Shrike - Kawasaki's House
What appears to be a one-room house has been entirely converted into a
giant kitchen. Cupboards line the back wall, filled with what appears to be
an assortment of cookware and various ingredients. A kitchen counter runs
across the length of the room, a disorderly array of cutlery on it. The
aroma of something boiling - maybe soup - fills the area.

(] Exits: east [)
An exceptionally shiny butcher knife lies unattended here.
Kolem is here.
Dusk is here.
Menmenth is here.
Jane is here.
Chef Kawasaki races around his kitchen, preparing food.

Jane buys a gourmet recipe.

Jane says 'While im here. :/'

Jane looks at a gourmet recipe in her inventory.

Imbibobot is lying on the floor over in the corner, limbs splayed out, not moving, which is his usual state of affairs.

Dusk studies his notepad carefully, particularly the W symbol he sketched earlier.

Dusk grins and mutters softly, "The moogle and the Koopa are gone. Now there's nothing to stop me from finally finding God!"

Jane blinks in utter disbelief.

Jane says 'What was that dusk?'

Jane grats 'Shrashoo.'

Dusk begins to laugh uncontrollably, accidently flinging his notepad at one of the nearby patrons.

Dusk blinks in utter disbelief.

Chef Kawasaki shrieks hysterically!

Chef Kawasaki says 'What! Are! You! Doing!'

Dusk says 'Your curse of ill fate upon me will not last. Soon it will all be over.'

Dusk blinks in utter disbelief.

Chef Kawasaki grabs the notepad off the floor and flings it back at Dusk.

Dusk looks at Kolem.

Chef Kawasaki says 'No littering!'

Dusk looks at Chef Kawasaki.

Dusk mutters, "Curses. I'd better let the 'good boy' take over for now..."

Dusk looks at Chef Kawasaki.

Chef Kawasaki says 'At least she bought a recipe!'

Dusk says 'Ahaha..sorry about that! This research is just so exciting! I do get rather carried away sometimes...'

Chef Kawasaki looks at Jane.

Jane says 'Oh yeah, heheh.'

Kolem says 'So anyay, uh, I'm really sorry about this, Mr. Kawasaki.'

Kolem says 'I'm a big fan of your cuisine.'

Dusk says 'Indeed! It is simply a gourmet masterpiece.'

Chef Kawasaki says 'That's CHEF - oh, are you?'

Chef Kawasaki blushes.

Kolem says 'Oh yes. No one sizzles like you do!'

Kolem says 'There's no way I could talk you into selling me a piece, is there? Of your cooking, I mean! Anything will do.'

Chef Kawasaki says 'Oh, ah, well, ah. Good taste! I mean, yours is good!'

Chef Kawasaki says 'For you? For you, big discount!'

Kolem says 'How much will this get me?'

Kolem gives Chef Kawasaki some coins.

Chef Kawasaki recites a gourmet recipe.
a half of a wheat bread loaf, inset with plump raisins suddenly appears.

Chef Kawasaki says 'Piping hot raisin bread! Fresh!'

Chef Kawasaki gets a half of a wheat bread loaf, inset with plump raisins.

Jane says 'Wow. Looks tasty chef kawasaki.'

Chef Kawasaki gives a half of a wheat bread loaf, inset with plump raisins to Kolem.

Kolem divides a half of a wheat bread loaf, inset with plump raisins into two smaller portions.

Dusk says 'It's too bad our friend here cannot savor the fruits of your labor.'

Kolem says 'I couldn't eat all this myself.'

Kolem gives half of a half of a wheat bread loaf, inset with plump raisins to Dusk.

Dusk pats you on your back.

Kolem eats half of a half of a wheat bread loaf, inset with plump raisins.

Dusk thanks Kolem heartily.

Dusk eats half of a half of a wheat bread loaf, inset with plump raisins.

Kolem says 'Oh, it's delicious. Just the best.'

Chef Kawasaki blushes.

Kolem says 'Hopefully our friend here will recover sooner, instead of later. I really feel sorry for robots. They can't enjoy food, so they miss so much.'

Chef Kawasaki pretends to be busy cooking again.

