Peaceful Fields of Guardia
A few animals here blod back and forth, munching at the tasty bits of
grass beneath their hooves. Quaint little plantations occupy this section
of the plains of Guardia, all for feeding, caring, and nurturing the tamed
beasts that provide company as well as sustenance for their owners. A
curious pattern, about fourty feet across, is cut into the grass.

(] Exits: north east south west [)
A tiny green snake slithers through the grass.
Torval : hunter/scavenger is here.
A jet-black bird is scavenging crops here.
Prometheus - Pope Prommy? is here.
Gatts the Berserker is here.
Zeth the Lost is here.
A small white bird pecks at the ground, checking for food, here.
A small white bird pecks at the ground, checking for food, here.
A jet-black bird is scavenging crops here.

The spiteful crow pecks absent-mindedly at the grass.

Torval looks at the spiteful crow.

The spiteful crow caws and flies away, noticing several people standing where there were none before.

The spiteful crow flies north.

The cucco either isn't as easily intimidated or isn't as intelligent, and continues doing exactly what it was doing before, which wasn't much to begin with.

Torval does a quick headcount.

Torval does another headcount.

Torval says 'where...'

Torval ponders the sudden lack of debating/screwing around in the party. Hmmmm.

Torval shrugs helplessly.

Emoman says ' We seem to be missing a few people.'

The cucco suddenly notices the new people.

The cucco ponders the sudden possibility of birdseed handouts.

Zeth says 'That we are..'

Torval ignores the cucco's antics. There are bigger fish to fry. er....birds.

Torval clears his throat.

Torval says 'SO.'

Gatts sighs.

Torval says 'We're missing people.'

Gatts says 'Looks like that stupid machine split us up.'

Torval says 'perhaps it has.'

Zeth reaches into his pack and pulls out a loaf of bread before making it into several pieces. He kneels down and sets the pieces next to the bird.

Torval says 'or perhaps they decided to take their chances with the robot.'

Torval says 'Either way, we don't have time to worry about them.'

The little girl leaves north.

Gatts says 'No Koopa, no Catbot, no...whatever that other dude is'

Torval says 'perhaps its for the best.'

Gatts says 'Insane slash possessed I guess'

The spiteful crow dashes in, shoves the cucco aside, and darts off with the bread pieces.

Zeth says 'There you got little one, sorry for barging in on you like that.'

The spiteful crow flies north.

Torval says 'those three spent most of the time teasing each other.'

Zeth gasps in astonishment.

The cucco contendedly pecks at the grass where the bread used to be.

Torval says 'not particularly useful for saving the...'

Torval says 'what are you gasping about?'

Gatts says 'And yet they made more progress than any of the rest of us combined'

Torval says 'perhaps'

Gatts says 'Still, they're not around, so we'll have to figure something out on our own. '

Torval looks at Zeth.

Gatts scratches the back of his head.

Zeth says 'Didn't you notice that crow take away that little cucco's bread away?'

Torval shrugs helplessly.

Torval looks at the cucco.

Zeth sighs.

The cucco stares blankly at Torval.

Gatts says 'Okay, let's leave the cuccos alone and focus here. '

Zeth says 'Perhaps next time little one.'

Torval stares blankly at the cucco.

The cucco is easily intimidated. The cucco flees!

The cucco flies east.

Zeth says 'Right.'

Torval nods.

Gatts says 'We need to meet up with the rest of them..if only to make sure they don't screw anything up, and the best way to do that is to think where they might go. '

Gatts says 'Any ideas? '

Torval says 'they might go anywhere'

Torval says '*I* certainly didn'

Prometheus casually meanders forwards, with a hoe casually resting on one shoulder and chewing a stalk of hay. He casts a critical gaze towards the group collected in the fields.

Torval says 'steer us here.'

Torval looks at Prometheus.

Torval shrugs helplessly.

Gatts generally ignores Prometheus, looking towards Truce instead with a thoughtful expression.

Prometheus says ' Howdy. You lot the ones made that bright light?'

Emoman glances at Prometheus.

Zeth points at Torval accusingly.

Torval looks all around.

Torval says '...what bright light?'

Zeth says 'Perhaps the inn to recollect themselves.'

Torval says 'look, we dont have time for hilbilly robots'

Emoman tugs his hood down a tad.

Emoman looks at Prometheus.

Gatts says 'If they were dropped near here'

Torval says 'we've got a world to save.'

