Viorar - Tavern: Mischievous Spirit
The western ocean can be viewed at this area of the tavern. There are
more lamps attached to the walls around here, but these contain a brighter,
whiter light. A distorted cubic stand lies at the corner here, holding up a
dull maroon cloth covering over cases of various alchoholic beverages. Next
to this tent area is a neon sign glowing: Mischievous Spirit. The stairs
leading down to the patio area and exit lie to the east.

(] Exits: east [)
Foldable metal tables have been set up here.
[!] The request board is standing here, posted with RP notices.
Prometheus is here.
Oron is resting here.
Cedeno is here.
Jane is here.
Armandine is here.
Kolem is here.
A stitched up Dudbear wanders back and forth here.
Sitting beneath the maroon canopy, a figure of colorful puzzle pieces hands out drinks.

Armandine pushes you, maybe trying to act aggressive?

Kolem looks at Prometheus.

Prometheus says ' Me? Lordy, the last time I took damage I just had my owners fix me up. That was before I was independant though.'

Armandine looks at you.

Imbibobot doesn't respond to being pushed.

Armandine tries to stand Imbibobot up.

Kolem says 'Ugh, that's no good. Well, we're a long way from Shrike...'

Cedeno points at his SWEET RIDE.

Imbibobot is successfully stood up.

Oron looks taken aback

Armandine says 'See! He's fine.'

Prometheus siezes Armandine by the arm and pulls him off Imbibobot. "Stop that. Have respect damnit."

Imbibobot collapses, dead weight, onto Armandine.

Armandine says 'Oi i'm not that kind of moogle!'

Armandine says 'Kyaa!!'

The Manager says 'You want to fix him up? Fine, whatever.'

The Manager says 'Just get him out of here. I don't have anything to do with this.'

Kolem says 'Well, I don't know up from down, about 'Bots.'

The Manager says 'Let's pretend this never happened.'

Oron tries his best to stifle a laugh as he takes a swig of cider.

Cedeno says '. . .'

Kolem says 'But I know that there'll be trouble if we leave this guy here. Gimme a hand.'

Armandine crawls out from under the deactivated bot.

Armandine nods in agreement to Kolem.

Imbibobot falls back onto the floor with a thwomp.

Oron says '...Yeah..might be best that we don't leave him laying around in here..but..where to take him?'

Cedeno says 'He probably weighs a freaking ton.'

Prometheus points rudely at Armadine. "You, don't touch him. I'll help. I'm used to weight."

Armandine frowns at what Prometheus did.

Armandine pouts at the way he is being treated by Prometheus.

Kolem says 'You've got a van, right? We can load him in there, and sort out what to do after that.'

Cedeno says 'Its a BUS.'

Cedeno says 'GOD DAMMIT.'

Kolem says 'Van, bus, horse and buggy.'

Kolem says 'Whatever! It's got wheels, right?'

Cedeno says 'Yeah.'

Cedeno says 'I parked outside.'

Oron says '...How else would we get here?'

Armandine says 'hmm'

The Manager says 'I'm not validating your parking after this.'

The Manager says 'Don't even think about it.'

Prometheus says ' So: We're going to load him into the van then.'

Armandine says 'Maybe the copper forge at bequrel mines could fix him'

Cedeno says 'BUS.'

Kolem says 'Well, there's the Rose, and warp pipes, and some people can teleport--but yeah, the van sounds like a good idea...'

Armandine says 'They make all kinds of neat gadgets there. Kupo.'

Kolem says 'less gawkeeeerkholycow. What's this guy made of, lead?'

Oron just lets out a sigh. It was going to be one of those days...

Prometheus stoops down and grabs his fallen kin, grunting as he hefts the downed robot. "Get your damn keys and let's go then. I want him back on his feet."

Jane sits on a stool and orders a drink.

Kolem looks over at Prometheus, and eases one of the little thing's arms over his shell.

Imbibobot is hauled off the ground.

Prometheus leaves east.

Viorar - Bright Moon Alley: Tavern Patio
This brightly lit noisy outdoors area is a tavern - the patio runs
alongside the street while a set of stairs leads west toward the rest of the
bar. This bottom section here contains many tables, and few circular
windows line along the walls, serving only as little containers for purple
lamplights. A waterway runs along the southern edge of the tavern here,
through a gutter leading under the wooden tavern patio.