Dusk says 'Which reminds me...'

Kolem looks at Dusk.

Dusk hands Kolem his notepad.

Kolem looks at the notepad, blinking.

Dusk says 'That symbol was on the bottom of Drinkman's shot glass, before the moogle ran off with it.'

Jane nods.

Dusk says 'Does it ring any bells? A W, shaped like that?'

Kolem says '...maker's mark, I think. There are only a few manufacturers who would bother with something like this.'

Jane says 'Wait what if its an M?'

Kolem says 'You're looking for a properly egotistical person, I think. Someone who thinks his work's a masterpiece.'

Kolem says 'Or hers.'

Dusk looks at Jane.

Dusk says 'I did not think of that.'

Dusk thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Kolem says 'Normally a mark like this... would mean artistry, but...'

Kolem looks at Imbibobot, wondering if he'll wake up before he finishes.

Kolem says ' looked like a hack welding job, if you ask me00'

Kolem says 'W. W. Wilber, Wilderhurst, Wanderer, Wendell--no, he only does patterns and paintings, not robotics...'

Jane says 'Try Ms.'

Kolem says 'It might be an M, but I don't think so. Look at the way the 'legs' would be all spread out.'

Dusk says 'Perhaps one of the patrons here may recognize it?'

Kolem says 'Hey, that's an idea. Pardon me, Mis--Chef--Kawasaki...'

Kolem says 'Have you seen this before? *flashes the symbol*'

Chef Kawasaki says 'Of course. Why do you ask?'

Jane blinks in utter disbelief.

Jane says 'Talk about lucky.'

Kolem says 'Oh! We're looking for the person who built this guy, and we think this is their mark.'

Dusk thinks to himself, "Good thing he hasn't flipped through the rest of my notepad, otherwise my whole entire plan would be totally ****ed."

Chef Kawasaki looks at you.

Chef Kawasaki says 'Oh, the luggage?'

Dusk says 'If you could tell us more about it, we would be eternally grateful.'

Kolem says '..Yes. Yes, the luggage.'

Jane giggles.

Chef Kawasaki hesitates.

Chef Kawasaki says 'Why do you want to find him?'

Jane says 'Why do you want to know why we want to find him?'

Dusk says 'It is our divine duty. The fate of Alcolism may depend on it!'

Kolem says '...Honestly, the little guy's pretty fried up in the head. We want to get him fixed.'

Kolem says 'I thought no one would know better than the maker, right?'

Jane says 'For real.'

Chef Kawasaki says 'Fried in head is good! Tastier that way.'

Jane blinks in utter disbelief.

Kolem says '...Not fried food fried, Chef Kawasaki.'

Dusk imagines Armandine gnawing on Imbibobot's head.

Kolem reaches up, and taps the side of his skull, and flashes the 'kookoo' sumbol. "More like this."

Chef Kawasaki thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Chef Kawasaki says 'Some things are best off left unfixed.'

Kolem says '....Chef Kawasaki, I'm shocked at you!'

Chef Kawasaki glares at Kolem.

Chef Kawasaki says 'What! What!'

Dusk says 'You would sentence a prophet to death before he could send his message?'

Kolem says 'Would you leave a sauce that had separated to spoil without trying to rescue it with butter?!'

Jane says 'I honestly have no idea about cooking nonsense.'

Chef Kawasaki begins to weep uncontrollably, breaking down into a huge sobbing fit.

Chef Kawasaki says 'So graphic!'

Kolem says 'Would you throw the whole roast out into the garbage because the tip of the end was scorched?'

Chef Kawasaki says 'So sorrowful!'

Kolem says 'I can't let a horrible thing like that happen!'

Dusk says 'You can stop it, Chef!'

Dusk says 'You have the power!'

Chef Kawasaki says 'Fine, fine. I don't know about your prophecy or your message, but I know that W.'

Chef Kawasaki says 'Of course, it's no secret! Everyone does.'

Dusk smacks his face down into his palms.

Chef Kawasaki lowers his voice to a whisper.

Chef Kawasaki says 'Wily.'

Kolem says '....'

Jane says 'That was obvious.'

