Fa'Diel - Outside the Gates of Viorar
Directly to the north are the gates leading into the Moonlight City of
Viorar. The way north consists of a cobblestone path leading between two
large pillars, each side holding a gigantic silver gate swung open. All
other ways around the city appear to be bordered by a stone wall, or drop
off of cliffs. Still, as the way goes northward, the city slopes downhill
until it is slightly above sea level. A small cylindrical building, serving
as a shelter for the gate guards, lies on the outside here.

Crashing footfalls sound the approach of the mecha-lobster piloted by Gforte. He takes a glance around the large gates of the city before him, and grins. "Well kids, we're here. Damn that was a long walk."

The length of the trip didn't seem to bother Jillian too much, though she does seem a little on the weary side at this time. However, she seems to be putting up an obvious front in her attempts not to make prolonged eye contact, instead focusing ahead on the journey that was at hand. In truth, she was still curious, herself, as to Haut's reason for wanting to go to Viorar. The mysteries of these things were always her favorite part.

Sunflash gives a probably over-done stretch as he put away the obscure book(101 alchemical uses for a Zergling? That can't be right.) he had been reading to help pass the time. "Home sweet home I suppose. Where were you planning on parking this beast anyway?"

Gforte grunts from inside the lobster. "Damn good question. I figure I'll just part the bitch outside the shops as per normal. First order of buisiness is to find a good scrapyard though."

Jillian looked up toward the gate as they approached, her thin tail weaving about her waist. "Given the acceptance I've witnessed so far, I don't honestly believe there would be a terrible issue with letting him keep it. So long as he doesn't plan on disregarding city property along the city streets, I suppose." She grinned somewhat, looking up toward the mech's cockpit region.

Sunflash gave a sigh. "Have either of you BEEN to Viorar before? The shop district itself is fairly wide open, and the fountain; but most of the streets are gonna feel cramped. Wide enough for two carts or so." He shook his head. "Might make most sense to park it near the fountain..."

Gforte shrugs the claws of the lobstrocity. "Sure, I can park it there and then lock it down. Lead the way if you would Sunny."

Jillian seems to think for a moment, looking between the gateway ahead and the mech, while apparently not even immediately acknowledging Sunflash. In fact, come to think of it, she didn't pay him much mind or attention at all during the trip. But that aside, she nods. "The centerpiece of any city is probably the best place to set up for and receive information. Of course, it'll depend upon who we happen to run into. Let's hope it works out in your favor."

With a quick shrug towards you, Sunflash stepped infront of the mech and pressed forward to the guards. After a few moments conversation, wherein the phrase "Ever seen the world from a toad's viewpoint" may or may not have been uttered; Sunny made a small deal about helping direct Gforte through the gate and down one of the streets.

Gforte cackles from inside the mech as they pass the guards. "Gods Sunny, you have got a TOUNGE on you. Can you actually turn them into toads?" His eyes danced over the monitors, checking out the shops and buildings on the streets they pass.

Jillian merely rolls her eyes, but follows along on the left side of the mech as they go along, not seeming to mind some of the narrowness of the streets given the machine's girth, and saying nothing further.

Sunflash winks at Gforte. "Maybe I can, maybe I can't!" With a smirk, he led the way off.


Moonlight City, Viorar - Fountain
Placed in the center of the city known as Viorar is a large fountain
that serves as the crossroads of the various city alleys. A faint breeze
shuttles in the salty scent of the western ocean, which seams with the
earthy cologne of the eastern mountains. To the south is the medical
center, indicated by a large white cross. A small path leads over a dense
lawn into a dojo to the west, while a bright light shines from within a
brick house directly east. To the north is yet another building, though
much larger in size and tree-shaped, with many towers screwing out of the
sides of the upper levels.

Workers bustle around setting up equipment, among the things being set up include a big wooden stage occupying a good portion of the area. Seats are being set up to hold what is expected to be a big crowd. Annabeth begins to make her way towards Toby.