(] Exits: north west se [)
Foldable metal tables have been set up here.
A stitched up Dudbear wanders back and forth here.

Armandine says 'I'll supervise.'

Cedeno says '...'

Armandine says 'Lift with your knees!'

Armandine says 'Kupo, so where's this van of yours?'

Cedeno says 'Good question.'

Cedeno says 'Where the hells my bus.'

Kolem says '...what now?'

Prometheus says ' Oh don't. Don't say you lost your Van.'


Cedeno screams loudly!

Armandine says 'That's what happens when you drink too much!'

Prometheus would smack his face down into his palms, but he is encumbered by Imbibobot.

Kolem says '...son of a growlithe bitch, the wheels are gone? Beautiful, just beautiful. Okay. Okay, need a new plan, guys.'

Oron gets up, rubbing the back of his head.

Cedeno says 'Lets find a few tires.'

Prometheus says ' Shrike is too far away, but there was a little tech shop down in Wutai.'

Cedeno says 'We can take the ferry, cant we?'

Kolem says 'Now there's someone who's thinking.'

Armandine says 'There's a copper forge nearby.'

Armandine shrugs helplessly.

Prometheus says ' I don't think Copper will help here.'

Armandine says 'It doesn't hurt to ask'

Oron says 'Oh yeah? Well, we have to make due with what we got I suppose.'

Jane says 'If only we had someone here that knew crap about reploids.'

Kolem says 'I don't think a forge and a couple metal trinkets are gonna help out much, here... I mean, this guy walks and talks! Well, not at the moment.'

Oron says 'Was gonna say..what did you hear him say?'

Prometheus says ' Don't suppose anyone knows anybody nearby? Perferably someone with a ride?'

Armandine says 'suit yourself'

Oron shrugs helplessly.

Oron says 'Don't look at me'

Kolem says 'I hoof it, nine times out of nine. Tenth time usually means you're getting suckered.'

Armandine says 'well since you're all huffy about even checking in with the forge, i guess i'll go check the ferry scedules'

Cedeno says 'Alright.'

Armandine cartweels away.

Prometheus says ' Can anyone else check the library nearby? I've heard there was a big one here in Viorar.'

Armandine has arrived from the north.

Jane says 'I will.'

Prometheus says ' Thanks.'

Jane says 'Which way is it again?'

Kolem says 'Easy for you to say, you don't have to lug this guy--oow--what, Estanel?'

Prometheus says ' I have no idea.'

Armandine says 'the S.S. Zelbess is showing up in 5 hours'

Jane says 'Dammit, ill check the map.'

Kolem says 'It's by the town square, where the fountain is. Should be...'

Kolem closes his eyes.

Armandine scratches his head in confusion.

Kolem says 'North, northeast, ish? Follow the road.'

Jane says 'Lets meet at the pier?'

Armandine says 'kupo'

Jane leaves north.

Armandine says 'if you want to go to shrike.. we could get gold city tickets and get there from there'

Oron says 'Huh?'

Cedeno says 'Yeah that works.' Prometheus says ' What, all the way to gold city?'

Cedeno says 'Well its either that or we WALK.'

Kolem says 'Cripes. Why not send us halfway 'round the world, it's no small trip, right?'

Armandine says 'We are in Viorar'

Kolem says 'Besides, how much would those tickets cost, for all of us?'

Armandine says 'EVERYWHERE is halfway around the world to get to'

Jane yells 'Found the library!'

Kolem says 'Mmngh. Logic.'

Armandine says 'so unless you want to try someplace local, we don't have a choice'

Armandine shrugs helplessly.

Oron says 'Bah. Just what we need..a stitch in our plans'

Kolem says '..Well, there's another thought.'

Prometheus says ' Allright, hold on. We're getting to stretched.'

Prometheus says ' Let that girl check the library.'

Kolem says 'Why bring the mountain to the miner?'

Kolem says 'All we need is somebody who can fix this guy, right?'

Prometheus says ' Well, yeah.'

Armandine sits down at a folding metal table.

Oron says '...Well, yes..but, what are you getting at?'

Kolem says 'It'd be easier to get them out here than us to drag him halfway around the world.'

Oron says 'Hmm..good are we gonna do that?'

Prometheus says ' So do you know any roboticists on your speed dial?'