Kolem folds his arms, and frowns.

Jane says 'Extremely obvious.'

Kolem says '....dang.'

Dusk says 'Erm..'

Jane says 'Like I am shocked nobody realized that before.'

Dusk says 'At least we uh...confirmed it?'

Chef Kawasaki says 'And his business isn't my business. It is no one's business.'

Chef Kawasaki says 'We leave him alone, we don't ask questions, he leaves us alone.'

Kolem says 'I was really hoping you would tell me something different. Like I hadn't seen the spoiled lettuce, and it was purple because it was cabbage, instead.'

Chef Kawasaki says 'If your luggagebot is broken, maybe meant to be broken.'

Kolem heaves a long, sad sigh.

Dusk says 'Well then.'

Dusk says 'I believe a path has been revealed in our divine mission!'

Kolem says '...It might be a lot of trouble, before we're done, but thank you, Chef Kawasaki. For not letting this mirepoix burn.'

Chef Kawasaki screams loudly!

Chef Kawasaki says 'My mirepoix! My SOUP!'

Kolem says '...uh...'

Chef Kawasaki runs over to a stove and starts stirring the contents of a pot vigorously.

Kolem says '...maybewshouldleave.'

Dusk nods in agreement to Kolem.

Jane says 'Alright lets go then. GO GO GO.'

Dusk says 'Hear me, ye who fill your bellies!'

Kolem says 'Shut up with the prophesizing and give me a hand with this guy--'

Dusk says 'Ifye desire to see the light, to take the joys of alcohol into your boso-oh, fine.'

Dusk grabs one of Imbibobot's sides.

Kolem says '--honestly, like you've taken a turn carrying him since this mess started--'

Kolem grabs the other one.

Imbibobot is lifted off the floor.

Dusk leaves east.

Shrike - Kohryuu Avenue
The small size of Shrike has resulted in an interesting blend of areas
within the city. Homes are to the north and west, with the commercial
downtown to the east, and small factories to the south. The area near this
end of Kohryuu Avenue is well-developed, excepting a dirt path through a lot
full of trees, to the north.

(] Exits: north east west [)

Dusk snickers softly.

Dusk says 'Sorry, had to rest. We've taken him so far, he's so heavy!'

Jane says '...'

Kolem stares at Dusk like they're a madperson.

Dusk leaves north.

Dr. Wily's Lab - Walkway
The concrete pathway leading up to the building ahead has a row of trees
on either side, and goes straight to the door of the building. The building
itself is a large concrete structure, oval in shape, with a huge "Dr. W"
logo above the automatic doors, which open outwards, allowing access to the
interior of the laboratory.

(] Exits: north south [)

Dusk says 'At last...'

Menmenth has arrived from the south.

Menmenth is hustling down the street, muttering to himself and waving his free hand about. "Blasted rotten no-good..." He's not watching where he's going...

Dusk says 'Oh dear..I'm sorry, I have to put him down again.'

Dusk drops Imby.

Kolem says 'Honestly, you could all learn something from Mr. Kawasaki--'

Jane says 'Kiss up.'

Kolem is wobbling, on his feet, and he stumbles back, after Imbibobot drops.

Kolem says 'Flattery is more effective than theological terrorizing any day of the wee--'

There's a decided WHUMP as Kolem bashes right into somebody.

Menmenth never saw it coming, and is sent sprawling off to the side. A muffled "OY!" can be heard.

Kolem says '...Oh, jeez. Stupid shell. I'm sorry--'

Kolem turns to look.

Armandine tilts his head. Kupo.

Dusk sits down and thinks deeply.

Dusk turns around.

Kolem looks at Menmenth.

Menmenth is flat on his back, wincing. "Daughters of the forest, that hurt. What are you, made of lead? Gah." He stands up shakily.

Dusk says 'Hey, there you are! I was wondering where you ran off to.'

Dusk looks at Armandine.

Armandine says 'Yeah sorry about that. There was a sale on mushrooms.'

Armandine says 'What's happening?'

Kolem says 'I'm not, but this thing is, practically...'

Armandine pokes you in the ribs.