Annabeth says ' I got everything covered here boss man. You can relax a bit, maybe see the town before the big show. This is the big one after all. You gotta be atleast a little nervous.'

Rana lays back in the shadows, observing the goings on. She's in Viorar on her usual quest, but has taken an interest in the goings-on and has decided to wait and see what happens. She endeavors to remain hidden until the opportune moment.

Toby smiles at Annabeth thinking that her suggestion was a great idea. He had a few tickets in his pocket, he might as well give them out and fill a few more seats before this whole thing started. Maybe even make a few new friends while he was at it. He had plans on quitting this scene and settling in Viorar, might as well get to know some of the locals.

Toby says ' So long as everything is under control my dear lady, I think that is a fine idea.'

Annabeth salutes Toby.

Annabeth says ' I'll keep it all under control Oh master of Magic!'

Toby gives a small nod and heads out, looking for people who might appreciate a few tickets and a little company.

Annabeth goes back to coordinating with random other caravaners as Toby walks off.

Toby is grinning happily as he stops to talk to random people going about their buisness. A few of them he passes tickets out to with a "Enjoy the show!" and a sweeping bow. Few seem to be into conversation, but that is quite alright. He is happy to be seeing and greeting what he would hope to be his audience in person.

Sunflash has arrived.
Gforte has arrived.
Jillian has arrived.

Gforte snickers as he pilots the mech. "You cheeky bastard."

Groups of people are running around the fountain area, setting up lights, seats, and other assorted event type things. A giant wooden stage has been erected in the plaza, Annabeth is shouting orders through a megaphone and waving a sword around like a baton, pointing in various directions with it.

Jillian slows her pace at the setup going on near the fountain, one eyebrow raising into the bangs of her dark hair. Her spade-ended tail whips back and forth lightly, a gesture of interest that shows quite obviously. "Seems I have have underestimated our fortune."

Sunflash hangs back with the rest, eyeing the commotion with morbid curiosty. "That's certaintly one way to put it."

Toby's eyes light up as he sees a group of people passing through and approches with a good natured smile "Greetings to you! Interested in seeing the show tonight? I happen to have three free tickets in my possesion"

Gforte eyes the central screen feed in his lobstrocity, and leans a little closer to Sunflash. "Is it just me or does that chick have no idea how to use a sword?"

Jillian disregards Haut's cynicism for the time being, stepping forward with a genuine smile, and accepts the tickets from Toby with and a stooping curtsey of both greeting and appreciation; in fact, she seems a little too genuine in her appreciation, apparently making it a point to show off the nice hole in the bust of her sweater. "How thoughtful of you! What kind of show, exactly?"

Sunflash gives a nod in the mechicanal monstrosity's direction before unsuccesfully concealing a smirk in regards to Jillian's acceptance of the tickets. No comment seemed needed, ergo!

Toby's eyes flicked briefly towards the woman's cleavage before moving back up to her face and the faces of her company... well sort of. He wasn't sure about the lobster mech. "We are putting on a magic show tonight." Toby bows to them, keeping eye contact established, "And I'd be happy to have you folks as my guest."

Gforte nudges Jilliana lightly with the lobster-mech's claw, and manages to get the speaker volume pretty low before talking to her. "Seriously Jill? 3rd grade magic shows done by bitches waving around swords? Is this the best plan?"

Annabeth is shouting orders through the megaphone, " Come on people! He doesn't pay us to break all the equipment and fall in the fountain! We're professionals! We put on flash spectacles! We don't drop multiple generators into the fountains... This is like our 1000th show or something. We shouldn't be making theese mistakes.

Jillian's spade-ended tail goes rigid at Gforte's words, and when she turns to face him, her eyes are suddenly not kind. Not kind at all. There's a certain fierceness now there that had yet to be witnessed until this time. "And exactly who was it, not just a week ago, who was telling me about the problems with not having friends? Not having people they could trust, to tell their problems to? You are the most hypocritical piece of work I think I have ever come across thus far. Its that mouth
of yours, I'm realizing by now, that is the reason you probably need that mechination." Jillian pauses in her scolding, leaning in close to a speaker (?) on the side of the mech before lowering her voice to whisper something further, her eyes still fairly narrow.

