Aluella sits down in the bar once again since it seemed like the one
place Forte wanted to be. Also there was nowhere else interesting to
go in this little canyon town to her. How she hated sitting around
doing nothing, she didn't want to drink so a bar seemed pretty much
pointless to her. "So how long do you think she is going to make an

Forte takes a sip from a plain brown bottle that assumedly contains
alcohol, and shrugs. "Frankly I would have assumed that, given the
level of creepy that chick was, she would have appeared by now. Odd.

Aluella groans almost wishing she would show up to break this streak
of dull evenings with Forte. So far the past 3 days have been
peaceful, guessing it should be considered a blessing then. "I wonder
what kind of abomination she has planned for us when she does? Another

Forte for one is quite enjoying himself. He had spent the past few
days free of doing paperwork or getting yelled at by the giant bitch
that was his superior officer. "Nah. I bet it'll be something like a
lot of skeletons. Necromancers like skeletons.

A large THUD can be heard outside, followed by the earth shaking
mildly. Afterward, the sound of a Reploid body awakening form stasis
can be heard.

Aluella looks up rather curious at the sudden sound and shake. "Could
that be her?" she asks curiously looking towards the door.

Forte sighs heavily, and stands up, keeping the bottle of booze with
him. "Right, let's see what the totted up bitch has in store for us
then. Frankly I just want to arrest her and be done with it."

The door opens, and a little girl with strawberry blonde hair,
sapphire eyes, a cute red dress and red metallic boots stumbles
through the door leading outside, looking dazed.

Aluella blinked for a moment, her hopes were brought down a little bit
with a sense of relief that it wasn't who they thought it was. She was
however disappointed that it wasn't Lilliana so they could put this
whole annoying scenario behind them.

Forte however, reacts much differently. The glass bottle in his hand
slips and crashes to the ground, spilling the remaining substance that
was inside of it on the ground. "R-roll?" Stepping forwards, Forte
manages to work out something else to say as well. "Is that you?"

Roll looks at Forte, and looks him up and down. A look of recognition
begins to form on her face. "Forte?"

Aluella looks between the two, noting their reactions and sighs. "I'm
assuming you two know each other?" she says resting her hand under her

Forte rubs at the streaks on his face, a bit self consciously.
"Sheesh, noticed me that quickly huh? These things really stand out."
He smiles for a bit, and then shakes his head, returning to a more
serious look. "No, Roll. What are you even doing here?"

Roll looks away from Forte to hold her forehead. "I... I'm not sure.
It's hard to access my memory banks... I have no idea how I got here,
except that... I awakened from some kind of stasis to find myself in a
canyon. I stumbled into some kind of building and... found you here."

Aluella sits back between the two, not bothering to get involved in
their little reunion. She takes a long sip from her glass of water and
examines the new girl with her eyes.

Forte grimaces, and steps forwards, placing a hand on Roll's shoulder.
"Hey, you're fine now, I'm here. This is a different place than back
home, but luckily while you've been at home I was off doing some

Roll looks comforted by Forte's gesture.

Forte smiles at Roll, and attempts to distract her from her jarring
introduction into the new world by introducing her to his current
ally. "Roll, this is Aluella. She's currently being stalked by a crazy
ex-lover who is also a necromancer. Aluella, this is Roll. She once
put my legs back together after a freak with an axe took me apart."

Roll looks to Aluella, back to Forte, then to Aluella again. "Um...
hello." she says. She doesn't say anything else or make any other
moves, but she tries to access her memory banks in search of anything
related to what Forte just mentioned.

Aluella looks over at Forte with a little glare. "How many times do I
have to tell you that she's not a lover of mine." she says standing up
ready to hit him. "Get it through your thick metal skull of yours!"
She calms down rather quickly and gives a little nod at Roll. "Hi

Forte snickers lightly. "Sorry, sorry. It's just in between her and
the peanuts, there's just too many opportunities for me to rip one on
ya. Roll, come on let's get you sat down at a chair."