Dusk says 'Sounds exquisite!'

Dusk says 'We found out the truth behind the mystery of Drinkman's shot glass.'

Kolem says '...little guy OD'd and flipped out like a light switch.'

Armandine gets Imbibobot's shot glass from an adventurer's backpack.

Armandine looks at you.

Armandine looks at Imbibobot's shot glass in his inventory.

Armandine says 'Oh?'

Dusk points at the lab.

Menmenth blinks. "Hey now!" His warhammer is retreived from the ground and brandished at Kolem. "You gotta problem with Matangos, boy?!" Glaarreee

Armandine says 'Ah! The W stands for "Walkway"!'

Armandine says 'of course!'

Dusk scratches his head in confusion.

Dusk says 'Something like that.'

Dusk says 'Here we shall find his creator, and possibly...'

Jane says 'It COULD be an M.'

Dusk grins evilly.

Dusk says 'A lead to God himself.'

Kolem says 'I wish I had matango problems. I wouldn't have to carry them, probably." Kolem waves over at Imbibobot, who is sitting on the ground like a lump on a log.'

Armandine nod nod nod.

Dusk says 'W-where we shall simply pay him back 5 Bucks of course, and receive Drinks from him!'

Jane says 'Oh dusk, Before we procede...'

Menmenth is completely derailed by Armandine's declartion. "...Say what now? That's ole Wily's lab, not a walkway."

Dusk strokes his chin, silently pondering the mysteries of a sinister vampumpkin.

Armandine says 'It is a walkway to the lab.'

Armandine nods.

A sinister vampumpkin nods.

Armandine nods in agreement to a sinister vampumpkin.

A sinister vampumpkin nods in agreement to Armandine.

Dusk strokes his chin, silently pondering the mysteries of Jane.

Kolem says '...Right, well... this thing, this guy here, he had wily's stamp, so...'

Armandine says 'Oh ok. So lets go talk to the fella!'

Kolem says 'I figured we go in, get him fixed.'

Kolem says 'What could happen?'

Armandine says 'Sounds like a plan to me.'

Armandine says 'Lets go~'

Armandine cartwheels north.

Menmenth says ' You what?'

Menmenth says ' You...DO know who Wily is, don'tcha?'

Kolem says 'Nutter inventor guy.'

Armandine rolls back into the room.

Menmenth looks at you.

Kolem says 'That's my guess, if he built this thing.'

Dusk says 'He may very well be the creator of Alcoholism itself!'

Menmenth says ' Er...well, in a word...umm...'

Armandine tilts his head. Kupo?

Armandine puts a shopping list in an adventurer's backpack.

Menmenth takes half a second to mull things over before sighing and straighting up. "...Fine. I'll come with. Should be...amusing..."

Armandine puts a long, slender white birch wand topped by a small ruby in an adventurer's backpack.

Armandine puts Snow Muffler in a faberge box, covered by a bejeweled lid.

Dusk says 'Wonderful! Our flock grows by the day!'

Kolem says 'I don't bother with robots, much. They give terrible returns. Nanotechnology this, and advanced future that. Stuff and nonsense.'

Kolem says 'Oh, you're coming with? ...Can you help me carry him, then?'

Dusk says 'Let us proceed then, and find the enlightment we have sought!'

Jane says 'Wait, um, dusk?'

Dusk sits down and thinks deeply.

Armandine says 'Right. Lets get a move on!'

Kolem sighs, hunkers down, and does his best to hoist the hulking, drunken robot.

Armandine utters the words, 'Rally Audience'.
Some cheering fans come running into the area.

The audience pushes you, maybe trying to act aggressive?

The audience pulls on you, maybe trying to get your attention?

Menmenth slings his warhammer 'cross his back and effortlessly picks up the lifeless junkpile. Doesn't really clear the ground though, just held up on a shoulder.

Jane says 'Im sorry to ask, but I am compelled to look through that notepad of yours.'

Imbibobot is crowdsurfed north.

Dr. Wily's Lab - Foyer
The interior of the building is revealed to be nice and pleasant,
apparently built fairly recently. The floor is covered with tiles, and the
walls are covered with a conservative dark grey wallpaper. Against the
northern wall, an elevator stands open, waiting for someone to enter.