Sunflash's comment about "A magic show, you say?" Is probably drowned out or overshadowed by Gforte's lashings. A determined stare in the direction of Annabeth resulted in a quick question. "What kind, dare I ask?"

Toby laughs hearing all of this, "A little of this and that. And some illusions. Really, I understand your doubts." He looks back towards Annabeth, looking slightly uncomfortable at her yelling. She wasn't exactly helping out with making a good impression "I promise it will be worth your while. And even if it isn't I can at least promise you three a drink afterwards to make up for it. What do you say? Does that sound like a good deal?"

The malicious grin spreading across Gforte's face as Jillian lashes out at him is almost visible on the mecha's own demeanor. "Bringing out the claws Miss 'Loves a fucking show?' I seem to recall it being YOU who told me that you were not my friend. That we would not BE friends because YOU were a neutral party. But sure. I can see how this game goes and we'll play it. For now."

Jillian shrugs simply, backing up a step or two. "Grand, then. But of course, you're free to do as you will. It is always a good idea to take a break after a long journey, though." She doesn't hesitate to grab herself a seat, situating herself crossleggedly nearby and adjusting her sweater to maximum provocativeness, as it seems to keep shifting away from her cleavage every now and again. Can't have that, now, can we?

Sunflash gave a shrug. "Well, I suppose it can't hurt. Not like it cost me an arm or a leg." With a air of detached interest, he slipped into a seat back and to the right of Jillian. Don't want to get in her line of fire, now do we?

Toby takes a look between the three of them, looking forward to later on tonight when the show ended, "Great! I'll meet you three back stage after the show then." From seeminly nowhere he withdraws a red rose and hands it to the woman, a small smile upon his face, "Enjoy!"

Gforte grunts unhappily, and settles the lobstrocity down where it is, switching off the engine and setting it to just generator power. He also pulls his spear out, and starts muttering while sharpening the head of the spear.

Rana watches the people settling down near the stage from her perch in the shadows, starting to get impatient to find out what will become of this.

Rather then walk down to Toby like a sensible person Annabeth turns to Toby and shouts through the megaphone. "WE'RE ALL SET UP! WE NEED YOU TO GET READY BEFORE PEOPLE START SHOWING UP!"


Jillian takes the rose with a small grin, reaching up to situate it behind her ear and affixing it there, placing two fingers to her lips and kissing them as she extends said fingers toward Toby, with a wink. "Thank you kindly." The megaphone broadcasts don't seem to phase her too much.

Toby flinches at Annabeth's yelling into the megaphone. Just what he needed; I headache before the show. He approaches her as he heads backstage, placing his hands on the megaphone while trying to mask his irritation" Anna my dear, megaphones are awesome and all..." He moves his hands, the offending item warping twisting and moving into what now appeared to be a live animal, "Bunnies are so much better though. Have you cuddled one yet today? I think you should." He flashes her a grin and blows her a kiss before making for the exit.

Gforte snickers as Toby works a bit of his magic, and shrugs. Maybe he was going to have fun at this show after all. That did not stop him from priming several of the Lobster's weapon systems though.

Rana cringes as the voice carries over the megaphone, holding her ears flat to avoid breaking them. She tries not to growl, not wanting to give away her position this early.

Annabeth looks to Toby then frowns at the bunny, hugs it and follows Toby backstage.

As the group sets about finishing their preparations backstage, more people begin funneling into the area and taking up the empty seats. A short time passes, and before too long, most of the halphazard setup has become occupied, with mutters and quiet talking throughout the region between those attending as they wait for the show to start.

Annabeth walks into the center of the stage from behind a curtain hold a microphone, A spotlight shines down on her. "Hello everyone! Welcome to the Magical Caravan's 1000th show. Tonight we have a special show for you by our favorite magician. You know. The reason you bought your ticket to see this show.

