Fa'Diel - Forestial Path
Majestic marshland trees overhang this path with their graceful boughs.
A distinctly damp odor wafts from the bridge to the south, which seems to
cross over a stream and into a swamp. Other paths sprawl northward into the
woods, but dead-end in the unfamiliar wilderness.

The forest is deathly quiet. No animals no sound. You cannot see the Raven Emblem wagons yet but you have to be getting close. They don't move that fast after all.

Gforte slows the approach of his lobster as the wagons slow and stop, and scans the area. The claw not containing a sleeping female woman, opens, and bites into and through the wood of nearby trees, cutting them down and into logs quickly.

Rana looks over the head of the metal monstrosity, wondering why the thing's pace has been slowed. She glares at the wood in -her- path, but says nothing. Surely, if this -vehicle- is good at anything, it would be destroying obstacles. Its speed needed work, at least, from where she was sitting.

Gforte opens his cockpit, and steps out of the mecha with a red canister, walking over to the new pile of logs and unscrewing the cap, pouring a liquid all over the logs before throwing the can over his shoulder and getting back in the mech. He picks up the pile of logs and continues on.

When the mech stopped entirely, Rana peeked her little moogly head over her perch's head, to see someone pouring liquid on the recently destroyed trees. Though she wondered what that was about, still she remained silent. She knew she made herself known in that stage fighting the fake dragon, but she had her own agenda, and didn't want anything getting in the way, including curious adventurers.

Fa'Diel - Forestial Path
Wispy trees, ragged but alive, enclose both sides of this road. It is
several feet wide, firm but damp. Ruts along the side of the road are
brimming with swamp runoff. They trickle away into the forest to the north.

In the distance The Raven Emblem wagon appears to be parked slightly off the side to the road. All one would have to do is walk down the path.

The pile of logs drops down as the claw releases them, and the speakers crackle to life as Gforte's magnified voice pumps out again at full volume. It is immedately clear that he is beyond simple anger. "Listen up MOTHER FUCKERS. You have fucked. WITH THE WRONG. PERSON." A small explosion erupts from the Lobstrocity's claw, catching the logs, and the gas they were soaked in, on fire.

The lobstrocity picks up one of the now flaming logs, arches it's arm back and lobs the flaming projectile straight at the Black Raven Caravan. Not even bothering to see if it connects, Gforte already picks up another one.

Rana covers her ears from the sound of the very loud speakers once more, the urge to find that which is projecting the voice and smashing it begins to build within her. This subsides, however, as the flame is launched into the night sky, with any amount of reprecussions such as 'forest' fires, destruction of lives, you name it. The potential for destruction brings a smile to the young girl's lips.

The flaming log flies towards the Emblemed caravan and bounces off a blue barrier that was hidden up until now. It cracks with electricity and swirls around the wagon. Oddly enough there seems to be no other reaction. No movement from inside or around it.

Hovering fairly quietly within the treeline off to the side, Sunflash knelt down next to Jacen on their shared heavy door; face set as grim as his black armor as he nodded. "That's definatly Haut and his 'mech. Guess that blue thing was something around the caraven we're hunting. Any ideas?"

Knuckles turning white, Jacen tries to not let Sunny know how much he dislikes -doorflight-. So much for a simple trip to the Library. "How did I know you would get me into trouble? Let's go see how your friend is doing?"

Gforte roars over the speakers. "Goddamn MAGES!" With an amplified growl, Gforte concentrates, and below the fire, runes of pure light etch themselves into being on the log. The lobstrocity rears back again, and lets fly with a yell of "EAT. RUNIC!"

This log crashes through the shield and crushes the Emblemed wagon. There are no scream and no reactions. Just the sound of crunching wood. Everything is silent.

Rana smirks as the second log makes imact with the ensorcelled wagon. Finally, a win for brute force. Although she thinks about wanting to know that ability, her enjoyment is cut short when she realizes that there were no delicious screams to be heard, no satisfaciton to be gained from the destruction of the unoccupied wagon.

Sunflash raises an eyebrow at the flung log, and winces at the impact. "I think...the last place I wish to be right now, is anywhere near him. One moment." The wizard paritally closed his eyes before speaking again. "Dytymtarzal." Jacen and Sunny's vision suddenly became slightly more clear, and anything invisiable was suddenly not so. At least, to them.