Kolem says 'I don't even have a phone, but--oog--somebody in town probably does, right?'

Jane yells 'You guys, I think I found something!'

Armandine yells 'come back and tell us!'

Kolem says 'Man, that librarian is going to kick her out if she keeps that up.'

Oron buzzes what passes for lips for him

Jane has arrived from the north.

Oron says 'I hope this is some good news..last thing we need is more bad news..'

Jane says 'I found a book in the library about inventors.'

Prometheus says ' Inventors?'

Armandine puts an emerald green potion of Everview in an adventurer's backpack.

Armandine drinks vodka from a cocktail glass with a little umbrella.

Kolem says '...Well, it's something, anyway.'

Jane says 'Yes, as in robotics.'

Kolem says '...Can we--can we find a bench for this guy? Soon?'

Armandine sits at a folding metal table.

Burakeu shouts 'nice evans'

Prometheus says ' Here, just kneel him down.'

Armandine points at a folding metal table.

Kolem says 'Jeez, you'd think he was eating rocks, not drinking--ow--'

Kolem says 'Down you go.'

Armandine shrugs helplessly.

Imbibobot rolls over onto the table.

Prometheus says ' Or we can bring this guy to a repair center.'

Prometheus says ' Or we can try to get a repair center to come to us.'

Jane says 'There may be one in shrike...'

Prometheus says ' Three courses of action gentlemen.'

Armandine says 'First option sounds the most fun.'

Prometheus says ' Personally, I think we should leave it to the professionals.'

Kolem says 'We should probably keep an eye out for that guy's van-bus-car-thing.'

Oron says 'Well, something tells me..we might not have good luck putting him back into working order..that's just me though'

Spreading out its feet, an adorable Skitty poises its hands and tries to climb you. What? Why?

Kolem says 'No argument here, man.'

Cedeno looks all around.

Armandine says '... hm'

Armandine scratches his head in confusion.

Armandine says 'I think this happened before.'

Kolem says 'I'm no good with technology...'

Armandine says 'What did I do to get him back up and running again.'

Prometheus says ' Don't look at me. I might be a reploid, but I'm a farm bot.'

Cedeno says 'I think our best option is going to shrike.'

Kolem says 'so count me out of any crash courses in robot-building. I mean, I don't expect you to be a brain surgeon.'

Armandine says 'I think Drinkmath needs more booze.'

Oron says 'Good point indeed..'

Cedeno says 'Well im gonna look for my bus.'

Cedeno leaves north.

Armandine nods.

Kolem says 'The cheapest way to Shrike is probably the Rose...'

Armandine says 'Yes I am pretty sure that is what I did last time!'

Armandine stands up.

Prometheus says ' Doesn't that thing stop over all hell and creation?'

Oron says 'That's if they'd allow a malfunctioned robot onto their ship..'

Jane says '...'

Kolem says 'It cuts there directly after Rocket town, and that's just two stops, even if the ride takes a while...'

Prometheus says ' Hm.'

Kolem says 'Yeah, the captain might have issues with me.'

Jane says ':/'

Armandine sneaks over and trys pouring some beer into Imbibobot's mouth.

Kolem says 'Did you take that book out, miss, uh...'

Armandine gives you a can of generic beer.

Kolem says '...didn't catch your name.'

Jane says 'Orchard. Jane orchard.'

Jane says 'And no.'

All of a sudden, Imbibobot leaps to his feet.

Jane says ':/'

Jane says '...'


Armandine gasps in astonishment.

Jane says 'O_O!'

Prometheus looks sharply to Imbibobot. "It was a religion?"

Arcs of electricity start arcing all over Imbibobot.

Oron jumps backward.

Imbibobot smashes, face-first, back into the ground.

Armandine says 'Well that sort of worked!'

Jane says 'Someone kindly explain what the fuck that was?'

Oron says ' me'

Kolem says 'Not it.'

Armandine says 'That was divine inspiration.'

Armandine nods.

Kolem backs the heck off, giving the clearly-crazy-machine the side-eye.

You smell ozone as smoke rises off Imbibobot. That can't be good.

Jane says '...'

Prometheus says ' Right. The next person to try and touch him gets beat.'

Prometheus says ' Anyone have a problem with that?'

Jane says 'Might wanna haul ass out of here.'

Jane looks at you.