Annabeth says ' While he finishes getting ready, doing his hair or whatever it is he spends so much time doing. We have a few acts from a few diffrent corners of the cleft to keep you occupied. So get ready for a night you won't soon forget.'

Jillian seems fairly rooted to her seat, patiently waiting for something to happen other than a cynical announcer. She does, however, occasionally seem to glance toward the northeast, her eyes flickering slightly every now and then before they are returned to the stage, and her expression remains pretty even altogether.

Gforte grumbles to himself. "...we paid for these tickets? Sheesh, 1000th show and giving them away for free." He casts an eye around, and then speaks up a bit louder over the speakers. "Anyone got any popcorn?"

The next few acts weren't really anything that impressive.. Not anything bad or overly boring just not stand out impressive. A singer from Truce, A pumpkinhead/witch comedy routine from Briggantes, a dancing routine from a moogle troupe. and a particuarly accurate knife throwing act from a young man and woman claiming to be from wutai. Annabeth made her standard sarcastic comments in between each act and introduced the next accordingly.

Annabeth walks back out onto the stage clapping. I'm fairly sure someone should make some comment about sharp points but there's not really much time for that at the moment. What we do have time for is what I assume you came here for. That thing you've spent your past few hours waiting for. Give it up for the wonderful, the amazing, THE OVERPAID.... TOBY!!!!!!

Jillian makes one more glance toward the northeast, before looking back at the stage again, her expression now having faltered somewhat into a slightly-less-than-neutral expression, as if she were slightly bothered by something at this time. She doesn't say anything, though, merely watching the events take place on-stage.

Toby steps out onto the stage, a wooden chair in his hands and a big grin on his face. He sets it down, and bows. "Ladies and gentleman, I will now give you the most laziest performance this troupe has ever seen! This chair!" He gestures his hand towards it, "My ass!" He pats his bottom, "These two things will not be separated until I am finished."

Toby sits down, wiggling a little in his seat as if trying to get comfortable. After a moment he slouches forward a little, "I like to make each show a little different. Regardless of how many times someone comes, I can promise something a little different each time. I like to think this makes my show a little more special."

"For those of you here for the first time, you are in for a treat. I like to start the show sometimes by asking for a volunteer from the audience. Anyone feeling brave?" Toby looks about the crowd, scanning their faces. "Come on now, I am only going to possibly humiliate you in front of everyone for a few moments."

Toby squints, then points out into the crowd and gestures for someone to come forward, "You in the mechanical lobster!"

Gforte blinks blankly from inside his mech, and sighs. With a boot, he kicks open the lobster's hatch and begins walking up to the stage, leaving his spear behind apparentally. He also stops by Jillian, and tosses a sliver of black crystal into her lap. "Just for a little while."

Jillian was about to step up when she expected Haut to brush aside the invitation to go up on stage, obviously easger to do so. Imagine her surprise when he not only accepted the invitation, but tossed her a black crystal shard on the way up. She's absolutely speechless at this point, apparently not having expected to see what was tossed to her for awhile yet.

Jillian looks up at Haut as he then likely heads toward the stage, furrowing her brow as she attempts to discern the meaning behind it, but quietly clears the crystal from view, slipping it down into the nice, easily-accessible hole in her sweater where it would remain relatively snug and free of harm.

As she had been watching this group for a while now, Rana was a bit surprised to see the lobster-looking thing poop out a human. She pondered the kind of strength it could have, but just as she considered its need for the lobster shell, the scent of magic wafted to her nose, and she noticed the crystal in the female's hands.

Toby leans back in his chair, hands on his knees and he just *stares* at the mech before him. "See this guy ladies and gentlemen? He is the epitome of epic just for driving one of those things! I want one!" Toby leans a little towards Gforte, his voice low enough that the audience can't hear him, "No, seriously. Can I get a better look after the show?" Toby clears his throat then sits up straight again, offering out his hand, "And what is your name good sir?"

Gforte grins, and bows to Toby, whispering low to him in return. "Depends on if I like what I see boyo. We might arrange something." He straightens, and gives the crowd a lazy salute. "Name's Haut. Simple as that."