(] Exits: north south [)
A mechanical woman stands in the foyer, greeting visitors.

The robotic greeter animates as you enter the foyer.
the robotic greeter says in a prerecorded voice 'Welcome to Wily Laboratories, the premier robotics research and development facility!'
the robotic greeter says 'Wily Labs are open to the public, so feel free to explore the compound!'
the robotic greeter says 'Have a nice day!'
The robotic greeter slowly comes to a halt, resuming its stationary pose.

Dusk says 'Oh dear sister, your curiousity warms my heart.'

Menmenth mutters under his breath at the greeter, but continues on.

Dusk says 'But soon all the answers will be ours.'

Dusk says 'You simply must be patient!'

Kolem says 'Hey! hoi! Miss, is the boss in?'

Jane says '... I still want to see that notepad.'

Armandine talks to the robotic greeter.

The robotic greeter says 'Welcome to Wily Laboratories!'

Kolem says '...'

Kolem says '...quiet thing. Whatever.'

Kolem leaves north.

Dr. Wily's Lab - In an Elevator
Inside of the elevator, some soft but slightly annoying music is playing.
The walls of the elevator are polished steel, with rails provided for
support. The floor is carpeted, and a panel beside the door allows one to
go to any floor of the building with the push of a button. The buttons are
labeled 1-4.

(] Exits: none [)

Armandine says ' Ooo. Buttons!'

Dusk says 'Now then, which floor...'

Kolem gacks as he's crowded into the back of the elevator, a drunken muddy robot piled on top of him. "....can someone push the right floor for us?"

Dusk pushes The top floor button with all his might.
The elevator moves to the 4th floor and the doors open.
Dusk steps out of the elevator.

Dr. Wily's Lab - In Front of Gamma
At the top of the building is a huge, empty room where Gamma, the
peacekeeping robot is being constructed. Gamma itself is in a sitting
position on the floor, but still takes up most of the room. The elevator
opens onto a platform suspended in front of Gamma's face, which Gamma's legs
pass under.

(] Exits: north [)
A scientist with a large white beard stands here, worrying about something.
A mustached scientist wearing a labcoat is hard at work with a wrench and pliers.

Dr. Thomas Light is in the middle of telling a joke.
Dr. Thomas Light says 'But of course, there weren't any in the box, so he went back, and the man at the counter said "Sorry sir, those aren't pipes!".'
Dr. Thomas Light chuckles at his own joke, since none of you would.
Dr. Albert Wily rolls his eyes.
Dr. Albert Wily wipes his hands on his jacket and gets back to working on Gamma.

Dr. Thomas Light says 'Excuse me! I'm sorry. Sometimes I just can't shut up.'

Menmenth sighs.

Dr. Thomas Light says 'Just ask Albert here!'

Dr. Thomas Light winks suggestively.

Dr. Albert Wily groans loudly.

Armandine looks at Imbibobot's shot glass in his inventory.

Kolem says '...Pardon me, Mister Wily...'

Kolem says '...Mister Wily? Which one of you is Mister Wily?'

Armandine looks at Dr. Albert Wily.
Kolem looks at Dr. Thomas Light.
Kolem looks at Dr. Albert Wily.

Dr. Thomas Light says 'Albeeeert! They're here for you!'

Jane attempts to pickpocket Dusk's notepad when he is not looking and succeeds.

Dr. Thomas Light says 'Stop working for a minute and get over here.'

Armandine says ' Our robot pal here is taking an extended nap.'

Dr. Albert Wily groans, puts away his wrench, and steps forward.

Kolem says '...Hi there, mister--oof---'

Armandine drinks vodka from a cocktail glass with a little umbrella.

Kolem pushes Imbibobot off of him, and eases him to the floor.

Kolem says '...Woof. That's a load off my shell--anyway--Hello, Mister Wily.'

Menmenth stands just behind the junkpile. Small shield.

Armandine looks at Menmenth.

Armandine gives a pair of purple cotton pants to Menmenth.

Armandine mutters distractedly.