Jacen blinks, and again for good measure. Despite the basic spell casting he has tried, nothing has ever affected him this way before. He peers around trying to find something new. When he is about to write it off, something catches his eye. "Okay, I have no clue what it is, but do you see those too?"

Gforte scoops up the remainder of the still burning logs, and growls as he continues walking forwards, sweeping the logs before him like a giant torch.

As the mech moves forward towards what remains of the Emblemed wagon 6 metal discs pop out of the ground and whirl in the air in front of Haut, At the same two metallic objects are flying at haut from both sides at "ROCKET" speeds.

Movement warnings explode onto Gforte's monitors, and the pilot of the lobstrocity raises a slow eyebrow. "You expect THIS? TO STOP ME?" Small pins on the sides of the mech explode, and crude 'point defense' shotgun shells go off, sending buckshot into the path of the 'rocketing' projectles.

On reflex, Rana leaps off of the machine's shoulders and onto the nearest tree, not wanting to get hit by attacks from ANY side. She growls a bit as she pulls out her sword. Whoever robbed her of her perch and potentially exposed her presence was gonna pay.

Sunflash's reply of "Yes, yes I do" was cut-off by the commotion, followed by a few curse words. "OKay, the hell with subltly. Hang on!" Without another warning, Sunny sent their ride hurtling down to within several yards off the ground.

There was a split second pause as the wooden ride steadied itself, and Sunflash makes a semi-grand gesture towards a section of ground near the 'end' of the path. Nothing is visable, but seconds later a giant IMPACT shakes the ground, as if a huge hammer was smashed into the location.

If Jacen wasn't scared out of his wits to begin with, Sunflash's maneuver has sent him over the edge. Holding on for dear life, he clinches to the door, silently praying that it will end soon. However, after hearing the massive impact, he was not sure if he would like how this was going to end. " What in the name of all that is Holy are you doing?"

The Emblemed mines (yes they even put the emblem on the land mines) explode in Haut's face. Gunfire rings out from the woods as multiple soldiers uncloak themselves and open fire on Haut from both sides.

The lobstrocity pauses for a moment as the explosions ring out, but as the smoke engulfs him, the ruby light of the Lobstrocity's gem eye glows brightly. "You bunginling," Blood drips from Gforte's body from the shrapnel that pushed through his Mecha. "Retarded, LOW BUDGET, LOW CALIBER USING, FUCKS!"

Gforte slams the lobstrocity to the side, smoke curling around the flaming logs he holds in his claw as the smash into and possibly through the trees inbeetween him and the newly uncloaked soldiers.

The log flies into and crushes two of the Emblemed soldiers on the left side of the path as it flys through the trees. The brute begins to charge forward at break neck speeds as soldiers on the right side of the path fire multiple rockets at the Lobstrocity. A soldier on the left side was in the process of firing a rocket when the log hit and the off course rocket now flys at Sunflash and Jacen.

Rana studys the current battlefield while bullets, rockets, and burning logs fly through the night sky. As her armor doens't cover her face, feet, or hands and isn't bulletproof, she doesn't favor contending with the soldiers. The hulking brute, however, looks a lot more fun to play with. The moogle girl leaps off of the tree and misses the Lobstrosity by a small amount. She resorts to running around the thing to get to the paleskinned brute, sword at the ready.

Sunflash had been station-holding since the impact. "Well I was curious what the giant hole in the ground was about. Now I--" He dropped the door down quickly onto the ground, letting the rocket soar over their heads. "Now I know. Come on, we got a critter to squish."

Trusting Jacen to do as he felt best; Sunflash took half a second to set himself before starting down the path at a dead sprint, his armor apparently near-weightless. His hands began a very faint greenish glow as he hustles the path, eyes half on the brute's back and half on the ground to avoid any more traps.

As Sunflash pushes the door towards the ground, Jacen tucks his head in his arms and rolls towards the ground. After he steadies himself, he pops to his feet, places his hand on the hilt of his sword and takes off after Sunflash, making sure to stay a few steps behind and to the right. Quietly he mutters to himself "Why does it seem like we're -always- getting into trouble"

Gforte reacts similarly to the rockets as he did the landmines, noting their exsistance with a eye run over the control hub, and two twisted command levers. The flaming logs are swung around again, Gforte throwing them into the path of the missiles and turning his back on the lot of them again, preferring to swing and crush at remaining soldiers on his side.