Jillian inclines her face somewhat, looking between Toby and Haut as if to try and emphasize her attention thereupon, but it is somewhat obvious that she's still concerned about something else. She doesn't say anything, merely uncrossing her legs one way to recross them in the other.

No handshake, but the bow is satisfying enough. His eyes seem to light up when Haut suggests that seeing the mech could be arranged if certain conditions were met. Now all Toby had to do was figure out what would appease the guy. "Well then Haut, you've sat through this whole show so far, I bet you can think of a few things we can do to improve it. Tell me what you think we need here. What would make this show for you?" There is a bit of excitement in his voice as he talks.

Gforte grins a bit ferally. "What would make the show for me? Tricky one that. I've always been partial to a little bit of wanton destruction, but the call of seeing some pretty women is also alluring. What do you prefer, kid?"

"Well then I guess you're in luck, we have the women!" Toby said grinning as three scantily clad woman seem to step out from nowhere from behind his chair and make their way towards Haut. Each one giggling as they surround him, giving him all their attention. They all seem very real, even down to the soft scent of their perfume.

Gforte lets his grin drop from one asking for bloodlust to one more reflecting a man suffering a drop in blood pressure. Turning his head to keep track of the women, he chides them in a distant sounding voice not really meaning it. "Ladies, please. Three of you against a man with one eye? It's enough to break my heart over here."

Jillian studies each one of the women as they come in and around the stage, before casting a curious glance toward Toby; an almost-knowing glance. Her tail winds itself partially around the back of her chair, the spaded end waving back and forth just over her head, behind it. She grins smallishly, meanwhile.

Toby grins, seeming pleased by the reaction the Haut had to his illusion, But he was far from done. "You said you wanted to see a little wanton destruction too, no?" immediately each of the ladies take a step back from haut, on winking at him, another blowing a kiss. They each lined up on the stage and glanced at each other, "Do you think a dragon could fit the bill?"

Suddenly each of the woman started melding together, their skin turning black, parts of their bodies bulging and reforming as a dragon started to take shape, "No worries folks. Everything is under control!... I think" Toby added with a wink as a partially formed dragon's jaw opened shooting flames from its mouth above the heads of the audience. Its claws digging into the stage making the wood snap and break.

Annabeth says ' Oh come on! We just built that damn stage.'

Gforte raises an eyebrow, taken aback by the dragon before him. He had liked the ladies more. He does take time to examine the dragon however, running a cold eye over the reptilian beast before nodding. "Now that, is a fuckin' dragon."

Rana rubbed her nose. This place stunk of too much damn magic.

Jillian seems briefly impressed at the dragon transformation sequence, but her attention is once again directed toward the northeast all of a sudden, her tail unwinding from the chair and going rather limp along the ground next to it. She actually goes so far as to sniff the air a couple of times, but apparently doesn't catch anything, eventually turning back to watch the show once more.

The dragon is quite large now and fully formed with the stage starting collapsing under the weight. Its spikes tail snags the curtain, pulling it down. The stage catches alight and the fire quickly spreads to where Toby is sitting in his chair. Toby's Eyes widen as he looks into the audience, this time his gaze falls towards you, He has enough time to yell "Quickly madam! The fire extinguisher I gave you earlier!" Before he is swallowed up in a wall of flames.

Gforte catches a glint of metal in the dragon's claws, some kind of sword. Stepping forwards, the one eyed man draws the blade out of the grip of the monster and grins. "Gotta love a good brawl." Runes flare into being along the blade of the sword as Gforte roars at the dragon. "HEY. SHITFACE. DOWN HERE."

"Finally!" Rana shouts as she pulls her blade from its sheathe and leaps out of the shadows, lunging at one of the dragon's eyes. Killing this thing, surely, would add to her strength.