Kolem says 'We found this little guy out in bars. Or maybe he found us. Either way...'

Kolem says '...He's in really terrible shape.'

Menmenth pokes the back of the robot's head. "Understatment..."

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Oh?'

Dr. Albert Wily gives Imbibobot a few quick glances.

Kolem says 'Well, his drunkenness subroutine is evidently working... which probably explains why him drinking all that--was it vodka?--'

Kolem says '--was a bad idea, but, uh...'

Kolem says 'He seems to think he's found god.'

Dusk grins evilly.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I'm not surprised it's in terrible shape. Just look at it.'

Armandine shrugs helplessly.

Kolem looks at you.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Amazing if it ever worked in the first place.'

Kolem says 'Hey, hey. I found it like this...'

Kolem says '...wait, you didn't make it?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'What? I don't know what you're talking about.'

Dusk blinks in utter disbelief.

Armandine says ' What about this dealie?'

Kolem says '...We found something welded to his other hand.'

Armandine looks at Imbibobot's shot glass in his inventory.

Armandine shows the shotglass to the doctor.

Armandine says ' Ring any bells?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'What's that you've got there?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'My eyesight isn't what it used to be. Hand it to me.'

Kolem says 'This thing.'

Armandine frowns.

Armandine gives Imbibobot's shot glass to Dr. Albert Wily.

Menmenth is slowly starting to think he's not as crazy as he thought he was...compartivly speaking...

Dr. Albert Wily gives the shot glass a good close look.

Armandine tilts his head. Kupo?

Dr. Albert Wily chuckles politely.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Hey Thomas! Get a load of this. They're selling shot glasses in the gift shop.'

Armandine scratches his head in confusion.

Jane blinks in utter disbelief.

You say 'Er'

Menmenth snickers.

Kolem says '...Wait, you're kidding.'

Dusk winces. Ouch!

Kolem says '...well, that's just great.'

Kolem says 'It makes sense, though. The spot weld job was terrible on the glass, the guild said, so...'

Armandine says ' ...This place has a gift shop?'

Menmenth sighs.

Jane says 'I wanna see it!'

Armandine agrees with Jane.

Dr. Thomas Light says 'Oh, that's wonderful!'

Dr. Thomas Light says 'Wait...'

Kolem flashes a look at Menmenth.

Dr. Thomas Light scratches his head in confusion.

Dr. Thomas Light says '*Do* we have a gift shop?'

Kolem scoots behind the robot. And the matango.

Jane says 'Youd better.'

Dusk says 'Curses. We were so close to the truth.'

Kolem says 'I sure didn't see one on the way in.'

Dr. Albert Wily frowns.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Hmph. Maybe not.'

Kolem says '...All right, Doc. Cop up!'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Oh, but we WILL. I assure you of that!'

Armandine scratches his head in confusion.

Armandine says ' So where did the shotglass come from?'

The mushroom peers at Albert. "...So someone has planted your sign on something you had no hand in?" This strikes Menmenth as rather amusing.

Armandine says ' Now I'm confused.'

Dr. Albert Wily points at Menmenth accusingly.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Yes. Exactly.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Anyone should be able to tell this is a cheap imitation of the bona fide Wily Labs logo.'

Menmenth raises an eyebrow. "...All things considered, that sounds like a rather stupid idea..."

Kolem blinks very slowly.

Dusk says 'Who would do such a thing, and why? Gah, more questions!'

Kolem says '...Obviously, this is a case of copyright infringement.'

Armandine wonders why someone would do that.

Dusk says 'Sir Kolem, might I have my notepad back please?'

Kolem says 'We should certainly find out who did this. Right away.'

Jane says 'Wait, I wanna look at it first.'

Armandine says ' Well can we get that shot glass back then.'

Kolem says 'Later, you two!'

Dr. Albert Wily thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I suppose.'

Dr. Albert Wily gives Imbibobot's shot glass to Jane.

Jane says 'Thank you Doctor.'

Kolem says 'Well, absolutely. I mean, this is your intellectual property on what is, according to you, a clearly inferior product, right?'

Dr. Albert Wily laughs.