The logs barrel through multiple soldiers into the trees. The remaining soldiers on both sides fallback into the trees and head towards an area near where the wagon was. The Emblemed Brute continues to rush forward, it is now directly in front of Rana about to close the distance between itself and Haut.

Rana smirks as the beast nears. Blade raised, she leaps into the air before swinging her sword between the beast's legs. However, she lands on the other side without having done any damage. As she realizes that hitting this thing would be a difficult task without endangering herself, the fleeing soldiers catch her eye and, deciding they'd be easier prey, started chasing after them instead.

The Raven Emblemed Brute getting close enough to the Lobster Mech jumps and sends it's fist towards the cokckpit of the Lobstrocity.

Sunflash, trying hard to focus his spell and keep his footing in the dark, heard a massive TWACK. Risking a glance up, he is shocked and dismayed (DISMAYED I TELL YOU) to see a rather unfriendly looking missle corkscrewing its way to him.

Out of reflex, Sunflash threw his hand up to blast at the offending explosive device. This still might have ended well if he hadn't managed to hit the one pothole in the path in a sixty foot radius.

"OMASONOFAGERUDO" Sunflash took a tumble forward as his magic exploded forwards. Completely uncontrolled and fed by decent amounts of panic, the Acid Rain spell surged forward in a small tidal wave of acidic water that raced towards the back of the Emblem'd Brute and anything nearby. Sunflash looked up from the ground. "...Damnit."

Seeing the missile headed in their direction Jacen makes a hard right, putting even more distance between Sunflash and himself. He dives behind a fallen tree as he expects the rocket to explode, when much to his surprise nothing happens. Drawing his sword, he rises slowly, and begins to walk towards Sunflash, offering his friend a hand to get back on his feet. "Nice one there."

Proximity alarms ring from the back of the Lobstrocity and Gforte growls. He abandons the soldiers infront of him and slams the controls of his mecha backwards, making the lobster construct barrel it's way backwards into the Giant's fist, roll, and then slam it's chest against the Giant's. From there, Gforte wraps the lobster's arms around the monster and bellows. "ACID BATH TIME!"

The Emblemed brute is bathed in the acid, burns are noticeable about it's body but it does not appear to be in pain. The brute attempts to break free of the Mech.

The scant few remaining Raven Emblem soldiers off on the side have ceased firing. Instead they have turned their attention towards the soldiers injured by the log. One bullet at a time.

Sunflash accepts Jacen's hand with a grunt. "Hey it worked out okay." His further retort is cut off by the...cleaning-up of the soldiers. He took a deep breathe and then narrowed his eyes. "New plan: Capture us a punk. You head that way, I'll go this way. Render unarmed and inert if you can!"

Sunflash was surrounded by a shimmering glow for a split second before suddenly vanishing for an instant. Then, there were five Sunflashes; all of which promptly charged off into the underbrush on one side of the road, apparently chasing down a soldier or two.

Jacen blinks, and again to make sure he didn't mess up his vision with his last dive 3,4,5 Five copies of Sunflash. One was bad enough When he is fairly sure there is no concussion, Jacen begins to make a path towards the soldiers. Using the skills growing up on a farm will teach you, he darts from tree to tree, attempting to remain hidden but always trying to keep something between him and the bullets.

Gforte strains at the giant's own strugglings, and attempts to bearhug the massive monster. Behind him, the lobster's back cracks and groans as it bows inwards, revealing sensitive looking parts underneath.

The Emblemed brute breaks free of the lobstrocity and jumps a few feet away landing a few feet away from the Mech, Now free it takes a moment to notice the burns scatterted about his body.

The Two Emblemed soldiers firing at Jacen cease firing and rush at him, Pulling the grenades on their belts as they do.

One Emblem soldier freaks out after one sunflash becomes 5 and fires upon himself.

Two Emblem soldiers (The only remaining two in general/ The only remaining two with rockets) begin firing wildly into the area around them with no regard for their own saftey in an attempt to hit Sunflash.

