvious, but the lack of something so... vital completely contradicted the whole notion.
Aura finally speaks, the irritation she felt present in her words. "While I respect your aptitude for magic, I would ask that you kindly keep your third eye out of my thoughts. That's very rude." Her voice is gentle despite her irritation, as if practiced in the art of speaking softly.
Rather nervously, Rarity's rubbing the side of her head with one hoof, and laughing embarrassedly. "Oh, my... Forgive my blatant lack of manners, dear. I didn't mean to pry unnecessarily, or without just cause..." In clearly sincere apology, the unicornista's bowing and closing her eyes in shame. "I truly am sorry for this DREADFUL invasion of your privacy."
"Forgiven, then. So, 'Rarity." Aura turned halfway to the side, speaking more ingeneral than directly at her. Her stance was a bit on the regal or noble side, despite her plain-looking attire and the shoddy walking stick she's holding. "You're the one Sylvan and Layla were referring to. I suppose if you're that curious as to my questions, you can start by telling me why you have no soul. By all accounts, you really ought to be dead and buried, without one of those. They're quite precious." Aura wasn't intending to be cynical about it, but it likely sounded as such, regardless.
Even with the statement of forgiveness, Rarity's remaining low against the ground in a manner reminiscent of Japanese humility, draping her mane against the ground and keeping her eyes closed. "That was a conscious choice of mine, to sacrifice my soul for the strength needed to protect those around me. Unfortunately, it seems I've failed, by allowing Ambience to fall to such darkness... I deserve no forgiveness for that."
"I bear no ill will for those who mean no harm against my son. Please raise your head, you're likely to get rocks in your mane." Aura's tone was still gentle, but the irritation was gone at this time. "And though I find the notion of trading one's soul for power of any kind, for any reason, completely revolting, there must be something more to you than I can see. Sylvan and Layla would not have brought you to my attention, otherwise."
Aura says 'I could easily blame myself for what has happened. I have not seen him since his birth, and this was not what I had in mind, as far as a reunion goes. Nevertheless, things are not always under our control. This is especially true within this realm, as my experiences have previously indicated.'
As she finally rises, there's a faint glimmer of magic around Rarity's pearl-hued neck, culminating in the appearance of her Element of Harmony. "He spoke highly of you. And you're right, in saying that we cannot always control our environment. As for me... I continue seeking to give generously of myself, in order to set things right once more."
Aura looks upon Rarity silently for several moment, half-looking over her shoulder, given her current stance. "You spoke of a witch. Witches are numerous, and their definition vague. Could you elaborate further?"
You say 'This particular one looked to be a rather well-dressed young girl sitting on a swingset, as I recall.'
Aura tilts her head. "That hardly sounds like any of these pre-defined instances of any Witch I've ever heard of."
You say 'Well... There are situations that arise, far from what we expect, are there not?'
You say 'Surely, it must be odd to speak to a unicorn, let alone one that can respond with understandable speech or think.'
"It would seem so." Aura looks at you for a moment as the topic changes somewhat, her eyes not reflecting anything resembling confusion or unassumption. "Maybe in other worlds, in other cases. But I used to live here before I realized my heritage. So I am well-accustomed to the varying degrees of sentience that exist."
Aura says 'I'm not any more surprised that you are able to talk then the wobbly mushroom folk that call themselves the Matango. My foster brother was one, you see.'
With a curt nod, Rarity's moving a magically-suspended brush through her mane, leaning forward slightly to listen. "It's only fair, I suppose. My world, Equestria, is also quite varied in terms of who inhabits it, and the abilities each one possesses. But I digress. I did make a promise that I'd do whatever necessary to protect Ambience, and I won't fail more than once in that task."
Aura is silent for a moment or two longer, her eyes doing most of the talking for her during that time. At last, she nods. "Very well, then. You seem more knowledgable of the current situation than I do. At the very least, I am glad I was able to arrive in time to pull him from that mob. The last thing either of us need on our consciences are more lost lives. He wouldn't have hesitated to slaughter them all if I had been much later."
You say 'I do, at least, hope that dear Twilight can find peace after having to fight him... She got me to safety, even though I wasn't aware of much more than an odd tremor near that cabin I was using as temporary shelter.'
Aura looks off to the southwest for a moment at the mention of the cabin, studying the landscape that rises from that direction. "It is a dangerous power we have. But it can be contained. My fault was not leaving such an option for my son, at the time. Else if I had, we likely wouldn't have to be dealing with this now. For that, I do take the blame; hindsight is always 20/20, as they say."
At this, Rarity's letting her gaze fall and pawing the ground with her right forehoof nervously. "I should admit to having... feelings for him... I was unsure of how that would be taken, physical structure aside..."
Aura smiles faintly, but genially. "All of the Goddess' creatures are more or less on equal footing in our eyes, Rarity. 'Physical structure,' as you put it, has very little to do with much of anything in the world. Rest assured, if the thought had crossed your mind, my son is safe. Still a threat, but safe. However, until we break the possession on him, there is naught anything anyone can do."
Aura lowers her eyes briefly, remembering. "The notion of seeing him savagely beating against the magical field I currently have him stationed in is heartwrenching, especially considering its the first memory I'll have of him, eight years after seeing his newborn eyes." Suffice it to say, Aura looks thoroughly unhappy.
Aura says 'Nevertheless, he is safe. In the end, I suppose that is the key optimism, given the situation we now find ourselves in.'
Rarity lets out a relieved sigh, before returning the smile with a genuine one of her own. "That does take priority, yes. And I would feel the same way if that had happened to my dear sister Sweetie Belle... Though we may not always see things the same, she means the world to me. And yes... It is."
Aura doesn't say anything in response to this; her attention seems divided between looking off still toward the southwest, and whatever may be going on upstairs (now well-shielded, due to the earlier situation that has passed).
With that, Rarity's turning to get her cart set up, so she can sell her dresses to the residents of the town, though she does give Aura a final nod. "Let us hope for a brighter future, dear, yes?"
Aura doesn't look toward Rarity at all, but allows herself a small nod in response, staying where she is. "Yes. In more ways than one, hopefully."
Eventually, the unicornista's lost in business, holding her high-end dresses aloft with magic. "Come one, come all, to Rarity's Mobile Boutique!"