Jane looks at Imbibobot's shot glass in her inventory.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'That thing? Are you kidding?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'That robot'd be a junker even if it wasn't broken.'

Kolem says 'Hey, I'm just calling it like I see it. They even welded it in a place it'd interfere with normal functions.'

Armandine says ' I don't suppose you have any ideas as to who might have build this guy?'

Kolem says 'Mister Wily, I think someone's trying to DEFAME you.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'How about a trade-in? Might I interest you in a SnakeMan?'

Kolem says 'No, no. Absolutely not.'

Jane says 'Ooooh really?'

Armandine says ' I thought you said he's a junker. Why would you want to trade?'

Armandine tilts his head. Kupo?

Dusk says '...Does the Snakeman have ties to a supreme being capable of bringing disorder to all creation?'

Jane says 'Alright that does it let me see the notepad.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Disorder? Oh, it'll bring disorder alright.'

Dr. Albert Wily coughs loudly.

Armandine says ' Everyone we've talked to has mentioned that the robot is worthless but is extremely intrested in aquireing it!'

Kolem gives Dusk a look.

Jane says 'Your up to shenanigans Dusk.'

Armandine says ' very curious.'

Menmenth can't help but be grinning like a madman.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Why do I want it? Oh, you know, generosity.'

Kolem says '...Pardon me, mister Mushroom-person--didn't catch your name, uh...'

Menmenth says ' Menmenth'

Kolem says 'I might ask for your help getting our friend here on out.'

Kolem says 'If nothing else, so we can sort out who built him.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Just want to take a load off your shoulders. I know you carried it in. We're generous guys, right Thomas?'

Dusk says 'Interesting. No wonder someone would want to defame you. You have my respect, good doctor.'

Menmenth shrugs. "Sounds fine by me."

Kolem says 'Right. Can you think of any builders who'd be competing with you with products like this one?'

Kolem says 'Before we go, I mean.'

Armandine says ' I think we'll have to pass on your offer, if it wasn't already obvious. Kupo.'

Jane says 'Maybe ones with an M?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Competitors?'

Dr. Albert Wily laughs.

Menmenth shakes his head.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'My good man, no one comes close to Wily Labs in advancing robotics.'

Armandine says ' Well then, someone else who has the means to create robots. '

Armandine says ' But might not be so good at it?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Aha. Now those, those are many!'

Menmenth peers at Armandine. "Yer in Shrike, lad. One of the more advanced cities around Guardia. Won't be hard to find SOMEONE..."

Kolem says 'More specifically... who would have the most to gain if you released a robot that was just awful?'

Kolem says 'I mean, just HORRIBLE.'

Menmenth says ' ...What if the shotglass wasn't an orignal piece, mister?'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Maybe those idiots over at Nakajima? Maybe that scumbag, Monotoli?'

Jane gasps in astonishment.

Kolem says 'I mean, an awful, terrible, horrible robot. Barely keeps awake, drinks loads, prays to Popstarians he meets in bars--'

Armandine says ' Well. Anyway. Can you fix him? We can pay.'

Menmenth mumbles something under his breath about hating this town.

Kolem says '..Oh, right. We were trying to get him fixed.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Not an original piece? What are you implying?'

Armandine says ' That it was added after market, i suppose.'

Menmenth nods in agreement to Armandine.

Dr. Albert Wily thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Armandine says ' Which would make sense. It was covering up an important panel.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'No! Of course not! That's completely absurd.'

Menmenth's eyebrows are getting a work out.

Kolem says 'Oh, Menmenth. Let me fill you in....'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Do you know how difficult it would be a solder a joint to a robot hand like that?'

Armandine says ' Yes.'

Kolem says 'We got the shotglass off with the help of the Engineer's guild. ...Nutters, but it looked like it helped.'

Kolem says 'He said the joints were wonderful, but the soldering was awful.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Look at all the mud covering it! I'd need some powerful solvents to scrub it away before making a good weld.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'What?!'

Kolem says 'Yep. Worst job he'd ever seen.'

Kolem says 'Gods-awful, he said.'

Kolem says 'Terrible. Horrible.'