Oron coughs into his hand

Armandine says 'I feel like we are on the right track here.'

The Dudbear is trying his best to mind his own business.

Jane says 'Im not gonna stick around for that to happen again.'

Prometheus says ' I feel like you need to keep your damn hands to yourself from now on boyo.'

Armandine says 'We just got to feed him whatever the opposite of Tequilla is.'

Jane says 'And what is that?'

Kolem says 'Well... Jane, if there's any way we can sort out who to call ahead of time, it might sort out some headache.'

Armandine says 'Angrypope can buy his own ticket though'

Armandine giggles.

Prometheus says ' Well, shall we then?'

Kolem says 'After you, Mr. Pope.'

Armandine gives a Viorar ferry ticket to Gold City to Kolem.

Armandine gives a Viorar ferry ticket to Gold City to Oron.

Prometheus grabs hold of the robot once more before hefting him to his feet again.

Cedeno drives the Runaway Five Tour Bus in from the north.

Jane says 'Guess who I found!'

Armandine tilts his head. Kupo?

Prometheus says ' That looks like a van to me.'

Cedeno says 'I swear to god promtheus.'


Kolem says ' Miracles never cease.'

Armandine says 'But.. I just got tickets!'

Armandine pouts at the way he is being treated by Cedeno.

Prometheus says ' Technically, I'm not even sure who the god of alcoholism is.'

Oron smacks his face into his palms.

Cedeno says 'Budwiser.'

Cedeno says 'Duh.'

Prometheus says ' But if you wanna swear to him, I guess I'll sanction in.'

Armandine says 'A Big pink guy, last time I heard'

Kolem says '...It might turn out to be this guy, unless we get him fixed. That, or the paraiah...'

Cedeno says 'Lets just GO ALREADY.'

Armandine says 'Na, drinkmath is the prophet'

Prometheus loads the 'dead' robot into the back of the bus.

Armandine lets Promethus haul the robot, on account of the no touching policy.

Kolem says 'You guys head on. I'll...'

Imbibobot is all loaded up.

Cedeno says '...'

Armandine says 'So... where we going?'

Kolem says 'I'll keep up.'

Cedeno says 'Well we need to head to shrike.'

Armandine says 'Is this bus amphibious'

Cedeno says '... What?'

Armandine says 'nevermind.'

Kolem says 'Meet you all at the pier.'

Cedeno says 'Alright.'

Cedeno drives the Runaway Five Tour Bus north.

Viorar - Pier
The pier ends here, but extends to the north and south, holding
together even more ships. The nautical outlook stretches out over the water
offering a view of the endless waves that lazily roll across the sea. A few
large orange buoys bob up and down out at sea, signifying the sea limits.

(] Exits: north east south [)
Ticket taker of ferry rides, Lien stands here wrapped in layers of clothing, slightly shivering.

Prometheus raises an eyebrow.

Armandine talks to Lien.
Lien says 'Hello, if you would like to board a ferry, please give me your ticket.'
Lien says 'If you wanted the Truce Ferry, it is to the south, while the Airship is to the north.'

Armandine says 'Hiya Lien.'

Armandine says 'Quick question for ya'

Cedeno says 'Yes?'

Armandine says 'Our robot pal here's a bit out of sorts. Do we gotta pay for a ticket for him?'

Cedeno says '...'

Lien thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Oron smacks his face in his palms once again.

Cedeno says 'Well maybe we can stash him in my backpack.'

Lien says 'I'm willing to consider him cargo.'

Armandine smiles happily.

Lien says 'I think he is just barely under the carry-on size.'

Armandine says 'Sounds good!'

Armandine says 'I'll get my pals to help load him onto the ferry'

Armandine whistles appreciatively.

Armandine yells 'Yoooo HOOOOoooo'

Armandine utters the words, 'Rally Audience'.
Some cheering fans come running into the area.

Kolem leans in close, and whispers to Pope-prometheus. "Don't get mad. Think of it as... saving Bucks for the Cause."

Armandine says 'alright boys, load that robot onto the ferry!'

The audience says 'You got it!'
The audience loses interest and disperses.

Armandine says 'Feh! Such short attention spans!'

Armandine utters the words, 'Rally Audience'.
Some cheering fans come running into the area.

Oron says 'Uh'

Armandine says 'get to it!'

The audience loads the robot onto the ferry.