Jillian acknowledges that she was being called to in reference to a fire extinguisher, and after a moment, sees just that now under her seat. She gets to her feet, bending over to pick it up... and stops, looking one more time toward the northeast. This time, she stands up straight, her eyes narrowing in regards to something. Instead of taking to the fire extinguishing as requested, she leaves northeastward at a decent hustle, not bothering to check and verify with Haut or anyone else before doing so.

Viorar - Dark Moon Alley
At the top of the set of stone stairs from the south, this appears to
be a more elevated area of the city, and the buildings are of better quality
- some are even coated with some substance that allows them to glisten in
the moonlight. To the northeast toward the corner of the square stands a
curved building, nearly squished between its neighbors, with a sign and many
miniature red and orange lanterns hanging across its storefront. To the
west the road continues on to the highest point in the city.

Jillian hurried on northeast of the fountain, suspicion written all over her face. Her eyes were narrowed as she hustled onward, her spaded tail flicking in apparent aggravation in regards to whatever she was heading toward, and the breeze in her wake blew her long hair in thin sheets about her back side, along the way.

The streets are littered with bodies, guards, residents who resisted, various creatures one can assume were pets. A large group of fully armored figured with the Emblem of a black raven proudly displayed on their various armors can be seen moving up and down the street. Loading people into the types of wagons the show caravan was using. One of the men holding his ear talking into what clearly seems to be a radio of some kind "Shipment 79 is moving out now. We're almost done with this area, we'll clean up the mess send out the final shipment and move out before the show ends"'

Jillian stops upon coming into the vicinity, spreading her legs apart in a pointed stance nearby, and proceeds to clear her throat rather loudly, only-too-obviously asking for attention. "Excuse me..."

Jillian doesn't seem preoccupied by the mess all around her. Instead, her apparent focus is on the goings-on at hand, rather than what has already transpired.

A Soldier wearing the Raven Emblem approaches you and places her hand on your shoulder. :Mam Can you please lay down any weapons you have and come with me?"

Jillian smiles dutifully, and nods, holding out her hands so that the soldier might see them. "I am completely unarmed, as you can see. By all means." She, in fact, goes so far as to place them behind her head, to show that she is not offense-minded. Her smile seems a little oddly-placed, however.

The Emblem bearing soldier doesn't notice anything amiss and begins to push her towards the freshly arrived wagon that other soldiers are dutifully loading up with corpses of those who resisted.

Jillian heads toward the wagon ahead of the soldier guiding her, offering no resistance whatsoever. Her smile remains, however.

Jillian waits until she is within a decent proximity, probably near the wagon itself and a good amount of the personnel (and possibly surviving residents), when suddenly a HUGE cloud of pink petals explodes around her, herself being the center of this floral explosion; the petals flutter and fly through the air as a drowsying sort of presence takes shape within them. A strong Sleep Flower spell if ever there was one, petals of which expand and fly as far as the eye can see and engulfing everything with within its radius around Jillian.

The Emblem guard immediately next to you falls over with an audiable clunk as the armor slams into the ground. A few other soldiers nearby go down as well while the ones with more then a few feet of distance away cast some unknown enchantment upon themselves and train their weapons on you. "Report, we have a non-guard of some power attacking the harvesting Op, Premission to terminate?"

Without more then a second of delay shots ring out and guns are fired in your direction by the Soldiers bearing the Raven Emblem.


The dragon's head swivels towards Gforte and it hisses a warning, Only barely catching site of the second attacker going for its eyes. It rears back to avoid her, Tail sweeping over the audience, barely missing a few heads. The fire in the mean time has started is almost consuming the whole stage and the heat from it is intense. Strangely though, there is no smoke.

Gforte catches the moogle apparentally deciding to fuck the dragon's eye up, and looks back to try and catch where Jillian had gone, assuming Toby had been calling out to her. Seeing nothing, the half blind man roars, pitching the sword at the dragon and retreating back to what new knew best. The metal lobster parked not far away.

Rana rips the sword the human stuck in the dragon and uses that in tandem with her own sword to wreak havoc on the dragon in a blur of furious strikes.