Gatts says 'They could be anywhere in the cleft'

Torval says 'we may as well start looking then'

Torval says 'for the inventor I mean'

Prometheus pushes the brim of his hat back and scratches his head. "You lot look a bit confused, but is you say you're savin' us, I'd be happy to offer you all a round back a my place."

Gatts says 'That's what I was thinking.'

Torval says 'we dont have time for two searches'

Gatts says 'More importantly.'

Gatts says 'We need to look where THEY would look.'

Emoman nods slightly.

Torval says 'we need to look where an inventor would look!'

Torval says 'and that is NOT'

Torval says 'in a field'

Torval says 'with chickens'

Gatts says 'You remember what Dusk was saying before we jumped? He was pretty adamant about Wily. He could probably convince the Koopa. '

Torval says 'and hicks. even if they are robot hicks.'

Gatts says 'I'm thinking we should head to Shrike.'

Gatts says '...Robot Hicks?'

Gatts notices Prometheus for the first time.

Torval says 'not important'

Gatts looks at Prometheus.

Prometheus says ' I'll just pretend you're not calling me a hick without even talking to me.'

Gatts points at Torval accusingly.

Prometheus says ' On account of it being a giant dick move.'

Gatts says 'He said it, not me.'

Torval clears his throat again.

Gatts says 'And you are? '

Zeth stands up and notices Prometheus.

Zeth looks at Prometheus.

Torval thinks his throat is getting kind of soar from all this clearing.

Prometheus says ' Name's Prometheus. I own a farm up the way, came out here when I saw the light.'

Gatts says 'Ah, yeah, our bad. '

Koa sat absently in the background, still listening slowly to conversation. Grimancing he slowly connected his palm with his face as he took the time to slide down to the ground to take a seat.

Koa says '...'

Torval says 'religious experiences aside, we need to move on'

Gatts THWAPS Torval for being a moron.

Gatts says 'No need to be rude.'

Torval says 'every need to be rude.'

Torval says 'We. Dont. Have. Time.'

Koa sits down on the ground.

Torval says 'Shrike you say?'

Prometheus cocks an eyebrow at the group once again. "As I was saying, if you lot are saving the world, I got a round of beer for you back at my place. Might be nice to take a bit of a load off?"

Gatts says 'The world's been tearing for years now, it'll hold a few more minutes.'

Gatts says '...Beer eh? '

Torval smacks his face down into his palms.

Gatts says 'I think we'll take you up on your offer.'

Gatts glares at Torval.

Prometheus says ' Yeeup. Call me a hick, but a little guy recently got me into the stuff.'

Prometheus says ' Something what about it getting us closer to god.'

Gatts says 'WON'T we? '

Emoman says ' A "little guy"?'

Torval grits his teeth.

Zeth shrugs helplessly.

Torval blinks in utter disbelief.

Gatts says 'A moogle, or a kokiri..or maybe just a human midget.'

Prometheus says ' Actually robot guy, silly fella. Anyways, I'm just back this way.'

Gatts says 'Ah.'

Torval says 'RIGHT.'

Gatts says 'Sure, lead on. '

Prometheus beckons the group to the south.

Torval says 'as I was saying, lets go to this farm'

Torval says 'robot farm'

Zeth leaves south.

Peaceful Fields of Guardia
A few animals here blod back and forth, munching at the tasty bits of
grass beneath their hooves. Quaint little plantations occupy this section
of the plains of Guardia, all for feeding, caring, and nurturing the tamed
beasts that provide company as well as sustenance for their owners. A
curious pattern, about fourty feet across, is cut into the grass.

(] Exits: north east south west [)
A tiny green snake slithers through the grass.
Koa the Disheveled is sitting here.
(Golden Aura) Emoman The Observor is sitting here.
Torval : hunter/scavenger is here.
Prometheus - Pope Prommy? is here.
Gatts the Berserker is here.
A small white bird pecks at the ground, checking for food, here.

South of the group's landing place is a small glade, partially cleared out and tilled. Apparentally, Prometheus has set up a home here, however small and seemingly shoddily constructed.

Torval blinks in utter disbelief.

Koa says '....'

Prometheus says ' It's a bit of a small place, but she's mine. Gimmie a bit and I'll pull the brew out. Pop a squat will ya?'

Gatts says 'Sure. '

Gatts sits down on the ground.