Imbibobot is successfully loaded.

Armandine says 'nice work boys'

The audience loses interest and disperses.

Jane says 'And girls.'

Armandine winks suggestively.

Oron says 'You bet..'

Kolem says 'Good grief... here's my ticket.'

Armandine gives a Viorar ferry ticket to Gold City to Toroko.

Armandine winks at Toroko.

Toroko says 'Thanks.'

Prometheus slaps his pockets before putting his face down into his palms.

Armandine says 'Alright lets set sail!'

Oron says '...Let's just get this over with huh?'

Prometheus says ' Lordy, I didn't get to a chance to sell my most recent haul of hay.'

Prometheus says ' I have no cash on me.'

Kolem says 'Here, guy.'

Kolem slips Prometheus something glittery.

Armandine says 'there's a bank nearby'

Kolem says '...Stick with me, and you don't have to worry.'

Jane looks at Lien.

Kolem lifts a claw to his lips.

Jane looks at Gold City Gold in her inventory.

Kolem gives Lorien Silver to Prometheus.

Prometheus shrugs helplessly.

Prometheus gives a Viorar ferry ticket to Gold City to Lien.
Lien allows Prometheus to board the ferry to Gold City.

The ferry shoves off westward and gradually fades into the horizon.

Viorar Ferry to Gold City
The ferry is making its way to Gold City in the distant northwest. Mind
you, this is a one way trip. One could kick the vending machine a few times
if he so desired, however. A rail has been erected around the edge, with a
gate for boarding and departing when the ferry is at a dock. The ocean
expands in all directions.

(] Exits: none [)
A vending machine stands against the wall, offering vendables.

The ferry turns to the northwest and continues across the open ocean.

On the horizon to the northwest, a shimmering island becomes visible.

Kolem talks to the ferry captain.
The ferry captain says 'That's Gold City up ahead. It's on its own island, and the whole damn place is made out of gold. Tacky, eh?'
The ferry captain says 'It's never night there. They say that a mysterious power locked in a tower keeps it so.'

The ferry approaches the large shiny island's southern docks.

The ferry pulls up next to the docks.
The ferry captain says 'Arr, we've arrived at Gold City! Everybody off the boat!'
The ferry captain walks over to the gate and opens it.
You are escorted off the ferry onto the docks.

Gilded Paradise, Gold City - On the Docks
The vast, sparkling blue sea stretches out in all directions from this
vantage point. This is the end of the short dock that curls around the base
of the island on which Gold City rests. It is quite crowded with small
ships and yachts, despite being so small; the rich and affluent keep their
seafaring vessels here. A floating platform has been attached to the north
for airship landings.

(] Exits: north east [)
The ticket taker is here, standing patiently at the end of the pier.

The ferry immediately turns around, not allowing anyone else to board it as it returns to sea.

Kolem says 'Ahh, home.'

Kolem says 'bitter, stupid home.'

Armandine says 'everything is so shiny'

Kolem says 'Yeah, everything's shiny. 'Cept the people. Couldn't find a nastier bunch if you tried. Private, at least.'

Armandine says 'Aw.'

Oron says 'Well, an interesting town if I do say so myself'

Armandine says 'Well i'll go get some more tickets I suppose'

Armandine says 'How many do we need.'

Kolem says 'Here, hang on a second...'

Kolem says 'It's been a long day, so do you guys need a place to crash?'

Armandine yawns.

Armandine says 'Sounds good to me.'

Oron says 'Eh..I guess I could use a nap.'

Prometheus says ' I'm not usually one to sleep,'

Prometheus says ' But I guess if we're resting.'

Kolem says 'It must wear you down, lugging him around.'

Oron says 'Don't you go into sleep mode or something?'

Kolem says 'C'mon. I've got... a place.'

Prometheus shrugs helplessly.

Toroko says 'Great.'

Prometheus leaves north.

Gold City - Main City Gate
The yellow brick road stretches north and south beneath the luxurious
main gate. The spokes are raised, though one gets the impression that they
are never lowered to close the gate, as they seem mostly decorative. They
are tipped with overlarge pearls, which are also set into the round arch of
the gateway. The closer toward the ground, the larger the pearls - the
pearls resting in the base of the walls are at least the size of a baseball.
The hustle and bustle of town can be heard to the north night and day, while
the path stretches south through the outer wall.