Roll sits on a chair.

Aluella sits back down and kinda slouches on her chair. "Uh huh, don't
make me start making up names for you, metalhead." she says before
taking another sip of her drink.

Forte grins widely, and nips off to the bar for a while before
returning with two mugs full of beer, one of which he plunks in front
of Roll, and another mug entirely full of peanuts, which he sets down
before Aluella. "Right, to chance meetings, old acquaintances, and

Roll scans the contents of the mug, but doesn't know what to do with
the data she procures. Unsure, she picks up the mug and drinks down
the contents.

Roll immediately spits out the contents, and would retch if she had
the capacity. "What WAS that!?"

Aluella glares at Forte when he brings the peanuts. She was tempted to
eat them just to spite him, but it would be an unpleasant event.

Forte grins widely, and chugs the contents of his mug before slamming
the container onto the table and letting out a short yell. "Shiiit
that burns on the way down. Burn means it's working though. Good old
fashioned booze."

Roll looks at the empty mug, the word -booze- triggering a memory;
alcoholic beverages can cause damage to organic bodies. She tries to
'remember' what effect it can have on robots, but the memory doesn't
come. 'Umm...'

Aluella looks over at Roll with an eyebrow raised. "Something wrong?"
she asks out of curiosity, she was sure by Forte's behavior drinking
booze was completely normal for Reploids.

Roll give Aluella an apologetic look. "Sorry. I've never had this
before. I wasn't used to the taste."

Forte snickers. "Sorry Roll, should have figured they never let you
nip any back at Light's place. It's something you get used to. Trust

Roll looks at Forte, the word Light triggering memories of her, Forte,
a robot in blue armor, and an aged human in a white lab coat. "I
didn't know they even had any of this there."

"Well the stuff isn't going to kill you, trust me. I've been watching
Forte here guzzling it down for the past couple days like it was
fuel." Aluella remarks nudging over at Forte with her head.

Forte chuckles, remembering the past. "Hm. Actually, Roll, what are we
going to do with you? Last I checked you weren't actually designed for
combat. Might get dangerous if the crazy chick came back."

Roll contemplates Forte's words, but can't come up with anything that
might help. I don't know. I don't remember ever being in a fight. I
want to help, but..."

Aluella looks over Roll a little, "I don't know how much help you will
be, but if you want to stick your neck out for us, then I'm not going
to complain." she replies giving a little shrug.

Forte rubs the back of his neck, and sighs. "Nah, it'll be fine. I'll
look after you Roll. And arrest crazy chick when she shows up. Then
take a vacation for a while.

Roll nods. "Alright. Just, please, don't let me be a burden."

Aluella sighes and stretches a little. "I don't think arresting will
be an option with her. Do you really think she'll just sit and allow
herself to be arrested?"

Forte shrugs casually. "Never know. A good beat about the head and she
might drop the whole crazy act. We might also look into getting a
priest to look at her. Her voice sounds just plain demonic sometimes."

Roll says ' Who is this crazy person, anyway?'

Aluella sits up and gets ready to explain things to Roll. "Well you
see there is this deranged girl who has an odd fascination with me for
some reason. She's completely off her rocker, saying that she needs to
make music through killing or something." she explains.

Aluella "Long story short we may have a possessed little girl obsessed
with necromancy"

Forte says ' And I am using my connections to the royal government of
Guardia to protect Aluella here, and trying to arrest crazy chick.'

Roll looks at Forte quizzically for a moment, unfamiliar with Guardia.
She does, however, comprehend the story thus far. "I see."

Aluella rests her head on her hand and smiles. "So blondie, do you
still want to join up?"

Roll looks to Aluella. "Of course. I mean, if there's any way I can help...

Forte says ' Alright! I've already toasted so I'll save myself the
gold, but it sounds like we're a group!'

Roll nods. "Yeah."

Aluella smiles and nods. "We're a team."

Roll smiles. "We're a team."