Torval says 'about this robot...'

Emoman drops a cardboard box.

Torval says 'how recently was he here?'

Prometheus says ' Here? Oh, never got to my place. Met him when I was sellin' my crops.'

Prometheus says ' One mo Jack.'

Zeth shrugs and sits down slowly, making sure to avoid the snake.

Prometheus pulls open the door to his house and ducks inside.

Torval looks at the cow.

Torval sniffs in disgust.

Koa sighed, grimancing the appearance of the outside of the home, observing its shoddy construct and disorganization.

Koa says 'Ah well...'

The sound of rustling, bumping, and a breaking glass sounds from inside Prometheus' house.

Torval sighs.

Emoman thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

A pulsating orb of white light goes out.

Torval wonders why he ever thought this was a god idea.

Prometheus boots the door to his house open and steps out wearing a grin and holding a mismatched collection of steins, mugs, closed bottles, and an old bean can.

Gatts raises an eyebrow at the can of beans.

Emoman a slight smile creeps on to Emoman's face at the sight of beer.

Prometheus says ' Alright Gents! Ran out of fresh booze, so I tapped up some of the special stuff. Then I ran out mugs, but Regardless!'

Torval brightens at he sight of SOMETHING HAPPENING

Gatts says ''special stuff'? '

Emoman raises an eyebrow.

Gatts accepts a bean can full of 'special stuff'.

Seemingly appearing from no where, Dusk's dreadful voice fills the air with, "Good news, everyone!"

Gatts says '...Oh no. '

Zeth blinks in utter disbelief.

Torval smacks his face down into his palms.

Zeth says 'You again..'

Koa says 'W-who the heck is that?'

Torval mutters distractedly.

The smile slides off Emoman's face at the sound of Dusk's voice.

Prometheus says ' Well, no need to toot my own horn, but it's my own blend. This another of your group?'

Gatts turns his head back to stare at the source of the dreaded voice.

Gatts says 'You could say that...'

Torval says 'this is why we should have left sooner.'

Gatts says ' needed to find him. '

Gatts says 'Better before he gets know..apocalypse or something. '

Zeth nods.

Emoman shrugs slightly.

Dusk says 'I just got off the phone with Dr. Wily! He says he's sorry for trying to kill us and that he's willing to be the Saviour of the Cleft!'

Gatts sighs.

Gatts says 'Of course he did.'

Torval says 'excellent.'

Gatts lifts his head as he ponders a bit.

Dusk says 'Also I may or may not have offered Kolem as a fee for his time.'

Torval says 'this is really wonderful.'

Emoman shakes his head slightly and reaches for a mug.

Gatts says 'Dusk, come here. '

Koa says '...'

Torval says 'lets go congratulate him before this hick gets any more ideas'

Gatts THWAPS Torval for being a moron.

Prometheus passes out the collection of drinks, then ducks back in to grab one more.

Zeth sniffs the "special blend" and polite disposes of it before the robot returns.

Dusk says 'There's no time for this, the future of the cleft rests on our shoulders!'

Torval hands his mug to Dusk.

Emoman takes a small sip of the "special blend".

Torval says 'Yeah!'

Gatts says 'No, man, you gotta try this stuff, it's really good. '

Torval says 'thats what I was saying!'

Torval glances around hopefully.

Torval says 'now lets get out of here before he returns.'

Emoman takes a long draft of the alcohol.

Prometheus pushes his way back out of his house with two more drinks, and then sits down while cracking one open. "So gents, what's the plan?"

Gatts says 'At the moment. Shrike, probably. '

Torval mutters ditch you.

Torval coughs loudly.

Emoman thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Torval says 'I mean, uh'

Emoman takes another long draft of the alcohol.

Torval says 'so how about that robot?'

Gatts absentmindedly thwacks Torval with two knuckles to the forehead.

Prometheus says ' Mm, I came from shrike back when I was but some blueprints. That robot was a bit of a cool little guy, bit crazy, but cool.'

Gatts says 'We may have met him. '

Torval says 'he didn't happen to tell you anything? Besides wisdom concerning inebrating beverages?'

Prometheus says ' No shit? He make you guys part of Alcoholism?'

Torval says 'mention any inventors?'

Gatts says 'You could say that. '

Prometheus says ' Inventors? What're you on about?'

Gatts says 'Don't mind him. '

Torval says 'dont mind me. just trying to save your life. no big deal.'