Jane says 'Okay thats enough Kolem.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'You tell that son of a bitch that if he ever wants to work in this town again, he'd better shut his trap!'

Kolem says '...'

Kolem says '...Hi, Doc.'

Kolem grins.

Jane says 'Language mister!'

Armandine scratches his head in confusion.

Jane rears back and slaps Dr. Albert Wily cruelly for his stupidity, sending him sprawling to the floor.

Armandine sighs.

Kolem says 'Oh, yeah. I mean, just rancid welding. Work of a hack, he called it.'

Kolem is watching Wily closely.

Dusk thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Dr. Albert Wily is absolutely fuming.

Kolem says 'In fact, I kind of agree with him. Man, if I knew who welded the glass on, I'd never go to them for work.'

Armandine says ' You seem awfully upset Doctor.'

Menmenth is just calmly watching, fingers drumming a beat on the bot's shoulders.

Kolem says 'I bet this sort of thing is in all their work. Sloppy peices, left and right.'

Kolem says 'No craftsmanship.'

Jane nods.

Kolem says 'Just someone with no'

Kolem says 'talent.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'What do you know? You're not a roboticist! Crawl back under your shell, yellow back!'

Jane blinks in utter disbelief.

Kolem says '....Why, Albert...'

Kolem says '...If I didn't know better...'

Kolem says 'I'd say you sound pretty insulted.'

Menmenth is smirking.

Dr. Albert Wily says 'I don't have to stand here listening to this.'

Jane says 'Yes you do.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Get out! GET OUT!'

Armandine says ' Taking what? You said you didn't weld the thing'

Armandine says ' Obviously we are talking about someone else's work.'

Dr. Albert Wily says 'Thomas, please escort this riff-raff back to the elevator!'

Kolem says 'Yeah, why should it matter? This is the work of some slap-happy terrible second-rate roboticist, not the incredible DOCTOR Wily.'

Dr. Thomas Light walks over and pats Wily on the back.

Menmenth coughs.

Dr. Thomas Light says 'I'm sorry, excuse him. You really should leave.'

Armandine shrugs helplessly.

Dr. Thomas Light says 'When he gets worked up, his blood pressure... you know.'

Armandine says ' I hate to admit it, but this isn't really going anywhere.'

Dusk says 'I...guess it's a little late to consider trading for the SnakeMan?'

Kolem says 'Well, all right.'

Kolem says 'Come on, folks.'

Dr. Wily's Lab - In an Elevator
Inside of the elevator, some soft but slightly annoying music is playing.
The walls of the elevator are polished steel, with rails provided for
support. The floor is carpeted, and a panel beside the door allows one to
go to any floor of the building with the push of a button. The buttons are
labeled 1-4.

(] Exits: none [)

Armandine says ' Well he's obviously up to SOMETHING...'

Kolem says 'Well, the doc obviously didn't build him.'

Armandine says ' But he'll never admit it.'

Menmenth says ' Build, no.'

Kolem says 'Probably trying to scum credit.'

Menmenth says ' Modify? Mayhaps.'

Kolem says 'Mm...'

Kolem says 'But that doesn't leave us any closer to finding out who built this little guy.'

Menmenth shrugs helplessly.

Kolem says 'Oh, well. Down we go.'

Armandine says ' Maybe he was trying to make a new robot while he was drunk.'

Menmenth says ' Ask some of the others he's mentioned?'

Kolem leans over and presses the ground-floor button.

Kolem says 'Can't hurt.'

Dusk says 'Speaking of being drunk.'

Armandine nods in agreement to Dusk.

Dusk says 'Perhaps we should pay a visit to the bar and pray for good fortune?'

Dusk grins evilly.

Armandine says ' I was just about to suggest the same.'

Kolem says 'I'm pretty sure there's no bar... but....'

Kolem sighs.

Jane says 'Yeah! You can even show me that cool notepad you have Dusk!'

Kolem says 'I can't believe I'm encouraging you, but Nakijama robotics has a vending machine that sells gin.'

Kolem says 'Consider it an excersize in religious observation.'

Armandine says ' I'm pretty thirsty now that you mention it.'