(] Exits: north south [)
A guard wearing gold armor is standing stiffly at the city gates.

Kolem says 'Oh, god, here we go.'

The surly gate Guard looks Armandine up and down as he passes through the gate.
The surly gate Guard says 'Who the hell do you think you are? Pardon?... Come again?'
Armandine socks the surly gate Guard in the face. POW!
The surly gate Guard says 'Oh, the famous Armandine...! P-pardon my rudeness.'
Armandine leaves to the north.

Gold City - Silver Street
This stretch of Silver Street is named such because of the silver plants
decorating it. The yellow-brick road and golden walls stretch south to the
main gate, and curl north into the city proper. A house is arranged at an
odd angle on the street, making the road's path bend a little oddly to the
northwest. Right at the angle where the gold walls bend northwest is a
little break, allowing passage into a grassy area to the west.

(] Exits: south west nw [)

Armandine smiles happily.

Toroko says 'Well? Lets get moving.'

Oron says 'He seems to like me too.'

Kolem says 'Right. Everyone act like you belong here, and don't mind the stares.'

Armandine sings a quiet little tune.

Kolem leaves nw.

Gold City - Diamond Plaza
Although the entire street is dusted with sparkling diamonds, there is an
especially dense concentration of them on the walls of the northern
building. They seem to make two arrows pointing to the doorway, glittering
brightly and distinctly among the sea of sparkles. A small sign is hanging
above the door, showing a silhouette of a dress and a tea cup. The sound of
flowing water echoes softly through here from some source nearby.

(] Exits: [north] [west] ne se [)

Kolem says 'Oh, damn it. Left the keys inside. Three, two, one--'

Armandine says 'ohhhhh'

Armandine says 'so this is YOUR house'

Armandine winks at Kolem.

Armandine gives a scroll of recall to Kolem.

Armandine winks at Kolem.

The antler slime gives some dehydrated fruit to Kolem.

Kolem eats some dehydrated fruit.
Kolem recites a scroll of recall.
Kolem disappears.

The door opens.
Kolem has arrived from the west.

Toroko smiles happily.

Kolem says 'Ladies, Gentlemen...'

Kolem leaves west.

Gold City - Kolem's Pad
In stark contrast to all the gold overlay outside, this room's floor
appears to be made of incredibly vibrant oak and mahogant wood, and
it's covered with a plush, soft carpet. There's a cabinet with drawers in
the far corner, inlaid with wood that's been stylized to resemble vines with
a Pirahna Plant motif--there are even thorns on the top corners.
There's a high bed in the opposite corner, with blankets that drape all the
way down to the floor, and an ornate lantern overhead.

(] Exits: east [)
A purple wooden bureau is standing in one corner.
Tidily made up here is king-sized and plush, perhaps even pudgy, bed.

Kolem says 'Welcome to my humble hose.'

Kolem says 'Home! Home.'

Cedeno says 'Wow damn.'

Cedeno whistles appreciatively.

Kolem says 'What'd that drunk little guy say?'

Kolem says 'A sofa to crash on?'

Oron says 'Humble? Humble is the overstatement of the decade..'

Armandine immediatly bounces onto the bed.

Armandine sits on a limited edition Maou Mudo king-size bed.
Jane sits on a limited edition Maou Mudo king-size bed.
Oron sits on a limited edition Maou Mudo king-size bed.
Toroko goes to sleep on a limited edition Maou Mudo king-size bed.

Kolem says 'We ought to have room in the attic, if this room isn't big enough...'

Kolem says 'And there's the basement, too.'

Armandine says 'Looks great. Did you have to pay extra for it to NOT be gold?'

Kolem says '...'

Kolem says 'Yes.'

Cedeno says 'Heheh.'

Armandine tilts his head. Kupo?

Kolem says 'Never make a brick out of gold. Softest stuff ever.'

Armandine pats Kolem on its back.

Oron says 'What do you think?'

Armandine looks at a limited edition Angela bureau.

Armandine gasps in astonishment.

Kolem goes to his desk, and sets his logletters onto it.

Kolem says 'Don't open the nightstand.'

Kolem says 'Anything else is fair game.'

Prometheus sits down and rests.

Armandine stands up.

Oron says '..Why?'

Armandine leaves up.

Kolem says ' it a bad idea.'