Emoman peers into the empty mug, then shrugs, setting it down on the ground.

Prometheus picks up the free bottle and pitches it underhand to Emoman.

Zeth stands up and puts his weight onto his staff before stareing off in deep thought.

Dusk says 'The very core of the cleft is unstable and can fall apart at any minute, throwing entire worlds as we know it into complete and utter chaos and the Inventors are the only ones capable of stopping it all from happening!'

Emoman catches it with his left hand.

Gatts sighs.

Prometheus turns his head to look at Dusk with a look of frank and utter... well... confusion.

Gatts says 'Him too, if you can manage. '

Gatts says 'Might be a bit harder.'

Prometheus says ' Whoa, whoa what?'

Prometheus says ' World's coming apart?'

Torval whispers to dusk, "you have to talk slower. he's just a hick."

Emoman says ' I recommend you take Gatts advice and ignore them.'

Gatts whispers to Prometheus "I hate to interrupt but could you offer our friend here some alcohol...and maybe not mention that it's alcohol?"

Emoman prys off the cap and takes a swallow.

Dusk says 'We need to leave at once! And I don't suppose any of you have seen Kolem anywhere?'

Dusk peers intently about the area, looking for thieves no doubt.

"Yeah sure buddy." Prometheus nods secretly and steps up. "Gimmie a bit here fellas, I gotta go grab something."

Prometheus then meanders back into his house, and much more banging about goes on.

Gatts says 'Well of course, Kolem went on ahead to Shrike to see Wily. Didn't you say that yourself? '

Emoman shakes his head. "Nope."

Zeth snaps out of it at the mention of Kolem.

Torval sighs.

Dusk says 'Nonsense! I only offered Kolem as a gift--er, I mean, I'd hate to leave him behind!'

Zeth says 'Sounded like it to me, but considering the source..'

Prometheus steps back out with another container, one begins to wonder how many he has, and offers it to Dusk. "You seem the steady type gent, some milk?" He also now has a shotgun strapped to his back.

Emoman raises an eyebrow. "Right.."

Gatts says 'Anyway Dusk, this robot farmer seems to know an old friend of ours. So I thought I'd ask him a few questions before we leave. '

Gatts says 'You know, an alcoholic robot. '

Torval sits down on the ground.

Dusk says 'Oh, is that right?'

Dusk thinks deeply.

Emoman takes another swallow.

Prometheus says ' Well, I got some harder if you want it.'

Dusk says 'A robot..bearing drinks..who has gathered a group here...could it be?'

Dusk's eyes light up.

Gatts says 'Exactly, so sit down. '

Dusk says 'You..'

Dusk points at Prometheus accusingly.

Prometheus says ' Yes?'

Dusk says 'Are the replacement in our lives sent to us by god!'

Dusk says 'You are the new Prophet of Alcoholism!'

Torval chokes.

Prometheus says ' Uh, no buddy.'

Prometheus says ' I'm the Pope.'

Prometheus says ' Thanks though.'

Gatts smacks his face down into his palms.

Dusk says 'Oh, this is grand news! Wait until Kolem hears it!'

Emoman pauses with the bottle on his lips.

Dusk says 'The void that suddenly appeared in our hearts is filled!'

Prometheus claps Dusk on his back and pushes the 'milk' into his hands.

Torval says 'you can't be serious.'

Zeth sighs heavily.

Gatts mutters "Whatever gets him to stick around"

Dusk says 'Let us make a toast to this grand moment!'

Emoman shrugs and raises his half-empty bottle.

Prometheus cocks an eyebrow at Dusk once again, then shrugs while holding his bottle up. "To... Us?"

Gatts puts on a little half smile and gets a strange gleam in his eyes.

Dusk raises his drink eagerly, but drops it in the excitement, the liquid pouring into the ground.

Dusk says 'Um...whoops.'

Torval looks all around.

Gatts's face immediately falls.

Gatts sighs.

Torval says 'this has got to be a joke.'

Dusk says ' new prophet!'

Emoman glances at the liquid and shakes his head slightly. "what a waste..." he mumbles.

Gatts downs his beverage.

Prometheus frowns at the spilled milk. "Aww man, Bess worked hard to make that. Oh well." He then quaffs some of his own booze.

Emoman follows Gatts' example.

Emoman rests in a cardboard box.