Annabeth's expression goes white and she gives frantic whispering into a head set she's been wearing since the show started. She moves a bit away from the stage and begins to have a hushed conversation thorugh the headset.

The dragon gives an earsplitting shriek as the sword thrown by Gforte lodges itself into it's shoulder, It falls down on all fours again and there is a spray of dark blood as Ranna pulls the weapon out. She gets a few good strikes in before the dragon strikes at her with its claws extended.

Rana grunts as the claws dent her armor, and doing some damage to the flesh underneath. But she doesn't let that stop her from slashing and ripping at the dragon's scales. She's too bloodthirsty for that.

Gforte leaps into the Lobster Mecha with practiced ease, and slams the hatch shut as the engine roars to life. The mech slams forwards, pushing it's way through the supposedly now panicked crowd and towards the stage. Specifically the fire-y bit where Toby is supposed to be,

In the sky over several buildings to the northeast, a huge cloud of pink petals suddenly forms, flitting and fluttering around in the sky as they gently fall back to the earth from above, twinkling slightly in the incessant moonlight of the city.

Only moments later, the sound of gunfire echoes from the streets in that same direction.

Hearing the gunfire, Rana takes an interest in the northeast shenanigans. She redoubles her efforts to slay the dragon so she can steal its power before investigating.

Rana is doing heavy damage to the dragon, and she sword seems to glow brighter with each swing, slicing it deeper. It seems to end too quickly. The dragon falls over screeching in agony, before it starts gasping its last breaths. Its body seems to cave in on itself and instant it crumbles into ash. As for Toby himself, nothing seems to remain on the burning section of the stage where he was last seen sitting.

Gforte however, plans to fix the issue of a missing Toby right this instant. Reaching into the fire with unfeeling metal pinchers, the Lobstrocity fishes around for Toby.

At the edge of the fountain center of Viorar, along building sides and the darkened avenues leading away, shadows are seen wobbling to life and escaping their incorporeal habitats, leaving where they've always been and shuffling down the northeast boulevard, converging upon each other as they disappear down that way.

Rana relishes in the kill, feeling a familiar burn in her arms. The dent in her armor remains, but the pain behind it is gone, now, as though it never existed. Rana puts her blade away, letting the other fall at her side before heading northeast, planning to investigate all the weirdness in that direction.

Annabeth throws down her headset and punches the building she was standing near.. She immediatly picks it back up and begins walking back towards the wagon parked on the other side of the area.

The sword vanishes, the flames sink and quickly die out. The area seems to blur and waver, shifting until all present can see that the stage is undamages and everything is just as it was. There is a clapping somewhere towards the back of the room. Toby is sitting there with a huge grin on his face, laughing, "Excellent. Good job everyone! I love it when my audience can give me a show as well!" He seems to catch sight of Annabeth then and raises an eyebrow in confusion, not sure what pissed her off. His attention on her only lasts a moment though. He looks back at his participants eager to see the looks on their faces.

Gforte ceases his fishing experiments and looks Toby over. The kid seemed fine, so on to the next bit of priority. Gunfire. "See me after the rest of the show kid." With that, the mecha lumbers off to the North East

Its a safe assumption to say that the vast majority of the regular-themed audience had taken flight as soon as the dragon went berserk. What few remain, apparently pleased with the show, now begin taking their leave to their own houses, apparently deeming the flower petals and gunshots to have been part of the act.

Uncontested by anyone with the mental power to resist Toby, the remaining members of the Audience are ensnared in a trance and board the wagon happily of their own will. Toby is forced onto the wagon as well and it pulls out leaving south. Annabeth was on there too.


Jillian turns as the nearest guard drops, and she swings an open palm in front of herself as she then advances toward the firing squad; each swing of her hand elicits a Lucid Barrier that deflects and renders harmless the bullets being fired at her, and her movements are quick. The smile never leaves her face, though her eyes are now narrowed in some sort of sadistic form of pleasure that may yet ensue.