Before the eyes of the two soldiers, they see no less than three Sunflashes poof away in the face of the rocket barrage. They also hear something between them. "You missed." One sucker suddenly feels something...GRAB them. Lifted up bodily, he gives a squawk of alarm.

The sucker's buddy turns in time to see a very grumpy Sunflash making a sweeping motion with his arm as sir sucksalot is sent flying into mister unlucky. To their surprise, they find themselves completely unable to do anything short of breathing, apparently pinned together by the unhappy mage. "One sandwhich of stupidity, served cold."

Jacen changes course as he sees the soldiers throw the grenades. Instead of continuing his zig-zagging path, he makes a b-line straight for them. Thinking back to the days after he quit the Militia he recalls how Sunflash would use a gust of air to push things around. Carefully reciting the words he was taught, he sends a razor of air swirling towards the grenades.

Gforte stumbles back from the Giant breaking free, and points his claw at the monster, open and he himself grinning. "EAT IT!" With a switch flick, Gforte expects the cannon in that arm, but sadly, he already exploded it before. He sits blankly for a moment, before roaring and running forward, swinging the claw like a giant bludgeon.

The Emblemed Brute puts out both arms and blocks the claw. It's pushed backwards slightly and is currently unable to move but it is otherwise fine.

A thunderclap sounds over the battlefield, then another, and another.

Suddenly, large motorcycles crash through the remaining trees, carrying teams of two Emblemed soldiers, one driver and one gunner in the back. They circle the area, darting in and out of the trees, pointing weapons at all around.(Torval)

Only the lead cycle stops, and A thin man in a long black coat and a feathered raven mask climbs off, studying the scene around him.

Suddenly, large motorcycles crash through the remaining trees, carrying teams of two Emblemed soldiers, one driver and one gunner in the back. They circle the area, darting in and out of the trees, pointing weapons at all around.

Only the lead cycle stops, and A thin man in a long black coat and a feathered raven mask climbs off, studying the scene around him.

Torval says ' "What have we here?"

Sunflash was in the process of hauling the two punks into the middle of the path when the thunder started. ~Very unfriendly sounding...~

As the cavalry arrives and makes their menancing path about the fight, a low growl escapes Sunflash's throat. When Torval disembarks, Sunny wastes no time in hurling(via tractor beam) his pair of soldiers directly at the thin man.

In nearly one fluid motion, Sunflash turns to the back of the Brute and flings his right arm forward. An huge needle is sent hurtling into the back of the beast, just below the neck.

The Emblem Brute speaks in a gruff voice, "You're here? I guess Sh-" The Brute stops short and winces in pain, grasping for something near his neck.

Sunflash turns back to Torval. "You have ten seconds to give me a reason not to reduce you to dust."

As Jacen releases the breath he had been holding after exploding the two suicide bombers, he races towards Sunflash to assist with the new prisoners. As he reaches them, the chaos begins anew. Not having near the magical ability to join in the fight; nor the desire to piss someone with a legion of troops off, he remains still beside Sunny. Keeping his sword in hand, Jacen eyes the troops on the Motorcycles, constantly watching their positions. "So, the plan?"

Gforte breaks away from the Giant and then then lashes out again, clamping the lobstrocities massive claw around one of the giant's legs, and bullrushing forwards, attepmting to bash the monster to the ground with it's entire weight and finish the spike's job.

There is a subtle, but possibly-still-noticeable sparkle of dim light that encompasses the whole of the lobstrocity for the briefest of moments, before it dissipates.

The Emblemed Brute.. being in no posistion to do much of anything. Lies motionless in front of the attack. The claw slams the needle through the neck killing the Brute.

The Emblemed Brute's Corpse shines for a moment.. then a light transfers from the corpse to Torval. The corpse quickly crumbles to dust afterwards.

Torval blinks in surprise, then sidesteps the flying grunts, catching one across the throat with a quick draw of his sword. "I'm not here to fight you, wizard. I just came to look. in fact..."

Lightning strikes the second grunt where he fell, and as the flash clears, Torval, the grunt's corpses, and his cycle are gone. The sounds of the other cycles fades away into the distance.