Prometheus wipes his mouth and grins. "If you lot are embroiled in saving the world, I'm more than happy to offer you guys a place in this glade for a while. Rest up you know?"

Gatts says 'Unfortunately, we really do have to go.'

Gatts says 'But..tell me. Ever been interested in visiting your birthplace?'

Gatts says 'Or..craftplace as it were?'

Torval says 'no time.'

Torval says 'surely the boat will be full enough without one more'

Prometheus says ' Mmm, I do have some goods on order from the market up there...'

Zeth says 'Another set of eyes and er.. ears wouldn't hurt.'

Torval says 'no. they really might.'

Prometheus says ' Hell sure, I figure I can meander on up there, see where my crops end up.'

Prometheus says ' You guys don't mind?'

Gatts says 'Absolutely not. '

Zeth says 'Not at all.'

Gatts covers Torval's mouth with his hands.

Torval pulls his hair in frustration.

Emoman shrugs slightly from his relaxed position. "I don't see a problem with it."

Torval bites Gats hand.

Dusk says 'This shall be glorius! A new prophet leading us glory and saving the cleft!'

Prometheus says ' Sounds like it's decided then. I'll go grab my better hat.'

Gatts releases his hold but elbow Torval in the ribs in doing so.

Prometheus doffs his cap to the group and sets foot back into his house.

Torval says 'OK lets go!'

Torval says 'quick!'

Emoman glances at the containers lying around, wondering who'll pick them up.

Gatts socks Torval in the face. POW!

Gatts says 'Will you shut the fuck up already? '

Torval pushes Gatts towards Truce.

Zeth says 'You, cucoo, keep an eye on the place will you?'

The cucco isn't paying attention.

Torval says 'no!''

Gatts says 'He's coming with us, and we don't need you insulting him every 5 minutes on the way!'

Torval says 'you must be out of your mind!'

The cucco pecks at some now milk-flavored grass.

Emoman stands up slowly. Look's like It's having trouble keeping its balance.

Torval says 'for all we know he poisoned you!'

Emoman stands up.

Gatts says 'I'm on the verge of leaving you here! '

Emoman gets a cardboard box.

Prometheus pushes open the door to his house again, places a slightly less beat up hat on his head, and grabs a beat leather sheath from behind the door.

Torval says 'The last drunken robot we met tried to kill us!'

The sun rises in the east.

Torval says 'or have you already forgotten?'

Zeth sighs at the cucco for drinking on the job.

Gatts says 'You mean the same robot we're trying to help in the first place? If you don't want anything to do with drunken robots, I'd suggest you not travel with us any more.'

Gatts says 'Because trust me, we're far from done with them. '

Gatts says 'So make a choice, put up or shut up.'

Torval says 'and leave the world in your hands? or Mcgreggors?'

Prometheus politely waits for the two to stop bickering.

Gatts boggles in complete incomprehension.

Emoman says ' So I guess your gonna shut up then.'

Zeth brings his attention back to the conversation at hand. "Surely we can settle this.."

Torval says '...'

Prometheus looks at Torval.

Torval sulks.

Gatts looks apologetically at Prometheus

Gatts says 'I'm sorry about that, if you don't want to travel with us any further I understand.'

Emoman mutters "If he can't handle this..."

Dusk says 'Thatwould be a waste! I was hoping Dr. Wily would finally trade us that Snake Man.'

Prometheus shrugs hopelessly. "'S alright, I'm more than used to the whole bid. If your friend disagrees with the way I seem though, perhaps I might be able to put him at ease?"

Dusk says 'Er, I mean, what would we be without another Prophet?!'

Torval looks at Dusk.

Torval slowly smiles.

Emoman grabs his hood and tugs it back up.

Torval looks at Prometheus.

Zeth blinks in utter disbelief.

Torval starts to put his hand around the robots shoulder, then reconsiders.

Torval says 'well, perhaps I was a little to hasty.'

Torval starts to offer his hand to the robot, then flinches.

Gatts sighs.

Gatts says 'Okay enough dawdling. We need to get tickets for the ferry, hopefully it hasn't left already. '

Torval pulls out a handkerchief and raps it around his hand, then offers his hand to the robot.

Torval says 'welcome aboard.'

Prometheus grins somewhat coldly at Torval, and shakes his the human's hand. "Thanks, I guess."

Emoman says ' And thanks for the... What'd you call this alcohol?'

Prometheus says ' Oh, it's my brew. No special name for it.'