The Raven Emblem Soldiers continue firing at you as they move backwards.. Their commander seems to be firing on the soldiers you have dropped down, ensuring their death.. the re-shot guard's corpses set themselves on fire and burn to ash at a rapid pace.. So far the only downed guard not killed is the one that was escorting you to the wagon.

Jillian's smile disappears immediately as soon as she realizes their commander's intentions. For whatever reason, she had specifically been avoiding killing any of them, between the sleep spell and the self-preservation magic. But this has apparently upset her. Shadows begin to coalesce and take form around her body, mingling with those that already exist along the streets due to the moonlit essence of the city itself. In fact, the whole area's shadows seem to come alive, wobbling and stretching to life as they all join Jillian on her advance toward the remaining soldiers and, more specifically, their commander. Her palms still swing wildly to deflect incoming bullets, directing them away from bodies and the firing soldiers alike as she remains insistent on not causing injury or death.

The Raven Emblemed Commander begins speaking into his headset, "Operation has gone wrong, enemy intruder too strong. The last caravan of corpses won't be making it out". "Orders?... Without any delay the soldiers furthest away from you begin to fall back in what amounts too a full retreat. The commander and the squad closest to you immediately shoot themelves to avoid capture or incapacitation.

Jillian stops advancing as soon as she realizes the suicide and retreat going on, the shadows beginning to flicker away from her body and return to where they belong. Her expression goes from angry to sorrowful at this point as she watches the surviving soldiers retreat, looking around at all the dead and ashed.

The one remaining downed soldier stirs in her sleep, obviously trying and failing to wake up

You say 'This is what it amounts to in the mortal world... and why I spend so little time here.'

Jillian turns as she senses the other soldier stirring, turning and walking over to her to stand over her form, not offensively, but not offering to help her in any way.

Jillian softly frowns at the sleeping soldier, then back toward the southwest. She seems to be thinking hard for a moment, deciding. With a loud sigh, she places both hands on the bare spot of her chest within her sweater, clasping them together. Only moments later do shadows envelope her form, and she is promptly dragged into the ground with them, disappearing from sight.

Rana and Gforte arrive.

The area is quiet. Piles of ashes, what used to be bodies, lie amongst real bodies of inhabitants of the city itself, scattering the area in a morbid display. Jillian is nowhere to be found, but a single soldier lies sleeping on the streets, apparently trying in vain to awaken.

A caravan wagon simillar to the ones that we're used for the show is sitting on the other side of the area... doors ajar and corpses falling out of it. An Emblem of a Black Raven proudly painted on the side.

Gforte pushes the mech forwards, towards the sleeping man, and the giant metal claw reaches out and clasps on his shoulder. "Wake. Now." It wasn't a question, or a statement. It was a command backed by iron and hydraulic pressure.

Rana stood beside the lobster mech and the sleeping soldier, her arms and wings folded around her and her gaze set in a glare up on the soldier. She wanted answers, too.

The Girl bearing the Raven Emblem does not awaken.. though she squirms a bit more in her sleep. Whatever knocked her out is keeping her out.

Gforte scans the area, and pumps the speakers up. "JILLIAN? WHERE ARE YOU?" In the meantime, he hoists the soldier up the shoulder, bringing the mech's speakers closer to her ears and continuing in the same volume. "AND WHY AREN'T YOU WAKING UP?"

With the sleeping girl in the claws of the lobster mech, Rana looks to the caravan bearing the same emblem, and goes to investigate; getting a closer look at the emblem as well as seeing if there's anything inside other than dead flesh and bone.

There's nothing but corpses inside the wagon bearing the raven Emblem., corpses of slain Viorar guard and of civillians and pets no doubt dragged from their homes..

Jillian is nowhere to be found. Many, MANY flower petals decorate the ground as far as the eye can see, but that's all.

Gforte cranks open the claw on the lobstrocity, and crams the soldier into it, closing it to keep the girl hostage when she wakes up. With that, Gforte turns his eye towards finding Jillian. And being fucking pissed off.

Rana hops on top of the lobstrocity, behind the head, with the intent of catching a ride in secret.